Trump-Putin Conspiracy? Absolutely

   I have been amused at the accusation that I espouse a sort of conspiracy theory, since to me these things have seemed obvious for some time. Machiavelli writes clearly enough about how to destroy the liberty of a republic by conspiracy (Discourses III. 6 and Prince IX; previous blog). What is occurring may seem to us- to those who read- like a textbook conspiracy. Everyone knows that there are no conspiracies in politics, right? And everyone knows that if there ever were a conspiracy, we must simply be prey to it, at its mercy, because one need only call the truth a “conspiracy theory,” and everyone will know that its proponent is “Crazy,” and “dangerous,” right? I just did twenty days under such an accusation, without having done a single thing wrong or even said a single thing that is false, and surely nothing to warrant such treatment, nothing that I did not have a perfect right to say. My bother was convinced that I was “insane” because I thought the “T.V. was spying on me,” three days before Wikileaks broke it to us that that in fact is the case. Since it is a crime to think such things, especially if they are true, I was nearly taken away that day, but they got me late, after they found out one must be a danger to oneself or others to be taken away by compulsion, so they lied and said I was, and that is the clear perjury. No apology from them, though, no acknowledgement, they just go on to a new and different accusation. The agent then assured me that the spying is purely for marketing purposes- The FBI would not lie- and asked me if I had read the Quran, and was very interested in my having written on the Revelation) So I know by experience, having seen for myself, and not only from the things I gather into a whole from the continuous study of real news, that our liberty is being destroyed. And if I did 20 days for it, surely you ought not listen, right? Such a one has the stigma, right, PhD in politics or no? Rather, having received three death threats now, I am quite confident that I am on the right track. The last two threats appear to have come from Trumpsters and Russians. No police will even inquire, so far as I know, though they took a report. The perjurous accusation that put me away for 20 days, right as I was working on Supreme Court case 16-907 to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference, was made and motivated by 3 Trumpster Relatives, and someone ought check- though no one will- to see if they are in contact with people in the Trump organization. It is just the kind of question a good detective would ask.

   The Russians joined with white supremacists in the United States to manipulate opinion though fake news but especially though the spy-tech that we are assured is only being used for “marketing” purposes. Interference can then be targeted to the swing states and to whee it is likely to have the desired effect, just enough to tun the election while staying under the radar That is the method that Trump seems to have been told could not be discovered, as he assured us, and that led him to be so confident that he would win despite being behind in the polls that he assured us that if he did not win, it would be due to election fraud. Trump himself is guilty of election fraud, and as usual is accusing his opponents of versions of his own crimes.

   What Russia has in mind is a very disturbing question, but our politicians have thus far lacked imagination on this question as well. Either Putin is himself a White fascist, or he has chosen fascism for us to “destroy us from within,” as Khrushchev promised to do. Another key is the Oxy epidemic, a corruption of U.S. medicine that shows long preparation on Putin’s part. Oxy deaths are higher in the swing states. Go figure. But he plan did seem to be for us to be entangled in a Middle East war against not just ISIS, who has declared war on us, but all of Islam: a fatal error supported by the emerging fascist fringe among the fa right of the “Republican” party in America which refuses to distinguish between Islam and ISIS, saying for example that Islam teaches the whole wold must be Islamic. The Quran forbids compulsion in matters of religion.

   But everyone knows there are no conspiracies, right, and why would one nation eve want to destroy another, and those saying such things are crazy and dangerous, especially if they just did 20 days in a mental hospital and insist they did not do o say one thing to deserve such “treatment.” Unless, of course, such a thing occurred on the perjury of Trumpsters to someone acting strangely because he really was receiving death threats and someone had an interest in saying he was  “insane.” Another typical Trump method is to discredit the speaker rather than answer the question posed by the charge.

   The Americans are beyond gullible. Anyone who reads Machiavelli and understands the reason James Otis insisted upon privacy knows that such a thing is not only possible but likely, and I dare say, is occurring. Is there anyone in the Trump campaign / cabinet who does not have ties to Russia that were unthinkable for an American just 5 o 10 years ago? As Barack said, Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave.” This is in fact, as General Hayden said that same day, “The greatest covet operation in history.” My suggestion is that we need not be prey to it and to Putin and the Internet just because it is a conspiracy.

   By the way, after 20 days I finally gained an independent evaluation from a nice “psychologist,” and two other shrinks too agreed that, in effect, they had no reason to seize me to begin. So you can read my work despite the stigma- its kind of racy if it is not true. And if I am going to pay for it- I just had the police called on me a week ago literally for speaking at my own address in my own defense from an accusation in an argument I did not begin, and then was threatened by the one who committed perjuy- I may as well make use of it.

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