NPR Reports on Scam in Oxy-Heroin Recovery Industry: David Armstrong

   Here’s another one we, here at the CLC- saw and called months ago. While Congress blindly throws money at the Oxy-Heroin epidemic, those losing money are already into another industry. They have a lot of money to make from treatment centers that do not quite work. Trump, by the way, advocates deregulating the Oxy dealer companies, and the Russian elected Republicans are going along with it. Again, Oxy-heroine deaths are strangely higher in the swing states, according to a New Jersey Sociologist. Go figure.

   We blogged earlier about treatment centers, when I realized that myself, my mother, sister and niece could, and did, come up with a better plan than what is being implemented for treatment centers. As usual, when something seems that obvious, there is a reason it would never be put into practice. See the guest blog by Myia Blackwood in the Archives, by using “Search.”

   I am astounded by how the rehab centers are sure to be very expensive, use lots of prescription drugs and government medicine, and not quite work, delivering victims back into the Oxy-heroin system. Just don’t smoke! Cigarettes are sure to be forbidden in places more like prisons, because they are “helping” people- because they know what you need! And do not even consider how organic Marijuana might be the one most useful “drug” in recovery- it is not toxic and addictive enough, especially compared to prescription antidepressants. And they would want regulation that assure that chemicals are bought and used in grows that pay payola, and will not consider the health effects of these chemicals until years later, if our nation lasts long enough for the press to notice it has become an issue.

   America, we will not solve problems with this kind of politics. We are being destroyed by our own vices, and those who notice have their speech proscribed, media controlled.This blog is not accessible through search terms. We are just too slow, and the internet sets the corrupt 4 or 5 moves ahead of efforts to address problems.


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