Still More Tweets Preserved, 3/29-31

  1. Retweeted Anabelle

    Has Congress forgotten already? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Nothing?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  2. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    And the number of your Congress person. IMPEACH!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  3. Ok, Congress: We have begun to make it clear what has occurred regarding our executive branch. If you do not impeach immediately, you nation will likely be destroyed. Do you care yet enough to DO SOMETHING!?!

  4. Me and “God” are moving to Canada. If this shit is necessary, why does it pertain only in the U. S.? Oh, soon they will corrupt Canada as well? Get Russia and the U. S. oligarchs out of government!

  5. Bosworth: “We believe in connecting people so deeply,” do we? at what, 8 or 9 figures? If we act like a bunch of slaves, our liberty will be destroyed, and then it will not matter that the world, including the bank where you deposit your ill got gains, will also be destroyed.

  6. Ja, wanna know the weather? Give away your location in real time, while your under a death threat. Then we’ll tell you the weather. The business model of the internet is causing the breakdown of the rule of law and all civilization.

  7. There are so many things one might search on Google, for example, if only one could trust the basic integrity of the internet companies. The rigged economy assured only those without integrity would succeed. Thanks, U. S. congress, now your campaigns are paid for.

  8. But if we, our PhD shrinks, are still incapable of understanding speech and caring, all is lost. The goal of speech is truth and justice. We deliberate together to make things better, and if free speech cannot be restored on the internet, all is lost. Soon it WILL effect yr body.

  9. Most humans do not care about the just and the noble. Our psychology and psychiatry are still trying to locate it in the brain! Only about 1/3 are capable of even caring to hear about “righteousness,” the Biblical word that translates “justice.”

  10. We do not realize it, but Machiavelli has taken over political theory, and Machiavelli does not care about Justice. In the end, he will not even have power, because Plato and Socrates are right about justice. belongs at the crown of all human study, cultivated like a tree of life

  11. We are the citizens, and we are responsible when our government acts unjustly. The unjust like to forbid speech, and make all questions the question of power.

  12. We must restore communications, so that we may speak without the constant fear that what we say is being seized, stored and used by tyrants.

  13. Nineveh + Mosul. The Ninehvite penance is the teaching of Jonah.

  14. Deb Amos and John Burnett on How the Iraq war was lost by U,. S. Injustice on the ground, 2003-2004. Hearts and minds? NOTHING can be done in war without justice. Who did this? What commanders? Is it true?

  15. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Fredon Moniteau

    Oh my. He fails to realize that he cannot even control which was the wind blows, and that justice exists and is most important in the end precisely for national self interest. What is wrong with Congress?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  16. Tyranny and civil war are not pretty. What is the problem with the foresight of those in government? We continually think the issue is less than it truly is until it is too late. Only 58 Democrats in the House supported impeachment. WHAT is the problem?

  17. Alton Sterling: …but there was plenty of evidence to go shoot that guy selling CD’s. Ja, selling cigarettes, “I can’t breath.” There is NOTHING to prevent police from becoming executioners, as is now the rule in the Phillipines. This is tyranny, if Democrats won’t even stand up

  18. “For I have sword on the Altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” -Thomas Jefferson

  19. 101 The concept of a Constitutional Convention is foreign to many people. Understandable, since we’ve only had one in the entire history of the United States and it produced The Constitution. So I thought I’d write this thread to try make it understandable to everyone.

  20. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Theodora Anne Merry

    We cannot even secure elections, and opinion is being orchestrated. Impeachment news is suppressed. This is not the time! Normally, the 2/3 supermajority would be impossible.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  21. But we’d better hurry, lest ‘e read Fred Nietzsche and that 1938 New York Times, and not get that it’s fake news, despite mankind. If all else fails, we’ll have Hawking ask, “Why is there something rather than nothing, and maybe burn one with ‘im. Today he was forsaken seeing man

  22. How could his image exist if He did not, eh? ever seen a mirror reflect nothing? Maybe I’ll finish my Romeo and Juliet commentary, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll show him the work of Shakespeare, who did not make his own genius.

  23. God, on Twitter, lost faith in himself, doubting his own existence. Even after I told him to ask Steven Hawking, What is the SHAPE of the wooden chair made of? And, When things become better, where does that good come from? ‘Cmon, mankind, we gotta help ‘im out, here!

  24. We’re not yet repenting like Nineveh. So many who do not know their right from left, and much cattle!

  25. God asked what we should get Jesus for Christmas. I suggested cancelling the Apocalypse. The real one answered, “Repent like Nineveh.” Pray for the Conversion of Russia, as requested in the 1917 vision of St. Mary to St. Lucia. (Orthodox church is fine, that’s not what she meant.

  26. You’d really think I’d do something.

  27. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted God

    Doctor says, “You gonna die!” Living causes death in 100% of cases, Except Enoch, and maybe Mary and John. And, Jack Van Impe says the “raptured.”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  28. God Retweeted Benjamin Netanyahu

    President Trump IS the great danger facing our world.

    God added,

  29. I’m coming down to help you all out just as soon as I start existing.

  30. Most terrorists are white. Me, for example.

  31. Your authentic self is ashamed of you.

  32. I’m God, I know all your thoughts and prayers, and pretty much none of them are with Somalia.

  33. In the beginning, Robert Mueller indicted Paul Manafort and Rick Gates; and I saw that it was good.

  34. I apologize to some of you for most of you.

  35. A religion based on the teachings of Jesus would be a great idea.

  36. In hindsight, six days was a bit of a rush job.

  37. Elephants are like people, only humane.

  38. Anybody have any theories why I’m allowing Trump to continue? I’m curious Myself.

  39. Jesus died for all your sins but he didn’t die THIS much.

  40. The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards impeachment.

  41. You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool Robert Mueller.

  42. At this point it would be harder to name news events that AREN’T signs of the apocalypse.

  43. In honor of the wave of deregulation sweeping America, I hereby renounce the Ten Commandments. Go nuts, everyone!

  44. Only irony can save you now.

  45. Retweet this so that others can see the full breadth of its pointlessness.

  46. Nobody understands Me.

  47. God Retweeted #Resist 🌊


    God added,

  48. Retweeting this entitles you to one (1) pre-forgiven act of adultery.

  49. I’m, like, really omniscient.

  50. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted God

    In Britain, outside, in U. S., “inside.” (L.P. deA)

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  51. Would it help if I existed? Because I’m willing to do that if it would help.

  52. Omnipresence is just a fancy word for stalking.

  53. God Retweeted CNN

    I didn’t make him. Period.

    God added,

  54. At this point I’m just like, whatever.

  55. The reason evangelicals don’t believe in evolution is that it hasn’t happened to them yet.

  56. Never let the fear of failure keep you from failing.

  57. I consider Myself spiritual but not religious.

  58. Guns don’t kill people, gun lobbies do.

  59. In My defense, I don’t exist.

  60. The world should be run by dogs and Canadians.

  61. I’m consistently overthanked for Friday.

  62. I want to be the kind of God atheists are proud not to believe in.

  63. New selfie!

  64. Try not to take yourself personally.

  65. If hell existed it would be inhabited exclusively by those who thought others were going there.

  66. Well look who’s following Me! Hey there, fellas! Appreciate the support, but quit sending the Ukrainian girls. It’s not gonna work. You’re still going to hell.

  67. My son is crazy. He thinks he’s Jesus.

  68. You can be hero just for one day. – Kid runs behind his ball and falls in metro rail – Next train coming in 1.30 minute – 17 years old boy just walking to the platform – Barely spotting what’s happened – Gives a quick look to when next train is coming This is what happens:

  69. I applied to be a god in India but apparently they’re overstaffed.

  70. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jesus H Christ

    One dude said we oughta put a TEACHER in every GUN STORE!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  71. It’s only been a few hours and Stephen Hawking already mathematically proved, to My face, that I don’t exist.

  72. Now Stephen Hawking is going on and on about how I need to reconcile general relativity with quantum dynamics to create a single Theory of Everything and blah blah blah… dude, you’re in heaven! Stop with the thinking, relax and enjoy the harp music!

  73. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Savvas Koumis

    Hey Vlad, Get out of the Ukraine! Love, mm.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  74. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Steve Gerick

    What is Jack White up to now? We begged him to do a Rock-blues vesion of Strange Fruit. Following the articulation of Billie Holliday with electric Harp or guitar, and Uriah Heap type rock organ, first guy to do it right makes 50 million, I’ll bet!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  75. Pray, Papa Francisco, for the Consecration of Russia to the immaculate heart and the conversion of the Russian Church, even if they stay Orthodox.

  76. CBS: Stephon Clark was shot 7 times in the back and bound while it took 10 minutes for him to die. This in murder.

  77. Sinéad O Connor – Sacrifice via

    Translate from French

  78. Sinead O’Connor I Don’t Know How To Love Him via

  79. Mary Magdelene, one of 3 at the foot of the cross, the first to see the risen Christ, apostle to the apostles. I Don’t Know How To Love Him – Jesus Christ Superstar (1970 Version) via

  80. By slowing my access, I believe Google is trying to get me to leave google on all the time. This bullshit must be punished to level the playing field for honest businesses that seek to make money by PRODUCING VALUE!

  81. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Me FM Radio

    Mary Magdalene: I don’t know how to Love Him.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  82. If we held 1 minute of silence for every victim of the Holocаust then we would be silent for eleven and a half years

  83. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

    ‘Churkin is at least the third Russian diplomat to die since the start of the year, joining Andrey Malanin, who died in Greece, and Alexander Kadakin, who died in India.’

    Anabelle added,

  84. Scholars believe that the first surviving public image of Jesus’s crucifixion was on the 5th-century wooden doors of the Basilica of Santa Sabina, which is located on the Aventine Hill in Rome.

  85. Look upon Christ Crucified: our hope for eternal life is born in Him.

  86. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted St Peter

    Us. And Them. And in the end, were only/ Ordinary men. “And the NewYork Times said “God is deead, and the war’s begun. Alvin Tostig has a son today…

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  87. They shot a man in Texas walking in the street hobbled, just two days ago. Elton John – Ticking_Grimsby (Old Grey Whistle Test 1974) via

  88. Who will love a lad insane? Eh? David Bowie – Aladdin Sane via

  89. See Ja ’round! Madman Across The Water – Elton John via

  90. ob V 156 on Songmeanings: I’ve heard Bernie Taupin say that too. slagonia, it’s funny you mention Pontius Pilate, because he says “Pilot of your soul”, and there’s a hymn that says “Jesus, Saviour Pilot Me.”

  91. Elton John – Take Me to the Pilot(1970) Live on BBC TV – HQ via

  92. “To see the heaven in your eyes is not so far/ That I’m not afraid to try and go it!” Elton John – Take Me to the Pilot (Elton John 3 of 13) via

  93. I thank the Lord there’s people out there like you. Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters – Elton John (Honky Chateau 9 of 10) via

  94. Ok, one or two more…Same thing, though, as someone saved… Don’t let the sun go down on me-Elton John (lyrics) via

  95. Ja, I liken it to a balloon!

  96. This too happened to Taupin, or he’d have never met his tiny dancer… Elton John- Someone Saved my life tonight (lyrics) via

  97. Mary Magdalene apostle to the apostles is the first to see the risen Christ, told her to “not touch yet, I havn’t gone…” She told Petros not to make a bunch of new laws, since Jesus is Savior, not legislator, but like Martha, he would not listen to a woman.

  98. There’s the lyrics: Elton John: Levon Lyrics via

  99. Levon was a Jew in Britain, who forgot about WWII, to sell cartoon baloons in town. What’s it like to be a loon? I liken it to a balloon,” says Boland in Cosmic dancer. Elton John – Levon + Lyrics via

  100. They say Spain’s Pretty, but I’v never been. Elton John – Daniel 1973 via

  101. Ja, lookin’ on she sang her song. She was a seamstress for the band. Elton John- Your Song Live in 1970 via

  102. Ok, so this really happened to Bernie Taupin, when Elton first hit, around the go go in cal, about 1970. Tiny Dancer – Elton John (LYRICS ON SCREEN) via

  103. Its a good thing Elton tries to play for Taupin. Bob Dylan himself could hardly get through Sad eyed Lady without breaking up, like Cohen when he first played Suzanne. elton john in tel aviv israel live – your song via

  104. So Ja, sarcasm, why do we have those laws regarding adultery? Must be patriarchal property rights, you know…Like the founders, from the lady with the Beard, were just protecting their property interests…

  105. In case again we did not get it the first time: Elton John in — HOLY LAND ISRAEL —- ,MUST SEE via

  106. My warehouse eyes, my Arabian drums. Should I leave them at your gate? Or, sad eyed Lady, should I wait?

  107. For Good Friday West. And again, love poetry is an image of Theology, due to inspiration and the imago Dei: Elton John – Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding 3.9.2016 via

  108. Ja, better get your coat dear it looks like rain. But is it in your conscience that your after another glimpse…

  109. Since NO ONE got it the first time: Elton John – Madman Across the Water (1971) With Lyrics! via

  110. Ok, we’ll play Twitter DJ: Watch Taupin’s Lyrics! Elton John – Grey Seal 1973 (With Lyrics!) via

  111. On Zuckerberg’s mia culpa: NPR Elton John – I’ve Seen That Movie Too (1973) With Lyrics! via

  112. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted DrErinStair

    Antidepressants are suspected in the epidemic of public shootings. They make some people suicidal, are prescribed like candy, and the data in shootings is suppressed. Just don’t smoke!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  113. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted The Hill

    She did not respond to a request that the intell committee oversee the “sources and methods” of the FBI, but ok, no one else did either, not even McCain, till the Nunez memo.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  114. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    NPR; Tortures occurred when many were seized and detained in the Riad Ritz Charlton, including 12 royal cousins, and many academics. Clerics had already been seized, one for merely supporting free elections. Tyranny advances.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  115. liv29 Retweeted Julia Davis

    liv29 added,

  116. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Garry Kasparov

    Russia’s “point of view” includes deliberate “kompromat.”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  117. Again, he was having so much fun beating us and Trump at checkers, why bother playing chess, let alone 3D? Example: How did N. Korea suddenly advance their nuke program? Gee whiz, we hardly wondered.

  118. Presently, Trump continues to have an interest in appearing to oppose Putin while inviting enough interference to control opinion and avoid impeachment. If we will not stand up now that we know we have elected a criminal to the White House, Putin will destroy us.

  119. We must do what is whithin our power regarding Putin, first by taking away the fruits of the Russian turning of the U. S. elections. We must take away their ability to control U. S. communications, and correct the vices of which Putin takes advantage. If we will not, he will win.

  120. Brett Bruen #2: Do not assume that we know the ends of Putin. “Damage and diminish Western influence,” is it? Ja, “Sew confusion? Undermine our confidence in elections and democracy? Guess again.

  121. BBC Brett Bruen: Looking for new deterrents to Putin? We must FIRST take away the fruits on his data collection and targeted interference, by taking away the pawn on his 3D chessboard whom he knows he can play and defeat. Impeachment is entirely within our power, and we cannot?

  122. Ja, Vlad, so as to avoid our slander, why do you not explain the first principles of government to us, like WHY murder is wrong? What are those great principles that makes Russia and the East so far superior?

  123. You need to see them shoot white guys before you care? 17-year-old Deven Guilford Shot and Killed by Cop for Flashing Headlights via

  124. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

    There is ZERO national press on this shooting, a clear murder. Maybe that’s the difference between Texas and California.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  125. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted

    Next they are going to expel MACHIAVELLI!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  126. 2/2: That the purpose of government is to secure the natural, inalienable rights, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We surely would not want to contribute to a campaign of “slander” against Russia, when NOW our own “president” does not understand these things.

  127. Campaign of Slander against Russia? Tell us, what limits do you observe, law? Do you believe and uphold the law that MURDER is WRONG? That people have a right to CONSENT to their Government? That Govrnment derives its JUST powers from CONSENT? We’ll let ya slide 4 now on RIGHTS

  128. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted NowThis

    “We’re gonna make Donald Trump and the whole world deal with the issue of police misconduct” Protester, excerpted on NPR

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  129. It is of course a violation of due process to require us to hire a CPA we cannot afford in order to earn money, or to make it impossible to legally earn subsistence wages. This is a root, or, an element. Law must be reasonable.

  130. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Wolves run in packs.

    Nic says, “a lion to scare the wolves, and a fox to beat the lions at chess. David could deal with bear and lion, but what of a pack of wolves? Coyotes, we’ll stick to, but, ” “He trains my hands for war.” Nic’s a pile of dust now anyway!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  131. ‘Latvia asked the US for assistance in 2014 and received a response from the FBI the following year, according to a source familiar with the process. Latvian investigators also examined secret recordings in which Trump was mentioned by a suspect.’

  132. URGENT! intellectual property licence that links to , & to

  133. What’s great is, the writer of Cassablanca did not know the ending, and Bogart figured it out in the circumstance, and so deserve part author credit.

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