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Lyrics, with 3 nice comments:

Hey now, little speedy head
The read on the speed meter says
You have to go to task in the city
Where people drown and people serve
Don’t be shy
Your just deserve
Is only just light years to go

Me, my thoughts are flower strewn
Ocean storm, bayberry moon
I have got to leave to find my way
Watch the road and memorize
This life that pass before my eyes
Nothing is going my way

The ocean is the river’s goal
A need to leave the water knows
We’re closer now than light years to go

I have got to find the river
Bergamot and Vetiver
Run through my head and fall away
Leave the road and memorize
This life that pass before my eyes
Nothing is going my way

There’s no one left to take the lead
But I tell you and you can see
We’re closer now than light years to go
Pick up here and chase the ride
The river empties to the tide
Fall into the ocean

The river to the ocean goes
A fortune for the undertow
None of this is going my way
There is nothing left to throw
Of Ginger, lemon, indigo
Coriander stem and rose of hay
Strength and courage overrides
The privileged and weary eyes
Of river poet search naivete
Pick up here and chase the ride
The river empties to the tide
All of this is coming your way

Here are three nice comments from Songmeanings:

  • My InterpretationAutomatic for the People is my favorite album, and Find the River may be my favorite track on it. The entire album deals with different stages of life, from youth, to mid life crisis, to death, and at points the record does take the listener to a melancholy place. I’m fairly certain Find the River was chosen for the final track very purposefully. Like other tracks on the record it is a song about nearing the end, but instead of feeling any bitterness or regret, they rejoice in a great hope that someone they love will experience all the beauty that they have as the cycle of life continues. It offers a peace of mind knowing that loved ones will follow to see and experience the beauty of life beyond your own years. It takes Automatic for the People full circle and offers the listener a grand sense of hope despite loss.


    I often think of my Grandmother who has passed when I hear this song. The lessons she taught me, the hope that she instilled in me. She knew near the end, that life, its much bigger than ones self, its how you impact others, how you love, so that you in an essence can live beyond the grave through the people that cared about you.

    That’s what I believe Find the River is about.

    Cliff1975on June 28, 2011   Link
    General CommentHow are there not more comments for this, the most beautiful of songs? The imagery here is pretty vivid, it always reminds me of running through summer fields and floating down country rivers; lines like “I have got to find the river/Bergamot and vetiver/Run through my head and fall away” bring me back to summers spent in the country.


    The song is, of course, about trying to grow up so fast (“Hey there little speedyhead”), only to look back as an old man and be overwhelmed by the beautiful memories. It’s about trying in vain to communicate to the young what lies ahead, when “There is nothing left to throw of ginger, lemon, indigo, coriander stem, rose of hay … all of this is coming your way.” But, alas, the words fall on deaf ears, the young man’s “strength and courage overrides the privileged and weary eyes of river poet search naivete.”

    This is said to be a very personal song for Michael Stipe, and it shows through in his voice and the cryptic, quickfire nature of his words. Everything comes together in this song to make it REM’s best.

    ballzofsnoon April 29, 2002   Link
    General Comment One of REM’s best. To me, this song has always about finding your purpose in life. In the first verse, the lyrics appeal to the everyday working lives of the listener. From there, Stipe tells you parts of his story with beautiful imagery and an appeal to the shortness of life and the length of time. This song has always resonated with me to make the most of my lifetime as our time here is limited and the time of the universe is long beyond our comprehension. Notice the play between the lines “Is only just light years to go” and “We’re closer now than light years to go” (We’re *closer now,* emphasis mine on the key words). As if Stipe is saying your life is passing right in front of you and the time left of the light years is still long but already moments shorter….so get to it. Get to your life.


    To me, this is likely the highlight of Automatic for the People. A song that I’ll listen to when I need to appreciate the world and my small place in it for an unknown time. I hope this song means as much to you as it does to me.

    thereadletteron January 09, 2016   Link


The name refers to Rapid Eye Movement, the name for the phase of sleep when we are dreaming. This band has often very strangely meaningful lyrics written in an automatic fashion. The result is something like Nostradamus, a wavering between nonsense and tongues. My sister Marti, ten years younger, gave me R. E. M. and Sinead O’Connor, the latter including the song where light pours out of the Irish violin in sound, as examples of the best of their music. (Soon, from electric violin, someone will think to discover electric harp. I cannot wait to hear what this might sound like!) We especially like “Night Swimming” and “Wendell G” and “Amanita,” named after a mushroom. “Losing My Religion” is their most famous song, about losing faith in love (and perhaps from love). “I believe” and “The End of the World as we know it” would also be worth considering in detail. (Indeed, the best reading seems to be that it does start with an earthquake, called the opening of the Sixth seal.) The band came by surprise out of Atlanta Georgia playing mandolins with the B-52’s, whose “Love Shack” and “Rock Lobster” also show this Athens sound. As “Alternative” rock, there is also a similarity to Jack White, and the band is VERY tight, like Tull in performance.

More R.E.M: Twitter comments.

On “Fire.”

So, lyric poetry in rock music is a speaking of the soul to the one loved. That’s why this one catches. And it is fire. He does not sing the lines ‘(she is coming down on her own now).” Strange.

On Losing My Religion:

Well, “Losing my religion” of course intends the cliche’, which means being disillusioned. It also means seeing beyond a love, as in the opening lines. But the analogy of love and faith is what catches the unconscious. He sees himself, in the corner, seeing what disillusioned.

Thing about a lyric poet as Stipe, his mere loves ARE of general significance.

Wikipedia: “Stipe has repeatedly stated that the song’s lyrics are not about religion. The phrase “losing my religion” is an expression from the southern region of the United States that means “losing one’s temper or civility” or “feeling frustrated and desperate.”[10] Stipe told The New York Times the song was about romantic expression.[11] He told Q that “Losing My Religion” is about “someone who pines for someone else. It’s unrequited love, what have you.”[12] Stipe compared the song’s theme to “Every Breath You Take” (1983) by The Police, saying, “It’s just a classic obsession pop song. I’ve always felt the best kinds of songs are the ones where anybody can listen to it, put themselves in it and say, ‘Yeah, that’s me.'”[13]

So the phrase also means losing one’s composure or character, as being exasperated in a love. We maintain to reading that it is also disillusionment, and that is what hits the harmonic analogy of love and faith or religion. The indication of the Police song about unrequited love and obsession is very interesting. While Sting seems in error, Stipe seems correct in his response to “obsession.

Won’t Get Fooled Again: Townshend

We’ll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
The men who spurred us on
Sit in judgment of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song

I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get fooled again

The change it had to come
We knew it all along
We were liberated from the fold that’s all
The world looks just the same
And history ain’t blamed
Cause the banners, they are flown in the last war


No, no!
We don’t get fooled again

I’ll move myself and my family aside
If we happen to be left half alive
Get all my papers and smile at the sky
Though I know that the hypnotized never lie
Do ya?

There’s nothing in the street
Looks any different to me
And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
The parting on the left
Is now parting on the right
And the beards have all grown longer overnight


Don’t want to get fooled again
No, no!

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

Dylan’s Sad Eyed Lady as Prophecy like Hard Rain: (Attempt, About 30%)

#12 All time lyrics, in Rock Commentaries, Chapter IX

Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands Bob Dylan

I say: I get about 30% of this song, but that’s OK. No one else gets ANY of it!

   Who is the sad eyed Lady of the lowlands where the sad eyed prophets say that no man comes? Many find the terminus of the meaning in the name of the wife of Dylan, and even consider this to be their favorite love song. And these should not fear the loss of such a hearing, if they remember that we say that love is an image of the Most High, and so lyric love poetry of catches the reflection by the analogy of inspiration, even unknown to the author. We too think that the song may well have begun as a song about Sara, though this premise is quickly discarded. We, too look for particular incidents to make sense of some of the particular images, which flow past our little bucket faster than these can be collected. But to return, who is the sad eyed lady of the lowlands where the sad eyed prophets say that no man comes?

   Looking to Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Zephaniah, it is possible that the sad eyed lady is Jerusalem, deserted after the Babylonian conquest, and this too is sometimes analogous of the desolation of the cities of the nation in the end times. The “Kings of Tyrus” are the objects of a prophecy of Ezekiel and Isaiah, and this again a prophecy in turn of the end times. Looking up “no man” and no man comes in the Biblical concordance yields these results.

   The sad eyed lady is something like the Church as Jerusalem, symbolized by Mary. The child of the hoodlum is what the non-Christians think of Jesus, and the picture here reminds of the statue of Michelangelo, with Mary holding the crucified savior. At any rate, this interpretation peeks out of the images repeatedly, and makes as much or more sense than any other.

   The song is in ten sections of two quatrains punctuated by the refrain, in which the poet repeatedly asks the Church if he should leave his warehouse eyes, the eyes of philosophic eros, and his strange music at her gate in order to be admitted, or should he rater wait for her to go through her history until she will admit him as he is. That is the meaning. The changing line “who among them do you think could bury you, carry you,” etc. follows the church through her history, preparing in each case for the persistent question of the refrain. The first section covers history for about the first four centuries, in the missionary times, when the people, or the Roman empire, tried to bury her. Then she appeared with prayers like rhymes and silver cross and voice like chimes. “Eyes like smoke” is also what is said, though we do not understand it.

   The second phase asks who among them do you think could carry you, and this is what the city tried to do when Rome became Christian, after Constantine. Streetcar visions placed on the grass do not make sense, but “pockets well protected at last” would fit. Flesh like silk and face like glass” reminds of the icons, which came into fashion following St. Helen.

   The next two quatrains do not make much sense according to our hypothesis, except perhaps “matchbook songs and gypsy hymns” but we would expect the church to have become more established and conventional in the early middle ages. “Outguess you” and “impress you” are what the city then tried to do in regard to her. Silhouette in dim sunlight and eyes where moonlight swims are images of decreased light. I would look in the history of card decks to see if the jack and ace were ever kept out, and sheets like metal goes with sheet metal later in the ninth quatrain.

   Then suddenly in the fifth quatrain our reading again appears, as the Kings of Tyrus with their convict list stand in line for what is called a geranium kiss, and who among them would want onlyto kiss her? The kings in fornication with her do not love her for her own sake, but seek to use her for a mercenary purpose. The complex image refers first to the prophecies of Isaiah (23) and Ezekiel against Tyre, when because they entered the gate at Jerusalem saying something haughty, Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar comes to destroy them. One other reader has looked at this connection, and this is where the Wikipedia article on the song leaves off. Through the prophecy to Tyre, the Spirit refers to the Babylon of the end times, (at least in one reading, sometimes agreed to by Van Impe). The Mysterious Babylon in the Revelation is described as in fornication with the kings of the earth, and she is described as “the great city which has dominion over the kings of the earth” (17:18). As we think, the fornication of the kings of the earth with Babylon was especially in the persecution of heretics, done by the kings because the church recognized that it was forbidden to shed blood. So at first the mysterious Babylon appears to be Rome, and this is the most common reading of the seventeenth chapter of the Revelation. But then in the eighteenth chapter of the Revelation, Babylon is described as a great commercial nation in the heart of the sea destroyed in a single hour, and the merchants view the smoke of her destruction from afar and lament Rev. 18:18-19). The list of goods traded in Revelation is different from the list traded by Tyre, but alike in that a list is given. If the end times are now, the mercantile nation would sound very much like the United States, where every higher thing is prostituted to the marketing idea of economic success. The prophecy to Tyre may even be a prophecy to us not to do this, as presently our whoring of private information has made a grave national security lapse. Ezekiel 28:18 reads:

By the multitude of your iniquities,

In the unrighteousness of your trade

You profaned your sanctuaries;

So I brought forth fire from the midst of you;

It consumed you,

And I turned you to ashes upon the earth

In the sight of all who saw you

   This would appear fulfilled if Yellowstone were to blow, whether by nature or by treachery. But to return, the Kings of Tyrus here are related first to the medieval church, and then soon to the expansion of Christendom in America. In the sixth quatrain, the Spanish manners, after the mention of childhood flames, describe the time of the expansion of the Church to the new world, when none could resist her. We still do not get “midnight rugs,” “mother’s drugs,” “cowboy mouth” and “curfew plugs.” But the period is followed by that of the farmers and businessmen, as followed the Spanish and then the cowboys in America, who chose her to sympathize with their side. These are said to have showed her the dead angels that they hide. This is a very cryptic line, but reminds of repentance and those killed by the advance of America, as westward. America congratulates herself for the repentance of slavery and injustice to the Native Americans. America is Protestant, and the repeated phrase here is who among them do you think would mistake you.” American Christendom thinks of itself as having overcome the sins of Roman Christendom. In the seventh quatrain, the sea at her feet is like the statue of Mary with the moon beneath her feet (Revelation 12:1), and symbolizes the sea of humanity, as the harlot is seen seated on the waters, which are “many peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues” (Revelation 17:15). The woman of Revelation 12 is the true church, contrasted very intentionally by St. John with the whore of Babylon. It is not clear that Dylan makes the distinction, yet. The phony false alarm is the warning of the apostles in the first century that the end times were at hand. The child of the hoodlum is Jesus, again according to the Jewish and pagan interpretation of the Immaculate Conception, and this is underlined by the thief, to appear soon in the ninth quatrain.

   Sheet metal memory of Cannery Row does not make sense to me, though there may be a connection to the earlier sheets like metal,” which we also do not understand. Cannery Row is a place in a certain city in Mexico, where artists or writers hung out. Magazine husband reminds of the Picture of Jesus on the cover of Newsweek around the millennium. But the internet has a reading that the first husband of Sara, who she broomed, was a magazine owner. We will give them the points for these lines, if we can gain a hearing for “Your gentleness now which you cannot help but show.” The once militant church that burned heretics has become gentle, and self consciously so, like a liberal rich man who publicizes his charity. This is also like the showing of the dead angels. Mercy” is now translated “Loving-kindness,” which is not a translation that is as close to what the text says. It says “mercy,” and when it wants to use the word love it does so, and in specific various forms. “Employ you” is the variation on the repeated line here in the ninth quatrain, regarding what the city or mankind tried to do with her in this age.

   The final quatrain reads:

Now you stand with your thief

You’re on his parole

With you holy medallion

And your fingers knotted fold

And your saint-like face, and your ghostlike soul

Who among them do you think could destroy you?

   The tenth phase of church history brings the prophesied attempt to destroy the church in the end times. She is on the parole of the thief, Jesus, as the Church is now, for the medieval persecutions and the molestation of choirboys. That is part of her ghost-like soul. The holy medallion brings the end to recall the beginning, and makes us sure of our interpretation. If this began as a song about his wife, it does not remain so, but comes to be about the Church as Bride. It is about both being let into her gate and into the Church as well. The warehouse eyes of the philosophic poet may also be the Christ in us.

   So, should the poet leave his vacuous curiosity for seeing, contemplation, of theory and beauty, and should he leave his foreign music at her gates in order to enter, since he is not welcome to enter with these? Or rather, Sad Eyed Lady, should he not wait, and should we not wait?

Remember? Reblog From Straight Arrow: No “Collusion?” Sater, Cohen and Trump Tower Moscow

Through: A Nibble, A Bite or a Meal, on WordPress, from New York Magazine, Weekend Edition, September 1 2017.

…..But Wait!….There’s More!…..on  ……”the Russian thing”……………

   Just so there’s no confusion: Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer emailed Vladimir Putin’s personal spokesman? Seeking help from the Kremlin on a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow? During the presidential campaign?
   Yes, this really happened. While most attention was rightly focused on the devastating flood in Houston, there was quite a bit of news on the Russia front — all of it, from President Trump’s perspective, quite bad.The revelations begin with a Trump business associate named Felix Sater . A Russian émigré who bragged about his Kremlin connections, Sater was a principal figure in development of the Trump Soho hotel and condominium project in lower Manhattan. Sater wrote a series of emails to Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, touting the Moscow Trump Tower project as a way to help Trump win the presidency.In November 2015 — five months after Trump had entered the race for the Republican presidential nomination — Sater wrote to Cohen that he had “arranged” for Trump’s daughter Ivanka, during a 2006 visit to Moscow, “to sit in Putins private chair at his desk and office in the Kremlin.”The email went on, “I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected. We both know no one else knows how to pull this off without stupidity or greed getting in the way. I know how to play it and we will get this done. Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this.”

Felix H. Sater, right, attends the Trump Soho Launch Party in 2007 in New York with Donald Trump, left, and Tevfik Arif, center.

Could Sater be just a blowhard who exaggerated his influence with the Russian president? Perhaps. But Ivanka Trump did tell the New York Times that she took a “brief tour of Red Square and the Kremlin” during that 2006 visit. The Times reported she said that “it is possible she sat in Mr. Putin’s chair during that tour but she did not recall it.”

There is no evidence that Cohen, one of Trump’s closest associates, found anything improper in Sater’s pledge to get Putin “on this program.” Nor did Cohen or anyone in the Trump Organization bother to disclose the emails — or the Trump firm’s effort, even during the campaign, to profitably emblazon the Trump name on the Moscow skyline — until the correspondence was turned over to the House Intelligence Committee on Monday.

And there’s more: In January 2016, with the Moscow project apparently stalled, Cohen went straight to the top to get it back on track — or at least tried to. He sent an email to Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s longtime personal spokesman, “hereby requesting your assistance.”

   Peskov confirmed that the email was received but said he did nothing about it and that it was not given to Putin.

So Trump was lying when he tweeted, shortly before his inauguration, that “I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA — NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!” The truth is that in October 2015, on the same day he participated in a GOP candidates’ debate, he signed a letter of intent for the Moscow Trump Tower project.

That is a “deal,” and Trump’s hunger to keep it alive may explain his reluctance to say anything critical about Putin. Or it may tell just part of the story.

The other part involves the whole question of collusion between Russian officials and the Trump campaign to meddle with the election and boost Trump’s chances. Sater’s boasts, by themselves, are hardly definitive. But of course there is the larger context, which includes the infamous meeting that Donald Trump Jr. convened in New York at which he hoped to receive dirt, courtesy of the Russian government, on Hillary Clinton.

Thus far we have the president’s son, son-in-law Jared Kushner (who was at that meeting), then-campaign manager Paul Manafort (also at the meeting) and now his personal lawyer all seemingly eager for Russian help in the election. Who in the campaign wasn’twilling to collude?

All of this is under scrutiny by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and the various congressional committees that are conducting investigations. Some have suggested that Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio, the unrepentant “birther” and racial profiler, might have been a message to Trump associates facing heat from prosecutors: Hang tough and don’t worry, you’ll get pardons.

But there was more bad news for the president: Politico reported that Mueller is now cooperating and sharing information with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Presidents can only issue pardons for federal offenses, not state crimes. Uh-oh.

….Moose and Squirrel Must Die…….OR NOT…..Weekend Edition…..

 (MLADEN ANTONOV / AFP/Getty Images)

   Responding to a Russian government demand to drastically slash its diplomatic staff in Russia, the Trump administration Thursday ordered Moscow to close three of its consular offices in the United States.

Russia will be required to close its Consulate General in San Francisco, the chancery annex in Washington and the consular annex in New York, the State Department announced.

The move was the latest tit-for-tat action in worsening relations between Washington and Moscow, despite President Trump’s expressions of friendliness toward President Vladimir Putin.

Angered over a package of congressionally mandated economic sanctions, Russia had ordered the U.S. to cut its staff in Russia by around two-thirds, to 455.

For DJs: Happy Lyric Love Poetry For Weddings

Appendix A: Ten Happy songs for weddings

   I have often been struck by how difficult it is to find great love songs that are happy rather than tragic love songs, and so good for playing at weddings. This is very strange, since a good half of all lyric songs are love songs. The bulk of the great lyric love songs are tear jerkers, like Yesterday, things one would not play at a wedding. For wedding celebrations, it is the function of music to bring recognition of the meaning of what is occurring, and the universal elements of family life. The trick is that the sorrows and false love involved in the themes of most music, and almost all of the blues, are banished from the ceremonies, leaving surprisingly little, even of the beginning or conception of love. Yet some of the gemstones are happy songs. My father is the wedding DJ C. J. Mac, and I went along on a few jobs with him, and considered taking up the trade myself, but could never be reconciled to the lowest common denominator songs that are able to get enough people dancing. So I thought I would collect songs that might make up part of the program of music for weddings. The music might be ordered according to the moments of love. In practice, my contribution is always limited to telling the DJ to “Play Louie Louie!”

The ceremony:

The Wedding Song                                     Paul Stokey

The Reception

Fast dance songs that can be played at weddings and have anything to do with what is occurring are so rare that these are marked with an *

Conception (Of love, not the consummation, idiot!)

The First time Ever I Saw Your Face         McCall / Roberta Flack

Jenifer Juniper                                             Donovan

Pretty Woman*                                            Roy Orbison

She’s a Rainbow                                         The Rolling Stones

I Can’t Explain*                                           The Who

Twilight Time                                             The Platters

Louie Louie*                                               The Kingsmen


We’ve Only Just Begun                                 Carpenters

Wouldn’t it Be Nice                                       Beech Boys

Golden Lady*                                              Stevie Wonder

Close to You                                                 Carpenters

Unchained melody

For Emily Wherever I can Find Her             Simon and Garfunkle


I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You       Elvis

You are So Beautiful                                 Leon Russell

Stay / Be My Wife/ Golden Years*                                David Bowie

Hush                                                           Herman’s Hermits

In My Life                                                   The Beatles

Something                                                   The Beatles

And I love Her                                             The Beatles

Songbird                                                       Nicks/ Fleetwood Mac

#9 Dream                                                     Lennon

Evergreen                                                     Streisand

My Sweet Lady,                                                            John Denver

Post-Consummation: Domesticity and Drudgery

Our House                                                   Nash     / CSNY

Crazy On You *                                             Heart

After the Lovin. I’m still in Love with You     Sinatra

If I were a Carpenter                                   Tim Hardin

Anne’s Song                                                 John Denver

When a man loves a woman                         Percy Sledge

Bridge over Troubled Water                         Simon and Garfunkel

The Long and Winding Road                                 McCartney / Beatles


Thank You                                                   Led Zeppelin

Happy Man                                                 Chicago

God only knows                                           Brian Wilson

Color My World                                           Chicago

What a Wonderful World                             Louis Armstrong

Filial and philosophical Meaning

Soul love                                              David Bowie

Ob bla di bla da*                                   The Beatles

Old Man                                                 Neil Young

Father and son/O very Young                                      Cat Stevens

Cats in the Cradle                                   Jim Croce

What Love is                                         Don White

  Why this should be so, that dance songs pertaining to marriage are rare, is a good question. But because dance music that pertains to marriage is also surprisingly rare, in a genuine DJ situation, I would mix in some unrelated songs that are both good and danceable, like “Superstition,” some Rasta from Bob Marley (No Woman, No Cry, for sarcasm!), some funk from Sly Stone, “Dance to the Music” and “Different Strokes,” “Play that Funky Music” by Black Cherry, and some early rock like “Twist and Shout,” and Lou Reed’s “Rock and Roll.” Talking Heads is danceable, as is The Ramones. Polka, such as “In Heaven There Ain’t No Beer” and “She’s too Fat for Me” is of course essential. “Love Shack” by the B-52″s might be pertinent and danceable. These rather than “YMCA,” “Old Time Rock and Roll,” “Celebrate,” and “We are Family,” as are usually played. I would hope the lowest common denominator would have an experience with the music of my weddings, not something that could be found anywhere or at every wedding.

April Tweets #2

This machine is truly amazing!

  1. Indeed, there is no place like home.

    1. Google, Amazon, Twitter, none have been questioned about data collection and targeted interference, and there is still no mention of Kaspersky, nor of the FACT that your tech is spying on you in your living room by camera, microphone and other unknown means.

    2. When these powers are abused, something needs to happen. Laws must punish election fraud, for example.

    3. There are no consequences for the violation of the Bill of Rights, which becomes a mere “parchment barrier” if the people do not understand it. It is used only to insulate political criminals who have lawyers.

    4. DNA is collected from YOUR trash, and can be used by any mob to frame any opponent, especially political opponents. See my pinned tweet? I watched my garbage truck, owned by a mob company, stop and pass trash bags to a red pickup that met them on the road. Nice, eh? Trust Trump?

    5. So far, there have been almost ZERO consequences for the Republican Russian election fraud, and Zero consequences for the abuse of data collection and targeted interference. What we know, but can do nothing about the slide of the United States into tyranny?

    6. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ophelia

      Ophelia is the good guy.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    7. Yes, the issue of campaign finance, called free speech by the Court, has allowed the big companies to spy on literally everyone, and this allowed the Russians to turn the election. The “Republicans” do not mind. When we understood liberty, we would not even let our government.

    8. Does no one realize that your tech is collecting “data” by camera and microphone inside your homes? Congress did not even ask Zuckerberg, and did not even question Microsoft or your FBI. Sources and methods, you know. Stupid slaves.

    9. A balanced budget amendment is imprudent in any case. What if we had a war and needed to win it, like Reagan won the old cold war, by outspending the enemy? If we did one amendment, it should address campaign finance and “free speech,” as that allowed Russian election fraud.

    10. James Comey thinks both that Trump is like a gangster and that he ought not be impeached. But as his presidency proceeds, the rule of law is undermined, and a thousand consequences that cannot be foreseen end the American leadership of the free world, maybe Western civilization.

    11. Carol Dreiling Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

      We cannot allow the Koch Bros to lead the way for changes to be made to our Constitution through a Constitutional Convention! Their father built an oil refinery in Nazi Germany that Hitler approved & they have been trying to control our govt for past 50 yrs. They must be stopped!

      Carol Dreiling added,

    12. Replying to 

      Orchestrated by big money donors like the Koch Bros. They have been trying to control our government for the last 50 years and are closer than ever to their goal. We must and they must be stopped!

    13. Replying to 

      The majority if people don’t know what a constitutional convention is or the consequences. This needs greater attention to educate Americans to the dangers and initiate action to stop it!

    14. The consequences of allowing Russia and the “Republicans” to keep the fake election of 2016 are terminal for liberty. It is over if we are snowed and allow a convention. Our executive branch is being dismantled. The people do not get “runaway convention,” but that’s the plan.

    15. There could not be a worse time to call a constitutional convention, because our election was just turned by data collection, Russian targeted interference and fake news. This is beyond obvious, but the American people are being played and deceived repeatedly.

    16. The proposed Constitutional convention, supposedly “to pass a balanced budget amendment,” just broke the press on the radio news for the first time. The Koch brothers have spent a lot to take over state legislatures. The U.S people have allowed themselves to be snowed so badly.

    17. Julie Andrews, Sidney Poitier in 1965

    18. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Kyle Griffin

      Calling all Centrists: Boycott the Republican Party! For indifference to Russian election interference Gerrymandering Indifference to gangsterism Party above nation Indifference to fascism Oligarchic destruction of the common good on prescription drugs, guns and environment, etc!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    19. Won’t tweet “Width of a Circle, but the guitar is great. Bowie was into some bad stuff there for a while.

    20. David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World (1999 Remastered) (SHM-CD) via

    21. Where sad-eyed mermen tossed in slumbers Nightmare dreams no mortal mind could hold A man would tear his brother’s flesh, a chance to die To turn to mold-Bowie, The Supermen

    22. Bowie – The Supermen via

      Translate from German

    23. Laurie Anderson – O Superman [Official Music Video] via

    24. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted

      And when justice is gone, there’s always…mom!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

      This Tweet is unavailable.
    25. I simply do not have anything to do with Facebook, because it is not an honest company. The business environment has selected for dishonesty, and those with scruples have long ago been edged out. Till we get hold of Congress, it will get worse.

    26. One thing that might help the internet is actual consequences and damages awarded when crimes are committed in the use of “data.” We must take away the fruits of the Russian election fraud, rather than letting the world slide into fascism “going forward,” for example. STAND UP!!

    27. On the nice NPR Pope show with David Kurtzer: If the Pope is the Schmope, the conservatives ought be silent and obey the liberal Francis, eh? And if the liberals are right, the conservative Pius IX guys ought be allowed to speak! That bit of Yin in the Yang.

    28. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted BetsyBits

      She’s PISSED!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    29. Know your history. Embrace your roots. Overcome your struggles. Remind your persecutors. •103 Years•

    30. aw Retweeted Carole Cadwalladr

      AIQ is lying…wouldn’t expect that of an upstanding business 😂😂

      aw added,

    31. Yes, all dogs go to Heaven. And like 7 cats so far.

    32. On suicide: With an eternity of time before we were, another ever to come, after were gone, The miracle is that ever we were. What is the rush? lets have some patience here! Devote the rest to fixing what we were.

    33. R.E.M. – Find The River (Official Music Video) [Parallel Video Version] via

    34. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! David Bowie – Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide (Live, 1973) via

    35. R.E.M. – Everybody Hurts (Official Lyric Video) via

    36. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted NPR

      Yeah! See REM, “Everybody hurts.” It won’t always seem so bad, and hope one cannot now imagine might appear. (Course, it could also get worse, or the guy could be a future axe murderer, but don’t tell ‘im that!)

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    37. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted NPR

      This is very strange. Under NO circumstances, with NO degree of negligence? Boycott the Republican Party.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    38. Deer comes so often he gets his own bed

    39. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Nipper Baker.

      Caption this!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    40. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Counterchekist

      I have asked Google for an account of the reason for what comes up when I search “mmcdonald77 Twitter” to access my twitter account. It is “what-would-be-most-useful-to-a-Trump-Russian-Troll”

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    41. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Found Lost Dogs

      Helping lost dogs get home is better than returning lost wallets, one of the most satisfying things, for some mysterious profound reason.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    42. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

      The gangster connections of the Trump administration are so incredibly dangerous. Why does even Comey not get it? IMPEACH!! Or suffer more than we can imagine, as is always the case with covert gangsterism. Oxy-heroine scam, anyone? We STILL do not get it!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    43. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted aw

      Excellent. If Koch’s WERE well-intending, their oligarchic politics may be the demise of their nation.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    44. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jack Van Impe Min.

      Hence, the “Gospel of Thomas,” likely genuine, is 114 sayings of Jesus recorded verbatim, to which Thomas adds nothing. Jesus made him touch the wounds.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    45. On March 10, 2017, President Trump fired me from my job as U.S. Attorney. Now, I’m running for Congress, and I’ve got a message for . Chip in to our campaign to help make sure he hears us loud and clear –>

    46. On 1A, NPR Weisberg& Fields, writers of the spy series “The Americans,” with a sympathetic view of Soviet spies. Do they know the difference between tyranny and liberty? Let alone one that killed as many of it’s own as Hitler per year. These are former CIA writers? Disinformation

    47. On cyberwar: We have yet to inquire into subliminal influences through the internet, though the conscious material is plenty bad. The reason that America is attacking itself, though, has yet to be accounted for.

    48. Toronto and Waffle House: There are STILL no public statistics regarding what prescription drugs these kids have been raised on. Ritalin and anti-depressants? The idea that the psych is to be treated in every way with drugs MUST GO. Drug lobbies won’t like it, but that’s too bad.

    49. Jason Kint Retweeted Jason Kint

      who is waking up at 5am EST to watch Kogan testify on the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal? 🖐️ 🍿 2am for the Menlo Park people.

      Jason Kint added,

    50. Rocky and Bullwinkle | 1 Hour Compilation | TV Series Full Episode | Car… via


    52. Chuck Jones – The Evolution of an Artist via

    53. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Olaf

      Christianity is not a religion of law at all, while Moses and Mohammed are indeed legislators. Paul in Romans and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene agree, and had we listened, almost 2000 years of sectarian disaster caused by “Christian” legislators would have been avoided.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    54. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted TheResistance Report

      No way! Look, Russia tried to get us into a war with not just a few thousand in the heretical ISIS, but ALL of Islam, 1.9 billion innocent people, while Atheist Russia rakes in another win-win scheme for Putin! The three Abraham faiths, honoring God Most High, are natural allies.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    55. Mark A. McDonald Dorothy (Judy Garland, right) with Glinda (Billie Burke), the Good Witch of the North in The Wizard of Oz, 1939. Book: South. Witch hunt? Find water: Made of SUGAR. Ruby slippers= constitution. Let’s get broom! Man behind curtain? Poppies?

    56. INTERPOL Washington Provides Support to ICE during Operation No Safe Haven IV. April 20, 2018. Press Release. INTERPOL Washington Issues Orange Notice for Counterfeit Medical Devices. April 18, 2018. Press Release. Interns Visit National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

    57. Interpol – Wikipedia The International Criminal Police Organization more commonly known as Interpol, is an international organization that facilitates international police cooperation. It was established as the International Criminal Police Commission

    58. Not yet a SHRED of news raising the question of the obvious connection between KASPERSKY- who was handling computer security for 4 hundred million accounts from MOSCOW and staffed by KGB- with election fraud: Google, Microsoft, Cambridge, Mercer, Devos, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    59. Tell Mueller to ask Don: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward the Russians by lessening sanctions? And at first weakening NATO? Russia did things for him through the internet to evade U. S. law. Trump is guilty.

    60. Russia did things for him through the internet to evade U. S. law. Trump is guilty of bribery and election fraud. Data collection and targeted imterference especially through Kaspersky, handling 4 hundred million computer security accounts from Moscow, staffed by KGB, are means.

    61. Hope the DNC understands that someone told Trump the election would be turned for him and the means undetectable, and they wanted him to know who to reward, and just as he rewarded Bannon for fake news, he lessened sanctions. Gangsters work that way. Hillary’s e-mails is nothing.

    62. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Dr. C. K. Coop

      No more corrupt campaign finance in Congress: John Adams: This constitution was meant for a people of virtue, and will work for no other. Without integrity, especially in Congress regarding gun lobbies, we are TOAST!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    63. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted The Hoarse Whisperer

      That is why Republicans too must impeach the “president Russia chose to destroy America, and support the Supreme Court when it voids the 2016 election!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    64. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted NPR

      A little river- Esther 1 (Apocrypha)

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    65. URGENT! Today is the LAST DAY to get for the . This would allow Congress to overrule the ‘s vote. But that won’t happen unless we get a majority in the Senate! What can you do? 1 of 2

    66. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Lauren Hogg

      A little river-

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    67. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted aw

      He’s snowed by those who want us to war with Islam. Allah is the God of Abraham, and Isaac and Ishmael are brothers. Mohamed calls the Apostles “Muslim,” i.e. faithful. Mo is the first to teach religious liberty, no religion by compulsion. But at least Pompeo gets the 4th A)

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    68. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Fredon Moniteau

      Before America went mad due to Russian interference with opinion through the internet, myself, my Trumpster uncle and Trumpster father all supported Ben Carson. His “Two wings of the eagle” stuff is good centrism, but he NEVER mentions MLK, and the dude was into his medicine bag.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    69. A piece of shit walked into Waffle House today and took the lives of 4 people. One was my sister. I have so much anger in my heart right now. But I want y’all to see the beautiful face of the woman that was taken from us today! Baby girl I love you so much. I’m so sorry

    70. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted David Corn

      And this: David Corn reports on Kaspersky and the Supreme Court cases to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference, so Russia cannot continue to bribe Trump in ways not understood, with dangerous implications, eh Davey?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    71. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ophelia

      No way! Granny is a goddess! Couple weeks ago, they had Jethrine, Jethro’s sister back home. Mr. Dreisdale’s son was courtin’ Ellie May by the cement pond, while Granny gave Jed a haircut with a bowl!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    72. KrisS Retweeted Jennifer Cohn

      KrisS added,

    73. Today is Shakespeare’s birth and death day, 1564-1616. My dissertation on King Lear was mysteriously defended on this day, postponed because the word processor would not spit out that many pages fast enough. That was also t 400th anniversary of t first performance of Lear, 1597.

    74. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

      Kaspersky handled computer security for 4 hundred million accounts from Moscow staffed by KGB, and no doubt collected “data,” allowed Russian targeted interference, cultivated U.S. fascism and helped elect Trump, and a Congress indifferent to Russian interference.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    75. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Tami

      We have brought THREE massively obstructed Supreme Court cases to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference, #16-907 (granted mandamus, and mysteriously misfiled on the way back up from the Appeals Court), #16-1464 and #17-857, all with zero funding or press. States must

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    76. Comey thinks we should not impeach, but allow the Russian elected “president” to simply continue dismantling our government and imposing a tyranny? I think not. But then, I do not realize that with the Trumpsters, whether we suffer even nuclear destruction is a partisan issue!

    77. Today would have been my friend Gina’s 15 birthday. One thing I would like you to know about Gina is that she was always smiling and unapologetically herself. Gina loved great stories with epic journeys in them. Gina’s story did not end on Feb.14, it only began a new chapter.

    78. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted History Lovers Club

      I saw Jordan leave the ground at the foul line and complete a dunk in a TV game..

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    79. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Paul Reggio

      Glad the director of housing is hard at work!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    80.   Retweeted

      The Word of God is the lamp with which we look to the future: its light allows us to read the signs of the times.

    81. Comey thinks we should not impeach, but allow the Russian elected “president” to simply continue dismantling our government and imposing a tyranny? I think not. But the, I do not realize that with the Trumpsters, whether we suffer even nuclear destruction is a partisan issue!

    82. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted SnoozyQ

      I thought it requires a majority of state legislatures? They are calling a Constitutional Convention by a majority of House votes? With ZERO PRESS! Someone does want a Civil War!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    1. The Shroud was thought to be from the 1200’s by a C-14 test on the fringe, but that is a repair. There is pollen from first century Jerusalem in it, and again, the 3D image could only be forged by something like laying a crucified body inverse in the sun for a month+. It’s real.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    2. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

      The Shroud is of course real. It is un-forge-able, a 3D photographic negative from the light of the Resurrection, the first photograph. How’s that for the scientific skeptics!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    3. Gosh do we miss Garrison Keillor on Sunday. He was sooooo scammmmed. Where are the conspiracy theorists when its obvious. Don’t expect THIS executive to investigate! Their friends did it!

    4. This thread will provide a snapshot of the Anti-Government Extremist movement in the US as of April, 2018.

    5. See, every time we think we’re getting hold of something by making it public knowledge, Trump-Russia just goes around us. The election fraud is, what, Mr Comey, just going to be accepted and reduced to pissing hookers and “sew confusion”? Russia elected Trump to destroy us.

    6. The FCC just ended Net Neutrality, but Congress can overrule them. Text BATTLE to 384-387 to save the web. Defend

    7. Election fraud is evident from the early primaries, where Trump defies pre-election polls continually. The danger is Russia cultivating fascist opinion. That their goal was to “sew confusion” is so limited an intelligence judgment one suspects it is a lie

    8. THAT- election fraud and bribery- is why we should have removed Trump long ago, and risk the destruction of our nation to persist in relatively petty concerns.

    9. James Comey is limited. Not the Steele dossier and blackmail over prostitutes, but Kaspersky and Russian deflecting of opinion through the primaries and election, and the concern that Trump rewards Russia by reducing sanctions, is THE issue. Is the FBI fibbing to hide using K?

    10. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

      Monsanto is literally ruining 10 thousand+ years of human agriculture in an attempt to control seeds and sell Roundup, Dicamba etc worldwide.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    11. Veselnitskaya told The Associated Press during an interview in Moscow on Sunday that she hasn’t been approached by Mueller, the former FBI director leading the U.S. investigation of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.

    12. ‘The Beverly Hills lawyer who represented two women who were paid in 2016 to keep quiet about their alleged affairs with Donald J. Trump has been drawn into the federal investigation focused on Michael D. Cohen, Mr. Trump’s longtime lawyer and fixer.’ —

    13. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted awnd

      When no major war is occurring? At least Reagan’s deficit was to win the cold war, (not lose it!).

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    14. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Fredon Moniteau

      And his tyranny, and his collusion with Putin, and his USE of religion for ulterior motives, and his attack on the sojourner, and election fraud, bribery, emoluments, and if he begins to commit murder?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    15. Theodora Anne Merry Retweeted

      Rohingya. Yemen. Syria. Iraq. Sudan. Myanmar. Central African Republic. Nigeria. Somalia. Suffering It remains is up to us to together work to end the systematic killing and protect the lives of minority groups worldwide: Learn more here:

      Theodora Anne Merry added,

      This Tweet is unavailable.
    16. Tough words from the US government to human rights abusers and dictators: “Over the past year, through the Russia Magnitsky and Global Magnitsky Acts…no human rights abuser, no matter where in the world, is out of our reach.”

    17. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ophelia

      “It’s Ok, Olga, you can sit in the front!”

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    18. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bill Browder

      Twitter must cease SELLING fake followers, or they will have no free market in which to do business. One half of all Trump’s followers are fake, and the other half came following those.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    19. Musings on the Preamble to the Constitution

    20. #16-1464 to Void the 2016 Russian-U.S. Election

    21. Mark Small and the Revote Case: Federalist 68: Void the Election

    22. The Supreme Court DOES Have the Power to Void A Presidential Election Due To Foreign Interference. Consider the Language of Ex Parte Yarbrough (1884), and Apply It to the Supreme Court Itself, (Which Has Article IV.4)

    23. This was the most recent attempt. States need to bring the case to assure origin jurisdiction and solidity. Legal Basis Page On #17-857 To Fix The Russia-Thrown Election

    24. Consider the Language of Ex Parte Yarbrough (1885), and Apply It to the Supreme Court Itself, (Which Has Article IV.4)

    25. Here is an informal friend letter. Amicus Brief: On Supreme Court Case #16-1464

    26. Here is the second of three attempts. Re-vote Revived! Supreme Court Asked Again to Void 2016 Election Due to Russian Interference

    27. Since then, we have brought #16-1464 and 17-857 with ZERO press and a great deal of obstruction. Revive the Re-vote: Declare 2016 Elections Void due to Russian Interference

    28. Sources: Russia probe means President Hatch; RICO Case Against GOP

    29. Sunrise at the North Pole.

    30. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted MSNBC

      No clue as to who sent me that threat while writing a comment on a letter to President Obama Jan 16,2017, nor where KASPERSKY was located?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    31. Patrick Retweeted

      Mark “Deepthroat” Felt, the man who helped take down Richard Nixon, was Deputy Director of the FBI

      Patrick added,

      This Tweet is unavailable.
    32. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted History Lovers Club

      Wobbly Hope (Genesis 9:13)…”by water” is the technicality or escape clause in the covenant with all flesh, plus, it doesn’t say man won’t do it. Proves Torah is eternal. God was a lawyer before Mosaic law!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    33. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Laurence Tribe

      Yeah! That is how one gets at technical conspiracy. Trump had Russia do things like internet interference and death threats, intimidation, etc, that would be much more difficult than fake news for Bright Bart to get away with from inside the U. S. during a campaign. SC YETLarry!?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    34. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Psychology Living

      Ja, smell the coffee, America! (In the first 20 minutes, special stuff comes with the vapors of fresh coffee)

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    35. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted tRick Salsman

      He is a basic shyster, worse than Dorothy’s Wizard, that wagon trader from the neighborhood she met before the tornado, remember? Still, lets go get that broom! This tyranny is made of SUGAR!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    36. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Janet Smith

      The men and women of duty can see what has occurred.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    37. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ricky Davila

      So, are we going to make the High school kids stand up to the Confederates, too? How bout some “White” guys legally and constitutionally stand up against the rising FASCISM?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    38. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Rob

      So, Don, did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia by working to decrease sanctions? and at first to weaken NATO? Mueller and Congress need to ask so Trump is bound to answer. C while impeaching for BRIBERY.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    39. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jack Van Impe Min.

      One wonders if those concerned primarily with immortality for themselves can be saved at all. We do the good for its own sake, and the metaphysics are a marvel, but not primarily our business.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    40. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Janet Smith

      There is apparently no law for the trumpsters, as Roger Stone for example threatens whomever he likes, while everyone else is under the most extreme legalism+.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    41. NYT reported that Cohen was working with Russian investor, the infamous Felix Sater, on a Trump Tower Moscow during the 2016 campaign. Sater reportedly boasted to Cohen about his ties to Putin, claiming that they could “engineer” the election for Trump.

    42. Right on NPR, a Trumpster is consulted, pretending to be objective, saying the suit of the Dem. Party is partisan. But is it TRUE? Ad Hominem is the favorite Trump argument. We ask, “Do you mean to say Trump-Russia could do all alleged and it’s fine because the Dem’s are a party?

    43. …And the truth is too that the appetites are a joke, and George Carlin was the first to be able to joke about it, in Christendom at least. The Jews always had a healthier, more realistic view, with less inner division and repression., without saying such things were not wrong.

    44. …because Allan Bloom, in Closing of the American mind, makes fun of Townshend’s “Pictures of Lilly,” not realizing the seriousness of the song or the issue. The song is like “Somewhere in time,” where the guy falls in love with a woman from the past, and goes back in time,

    45. Hand Solo? My friend said, “I’m dating Miss Michigan!”

    46. By coincidence, on NP they’re talking about porn on Fresh air! Besides, if one is spent, the true princess could walk right by and be missed.

    47. The truth is of course that celibacy IS best and possible, and internet porn a violation of the viewer, because the male is moved by vision.

    48. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

      Assurance wireless goes through Manila, where Dew-Tart is tyrant, Russian elected by the same election fraud, not even on the U.S. base in Manila.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    49. We See You Seva Retweeted Anabelle

      People need to know…

      We See You Seva added,

    50. Point is, despite my generation, history ain’t changed The Who – The Punk And The Godfather via

    51. Get all my papers and smile at the sky Though I know that the hypnotized never lie Do ya? There’s nothing in the street Looks any different to me ‘the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye The parting on the left Is now parting on the right And the beards’ve all grown longer overnight

    52. Won’t Get Fooled Again: Townshend

    53. Now me and Lilly are together in my dreams…If only… The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again (Live at Kilburn 1977) via

    54. Pictures Of Lily – The Who via
    55. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

      Didn’t take ’em long!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    56. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

      Wait till they remember Kaspersky was handlig computer security for 4 hundred million accounts FROM MOSCOW staffed by “former” KGB!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    57. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted History Lovers Club


      Mark A. McDonald added,

    58. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted George Washington

      ! I’m still just sure this is a joke, or Russian fake news to make fun of liberals.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    59. Jon Favreau Retweeted Kyle Griffin

      How many people could have health care for $3.59 billion? Child care? A college education? Housing? Food?

      Jon Favreau added,

    60. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted ACLU

      ‘Cept Congress is on OXY!!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    61. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Rob Reiner

      Marco Rubio may also file suit, as he is the one especially jilted in the primaries when the prevote polls were mysteriously defied, the the “Republicans saluted what was run up the flagpole, saying, “well, he won the election,” like, there must be something we just don’t see.”Ja

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    62. Wild cherry trees in Nara, Japan

    63. Barbara A. Welsh Retweeted Tom Hall  

      Early celebrations of Trump’s demise have begun on beaches everywhere:

      Barbara A. Welsh added,

    64. BREAKING 🇺🇸 Democratic Party files suit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016 election

    65. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted UnsilentMajority  🌹

      No, that’s the good news! He’ll be safe, and he doesn’t have to fake it any more. Bad news is, his only twitter follower will be AUNT CRABBY!!! YEAH! (She suffer-eth for the common good, and swear-eth for OUR sins!)

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    66. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Melissa Matrese

      Hope for the future:

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    67. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Henderson Smith

      Stand up! The problem is not your standing up, but standing up alone.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    68. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted God

      First love, or women, then the seed bearing herb, maybe. Ex boss: “We know God is a man, cause He made women so beautiful.” Ja, who wants to see two guys…not even women! They know were butt ugly!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    69. NPR has some cookies for “contributors: Wells Fargo, KASPERSKY (former), Enbrige. At least they disclose it, and it does not seem to effect their reporting nearly as much as their attempt to be balanced toward the trumpsters, which cannot but be a groaner!
    70. Marco Rubio may want to follow up the Democratic Party with a suit of his own. He is the one deprived in the primaries. The same effect was occurring in the primaries, where pre-election polls were repeatedly defied, then republicans would say,”Well, he won the election…”
    71. Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016 cam…

    72. Democratic Party files lawsuit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016 campaign – The Washington Post

    73. Comey memos expose major problem in Trump’s story about his night at the Moscow Ritz

    74. Comey memos expose major problem in Trump’s story about his night at the Moscow Ritz

    75. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jack Van Impe Min.

      Midrash Tihilim Anyone?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    76. …The Trumpsters and Roger Stone, and all the Confederate flag-wavers will most likely go home, and Putin may get out of Syria and the Ukraine to boot. Then we can restore the Fourth Amendment, and just put up with the inconvenience of not being able to spy on everyone.
    77. If states take the case to the Supreme Court, and the court voids the election, reverting to Joe Biden till November, the men and women of duty will obey. The law being on our side, let the Trumpsters and Roger Stone take the field against the blue, white and every legal force.
    78. These people know that they are wrong, and serve from self interest in the baser sense. The fascist opinion, manufactured for us, continues to rise, cultivated by the internet, since targeted interference is simply allowed.
    79. We already tried doing nothing about internet data collection and targeted interference, from fear that campaign contributions might be less, or the short term economy suffer, and look where that got us. Putin is laughing! While literally watching anyone he wants to watch!
    80. WE must proceed legally and constitutionally in the face of threats. The alternative is to grab the snake from the wrong end, or meet them now in the field. But WE must proceed, doing nothing is not an option, because any hope that bad things just won’t happen is foolishh.
    81. The idea that we now know Russia and US forces conspired to commit election fraud and succeeded, but we are afraid to do anything about it is just brainsplitting. STAND UP! Most likely, they will do nothing and Putin go home. But if not, sooner or later, we must, or suffer worse.

    82. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Theodora Anne Merry

      Civil war or worse will result if we allow election fraud to continue in office. Putin can trick Trump into doing something Trump thinks a small thing, but in fact allows Putin to have us nuked. This cannot continue. We must Impeach to end obstruction, and void ASAP.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    83. Michigan is signing up every pot smoker, while Sessions has promised to prosecute, and may use these laws to attack Trump opponents just as ICE used the law to attack Chaldeans, and no one did a thing. Signing up pot smokers is fundamentally unconstitutional for obvious reasons.
    84. WE must put a stop to the control of opinion through the internet, and there is no sign that Congress understands or is willing or able to do this. The control of opinion, as by fake followers, is fundamentally criminal and now perfectly legal.
    85. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

      Anyone want nto smash up a troll farm?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    86. Look, the internet has become essential communications. We cannot do privacy policies and opting out and in, selling our souls or not using it, Law must enter a new dimension, beginning with the fourth Amendment. I never sold my voter rights to use Google. Want to sue? no courts.
    87. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Caroline O.

      National security has required IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT for over a year. Congress does nothing, having never read REVELATION !7-18!! The destruction of a great commercial republic, apparently.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    88. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

      Why ever would Donald be a target? No one will ask him: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you/ And the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia by lessening sanctions? And weakening NATO?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    89. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted end times life

      No one is allowed to buy or sell when the mark occurs. Hand and forehead may be literal too, but indicate plan or belief and action or doings.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    90. : snipers shoot killed a protester “Ahmed Aqel” in the head. . WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!

    91. IMPEACH!! IMMEDIATELY VOID the 2016 fake election- REVOTE in November. National Security is being ruined, and has been at stake since 2016.

    92. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted MSNBC

      Firing Mueller might backfire on Trump. But he is the same Trump who would do it but for strategy, and Congress is not Impeaching. IMPEACH!! VOID the 2016 fake election- REVOTE in November.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    93. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Kassandra Seven

      …As long at you do not have a certain distance that must be reached by a set time! Lao Tzu is wiser than Confucius!-mm

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    94.  McDonald Retweeted Tomorrow

      The liberal press has for the most part not adopted fake news or “kompromat” as a deliberate tactic, nor used Cambridge Analytica style opinion control, and THAT is why Trump is president. Trump’s accusations are often projection.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    95. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jon Cooper  🌊

      No Way! That is too liberal for us!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    96. California Store Clerk Calls Cops on Black Man Who Asked for Refund; Black Man Gets Beaten Bloody

    97. Once the Trump-Russia tyranny is in place, the disaster will begin to appear, and until then, no one will believe it. Trump himself may be gone by then, but fascism, war and nuclear destruction are all we have to compare. All because of data collection and our indifference.
    98. We have let the whole tyranny of Trump-Russia hang on a single investigation, and when he sends this to Congress, they will do nothing. The States can have investigations, but what, secede when they find Trump guilty? This is how tyranny happens, and when this is solidified…
    99. Anything that can be done for “Marketing” purposes can of course be done for political purposes, but the people care about money, and do not care about politics. Putin bought your data and used it to elect your president and congress. It is still, to prevent doing anything to fix
    100. My Senators and representative were asked, during the Cambridge Analytics news and questioning of Facebook, whether my computer is spying on me by camera and microphone. It is, and they did not even understand the question. No one asked Zuckerberg, “Does Facebook collect video?
    101. As long as your tech is spying on you, collecting “data” by camera and microphone and any other way possible, then influencing each and groups in mass by algorithms applied to media, tyranny, universal tyranny will result. Why let this happen?

    102. The strategy is to control opinion, then let opinion control justice, so that nothing comes of the Mueller investigation. Data collection allows the control of opinion, getting more sophisticated as time advances. That is where the money is, and we are not responding. Tyranny

    103. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted David Corn

      Don traded favors for Russian election interference, and that is BRIBERY and election fraud. Both are impeachable, and we deserve the destruction that will come if we do not fix this, but pretend like nothing happened.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    104. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Shannon Fisher

      So long as this and fake followers are legal, we will never have another free election.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    105. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted 1st Sergeant (First Shirt)

      Maybe a bunch of white guys with the REAL flag should go re-open the school, and remind them the South learned that lesson once the hard way.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    106. As a statement of territory, we can oppose the flag, since it is treason and rebellion, as the South found out once the hard way. Black students taunted as ‘slaves’ at Michigan school surrounded by Confederate flags via rawstory

    107. What percentage of Congress is on Oxy? Just, you know, out of curiosity. My goldfish do not do Oxy, and they are quite sharp!

    108. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Louise Mensch

      Don, did someone tell you the election would be thrown for you and the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia by lessening sanctions, and at first weakening NATO? Just like you rewarded Bannon for fake news by making him Chief of Staff? Election fraud? Where is CONGRESS!?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    109. Look, if we are going to ignore the influence of Russia on our executive, and ignore election fraud, we are no longer a free or great but a criminal nation without rule of law, and may well be destroyed. Russia is not going to tell gangsters WHY, but just pay to have things done.

    110. Nicki Haley did not get confused. Trump is STILL influenced by bribery for Russia turning the election. Mueller and everyone else needs to ask him: “Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? Did you pay Russia by lessening sanctions?

    111. Plastic waste in natural water sources is killing over 100,000 each year.

    112. After the Cambridge Analytica story, Americans still do not get that free elections are over if we allow data collection and targeted interference. No news on Google or Kaspersky, and Republicans are more in denial about the little problem in our executive branch than before.

    113. Pompeo should be confirmed, but might consider whether ISIS has the proper interpretation of Islam. We believe Cat Stevens instead-Yusef Islam. The ISIS interpretation may be a Western or Russian imported corruption. There is no compulsion in matters of religion (acc. to Quran)

    114. Pompeo is wrong because “Allah” is a name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael, and the Quran calls the Apostles “Muslim,” before Mohammed was a Muslim. Jesus is worshiped in the scriptures, and we do not know what Islam makes of this, since, Lk 18:19; Mk 10:18 no one but God

    115. The Three Secrets of Fatima Blog

    116. The Limitations of Andrew C. McCarthy On Islam, Part II: From the Depths of Darkness, He Will Lead them Into Light

    117. On Pompeo, the problem is not the Christian part of his “world view,” but rather his false view of Islam. A million + lives are at stake in this ERROR:

    118. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Eric Schneiderman

      ICE has been permitted to enter Michigan and seize Chaldeans for deportation contrary to law, potentially participating in MURDER, as these are bound for persecution. Our AG and Governor, the “tough nerd,” do NOTHING!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    119. Glad we dealt with that little problem of data collection, spy-marketing and targeted interference ending free elections by questioning Zuckerberg and making him promise. Next we’ll deal with the oxy- heroin scam by asking Congress to rate their pain 1-10 at laws against sarcasm.

    120. Ok, since Mitch McConnell is NOT a traitor, if Trump DOES fire Mueller, both Senate and house are poised to react to save the rule of law from Russia’s intended tyranny, correct? Even if a month goes by, exceeding the memory of both Americans and goldfish combined?

    121. Thread – On Dealing with a Bully, or Donald J. Trump vs. the People of the United States of America, and what the People should demand of their Institutions and Civil Servants.

    122. Leader of Southern Baptists slams Trump-loving Christians for twisted priorities

    123. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

      F’n genius Deutsch!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    124. Great Barrier Reef: 30% of coral died in ‘catastrophic’ 2016 heatwave

    125. McDonald Retweeted God

      Don’t do it, God! We need you on Twitter to tell the shrinks where to go!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    126. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

      Ja, check out my pinned Tweet, America! Where did “trumpics” (click on the photo) get the photo to use in that composite, dressed in not my clothes? WHY will the FBI do nothing? Rule of Law? Goes nice with death threats, though.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    127. Garry Kasparov Retweeted Max Boot

      And people wonder why Putin is “popular” with total control of Russian politics, civil society, and the media? One year of Trump & one cable channel and half the GOP happily attacks the FBI!

      Garry Kasparov added,

    128. I don’t have a plan for you all. I’m winging this just like you. Please, for the love of Me, take some responsibility for yourselves.

    129. Townshend did not get this one from a story in the British press! He got it from the end of Quadro-Phrenia! The Who – Love reign over me via

    130. A story in the Brit press of a boy raised as a girl by a psycho parent images the gender confusion of modernity. Dr.s Sennholtz and Stair don’t even want to hear… I’m A Boy The Who via

    131. On the right is Thomas Toczyszyn and Mary Bielamowicz, chased out of Ladyczn by the Ruskies in 1898, after throwing his money in the street and sleeping in a pig’s trough. On the left, well, you all know who they are. Hey Vlad! Get out of both Syria and the Ukraine!

    132. Dude IS fast! Hendrix IS the alien, unlike other space man songs by Bowie and Taupin. Jimi Hendrix – Third Stone from the Sun (45 rpm) via

    133. Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child, Live ’69 via

    134. Wonder if the trolls are keepin’ up! Uriah Heep – Traveller In Time & Easy Livin’ 1973 via

    135. Uriah Heep – Easy Livin’ Live – Hài mới nhất – Video hài mới full hd hay nhất

      Translate from Vietnamese

    136. Deep Purple – Highway Star via

    137. Steppenwolf – Born to be wild 1969 via

    138. THE WHO – I Can See For Miles (1969) via

    139. Thunder: Pictures Of Lily – The Who via

    140. To Islam and Evangelicals: Farabi read Arist’s Physics 20x, Avicenna the Metaph. 40x w/o understanding, then ran into the street for joy when Farabi helped him understand. (Durants, IV, p. 25-255). Islam is our ally AGAINST Russia, FOOL.

    141. I’m A Boy The Who via

    142. About one in ten of these tweets appear on the home page. That is how the effort to fix this mess is prevented by control of the internet. Lindsay Graham might regulate Facebook, Walberg with a “light touch.” Next year, they may consider Google, or the campaign contributions.

    143. …And we cannot imagine fixing the election fraud we now know to have occurred. Most Americans do not know what impeachment is, that we have a Supreme Court, or that they should call their Representative without fear of being placed on a list for investigation, as in Russia.

    144. We have simply allowed Russia to plant a tyranny in our nation, preparing to destroy our Constitution and end opposition to his in principle unlimited expansion. We are in danger of civil war and nuclear destruction, after our weapons are used to destroy his other competitors.

    145. Those arguments were demonstrated 15-17 MONTHS ago. In the mean time, Trump has been allowed to place his people in the executive departments, and is about to seize the FBI, as soon as he softens Congress to the completion of his tyranny.

    146. …But as it is, we just now agreed that data collection and targeted interference was the means, beyond domestic fake news and Trumpster trolling, gerrymandering, dark money to buy fake twitter followers, computer experts to channel google searches, etc., through the primaries.

    147. If the depth of what is occurring did appear, states would bring the cases we tried to bring with #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857, and the obstruction of the effort to solidify the argument would be prevented. The election would have been voided in January 2016 at the latest.

    148. Threats and intimidation by Russia and by the Trump organization have been simply allowed by our incredulous FBI and Congress, as though there were no law at all already. Anyone getting traction in an attempt to fix the Russian election of Trump has been hit with gangster tactics

    149. One need only turn opinion by 10%, and fake news, trolling, bots, fake followers plus illegal things like intimidation done fo r trump by Russia are plenty to lead us into foreign and civil war, just for example, or to elect an inept, tyrannic executive a pawn to Putin’s strategy

    150. If we would add up what it means to set aside privacy, allow Russia to collect data, target interference, channel speech and shape opinion by controlling the internet, the context might begin to appear. We do not believe such a thing is possible, and that is how it can occur.

    151. We have only begun to scratch the surface of the internet interference with the Cambridge/Facebook story, and the Comprehensive context still has barely begun to appear. The Republicans think many lesser matters are at stake, while Putin has been using our flaws to destroy U.S.

    152. It seems they will focus on the obvious, gerrymandering and Trump’s false accusation of voter fraud. This is a part, but a very small part. Here’s how Trump is rigging democracy at the voting booth.

    153. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

      Surely they will focus on data collection, Kaspersky, Google and targeted interference.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    154. Kakokcracy is closer still. We have not begun to imagine the depth of the evil of one who would commit these political tortures and murders, nor the comprehensive plot. Karen Dawisha, 68, Dies; Traced Roots of Russian Corruption

    155. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Theodora Anne Merry

      The kids may not be able to watch anything if we do not wake this nation up!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    156. Sad and important obituary of Karen Dawisha, one of the bravest academics of our time and one of the first people to confront Putin’s kleptocracy. She will be sorely missed. Apr 17

    157. Yep….but they won’t. That had to be done prior to Gorsuch.

    158. The Supreme Court can void the 2016 election due to Russian interference if states would bring the case. This IS a national security crisis, if anyone has noticed.

    159. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted awnd

      If the Supreme Court would void the 2016 election, Obama/Biden would be active president. They are the last legitimately elected ticket, Biden the legal president if Obama is term limited. The revote could then be held in November, with the FBI/ NSA opposing Russian interference.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    160. Russian reporter who died after falling from his fifth-floor balcony had been investigating allegations about Deripaska and Manafort made by Belarusian escort Nastya Rybka (and exposed by )

    161. McDonald Retweeted TOᑭ ᖇOᑭE TᖇAViS  🇺🇸

      I thought she gave a good speech at the UN. IMPEACH! VOID! WHY DOES AMERICA not get it!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    162. McDonald Retweeted 1st Sergeant (First Shirt)

      IMPEACH of LAW WILL BE SEIZED! VOID the Fraudulent 2016 elections! Yea, it’s hard, but TYRANNY is harder.

      McDonald added,

    163. Dick’s Sporting goods: IF we would fix our election fraud, it might be wise to store rather than destroy extra weapons. But if we will not take the fruits away from Russia, these arms are as likely to be used by one part against another as for the common defense. FIX the election

    164. I can get free extensions from Norton to protect against perniscious sites In disguise I might accidentally visit, but must agree to give Google all my computer’s browsing history, so Norton can protect me. Congress just does not “get” the internet.

    165. ‘Russian Elon Musk’ raped and tortured to death in custody, say experts

    166. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bill Browder

      This is Putin. He threw our elections, and we are too stupid and corrupt to fix it. He is calculating on a plan based on U. S. vulnerabilities due to our presidencies limitations. We are exposed. FIX IT! VOID the 2016 election. IMPEACH IMMEDIATELY!!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    167. April 16, 2018 Devotional

      Translate from French

    168. McDonald Retweeted Jack Van Impe Min.

      “Do this in remembrance of me.” The communion is the bread of life, what the manna in the ark is like.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    169. “Kings of the East” are aligning behind the wicked Assad, and the only explanation is hatred of Israel. Why these nations will not GO HOME is beyond U.S. Iranian general:

    170. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jack Van Impe Min.


      Mark A. McDonald added,

    171. BBC News – Yemen crisis: Who is fighting whom?

    172. The cause of our failure to void the 2016 elections is as hidden as the SOURCE of the obstruction of our 3 Supreme Court cases and the refusal of the law at every level to oppose their obstruction. From my pinned Tweet up to the failure of the press to report on KASPERSKY strange

    173. So, we, the U.S., “backs” Saudi Arabia against Yemen, but could not “back” the decent Syrian opposition to Assad enough to prevent that wicked tyrant? And does that have something to do with Russia? IMPEACH!!

    174. The best point I have, though, regarding the flesh-eating bacteria is to remove the infection mechanically, with a drawing salve like Boil Ease, or one we make for poison ivy of corn starch, egg whites and peroxide. Low tech solutions are often overlooked.

    175. The best point I have, though, regarding the flesh-eating bacteria is to remove the infection mechanically, with a drawing salve like Boil Ease, or one we make for poison ivy of corn starch, egg whites and peroxide. Low tech solutions are often overlooked.

    176. Any lawyers want to sue trumpics, and probably Microsoft? A court has decided Facebook can be sued for collecting pictures of faces for recognition without consent. Trumpics set mine on the internet for the rest of all time. Every death threat now has an added dimension. Thanks.

    177. Townshend really said this, too. The Who – Love reign over me via

    178. Townshend really said this: The Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal are mine to see on clear days You thought that I would need a crystal ball to see right through the haze

    179. Townshend’s telepathy. The Who – I Can’t Explain via

    180. Who is underestimated. Psychdrama. The Who – I Can’t Explain via

    181. The Who – Substitute via

    182. Pictures Of Lily – The Who via

    183. The Who – The Punk And The Godfather via

    184. Elton John – Madman Across the Water (1971) With Lyrics! via

    185. Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters – Elton John (Honky Chateau 9 of 10) via

    186. Pretenders – Back On The Chain Gang (1982) via

    187. Talking Heads – Take Me To The River (HQ) via

    188. Last, for the Trumpsters: B’52 – Private Idaho – HQ via

    189. the B-52’s – Give Me Back My Man via

    190. Athens competes with Athens for the pinnacle of humanity: The B-52’s – “Rock Lobster” (Countdown 1980) via

    191. Ok, one more. I knew she came from there. The B-52’s – Planet Claire via

    192. OK, this one’s for you know who. The B-52’s – “Love Shack” (Official Music Video) via

    193. Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime (Official Video) via

    194. R.E.M. – Find The River (Official Music Video) [Parallel Video Version] via

    195. R.E.M. – Nightswimming (Official Music Video) [British Version] via

    196. R.E.M. The flowers of Guatemala via

    197. R.E.M. – Everybody Hurts (Official Music Video) via

    198. Goes out to God on Twitter, from the Twitter DJ Joan Osborne – What If God Was One Of Us via

    1. Chris Hayes Retweeted Paul Farhi

      What Hannity is saying is that Cohen lied in court today.

      Chris Hayes added,

    2. When your government fails you, when your government is corrupt, when normal checks and balances don’t work, you have to take to the streets.. This is what is happening in Slovakia, and we need to plan for the same

    3. UK preparing sanctions against Russian oligarchs 🇬🇧

    4. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ticia Verveer


      Mark A. McDonald added,

    5. A hundred thousand little points of light, we are. If everyone stands up, as what has occurred gradually becomes evident, we just might un-chem gas some FUTURE little Syrian kids. Who knows, we might even get Jesus the Christmas present he asked for: “Cancel the apocalypse, Dad.”

    6. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted James LaPorta

      Cohen has to say something to “justify” his wage. Has anyone broke it to him that Trump does not pay his debts? That’s how it is, though, when circumstances have left a guy bankrupt.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    7. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Patrick

      CBS and NPR remain basically impressive, even though they STILL won’t say “KASPERSKY.” SShhhh!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    8. st wins Pulitzer Prizes for Roy Moore investigation, Russia reporting

    9. McDonald Retweeted Linda Hill

      But Nicki Haley’s speech in the UN still kicks ass!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    10. Trump’s favorite technique of obfuscation is proving less effective in the courtroom, argues

    11. McDonald Retweeted Linda Hill

      What the …

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    12. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bill Browder

      Thought so. Anyone want to talk to a real Vlad guy, just say “Get out of the Ukraine!”

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    13. Ja, the Supreme Court just declines to consider whether the 2016 election confers legitimacy despite being turned by Russia from the primaries through November. The law is not allowed by law to be active. Mob bullshit. Fake political theory, not just fake news. The end is tyranny
    14. More of the same from Trump-Cohen: The law is paralyzed. The courts are not allowed to decide. The “president” decides what is “privileged.” Right down to the local-perjury has not been prosecuted in Macomb county for 25 years, because can’t be proven. “Under penalty of” is a lie
    15. The Ukrainians on the ground though really appreciate that we do not leave them utterly alone against the invading Ruski. Russia was doing much the same thing back in 1898, but were a bit further West. My g.g. grampa was there.

    16. The only time I received more direct trolling from Moscow than when I tell Vlad to get out of the Ukraine is when I said Monsanto was destroying 10,000 years of agriculture so they could sell Roundup! Hi Vlad! Quit lyin’, and betray Assad like a “good” Machiavellian would.

    17. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Michael MacKay

      Hey Vlad! Get out of the Ukraine!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    18. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

      Natural selection in the wild West of the internet = universal tyranny unless Congress acts.

       McDonald added,

    19. Wild is the Wind – David Bowie via
    20. Nina Simone – Wild Is The Wind (Original) via
    21. Coming Back To Me – The Jefferson Airplane -1967 via
    22. Mystical Jazz. Nina Simone: Lilac Wine via
    23. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted MSNBC

      If the Democrats knew there were men like Assad, Trump would be gone by now.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    24. McDonald Retweeted MIPooh

      Maybe I could even find a home!

       McDonald added,

    25. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Muckmaker

      Al and Garrison Keillor got dissed in a scam that SOMEONE should look in to.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    26. McDonald Retweeted ƘᗩŁᗩƝĨ  🌊#βŁỮ€ŴΔV€2018  🌊

      Barack is swingin’ the big deals, meeting with the principals!

      . McDonald added,

    27. McDonald Retweeted TeachersAgainstTrump

      Many Dorothys will bring back many brooms. The Wicked Witch is ruling Russia AND the West!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    28. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted DrErinStair

      Barnaby is the guy!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    29. McDonald Retweeted Michael MacKay

      We thought Putin was sure to repent and go home after turning in Assad for Orthodox Easter.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    30. McDonald Retweeted Sarah Kendzior

      Shh! Don’t say KASPERSKY!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    31. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted NotMyPresident

      Oz wond’rin who the was!

      McDonald added,

    32. Another journalist in Russia murdered. Maksim Borodin of RIA Novy Den “fell” from the fifth floor. He had been investigating Vagner, the private military company managed by Putin’s friend whose mercenaries are fighting on Asad’s behalf in Syria.

    33.  9h9 hours agoLaurence Tribe Retweeted Steve Vladeck

      Read this brief filed against Michael Cohen by the SDNY U.S. Attorney’s Office to understand what’s up in those remarkable proceedings and why must be feeling dangerously cornered this morning.

      Laurence Tribe added,

    34. McDonald Retweeted Justin Murphy

      Author of Madness and Civilization.” We never did know what we are talking about when it comes to what we call “mental illness.”

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    35. McDonald Retweeted Jackson Steele

      From the Greek Kakos, the bad. Our deregulated internet meant that the least scrupulous would win the elections. Campaign finance allows money to seize the law. Universal tyranny is a logical necessity if we do not fix this. Bring Brennan into the Supreme Court, #17-857, 16-1464.

       McDonald added,

    36. All along, we have said, “Look under that rock, you my find a snake.” THAT is deduction. But the law proceeds only by induction?
    37. No one sees the aims of evil. “None can touch what you are.”- Machiavelli. “Do not look with you hands.” “Do not grab the snake from the wrong end.”-McDonald
    38. Our worst worry is not that Russia can blackmail our “president” after getting him elected, but that they can calculate knowing his limitations. The danger is obvious, and we knew to correct this over a year ago. Those obstructing do not get what is at issue (or are traitors).
    39. No one has an “interest” in Syria other than humanitarian except the Russian expansion interest. US an UK are just sick of seeing evil, and want to help Syrians in exile restore, but cannot. Oh, and ISIS declared war on us, and has yet to un-declare war.

    40. Why China would persist in Marxist theory when they have Lao Tzu and a 2,500 year tradition is a bit confusing. Maybe they still do not read, even Confucius and Buddhist texts due to the language barrier. Marx is THE Western corruption not belong grafted onto oriental despotism.
    41. Islam does not understand “begotten.” Is Job 1 scripture? Or Psalms, “You are my son. Today I have begotten thee?” We do not mean animal begetting, which is “created.” The angels are begotten, not made.
    42. McDonald Retweeted Jack Van Impe Min.

      The spear-man, Lyncaeus (?) was converted. Papa John Paul forgave the Turk who shot him, and set the bullet in the crown at Fatima.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    43. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

      Were not kiddin’: The Shroud of Turin may be a photographic negative produced by the light of the resurrection. There is no tech to produce a 3D photo negative, and when developed, the shroud yields a photo. Way cool, eh?

      McDonald added,

    44. While I continue to pray unceasingly for peace, and invite all people of good will to do the same, I renew my appeal to all those with political responsibilities to ensure that justice and peace prevail.

    45. One wonders if the reason that Kaspersky is not discussed is that the NSA is still spying on every American through the tech following the error of Ashcroft and Cheney that allowed for Russia to “assist” us regarding terrorism. Repentance of our own error may be required, or else

    46. Citizen’s Arrest of Donald Trump

    47. Citizen’s Arrest of Donald Trump

    48. A commentator notes that the Americans do not follow what occurred regarding Russia and the internet turning the election, but MIGHT understand what Comey said, at least enough to correct this mess, as should have been done a year ago, faster than Nigeria corrected their election
    49. McDonald Retweeted Leigh Grimes

      Trump is politically unfit, and could not have been elected without Russian interference through the primaries. He is defective in true nobility, yes, ethically, but so are the 30% of the American people who made this possible. Not 25th A crazy, but chosen by Russia 2 destroy US

       McDonald added,

    50. McDonald Retweeted Bryan Dawson

      Not nice.

       McDonald added,

    51. Time too for the multi bazzilion dollar major leaguers to devote 1% of their salary to pay minor leaguers minimum wage, Double A a living wage and triple A good money. The whole game would be improved. What is MLB thinking? Their not thinking!
    52. Add to the list of Boycott Republican Party: 1.3 million spent on lobbiests to avoid paying minimum wage. Democratic Party should take the side of the minor leagers! Minor League Players Push Forward Pay Lawsuit Against MLB
    53. There He is, in a Mosaic photo, from Moses’ own phonecam! Maybe his Computer was takin’ photos for Trumpics! (Seriously, the shroud of Turin, if real, is the first photographic image.)

    54. Hey Papa! Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart (not to the Roman Church) as requested. Let’s see how many Orthodox bishops, Roman bishops, Evangelicals etc. we can get! We’ll even take Copts, Assyrians, Armenians, Witnesses and gnosticals!
    From the Greek Kakos, the bad. Our deregulated internet meant that the least scrupulous would win the elections. Campaign finance allows money to seize the law. Universal tyranny is a logical necessity if we do not fix this. Bring Brennan into the Supreme Court, #17-857, 16-1464.
    1.  Retweeted John Dingell

      The National Enq is owned by a Trump affiliate, and published a very influential-with the-undecided-supermarket-voters articles on the collusion between Hillary and Russia. Intentional projection, knowing their own crimes, is how they make this stuff up. Election fraud? Accused.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    2. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Peter Murphy

      Our Supreme Court cases, #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857, were massively obstructed and received no funding or press. The states can and must bring this case, and use Marbury, Yarborough (1884), and bring the 2016 CIA right into the court. We tried to do this last February.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    3. Retweeted McClatchyDC

      Maybe they should send a UN team, after the gas disburses, to the hospital where the survivors and the morgue where the corpses in the Arabic photos collected and tweeted the day it happened ended up. A photo of a canister was there, but was deleted.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    4. McDonald Retweeted Star-Telegram

      Calling all Centrists: Boycott the Republican Party for indifference to Russian interference, gerrymandering, and indifference to justice.

       McDonald added,

    5. McDonald Retweeted Reid Wilson

      Trump has still never read the constitution, and American government is not in the curriculum of Trump U. They study real estate scams and how to buy friends, and twitter followers, and influence people with Russian assistance. The elderly he swindled, though, kind of deserved it

      McDonald added,

    6. You knew I was a snake when you took me in

    7. McDonald Retweeted McClatchyDC

      I have asked my Republican rep, who wants to regulate Facebook with a “light touch,” to call me and let me know when the tech is no longer spying on us (corrrection, “collecting data”) by camera, microphone and other means.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    8. At FBI request, Russian hacker Nukilin brought to US a few wks ago after an extradition battle with Russia. Cyber Scoop describes him as thin pale depressed & contemplating a plea deal. Prague rumor has been around forever, McClatchy said they had 2 sources, was his attorney one?

    9. Replying to 

      Not just selling porn, he was busted in a prostitution ring sting in 1996…

    10.  Carole Cadwalladr

      Duh. Induction slooowly gathers things obvious to deduction. Wait till they remember KASPERSKY handled 4 hundred million computer security accounts from MOSCOW, staffed by KGB. Wonder if that had anything to do with running Trump up the flagpole? Not that they can make us salute!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    11. As Neil Young said too, Flying saucer take me away! Gimme your daughter! Prospero. T. Rex – Planet Queen via

    12. T. Rex – Cosmic Dancer (Subtitulada) [HD] [HQ] via
    13. Syria must be done, and would have, had we not been busy with our 2 dimensional world, thinking party politics was the Most High. The Syrians in exile, with a little help, could have done this but for Putin, who needs to go home. We are in danger of nuclear attack, by May 13th.

    14. To counter Putin: We have things in our own control we are not doing. We know he turned the 2016 elections, which do not confer legitimacy, and we won’t fix it? Because we fear to say it is real, or cannot imagine? Socratic self knowledge: order your own house.
    15. At the root is that we cannot give the security in our 4th Amendment to companies if we cannot give this to our own government. The result is destruction and universal tyranny, because evil is real.
    16. Americans have the memory and foresight of a goldfish. What did you think was going to happen? Facebook/Cambridge is only one small part.
    17. Kaspersky: computer security company located in MOSCOW, staffed by former KGB, with access to all collected data and more, and able to allow targeted interference with particular computers. Your TV, computer and phone are still spying on you through camera, microphone+ Surprise!
    18. We have brought 3 supreme court cases, and impeachment has been proposed 3 times with ZERO press. I was taken away and attempted drugged. Click on the picture in my pinned tweet.
    19. It has been obvious and demonstrable for well over a year. We have been screaming bloody murder since Nov. 2016, for example that the election was turned by data collection and targeted interference, that Kaspersky is involved, etc. I have been severely obstructed, no law helps.
    20. McDonald Retweeted 𝔸𝕟𝕕 ℍ𝕖 𝕁𝕠𝕜𝕖𝕕 𝔸𝕘𝕒𝕚𝕟.

      War is a means and an instrument, like moneymaking, and the danger to the good of the nation is that profits and shareholder value seem to suggest that war be chosen for its own sake.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    21. Pay attention to the coincidence of domestic and foreign policy. Maximum vigilance. War coincides with correcting the Russian interference with the presidency.

    22. “Somehow, though, these specific details failed to impress upon most Americans the over-all picture. It took a long time for the nation to accept that these were not minor aberrations but, rather, signs of fundamental crisis.” One finds it truly incredible how Slooow…We know.

    23. The humanity of Donald Trump is again the starting point of the action. He is not a murderer, and is learning in the presidency, as all do, encountering things not otherwise experienced. For whatever other crimes, HE is NOT an “animal.”

    24. A Sarcastic Thanks to China and Bolivia, the two nations to vote with the Russians to condemn the striking of Assad’s chem factories. We know who they are now, and about 1/5 of the people in the world live under Xi.

    25. What percentage of the Russian people understand English. Putin’s languages are of course quite adept. But that means that even if there were not a perpetual blackout dark age over Russia, few would even hear the bullshit the Russians say. One day the boy may cry “wolf.”

    26. Locked and loaded: Again: I am full of admiration for the speeches and action in response to the Syrian chemical attack, with worries about the executive branch partially calmed. Also humbled, as my counsels are general, and worthless regarding the particular action. Deliberation

    27. The ten verses are a prophecy of “Christendom,” with latter verses about America. The Refrain awaits her admittance of the true man. Watch “Sad-Eyed Lady of The Lowlands” on

    28. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

      The Evangelicals are being used because they are SO gullible, and the division between the Money republicans and the religious conservative Republicans STILL has barely begun to emerge, despite Steele, Stormy, Abortions, the cruelty of ICE, the alliance with fascism. IMPENETRABLE

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    29. Remember? Reblog From Straight Arrow: No “Collusion?” Sater, Cohen and Trump Tower Moscow

    30. 2/2: …know how to play it and we will get this done. Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this.” Amid the Stormy and Steele, Americans have difficulty focusing on the important news, and so susceptible

    31. 1/2 From “Straight Arrow,” on WordPress: “I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected. We both know no one else knows how to pull this off without stupidity or greed getting in the way. I know how to play it and we will get this done. Buddy our boy can be…

    32. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted psrmiami

      And did the lack of GOP support prevent Obama from acting? Boycott the Republican Party. Something is wrong. They are no longer capable of holding up the right wing of the eagle.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    33. What sucks about politics is that we cannot bring those Syrians back, nor un-chlorine gas them. We can only know that there are such people who will do this, and learn not to kiss up to forces like Putin, nor take their benefits. The Caldwell essay in Imprimis comes to mind.

    34.  Theodora Anne Merry No one, of course, deserves Nazis, but a people is responsible when a tyranny rises within it. It cannot happen without a degeneration and corruption, and the government is an expression of something in the soul of each, or many, in the nation.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    35. Excellent! I am full of admiration for the speeches and action in response to the Syrian chemical attack, with worries about the executive branch partially calmed. Also humbled, as my counsels are general, and worthless regarding the particular action. Trump is able to deliberate

    36. Let’s tweetstorm Putin to turn in Assad and dissolve the whole Syrian problem. We’ll replace Damascus with a capitol of the Syrian government in exile returned, and the free nations back em up if the Assad remnants want to fight. Open Assad’s torture chambers to the light of Day.

    37. So now, as he intended, we confront Russia with a partially dismantled executive branch. Congress, continuing convinced that there are no fundamental terms other than its daily concerns, shows no sighn of being able to imagine remedying the Trump-Russian usurpation. We know. DO!

    38. If Putin does not betray Assad, are we entering a game of chicken with one without qualms, while we have qualms? You see how that worked with the advantages of dishonesty on the internet. In a lawless condition, the short advantage is with the unethical, not limited by qualms.

    39. IF Putin aims at world power, his first move is to conquer, or failing that, to destroy, the United States. He is not to be underestimated, but moves toward Rome and Israel, to seize the spiritual with the temporal dominion.

    40. The effect of our failure to remove Trump despite knowing the truth, because he took the appearance of the presidency with foreign aid, cannot be estimated. Right now it makes it difficult or impossible to respond in Syria. Has Putin set a trap?


      Obsequy is a synonym of sycophancy! Just don’t say KASPERSKY!

    42. The press sure is interviewing a lot of partisans of tyrant, and those who must fear torture even if they mess up in their sycophancy!


      Excellent speech of Nicki Haley, stepping above the Kompromat with logic: Russia was to be the guarantor the chemical weapons would be removed from Syria. Assad has used them repeatedly, so it is no longer the particular, which indeed sure looks like what it is.

    44. More Ad hominem: Comey is “not someone who is to be taken seriously,” but Trump is? When is seriousness to be taken seriously?

    45. Fake news or real leaks? The evidence of logic proves Trump is lying, just like with Flynn, and also shows he does not learn. But neither do the American people learn. We know now that Russia elected our president by the dishonest internet and WE WON”T FIX IT!!

    46. IF Putin does not betray Assad, the question will be WHY, as his motive in Syria becomes gradually more apparent. Again, what, is Putin in love with Bashir? Machiavelli 101. He’s BASHful, no doubt!

    47. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis: “I’ve never seen refugees as traumatized as coming out of Syria. It’s got to end.” Number of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States: 2016: 15,479 2017: 3,024 2018: 11

    48. Where is the Syrian government in exile? Throw together a council of 200 excellent representatives, and let them begin self government, like, yesterday. There is an entire Syrian nation in exile from reps to soldiers, if only the free nations would help them out a little.

    49. It is absolutely mindblowing that the press will not mention KASPERSKY, nor focus on the dishonesty of ALL our tech instruments from Bill Gate’s Microsoft on down collecting more information on each one of us than the CIA collected on enemies just five years ago. I reach 5 people

    1. We have irrefutable evidence that Trump-Russia has sworn off Kompromat: Putin betrays Assad and opens Syrian prisons to the light of Day.

    2. Now I don’t hardly know her

      But I think I could love her

      Crimson and clover

      Ah Well if she come walkin’ over

      Now I been waitin’ to show her

      Crimson and clover

      Over and over

      Yeah My mind’s such a sweet thing

      I wanna do everything

      What a beautiful feeling

      Crimson and clover

    3. Crimson and Clover – Tommy James & The Shondells via

    4. Don’t worry baby with lyrics via

    5. A gentle word on the wind…close my eyes…She goes with me to a blossom world! The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations (Lyrics) via

    6. David Bowie- 06 Be my Wife via

    7. Like a repeating dream: David Bowie- 05 Always Crashing in the Same Car via

    8. David bowie-Sound and vision via

    9. David Bowie – Stay via

    10. Here’s one I forgot for weddings: OMG! Wild is the Wind – David Bowie via

    11. Fleetwood Mac encore Finale of “Songbird” with Stevie Nicks outro… via

    12. Fleetwood Mac Songbird via

    13. Fleetwood Mac-Christine McVie – SongBird via

      Translate from Haitian Creole

    14. IF I ONLY HAD THE NERVE ~ Wizard Of Oz via

    15. If I Only Had A Heart via

    16. Wizard of Oz – If I Were King of the Forest via

    17. If I Only Had a Brain – The Wizard of Oz (4/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD via

    18. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Wizard of Oz (1/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD via

    19. Louis Armstrong – What a wonderful world ( 1967 ) via

    20. There are only about 14, collected in my lyric commentary, and Color my world is another. Most lyric love songs are too sad to play at weddings. Hmmm.

    21. I voted for JIM CROCE – Photographs and Memories (1972) on MeTV FM! Vote at “But we sure had a good time When we started way back when Morning walks and bedroom talks Oh how I loved you then”

    22. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Olivia Massey

      One of very few happy love songs, to be played at weddings.

      Mark A. McDonald added,


    24. Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters – Elton John (Honky Chateau 9 of 10) via

    25. The Stooges – No Fun via

    26. Hey Vlad, here’s a deconfliction phone line: Turn in Assad, betray him, and renounce political bestiality. Its just not profitable in the long run. Who want’s to rule a bunch of Satanists and a ruined world? As Iggy says, NO FUN!

    27. Impeach Trump! Void the 2016 election! Boycott the Republican Party for indifference to Russian interference and slavish oligarchy prostituting our privacy, elections and liberty! And the Democratic Party for not STANDING UP!! Let’s have a Centrist party and a Resistance Party !!

    28. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Sarah Kendzior

      Russia has been trying to get us to confuse ISIS with Islam, and the Americans are so base and stupid, it is working, easily!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    29. Let me know when my computer and TV and phone are no longer available to spy on me. 3 times, they will say one is “crazy,” then when what one says is proven, they say, “so what?” Impenetrable ignorance. For which we pay six figures.

    30. How to avoid escalation till it is out of control? End spy-marketing, so Putin does not know our game 3 moves ahead. Over a year ago. We were too stupid too slow, and it is too late for some things.

    31. How to keep this from escalating? Putin could betray Assad, on his way back home to avoid his own destruction and make Russia free and great

    32. How to keep this from escalating? Prevent obstruction over a year age, and void the 2016 election through the Supreme Court, due to Russian interference.

    33. How to keep this from escalating out of control? Admit that we can do nothing because we allowed the internet to corrupt our election. Let Britain, France and Israel do it.

    34. How to keep this from escalating out of control? Impeach the president elected by Russia to weaken us and destroy the free world. Trump could not do more to dismantle the U. S. executive if he worked for Putin. Pompeo, a lifetime CIA guy, is to head the dismantled State dept?

    35. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Call To Worshipping & Invoking Only & Only Allah

      We want to see the U.S. Evangelicals keep up with Islam in Charity and Chastity. And of course the other Christians too! The God of Abraham is One. His word and Spirit both are and are not, is and is not, the same as He!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    36. We need to IMPEACH this president and VOID the 2016 election, because the violation of voter rights does not stop with “Cambridge Analytica” and Facebook, and the election does not confer legitimacy. We can stand up and fix it, or die. Fix it, or nuke and be nuked. STAND UP!

    37. Twitter might let us know, too, when their cookies become honest and they no longer sell fake followers. Trump has “50 million” followers? Half are fake, and the other half flocked there because of them. Now we stand at the bring of world war and nuclear war and won’t renounce it

    38. I have asked my Senators and representative to let me know when we are no longer being spied upon by our tech, by camera, microphone and other means unknown, you know, for “marketing purposes.”

    39. We cannot even fix local property seizure scams. The people will not believe there is anything more than appearance-that is the entry used, the cloak- and then our children lie dead at our feet. It seems small at first, just a wink, “the way things work,” and then-World War.

    40. On the brink of nuclear war, our own corruption is the root. From every petty gangster, corrupt cop and state legislator up to Trump, Putin and the Parties who will not STAND UP and fix this, we have to ask ourselves if it was worth it, and of course it was/is not.

    41. Either we should do nothing, or go get Assad, and if we do, Vlad should betray Assad, and “improve relations.” But Vlad, he doesn’t get what we mean by “monster,” nor by the real Syrian government in exile. Assad would surely be safer in a cozy U. S. prison.

    42. There are some crimes that are an affront to humanity, not just between nations, and hence the “national interest” of any and all is activated. Trouble is, that sets a kind of precedent, and is outside law, like all foreign policy, where there is no sovereign, only coalitions.

    43. Musing on Assad and war powers. Where is the Syrian government in exile? Monsters present a special problem, due to chem. weapons and his hellhole torture chamber prisons. Vlad would betray him if he were human, or even calculative. To seize Assad would protect ‘im from Syrians!

    44. Sometimes I think if there WERE any hope for the free world, I’d a bin chot’ll ready! 10 times over! Or Putin-oisoned, at least by some local subcontractor! STAND UP! They can’t git us all!

    45. The day Johnny Cash met Bob Dylan.

    46. There, fixed it! Thanx, I would not have noticed. Half blind too, but persisting!

    47. Return to the basis of our economics to rebuild. Businesses make money in return for producing value, and seek in every way to serve, and would never harm. Not real estate shysters as taught by Trump U.: “Don’t look at that man behind the curtain.”

    48. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Brian Krassenstein 🐬

      We say Theresa May is now the leader of the free world. We also ask “Are you proud, America?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    49. On RUSSIA: when a nation believes in Kompromat as a routine way of proceeding, because one can fool many people most the time- they suffer diminishing returns. I think they are lying about the chem attack. How would THEY know if it WAS fake? Will “fake news” rule us to tyranny?

    50. Is Twitter still selling fake followers? Trump has 50 million, does he? WHY is Zuckerberg sweating alone? EVERY company MUST do these things in order to Compete, because CONGRESS took money to allow this. Those with least integrity rose to the top.

    51. One sees, too, the catastrophe of the failure of U.S. integrity. Jimmy Carter- age 93- laments that we have lost faith in freedom, the value of truth, and integrity. Do we have the virtue needed to face down monsters?

    52. International law is very interesting, since there is no sovereign. We need a para UN, setting Russia aside until they free themselves, and beginning with a coalition of nations that just might act if chemical weapons etc. are used. But how to avoid doing more harm than good?

    53. Again, CONGRESS allowed a business environment where those competing could set the rules of the game, so those willing to prostitute our privacy and “data” rose to the top. We should be grilling CONGRESS, who should be sweating right beside Zuckerberg.

    54. If I was there, Id ask him, “Where did you get the idea to change the like button to the love button, and why did you not also keep the like button, so it would not be pressed lightly,,” as Mark M. advised,

    55. Our “Republican” Rep. was just on, Q’ing Mr. Z. He knows about my pinned tweet, and about my phone calls going through the Philippines, and plenty more. He won’t tell me when my computer is no longer spying on me by camera, microphone and other unknown means.

    56. That face when you just wanted a faster way to rank girls by looks and ended up installing a fascist government in the most powerful country on earth

    57. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted BBC Breaking News

      Gee, let’s have an investigation. Wonder, if we send in U.N. teams, if we can find any evidence? If they get there in less the 3 days, some of it won’t be buried yet.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    58. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted unian

      Crimea: Ukrainian on hunger strike. Hey Vlad! What are you gaining? You gotta know when to fold, em, when to walk away, and when to run, if you believe Willie Nelson.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    59. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Sleepwalking No More

      “Macroparacitism” is a cool word. Maybe, wake-walking, certain persons will betray Assad and go home, rather than do a lose-lose thing. Unless of course someone is in love with Assad sincerely. What would Machiavelli do?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    60. The “Republicans” in congress might begin to cut their losses in November, without corrupting elections, if they would admit this mess and help to fix it. A number of points, like “Congress is not going to impeach,” or “the court is not going to void…” are simply not true.

    61. So, we are currently deposing a president and facing down the Russian threat at the same time, while fixing the internet problem that left us open to this mess to begin, and keeping silent about Kaspersky. No problem. What Don and Vlad do not get is how the office is not the man.

    62. Ja, is CONGRESS willing to “change” its “business model?” Give Zuckerberg back all the lobby money he gave them? Campaign finance just cannot be that difficult an issue.

    63. One must like where they asked Zuckerberg if he would be comfortable telling what hotel he stayed at last night, or divulging his emails and phone calls. But that the destruction of privacy would bring us now to the brink of nuclear war…Things work that way. We screamed.

    The word “happy” or “blessed” becomes a synonym for “holy”, because those faithful to God, by their self-giving, gain true happiness.

  2. Or, Mr. Machiavelli could break “faith,” on his way home, and turn in Mr. Assad, so we can begin to restore Syria. The Ukraine may miss him, but they will have to persevere. It is the only advantageous thing to do. He’ll find lots of ordinary territory to acquire right at home.

  3. I would bet you 50$ that we are spied on by camera, microphone and infrared, etc, plus targeted subliminally by sub-companies if not the open big companies, if I had 50$ in this economy, where the Corps own us, and have paid Congress.

  4. Conspiracy theory? Consider my pinned Tweet. A photo of my face was seized illegally and used by the Trump organization to target me, for my political activity. Again, no photo of me has EVER been set on the internet, but Microsoft/FBI snapped one one night. “Conspiracy theory?”

  5. Theodora Anne Merry Retweeted Viktor Lazlo

    Pence lied.

    Theodora Anne Merry added,

  6. Closer to mentioning Kaspersky…Oh, not quite!

  7. Being poor of heart, reacting with meekness and humility, knowing how to mourn with others, hungering and thirsting for righteousness, seeing and acting with mercy: that is holiness.

  8. Chinese human rights groups calling for Global Magnitsky sanctions to be applied to Chinese state media organizations who air forced ‘confessions’ of dissidents

  9. April 10, 2018 Devotional

    Translate from French

  10. Is it just me or does Zuckerberg just plain look like an eraser?

  11. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    Resign. Confess. Retire rich. We work for free.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  12. Replying to   and 30 others

    my dog Tinker was also a rescue. I got her just as she turned 1 Her previous owner wanted use her for breading when it didn’t take kicked her like football she has a rod and plate in one of her back legs… hasn’t slowed her down she will be 11 yrs old this July

  13. Anabelle added,

  14. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted nathtyputhy

    Void the 2016 election! IMPEACH to end gangster style obstruction.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  15. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Michael MacKay

    Taiwan should be admitted as free China, if Marxist China is.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  16. Ja, I would have had both a like and a love button, because the love button is not to be pressed lightly! We also invented the Peace-Love transposed imogi, because it makes what is like the face of you-know-who. Now does Twitter and WordPress own it?

  17. Ok, Zuckerberg, as a non-Facebook user, who has scrupulously avoided giving Facebook any info or permission of any kind, I discussed the invention of replacing the like button with an additional love button with a heart logo, on a FB page, and FB stole it in about 4 days. On WP!

  18. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Marti blackwood

    This Dude needs money, and deserves it..

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  19. Quite pleased that one from “Italy” is reading my Marx essay. It is a diabolical “religion.” Be a “man” atheist, power boy. Marx Theoretical: Or, Marx In A Nutshell

  20. Dorothy (Judy Garland, right) with Glinda, the Good Witch of the North (Billie Burke) in The Wizard of Oz, 1939. In the 1939 film version of The Wizard of Oz, Glinda is the Good Witch of the North. She is played in the film by Billie Burke. In the book she is the witch of the S.

  21. Kids were gassed in Syria in part because the Americans acted without INTEGRITY! Cause and effect in politics are like that.

  22. Putin might spill the beans on his election fraud with Donney, now that he is realizing he has raised his own gangster opponent with a nation of free men on his side of the chess board. Machiavelli 101. Happier opposing Obama? Indeed, there’s no place like home, Vlad.

  23. Let me know, Congress, when I am no longer spied on in my living room by camera, microphone, etc.,, for “marketing purposes.”

  24.  Thank You, Roger Picard! Why does America not get the Kaspersky scam? Is Facebook the fall guy? Did Google pay to avoid being mentioned?
  25.  Again, money to Congress. elected by us, left a business model where integrity is doomed and only those who sell human beings can succeed. Damages are owed. Our government failed to protect us and our liberties. People cannot be required to understand what they allow to be taken.
  26.  Kaspersky handled computer security for “4 hundred million,” and our government was complicit, in our project to prevent “terrorism.” Our voter rights, souls and liberties were sold to Russia and Putin. Kaspersky was centered in MOSCOW, staffed by KGB, and advertised on NPR.
  27. “I am the product?” My liberty, voter rights and very soul never were for sale. Our Congress sold us out for money, and left a “business model” where only the pimps of our liberty could prosper. Now we have a tyrant, kids are dead in Syria, artificial profits owed as damages.
  28.  Today News – Dont Be Fooled: Russia Attacked U.S. Troops in Syria via
  29.  The malleability and control of opinion occurs and is possible in many ways we have not thought of yet. Putin thought of some of these, as he had luxury and the intent to do so. Lacking this intent, we STILL cannot imagine what has occurred.
  30.  Again, let me know when the tech companies are no longer spying on us through camera, microphone and many other means. And just say so when the people begin to realize they are being data collected. The upcoming elections are already influenced in so many ways they are illegal.
  31. What if the free world could get together and insist that Putin go home? And help the real Syria remove Assad? If we insisted, they may just go, like, find something better to do. But we cannot even get our people to realize what has occurred and reverse the 2016 election.

  32.  Since the election IS illegitimate, Obama/Biden is the last legitimately elected U.S. president (if Hillary is not). Let’s convene the Supreme Court in private session, with the CIA/FBI/ETC. who know the truth, and take back the U. S. government. One last constitutional effort.
  33.  Trump personally will gain, and be protected, if he resigns or is peacefully retired to Trump Tower, where I hear there is now an open room.
  34. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ted Lieu

    “Attack on our country”! Trump is sure to paralyze us and justice too with his deep deep words. Are we ready to wake up yet? Or do you want to see what a real attack on your country is?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  35.  It is true, the Supreme court can void the election if the States bring suit, using the three cases already written up, and the evidence in the possession of Mueller. The court can assign temporary emergency arrangements, such as reverting to the last legitimately elected.
  36.  The Supreme Court can void the 2016 election in an emergency session, if states bring suit. This was an emergency BEFORE Trump caused Syrian children to be gassed by giving a green light.
  37. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Emoluments Clause


    Mark A. McDonald added,

    We must choose, Crime and cowardice or law and courage. America, if you chose wrong, you will get nuked! Things just work that way.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  38. It is ALWAYS time for the men and women of duty to STAND UP!, but yeah, NOW is the time!

  39. Barack now, Biden, Hillary, McCain, McMullin, Mueller etc could do Syria. Why are such men not holding office? We are being destroyed by our own defects. And some Trumpster pipes off, we’re not supposed to criticize the U.S. What is free speech for, anusbrain?

  40. There are Syrians in exile able to restore free Syrian gov’t. But can the U.S. even take part without committing all sorts of injustice with our defective-in-nobility soldiers, as in Iraq?

  41.  My 2 cents: Do not bother with Syria unless we and the world are going to depose Assad and help the Syrian people to a free, non-criminal government. What will Putin do? Power boy, He might GO HOME! But Trump is not the guy to do it, and will cause more harm. IMPEACH!! CONGRESS!
  42.  Witch Hunt? Where is Dorothy? Find water. Protect the scarecrow. The witch is real, but she’s made of sugar, and will melt. HAIL TO DOROTHY!
  43. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Evan McMullin

    We will stop him. He and his gangsters must resign, retire to a private life, and let men like Evan McMullin guide the nation out of near destruction.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  44. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bill Browder

    Theresa May, leader of the free world, IS the one who has been stepping up to the Cricket plate! If one like Mueller were president, so would we!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  45.  Mark A. McDonald Retweeted God

    And, they have his tweets. I’ll be spending the evening with God in prayer!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  46. Retweeted Pope Francis

    10 minutes of diligent economic activity is worth more than a lifetime of scamming as taught by Trump U., and more satisfying!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  47.  Shares in Russian companies plummet on US sanction fears. I guarantee you that Putin is paying attention now.
  48.  Apr 9How fun would it be to watch Trump have his lawyer disbarred and end up having a public defender in an ill-fitting suit have to represent him.

  49. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Tomorrow

    What he said himself on video implies that Russia said they could turn the election for Trump, and the influence was invited. That indicates “Collusion,” if done gangster style, without touching anything oneself.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  50. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted David Corn

    They do not even study American Government at Trump U., but real estate scams. Those going to learn that, well, they learned. We have devoted our lives and fortunes to the study of man and politics, and are economically ruined. Our nation cannot continue this way. We will suffer.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  51. In the Menu at the top of the page, the whole book is now available. Philosophic commentary. The Revelation: Preface and Contents

  52. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted John Notestein

    Kaspersky handled computer security for 4 hundred million, from Moscow and staffed by former KGB. THAT is how election fraud was committed, interfering with the voters themselves and free speech on the internet. Google, Microsoft, FBI, etc. allowed data collection+interference.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  53. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Adam Schiff

    Trump may have in a sense caused this, as McCain said. He is not the guy to address it. We think nothing may happen, or, we might make things worse. We needed to Impeach, and void the 2016 fake election, we did not stand up. Take away the fruits of Putin’s atrocities.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  54. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jack Van Impe Min.

    Seek the Kingdom now, lest dying you be unable to find it.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  55. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Rob

    Paper ballots PLUS a copy kept by each citizen, so that when the polls are astonishingly contradicted by the results, it is possible to check. But if we allow DATA COLLECTION and TARGETED “MARKETING, free elections are OVER. They will mess with the voters themselves, as in 2016.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  56. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ted Lieu

    We might quit toying with this guy, and set Putin’s chessboard ASSAD.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  57. Palantir Had No Policy On Social Media Data Collection Prior To 2015

  58. John McCain is of course the best foreign policy spirit currently active and speaking. Foresight proven is no comfort. We did not do what we needed to do once the truth became apparent, and our remedies now seem too little and late. To uphold the right in a lost cause?

  59. On “I am a man,” King said it refers to created in the image of God. As Lincoln said, we are equal in the decisive respect, as having inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That, and not quota or gender equality except in having RIGHTS.

  60. 60’s sign- “I am a man” refers also to the argument of Taney and the South in the Dred Scott case, on the meaning of the the second sentence of the Declaration, “all MEN are created equal.” Lincoln is correct, Jefferson and Franklin meant to include blacks, as shown by the draft.

  61. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

    Here is a fine example, provable and you do not even need to leave Twitter. No on will do a thing! Trumpics made the composite using my face. Nice job! Unconstitutional suppression of speech and action. Where is the law?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  62. If everyone stands up at once, we can dismantle this Russian imposed tyranny. If we only stand up one at a time, the Putin method is to make an example everyone understands but no one can “Prove” Is there any law? I have no access to courts. They have been free to do anything.

  63. Springtime! Am I at liberty to garden in the front yard with any tools?

  64. I have drones flying over daily. How ’bout you? I just saw 2, out for a single smoke. If these are federal, are they protecting or attacking free speech and political action, eh, Don? IMPEACH! IF I am shot, making good on threats, they’ll be sure to have the neighborhood on video

  65. To deter Putin-Assad, we must take away the fruits of election fraud! IMPEACH Trump! Void the 2016 election! Depose Duterte! Revote on Brexit! We CANNOT learn of FRAUD and let it stand. See Syria?

  66. Now watch Assad roll some outdated Russian hardware onto the edge of some obsolete airstrip for U. S. and Trump-Russia! Do not be proud Americans, till you IMPEACH!! VOID the FAKE 2016 election!

  67. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted BobTN

    Boycott the Republican Party for indifference to Oligarchs and Russian interference, election fraud!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  68. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted BobTN

    Have you heard that the privacy settings are a joke? Except, perhaps, to collect lists of those concerned about privacy!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  69. The internet billionaires do not realize that their wealth depends upon law and the rule of law they just helped to undermine. The tyrant has their empires at his whim. You let me know when I am no longer spied upon by camera and microphone etc. in my livingroom!! Thanks CONGRESS

  70. Twitter sold FAKE followers, and helped run Donney tyrant up the flagpole so the stupid “Republicans” would salute TYRANNY- to the delight of Vladimir Chemboy Putin.

  71. What we see in Syria today is the direct result of the stifling of speech and press regarding the campaign finance paid by the billionaire internet companies. Tell the Syrians your sorry.

  72. One knows that for a very small fee or effort, particular sites could be channeled into oblivion, so that, for example, the THREE Supreme Court cases to void the 2016 elections, or the THREE proposals of articles of IMPEACHMENT in the U.S. House, just never received any press.

  73. Ja, what is Facebook, the fall guy? The competitor of the other gangsters being taken down by the FBI, like Trump’s MS13, the competitor of the U. S. and Russian mob? I want to hear how Netflicks is spying through our TV! Toshiba designing computers to collect “data in my room!

  74. Not yet a SHRED of news raising the question of the obvious connection between KASPERSKY- who was handling computer security for 4 hundred million accounts from MOSCOW and staffed by KGB- with election fraud, Google, Microsoft, Cambridge, Mercer, Devos, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  75. Pray for Syria and the consecration of Russia by ALL the bishops, as requested before the children at Fatima, Portugal beginning 100 years and about 11 months ago.

  76. Happy Orthodox Easter! Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostles via

  77. Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water via

  78. But now MAYBE these tyrants will learn that the active life cannot keep up with the free theoretical, and they did not read their Machiavelli quite enough.

  79.  Putin awakens on Orthodox Easter, and the Russian people to the certainty that he has used “religion” as he has used everything else, including them. With evil, the question is always WHY? There is NO answer, because if it was and will come, still it IS not. “Know” this.
  80.  Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Syrian Coalition

    What does it take?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  81. For states to bring suits, free work has been done in Supreme Court Cases #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857, granted mandamus 3 times, but massively obstructed and denied for various reasons. Immediate impeachment will end obstruction with a Supreme court case.

  82. We of course do not mind if Trump or the executive DOES do the right thing in Syria. But this would not have happened if he was doing the right thing in Syria. Assad may be more dangerous than he seems, and Putin cannot but be underestimated.

  83. When I asked my Trumpster uncle to consider the alliance of Trump with Putin, and the alliance of Putin with Assad, even bombing a hospital to cover for a chemical attack, he assured me Trump would be the guy to fix it, “Greatest President ever.” Then they had me taken away.

  84. Prayers for Syria, the kind of prayers that help us think and do hings that make it better. Violence, chemical or not, in service to the rule of monsters, whether Assad or ISIS, must be opposed with force by the sane world to restore a human Syria.

  85. Putin and Assad just cannot be considered the most excellent “captains.”

  86. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted المقدم أبو بكر

    All the world is complicit, not only Putin and Trump IMPEACH!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  87. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted المقدم أبو بكر

    Machiavelli, anyone? I mean, what he really teaches is power, not imprudent atrocity.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  88. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted

    The’ll probably say it was the rebels chem bombing their own kids, and like Skripal, the world just won’t know for sure.

    Mark A. McDonald added, The unavailable tweet apparently showed the canister used for the chlorine gas. We hope our guys have the photo. Who removed it? Was it an error?

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  89. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted أبو أحمد الأبجر

    Only 58 Democats voted to IMPEACH the third time impeachment was proposed with ZERO press. Got yer selfie on Facebook, Americans?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  90. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted نقاء

    Putin can stand it. He’s a MACHIAVELLIAN! What was that address at Trump tower? Get it yet, U.S. EVANGELICALS? When is PENTECOST?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  91. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted أحمد عاصي

    Seen enough yet, Facebook? Cambridge? Congress?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  92. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Hüseyin Bozan

    When will we grow some balls and stop these monsters? Some issues are beyond national interest, and the world must act together. Happy orthodox Easter, Vlad Putin! Open Assad’s prisons!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  93. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted يوسف البستاني

    Apparently this has just occurred, now that Assad and Putin have been given a freer hand, and Congress is too STUPID to have impeached TRUMP a year ago!

    Mark A. McDonald added,


  95. In the news, 2 are dead from synthetic cannibinoids. Needless to say, NONE are dead from non-synthetic cannabinoids.

  96. Rainwater must also be tested, but no one wants to freak us out! When gas had lead, so did the air, but its pretty clean now, except for birds!

  97. Rainwater from rain barrels for bathing has been obvious for two years, but no one gets even this. Flint residents were bathing in poisoned or bottled water. For drinking, distilled rainwater would be best, boiled second best. Why run it through the poison ground and lead pipes ?

  98. If you can, please contact the and demand that they release Manuel immediately.

  99. Oh, this is America! Not Nigeria! If Russia elects a criminal dolt for us, the hands of the Supreme Court are just obviously bound! Impeachment is completely impossible, because Russia also elected the balance in the House, I get it! What can free Americans do?

    Mark A. McDonald Retweeted the420garden

    Excellent also for opioid and heroin addiction recovery and milder depression in small amounts. Non toxic, and less addictive than coffee. Our First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments (+9th and 14th) REQUIRE it be allowed. Fundamental law Also good for stress caused by whenyalackasack!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  100. Rainwater must also be tested, but no one wants to freak us out! When gas had lead, so did the air, but its pretty clean now, except for birds!

  101. Rainwater from rain barrels for bathing has been obvious for two years, but no one gets even this. Flint residents were bathing in poisoned or bottled water. For drinking, distilled rainwater would be best, boiled second best. Why run it through the poison ground and lead pipes ?

  102. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted  🇺🇸MJC 🇮🇪

    Try Rainwater! We have various collection inventions and a stovetop distiller at . Oh heah, and try a Democrat or Centrist Governor. Politics is different from from economics, not to mention for-profit business management.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  103. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted John Leguizamo

    Violation of the oath of office to uphoild the Constitution is one of the Articles of Impeachment, along with election fraud, bribery, obstruction, and emoluments. People are dying because we do nothing while impeachment is obvious. The Republican party WILL be destroyed for this

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  104. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Patrick

    Dude does not have enough money yet! Let’s start ‘im a gofundme page for legal expenses!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  105. Todd was an art dealer. In 2013, Helly Nahmad, an art dealer who owned an apartment in Trump Tower, was indicted for money laundering and illegal gambling. Art dealers have been used frequently as a means of laundering money.

  106. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Tomorrow

    Cheeseburger, anyone? Hey Congress, you have enough campaign finance money yet?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  107. Any state can bring suit to void the 2016 election, which does not confer legitimacy due to foreign and domestic interference and election fraud. Our acquiescence in the Russian imposed illusion is now costing lives, and soon will cost many American lives.

  108. In the news, 2 are dead from synthetic cannibinoids. Needless to say, NONE are dead from non-synthetic cannabinoids.

  109. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted حازم العرعور

    Nice point. We need to Impeach Trump, so that when people get hurt in war, it is not to support injustice, and intentional, but accidental, and to bring down injustice like Assad! Putin Go Home! Trump, go back to real estate scams!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  110. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Hadi Albahra

    Hee it is again, Congress. Now why was that we cannot IMPEACH?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  111. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Gabrielle Union

    Six white Soc’s, never happen.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  112. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted James Eden

    Impeach Immediately! What is wrong with Congress?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  113. We miss Garrison Keillor and the Prairie Home Companion. Keillor was Railroaded after a long and distinguished career, and as it seems, no one stood up for him. The event is HIGHLY suspicious.

  114. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Evgen Vorobiov

    Yeah! Hey Vlad! Get out of the Ukraine!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  115. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Renato Mariotti

    Has anyone seen my pinned tweet? Composite using my face dressed up in Trumpster clothes sent to intimidate. Think I’ll make their list? IMPEACH!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  116. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted EssenViews/Commentary

    And he could be impeached immediately if asked the right questions and he answers. “Donney, did SOMEONE tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable?” IMPEACH immediately for national recovery and security.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  117. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

    Anabelle added,

  118. Palestinian journalist in vest marked “PRESS” shot dead by Israeli troops in Gaza

  119. ‘The Russian colleague was not identified in court papers. However, Manafort has had a long-standing Russian employee named Konstantin Kilimnik who ran Manafort’s office in Kiev during the 10 years he did consulting work there.’

  120. I have just signed the petition calling on to ban the sale of traps used to kill hedgehogs. Please can you sign and RT

  121. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Iron Man Records

    What we do to others…

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  122. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Tea Pain

    We could register fascists, but it’s almost the same as “officeholders.”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  123. Is it not rather just a bit oval? A Third of Young Millennials Are Confused About This Incontrovertible Fact via

  124. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Kay  🌎

    Yeah! In Israel, Torah scholars are granted a minimum living.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  125. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Kassandra Seven

    We let Money seize the law by paying campaign contributions to the U. S. Congress.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  126. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted 48 Laws of Power

    Rule#1 of Man: Use power to serve justice by preventing those who seek power for its own sake. Or else you and your coming generations will be destroyed.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  127. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Axios

    Next he’ll buy out the Devil for exclusive rights to the number, and the Evangelicals will flock to follow him!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  128.   Retweeted

    Call To Worshipping & Invoking Only & Only Allah Retweeted #SRK FOR EVER

    Allah Bless U & Ur Loved Ones Ameen.

    Call To Worshipping & Invoking Only & Only Allah added,

  129. Bayrock Group agreed in principle to settle a lawsuit filed in 2010 by former finance director Jody Kriss, who said that he left the firm after becoming convinced that it was laundering money, skimming cash, dodging taxes and cheating him out of millions.

  130. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted DrErinStair

    WITH his right to bear arms intact! In summer, he can wear a short sleeved shirt!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  131. Thousands of footprints (and animal hoof prints) were left by Bronze Age people fleeing the Avellino volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The depth and orientation of these prints suggest that many people were running. 2000-1500 B.C. near Naples

  132. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Pope Francis

    Yeah Papa! He spoke up, too, for the Ruhinga. WHO IS OUR Neighbor? P.S. Consecrate Russia to the immaculate heart this Orthodox Easter!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  133. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Fredon Moniteau

    And KASPERSKY, handling computer security for “4 hundred million” accounts, from Moscow, staffed by former KGB, and with the blessing of the U. S. FBI, who thought they were helping prevent terrorist attacks by spying on literally everyone.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  134. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Psychology Living

    And 20% come right out and say that our psychology is pseudoscience unworthy of its authority.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  135. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Travis Allen  🌊

    WE must ask Trump: “Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia for that by lessening sanctions? And at first seeking to weaken NATO?” He cannot answer truthfully and remain president.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  136. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Raw Story

    Good thing the U.S. Evangelical Christians are not a selection of the most gullible! St. Paul: “We have the mind of Christ.”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  137. Manafort asks judge to suppress evidence from over 20 boxes of files. Motion states what the boxes in a storage locker in Virgina contain… Can we say ‘redacted’, just a little?

  138. AP sources: EPA chief spent millions on security and travel.💸

  139. awnd Retweeted The Hill

    Still walking around, pushing others around…total loser 👇

    awnd added,

  140. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted  🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit  🖕🏻

    IMPEACH!! Why did only 58 DEMOCRATS in the support impeachment when proposed for the THIRD time with almost zero press? VOID the 2016 fake election: U.S. Supreme Court.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  141. Interview with me about the new Russia sanctions, the danger of Kushner, the DHS media monitoring, and Mueller’s race against time

  142. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Shehab News

    The solution has always been to give parcels of territory ONLY to those who agree to live in peace with Israel, household by household, linking these together into a state for a future generation that has not taught their children to kill Jews and their own moderates.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  143. Ja, How about the right to not have it presupposed that these companies may do to us and with us anything that their position on the internet, incredible wealth and control of the law itself gives them the power to do? How about genuine consequences where they pay damages caused?

  144. Oh, yes, and by the way: IMPEACH!! VOID the 2016 election!!

  145. We MUST take the Bill of RIGHTS into the Fifth Dimension of the Age of the Internet.

  146. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Nathan Kalasho

    30% to go!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  147. Did you know that out of the ~6 million who were displaced , 3.3 million have returned to their homes? ~2.5 million continue to live in displacement – a quarter of them in camps. You can help return home & rebuild @

  148. Nathan Kalasho Retweeted Axios

    John Kelly managed one of the most embarrassing moments in modern US history when his department detained lawful green card holders and permanent residents at the airport. He’s responsible for the radical ICE approach to detention and deportation that has affected thousands

    Nathan Kalasho added,

  149. I can’t help but envision the faces and lives they led. A happy, quiet, faithful group of people whose ancestors may have suffered the same fate. Their futures ripped from them. Their laughs turned to screams. ——Their deaths will not be in vain——

  150. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Nathan Kalasho

    Deportation to a place of persecution is illegal. We call on states like Michigan to prosecute for participating in murder. FireIce!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  151. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Nathan Kalasho

    Nice neighborhood!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  152. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Catholic News Service

    Pray that he obey the Fatima vision and perform the consecration of Russia to the immaculate heart, even through the Orthodox Church. We pray for the soul and conversion of Vladimir Putin on this Orthodox Easter.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  153. We must not let another tragedy take place in Sinjar, thousands of Yazidis have returned to their homes in Sinjar, now they fear for their lives again.Turkey’s Erdogan says operations begin in Iraq’s Sinjar region

  154. Open Doors filmed the first celebration of in () in the in northern Iraq since its liberation from ISIS tyranny. Stills are from Open Doors film.

  155. Today I met three boys under age of 15 who were recently rescued from brainwashing and death machine. Two of them where shot, one in his shoulder and the other in his hand. ISIS was forcing them to fight and putting them in most dangerous places to be killed. 1/3

  156.  Mar 14“Iraqi PM announced on Tuesday that there are enemies who want to target Christians for what he described as ‘dangerous conspiracies.'”

  157. BREAKING: We’re suing ICE for illegally locking up hundreds of asylum seekers without due process. Our clients came to the U.S. fleeing persecution and violence and ICE is making them suffer more for no reason.

  158.  Mar 15Nathan Kalasho Retweeted Liz Cheney

    Your dad took part in one of the most disgraceful periods in US History. The unlawful and malicious torture of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib produced a generation of enemies. Your defense of his administration’s practices are a shared testament to your utter lack of shame and remorse.

    Nathan Kalasho added,

  159. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jenan Moussa

    U.S.A fails to step up, no doubt.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  160. James Martin, SJ Retweeted The Bishop

    If this man was from a foreign country, was a refugee, or was a Muslim, we would be hearing a different interpretation of his crimes. Why is it not terrorism if it’s a white person? How are multiple bombings not an act of terror? Plus, how is his virulent homophobia not hate?

    James Martin, SJ added,

  161. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Nathan Kalasho


    Mark A. McDonald added,

  162. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Margo  👀 👂 👀 👂

    Wonder if they funded that Andrew C. CCarthy article tring to collapse the distinction between a few thousand ISIS and 1.9 billion Muslims? Someone wanted us in an unjust war we cannot win. Hey Vlad! GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE!! Oh, and SYRIA TOO!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  163. 30-year-old Thaer Rabaa died earlier this morning after succumbing to his wounds from last Friday when he was shot by an Israeli sniper during the . The total count of Palestinians who have been killed in Gaza since last Friday is 22.

  164. Rolling Iceberg: ❄️The force of gravity makes an iceberg roll, causes it to shift from instability to stability ❄️The iceberg will twist in the water until it finds a stable position, with most of its bulk at the bottom ❄️The roll releases energy

  165. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted UniteAlbertans2

    Prob’ly ’cause the camera wasn’t rolling when the high level guys were makin’ porno flicks, eh?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  166. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted  💪🏻MAGA John 🇺🇸

    I will not acquiesce in the illegal election to call him president. Obama, Biden or Hillary is the last legitimately elected U. S. president.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  167. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mike Rundle

    Count on Russia having access to U.S. medical computer systems, giving them powers of life and death, in a pinch. What do I have to hide? RESTORE THE FOURTH AMENDMENT!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,