Free Speech? Use Mirror

   Now that the Trumpsters are being accused of putting an end to the Fist Amendment protection of free speech by control of the media, they are beginning to scream free speech for Fascism. The attempt is to nullify every true accusation by a reverse accusation, then the stupid, Oxy-stupored Americans just cannot tell where the truth lies, and really do not care so long as one pays them. Promise “Gender equality in the new fascism,” parade a bunch of female Trump-Putin supporters, and there will be no more opposition. America may have become simply too stupid to retain liberty.

   We insist that government defend genuine free speech immediately by looking into allegations of the control of the media and prosecuting those, for example, who have attacked me. We need a Congressional investigation of Twitter, and we need to regain control of the executive branch, which directs inquiry. When someone reports a death threat, government may not simply say they are crazy and ignore it, or attack them if they persist. It is the one delivering a death threat that has committed assault, and the one receiving the treat that is assaulted. We cannot allow the Trumpsters to accuse the one receiving a death threat of making a death threat. Truth is truth, and our nation is at stake if we allow this fraud to continue. If you are seriously confused, or paid to be, use the mirror.

Fools, whores, slaves and murderers.

The fools are genuinely duped, as are many Christians and partisan Republicans.

The whores are paid to pervert truth, and do not see what is at stake.

The slaves are instruments of action, serving from fear.

Men who do not believe that murder is wrong are controlling the executive branch and directing the rising fascism.


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