Sources: Russia probe means President Hatch; RICO Case Against GOP

Supreme Court case # 16-907 would have prevented this and its result. America is in crisis, under foreign attack, and most seem not to know or care. Those who do know or care are being attacked, and no one helps. Congress is asleep, and treats citizens like they are from the moon if they know or care. “We will destroy you from within,” said Kruschev to Kennedy as he banged his shoe on the table, and though it took some time, this does seem to be occurring. Our communications are being controlled so that we cannot deliberate together and get a hold of this thing. The Republicans seem to have fallen for this stuff just to gain money and run the table with their relatively stupid partisan platform issues. Wake up, America! You are under attack.


Several separate sources with links to the intelligence communities of more than one nation, and with links within the US state and federal justice systems, have outlined  evidence that exists against multiple men in the line of succession to the US Presidency, as it relates to Russia’s hack on America. I can also exclusively report  a RICO case is being considered against the Republican party for laundering Russian money.

These sources say that Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, who was the ‘Designated Survivor’ at the inauguration of Donald Trump (yes, really) is likely to become President if charges are pursued, according to the evidence, of illegal collusion with Russia, money laundering, and obstruction of justice.

On Donald Trump there is voluminous evidence he knowingly colluded with the Russian state in the hacking of the U.S election, and laundered Russian money through shell companies. This evidence is both data-based, for example, based on…

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