Perjury is Meaningless in Contemporary America

See also: Seized for Mere Speech, May 5th and Russian Methods in Contemporary U.S. Politics, from April

Who will pay for the stigma?

   Again, perjury was committed in submitting a false mental heath warrant to have me seized and treated involuntarily. I have attempted to press charges through the county police, who apparently will do nothing. The charges arise out of mere speech: things that I say, which happen to be true. My error was to discuss politics with Trump supporters and perhaps to discuss household matters in my own home with persons who have disordered moods and are on prescription medications which inhibit thought. Others have heard things said, and spun their own additions to these, without asking me to clarify any errors. “I have done nothing wrong, and said nothing false, but am seized for mere speech,” I kept saying as I demanded a lawyer and informed the police and hospital that they had no right to hold me. When these relatives- who have known me for over fifty years- learned that they could not have me involuntarily “helped” or treated- which is done today principally with prescription drugs, contrary to my religion, politics, psychology and medical understanding- these relatives simply lied to say I was a “danger to myself or others.” That is perjury, and the papers filed with the court do say that they swear the account to be true “under penalty of perjury.” There are three or four demonstrable lies in the accusation. After twenty days and an “independent analysis,” by a psychologist who had no interest in covering for the system or selling drugs, retained by my court appointed lawyer, I was cleared of the charge and released, as I surely am less a danger to “myself or others” than anyone you know. But by their perjury and delusions, these persons have in fact done quite a bit of harm.

   That perjury is true can be demonstrated in court especially from text message conversations held with three of the persons who participated to have me seized. Ulterior motives are suspected, and I would have my wealthy Trumpster uncle questioned regarding connections inside the Trump organization which led to this rather heinous act. I had called him a “fool, ” and been threatened by my sister for such a crime, that I would see why I should not say such a thing to such a one. I think that was after I caught on that he was forwarding messages sent to him out of context to demonstrate how I needed “help.” This uncle seems to have encouraged a sister and brother, ready to twist text message statements that any judge or jury would never take to be threatening without the added animus of filial faction. We simply cannot allow our courts or political speech to be abused in this way. So far, no one will help or press charges, and I find I am stigmatized: people seem more ready to believe that I must be “crazy” if I was taken away! After all, I say many things they do not understand. I am a PhD in Politics, with degrees in psychology and philosophy, and have written four books. But the primary motivation does seem to be political: I saw the Trump Russian collusion, and many other things, before it was commonly discussed in the media. I also think that I have been acted against by my own government due to demonstrable proximity to intelligence agencies, and may well have been blacklisted for asking for an inquiry into this matter. The simplest questions simply have not been asked, and I have presented my representatives plenty of reason to ask such questions, as is usual when such questions arise in America as in almost every other nation. What is clear, though, is that someone has an interest in my being declared insane, so that what I say may be discounted due to its source- another typical Trumpster method.

   Crazy people say false things. Find one thing I have ever said that can be demonstrated false- I’m sure there is one somewhere! My trouble seems to be that I am poor, unusually dedicated, and serve the truth and my family and my country without fee and in disregard of threats. I must be crazy! And now I have the stigma: Most to whom I tell the story assume that my incarceration might or must have been correct. Imagine if, beyond the stigma, one were to receive the stigmata! And do you not understand what I say? If not, is this my deficiency?

   It is contrary to our fundamental law and our constitution to seize a person who has done nothing wrong and said nothing false, or nothing he does not have a perfect right to do or say. Political and filial faction cannot be the judge of sanity and dangerousness.



3 thoughts on “Perjury is Meaningless in Contemporary America

  1. Worse yet, the court form that says “under penalty of perjury” is apparently a lie! There is no penalty of perjury for intentionally lying on these forms, unless the victim is a lawyer, rich or a Trump supporter. Shall we then accuse the court of committing perjury on their own forms?

    America, including the value of the dollar, depends rather on trust and fundamental integrity. The “fake news” movement, which tries to make truth a commodity bought and sold according to advantage, is destroying our nation. Are you helping?

  2. Well, I guess it is not only Trumpsters who are attacking me, though the things I have said, especially warning of the consequences of Trump for America, did surely have much to do with my being seized for twenty days. Today, I was explaining my position to the one sister who had tried to remain technically neutral, and she attacked me in speech, which she often does, as they say I am living off my mother. Perhaps the mother says such things in her bad mood- I have asked her to stop slandering me, because such speech has consequences. But I am forbid to explain, literally silenced, even at my own address. I say again to get out their pencil, and write on my side of the ledger until they arrive at enough to cover rent on my shed. The additional cost of having me here is electricity. Her solution was that she was going to advise the mother to sell the house, since I in fact have even more chores to do than covers rent. I take no direct money, though this sister does, and earns it for help with the things that need to be done. Then I told this sister she was not welcome at my address on my account, since she would not recognize my right to speak at my own address. She was there doing a favor for the mum, to let the dog out, and cleaning up some stuff she left in her garden from last year. Then she called the police, again, because I was speaking, and she did not like what I saying, defending myself from the charge that I am living off my mother. I was “harassing her,” as I stood on my own front porch, at my own address, literally beneath an American flag. Everyone knows they are in no danger of assault from me, though I have seen the need to tell all three sisters that if they assault me, I will press charges, having been technically assaulted by one once, and having not pressed charges. Their solution is to hurt mark, just as when I say I cannot pay for the cat food in addition to doing the cat labor. They often try to set that obligation on me, and again, I cannot justify that to my creditors. It is as if someone devised to pressure money out me by defectively supplying the cats, because I care about the cats. My other sister dumped two cats on me, as I have related, and though I love the cats, I could sue her for cat support for two years! Their solution is “then get rid of the cats.” Hurt Mark is the solution, again, using our very love against us. I say rather that the solution is that the owners of the cats pay for the food and be content that I do the labor. The vicissitudes of a cat shepherd in contemporary America!

    But the mum broke her leg on Mother’s day, in part because indeed she cannot stay here by herself. I was out doing the cat shopping, timed because the sister was coming to visit, but the sister had not arrived yet. I earned 85 $ from the sale of Hostas and cat nip, and have now paid off last month’s car insurance, spending 40+ dollars on pet food. ( I am accused for the mother paying my car insurance, twice this year, in part so that I can go shopping for her! One does not want to make judgments about another person’s private economy, especially if one does not want to listen to explanations! My economy is just. The other three ignored their mother on Mother’s day, apparently angry because she let me come back here after I was released from my 20 day stay at the ward for having done nothing wrong, nothing I do not have a right to said, and even said nothing false (that I know of) nor anything I do not have a right to say. Their position is that since it is not my house, I have no right of speech, but can be silenced here even by them. I am not to object, for example, if I am working on a Supreme Court case as a citizen, and others do not understand its importance: I am not to even try to explain. I am flawed for mere speech, poverty, and a few physical defects. But I am the only one who will pull the mum out of the ditch while she is bitching at me! The others go away when the mum is angry at them, which is the usual way of humanity, and not an uncommon defect. I was forced to stop helping just before 6 drugs interacting led to organ failure and she nearly died, spent six weeks in critical, and my sister- the older one- saved her life by being at the hospital when I was working. That sister will help, but also does a great deal of harm by not minding her own business. She let me stay there when I had no place, about 1990, but then euthanized my pet rat Hamilton without my consent, because he caught cold in the winter. She’ll do things like that- and commit perjury.

    Again, if charges of perjury are not pressed, these things will continue, as I have told the officer. I say I have done nothing wrong, and am attacked for mere speech, and this does seem to be sinking in, though I also say “everything I say is being used only against me.” I have told him my representative cares, as I have called her, and Senator Gary Peters too, though I am not sure this is true- maybe I finally did say something false!

    Chickens are known to peck a wounded bird to death. That’s how it is if one is poor and sick. I asked my sister, the one who filed the perjurous charges, “Ever wonder how chickens can do that?” But that the law allows it, this is new and inexcusable.

  3. My charming sister- the one who committed perjury to say that I was a danger to myself or others in order to have me seized for mere speech- left me a phone message, in her cups, to say that if I ever spoke to my younger sister “that way” again, or said such things about my mother, she would “see to it that I never set foot in this house again.” So I have proof that I am threatened for mere speech. And how will you see to it? Power is such a rush.

    And the terrible things I said to my sister? I defended myself again from the charge that I live off my mother, which defense has been enough to have me charged with insanity, and receive a string of further accusations, from which, if I defend myself, I am only charged further. “Write it down,” I say, “what did I do?” Then it is some exaggeration about what sub-Oxy and prescription meds have done to my mother that is my crime in speech. Oh yes, then I told that younger sister she was not welcome here on my account until she recognizes my right to speak at my own address. I had the police called on me, again, for mere speech: these people just do not get it.

    One of the last things I texted to that elder sister was that she would save a lot of time if she would cease accusing her fellows, and, I add, mind her own business. She, indeed, has done genuine harm with her perjury and delusions, and might be compelled into “treatment,” for “help,” because we “love her,” but I would not do that top a dog, let alone a human being.

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