Yeah, Vlad, I’m “Crazy,” “Dangerous!”

Julie is writing today about the words used in the mental health system, a funny kind of “New Speak” combined with a disregard of basic respect in speaking to the patients. But if it were not for us, the stigmatized, who would invent new words like “There-embodied.” Shakespeare himself coined over 700 new words for the English language. And “madness” indeed might save the world- the title of a previous excellent blog by Julie.

I set this comment on Julies blog, since “they” allowed me to do so today:

…The Mental Health code is given precedence over the Constitution and the principles therembodied. The facilities are great for when people really need them- as the suicidal do, but it is so corny! They just replaced Medieval religion with a new set of stupid DSM-type principles from our bankrupt modern psychology. And too afraid of being sued to speak for the -iatria or healing of the human souls placed by misfortune in their care. Then they want to make everyone talk a certain way! I used to have to tell this retarded guy Kevin, who I worked for as his servant: “Kevin, your being inappropriate.” “Non-compliant”: one of their values considered scientific facts, after they kicked out all the real “values” with their corney-ass, value free science! Their left hand does not even know what their left hand is doing!

By the way, it is illegal for the Mental Health System to set up a new law above the Constitution, and, for example, seize people and stigmatize them when they have done nothing wrong and violated no rights of their fellow citizens which government has a purpose to secure. One cannot simply replace the name above the building JAIL with the words MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY and suspend Habeus Corpus: That one must be presented bodily before a Judge in order for the executive to hold them. Nor may they violate our religion by tricking or compelling people into taking their addictive, lucrative Psycho-dope! If their medicine were based on science, or scientific knowledge of neurons and such, it would not take the 4-30 attempts to find the right concoction to inflict upon their guinea pigs! A soft-despotism, American style, Big Mother version of Himmler!

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