My Face, But Not My Clothes

  • Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Vote Trump Pics  📘

    Acquiring and using the photo of this face is almost surely illegal. It may be from the Republican party, the U of M hospital, hacked, etc, but nothing like it has ever been voluntarily set on the internet. Donney’s boys sent it to me to gloat after the electoral College vote, and I post it here as proof of the method. Having received what I took to be three death threats, then being taken away on the perjurous “mental health” complaint of 3 Trumpster relatives, the publication and use of the photo has caused quite a bit of damage, and could have made them an accessory to murder, not that they mind. If the picture was the one snapped from my computer screen in the middle of the night, the FBI may have been used, and the picture acquired by Trumpsters before the inauguration.

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