Musing on Evolution: Life is Rare

   In evolution, certain things happen only on a very few occasions. Life began only once, as all living things on earth are genetic descendants of the same line. Life crawled out of the ocean onto land not once a year or a thousand times, but once with plants, once with insects and once with salamanders! Only three times! Dogs are not drawn from wolves once a week, but only in three lines, your woofdog or pointy-eared type, your hound dog or floppy-eared type, and your lap dog, those Chinese toy dogs, roughly speaking. Creatures learned to fly, but only once with insects, once with dinosaurs, and once with flying fish and once with flying squirrels or bats, and once with men! And life returned to the oceans only a couple times, with dolphins and whales. Flightless bids are a return from air to land, but mostly nobody lives wholly in the air. That life is all related on earth, apparently, means that life is quite rare, and does not come in from outer space on every asteroid, growing like mold on bread everywhere the conditions are right, for example. Once in 3 Billion years? And we are direct genetic descendants? This is the literal tree of Life, branching into kinds, as no one before Darwin and Lyle in Geology could have really suspected (Thanks Carl Bajema, GVSC). The ancients did not suspect that the natural kinds change. (C. “J” and Jacob Klein, St. John’s). But the mathematical or literal “forms” don’t get artificial beings or new kinds of things neither. But the materialists or materialistic science cannot explain the form or “What” of anything, and so literally cannot know (though they assume) the difference between any of the many kinds of things.

   Many times we have explained that the supposed incongruity between the Bible and evolution is an illusion. Darwin and Wilson found some very new knowledge is all, and it is surprising how little the Bible contradicts science. Each still comes “after its kind,” life may well have arose from the dust of the earth, just took ’bout 3 Billion years is all. The Beginning is indeed as though God spoke, and of before the beginning it still does not make sense to speak. After that, Genesis unfolds the six or seven orders of being in much agreement, except perhaps for birds looking out of place. And if we knew what the write of Genesis means by “Man, we would know who it is that Cain fears will kill him out East of Eden there (as those guys are not supposed to be there yet). First man apparently means something we readers did not imagine correctly.

   In love, we joke that the eugenics of nature is quite cruel enough. Man is too stupid to direct the development of or domesticate his own species, and does not yet think that nature might also direct itself, if in a natural sense. But man is too stupid to keep his hands off tying to direct when he does not know what he is doing. As we may be about to see, this ignorance will be selected against.

It is to join the human with the study of what is called material nature that we get something like a unified field theory sought in physics. Perhaps with a sense of humor, this was hidden above, since it was known we would never look there!

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