Chemical and Neurological Causes in Psychology

   As the account of chemical and neurological causes and cues has become fashionable, people take solace in the supposedly scientifically based idea that their mental illnesses are not “their fault,” but rather due to an involuntary condition that is like a disease. These things are caused by “chemical imbalances,” and here we will show you the neurons lighting up, and there tweak your dopamines and receptors for you.

   And did you think that when something occurs that is one’s fault, like murder or rape, there is not also a chemical and neurological process occurring in the brain? We are not in the least surprised, philosophically, that there is something going on on there! In fact, volition is very difficult to understand, but no scientist will have a chance or a clue if he does not also philosophize. The human soul is a great mystery, and we simply do not possess authoritative knowledge regarding the soul. Appeals to the “experts,”the “professionals,” are rationalizations and ways to avoid responsibility. I know, for I have seen the brains and faces of those who thus rationalize, and are unable to question first principles while they are hurting others.

   Again, I can tell you to read Plato, Phaedo, about 99, where Socrates discusses the materialists saying that the reason he is sitting in prison is that his legs are bent a certain way. No one reads this, not a single one I know has ever gone to this book directed by my blog, in over a year. We are no longer able to read or to desire to read, inquire and study, yet will take six figure salaries for doing more harm than good, because we are the experts, the “professionals,” whom everyone is obligated to trust like a medical doctor or a new priesthood. Perhaps we are too slavish to continue free.

   I am sue there is a chemical cause for the decline of the liberal arts, called Oxy, and a medical and material cause, called money. Hence it is not our fault, and next we will fight the stigma, and treat the neurological cause of sarcasm.

Note* A neurologist on NPR, who has done some truly interesting work on the brains of “psychopaths” and “sociopaths,” as we call this, said she studies neurons because she is “not a dualist.”  The assumption- a philosophical assumption- involved in this statement is absurd in many ways, and I would expect a Philosophy 101 student to understand what they are saying better than does this now famous neurologist. Matter and form are never separate, but this no more implies materialism than it would imply “formalism.” It is our minds that are darkened: we are like prisoners in a cave, and surely must ascend if we are ever to care for human beings. Anything else would be “unprofessional,” no?

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