Preface to Supreme Court Case #17-857: 1 Page. Fix the 2016 Russian Thrown Election

Petitioners believe Donald Trump was
unlawfully elected President. This Petition lays out
facts and the Court’s constitutional authority to
resolve this matter of historically unprecedented
magnitude. The Petitioners’ sole intent is to protect
the public good, and trust the Justices of the Court
to consider this Petition as American patriots who
will not be bound by partisan politics. Our survival
as a Republic depends on Americans having the
courage and wisdom to consider these questions.
Petitioners present the following Questions:
1. Whether this Court should order a Special
Master to be appointed to investigate widespread
allegations that the primary and general 2016
presidential elections were corrupted by a
Russian cyberwarfare invasion, in collusion with
members of the Republican presidential
campaign and Republican leaders, and should
Robert Mueller be the Special Master to continue
the current investigation under the aegis of the
2. Whether the Court should also direct the Special
Master to investigate: (a) if the Electors were
qualified under the Constitution article II, § 1; (b)
if the Electors acted in accordance with the intent
of the Framers as delineated particularly in
Hamilton’s Federalist No. 68; and (c) if the
Electoral College and the Electors should have
adhered to the Constitution and the Framer’s
intent for the Electors to evaluate whether the
President-elect has evidenced the character,
capabilities, and good judgment to serve as
President, with no ties whatsoever to foreign
3. If the Special Master finds there was a Russian
cyberwarfare invasion to subvert the result of the
November 8, 2016, presidential election, and
there was collusion on the part of Americans
supporting the Republican presidential
campaign, and there was a failure of the
Electoral College to perform its function as
intended by the Framers to protect the nation,
then whether the persons presently holding the
offices of President and Vice President should be
removed; and further, whether the candidate
who came in second—with a substantial popular
vote plurality—should be declared the President
and serve out the balance of the current term; or
whether there should be a new vote of qualified
Electors adhering to the Framers’ intent.
Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 29.6,
Petitioners state they are individual citizens and
therefore are neither corporate entities nor subject
to having any stock or similar interest held by
anyone or any entity nor have any

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