Psychiatry Defeated: For Juliethemadblogger!

BREAKING: Neurology discovers brain wave patterns of psychiatrists when they are being ignorant and subjecting others to harm: NPR Stateside and Dr. Rosenberg have discovered that shrinks are not responsible for Psychiatry! So stop stigmatizing them, eh?

Sometimes one can apply the principles of these modern practices to themselves, reflexively.

But seriously:

The soul is very delicate, much easier to harm than to help, at least by human art. That is why we do little unless it is necessary, and we really know what we are doing.

If the shrinks were backed by scientific knowledge of neurons, they would not be prescribing 30 different concoctions in succession trying to get one that makes the subject look right.

The assumption of our “psychiatry” that every person they see has a malady to be treated with a drug is barbarism and not science at all. The harm done is incalculable.

God forbid one should be “off” one’s “meds.” In the place of first principles, our psychiatry holds fashionable opinions and unexamined assumptions, held in place by fear.

The health of the soul is a high mystery, and not obvious at all. The “normal” is indeed not well, and justice is very rare.

The right functioning of the mind is dangerous when in contact with these practitioners of our “mental health profession. Ask Plato and Aristotle what it is. The shrinks have never asked, and apparently do not care to ask.

2 thoughts on “Psychiatry Defeated: For Juliethemadblogger!

  1. There are about 4 different fallacies at once in this joke. The contradiction of citing neurological causes because neurons are involved undermines psychiatry itself, which of course involves neurons. The compassionate attempt to remove “stigma,” correctly, does not require reducing all human things to neurons. This “reductionism” is based, unconsciously, upon a false understanding of cause. That understanding destroys all ethics, which the shrinks then re-assume in praising themselves for their profitable compassion, while they harm people by drugging them.

    Reflexive thought, applying modern thought and science to itself, refutes modern thought, which is in every instance founded upon a self-contradictory premise. Once explicated, we can escape. Example: At the bottom of everything is nothing? Nietzsche therefore has no meaning. “Science” cannot demonstrate its own truth and value scientifically. Hobbes is therefore only words. Physics itself is just matter in motion. Darwin and Wilson were just passing on their genes. Marx is historical, based on class struggle. Freud was just sublimating. Legal positivism can be outlawed. And shrinks are just squirting dopamine. We can prove it by showing their MRI when they are prescribing drugs after 20 minute exams and cashing the check at their bank! Modern thought is self-contradictory.

    It may be that we cannot know if a statement is true, but given a hypothesis, we can know with certainty that a thing is false. Rather than begin by doubting everything in search of certainty, Socratic philosophy begins from common sense, and attempts to ascend, indeed by conjecture and refutation.

    So, for example, IF the story about Flynn is “fake news”, can we prosecute real leaks? Logic works fine given premises, but we do not have certain, but only hypothetical knowledge and we get the premises and first principles by seeing. Then we can cross check by coherence. oooh!

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