Still More Tweets Preserved, 3/29-31

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    Has Congress forgotten already? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Nothing?

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    And the number of your Congress person. IMPEACH!!

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  3. Ok, Congress: We have begun to make it clear what has occurred regarding our executive branch. If you do not impeach immediately, you nation will likely be destroyed. Do you care yet enough to DO SOMETHING!?!

  4. Me and “God” are moving to Canada. If this shit is necessary, why does it pertain only in the U. S.? Oh, soon they will corrupt Canada as well? Get Russia and the U. S. oligarchs out of government!

  5. Bosworth: “We believe in connecting people so deeply,” do we? at what, 8 or 9 figures? If we act like a bunch of slaves, our liberty will be destroyed, and then it will not matter that the world, including the bank where you deposit your ill got gains, will also be destroyed.

  6. Ja, wanna know the weather? Give away your location in real time, while your under a death threat. Then we’ll tell you the weather. The business model of the internet is causing the breakdown of the rule of law and all civilization.

  7. There are so many things one might search on Google, for example, if only one could trust the basic integrity of the internet companies. The rigged economy assured only those without integrity would succeed. Thanks, U. S. congress, now your campaigns are paid for.

  8. But if we, our PhD shrinks, are still incapable of understanding speech and caring, all is lost. The goal of speech is truth and justice. We deliberate together to make things better, and if free speech cannot be restored on the internet, all is lost. Soon it WILL effect yr body.

  9. Most humans do not care about the just and the noble. Our psychology and psychiatry are still trying to locate it in the brain! Only about 1/3 are capable of even caring to hear about “righteousness,” the Biblical word that translates “justice.”

  10. We do not realize it, but Machiavelli has taken over political theory, and Machiavelli does not care about Justice. In the end, he will not even have power, because Plato and Socrates are right about justice. belongs at the crown of all human study, cultivated like a tree of life

  11. We are the citizens, and we are responsible when our government acts unjustly. The unjust like to forbid speech, and make all questions the question of power.

  12. We must restore communications, so that we may speak without the constant fear that what we say is being seized, stored and used by tyrants.

  13. Nineveh + Mosul. The Ninehvite penance is the teaching of Jonah.

  14. Deb Amos and John Burnett on How the Iraq war was lost by U,. S. Injustice on the ground, 2003-2004. Hearts and minds? NOTHING can be done in war without justice. Who did this? What commanders? Is it true?

  15. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Fredon Moniteau

    Oh my. He fails to realize that he cannot even control which was the wind blows, and that justice exists and is most important in the end precisely for national self interest. What is wrong with Congress?

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  16. Tyranny and civil war are not pretty. What is the problem with the foresight of those in government? We continually think the issue is less than it truly is until it is too late. Only 58 Democrats in the House supported impeachment. WHAT is the problem?

  17. Alton Sterling: …but there was plenty of evidence to go shoot that guy selling CD’s. Ja, selling cigarettes, “I can’t breath.” There is NOTHING to prevent police from becoming executioners, as is now the rule in the Phillipines. This is tyranny, if Democrats won’t even stand up

  18. “For I have sword on the Altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” -Thomas Jefferson

  19. 101 The concept of a Constitutional Convention is foreign to many people. Understandable, since we’ve only had one in the entire history of the United States and it produced The Constitution. So I thought I’d write this thread to try make it understandable to everyone.

  20. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Theodora Anne Merry

    We cannot even secure elections, and opinion is being orchestrated. Impeachment news is suppressed. This is not the time! Normally, the 2/3 supermajority would be impossible.

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  21. But we’d better hurry, lest ‘e read Fred Nietzsche and that 1938 New York Times, and not get that it’s fake news, despite mankind. If all else fails, we’ll have Hawking ask, “Why is there something rather than nothing, and maybe burn one with ‘im. Today he was forsaken seeing man

  22. How could his image exist if He did not, eh? ever seen a mirror reflect nothing? Maybe I’ll finish my Romeo and Juliet commentary, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll show him the work of Shakespeare, who did not make his own genius.

  23. God, on Twitter, lost faith in himself, doubting his own existence. Even after I told him to ask Steven Hawking, What is the SHAPE of the wooden chair made of? And, When things become better, where does that good come from? ‘Cmon, mankind, we gotta help ‘im out, here!

  24. We’re not yet repenting like Nineveh. So many who do not know their right from left, and much cattle!

  25. God asked what we should get Jesus for Christmas. I suggested cancelling the Apocalypse. The real one answered, “Repent like Nineveh.” Pray for the Conversion of Russia, as requested in the 1917 vision of St. Mary to St. Lucia. (Orthodox church is fine, that’s not what she meant.

  26. You’d really think I’d do something.

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    Doctor says, “You gonna die!” Living causes death in 100% of cases, Except Enoch, and maybe Mary and John. And, Jack Van Impe says the “raptured.”

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  28. God Retweeted Benjamin Netanyahu

    President Trump IS the great danger facing our world.

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  29. I’m coming down to help you all out just as soon as I start existing.

  30. Most terrorists are white. Me, for example.

  31. Your authentic self is ashamed of you.

  32. I’m God, I know all your thoughts and prayers, and pretty much none of them are with Somalia.

  33. In the beginning, Robert Mueller indicted Paul Manafort and Rick Gates; and I saw that it was good.

  34. I apologize to some of you for most of you.

  35. A religion based on the teachings of Jesus would be a great idea.

  36. In hindsight, six days was a bit of a rush job.

  37. Elephants are like people, only humane.

  38. Anybody have any theories why I’m allowing Trump to continue? I’m curious Myself.

  39. Jesus died for all your sins but he didn’t die THIS much.

  40. The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards impeachment.

  41. You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool Robert Mueller.

  42. At this point it would be harder to name news events that AREN’T signs of the apocalypse.

  43. In honor of the wave of deregulation sweeping America, I hereby renounce the Ten Commandments. Go nuts, everyone!

  44. Only irony can save you now.

  45. Retweet this so that others can see the full breadth of its pointlessness.

  46. Nobody understands Me.

  47. God Retweeted #Resist 🌊


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  48. Retweeting this entitles you to one (1) pre-forgiven act of adultery.

  49. I’m, like, really omniscient.

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    In Britain, outside, in U. S., “inside.” (L.P. deA)

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  51. Would it help if I existed? Because I’m willing to do that if it would help.

  52. Omnipresence is just a fancy word for stalking.

  53. God Retweeted CNN

    I didn’t make him. Period.

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  54. At this point I’m just like, whatever.

  55. The reason evangelicals don’t believe in evolution is that it hasn’t happened to them yet.

  56. Never let the fear of failure keep you from failing.

  57. I consider Myself spiritual but not religious.

  58. Guns don’t kill people, gun lobbies do.

  59. In My defense, I don’t exist.

  60. The world should be run by dogs and Canadians.

  61. I’m consistently overthanked for Friday.

  62. I want to be the kind of God atheists are proud not to believe in.

  63. New selfie!

  64. Try not to take yourself personally.

  65. If hell existed it would be inhabited exclusively by those who thought others were going there.

  66. Well look who’s following Me! Hey there, fellas! Appreciate the support, but quit sending the Ukrainian girls. It’s not gonna work. You’re still going to hell.

  67. My son is crazy. He thinks he’s Jesus.

  68. You can be hero just for one day. – Kid runs behind his ball and falls in metro rail – Next train coming in 1.30 minute – 17 years old boy just walking to the platform – Barely spotting what’s happened – Gives a quick look to when next train is coming This is what happens:

  69. I applied to be a god in India but apparently they’re overstaffed.

  70. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jesus H Christ

    One dude said we oughta put a TEACHER in every GUN STORE!

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  71. It’s only been a few hours and Stephen Hawking already mathematically proved, to My face, that I don’t exist.

  72. Now Stephen Hawking is going on and on about how I need to reconcile general relativity with quantum dynamics to create a single Theory of Everything and blah blah blah… dude, you’re in heaven! Stop with the thinking, relax and enjoy the harp music!

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    Hey Vlad, Get out of the Ukraine! Love, mm.

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    What is Jack White up to now? We begged him to do a Rock-blues vesion of Strange Fruit. Following the articulation of Billie Holliday with electric Harp or guitar, and Uriah Heap type rock organ, first guy to do it right makes 50 million, I’ll bet!

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  75. Pray, Papa Francisco, for the Consecration of Russia to the immaculate heart and the conversion of the Russian Church, even if they stay Orthodox.

  76. CBS: Stephon Clark was shot 7 times in the back and bound while it took 10 minutes for him to die. This in murder.

  77. Sinéad O Connor – Sacrifice via

    Translate from French

  78. Sinead O’Connor I Don’t Know How To Love Him via

  79. Mary Magdelene, one of 3 at the foot of the cross, the first to see the risen Christ, apostle to the apostles. I Don’t Know How To Love Him – Jesus Christ Superstar (1970 Version) via

  80. By slowing my access, I believe Google is trying to get me to leave google on all the time. This bullshit must be punished to level the playing field for honest businesses that seek to make money by PRODUCING VALUE!

  81. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Me FM Radio

    Mary Magdalene: I don’t know how to Love Him.

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  82. If we held 1 minute of silence for every victim of the Holocаust then we would be silent for eleven and a half years

  83. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

    ‘Churkin is at least the third Russian diplomat to die since the start of the year, joining Andrey Malanin, who died in Greece, and Alexander Kadakin, who died in India.’

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  84. Scholars believe that the first surviving public image of Jesus’s crucifixion was on the 5th-century wooden doors of the Basilica of Santa Sabina, which is located on the Aventine Hill in Rome.

  85. Look upon Christ Crucified: our hope for eternal life is born in Him.

  86. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted St Peter

    Us. And Them. And in the end, were only/ Ordinary men. “And the NewYork Times said “God is deead, and the war’s begun. Alvin Tostig has a son today…

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  87. They shot a man in Texas walking in the street hobbled, just two days ago. Elton John – Ticking_Grimsby (Old Grey Whistle Test 1974) via

  88. Who will love a lad insane? Eh? David Bowie – Aladdin Sane via

  89. See Ja ’round! Madman Across The Water – Elton John via

  90. ob V 156 on Songmeanings: I’ve heard Bernie Taupin say that too. slagonia, it’s funny you mention Pontius Pilate, because he says “Pilot of your soul”, and there’s a hymn that says “Jesus, Saviour Pilot Me.”

  91. Elton John – Take Me to the Pilot(1970) Live on BBC TV – HQ via

  92. “To see the heaven in your eyes is not so far/ That I’m not afraid to try and go it!” Elton John – Take Me to the Pilot (Elton John 3 of 13) via

  93. I thank the Lord there’s people out there like you. Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters – Elton John (Honky Chateau 9 of 10) via

  94. Ok, one or two more…Same thing, though, as someone saved… Don’t let the sun go down on me-Elton John (lyrics) via

  95. Ja, I liken it to a balloon!

  96. This too happened to Taupin, or he’d have never met his tiny dancer… Elton John- Someone Saved my life tonight (lyrics) via

  97. Mary Magdalene apostle to the apostles is the first to see the risen Christ, told her to “not touch yet, I havn’t gone…” She told Petros not to make a bunch of new laws, since Jesus is Savior, not legislator, but like Martha, he would not listen to a woman.

  98. There’s the lyrics: Elton John: Levon Lyrics via

  99. Levon was a Jew in Britain, who forgot about WWII, to sell cartoon baloons in town. What’s it like to be a loon? I liken it to a balloon,” says Boland in Cosmic dancer. Elton John – Levon + Lyrics via

  100. They say Spain’s Pretty, but I’v never been. Elton John – Daniel 1973 via

  101. Ja, lookin’ on she sang her song. She was a seamstress for the band. Elton John- Your Song Live in 1970 via

  102. Ok, so this really happened to Bernie Taupin, when Elton first hit, around the go go in cal, about 1970. Tiny Dancer – Elton John (LYRICS ON SCREEN) via

  103. Its a good thing Elton tries to play for Taupin. Bob Dylan himself could hardly get through Sad eyed Lady without breaking up, like Cohen when he first played Suzanne. elton john in tel aviv israel live – your song via

  104. So Ja, sarcasm, why do we have those laws regarding adultery? Must be patriarchal property rights, you know…Like the founders, from the lady with the Beard, were just protecting their property interests…

  105. In case again we did not get it the first time: Elton John in — HOLY LAND ISRAEL —- ,MUST SEE via

  106. My warehouse eyes, my Arabian drums. Should I leave them at your gate? Or, sad eyed Lady, should I wait?

  107. For Good Friday West. And again, love poetry is an image of Theology, due to inspiration and the imago Dei: Elton John – Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding 3.9.2016 via

  108. Ja, better get your coat dear it looks like rain. But is it in your conscience that your after another glimpse…

  109. Since NO ONE got it the first time: Elton John – Madman Across the Water (1971) With Lyrics! via

  110. Ok, we’ll play Twitter DJ: Watch Taupin’s Lyrics! Elton John – Grey Seal 1973 (With Lyrics!) via

  111. On Zuckerberg’s mia culpa: NPR Elton John – I’ve Seen That Movie Too (1973) With Lyrics! via

  112. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted DrErinStair

    Antidepressants are suspected in the epidemic of public shootings. They make some people suicidal, are prescribed like candy, and the data in shootings is suppressed. Just don’t smoke!

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  113. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted The Hill

    She did not respond to a request that the intell committee oversee the “sources and methods” of the FBI, but ok, no one else did either, not even McCain, till the Nunez memo.

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  114. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    NPR; Tortures occurred when many were seized and detained in the Riad Ritz Charlton, including 12 royal cousins, and many academics. Clerics had already been seized, one for merely supporting free elections. Tyranny advances.

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  115. liv29 Retweeted Julia Davis

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  116. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Garry Kasparov

    Russia’s “point of view” includes deliberate “kompromat.”

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  117. Again, he was having so much fun beating us and Trump at checkers, why bother playing chess, let alone 3D? Example: How did N. Korea suddenly advance their nuke program? Gee whiz, we hardly wondered.

  118. Presently, Trump continues to have an interest in appearing to oppose Putin while inviting enough interference to control opinion and avoid impeachment. If we will not stand up now that we know we have elected a criminal to the White House, Putin will destroy us.

  119. We must do what is whithin our power regarding Putin, first by taking away the fruits of the Russian turning of the U. S. elections. We must take away their ability to control U. S. communications, and correct the vices of which Putin takes advantage. If we will not, he will win.

  120. Brett Bruen #2: Do not assume that we know the ends of Putin. “Damage and diminish Western influence,” is it? Ja, “Sew confusion? Undermine our confidence in elections and democracy? Guess again.

  121. BBC Brett Bruen: Looking for new deterrents to Putin? We must FIRST take away the fruits on his data collection and targeted interference, by taking away the pawn on his 3D chessboard whom he knows he can play and defeat. Impeachment is entirely within our power, and we cannot?

  122. Ja, Vlad, so as to avoid our slander, why do you not explain the first principles of government to us, like WHY murder is wrong? What are those great principles that makes Russia and the East so far superior?

  123. You need to see them shoot white guys before you care? 17-year-old Deven Guilford Shot and Killed by Cop for Flashing Headlights via

  124. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

    There is ZERO national press on this shooting, a clear murder. Maybe that’s the difference between Texas and California.

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  125. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted

    Next they are going to expel MACHIAVELLI!

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    This Tweet is unavailable.
  126. 2/2: That the purpose of government is to secure the natural, inalienable rights, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We surely would not want to contribute to a campaign of “slander” against Russia, when NOW our own “president” does not understand these things.

  127. Campaign of Slander against Russia? Tell us, what limits do you observe, law? Do you believe and uphold the law that MURDER is WRONG? That people have a right to CONSENT to their Government? That Govrnment derives its JUST powers from CONSENT? We’ll let ya slide 4 now on RIGHTS

  128. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted NowThis

    “We’re gonna make Donald Trump and the whole world deal with the issue of police misconduct” Protester, excerpted on NPR

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  129. It is of course a violation of due process to require us to hire a CPA we cannot afford in order to earn money, or to make it impossible to legally earn subsistence wages. This is a root, or, an element. Law must be reasonable.

  130. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Wolves run in packs.

    Nic says, “a lion to scare the wolves, and a fox to beat the lions at chess. David could deal with bear and lion, but what of a pack of wolves? Coyotes, we’ll stick to, but, ” “He trains my hands for war.” Nic’s a pile of dust now anyway!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  131. ‘Latvia asked the US for assistance in 2014 and received a response from the FBI the following year, according to a source familiar with the process. Latvian investigators also examined secret recordings in which Trump was mentioned by a suspect.’

  132. URGENT! intellectual property licence that links to , & to

  133. What’s great is, the writer of Cassablanca did not know the ending, and Bogart figured it out in the circumstance, and so deserve part author credit.

How Can We Better Deter Putin?

   Brett Bruen appeared on the BBC with what may be the first recognition of the analogy that Putin is playing 3D chess, while we are on a “1 dimensional” board. Our recent expulsion of 60 Russian “diplomats” may decrease his ability spy and to control our communications, but is otherwise largely symbolic. Those things, though, are important, as Russia, if it continues to murder, may become increasingly isolated. Since 1989, Russia was invited to join the community of free nations, and Russia has instead decided to do what Putin is doing. But just what is it that Vladimir Putin is doing, and what is it that he thinks he is doing?

   Yes, just what is Putin doing? This point at most appears as some assumption based upon what we think are the goals of human life. He must want something within our horizon, right? Then the speakers will say that his goal is to sew confusion” or “undermine our confidence in our democracy.” Guess again. Meanwhile, fascism continues to rise in our domestic politics, inexplicably, like much else that has occurred of late in U. S. politics. We have only begun the painful correction of the data collection and targeted marketing, or the “spy-marketing” business model for the internet age, as it begins to dawn upon us that we will never have another free election if we do not restore the security once guaranteed by our own Fourth Amendment. The spy-marketing use of the internet is the means by which Putin has chosen for us an executive who dismantles our government, and a Congress that refuses to seriously consider impeachment or any other remedy. He did this, just by tweaking our finely balanced political parties by about 5-11% throughout the primaries and the election, an old principle of Judo by which a small man can easily throw a large man, or a blow can easily be deflected. The Republican simply accepted that Trump had won the elections, and since Trump had been run up the flagpole, they all fell in line to salute. Meanwhile the Democrats, unwilling to cause commotion or appear partisan, refuse to support any serious constitutional remedies, unable to imagine that we may never have another free election. That would be two dimensional checkers again in a world decided now by those who can understand the implications of the internet added to the nuclear weapons age.

   We can and must do the things wholly within our own power to take away the fruits of Putin’s meddling in U. S. politics, not only to deter future meddling, but especially because he plans to work circles around us on the basis of an executive he has chosen precisely because he can work circles around him, and he knows it. But it does not appear that we are going to do this, even if our destruction is forecast, though again, such things are still wholly within our power. Or do we know the limits of the means he will use, or the end he aims to achieve? His Modus operandi has been to take our vices and use them as vulnerabilities, and to take divisions and exasperate them. The Oxy epidemic sure looks like a win-win for Putin, so weakening the ability even of Congress to reason that one wonders if the Americans can any longer understand a two-clause sentence, or sit for an argument longer than a soundbite before returning to the concerns of their own bodies. Things like public shootings, well, do not be surprised if he would use, and has used such means. Or did we assume such things are excluded from his politics textbook? Do we bother to read his politics textbook, or wonder what this might be? It is much easier to assume that he is just like us, and reason from there to what he might be doing. I will suggest, though, that he himself is letting his plan develop as events arise. But the goals of tyranny are not usually limited. His first plan included an attempt to get us into a war not only with the few thousand Islamic radicals who have declared war on us, but with all of Islam, 1.9 Billion innocent people, a war we cannot justly win, but for him, yet another win-win. Incidentally, this continues to be an option, and some fake news was just seen yesterday pertaining. Our gullible American Christians fall for this hateful lie faster than they were “saved,” to the delight of Putin as well as the Antichristian far right. But to “sew confusion,” etc. as a statement of the goal of Putin is frankly a joke, except as one of many instruments. It is an example of our limiting our scenario to what “normal,” non-tyrants envision. Trump and the Republican oligarchs seem to have thought him some kind of winking corrupt businessman like themselves, or perhaps a real gangster of the sort they admire and would imitate if they had the courage.

    Again, he was having so much fun beating us and Trump at checkers, why bother playing chess, let alone 3D? Example: How did N. Korea suddenly advance their nuke program? Gee whiz, we hardly wondered. Remember, this is the nuclear age, and Putin has slightly more warheads than we have. The goal of Putin is world power, and it may be becoming clear to him that he cannot achieve this before he dies, but he can destroy about one third of the world, including the United States.

   Presently, Trump continues to have an interest in appearing to oppose Putin while inviting enough interference to continue to control opinion and avoid impeachment. If we will not stand up now that we know we have elected a criminal to the White House, Putin will destroy us. Would Trump step down to avoid the destruction of America? May we suggest that such is beyond his horizon, beyond the limits of his imagination?

Again, We must do what is within our power regarding Putin, first by taking away the fruits of the Russian turning of the U. S. elections. We must take away their ability to control U. S. communications, and correct the vices of which Putin takes advantage. If we will not, he will win.

   Vladimir Putin does not believe that murder is wrong. Nor do the Machiavellian among the “conservative” American intelligentsia that helped to elect Trump according to the plan of Putin, and now cannot imagine impeaching him, nor much else beyond their party platform or their short term economic self interest. That is how nations that were once great die, and if we continue along that path, we will be gone sooner than we can imagine. According to the law of all mankind at least as old as Noah, murder is the first law of relations among men, and just as gangsters become made men by crossing this line, we suggest that these people, with whom we cannot believe we are dealing, do not believe that murder is wrong, but think the law of all mankind is a joke. We will leave the question of whether the soul is immortal, and what we do to others is done to us, not in the tyrant’s warped perception, but in the light of truth eternally. We will say only what we know, that those who murder must live with themselves, and this cannot be much fun. Nor are murderers long considered to be among the most excellent “captains.” Legacy would rather suggest that he turn his soul, repent, and free his people, but we do not know if those having crossed this line in pursuit of power have even the power to repent.

   But if we stand up and do the right, Putin may just take his advantage and go home, get out of the Ukraine, stop supporting Assad in his cruel Syrian tyranny, and go make Russia great, by freeing a people long enslaved, this time not so that criminal gangs will gather money to use in a conspiracy, but to truly join a community of free nations trading for their mutual advantages.

   The Russians have full and free access to all this reasoning of ours, and anything we think and say continues to do them more good than it does us, because the Americans repeatedly prove incapable of serious thought. Further, the ease with which the American executive can channel and drown out our once free political speech may assure that anything we say will for the most part be used only against us.

More Tweets Preserved, 3/18

  1. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Vote Trump Pics  📘

    My face, but not my clothes! Sent to intimidate. Traceable to Trump. No other photo of me is on the internet, intentionally! The photo may be an abuse of FBI. No one will do a thing! I’ve had 3 death threats, and been seized for 20 days.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  2. Look, they collect vulnerabilities, so they can use these whenever they need. They’ll be on ya for tax or unpaid tickets, while they murder with impunity, when tyranny seizes the law in the internet age. THINK!!

  3. Oh, and you thought police records were secure? A dept was hacked, what, two years ago, and the FBI told e’ if they need their data, the’d better pay up! And that was an experiment, whether the hackers knew it or not! C’mon, folks, think! If you want to be free: Russian Polka?

  4.  Retweeted Nate Lerner

    Typical, and just as Trump is using his response to the Oxy epidemic to impose further tyranny. IMPEACH!! WHAT is wrong with BOTH parties in congrees.? If we are still here at all, we will never have another free election. Tyrants do not give up power, only Washington did!Theseus

  5. Retweeted Dushan

    Kaspersky, Google, Facebook, Twitter, data collection and targeted iterference, plus unseen and yet unknown companies and methods. Gee, who corrupted U. S. medicine? Oxy deaths in swing states? You a fool if you think medical data is private, giving Putin power of life + death.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  6. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Stone Cold

    Emoluments is the least of the impeachment articles, with election fraud, bribery, oath of office, and obstruction of too many free political actions to list. CONGRESS WILL DO NOTHING, and NATIONAL SECURITY IS NOW ESPECIALLY AT STAKE!!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  7. Well said.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  8. Say, Papa Francisco, did you this, with Hard Rain, is prophetic? Whether Bob knows it or not. Watch “Sad-Eyed Lady of The Lowlands” on

  9. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bill Browder

    He could protect his assets by giving them to the Russian poor! Repent, convert, and save Russia and your soul, dude. Even if life is short, it’s more fun than 3D chess!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  10. Retweeted Anabelle

    Data collection and targeted interference. We screamed bloody murder since Dec. 2016. Sorry, Vlad. But, after repenting, you can go home and spread that gold around, read Jefferson, and be a real man: First rule yourself, if your smart and tough.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  11.   Retweeted

    Our Brainless Putin Controlled President

  12. Hey Papa Francisco! No salvation outside the what? Where is Billie Graham? The visible church can be part of, but is not necessarily synonymous with, the mystical body. Duh. Is the Greek Eucharist not a do this in remembrance of? Not good enough? Now, lets get the Bishops, all..

  13. …to consecrate Russia to the mystical immaculate heart of Mary. Rev 11, what are the two olive trees and the two lampstands? Zechariah. Duh!

  14. Say, Papa Francisco, did you know this, with Hard Rain, is prohetic? Whether Bob knows it or not. Watch “Sad-Eyed Lady of The Lowlands” on
  15. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

    Kaspersky was proudly handling computer security for 4 hundred million, from Moscow, staffed by former KGB. If Congress does not get this, it is not surprising they think in two dimensions on impeachment. We need representatives who can plat 3D chess, at a minimum.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  16. Duh! What the f is wrong with Congress? Afraid of Roger f’n Stone boy?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  17. What, these tyrants do not realize that they are going to rule a ruined world? It could be so nice, and they have such honor! Lao Tze: whenever you counsel a ruler regarding the way, (Tao), tell them not to take over the universe. The Universe cannot be improved, you will ruin.

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    Picasso’s Guernica: Art and artists on Twitter can help save the world, the good ones anyway!

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  19. I am reading Billie Graham about the Holy Spirit, and ask Papa Francisco to recognize this non-Catholic, the mystical Church, and consecrate Russia to that. Akita: 101 tears. Let’s all the “bishops” just up ‘n do it!

  20. …so, there are many of us like this, and God can raise them from stones, as is said, exaggerating, perhaps, but it is convenient. But those who do not see what is above us can become confused, when they see themselves. Saints, we can be, and not inferior to the angels.

  21. So, Ja, to return, the mad might think they ARE Jusus of something out of the Urancha book, but that is possession by an archetype, which Carl Jung and no other psychology can begin to understand, let alone distinguish for people. We are like, JC, though, and by the Holy Spirit..

  22. Has anyone yet examined subliminal targeted interference? Oh, that slipped us. But I am beginning to thing that even prescription drugs and too many guns cannot account for the number of shootings. Remember what that one shooter said? Start with ourselves: Do we do that?

  23. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted History Lovers Club

    Remember when Bert sold Ernie a bottle of air? Trump U. vaccination! Didn’t work, but it helped. The old world was so beautiful.

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  24. Data collection and targeted “marketing” must end. Free elections and the attempt of peoples to be self-governing is otherwise OVER. Then it’s Universal tyranny or nuclear war of both. Congress is under a veil of illusion.

  25. Retweeted Kyle Griffin

    Congress must impeach immediately. What part of national security crisis do we not understand? Until it hits?

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  26. So, again, on “I fought Piranhas,” it is not that men ARE Jesus. He is to come in the way he left, (or not, if one does not see it), and those born who say they are him are either confused or deceiving. The man is an imago Dei, and the sons sons through the “Only begotten” son.

  27. He could also repent his sins, since we will be stuck with ourselves in the light of truth anyway, or else not be. Why try to rule the world? What does Lao Tzu say? c’mon, you know- what shelf is that on? 2,600 years, and not feared, while Nic is DUST! Plus, can’t get any richer!

  28. Imagine if Putin would realize that the soul might be immortal, while the body turns to dust. He could take all that money, and free his people, share those books, and be known for ages as a truly royal figure in world history. Otherwise, since M has written, whatchagonna do?DUST

    “Bobby said it fine, he don’t consider it cheating.” White Stripes Fell In Love With A Girl On Letterman via

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  30. And do we know what Blue Orchid means? wedding. The White Stripes – Blue Orchid (Live)

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  33. Ok, to end where we began…My goldfish still do not believe me when I sing to them. The White Stripes – I Fought Piranhas – Under Nova Scotian Lights via

  34. If I move, I’m on the ground Robin Trower – Day Of The Eagle Bridge Of Sighs – Rockpalast Germany 2005 via

  35. Not the dove. I wanna love, they wanna fight. …on my own… Robin Trower – Day Of The Eagle – 3/15/1975 – Winterland (Official) via

  36. Say, Papa Fancisco, did you this, with Had Rain, is prohetic? Wheter Bob knows it or not. Watch “Sad-Eyed Lady of The Lowlands” on

  37. This whole album is a neglected classic. The bridge goes from the tower to a gallows. Day of the Eagle. Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs via

  38. Calling all centrists: Boycott the Republican party. (And leave, if you are still G.O.P.)

  39. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Michael O’Grady

    Collusion? What collusion, why, no collusion, what is collusion? CONSPIRACY. BRIBERY FOR ELECTION FRAUD Impeach. National security crisis!??

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  40. Did Russian Trolls Try To Meddle In Energy Markets? Congress Wants To Look Into It

  41.   Retweeted

    As if the fact that ‘s new NSA is salivating to go to war with North Korea isn’t bad enough, video now surfaces showing ‘s possible ties to the operation that funneled money through the to elect the president 19h19 hours ago

  42. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted In Spite of Trump  🌊

    While Roger Stone goes free?

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    Rumi, my man!

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  44. UPDATE/ I was one of the louder voices online outlining why DiGenova and Toensing had too many conflicts to work with Trump—due to other Trump-Russia clients and DiGenova’s alleged role in blackmailing Comey to reopen the Clinton case. Well, look at this: 19h19 hours ago

  45. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Sahil Kapur

    Will we sit idly by while tyranny becomes entrenched, as we have done now for over a year?

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    Ja, watch out for flying monkeys!

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    Hey Donney, go back to TRUMP U. and sell real estate scams!

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  48. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ted Lieu

    He cannot read. He never read his job description in the Constitution, for Chrissakes! IMPEACH PUTIN”S MAN!!

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  49. Lawrence O’Donnell Retweeted Axios

    Wow! He must think impeachment is really happening.

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  50. Audrey Hepburn and her pet deer Pippin

  51. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Seth Abramson

    As became clear in Las Vegas, Putin will do anything. Do not underestimate. Trump must be arrested now, and the men and women of duty step up.

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  52. (THREAD) New evidence suggests Rick Gates’ plea has much more to do with Russia than we thought. And that’s because it may have more to do with Trump advisor Erik Prince and Trump fundraiser/RNC deputy finance chair Elliott Broidy than we thought. Hope you’ll read on and share. 19h19 hours ago


  53. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Sarah Kendzior

    We need to get out ahead of this, and put a stop. Dorothy has the Ruby slippers. Hope Congress works on the weekend.

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  54. ‘The Spanish connection runs through the Skripal story. British and Spanish security agencies have been in liaison since the poisoning in Salisbury, according to a number of sources.’ 19h19 hours ago


  55. Ok, Donney, since Congress is off for the weekend, “Did someone tell you that the election would be thrown for you? And the means undetectable/ And did you reward them by alleviating sactions, as you rewarded Bannon for fake news? Is that why you at first sought to weaken NATO?

  56. Confirmed: Russian government itself was the election hacker, communicated with Trump campaign about it via  19h19 hours ago


  57. Confirmed: Russian government itself was the election hacker, communicated with Trump campaign about it

  58. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    KASPESKY anyone? Handling computer security for 4 HUNDRED MILLION (Putin excepted).

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  59. ‘Company filings show that Trump-affiliated data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica has a link to a Chinese security and logistics company run by Erik Prince, the former mercenary who founded private military company Blackwater.’

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    Beautiful. Hey, do you know the Amish crack dealer?

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    And the Americans ask “What is on T.V.? Where is my OXY?

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  62. Seriously, Papa Francisco needs to do the consecration of Russia requested in 1917. On one hand, if we’re wrong, its hocus pokus. On the other, the fate of the world. Its like Congress with impeachment, what is the holdup?

  63. Bolton Was Early Beneficiary of Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook Data 19h19 hours ago


  64. Cambridge Analytica, the data firm at the center of a scandal over its misuse of Facebook accounts, is now undertaking an independent third-party audit to verify that it does not hold any of the GSR data.


  65. Is there anyone in this nation who thinks America depends upon one man, inept at that, holding the presidency illegitimately? IMPEACH!!! For national security, and let the Court clean it up NEXT WEEK!!!

  66. David Corn Retweeted Carol Costello

    This is the scariest development of this presidency.

    David Corn added,

  67. EXCLUSIVE: ‘Lone DNC Hacker’ Guccifer 2.0 Slipped Up and Revealed He Was a Russian Intelligence Officer Robert Mueller’s team has taken over the investigation of Guccifer 2.0, who communicated with (and was defended by) longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone.

  68. Ja, that’s “How Many More Times, by Zeppelin. He has to make the sinner of his memory to make love to her, while he knows full well, and that is the tension of Dazed/How many more Times. Oh Rosey!: Is that not Cross eyed Mary and Jack the lecher?

  69. Here is the difference: Obama did not use Cambridge Analytic + to commit ELECTION FRAUD, and Donald Trump did. Now, America, are we going to fix this, or not?

  70. Oh pilot of the storm who leaves no trace, like thoughts inside a dream… Led Zeppelin – Kashmir (Live Video) via

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  76. Ja, like Zeppelin said, How many more times…Dazed and Confused.

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    Again, IMPEACH!!!

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    How many times?

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    How many times do we have to say this stuff?

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Revelation 12: A Difficult But Important Point

   The Messiah is not to be literally born again as an infant in the end times. The following is an attempt to explain how this can be demonstrated, and to warn against one who is born as an infant and grows up in the end times.

   The Revelation is not entirely chronological, and, as Jesus is to come on the clouds, in the same way that he went (Acts 1:11; Daniel 7:1; Luke 21:27 Rev. 1:7; 14:14), he is not born after the seventh trumpet is sounded at Revelation 11:15. The birth that we are shown in Chapter 12, just after the center, is a symbol of the birth of the messiah as this already occurred and is described in the scriptures, in Matthew and Luke. It is the first in a series of about 7 visions shown after the Ark of the Covenant is seen within the temple opened in heaven (11:19). The seven bowls of wrath are the content of the seventh trumpet, even as the seven trumpets are the content of the seventh seal. The vision of the woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, a crown of twelve stars on her head is /Israel/Mary/Church, and the twelve stars may be the twelve tribes, but could also be the twelve apostles. There are also 12 gates and 12 foundations in the Kingdom, which are again the twelve tribes and 12 apostles (21:12-14). And elsewhere, the seven stars are the angels of the seven Churches (1:20). Jack Van Impe notes that in the dream of Joseph, he saw the sun, moon and eleven stars bowing down to me” (Genesis 7:9). We like to point out that the New Jerusalem is not to be a universal temporal power, nor is there any temple there, but there are plural nations (21:24-26), even after the final defeat of the dragon after the millennium. The symbol in Chapter 12 is a symbolic vision of the whole incarnation and church history up to the seven visions, a synopsis in a symbol, because it contains content not otherwise knowable. It is surely not literal, and a literal reading, or even a temporal reading, taking the birth of the messiah to be repeated, we say, might even lead to a confusion of Christ and Antichrist. The whole world, and especially the Jews or Israel, may be set up to receive the false messiah, who will be one born in the age of the seventh trumpet, in the sense of what incarnates, as distinct from what is incarnated. The Jews are especially vulnerable, because they would be Christians if they believed that the Messiah is the one who was born, crucified, raised, is seated at the right hand ever since, and will come on the clouds as he went up. The Jews, rejecting Jesus, now await a messiah. There are arguments that the one called Antichrist (the term, like rapture, does not occur in the Revelation, but elsewhere) is Roman, of the people that destroyed the temple (Daniel 9:26), and also arguments that this beast is to be Israelite or Syrian, but that seems unknown. The Jews, as the chosen people, are also vulnerable to fascism, especially since they have the best argument for racial superiority alongside the Greeks (and perhaps the Chinese and English). That would make sense of the 144,000, if they were racially Jewish Christians spared for that reason, if there is to be a persecution of Christians, picking up where the Jews and Romans left off about 70 A.D when the temple was destroyed. James the brother of Jesus was thrown from the pinnacle of the temple about 66 A.D (according to Josephus). He may have been a son of Joseph, and hence a half brother in law, Joseph being much older than Mary who was placed in his care by lot, according to one version of the story. James was a very high ranking spiritual Jew, hence called James “the Just,” and may have been a Nazarene, as was Sampson. Like Paul, he seems to have converted after seeing the risen Christ, though not until then, making him a bit legalistic compared to the 11 Apostles who heard the teaching of Jesus, and legalistic compared to John, who was there from beginning to end.

   The woman is seen in the travail of labor, and another sign (the Greek word is sameion, not necessarily a “portent,” which portends) appeared in heaven, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads, seven diadems.” The dragon drew a third of the stars of heaven and throws them onto the earth.  The dragon stood before the woman that was about to bear, so that when she bears, he may devour the child. That is much like what was done with Herod at the slaughter of the innocents. “And she bore a male, who intends to shepherd all the nations with an iron staff. And her offspring was seized toward God and his throne. And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that they might nourish her for one thousand, two hundred and sixty days.

   Next there appears to be a repetition of the scene, except that the second description is in a war that appeared in heaven. Here Michael and his angels battled those of the dragon, and the dragon was thrown down. A great voice in heaven is heard saying “Now the salvation and power and kingship of our God has come to be, and the authority (hexousia) of our Christ, because the accuser of our brethren is thrown down, who accuses them day and night before the Lord.” (12:10). The woman is given wings like an eagle to fly into the wilderness, for a “time, two times and a half a time.” The serpent poured water out of its mouth in pursuit of her, but the earth came to her aid and swallowed up the water. Angered, the dragon went off to make war on “the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus.

   That which the female in the image of God (Genesis 1:26) is like is a mystery, but it is wisdom, the tree of life (Proverbs 3:17), there from the beginning (Proverb 3:19-20), the bestower of the crown (Proverbs 4:9), and the mother of those begotten through the only begotten son (John 1:12-13). She is known and justified by her offspring (tokos, Matthew 11:19; Luke 7:5). In the Apology, Socrates- in denying that he has divine wisdom, but only a human sort of wisdom, consisting in that he knows he does not know- says that wisdom is, rather, the possession of “the God.” And in Plato’s Republic, where the philosopher ascends out of the cave, intelligence and truth are also said to be, begotten. and what he describes, with unwilling deception, is the tokos, offspring of the Good (Republic 493, Book VI). Nous is the imago Dei. Hence self knowledge is the gateway of “metaphysics” or contemplation. So, beyond Mary, or Israel or the church in the sense that these come to be, the bride is the New Jerusalem. The Bride is something like the maternal and the female of God, the mother of the angels and the sons, symbolized and represented by both Mary the mother and Mary Magdalene, the first one of mankind to see the risen Christ, and sometimes called the apostle to the apostles.

    Unless the devil is cast down twice, 12:7-10 is a re-telling of 12:1-6, of what occurs in heaven and on earth when salvation becomes available. As Jesus prepares to go to his crucifixion, he says, “…now shall the ruler of this world be cast out (John 12:31)” And when the apostles return from having been sent out with power to cast out demons in His name, Jesus says, “I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven” (Luke 10:18). The Revelation  continues:

…And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their  testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.. Rejoice then, O heaven and you that dwell therein! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!


   That the moon is under her feet indicates this too about the apostles and the 70 who are sent out,, ” that “in his name,” “the spirits are subject to you” (Luke 10:17-20). The 66th chapter of Isaiah opens, “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool,” and Isaiah speaks there of Israel in labor.

   But the main reason that Revelation 12 can be known to refer to the life, death and resurrection is that the diadems are on the heads of the beast, whereas in Chapter 13, when the beast is seen to arise from the sea, the diadems are on the horns. In the Baptist reading, the seven heads of the beast are seven world empires, five of which have fallen one is, i.e. Rome, and one was then to come (13:1; 17:8-12). The five in the statue dreamed in Daniel 2 are Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome and a revived Rome, preceded by Egypt and Assyria, the empires which presumed world rule, or to rule over Israel. The ten toes are ten kings, and Rome is an aggregation of the preceding empires. So the heads of the beast include the empires, which take the title “king of kings,” but such rule for man is a presumption. The ten heads are actual kings, not historical empires, even five from each leg of the two Roman empires, East and West, and from here the eleventh too might become evident. Again, the fourth beast which makes war on the saints and conquers them until the Ancient of days comes and judgment is given for the saints of the Most High, and devours the “whole earth” gives rise to ten kings, which are the ten horns (Daniel 7:23-24). But we think that the diadems on the heads indicates the long term picture of the statue, and hence all the empires are in one sense “Babylon,” the presumption of monarchy and world rule set aside by Jefferson and Washington.

   That, at any rate, is one reading, and though it is little consolation, we can set aside both that the Messiah is born in the end times and that the beast literally looks like the one depicted in the vision. The beast in Chapter 12 is cast down from heaven, while the sea beast arises from the sea. Satan may only be incarnated in the land beast, or false prophet, rather than literally walking about himself. The stream of water will reappear in Chapter 16, as there are three frogs. These seem to us to be ideologies, even fascism, Communism and a false prophet, if these things do refer to our time, and cannot be averted, as by the Ninehvite penance of the book of Jonah. In the vision of Fatima, the angel says three times, “Penance,” and it occurs to no one to repent our sins in the making of the martyrs seen under the throne in the fifth seal (6:9), not to mention the prophesy of the millstone (which seems to us to refer to the molestations). Considering that the blood of martyrs is found in Babylon, one would think we would have known better. But few read the Revelation, let alone consider the message of Fatima. Prior to the conjunction of imperial authority and the Roman empire in the Fourth Century, the Christians were persecuted, and did not make martyrs. Diabolical rulers, beginning with Tiberius, coincident with the ministry of Jesus, held the Roman empire, wearing the diadem, four or five times in the first century (including Caligula, Nero, Titus, Vespasian and Diocletian). These are arguably the worst rulers of all time, until our last century, when  communism and Nazism each killed about one million per year or more, and to say the least, persecuted both Christians and Jews, or “those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus” (12:17). Christianity was not at first especially persecuted by Rome, until Nero. The Roman Senate even considered making Jesus a “god.” But with Nero, Ten persecutions occurred until the father of Constantine, Constantius (as in the history of Eusebius), became a Christian co- emperor, the Constantine famously issued the 313 edict of toleration. Setting aside the claim to impose doctrine with the secular sword, we consider the Greek Eucharist to be as good a remembrance (“Do this in remembrance of me”) as the Roman Eucharist, and do consider the Eucharist to be the body and the wine the blood. The baptism- taught by Noah and which Jesus expects Nicodemus to know, if he is a teacher of all Israel- we consider possibly to be sometimes the full mystery of birth from the earth (John 3; Romans 6), as practiced by John the Baptist and the apostles, and the Chrism to represent and sometimes to be the baptism of the Spirit received at Pentecost. But if these things were always so, the Church would not have made martyrs.

Third Secret of Fatima: Akita Addition?

The three secrets of Fatima are a Catholic mystery revealed to Sister Lucia in 1917, discussed elsewhere on this website- search!

   Russia will indeed spread her errors throughout the world. Russia has not yet been consecrated, as requested in the vision of Fatima. Has the full text of the third secret been released? Below is a statement from a documentary on the 1984 experience of Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa, officially accepted as genuine, and hence called Our Lady of Akita. I am still working on the status of the message, and whether it is correct to assume that it is a message from Mary to the church and world through Sister Agnes, a most holy person, who received a cross on her left hand, matching a cross on the statue, which also shed tears 101 times that were witnessed by the Buddhist Mayor of Akita, in Japan. The 101 tears were scientifically analyzed: human tears, though of different blood types. The vision adds to the third secret of Fatima the explicit reference to the 21st Century, and fits not only with the obvious lacuna, but also the reluctance of the Papacy to release the full text when the vision requested that this be done, by 1960. The Pope consecrated, or re-consecrated the world to the immaculate heart in 1982, but failed to explicitly consecrate Russia. The Orthodox Eucharist is recognized, following John Paul, after about 1999.

   The Fatima message and the requested consecration make rational sense if one considers the soul and politics in the history of the West and the history of the church. But as we do not have the knowledges to make the request appear in its rationality, it must remain a vision and a mystery. I have a unique perspective on these things, due to combining studies of Jung, dreams and visions, Bible, politics and philosophy, history and literature, so I have a few points to add that others do not get. My perspective is called “half Catholic,” and I swear vows to no one. But as a result, I can see for example that the admission of John Paul that the Greek Orthodox church is not outside the church, so that, for East and West to not accept one another’s Eucharist indicates a stumbling block making it difficult for the church to respond to the request. Another is that, under John Paul II, the Church for the first time in history became able to repent. The call of “Penance,” three times in the vision is directed also, or even especially to the church, as the molestation scandals and the prophecy of the millstone from Matthew indicate. The Cathlo-centric reading has been unable to appreciate for example the background of the burning alive of “heretics” as part of the history of the Church. The secret has been misinterpreted as calling for more Roman Catholicism, when this is only partly true. The immaculate heart of Mary is not a doctrine but a real being, the purity of the heart (as from original sin) which might be able to receive the annunciation. This purity is evident in her compassion for the damned and the souls being lost, an impossible thought for most adults let alone children and hence an indication of the genuineness of the whole Fatima vision.

   There is a lacuna in the third secret as it was released in 2000 by the Vatican, evident because the second and third parts of the secret do not flow into one another. The text of the third secret begins with three dots, indicating the it indeed was said “after,” but something was left out. In a video, “Akita and the Fatima Secret,” the narrator, David Dionisi, at 1:10-1:36, or early in the first minute of the video, flashes what he says is a reconstructed third secret, in a “statement based on” things said “by people who read it.” It is also said that the whole text of the third secret would not be released by those entrusted to release it. The source document is a Book, Akita The Tears and Message of Mary, by the Reverend Teju Yusuta, approved in 1984 by Bishop John Tujeroito. The message was communicated to Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa. It is the message of Mary, Our Lady of Akita, and the accompanying miracle of 101 occasions of tears on a statue of Mary at Akita are communicated. This seems genuine for a number of reasons, one of which is that it sounds translated. Another is that it refers to the 21st century, which would mean that John Paul II misinterpreted 3b as referring to him, except that b may have indeed been averted, to occur later. The Akita message seems to be 3a, while what was released is 3b. The consecration of the world, renewed in 1982, indeed did not fully fulfill the Fatima request, and the world is indeed in grave peril due to the internet and nuclear age in combination with human sin, evil and the lust for rule. I am still working on the text, having seen it for the first time Sunday, and do not know how long it has been available. The text is as follows:

In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved, but if people do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. A great war in the 21 st Century Launched by Satan’s partisans in the East will come. Those surviving will envy the dead. Death will briefly reign, raised to triumph by the brothers of death, who seek to be masters of the earth. All the world will be thrown into great confusion. Fire and smoke will fall from heaven and waters from the ocean will turn to steam, throwing their foam into the sky. Millions of people will die by the minute. The only arms which will remain for you will be the rosary and the sign left by my son. Each day recite the prayer of the Rosary and pray for the Pope, Bishops and priests. A time of very severe trial is coming for the Church. Satan will reign over the highest places and succeed in infiltrating to the top of the Church. One third of the clergy will serve Satan. Entire nations will lose the faith and almost everyone on earth condemned to hell. Cardinals will oppose Cardinals and Bishops will oppose Bishops. Rotten changes in Rome must not be retained. The Church will be obscured. At last, those who survive these events will repent and become true followers of Jesus Christ, and serve him like before, when the world was not so corrupted…In the end, my immaculate heart will triumph

   There is a small difficulty in that the last sentence here is given as the second to the last sentence of the second secret that was released, but we are working on the origin of this anomaly, which may come from the alteration of the memory of those told the message or it may be that the message itself is altered as we fail her requests. The details of the communication of the message are also still a bit shaky, but I thought it right to blog about this immediately in light of political developments in the United States, and the very strange inability of the Americans through Congress and the courts to respond to the extreme and obvious danger of Russian interference by correcting the 2016 election.


Tweets Preserved 3/18

  1. The following now appears to involve an error. The photo indeed seems now to be Bruce Willis from a British interview., which means I was wrong to think the particular photo was taken from my computer. This does not nearly resolve the strangeness of the incident, but it is not a demonstrated crime in the way I thought. I leave my previous writing unamended in the interest of truth and journalistic integrity. See “More June Tweets preserved” for the source of the photo, and thanks to Seeshell on Twitter!

    The pinned tweet is a composite made by Trump’s organization, and sent to intimidate me in December of 2016. It is highly illegal, and no picture of my face has ever been posted on the internet. The photo came either from the FBI or some other mysterious source like Microsoft or the White House Office. It is traceable and demonstrable, and no one will do a thing. I then received a great deal of interference, including death threats, and was seized in my driveway and held for 20 days on the perjurous “mental health” complaint of Trumpster relatives, since of course, none of this is real, just as  the “mental health” system is used in Russia, to impose tyranny. An attempt was made to give me Haldol, which might indeed have killed me, and a relative attempted to have me permanently committed for absolutely no reason despite independent evaluation. The whole story, with the perjurous charges, is printed here on WordPress, especially in “Conversations with Relatives,” “Insurance Fraud by U of M?” “Society must Protect the Innocent,” and “Russian Methods in U. S. Politics.” Anyone want to consider damages? We have no access to courts, and so for us there is no longer any law. I live under an absolute tyranny, which will soon be imposed on a wider scale because NO ONE WILL STAND UP!!!

    My face, but not my clothes! Sent to intimidate. Traceable to Trump. No other photo of me is on the internet, intentionally! The photo may be an abuse of FBI. No one will do a thing! I’ve had 3 death threats, and been seized for 20 days.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

          1. So, on my Pinned Tweet, have my father, Uncle and sister, all Trump supporters, not been told by someone to attack me? See “Conversations With Relatives,” on WordPress. And does this not demonstrate Collusion? Consider the comments from certain Italian websites, when I mention a certain Italian political thinker. How Charming. Ja, must just be me! My teacher once mentioned his uncle in a strange way, so that, again risking appearing strange, I inquired into whether he was ok. Fool. Was he not used to attack me?

            Ja, my pinned tweet looks a LITTLE like Bruce Willis, but is just a little more handsome than me, since I was beat up a bit by fortune, especially since the Trumpsters got hold of me. It is just over a year ago. Hey, girls, I have my long braid pulled back, + cut the top myself!

          2. Yes, this picture is Mark A. McDonald’ my son, from about a year ago. I have known him for 57 years!- Maxine McDonald
              1. Mark A. McDonald

                Again, IMPEACH!!!

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              2. How many times?

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              3. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

                How many times do we have to say this stuff?

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              4. It is too hard to read on computers, and too easy to write! Anyone may print my writing onto paper for the cost of ink and paper. It is also hard to edit on computers!


                Oh, please WordPress and Twitter will you keep you half of the bargain and let me have free speech regardless of how much you are paid to channel me into the dirt? Please may I speak against tyranny?

              6. Impeach the illegitimately elected Republican Congress, if they will not impeach Trump. For Christ’s sake, this is national security to say the least, and we sit here hoping Devos and Mercer, Stone and Koch brothers will be nice and let us have a fair election.

              7. Lets see, Rubio, Flake, McCain, Evan McMullin, Mueller….sounds like a Centrist “Republican” party could just let the fascist right go with their 20% ignorant rednecks, and start a new party to restore integrity, rather than destroy the whole party. Reaganism, or Tyranny?

              8. For national security: Boycott the illegitimately elected Republican party! The House “intelligence” Committee neglected to interview and refused to subpoena key witnesses. Do they even get why “collusion” matters?

              9. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Theodora Anne Merry

                Pray that the veil is lifted, as we pray for the consecration of Russia to the immaculate heart of Mary.

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              10. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Stefanie Cargill

                Joe Biden is the legitimate president fight now if Obama is not: The last legitimately elected U.S resident, but maybe term limited. Michelle for President! Obama can have the garden shed out back, and have me over for a balcony sunset, you know… See Hope, p215: Hole in heart

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              11. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Garry Kasparov

                End the control of the internet and voters by data collection and spying, then targeted interference, or say hello to nuclear war and worldwide tyranny. What on earth is wrong with Congress? Impeach!! *Kasparov is the first other person to blame Russia for N. Korean nuclear adv.

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              12. Replying to 

                MARGA pronounced mmmmAHHRRRRGGGGGGa We were working towards disarmament when we fell asleep…now we wake to this Nightmare on Main Street USA

              13. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted jesus

                Quick, before they use bthe control of opinion through the internet to normalize the Cambridge Analytica ELECTION FRAUD STORY,

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              14. Immediate impeachment is required to end obstruction and the control of the opinion of the voters. THEN we MIGHT be allowed to bring a Supreme court case like the obstructed #17-857, 16-1464, and #16-907, with a little more press than ZERO. Impeachment proposed in the House 3 X!!

              15. The 2016 election does not confer legitimacy. Data collection and targeted interference, including foreign interference that was and is being rewarded, was used to turn the election. Connect Google, Kaspersky, Mercer, Devos and Bannon. Impeach immediately, + appeal to the Sp. Ct.

              16. Janet Smith Retweeted Chris Sampson

                Allegedly, people were imprisoned and tortured with the info that Jared provided to him. The purge went down shortly after Jared’s visit. Jared, who hath no security clearance, passing off our intel secrets.

                Janet Smith added,

              17. Wow, the Rabbi Sacks on Cohen, Check it out. Let’s Repent like Nineveh and not do this, eh? Hey Congress, you know that veil? Well, lets just Impeach, let the Court recognize the truth, and get back on the right path. Keep those seized by ICE from being deported.

              18. I thought you would stand before the Lord of song with nothing on your lips but hallelujah though it all went wrong? Rabbi Sacks on Leonard Cohen and parsha Vayera via

              19. Now I get why Congress won’t fix the obviously illegitimate election. We kill the flame. Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker (Lyric) via

              20. Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker (Lyric)

              21. Leonard Cohen – Bird on the Wire 1979 via

              22. Leonard Cohen – Suzanne

              23. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Audio) via

              24. So is “Famous Blue Raincoat” the “secular Halellujah?” Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat

              25. Leonard Cohen about the meaning of Hallelujah via

              26. Leonard Cohen — Suzanne via

              27. Cohen got ripped off, and made no royalties from the song that made him royal. Leonard Cohen’s Muse Suzanne Verdal – Part 2

              28. Leonard Cohen’s Muse Suzanne Verdal

              29. We have this as the #1 lyric of all time. See why: Ch.9 LEONARD COHEN interview, on JUDY COLLINS and “Suzanne”

              30. Judy Collins Performs Suzanne | 59th GRAMMYs via

              31. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Hildy

                Hey Mike, how did they turn that election?

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              32. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

                The Republican once again defied the pre-election polls, coming up six points by magic, if I am not mistaken. Go figure.

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              33. Tuesday a judge dismissed 🤔a lawsuit that WH failed to prevent Trump’s aides fr using encrypted apps that automatically⬅ scrub⬅ messages⬅ after they’ve been read. Court ruled in favor of a motion by Justice Dept despite acknowledging it held merit.🤔

              34. Carol York

                2/ Several months ago Whitehouse aide left copy at public venue of self deleting proton email. WH circumventing standard govt surveillance with self deleting proton email systems. It’s come to attention of US INTEL

                vlh added,

              35. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

                What Collusion?

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              36. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

                At least HE might remember what KASPERSKY is. And that there is a company called Google. And Twitter.

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              37. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

                At least HE might remember what KASPERSKY is! And that there is a company called Google as well as Facebook. And Twitter.

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              38. JUST IN: Obamas send handwritten note to Parkland students: “You’ve helped awaken the conscience of the nation”

              39. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Patrick

                Mueller for President!

                Mark A. McDonald added,

                 Mar 21

              40. Murder & attempted murder with a nerve agent in the UK and May expels a few diplomats while Putin is happy to respond with the same. More people will die because of this feeble response. What is the red line? Mar 21

              41. Laura Sessions Retweeted

                What Trump doesn’t understand they can DO THAT HERE, as well, esp with him NOT DOING ANYTHING TO PROTECT US!!! They also can take down our electric grid. and our next election. Thanks gop for not giving a shit about anything but $$$$

                Laura Sessions added,

                This Tweet is unavailable.
              42. Here’s a timeline of some of the statements by Russian officials and others on the Skripal poisoning affair… Deny And Distort 🇷🇺 Russia’s Changing Story On Skripal Poisoning.

                Direct message
              43. Facebook itself, minus Cambridge Analytica, was just fined recently by Belgium for the use of user data contrary to Belgian law, to which law Facebook had greed. But here, they try to say it was done by Cambridge. Hmmm. Or was that Google?

              44. 2/2 CONGRESS is still to ignorant to even listen, let alone understand why Trump should not have been inaugurated, let alone should not be impeached TOMORROW, and WE are about to get nuked!!!

              45. 1/2 Look, “opt out” or “opt in” is not going to fix this business model. The people cannot possibly be held responsible for being able to imagine the whole in order to have access to what have become essential communications.

              46. Replying to 


              47. : All Federal officials swear they “will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.” Clearly, no Republican in Congress and few in the WH remember the oath they took and their allegiance is to country, not party.

              48. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Cyrus Toulabi

                Maybe Trump talking to Putin is what is duplicitous and DANGEROUS?

                Mark A. McDonald added,


                Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Cyrus Toulabi

                Fake news but real leaks? Sorry, Marco: BOYCOTT the Republican party

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              50. Just in case Dem lawmaker introduces bill to protect White House whistleblowers from nondisclosure agreements Mar 21

              51. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Alemaine Heckenshacht

                As with Stormy, this dirt would not gather our attention, except that it MIGHT BEGIN to wake up the American Christians, whose gullibility is beyond belief! They have been snowed and used, quite intentionally, from the start, and me and Jesus are not happy about harming sheep.

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              52. The Austin bomber was a 24 year-old white, Christian male who was home-schooled and considered going on mission trips. Things you won’t hear this week… – Comments about his religion – Him referred to as a terrorist – Him blowing himself up referred to as a “suicide bomb”

              53. HUGE props to for updating their policies on gun videos: Youtube now will suspend anyone who: – links to sites that sell firearms – posts videos that teach installation of certain accessories like bump stocks or the loading of high capacity magazines. RETWEET!!

              54. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Patrick

                Guess deeper. They would not even bother with the whole charade, except to gather data useful to tyranny.

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              55. I must say, Kudos for Twitter’s “You may have missed,” when I go to my homepage. Gotta say something nice, since they’re gonna be in a lot of trouble, just like Facebook, if we ever restore the 4th Amendment security of privacy and give the internet an honorable business model

              56. President Trump has been working his way through the Bill of Rights and the Constitution trashing and flouting as he goes: anything that promotes equality, democracy, freedom of the Press, and the rule of law is his sworn enemy. Forget Nixon this man is King John 1215.

              57. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Julia followback resister  ❄️

                Excellent! Maybe Boy Un-der will wrestle him for the football next! Good thing they gave him a fake football!

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              58. Darrell Prince Retweeted ACLU

                Thank you ACLU- the law matters- and crooks in government are still crooks.

                Darrell Prince added,

              59. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Shaun King

                The “White” guys must stand up against white supremacists, the KKK and NAZI, because the other guys cannot do certain things without increasing racial tension ofr sparking a race war, per intention. On Spencer: The “ethno state” is treason against the Declaration of Independence

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              60. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Amy Siskind

                Boycott the Republican Party for ignorance and indifference to our national security regarding Russia.

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              61. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted  🇵🇷 🇺🇸Alexander Hamilton 🚨: #IvankaResign

                KASPERSKY was proudly handlin computer security for FOUR HUNDRED MILLION accounts, and was centered in MOSCOW and staffed by “former” KGB.” I will guarantee by deduction that they had access to Cambridge Analytia, Mercer, Devos, Google, Facebook and Twitter data.

                Mark A. McDonald added,

              62. 1. An uncomfortable reality that, whenever I mention, brings out the Russian trolls. People who “protest voted” or stayed home to protest were the original primary targets of the Russian disinformation campaign. In other words, many of the people now raging about Russian…..

              63. 5…the Russians will hit YOU again in 2018. If you don’t learn the lessons of the past, if you don’t accept that YOU were the target and you fell for it, you will fall for it again. Democracy is too important for you to get your news off of social media anyway. DONT just read…

              64. Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee protected President Trump at the cost of conducting a serious investigation. We must release the entire body of witness transcripts so the public can see the facts for themselves. Mar 21

              65. Fredon Monteroc is the last one reporting on the fact that the Florida shooter was connected with an alt right or neo-Nazi group. The press is sugarcoated.

              66. Tea Pain is praised by Louise Mensch herself for uncovering the Mercer/deVos Troll farm connection. Now expand the recognition to Google and KASPERSKY! HRC persists 🌊 hmmmmm. Maybe it was… HILLARY CLINTON.… Mar 21

              67. Janet Smith Retweeted Nick Merrill

                She gave us many warnings, which so many dismissed.

                Janet Smith added,