Impeach Trump When Duterte Visits the White House

   Let’s impeach Trump in time for the Duterte visit to the White House. Any member of the U. S. House of Representatives can draft and propose articles if the Judiciary Committee is too partisan. Trump is not the Guy to deal with North Korea, and the wold is now in peril of nuclear war. But we’re set up for a win-win for Putin- surprise! Then, after we impeach Trump, we should evacuate the South as quickly as possible from the border down and watch Kim- and those under him- get ill. We might solve the problem and liberate the North without a single shot, as Reagan dissolved Communism for the Russians. But even if not, it is time to get the South Koreans who are within striking distance out of harm’s way. Houston was evacuated for a hurricane, and we need to practice evacuating large cities anyway.

   Trump is a tyrant, and may revert to the fascist or white supremacist understanding of “America first” at any time. If they like Russian methods so much, let them go with the Hillsdale Republicans on their upcoming luxury cruise to St. Petersburg and stay there to enjoy such fine anti-“globalist” nationalism. It is not clear that our own attack on Mexican immigrants, the city of Chicago (black gangs) or Muslims has yet been permanently shelved. Trump will flirt again with the White Supremacists when it suits his “winning” or his next sales pitch. Ditto for nuclear war. We need to impeach this man before it is too late. The committee system is not in the constitution, and any Democrat can Impeach for emoluments, election fraud, intimidation of the Press and others, Trump-Russian connections (Page, Tillerson, Flynn, Kirchner), and many more things- rewarding Bannon for fake news, defrauding the elderly through Trump U, etc. Someone told him the election would be thrown for him and the method- spy-marketing and targeted interference- could not be discovered. Now to jilt Putin, after rewarding him by questioning NATO and sanctions- he grows a heart about Syrian children getting gas attacked- like he did not know that is what men like Putin and Assad do. He admires every tyrant, the only plank in his platform that is not changeable according to perceived advantage-.Now he invited Duterte- who dishonored the U. S. Presidency, and is a murderer- to the White House. Charming. Enough of this Teflon Don- the articles will stick.

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