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  1. Yeah Papa liked one, which means he read it, which is a Great honor (even for a “half” Catholic!)

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      May 4

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    My face, but not my clothes! Sent to intimidate. Traceable to Trump. No other photo of me is on the internet, intentionally! The photo may be an abuse of FBI. No one will do a thing! I’ve had 3 death threats, and been seized for 20 days.

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  2. The Democrats do not realize that we may never have another free election. IMPEACH!! VOID the 2016 election due to FRAUD and RUSSIAN interference. The Supreme Court MUST do this. STATES must bring the case Gorsuch is recused.

  3. If fascism seizes the law, it is past time. The first rule of fighting is DO NOT LOSE!

  4. Grab the snake from the proper end. Get on the OTHER side of their guns.

  5. The Confederate flag as an expression not of speech but of territory is illegal, and those who wave it ARE in rebellion and treason.

  6. Ja, what is so important about race? There is no answer, because it is not important. It is a replacement for ethics, and all we have there is a void. And do you uphold the Declaration? Or are you a traitor? All have an equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit.

  7. Opposing White fascism with speech: We uphold the Declaration, and that is patriotism and American. Free Speech? 2nd Amendment? What about the rest of the Bill of Rights?

  8. This is becoming very serious, though, especially if speech is being channeled and suppressed on the internet. We may be headed for Civil War, with the alternative being to sit and watch fascism take over, and innocents be harmed. We need to get hold of our executive branch, NOW.

  9. Opposing White fascism with speech: We uphold the Declaration, and that is patriotism and American. Fee Speech? 2nd Amendment? What about the rest of the Bill of Rights?

  10. Opposing White fascism with speech: #1: WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT ABOUT RACE? They have no answer, because it is a first principle, and false. Race is not very important, and everyone is mixed anyway.

  11. I have Gregorian chants from youtube on the machine today, fo r first Saturday devotion, reading Lucy’s memoirs. Pray for the consecration of Russia! To the immaculate heart, not the Roman church but the mystical body. Billie Graham is saved, and so not outside the Church!

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    Stand Up! Impeach! Void the 2016 election in the Court!

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  13. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Tea Pain

    Many are sworn by an oath to uphold the Constitution, and we are not supposed to swear!

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  14. Let Islam and those who complain of idolatry be thanked for the truth that reminds us, but also consider Mohammed too is but a human, as he too says, and bowing toward a rock might look the same, though we understand that is not idolatry either. Cherubim are on the Ark Mercy Seat

  15. When praying the Rosary, as in meditation, layers come off you like an onion, as Steven Rowe would teach us. Our sins, not what we think! Then one goes deeper into the words of the prayer till one is nearer the presence, first of Mary because we are not yet high enough.

  16. Shroud of Turin: From discovery of Photographic Negative, to 3D Informat… via

  17.  Gerald Shulenbarger

    Repeatedly, certain tweets do not appear on the home page at all. Our speech is being channeled. r Three double retweets of Kathleen Belew are only the most recent examples.

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    edwardoneill Retweeted The Hill

    Fuck racism.

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  19. The Shroud of Turin: Negative #19: The man on the Shroud: The … Dec 22, 2016 – exposition by members of the Turin amateur photographers’ club that Pia belonged to: Prof. Noguier de Malijay (whose idea it was to photograph the Shroud[14]), Lt. Felice Fino

  20. Apparently, Katheleen Belew retweets are not allowed on the homepage. Twitter is likely being hacked to inhibit free speech.

  21. After the three Katheleen Belew Tweets, all my open pages disappeared. Nice.

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    There could not be a worse time in our history to call a constitutional convention. We must get hold of the internet, restore free speech and end Trump-Russian interference with U. S. communications and opinion.

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  23. The new National Memorial for Peace & Justice in Montgomery, Ala., honors the victims of lynching. TODAY: The history of lynching, including the grotesque picture postcards sold as lynching mementos, and tells us how his great-grandfather escaped being lynched.

  24. In 1904, my great-grandfather escaped lynching, after shooting a white man who trespassed into his cousin’s house and bound him for lynching, over a dispute about a mule. If he’d been caught, I wouldn’t be here. The story’s scheduled for today on NPR’s Fresh Air.

  25. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Fresh Air

    This was unbelievable. American diabolism in the 20th century. Temple Texas, 15000 people. No one put a stop to it. “White”guys must oppose white supremacists, STAND UP! for the principles of the Declaration of Independence, remind them who lost the Civil war, Strange Fruit.

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    This guy will say ANYTHING!

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  27. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Steel

    Nice. Land of the free, home of the brave. You proud? How bout Mr. Justice officer, is he proud?

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    It is the height of Folly for the Democrats or Republicans to allow a Russian elected president to continue 15 more minutes in the White House of the United States while playing party politics. The consequences cannot be foreseen.The Democrats will not be weakened by impeachment.

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    What, no Tea Parties?

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  30. How cool: On Twitter, I had 3 “apps” that could “access my account,” and one was “Kinja,” the guys who hacked me the other day pretending to be Twitter. Ruskies have too much time on their hands, eh?

  31. Twitter says we should change our passwords. What if some new hack has figured how to seize passwords going forward, but not past? Can we trust one more than the other? But, ok.

  32. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Rob

    “And did you reward Russia for election interference by attempting to lessen sanction? Impeach Trump for election fraud and bribery (Plus obstRuction, Violating the oath of office by intimidating the press, and emoluments.)

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  33. Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain said in a panic as sweat poured down his neck and a little bit of poop came out

  34. The assumption that we speak for maximum attention and are angry about being ignored if we speak about channeling allows the practice to continue. Money is spent to shape opinion in America by means that are not constitutional. It is destroying free elections, has given us Trump.

  35. We may never have another free election if we allow this executive to continue. Speech and opinion may be controlled and shaped, and who will DO anything about this? Google, Twitter and WordPress for a fee?

  36. 1952: … May: Our Lady appears to Sister Lucy saying: “Make it known to the Holy Father that I am always awaiting the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart. Without the Consecration, Russia will not be able to convert, nor will the world have peace.”

  37. Two bullets that collided during the Battle of Gallipoli, 1915-1916.

  38. The incredibly rare Black Lion only a few of these exist

  39. Today it is official: majority has taken the next step in handing the keys to the internet over to billion-dollar providers by publishing the repeal order in the Federal Register. My full statement:

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    In case you missed my interview with :

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    At what point do we as a nation call this slop, stand up and set it right? Never?

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  43. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Lesley

    My friend- the same guy who said he was “datin’ Miss Michigan,” also said he was dating “Palm-a -la Hand-er son”

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  44. There it is! I still think we’re being channeled to control free speech. It is too easy, obvious and oligarchic. The election was turned by data collection and targeted interference, deflecting just 12% would do it. Congress and Twitter need to check.

  45. There it is! I still think we’re being channeled to control free speech. It is too easy, obvious and oligarchic. The election was turned by data collection and targeted interference, deflecting just 12% would do it. Congress and Twitter need to check.

  46. Ja, look on my twitter homepage, the two tweets “Get rid of Donald Trump” and “The question Trump must be asked” Did not appear on the homepage, while others did. Sometimes, too, politically significant content appears, but far down the page, so that no one sees it. Their busted,

  47. GET RID OF DONALD TRUMP!! America does not depend upon any one man Nor are we bound to be destroyed by Russia’s choice for our president.

  48. Are the tweets I post mentioning Donald Trump, for example, being channeled away from appearing? Repeatedly, political content seems not to appear on my home page, while other content, such as the retweet of God about the rainbow, appears quite normally.

  49. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted God

    Rainbow, remember: You promised not to do that…by water ! (Genesis 9:8-17).

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  51. R.E.M. – Nightswimming (Official Music Video) [British Version] via

  52. Time for the fish to go outside! Turn a vase upside down to make a fish observatory. The water stays in, and the fish enter from the bottom.

  53. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    Whatever does go wrong, they can just pat Trump with favors to park it by DC!

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  54. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mary McDonald

    A convention cannot be limited to a balanced budget amendment. The four states soon to vote on the proposal need to know about this danger and reject it. If a convention IS called, let ’em have a blue wave!

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  55. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted #New Party Needed

    We started the CLC, Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist Party, endorsing almost exclusively Democrats. Third parties can start by endorsing and entering coalitions. We needed to split the true republicans off from those indifferent to tyranny, a long time ago!

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  56. Your computer, t.v. and cell phone are collecting “data” through camera and microphone +unknown means, targeting you, likely channeling you political specch, your pretending not to notice, then pretending not to care, and you think Russia did NOT use the spy marketing system?

  57. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bill Browder

    Browder works hard to break even. Magnitsky cannot be un-tortured.

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  58. Today would have been my friend Alyssa’s 15th birthday. I was looking through my phone and came across this pic that we took in 6th grade. She was the first person who was nice to me at a time when I was just the new girl in a place I didn’t know. Miss her, and her laugh. 🧡🧡

  59. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Audio) via

  60. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Live) via

  61. Sioux Locks? And do YOU know what the Enbridge pipeline is?

  62. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted 𝔻𝕒𝕧𝕖 ℂ  🌊

    I’m waiting for the Russians to influence the Democratic Party by data collection and targeted interference through the internet especially in the swing states.

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  63. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted John O. Brennan

    If no one asks the right questions…

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  64. BREAKING: Democrats in the Senate have just forced a vote on net neutrality next week!!! The vote will be held on May 9th, and it will force Republicans to choose between supporting Trump’s initiative or supporting the 83% of Americans who are in favor of net neutrality

  65. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Hardball

    The Don J. meeting and the Cohen shenanigans suggest some questions that might be asked. Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you Reward Russia? Do they have resulting influence?

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  66. If Trump is asked only about e-mail hacking, well, it is likely he did not know about particulars of what Putin is doing. Fascism is promoted through the internet, and anti-Islamic opinions leading U.S. toward war and civil war with a very weak, because non-political, “president”

  67. If the right questions are not asked because assumptions are made about the limits of what occurred, the truth will not come out by Mueller questioning Trump. Putin has his own reasons for having Trump elected.

  68. No questions about the “Phony crime” of collusion? Trump believes that if Russia used data collection, targeted interference especially in the swing states, and He rewarded them as he rewarded Bannon for fake news, it is not a punishable crime. Election fraud, VOID 2016 election.

  69. Trump must be asked: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means would be undetectable? And did you reward Russia for election interference by reducing sanctions? And by at first seeking to weaken NATO? And in any other way? Cannot answer truthfully.

  70. Anyone who thinks the ‘leaked’ questions are everything he wants to ask has never seen a real deposition.

  71. R.E.M. – Find The River (Official Music Video) [Parallel Video Version] via

  72. By the way, due to the internet and the “data collection” business model, none of YOUR medical information is private. Not to worry, though, Kaspersky was handling computer security for 4 hundred million accounts from Moscow. Think their pissed yet?

  73. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    Nice guy, that Putin. Wanna do “business” with those guys, Donney? Maybe a little election fraud, some leverage in American politics we can’t manage on our own, a little Las Vegas distraction? Do not underestimate the goals or means of the currently governing Russians.

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  74. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ticia Verveer

    The river used to be wider, and the bridge had wooden side ramps, betcha. Mosul is Jonahs Nineveh, or just East. Ninus’ Tomb, from Ovid’s Pyramus and Thisbe and the play in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is there. The Mulberries are purple, look, just after Midsummer.

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  75. On ISIS: We think someone, whether Russian or American, thought they had something to gain by radicalizing Islam. We do not think even the “Wahabi” can account for ISIS diabolism. It has or will come back to bite them.

  76. Kaspersky, for example, thought they were making billions by gangsterism, power and dishonesty, thought they knew the world works that way. Handling security for “4 hundred million.” Internet companies, whole nations need to learn the lesson. Go make an honest living: REAL money.

  77. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Adam Schiff

    DO NOT underestimate he end game of Vladimir Putin.

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    aw Retweeted Matt McDermott

    Here is something of value for et al to care about. 👇

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  79. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted  🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit  🖕🏻


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  80. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Louise Mensch

    Putin and Assad must be held accountable. It starts by FIXING U.S. ELECTION FRAUD and the data collection/targeted interference that allowed Putin to do it for Trump, and Trumpsters to do it as through Cambridge Analytica/FB.

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  81. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted The Hummingbird  🐦

    Boycott the Republican Party for indifference to Trump-Russian election fraud.

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  82. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bobby Boone

    Thanx Bobby Boone!

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  83. So, Ja, what if businesses could start up with new business models, like share the wealth more so we do not end up with extreme oligarchy? The big companies will do better in the long run from an integrity business model, because either we catch on or will be destroyed.

  84. Oh I see, when I push the arrows to move the page up and down it changes the privacy setting back! Almost as ingenious as DEFAULT settings one finds a few YEARS later, eh?

  85. Citizens have brought THREE massively obstructed Supreme Court cases to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference, #16-907 (granted mandamus, and mysteriously misfiled on the way back up from the Appeals Court), #16-1464 and #17-857, all with zero funding or press.

  86. Russia did things for him through the internet to evade U. S. law. Trump is guilty of bribery and election fraud. Data collection and targeted imterferance especially through Kaspersky, handling 4 hundred million computer security accounts from Moscow, staffed by KGB, are means.

  87. Tell Mueller to ask Don: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward the Russians by lessening sanctions? And at first weakening NATO? Russia did things for him through the internet to evade U. S. law. Trump is guilty.

  88. Let others find me by e-mail, off twice, on again by itself twice.

  89. Allow anyone to tag me in photos has been turned back on for me twice now. Does Twitter think they are making money by doing such things?

  90. And, I just turned off personalize he places I have been, and found it turned back on.

  91. Ok, Twitter has set some things by default that are not ok. I have received apparent death threats, and they want to “personalize” the “places I have been.” How charming. And brilliant.

  92. What does “tag” you in photos mean, with the default setting that I allow anyone to do it? I never agreed to this. Look at my stupid pinned tweet, which is another example of someone pretending to speak for me. Dude does not want to see my face in the flesh! Nor does “trumpics.”

  93. By analyzing the language of the stupid messages, it may be possible to track the culprit. We noticed broken English in places, and how quickly they ran out of new things to say and repeated the same messages.

  94. Why did they do this, though? To see how we respond?

  95. We might have fixed this, thanks to a couple folks watching our back- we must watch out for one another on this internet world. Now I’m having a delete fest, then will try to find others effected. I almost tried to shut the whole thing off, lest it spread.

  96. I am especially pissed that that hacker pretended to speak for me. He will be glad I have not found him…yet.

  97. Strange how evil and malice hurts our feelings, like we are continually surprised that it exists no matter how many times we see and get hit by it. Lest you be like little children…

  98. How does the hacker lastvisitortk make tweets from our accounts? Then prevent the option to block?

  99. Replying to 

    You have a virus

  100. If the Republicans care whether Trump is impeached and PENCE becomes president, who did not commit Russian election fraud, the Republicans will be voted out- and should be impeached!

  101. DANGER: The “Who Visits you twitter site” Tweet is is bad HACK- It’s multiplying when one “deletes” it, and cannot be blocked.

  102. Rodney Latstetter

    If it is sincere…

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  103. Amazon required a 400$ process to set it on Amazon as an e-book, and would take 70% of a self published work. 900$ would produce a paper book through Zondervan, but it could not be financed. So how to pay internet companies for services, as they will soon not be able to sell US?

  104. Ja, we took 7 years and wrote an e-book, translated and wrote on the book of Revelation, the only book of its kind, combining philosophy and faith. We could not sell it as an e-book because wordpress wanted extortion money for search engines to access it. It fell off e-junkie.

  105. The data collection business model is being modified, and the problem with the old one is that no one except the big company can make any money, so we cannot pay for the services. Amazon wordpress and Twitter use authors, who financially ruined but write anyway. Modify this, eh?

  106. I love all trees, especially when I see one that is very, very old. I always wonder how it survived, and what it has seen in its life. I wish the tree could whisper to me all it knows!

  107. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Janice

    How much did we pay the GOP Intell committee for the partisan “Intelligence” report?

  108. Raw Story

    The “Ethno-State” is TREASON!! LITERALLY.

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  109. Rodney Latstetter

    This has been reported to twitter, and the report received. Thanx! & Sorry.

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  110. The hacker “lastvisitostk,’ imitatine Twitter, may be related to Kaspersky revenge, as I just blocked a site claiming that K was just great, and the sit looked quite Trump-Russian and fake.

  111. The hacker “lastvisitostk,’ imitatine Twitter, may be related to Kaspersky revenge, as I just blocked a site claiming that K was just great, and the sit looked quit Trump-Russian and fake.

  112. Hey Harry Reid: How about CENTRISTS talking about a nation defrauded by a fake election that does not have the guts to FIX IT! IMPEACH and VOID the 2016 election, or watch your nation be destroyed!

  113. Attempting to delete the fake tweets makes them multiply. The hacker speaks a slightly broken English. The site of course cannot be blocked.

  114. I’m being hit badly by a hacker Do not use the who visits your Twitter profile, its not from me!

  115. I’m being hit badly by a hacker Do not use the who visits your Twitter profile, its not from me!

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    Replying to 

    Agreed. He’s following Putin’s playbook to destroy our country and the GOP, the Congress and all of the rest of us do NOTHING. Trump is destroying our country – right before our eyes. Wake up, America!

  117. RisingVoices Retweeted Anabelle

    Please read. Anabelle has another great thread on Cohen’s (just a tiny fraction of his business according to Trump) involvement in, surprise, another Trump project. One fraught with questions and financed with questionable money. Why are well accepting so many “coincidences?”

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  118. John O. Brennan Retweeted

    Mr. Trump: Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. Jim Clapper is a man of integrity, honesty, ethics, & morality. You are not. Jim Clapper served his country for over a half century, including in Vietnam. You did not. By your words & behavior, you diminish the Office of the Presidency.

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    This Tweet is unavailable.
  119. Split the “Republican” Party. Boycott the far right.

  120. We are counting on the next generation to lead us all—like . Enjoyed talking with him tonight at .

  121. Garry Kasparov Retweeted Michael McFaul

    Bingo. No one, no Russian oligarch or operative, would freelance on a foreign political operation like this because of what would happen to them if it went against Putin’s wishes.

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  122. Bold Blue Wave  🌊

    Boycott the “Republican” Party for indifference to Trump-Russian election fraud, gerrymandering and general dishonesty. Decent republicans who support free government and not gangsterism need to split off from the far right and reject oligarchy and tyranny.

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  123. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted VotersNotPoliticians

    Michigan Republicans are attempting to wear out this effort to end gerrymandering in court expenses, claiming that a “constitutional convention” would need be called to set up a citizen committee to draw fair districts. They need money for lawyers and popular support.

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  124. Kushner’s meeting at Russian Embassy with Gen. Mike Flynn where he asked for a back channel to Moscow using their cryptographics. Any other person in the US would have been hauled into the FBI, polygraphed & possibly charged of espionage

  125. edwardoneill Retweeted Janice

    I’d rather have him as President.

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  126. . released DNC emails on 7/22/16. Per House intel report, one week earlier, on 7/15, Flynn wrote email saying: “There are a number of things happening (and will happen) this election via cyber operations (by both hackivists, nation-states & the DNC”)

  127. Anabelle

    Russia could always renounce torture and tyranny, but what would they do then?

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  128. The whole key to Trump-Russian election fraud is Kaspersky, data collection and targeted interference through the internet especially in the swing states. But the Americans want to pretend we are not spied upon by our tech, and though we are, it does not matter, and if it matters

  129. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

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  130. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

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    Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

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  132. Adrienne Young #Resist Retweeted Anabelle


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  133. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted edwardoneill

    Has there ever been more evidence of a crime committed by what is technically called conspiracy than there is evidence of Trump-Russian election fraud, and Trump election fraud in general? He openly called for Russia to hack the DNC, had Bannon spreading fake news intentionally..

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  134. It is just like my pinned tweet, which DEMONSTRATES a crime and a lie, and no one cares. No one will do a thing. Election fraud has become the same. The Republicans in Congress literally do not care if it is true and destroys our nation.

  135. Why do the “Republicans” in Congress bother lying? Why do we not just say Russian election fraud is fine? No one will DO a thing. Just the way government works? Why bother with the illusion? Why not just dispense with elections all together? And this illusion of American liberty.

  136. If we do not press charges on these cops when they use the powers of their office to commit assault, it is over. What is wrong with us? This is on video, and nothing will be done. Lets move to Canada, or move Canada here! Let CANADIANS rule us, its better than Trump-Putin.

  137. GRAPHIC/DISTURBING– This is former NFL player Desmond Morrow at a plaza not too far from my house. He was accused of having a gun–his cell phone-slammed to the ground-lost teeth & consciousness. Henry County Police??? SICKENING! This MUST stop!!

  138. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    Why does Congress not know what Annabelle knows? We pay them six figures.

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  139. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Janet Smith

    No inquiry yet on Kasperky in connection with Cambridge, but the Russian did things illegal for a U.S. campaign, like intimidate, and expected rewards, as regarding sanctions, which is bribery and impeachable.

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  140. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jesus

    This is the shroud of Turin, not dyed but colored by light.. No one can explain how a 3D photo negative could have been forged, and the cloth holds pollen from first century Jerusalem. It is the burial shroud of Jesus, recording the first photograph ever, from the resurrection.,

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  141. Jennette

    See what can happen when politics goes wrong and truth itself is subjected to partisan opinion? They sacrificed their future to an imaginary god!

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  142. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Scott Dworkin

    Thought that was old news. Look what Congress concluded, despite reams of evidence.

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  143. We MUST have new political parties. Though nowhere close to Republican dishonesty, the DNC has failed us in this crisis, by operating for apparent and short term advantage. As a one party state, they will run weak candidates and become complacent. The CLC is a centrist party.

  144. 10 American lives were lost yesterday. , please end the violence.

  145. If my computer ruins one more speech or action by hover clicking me, …that is the dishonesty of Microsoft, who is collecting “data” by camera , microphone and other unknown means on you through your machine as you read this. Hey, lets not do anything about it!

  146. The four states now considering a constitutional convention must be informed that there is no way to limit such a thing to a balanced budget amendment, which is why no convention has ever been called in the past. The Americans are so easily snowed. Money is controlling opinion.

  147. Kaspersky was handling 4 hundred million computer security accounts from Moscow staffed by former KGB, and no one gets the significance, to even inquire regarding the election? Congress sold your liberty, but we wont start new parties of interity?

  148. What can be done for a slavish people that likes to be deceived for profit? Free elections are now over due to data collection and targeted interference through the internet. If Russia wants fascism to rise it America, it will rise. Congress has sold out the voters.

  149. Trump-Russian election fraud is quite obvious. Every person around Trump has questionable ties to Russia. The pre-election polls were defied in each vote, and Cabridge Analytica sold data used in the election. Cohen said they would do it, and Trump jr. met on sanctions.

  150. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Janice

    Janice says, on her twitsite: “We need to make America America again! “

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  151. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Janice

    Yeah! Its not always guns that stop guns, but courage and spirit! STAND UP!

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  152. God

    That’s why you and us got together and made dogs, remember?

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  153. Sue #JusticeIsComing

    If the revelation has as much significance as that we are being spied on through our tech… Why does this Oxified nation not seem to care, about TYRANNY!? Have we become already a herd of sheep and again slaves?

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  154. Hi Ms. Claudia.

  155. Muckmaker

    Say Don, did anyone tell you the election would be turned for you so you would know who to reward? No one asks him the direct questions, so he does not even need to lie.

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  156. It is absolutely astonishing how much evidence there is of Russian collusion with Trump, even specifically regarding the election. Just Cohen and Trump Jr. The mystery is why the parties and the press want to talk only about e-mails and pissing whores.

  157. Michael MacKay

    Why would Putin ever want to use data collection and targeted interference with the internet to turn a U. S. election?

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  158. When everyone at the party starts crashing .

  159. Israeli forces kill three Gaza border protesters, wound 600: medics

  160. What can one do with control of computer security, U. S. data collection for marketing purposes and the intention to do what Mr. Cohen said they could and would do? Why are the Americans falling for this? Putin got Trump elected for his own purposes, which may include our destr.

  161. ussia turned the election by Kaspersky, who proudly handled computer security for 400 MILLION accounts and was centered in Moscow and staffed by former KGB. This is not rocket science, nor even intelligence, but common sense in the internet age.

  162. “Republicans” found no evidence of collusion with Russia because they did not look. The Democrats seem to focus on the stupid e-mails and the Steele dossier. We just had a thing about FB/Cambridge Analytica, but it occurs to no one to consider data and targeted interferferance?

  163. See, the political parties in America are finely balanced, adjusting their platforms in response to the voters, so Trump-Russia needed only to deflect by 10% beginning in the primaries, and that is EXACTLY what was done, by data collection and targeted interference.

  164. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted

    WordPress Tweets do not appear on my homepage. As when wordpress sells Google search engine access, we’d think it was just us, or that it is difficult to read anything on computers.

    Mark A. McDonald added,


    Repeatedly, things shared through twitter appear as tweets, but do not appear on the homepage, as though these were suppressed, and there is very little traffic from twitter to my wordpress account. How would we know it the suppression of speech were occurring?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  166. Olaf

    House Intell Committee is Russian elected!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  167. Michigan Republicans try to keep pot off the Nov. ballot: The national prohibition has always been unconstitutional. States never delegated the power to prohibit in Article I, hence the 18th Amendment was required to prohibit alcohol. The U.S. has never recovered.

  168. I notice too that replies and retweets get more response than straight tweets, and I write a lot that falls into the rabbit hole. Amusing. How would we ever know?

  169. Kyle Griffin

    No one ever asked Donald Trump under oath: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia by reducing sanctions? And seeking at first to weaken NATO? The House Intelligence Committee is simply dishonest.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  170. Mark A. McDonald

    I’ll ty this again, for a third time, then append it to a retweet of one that does appear:

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  171. Evan McMullin Retweeted

    If you cooperate with a foreign power to influence our elections, you can expect people in that country and in our own to reveal it to your opponents, civic organizations, and the American law enforcement and intelligence communities. And that’s exactly the way it should be.

    Evan McMullin added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  172. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mary McDonald

    There is no way to limit a Constitutional Convention, which is why one has never been called. With Russian and oligarchic interference with opinion through the internet, there could not be a worse time to call such a convention.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  173. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Kyle Griffin

    The House intelligence committee, given its majority by the same election fraud, it unutterably dishonest in a matter of national security. We will vote them out, but who will secure genuine elections, the Koch Brothers?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  174. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

    We’ll try it again:

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  175. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

    This one appeared, but the one about the House intelligence committee apparently did not, and many others. Hmmm.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  176. Repeatedly, my Tweets do not appear on the homepage. If one were channeled or speech suppressed, how would we know? If Twitter sells fake followers, what prevents selling the suppression of speech? That is all one would need to turn an election 10%.

  177. No one ever asked Donald Trump under oath: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia by reducing sanctions? And seeking at first to weaken NATO? The House Intelligence Committee is simply dishonest.

  178. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ed Krassenstein  💎

    That is why we attempted to address the fraudulent election through three Supreme Court cases, without funding or help from any Democrats or Krassensteins. #16-907, 16-1464, 17-857 were massively obstructed and no one stood up!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  179. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted DrErinStair

    Another suicide cause by SSRI’s. Our science literally does not know what it means to inhibit neural synapses, nor does it care. MD’s do not even study the soul.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  180. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Stephanie Mcgill

    Our “psychiatry” is an absolute disaster. Here the shrinks drugged a kid who needed nothing, because the shrinks literally do not know what they are doing. There is no scientific knowledge behind the principles of out psychiatry, but they make a lot of money drugging everyone.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  181. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

    Senate passes bill to protect Spexial Counsel Robert Mueller. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Anabelle added,

  182. Journey Of – From Darkness UnTo Light

    Michigan State Police got 13 truckers to pull under a freeway ramp and save a guy who was going to jump, last week. There is a famous story of a High school kid ready to do it, turned by a random act of kindness.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  183. Anabelle

    Nice guy, that Boy UN-der. “The Korean war is over.” Time to WATCH OUT. Vigilance.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  184. Fake News: NPR broke the story that Republicans are trying to overthrow our Constitution by giving the Republican/Russian line that the convention they are trying to call is only for a balanced budget Amendment. Why do we not just vote Putin and President?

  185. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Quancy Clayborne

    Boycott the Republican Party for inviting Russian interference. Criminal election fraud, self interest above every higher good. Calling all centrists, independents and non voters to counter this villainy not with more partisan villainy, but by STANDING UP!!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  186. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted God

    Hey good Lord Above: Your add company is so obtrusive any sane man will turn the article off!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  187. Anabelle

    We needed to walk the 2016 CIA right into the Supreme Court and VOID the fraudulent 2016 election. If we do not STAND UP for TRUTH, America will be destroyed.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  188. aw Retweeted The Hill

    If true, I honestly don’t know what to make of it. Either Ryan is a terribly thin skinned dictator type, or a terribly thick skinned dictator type.

    aw added,

  189. Grassley says he wants to release transcripts tied to 2016 Trump Tower meeting. 🇺🇸

  190. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    Gullibility and faith are different. Courage to sacrifice our own for the truth is the very meaning of the cross. More money, though, can be made from gullibility, which left us prey to Russian interference.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  191. Calling all Centrists and Independents: BOYCOTT the Republican Party for indifference to Russian election fraud: The election was turned by data collection + targeted interference with the internet and the voters, simply allowed for short term profit. Are we FREE, or slaves to $?

  192. Travis Allen  🌊

    Poor Ben, the token black Trumpster. He had some good ideas in his campaign, but sold out so badly. He never mentions Martin Luther King Jr. in his books, faras-i-know.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  193. There could not be a worse time to call a convention because our 2016 election was thrown by the influence of the internet, data collection, fake news and targeted interference, involving a foreign government. Dark money in campaigns too must end, or we will lose our liberty.

  194. No one seems to know how to count the applications for a constitutional convention, but the 28 seem to have been counted on the basis of the subject of a balanced budget amendment. 22 states must consider that there is no way to limit a convention, and could not be a worse time.

  195. Frank Taking His Country Back  🇺🇸#DeleteFacebook Retweeted Porpentina (Tina)

    Frank Taking His Country Back  🇺🇸#DeleteFacebook added,

  196. How 28 states voted for a Convention with ZERO national PRESS should maybe by itself bring us close to civil war. This looks like a FASCIST COUP. HEY COMEY! STILL WANT TO LET RUSSIA”S GUY KEEP THE PRESIDENCY! IMPEACH!!

  197. There is no way to limit a Constitutional Convention, and one would tink it would be rejected just for the DISHONESTY of saying it is for a “balanced budget Amendment,” which could have been proposed.

  198. 28 states have ALREADY voted for a constitutional convention!! With ZERO PRESS!! THEY DO WANT A CIVIL WAR! We Are sworn to defend the Constitution! IF they call a convention, we’ll give them a BLUE WAVE and fix CAMPAIGN FINANCE and ELECTION FRAUD!

  199. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 W A R N I N G Republicans are CLOSE to a rewrite of the Constitution. Watch —

  200. Colbeck, with his dread concern for a “Muslim brotherhood,” is all done in his run for governor of Michigan. BOYCOTT the “Republican” Party for indifference to RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE !

  201. ☎️🚨💥IOWA 💥🚨☎️ The URGENT nature of this cannot be Over Emphasized!! Colorado JUST BLOCKED Legislation calling for a Backed Will you join them in FIGHTING 4 US DEMOCRACY!??

  202. If we simply allow Trump to continue though we know he was elected by fraud, and allow our public opinion to be tweaked and directed by Trump-Russia, we will never have another free election, and our nation and liberty will be destroyed. Make no mistake, if its not too late.

  203. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Hermione Danger

    There are ZERO consequences when these powers are abused. Lets have some lawyers sue to make an example of this case, and get these cops fired before they shoot someone. Then the cops ‘l be the beggars!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  204. Google, Amazon, Twitter, none have been questioned about data collection and targeted interference, and there is still no mention of Kaspersky, nor of the FACT that your tech is spying on you in your living room by camera, microphone and other unknown means.

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