Trump-Russian Fraud and the Coherence of Categories

The following is written by a “white” male non-partisan political centrist, not a Clinton supporter or Democratic party member.

   In addition to what is publicly being considered evidence, there are a number of fundamental categories or topics which cohere in a comprehensive picture to demonstrate Trump-Russian election fraud in the 2016 Presidential election. In a comprehensive picture or scenario, according to which the U. S. election was stolen, these categories cohere, making error in the general hypothesis extremely improbable.

   These categories, when one compares them with one another, and considers them together as a whole, are mutually confirming. They include:

Personnel: Every member of the Trump campaign has produced highly questionable ties with Russia.

Emoluments: There are some very interesting financial connections between the Trump organization and Russia.

Rewards, such as the initial weakening of NATO and the lifting of sanctions

Overt or known Russian hacking, such as that of the DNC, openly invited by Trump.

The Trump character, aiming at winning, and using all else, including justice, as a means. He would do it, commit election fraud, and this is significant evidence. Most significant is the Trump admiration for tyrants including Putin and Duterte, sometimes seeming to be the one stable plank in his platform. He had not read the constitution at all when he was running, though he had aimed at the presidency for years. It is not featured on the curriculum of Trump University, which rather featured real estate deals. The Americans no longer know the difference.

The Russian character and the tyranny of Putin. The present U.S. generation is forgetful of what Russian tyranny means, or, for example, that Putin rose within the KGB. It means things like bombing hospitals to cover for Syrian chemical attacks, attacking the moderate opposition to Assad rather than ISIS, and such like things.

The Internet, which has led to new circumstances and consequences difficult or impossible to foresee.

Temporary Russian computer superiority, if only by our being unable to imagine perfidious purposes we could not foresee. Kaspersky, for example, has just been publicly admitted to be a likely problem.

The condition of our nation has prepared us for a conspiracy. Democracies decline into tyrannies, and our own corruption leaves us susceptible. For example:

  a) Distracted by Islamic terrorism, we allowed the suspension of privacy, the guarantee of security in our persons, houses, papers and effects, included in the Fourth Amendment of our Bill of Rights.

  b) Congress has been persuaded by campaign contributions to allow information to be collected without limit.

 c) An Oxy epidemic has delivered many to the heroin dealer, revealing a deep corruption of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. The fact that it is a win-win circumstance for Putin raises the question of the involvement of the Russian Mob in U.S. medicine. The natural connection to heroin suggests a conspiracy, the “Oxy-heroin scam.”

Fake News: A traditional Russian method used and targeted with domestic assistance, and different from partisan exaggeration. It is very intentional, that is, the source knows it is a lie. Breitbart and the report that the Pope supports Trump are fine examples. The amount of money spent to defame Hillary is a new thing in American politics, including “Pizzagate,” the accusation of a child sex ring in a pizza shop connected to Mrs. Clinton.

Election irregularities: Polls, which have suddenly become untrustworthy, as in the Brexit, the primaries, the Philippine and U.S. elections. The disproportion between the electoral and popular vote.

Mirror: The character of the Trump lies such as his accusation of election fraud to distract from election fraud, or the accusation of Russian -Clinton ties publicized the week before the election in the National Enquirer. The mirror as a way of discerning lies is a deep topic of psychology, but is here an entire category

 Interference, such as with the press, the internet, intimidation, obstruction. The Obstruction of Justice regarding the FBI is impeachable offence, as is the intimidation of the  press. I received a death threat while working on Supreme Court Case #16-907. Like the mirror, interference demonstrates guilt, and can be deciphered. The obstruction committed by Nixon may be the best example.

   We say that Trump-Russian collusion is evident just from what has been done to a single internet account, and is surely visible in a broad view if one would look. We think that the primary method is through data collection and targeted interference, including intimidation, technical interference and continuing some accounts, for example on Twitter, while promoting other accounts, such as Trump on Twitter. The FBI may have attempted to gain computer assistance against Islamic terrorism, only to be betrayed by an enemy even more dangerous. It is likely that executive agencies are currently being used for partisan political purposes and to suppress speech and press. ICE may be the best example. It is also likely that Russian interference to suppress the attempt to address this crisis in American politics and for other purposes, especially through the internet, is continuing.

  Epistemology is the account of how we know. It considers things such as “Justified true belief” and “coherence” as definitions of knowledge, none of which are sufficient, but point in the right direction.  “Rubbing them together like sticks,” as Socrates says, inquiry proceeds, amid our mortal limitations. We ascend toward a comprehensive truth like a rock climber, by hand and toeholds, as are each category. by Events are matters of probability, and so criminal trials aim for “beyond a reasonable doubt, and there are errors and corruptions. Civil suits aim for “preponderance of evidence,” and Supreme Court cases are simply decided one way or the other. The Senate, too, in the trial of impeachment, is not bound to criminal court procedures, but looking with the mind determines whether to convict and remove the one impeached, and the vote requires 2/3, or 67 of the 100, not a unanimous jury, so that some might be partisan, and still the truth come out. Aristotle, opening his Politics, explains the difference between mathematical certainty and that in politics, regarding human events. Math, like logic, is certain based on assumptions. We try to make the assumptions as likely as possible, so that the conclusions are sure. We can know for sure, for example, that a given statement is a contradiction, but what that means is based upon our seeing of the principles. The foreign turning of the U. S. election is a constitutional violation, as well as a criminal and foreign policy matter. Conspiracy is of course difficult to prove, as the Don, of course, keeps his hands clean, orchestrating the deed. That is why he was simply told that the election would be turned for him, and that the method would be undetectable. That the primary method is intended to be undetectable is the biggest clue.

   Logic, such as the impossibility of saying both that Flynn’s contacts with the Russians is “fake news” and yet a genuine leak is a contradiction, due to a duplicity, and may reveal treason-we have said we are not sure this man is intellectually capable of treason. He has not read the constitution (though may have since had it read to him). That is why he is continually tripping over it.

   These categories are just some, but considered together, in thought turning them over and comparing one with another, leads to a whole of great consistency. Russia turned the election, and is responsible for cultivating the worldwide rise of fascism. According to this scenario, as we have it at present, Putin has used Trump, who was told the election would be turned for him, so he would know who to reward, but Trump may not be capable of treason. Putin wanted to elect for us one who literally does not know what he is doing, so that Putin might direct U. S. affairs enough to lead to our destruction and his own aggrandizement. Foreign war against all of Islam and domestic war as a result of the rising fascism are two examples of such results, and ICE is a category and topic all its own, doing everything legal , or using the law it has begun to seize, to hurt non-“whites.”

Hence, we here at the Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist* party advocate immediate impeachment and the ordering of a Re-vote or Redo of the Electoral College by the Supreme Court. These measures are obvious, and postponing them will only increase the harm to our nation.

Against this argument, and the scenario of Trump-Russian collusion in the 2016 election, the arguments are:

I. Ad hominem: Such a person could not say anything true or worth hearing.

II. If it did occur it could not be known.

III. We assume it could not have effected the result.

IV. Let’s forget the past and go on.

V. Accusation by projection, and other diversions

VI. The nation will be harmed if you pursue legal and constitutional remedies.

VII. We will hurt you if you pursue legal and constitutional remedies.

Note* The CLC is “The smallest political party in America,”  and would be a coalition of centrist independent voting citizens. In a word, we especially follow Jefferson, Madison and Lincoln, and are honored to have the same letters as the Christian Leadership conference, which included Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As centrists, we “Like” Barack Obama and we “Like” John McCain.

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