Off Twitter for a While

How cool! I lose functions and communications one piece at a time, a bit like the constrictor tactic in Juitsu. This one is mostly my fault, as I accidentally hoverclicked some button, and up came a list of the “cookies” on my WordPress account, and there was a new one from Twitter, so I removed it. The result is, I no longer have access to my own twitter account. Working in combination with poverty, it has been quite easy to silence me. I tried to put it back, but no its irreversible, (so far). Guess I did not know, but just found out, a bit about what a “cookie” is. They will not allow a certain function at all unless one agrees to live in a Nation that has no Bill of Rights. That can be said to be how I lost my phone and e-mail as well.

   That is quite alight, perhaps soon I will find buried the book that has me password written down, was it something like James Otis 1774? Something of which no one would ever think.

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