Daily Kos: Goldflame on the Current Crisis


Chicken Don by Taran Singh Brar Photo credit: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

Imagine this scenario: the current President of the United States has aligned with dark diabolically powerful forces seeking to dominate not just America but the entire planet Earth. Oligarchs, billionaires, organized crime, global corporations and religious fanatics have formed an unholy axis and for some time have been using whomever and whatever to achieve their goals: the deconstruction, dismantling and death of democracy worldwide. In their place, they will install authoritarian dictatorships that will gleefully allow unfettered access to the world’s remaining resources and riches, for a cut. They don’t care if they kill the masses, indeed that is their plan: they will have robots and AI as their workforce, cheaper easier to maintain labor that doesn’t need to be fed, doesn’t revolt, doesn’t require healthcare. They spy upon us all via drones on dragonflys, manage us through weaponized tweeting bluebirds, and monitor us through our electronic gadgets: microwaves, tvs, cell phones.

Sounds like a plot for the next blockbuster Star Wars movie, does it not? Allow the Resistance to welcome you to OSTSOW, that is, Our Struggle To Save Our World. This is real. This is now. I am but one character, standing in for Chicken Little, who grew up to be very big; you may have seen him, he just took a gig on the White House Lawn.

Hear my cries:

The sky is falling

If we are to preserve our freedom we must continue to steadfastly resist. As Heather Heyer’s mom Janet Bo said in eulogy at her daughter’s funeral, “we have to make her life count.” While it is heartening and necessary that people are uniting to fight hatred, bigotry, white supremacists, and racism, we need to stand together enraged against this morally bankrupt corrupt administration, as it is directly, completely and absolutely responsible for the current resurgence of hate and violence. Hate divides, division foments conquest. Hate is being manipulated by the aspiring conquerors.

The sky is falling falling

As heartbreaking as it is to continue to look forward while yet mourning the recent so very tragic loss of life, and deal with Nazis and thugs and haters in our streets and conduct a public discourse on the role of art and monuments in a society, while we are weary from months of resisting on so many fronts —  health care, the environment, pipe lines, travel bans, immigration, internet access, a freaking border wall, skeleton staffing, nuclear showdown, war mongering, Nazis, KKK — face forward we must. We must get out into the streets, face forward and look down the road. We must implement OSTSOW Plan B.

The sky is falling fast

Calling, writing, protesting, showing up at townhalls, marching, voting all are tantamount to resisting this slide into authoritarianism that IS occurring. Pressure on Congress to act must remain relentless and strong. It is quite apparent that Hitler’s playbook has been THE resource for the current administration. However, it is also more and more apparent that it is going to be up to US to stop what is happening. Consider the following three main avenues to removal:

1) Members of Congress have conducted legislation behind closed doors in secret in the middle of the night, they have not moved to impeach on any one of the many violations: emoluments, treason, espionage, dereliction of duty, obstruction of justice, nepotism, failure to provide national security, mentally unstable, unfit for office. Why has Congress not acted to impeach? Their agenda is deemed more important, or many are compromised, or are complicit. They have not upheld their Oath to the Constitution, and will be voted out this year, again in 2018 and 2020. The Republican’s Party is over. The truth will be exposed, eventually, and all will be held accountable.

2) The Supreme Court, on 9/25/17, has another opportunity in case #16-1464 to rule the election invalid as the States were not protected from foreign invasion of our territory in cyberspace. Indeed a treasonous collusion may be at the heart of why this administration won the electoral vote. Unprecedented, uncharted waters, not a certain remedy at all, certainly one most legal experts do not even want to entertain as it is risky, unlikely. Should they even decide to hear the case, the truth will be exposed, again, eventually.

3) Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation will surely result in enough evidence to prosecute many people for many crimes, but it will take months, even years we are told. He should have all the time he needs as the scope of this undertaking is staggering; the case is akin to the rare 1000 year storm. That is, if he is not first fired, or if Deputy AG Rosenstein does indeed even act upon his findings. The truth will be exposed, much of which may remain classified, but we will know, again, eventually.

All of these legal paths to the removal of this malignancy seeking to overtake and rule our country as a tyrannical dictator will take time and resources for them to get it right. Given the swift descent into the hell of an authoritarian rule that we are experiencing, We the People are out of time.

The sky is falling…   the sky is falling

We do not have the luxury of waiting for our institutions to turn this ship around. The wheels of Justice grind slow, rightly so. Our institutions are not going to save us. We must save ourselves. It is up to us. We have to act now before it is too late. Hitler said he could have been stopped early on if anyone had tried to smash his progress.  “We are the ones we have been waiting for” as Barack Obama, the poet June Jordon, and the Hopi Elders have all maintained. Hence Plan B, because

The sky really is truly falling

We must withdraw consent. We must take to the streets massively, peacefully. We must remain there until our demands are met. We must exercise our right to assemble, our freedom of speech. We must engage in nonviolent civil disobedience. We must petition our government for relief from our grievances. Engage in boycotts. Organize a national strike. We must prepare to sustain those efforts until our demands are met:

1) POTUS & VP resign; cabinet and all appointees recalled, all Executive Orders rescinded;

2) Congress appoints interim caretaker until President is elected as per Constitution of the United States, Article 2, Section 1;

3) Sweeping election reform, including a paper vote;

4) A new election.

5) A bipartisan independent commission established to investigate how this was allowed to happen and the prosecution of all involved in the execution of this treasonous coup. Maximum penalties imposed for all convictions, including the death penalty.

America the world is watching.

Now is the time we honor those who gave their lives that we may know freedom,

Now is the time we honor the words we know by heart:

Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All. 

Here is where you dear reader, come into play. Take this message, share it with your fellow resistors. Ask them to truly check their gut. Work across the nation to come together to unite all of us who are in opposition to this threat to democracy. Face forward, be ready to implement plan B. Prepare for hardships, financial sacrifice, loss of comfort, loss of life. Buy food, water, candles, fuel, first aid supplies. You got a glimpse of what we are up against this past weekend in Charlottesville. The historical record bears witness that what to us is the Unthinkable has happened regularly throughout history. Let us together interrupt the cycle and truly achieve Peace on Earth with Justice for All.

Let not our last cry be that we did not heed Chicken Little

And the sky did indeed fall.

“Stand ye calm and resolute,

Like a forest close and mute,

With folded arms and looks which are

Weapons of unvanquished war.

Rise, like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number!

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you:

Ye are many—they are few!” 

excepts from “Mask of Anarchy” by Percy Bysshe Shelley in reaction to the slaughter of peaceful protesters 

Why do you allow these men who are in power to rob you step by step, openly and in secret, of one domain of your rights after another, until one day nothing, nothing at all will be left but a mechanised state system presided over by criminals and drunks? Is your spirit already so crushed by abuse that you forget it is your right – or rather, your moral duty – to eliminate this system?
— 3rd leaflet of the White Rose, later known as the German Resistance Movement

One thought on “Daily Kos: Goldflame on the Current Crisis

  1. The remedy of the legislative branch is impeachment, and the remedy of the Judicial is Supreme Court case #16-1464. Impeachment has not been proposed, but may be soon. We think there is some unseen Teflon coating on this Don, such as meta-action by Putin, that prevents impeachment, and intimidation is being allowed, violating the speech, assembly and liberty clauses of the 1st and 5th Amendments (Such actions are impeachable if done by the executive, and may easily demonstrate collusion). The Revote case receives no press, and may be actively sabotaged. If these remedies do not occur, the result will be domestic and foreign war, and worse. It is just as if Putin had chosen fascists and incompetence for us in order to destroy America. The Republican Party has, with the exception of John McCain, been so foolish (or worse) as to lose credit as a party able to aim at the common good and avoid being the toy of a foreign tyrant.

    I am not allowed to comment on the Daily Kos without logging in and giving information. I was once attacked through a picture add at the bottom of that site, by either Russians or FBI pretending to be Rusians, and the FBI can know which! (But it could have been anyone!)

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