Imprimis Critique: Meyer and Caldwell

   For our next Imprimis critique, we will take up the last two essays at once, that of Mr. Meyer on how intelligence works, and that of Mr. Caldwell, informing us of how to think regarding the tyrant Vladimir Putin. As I have told my Senator, Gary Peters, who usually does not seem to be listening, on the reverse of the article on how intelligence works, we see that Hillsdale College is sponsoring a luxury cruise ostensibly to Oslo Noway, which actually winds up- surprise- in St. Petersberg Russia, the birthplace of Russian fascism and the center of the Russian trolling enterprise. As I have told my Senator, we would not mind if they ran out of gas and stayed there.

   This was before there was some space, at least on the surface, between the man the Russians helped to elect our president and the “president” of Russia, Mr. Putin. Perhaps Hillsdale College will consider changing their itinerary, now that their man has brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. The essay of Mr. Caldwell seems to us to spend some time and effort softening us up to the idea of tyranny, before concluding with the brilliant, gleaming contrast, which we are to accept as the fundamental issue- between Globalism and Nationalism. Duterte, who has killed 6000 Philippinos extra-judicially in a war on drugs that is a preview of what Mr. Sessions has planned for the U.S. and Vlad Putin, who has murdered his opponents with poison and bombed hospitals in Allepo, these are not “thugs,” as John McCain calls them, but these are “Nationalists.” Patriots, yeah, and we are to take their prescription for America, shouting “America First!” You know how often we have heard the Democrats touting that fundamental plank in their platform “Globalism” (Sarcasm)-never. “Globalism” is an invention of the new American fascists Putin has cultivated for the destruction of America, and since he has apparently failed in his first effort to get us into a war with all of Islam, following the Imprimis essay of Mr. McCarthy (Who assures us that ISIS has the correct interpretation of Islam), he is sure to revert to plan B. The fact is that the Democrats supposed plank of “Globalism” is a fascist invention, and the truth is that the fundamental contrast is not between “nationalism” and “Globalism,” but between liberty and tyranny. Shame on Hillsdale- a center of constitutional scholarship- for, as Socrates says of Euripides, “making hymns to tyrants.” Shame on the Republicans for making a corrupt pact with fascist tyranny in order to run the table with the planks of their platform, as though their petty partisan squabbles were the most fundamental contrasts in the political universe. Shame on Hillsdale for failing to read the second sentence of the Declaration and neglecting the study of the text, the meaning and the spirit of the Bill of Rights.

   But congratulations to the more moderate Republicans for gaining control of the executive, wrestling this away from Mr. Bannon and the American fascists, to the extent that this has actually occurred, and is not a temporary marketing strategy designed to “win friends and influence people.” As we have said, Mr. Trump literally does not know what he is doing, and had never even read the constitution, outlining the job at which he already has declared himself the “winner.” Putin had him elected in order to destroy America, and it is possible that the Americans have gotten wind of this fact, and what General Hayden called “The greatest covert operation in history,” the Russian control of the U.S. elections from the primaries through the electoral college and beyond, using our own vices and his control of the internet to move us just as those rich men manipulate demand in the marketplace. Or did you still think the new spy-tech, the “Internet of things,” was your instrument, your loyal servant? And not you its instrument? Yes, it sends us coupons, and with its logarithms knows us better than we know ourselves. Would not Socrates be impressed at the new use of technology in the enterprise of self knowledge? Just ask Google. Ask Duterte, the man our president once said he so admires, and ask the Philippinos burying their relatives, shot by the police  And know it was the Russian methods of control of the internet that turned the Philippine elections, gifting them with such a “nationalist.”

   Did not Nietzsche say something like “These men of today, how they fall right into my mouth!” Is that not how intelligence works? Perhaps when we get to St. Petersburg, we will ask them.

   It is, however, quite possible that when Donald Trump was shown children dying in a gas attack in Aleppo, he was genuinely moved, moved out of that place tyrants must inhabit with their brief time on earth, and that Trump has renounced tyranny rather than moved further along the path of becoming a wolf. Perhaps he pulled back from the brink at the line of murder, and really does not believe that nasty little thing he said in response to the point made by ABC news that Putin is a murderer, “Oh, we have lots of murderers too…” The first point of intelligence if you would serve free men in a free nation is indeed to know the difference. Gangsters are not slick and courageous, as the U. S. media would present them, but murderers, to a man. And do the Tumpsters know the difference?

   Indeed, as Mr. Meyer says, perhaps these free men who work in U. S. intelligence simply lack that “time to sit quietly in their offices and think.” Perhaps then they would more quickly draw accurate conclusions from just a couple examples, and be more believed when they tell the truth to our elected representatives.

4 thoughts on “Imprimis Critique: Meyer and Caldwell

  1. In addition to the qualities cultivated for intelligence mentioned above is the amusing point that Intell. workers must be men of persons of honor, and yet cannot care about glory, so that these two characteristics of the spirited, serious or political man appear most clearly just here. That too is in addition to being a free man, which may be difficult or even contradictory to the career person or social climber. Nor can one have much regard for chain of command, subjecting intellect to other concerns. These will simply look with their minds in the wrong places or at the wrong angle. It may be that one must be outside of society to see what is occurring in politics- and then it is unlikely that one will be able to communicate what is seen to any other who can do anything about it.

  2. Another point related to the love of honor as distinct from recognition or glory is that foresighted action prevents disaster, so that nothing (Italics) happens, and the normal human world is preserved. Not only is there no glory in this, but heroic action can inspire a response from the human world that is indistinguishable from punishment. The heroes cautiously proceed, regardless, from the love of honor and the good as distinct from recognition.

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