Left Out in the Rain: John Castel for Father’s Day

Source: Left Out in the Rain.

   I am trying to re-blog this beautiful piece again for Fathers Day. My Father is still alive, and I just walked two miles to call him from the phone at the country store. He now assures me I could not get into Canada because the police have my numbers, and it seems now that he is the one who told them what the Librarian’s assistant at Northville Public Library told him, with assurance, that I was “Schizophrenic,” because I reported to her a death threat that I received on the internet, and told her my best guess as to why I had received it. All Trump supporters know, because the trustworthy Vlad Putin has said, anyone talking Trump-Russian collusion is “Crazy’ and “Dangerous.” Where have I heard those words before? The library, my father, my uncle and my sister, who is charged with perjury, are all quite liable, though there is no way to hold anyone accountable, for slander and perjury, if one is poor. “Am I getting help?” my father asks, and I ask are you getting help? All that nice help available, “professional,” Expert,” like the help they gave Rosalie Kennedy, Lobotomies for their convenience, and you’re not gettin’ any? They did me more harm than just about anything that has ever happened to me in my life.” Ya, what happened when you all sent me to the “psychologist” in High school, for yelling at a firetruck? The Vice principle, Barbara Campbell, she was going fix me early, there in ninth grade, because they have knowledge, and are “professions,” paid to know and do such things to people.”Next time you want to help me like that, just don’t.” “Maybe next year by Father’s Day I’ll have a phone.”

  What impenetrable ignorance! What are the assumptions? There are no such thing as death threats? Trump is surely a righteous fellow? Our psychology is based on scientific knowledge? where shall we start? But speech assumes that truth and justice are these issue, while these have decided that it is rather power that will be the issue. These people literally do not know what they are saying, but are willing to act with the gravest consequences for another without the slightest self-examination. They did not need Socrates. They already knew. They already have certain knowledge, so it is only a question of power-Tyranny. I am forbid, of course, speech to explain or unravel any of the false assumptions at the root of my family members joining to have me committed on perjurous charges, demonstrably intentional lies. They had to say I was “dangerous,” in order to force me to get “help,” so they did. I am the least “dangerous ” person anyone knows and this might occur to anyone with the slightest reflection. They have disregarded perjury, and their delusions are the only delusions doing any harm, and I the only one harmed. You see why I wanted to move to Canada? Thanks, dad, for making that too impossible. This is tyranny, and these the effects of tyranny when it takes hold in a nation. Go on, plug your ears like a four year old. When I take over your life and liberty and harm you on the basis of my delusions of knowledge which I refuse to examine, you have me get some “help.” Till then, if you can’t help me, leave me the f alone, as our fundamental law- which you have never cared to read let alone study and consider-requires you to do.

   Someone told my father something like, Oh, that is a sign of “mental illness,” that they deny they “have” it and need “help.” Lets see, this means that those who are not ill deny it, and those who are ill deny it, and then there are those who admit it, like “i have bipolar disorder…” as though they or some doctor even knew what that meant. That means that literally everyone is mentally ill and needs to be drugged!! I was told this by a worker at Promedica. She had given a speech saying that literally everyone needs psychiatric drugs. She later denied saying it, but I heard her ague this, just before I walked out. Perhaps a truth serum is in order.

   These slanders, which apparently began with a Librarian and whoever told the librarian to say that, my Uncle and whatever Trumpsters helped him, my sister who is always up for bilious shadow fighting, whom they used, and perhaps my mother, for whom I care, and who becomes angry if I try to explain the simplest things. They have endangered me now three times especially, when I was considered a “danger” by police and might have been shot by the smallest error, such as holding a coffee cup. No one would be charged, and no one will be charged if they use the police to murder me- a petty fancy way to cay out a death threat, now fashionable in the Philippines- my fault for knowing it and caring, “abnormal,” since no one else knows or cares. Justice is abnormal, as is the examined life. No one can say what it is I have done wrong: I have spoke, and they did not like what I said. I have said not a single thing that is not true, nor a single thing I do not have a PERFECT right to say. Thanks, family.

   Our generations are broken, in part by this slander and the stigma which makes others assume that if someone said such a thing it must be true. And they do not care, literally, if I am shot or receive a chemical lobotomy for political opinions.

   Thanks Senator Stabenow, because I presented her plenty of reason to raise a question regarding a certain executive agency. And I have it on report of an official, one who knows: his son works now for the CIA: “They do that,” he said. Now I believe they do that. They do whatever they want, especially to hide their own crimes, because there is no oversight, and anyone who tries to whistle blow or hold them to account, even for using women or love in spying on a student who refused to join the CIA, So check and see if they did that to me, and issued a death threat because I raised the question. What? We have certain knowledge that all who say such things are, what did Putin say, “Crazy,””Dangerous.” Check and see if they did that to you, then.

My crime is to study politics in the USA, the freest nation that ever was, and perhaps to know and speak. For this, they have destroyed any semblance of family life for me, and there is no recourse: It is fine with everyone, like Flint drinking water.

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