Tweets Preserved (In reverse order)


  1. Replying to So, Putin is having so much fun beating us at checkers, why play chess? Mutually Assured Destruction? Gee, how did North Korea advance their missiles so quickly? “King me.” Kaspersky,”handling secuity for 4 hundred million” Duh!

  2. Their first move, following Machiavelli, was to control the arms, so that armed opposition to tyranny became impossible. Declaration, 2nd sentence, fourth assertion: Whenever…our right…our DUTY.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  3. Have you noticed that the Trump-Russians control the means of protecting free elections, and continue to entrench their tyranny in all 3 branches of U.S. Government, while no one does a thing?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  4. I do not even bother calling the FBI: They hung up on me about Kaspersky, and will use anything I say only against me. I do still let Congress stare in blank amazement then ignore it, but that’s because we must not give up hope.

  5. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Vote Trump Pics  📘

    Again, my face, but not my clothes. No photo of my face has ever been posted on the internet with consent. Law enforcement And Congress will not do a thing. Nor about 3 death threats, being seized, or sabotage of the revote effort.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  6. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted CNN

    ICE is participating in murder, especially regarding the Chaldeans and also regarding the Mexicans in some cases. Will the states let ICE walk in and accessorize murder? I think we should press charges by state law for harms occurring on the other end of illegal deportations.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  7. Joe Biden might be the legitimate president right now, if Barack, the last elected president, is term limited.

  8. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Dr. C. K. Coop

    Meanwhile, we will make Congress get Facebook, Twitter and Amazon back on the side of liberty by ending spy-marketing, i.e. data collection.

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  9. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jackie

    Come join the CLC, or start your own centrist party. “Republican” used to mean NOT TYRANNY!

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  10. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jackie

    Trump-Putin method. And we’ve been chasing that memo about, while he replaces FBI and CIA one position at a time. Indict and impeach, before it is too late.

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  11. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted lennutrajektoor

    It’s really the hookers who control Russian politics, and the men are just the “escourts”-KGB is tricky! Melania just hired the Don cause she’s Czech! She is the real president. ‘Least she has a bruisable heart!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  12. As long as we allow data collection, targeted interference and companies like Kaspersky to control 4 hundred million computer security accounts from Moscow without blinking an eye, they will control speech, press and the voters. But yes, paper backup ballots, sealed copies kept.

  13. Liberty now hangs with justice by the thinnest of threads, because everyone must stand up at once, and no one who can see will stand.

  14. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Olivia Massey

    Russian interference is a violation of voter rights, and the 2016 election does not confer legitimacy. Void the election and revote, #17-857 (9th Amendment); #16-1464 . The latter bolsters Mueller as special master appointed also by the court.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  15. We must restore the Fourth Amendment, the right to be secure in our homes from cameras and microphones and etc., or we will never have another free election. Speech and Press are channeled and controlled by internet companies, who are being used, and we just do not get it.

  16. Even impeachment, proposed now three times in the House, receives NO PRESS because the Americans are corrupt and do not understand their own government. End data collection and control of the internet by companies paying off Congress with “Campaign contributions.” Restore 4&1A.

  17. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

    Democracies cannot foresee. We will not believe disasters are occurring until the blood is actually on the pavement. Void the 2016 election due to Russian interference: Supreme Court Case #17-857 is being obstructed as was #16-1464 and #16-907. NO PRESS.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  18. What does Socrates say? Just like someone who has figured out how to control a great, huge beast…” The internet is new, and someone figured out how to use it to control politics. Just like the election of 2016, over before we knew what hit us. We cannot imagine the perfidity.

  19. Meanwhile, with Crimes and obstruction piling up, all the gangster has to do is straighten the frosting on the cake like a Toupee, and America won’t do a thing to fix this. We are toast if we do not ALL stand up AT ONCE. INDICT, IMPEACH, REVOTE!!!

  20. America is like, “Ok, Putin chose our president. How is the stock market doing?” Why does the implication not sink in? IS CONGRESS ON OXY!!

  21. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Adam Goldman

    Entrenching tyranny one office at a time. WE WILL GET NUKED. WHY DOES AMERICA NOT GET IT!!! INDICT! IMPEACH!! REVOTE!!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  22. The Americans are just going to sit here on our hands like it is a foregone conclusion that we must accept Putin’s choice for and wait and see what else he has in mind! Any Remedy get ZERO PRESS!? Go figure!

  23. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    Why do we not deal with this mobster, then? INDICT! IMPEACH!! REVOTE!! Any other ideas? Power of the purse? 50 State secession?…

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  1. You don’t need to go to church to get back into the fold, but assuming one is there because one is there might keep him from it.

  2. Trying to know for most is like trying to see the sun while the moon is in front of it, and love is the same, impeded by the shadow. The answer is penance, continuous, otherwise known as conquest of the fear of death.

  3. Witch hunt? Find water.- Dorothy of Oz (the Real one).

  4. An old teaching of the services is to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, because these bastards are in with the Accuser, and will use appearance to paralyze action. But that is all they know, appearance, and will dissolve like the wicked witch of the West at substance.

  5. Articles of impeachment have been proposed in the House 3 times now, there is no press, except the bald Trumpster assertion that it is impossible. Same with the Supreme court cases- Which is the proper way to deal with an illegitimate election, again, contrary to Putin +.

  6. Apocalypse or dystopia? Take your pick, if we do not all stand up at once, defend the FBI and the rule of law. Just say “NO” to Putin! INDICT! IMPEACH!! REVOTE, #17-857 Supreme Court Case. No press, so no one even knows about it. Articles of impeachment have been proposed 3X!!

  7.   Retweeted

    Putin-bots are crankin’ out 40-60 tweets a minute callin’ for the firin’ of Rod Rosenstein. all in the middle of the SuperBowl. Sounds like somethin’ big is about to happen.

  8. If we all stand up at once, maybe we can preserve Liberty without a civil war, or even anyone getting hurt. INDICT! IMPEACH!! REVOTE!!!

  9.  Lets all crowd flock to Putin’s platform with the “Republicans” [sarcasm]
  10. A little prophesy from Pink Floyd, if we do not all stand up at once. Pink Floyd – Waiting for the Worms.

  11. If we were still a great nation proud of our liberty, we would not be wondering whether our future were dystopia or apocalypse.

  12. Britain, Canada and Australia would not be the hope of free peoples,alone, while tyranny steadily advances internally and outside, in Marxist Russia and China and the struggling Islamic nations.

  13. We would stand up for one another, and our government would not even consider suspending constitutional rights one person and one issue at a time.

  14. Imagine if we were still a proud, free nation. We could protect refugees, and help them to return to dismantle the tyrannies which made it necessary for them to leave.

  15. We need 67 of the Senators who voted 98-2 to keep the sanctions for the torture of Magnitsky. INDICT! IMPEACH!! REVOTE!!!

  16. There is not a single person around Trump or in his campaign without questionable of indicted ties to Russia.

  17. Encouraging in one way and discouraging in another: It is amazing that Trump resorts to obviously foolish attempts to obstruct the Trump-Russian election investigation.

  18.   Retweeted

    Pretty shocking. Former Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus tells NBC he “never heard of Majinsky Act” as he goes all in on ‘adoption’ narrative on the Veselnitskaya/Trump Jr meeting. Go to minute 5:23 in video


Here is a newer string, of fundamental points repeated. The numbering is involuntary.:

  1. Indict and Impeach to end the obstruction, such as interference with the efforts of citizens to bring a Supreme Court case. Impeachment will allow the court to proceed and void the illegitimate election.

  2. The effect is the rise of fascism leading America toward civil and foreign war, to Putin’s delight. Whether Putin is a fascist, communist, or just a tyrant who thinks these can be used does not matter. If we continue, this will destroy America.

  3. Trump knew. But the Court can void the election even without “proving” collusion. Russia wanted us to have an incapable president, who would otherwise have been eliminated in the primaries.

  4. Again: A usurpation has occurred in the American presidency. Throughout the primaries and the election, Russian control of the internet, as through data collection, fake news and targeted interference allowed this to happen.

  5. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ted Lieu

    Nor is there a word in the Constitution that says the Court cannot void an illegitimate election. Voter rights are violated by data collection and targeted Trump-Russian interference, as through Kaspersky.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

For the Trump organization to attack free political action, as of citizens bringing a Supreme Court case, is highly unconstitutional, but Congress and the FBI did not listen or understand. It is proven and traceable by the photo of my face used by trumpics, + what they did to me.

  1.  Supreme Court case #17-857 strengthens Mueller by asking the court to appoint a special master, so that Mueller cannot, for example, be simply replaced by Trump. This and #16-1464, written up by , have been attacked by the executive’s organization, as was #16-907.
  2. …a leader of skinheads now penitent, describes in a book how white supremacists have indeed spent 30 years infiltrating, including the FBI. KKK who never smoked weed, for example, would walk right past the strict measures meant to exclude organized crime and ensure integrity.
  3. Here again: projection accusation? Trump says there is a secret society inside the FBI of those opposed to him. 1) There are those opposed to genuine crime, who will be partisan against gangsters in the White House, but, 2) the fellow who was on 1A recently,…

  4. Ja, Donney, the FBI used to be partial-against crime, like Trump-Russia-if you can’t fire and replace them fast enough. Nice try. They have to say something. INDICT! IMPEACH!! REVOTE!!!

Here’s an earlier string:

  1. The “whites” are in a position to oppose white supremacy, where the “browns” are less able, without causing racial division. Bonhoffer: You are next! Stand up against tyranny. The truth is, they’re a bunch of sissies, Putin included. Even if not, u got something better to do?

  2. The Michigan governor, whom Trump intimidated, allows ICE to enter his state, violate law and participate in murder, under the cover of immigration law. That is how tyranny works, and this is race based tyranny.

  3. ICE has found lots of brown immigrants brought here as children, but I’v seen only 1 “white” guy. The Chaldean Iraqis in Michigan were targeted in a corrupt treaty with the Muslim Iraqi gov’t: Their lives are in danger in Iraq, so ICE is participating in MURDER, illegal.

  4.  The Three Secrets of Fatima
  5. If Trump is allowed to implant Trumpsters in the FBI and the Judicial branch, American justice will soon work just like ICE. You thought tyranny would be more obvious than it is before it becomes entrenched? Move. Act. NOW INDICT! IMPEACH!! REVOTE!!! Much damage is already done.

  6. PFFF!: The “two big questions” are not even the simple obvious questions: Did someone tell you the election would be thrown? And was the weakening of NATO to be a reward, to be followed by other influence in U. S. politics? But see Jeffy trip and lie: “not remember the details”

  7. When I called the federal offices overseeing elections and government ethics, to ask what constitutes election fraud, I was told first they only investigated money, not, say influence for interfering with voters by data collection. Then they told me to go read Tik Nat Han.

  8. The executive had no problem seizing me for 20 days and trying to drug me on a perjurous third hand complaint without a single word on my side. Subject Donney to the same, since we “equal,” eh?

  9. They surely did a thorough twelve year investigation before destroying Al Franken and Garrison Keillor

  10. The wheels of Justice sure turn slowly once power has what it wants. Oh, then procedure must be followed, for ten or twelve year investigations that just cannot manage to attain philosophical certainty.

  11. Twitter archives are gone. Crimes committed are scrubbed, nothing remaining but the effect.

  12. Mueller needs to ask Don the simple questions, and bust him when he lies or tells the truth or will not answer: Why were you prepared to remove sanctions for Magnitsky and dissolve NATO? Did someone tell you the election would be turned, and the means undetectable?

  13. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Daniel Dale

    When tyranny is allowed to seize the law, every thin legal cover allows intimidation: which, by the way, IS a genuine crime. No one will do a thing. Still like your FBI?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  14. The problem with Jerusalem: If the temple is restored, will they not pick up where they left off? James the Just was thrown from the top. Will they not resume animal sacrifice, and the killing of Christians? What have we learned?

  15. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted The Detroit News

    F Amazon. Did you hear, on the BBC, what one gives up to shop there?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  16. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle 🕊

    Anyone else ready to go smash up a troll farm? Bring jackets for the girls when we evict em- its cold in St. Petersberg.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  17.   Retweeted

    Dr Kelly Sennholz @MtnMD Jan 22

    Dr Kelly Sennholz Retweeted Ed Krassenstein

    Wilmington, N.C. reports Russian spy ship off their coast. HUGE spy ship.

    Dr Kelly Sennholz added,

  18. What is wrong with us? The Ruskies threw our election, and by the self interest of those elected, and the stupidity and cowardice of everyone else, we are resolved…to DO NOTHING!! INDICT! IMPEACH! REVOTE!!! But you do not get it, and my voice is stifled. Congress is on Oxy.

  19. They, or it, might kill us if mattered, but it does not. They monitor and stifle our voice. I’d cry, but tears are meaningless. Orwell’s Winston tried to imagine, but he could not. Dystopia would be here, but instead it is apocalypse.

  20. BBC: Amazon has indeed invented the “smart cart” to eliminate the supermarket checkout- and put us in, or simply built it around us, without asking. People go in, and no one is smashing. Why? What is wrong with us?

  21. UK Treausry freezes assets of Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun (suspected of murdering Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006)

  22. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted VoterSupress StoleIt

    Gerrymandering is sin.

    Mark A. McDonald added,




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