Who, What, Where, When, Why…and How

   On NPR, All Things Considered last week, Christina Shokley mentions the classic questions of journalism, or any human story with a logos, and it set us to musin’ about the four causes in Aristotle’s Metaphysics in relation. The classic example, easily seen in an artificial being, is a table: The what is the table, the purpose to read or eat, the material wood or such, and the efficient cause is the human carpenter, with the form in mind to suit the function, setting to work, each thing in order. In our oversimplified account, the formal and final causes go together, and the material and efficient causes go together. In another way, the final and efficient causes occur in time, while the formal and the material occur in space. “Who” is the particular being in a human story, but a story might concern other beings or even, say, a rock that fell and got wedged in a river, etc. Most particular beings, those with extension, taking up space, if you have noticed, are living beings, and this in itself is strange. But the Aristotle leaves it for us to notice that natural being are not as clear regarding the purpose as are artificial beings, things made, mostly by man. The “what” of a thing cannot be understood without its function, and living things have purposes of their own, actions as well as causes. Animals that move themselves have purposes to their actions, and so especially have stories, with a Who What Where When Why, and How!

   When and how both concern time. Where and who concern space, or space as well as time, since all space is at a certain time, and all time that of a certain space. though “what” need not be spatial, and like a verbal noun, might identify a process.

   Earth, air and water are three conditions of matter, while fire, or energy, as an efficient cause. Mater and energy are said to be nonconvertible, and space and time to be inseparably related, while none of these are logos or meaning, which pertains hardly at all to the material and almost entirely to the formal cause. There is no matter without form, even a rock, while there is lots of form without any matter at all, such as the logos of stratification or the eternal truths of math and logic, or the metaphysics of journalism.

I’ll be sure to dig out my Aristotle, Metaph. I.26? and rethink all this, when I get when!

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  1. The Wizard of Oz is folk prophecy. What is the Wicked Witch of the West?
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    See? Glenda is helping Dorothy. The Constitution is the Ruby Slippers.

    1. Not a single person is willing to even respond? Look, your tech is spying on you inside your home. Everyone knows it, it is public knowledge, and “data” just turned an election. What does it take?

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    2. Texas Tribune


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    3. Our friend – along with , Sandra Escher, and Jim Van Os – is seeking respondents for a research study at . Please consider participating by taking the survey and/or sharing it online.

    4. Angela Marie Retweeted Leo Shane III

      Overmedicating veterans is killing us. Why don’t they read their own drug pamphlets and follow their own clinical practice guidelines??!!!!

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    5. Chris Hayes

      Their bloated profits contain the value of our privacy, security and liberty.

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    6. History Lovers Club

      Bet she’s goin’ out on ‘im!

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    7. Adam Schiff

      Either we are going to stand up and correct the fake election, or the law itself will be seized. We must stand up! IMPEACH TRUMP NOW!

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    8. barbaradees

      Just keep everything below the level where the Americans react and impeach one who will not defend his nation…What, do they have an algorithm for what stays below the Oxified U.S. citizen’s radar? If it is invisible, they won’t believe it exists?

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    9. Anabelle

      Our computer tech is spying on us. Surprise!

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      One of at least five articles in the Trump impeachment:

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    11. BREAKING: Just filed a criminal complaint to Estonian law enforcement authorities about Russian money laundering at the Estonian branch on Danske Bank in connection with the Magnitsky case. The complaint allleges conspiracy to facilitate & conceal money laundering in Estonia

    12. Evan McMullin Retweeted

      Page had been associated with Russian intel officers operating in the United States since at least 2013. He called himself an “informal advisor to the Kremlin” and then mysteriously emerged as an advisor to Trump’s Russia-backed campaign. The need for surveillance was clear.

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    13. No matter how much waffles, the facts are clear: Russia interfered with our 2016 elections. It’s high time that Congress act to prevent the next attack. That’s why 21 bipartisan AGs are urging basic steps Congress can take before it’s too late.

    14. I believe the Russians will try to undermine our elections again and I strongly urge every election official to use the resources available to them to prevent it from happening.

    15. Anabelle

      In wolves clothing.

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    16. It’s EVERYONE’S business!

    17. All must be scewed to fit the assumption that what is tyranny and near treason are just fine. And just because the Don doesn’t see it does not mean it is not a disaster and danger for our notion. Can’t fix truth and real danger with fake news.

    18. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Michael Morell

      On NPR, Mr. Morell says: “…doing so in response to criticism is unheard of.” Again, using powers for purposes other than that for which the powers are intended. Impeach.

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    19. Putin drives wedge between Trump and GOP. “There is no invitation from Congress” to the Russian president, McConnell spokesman said.

    20. Tea Pain

      Not surprising the tweet is unavailable.

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    21. And what did Boy UN-der say, that got him the buddy treatment from the Don? And do, and what did Vlad… These are consequences of our failure to fix the 2016 election fraud. We are mistaken to think we have the option of allowing the charade to continue.

    22. Iran did not really “threaten” us, but only gave that old Saddam line about war’s mamma- a strange saying. And how did that spat begin?

    23. Condolences to Toronto. Apologies as well, as it is the overflow of a U. S. epidemic of gun violence.

    24. Lunar Eclipse happening this Friday 27/7/2018…Blood moon spectacular. “When 2 Sevens Clash”

    25. Turns out, our data collected IS not only all our PROPERTY, but all our liberty.

    26. Laws must be passed recognizing abuse of data crime and election fraud, but in the mean time, the courts are still able to address the problems, if we would. Amazon and Facebook etc. have bloated profits literally due to seizing the value of our “data.”

    27. It is just now dawning on the Americans that they have a tyrant elected president no where near legitimately. Oh, yes, and the consequences, if we do not fix it, are nuclear.

    28. So, no one realizes that their tech is spying on them through camera, microphone and other unknown means? And that this “data collection” has ended free elections?

    29. Michael Chertoff: It is FINALLY admitted that election fraud was committed with data collection. Micro-targeting” is the new word.

    30. Janet Smith Retweeted Jason Halle  🌊

      Serious stuff if true.

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    31. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

      Who’s ready for the Manafort games to commence this week?

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    32. David Hogg

      It is QUITE amusing to think of the contradiction between the NRA, Second Amendment and Russian tyranny! They do not even have the right to speak, let alone bear arms, and if they di, Putin would not be there to pay our NRA to corrupt U. S. politics!

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    33. Incredibly couloured ivy on Museum of Natural History in Wroclaw, Poland

    34. Marco Rubio

      The Trump defense is to argue- with expensive lawyers- that justice is paralyzed regarding him: One cannot look, is partisan to charge, cannot bring such a case or the court has no authority to decide, the president cannot be charged, can pardon himself, etc.

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    35. My inbox: “I saw your workbook for coming off of meds. When you had the documentary showing- I was taking a mood stabilizing med & wanting to come off of it. 2 years later….I am 2 weeks psych med free! I feel amazing. I wanted to tell you, because you inspired me to do so.”

    36. This at least 8,000 year old limestone female figurine was discovered in a Neolithic dwelling at the site of Çatalhöyük in southern Turkey. Photo credit : Jason Quinlan. Courtesy ofthe Çatalhöyük Research Project.

    37. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bill Browder

      The “Republicans” just do not get it, and are being destroyed as a party for having allowed leaders to arise who just do not get it.

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    38. I want to know what the universe looks like NOW, but all the visible stars are from different places in time!

    39. 60 minutes on Hubble: So, when will NASA figure which planets are potential life holders x light years in the future, and target some messages to someone who might actually be there in x years to receive the message? A lot of effort went into Voyager.

    40. “You can’t quit unless you start. And I’m just getting started.” ~Aunt Betty’s Almanac <………>

    41. “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” ~Will Rogers . .

    42. Well, we found the perfect picture to post when Mueller announces his final round of indictments. Your turn, Meuller. .

    43. Trupsters are like the citizens of Oz in the Movie, if not yet like the soldiers of Putin and the Wicked Witch, serving from fear. Melt the Witch, the fake Wizard may fly away.

    44. Anabelle

      Putin will try to scare us into doing nothing about the increasingly obvious guilt and near treason of Trump. Remember what Roger Stone said to Congress? “Republicans,” who would whore their conscience and their daughters to get ahead, they scare easily. Not good in nuclear age.

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    45. Evan McMullin

      We we allow tyrants to remake the world for our imagined short term self interest? Or will we STAND UP!!

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    46. Anne Applebaum Retweeted

      there will be more of these scoops in the next few days

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    47. God  🌈

      Now that’s why we worship you, its that eternal mysterious logos of common sense!

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    48. God  🌈

      Dude, YOUR the one who said that, N Abe got it from you! Jeeze!

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    49. Bill Browder

      Strange thing, if Vlad wanted to get rid of those agents, he WOULD extradite them! We will hold the Browder line!

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    50. Retweeted

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    51. It is being said on NPR that Republicans cannot run for offices now if opposed to Trump, with Corker and Flake the examples. This is a self perpetuating appearance, and the “Republicans” are slaves, no longer knowing the difference between liberty and tyranny. Split the party!

    52. Robert Vos Frere

      Right, I get it, like ethical equivalence of murderous tyranny and the free world, which used to have real courts…

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    53. Anabelle

      And, they’re going to restore the security of our persons, papers houses and effects by data collection profiteers, so that foreign government cannot target voting groups and speaking individuals!

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    54. Replying to 

      That’s a clip from when Medvedev was president. Here’s what I said about Putin’s Russia.

    55. So, thinking about how to prevent armed robberies at the 7-11, it occurred that there could be a hole in the floor with a trap door that would open, with a nice padded room and bullet proof ceiling…

    56. Imagine if Mike Rogers MI would run as an Independent for Governor of Michigan. We should draft him if the primaries do not go well-CLC.

    57. History Lovers Club


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    58. and lied about it and covered it up from the beginning. We can stop this madness by impeaching him right now.

    59. Lucy: “I loved to watch the rays of the sun reflected in the dew drops, … the mountains seemed covered with pearls in the morning sunshine; and in the evening, after a snowfall, to see the snowflakes sparkling on the pine trees was like a foretaste of the beauties of paradise.”

    60. Michael McFaul


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    61. Just spent 5 hours at a great middle school — just kidding this is a prison. America needs to stop conditioning school children to go to prison.

    62. Kyle Griffin

      Lets make him say he said “wouldn’t.”

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    63. CNN

      Biut did it cost him as much as the news that hit Melania?

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    64. Jon Sopel

      That’s “woulds.”

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    65. Four members of the Homeland Security Advisory Council have resigned, saying in a letter that they can no longer be associated with the Trump administration’s immigration policies and calling the separation of migrant families “morally repugnant.”

    66. Evan McMullin

      We have them yuking it up in their private meeting about Trump is going to say anything and get away with it.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    67. One of the other Americans Putin asked for in his quid pro quo with Trump in Helsinki in connection to the 12 GRU agents was Kyle Parker. is the congressional staffer who single handedly drafted the Magnitsky Act that Putin hates so much

    68. aw

      We ought impeach Trump for letting Putin say such vulgarity.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    69. Amazon is set to become the first trillion dollar company, a thousand billion. How much of that value is our liberty?

    70. Lawmakers who shirk their duty to protect our elections under Article IV Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution–stating that Congress shall “protect … [the states] against invasion”– should be deemed co-conspirators in any further election attacks. .

    71. Anabelle

      Do the Republicans mind Russian interference if it gets them elected? We must ask. Its like gerrymandering, only with nukes.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    72. Sarah Kendzior

      Data collection and targeted interference of many kinds, not Hillary’s stupid e-mails, is what turned the election, things like suppressing the black vote in swing states and threatening or intimidating effective individuals. Kaspersky allowed it.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    73. Wikileaks also routes through the supposed Siberian server, although certain signs point to it being very near the Kremlin, in Moscow.

    74. BOOM! More than 250 Trump Organization Subdomains are in Communication with Computers in Russia!! Thread

    75. What we found was shocking. All of these subdomains follow the same route to Moscow, then take a trip to Siberia, then finally arrive at a server in St. Petersburg.

    76.   🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit  🖕🏻

      Too stupid to impeach him and fix the 2016 election!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    77. Barack, as late as October of 2016, was falling for the trap where Trump accused the Dem’s of election fraud, and the Dem’s were saying, “How could anyone question the sacred integrity of our elections?” I’d thought it was only Hillary that fell for that, a two-step chess move.

    78. Tea Pain

      Did the hack- coincidentally on the same day- occur before, or after he, like, gave the signal?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    79. The other big press lie line is that the problem is only the hacked e-mails of the DNC, or just a few trolls. The Americans lack imagination.

    80. aw Retweeted Anabelle

      When time, read thru Tahoe’s threads on Manafort. His trial in VA kicks off at end of July and it will be huge. An awfully good authority on the case shared that tahoe’s Manafort threads were the best on the twitter. ⤵️

      aw added,

    81. USE YOUR FURY: Call/Email Senators, ESPECIALLY RED-STATE DEMs! Say: As weeks pass, it becomes obvious that Trump assoc’s colluded w Russia: THIS IS . You must NOT vote to confirm SCOTUS nom. All will see the integrity of yr position!

    82. Mark A. McDonald

      No one gets this?

      Mark A. McDonald added,

      We MUST take away the fruits of Trump-Russian election fraud, or we will find out the unknown end game of Putin, the hard way. Step 1: IMPEACH!!

    83. Say, Mitch McConnell, are you opposed to ALL foreign election interference, or only that which does not elect “Republicans?”

    84. And protected us from “terrorism” to boot!

    85. Is America ready yet to address the truth that the internet companies are collecting :”data” by camera and microphone in our very living rooms? Gee, how did those Russians turn that election ?

    86. Notice that what makes a statement worthy to Trump is that it be “Strong and powerful.”

    87. And of course, the 4-4 Supreme Court needs to void the 2016 election and devise an interim solution until legitimately elected office holders can be restored. It is simply too dangerous to allow Putin to continue making plans on the building blocks of “Republican” self interest.

    88. And we need to IMPEACH as soon as possible for national security, and try to repair the damage and avoid catastrophe, which becomes worse and more likely the longer we delay.

    89. Trump is so obviously guilty of election fraud and bribery that the Republicans need to impeach, and then sit out an election to regroup as a party, in penance for the sins that allowed this disaster to occur.

    90. Trump then tried to say the same thing he said about Russian interference when he betrayed that he had been told the means would be “undetectable:” “Anyone might have done it,” like some “400 lb man!”

    91. “No effect on the election” is the new thing being repeated, because we do not want to face the opposite, which is true. Putin intended to do enough to turn the election while avoiding unnecessary risk, and did it because the internet is new.

    92. Barack: “We have a better story to tell…”

    93. Congressman Al Green

      Al Green:

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    94. Congressman Al Green

      Rep. Green wrote up the articles of impeachment the third time, when ONLY 58 DEMOCRATS would support it, thinking of some imagined partisan advantage, This is national security. STAND UP!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    95. This photo is going around: That is not alleged Russian spy Maria Butina in the Oval Office With Trump. It’s an NSC staffer, a NSC source tells BuzzFeed News.

    96. This is a video from last night’s protest at the White House! Amazing (correction: An earlier photo I tweeted was incorrectly labeled from last night)

    97. John Lundin  🌊Retweeted CNN

      You should be watching this – Obama’s first major lecture since leaving office…

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    98. Bellatrix2018 ⚡️RU registered 2 vote? ⚡️ ✝️ 🇺🇸 🖖🏼

      Happy Birthday Linda, from the anonymous and universal world of the internet!

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    99. mary a martin Retweeted David Corn

      I read your book. Can you give a speech on the floor of Congress? Wake those idiots up?

      mary a martin added,

    100. People really do not get that the camera and microphone is collecting data inside your home, that it is used for any purpose whatsoever including election fraud, and that we can put a stop to it if we put our foot down!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    101. God  🌈

      On saving Nineveh, you said to Jonah, “120,000 persons who do not know their right hand from their left, and much cattle.” Any guy who loves the brown eyed cows is a friend of mine! Go God Go!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    102. It’s finally happening. This is just the start. Protests outside the White House. “Traitor, Traitor, Traitor!!”

    103. TWO THINGS: First, I hope the entire press corp starts simultaneously coughing the word into their hands during the next presser. Secondly, VOTE and NEVER MISS VOTING AGAIN. K?

    104. Bill Browder

      Putin tried to use it to get Browder? Amazing. We shopuld give him Trump!

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    105. …so that all the children of our Mother in Heaven may hear the sound of her voice!” -Lucy quoting Mary in the vision, October 1, 1917, from Fatima in Lucy’s Own Words, p. 94.

    106. St. Mary’s Tweet: … the request made by our heavenly Mother: “Do not offend Our Lord and God any more, because He is already so much offended!” Lucy’s Retweet: “How loving a complaint, how tender a request! Who will grant me to make it echo through the whole world, …

    107. One third of the Republicans must set the truth and 30 some indictments on one side, the mere statements like “witch hunt,” designed to shape opinion, on the other, and end this charade before grave harm results. Even now, they will not take it without causing some grief.

    108. In the rial in the Senate, the Chief Justice of the Court presides, and the Senate may determine for itself such things as what a high crime is, what election fraud and bribery are, what criminal conspiracy, oath of office and emoluments. But it should not take more than 3 days

    109. John McCain

      Nation above Party

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    110. Butina & Torshin — Russian RIS infiltrated the NRA🇷🇺

    111. aw Retweeted Anabelle

      What a tremendous thread…..replies, added commentary, interaction….a real joy to read on twitter.

      aw added,

    112. Tea Pain Retweeted Mike Eckel

      BOOM! This is a big’en folks. This could tie to 30 million dollars of dark Russian money. It’s about to be the ‘s time in the barrel!

      Tea Pain added,

    113. Trump’s behavior this week has made his betrayal of American interests clear. It has also made clear the betrayal of House Republicans who have relentlessly undermined the FBI and the Special Counsel as they’ve heroically worked to protect the nation. Time for a change. 🇺🇸

    114. Melanie Lieberman

      67 votes in the Senate does it. It has been a matter of national security for some time now.

      Mark A. McDonald added,

    Every time Trump takes a trip, I find myself wondering if there is not some way we can say his return would violate his travel ban.

  3. Bill Madden

    John Brennan just said something similar.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  4. OpDeathEaters

    We must decide now and draw the line to defend Mueller and the FBI, as tyranny grows in our government. Congress must impeach. The Americans are just so slow to believe anything amazing, and all Trump need do is say its “fake news,” like a magic wand, and for 1/2 it disappears.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  5. Course, once they prepped us with Oxy, its not surprising if Congress is a little slow.

  6. So far, we are not willing or able to insist that Congress impeach, even with nuclear destruction a real possibility: Americans are in a stupor of denial and delusion.

  7. Chocolate Milk  🇺🇸 🏳️‍🌈 🌊#BlueTsunami2018 #NoRA

    Trump is remaking the whole executive branch and seizing law itself. We must hold the line.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  8. DoxieMama 4 #TheRESISTANCE! 🇺🇸 🇮🇹 🐾 🌀

    Nicki! The harm we seek to do to others is done to us.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  9. SpicyFiles Retweeted Hillary Clinton

    Welp I think we, the American people now know which team Trump is playing for. RUSSIA and Team Putin

    SpicyFiles added,

  10. Replying to 

    Donald ‘s ‘hidden business dealings with Mafia boss Fat Tony’

  11. But we are quite ill of news reports and politicians assuming what is not so for the tyrants, and going on to discuss, like Trump is supposed to have a talk with Vlad about interfering in our elections.

  12. In a panoramic view, the best evidence of Trump’s Russian election fraud is that he was elected. America has a part that is that stupid and corrupt, but Trump is not yet America. They ran him up the flagpole, and Republican” self interest saluted. He’d have lost in primaries.

  13. Some “Republicans,” as Paul Ryan, are beginning to take the Russian project seriously. We repeat that it is dangerous to underestimate the purpose of or the means admissible to Putin. He is limitless.

  14. The election was turned by data collection and targeted internet interference through means just like the intimidation and control of the opinion of the Electoral College. Kaspersky handled computer security for 4 hundred million,” and let the Russians through.

  15. So again, Trump must be asked, “did someone tell you the election would be turned for you, and the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia for unknown means of turning the election?

  16. A part of the Russian people know Putin “meddled” in the election, and are proud of it. The Russians think all politics works that way, by lies and orchestrated opinions covering tyranny. So does Trump, by the way.

  17. Trump is guilty of election fraud and bribery. When he said the means of turning the election were “undetectable,” he was repeating something he had been told. Obviously, too, gangsters must know who to reward.

  18. John Brennan said the conduct of Trump in Russia is “nothing short of treasonous.”

  19. Rubio thinks to “sew confusion” is the goal of Russia in getting Trump elected? Have we not learned yet to avoid underestimating Twentieth Century Totalitarian tyranny?

  20. Trump has revealed at least two weaknesses in our Constitution: Foreign interference in elections and self pardoning.

  21. History Lovers Club

    And I thought rain water collectors difficult!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  22. Trump must be impeached for bribery and election fraud, rewarding Russia in foreign policy for the turning of the election.

  23. The “Republican” party must address whether Russian interference in their favor is just fine with them, before the people catch on and make them a third party. It is the same as the question of whether they support Republican government or rather, tyranny.

  24. ABSURD is the assumption in the press that Trump is going to “discuss” Russian election fraud except as done to favor Trump. “Republican” self-interest above country is how Russia did it, and is doing it.

  25. Retweeted K. Sennholz MD

    Thanks, Dr. S!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  26. Retweeted Pope Francis

    We like translating St. John from the Greek, making interlinear books just for notes! On Sunday! Mary lived silently in Jerusalem ever after, conversing with John from A.D. 30- about 66-70 A.D. ? We think the Second Letter of John might be from Ephesus to Mary in Jerusalem.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  27. U.S. indictments show technical evidence for Russian hacking accusations

  28. Wajahat Ali Retweeted POLITICO

    Mitch McConnell is your answer.

    Wajahat Ali added,

  29. Retweeted  🔚 🔜

    Is this real?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  30. Your computer is spying on you right now through camera and microphone, it is public knowledge (look up your tech on Google, especially Microsoft, Toshiba, Netflix, etc.). Go to settings to turn off default cameras. We let them, then deny that it is happening. Americans!

  31. No one then appreciated the power of data collection and targeted foreign interference due to the internet. We still don’t get it. Kaspersky controlled computer security for 4 hundred million accounts, from Moscow! FBI thought they would “help” us with “terrorism.”

  32. Ask Mitch McConnell why Obama did not call the election due to interference. Ask Don’s corrupt organization why we confirmed the election in the Electoral College. Any pressure there? Press control?

  33. And do not burn brush that has poison Ivy! Breathing the smoke can be fatal. An old friend’s wife got it driving down the road past burning brush, and almost died.

  34. The danger is that he thinks Putin is only such a corrupt businessman. Donney does not understand 20th century tyranny.

  35. What Bull! Data collection and targeted interference through the internet turned the 2016 election, and Don was told it was occurring so he would know who to reward. Don did it because he thinks politics works like a real estate scam.

  36. Remember how at first the news was one just couldn’t tell who the Ruskies were trying to help in the 2016 election, then, oh, there’s just no way to tell if all that fake news had any effect? And their purpose was only to “sew confusion” in free governments?

  37. …And free of bias against injustice, foreign election fraud, tyranny, gerrymandering, and generally hurting brown people. April fools? Why no, its FRIDAY the 13th!

  38. Breaking: This just in, the House Intelligence Committee Republicans have had all their e-mail examined, and have been found free of partisan or Trumpster bias.

  39. …And free of bias against injustice, foreign election fraud, tyranny, gerrymandering, and generally hurting brown people. April fools? Why no, its FRIDAY the 13th!

  40. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman

    The FBI is in contempt of Congress? We’ll see in November who is in the contempt of 70% of the voters, if we still have elections instead of…

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  41. Jon Cooper  🌊

    Manafort was his Campaign CHAIRMAN! Oh, the FBI is just sooo “biased!”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  42. Never give up, never give in, never give out. Keep the faith, and keep your eyes on the prize. Together, we can redeem the soul of America.

  43. Images captured by a drone show a previously undiscovered monument or henge close to the 5,000 year old Newgrange monument in County Meath. Measuring up to 200m in diameter, it is believed to be a late Neolithic or early Bronze Age enclosure.

  44. In 1938, Churchill published a series of speeches warning of Germany’s rising menace, “While England Slept.” Today, one of America’s major parties is asleep, as a rising tide of authoritarianism threatens to submerge many of the world’s great capitals. My speech on the Floor:

  45. Evan McMullin

    So get up the 2016 CIA and walk into the 4-4 Supreme court and tell ’em the truth and ask ’em to fix it!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  46. Imagine an internet of integrity, and work to achieve it! Need we mention that the profits make the Facebook and Google and Amazon Bozo’s bazillions look like chump change? What if it were safe to search freely, or to set a credit card number on the internet?

  47. View the panorama: Because Trump is guilty of bribery and election fraud, they are able to proceed only by obstruction and making an alternate reality in which such actions are not criminal. Step back and view the panorama.

  48. If I go to watch a news video and see some advertisement, CNN…

  49. Replying to  

    Why are meeting? To get paid & “funnel” the rubles to a bank in Cyprus or another (since that bank is hot) & exchange the currency to US dollars. To discuss the next plan of attack. So can be assured that the hacking of our is in place.

  50. Now is the time 4 massive nonviolent direct action 2 interrupt the policy violence of Trump & his enablers n Congress.

  51. We agree with correctly regulating so many things they would not call us libertarian. Campaign finance leads to bad regulations. CLC: Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist Party. “The Smallest party in America.”

  52. That should say Federalist 10 and 51, but “Ambition must be made to counteract ambition…” Madison, 51.

  53. Indeed, let us hope the FBI would be there to “stop” a tyrant from seizing the presidency by foreign aided election fraud.

  54. Email and ask them to support a nationwide strike to nullify 2016 election

  55. Olivia Massey  🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇺🇦 🇵🇷 🇯🇲 ☮️ 🐧 🐧 💃🏻 🕺🏻

    Three cases were brought to the Supreme Court with Zero press and massive,obstruction that was simply allowed. The cases are #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857. Whole states need to bring the case to gain original jurisdiction. The fraudulent election does not confer legitimacy.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  56. Gabriel Scherman on Fresh Air today, author of The Loudest Voice in the Room,” gives the first publicly acknowledged example of the use of the “mental health” system to silence a whistleblower. It is an Ailes/Shine tactic. No one will check and call them on it.

  57. This ignorance allows psych to be used for purposed other than healing. Like “behaviorism,” the ends toward which arts are used lie outside the subject of study.

  58. The shrinks are given a mysterious authority, related to what Jung calls “Transference,” a tech. term in Analytical psych. We learned early in setting off to study psychology that they do not know what people imagine that they know. This ignorance allows psych to be used …

  59. Such BIAS! Struck tried to prevent a tyrant from seizing power by election fraud! The very fact that we oppose tyranny is used as the argument against the fraud revealed. No one can touch them because we’re biased tyranny, that is the argument. given equal weight in Congress.

  60. History Lovers Club

    There it is! The tomb of Juliet too is there in Verona, neglected because she was classified a suicide. for a free Romeo and Juliet essay. Visit the city of Verona tourist info! Romeo’s house is also known.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  61. aw

    Yeah Anabelle!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  62. BREAKING: We just filed a criminal complaint with the Danish law enforcement authorities alleging gross negligence and money laundering by Danske Bank officials in connection with the $230m that Sergei Magnitsky exposed and was killed over.

  63. Melanie Lieberman

    Violation of the oath of office is one of the articles of impeachment. Trump had literally never read the Constitution, never refers to it, and violates it almost daily, as by intimidating the press. His people then have to tell him what he’s tripping over.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  64. Bill Browder

    Trump and the Republicans are at best blundering into Putin by treating him like a business competitor, like everyone serves base 2 dimensional bourgeois self interest as the American oligarchs do.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  65. Meanwhile, Trump may now be paying Putin for election fraud, right in front of the entire world, because America will not stand up and fix the fraud.

  66. Struck is a citizen as well as an agent, and in private conversation may have political opinions and express them. He has voter rights.

  67. The two party system assures that the criminals in one party are ferreted out by the self interest of the other party. This is American politics, according to the understanding of faction in Federalist 51, and “bias” in the accuser of genuine crimes does not set one above law.

  68. Peter Struck: Trumpster Fake politics has succeeded in getting Congress to make the smallest possible thing appear to negate complicity in the greatest covert operation in history, Russian election interference.

  69. Chaya Grossberg

    The effect of our failure to have a genuine psychology is a pseudoscience that is harming people, abusing the authority of the knowledge of the body and soul in a medical drug them all for profit scam. Our shrinks do not even pursue knowledge of the soul. The trust is misplaced.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  70. Jesse Zook Mann Retweeted Chaya Grossberg

    I never had panic attacks before benzos. I also was put on more than a half a dozen meds for panic/ rage that I got when klonopin was wearing off. 1 1/2 years later a doc one year out of med school reduced my dosage by half in a day. My health was never the same

    Jesse Zook Mann added,

  71. Microsoft makes my computer go through a minute long process to turn on, and tries to prevent the Google search engine, suggesting I replace it with like Bing. Internet integrity issues turned the 2016 elections, and Congress must stop this with legislation. cost is astronomical

  72. Trump weakening NATO is payment for a bribe, and borders on treason. It was time long ago to end the Trump charade.

  73. Congress is moving to take back authority over tariffs. On many things like treaties/executive agreements, the first branch has trusted the executive, but need not.

  74. Ja, I said :”What, are there no “scientific” studies of the [obvious] link between Viagra and sex crimes? I thought we lived in an “evidence based”… Oh, no money! Look, the last thing ya wanna do is let the drug oligarchs pay Congress to geek up old pot lickers! Common sense.

  75. She was a punk before you were a punk.

  76. Is Trump presently repaying a bribe to Putin for once and future election interference? IMPEACH!!

  77. America has allied with a growing number of other free nations for decades. Together we’ve defeated freedom’s foes and become the most prosperous peoples ever on earth. President Trump seeks to break these ties, not for our benefit, but for himself and his sponsors in Moscow.

  78. History Lovers Club

    Taken by King Kong, remember, in that movie? The Angel Michael considers whether the U. S. is worth helping out.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  79. Bill Browder Retweeted Rob Berschinski

    Excellent summary of Putin’s human rights abuses for easy reference before the Helsinki summit on Sunday

    Bill Browder added,

  80. Viagra is the third great category of U. S. prescription drugs, with Oxy and psychodope/Antidepressants. It gets a whole category to itself. A small rare medical issue swells to become a lucrative cult- Only in America! Whatacountry!

  81. Vaigra: I often leave CBS radio when they play and replay the incidious Viagra commercial. What, no scientific studies of the relation between Viagra and sex crimes? Ever met a slave who wished to become more of a slave?

  82.  Brian Krassenstein

    They will make a move to complete the seizure of the law in America, solidifying tyranny, after which time it will be too late except by Declaration sentence 2 Clause 4.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  83.  🔚 🔜

    How much more was Facebook paid to help election Fraud? Twitter sells fake followers, and half of Trump’s followers are fake, and that is probably still legal!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  84. Barack and Michelle, 1992.

  85. Adam Schiff

    Will the Americans stand up when the rubber hits the road? Or will we scream and hide?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  86.  🔚 🔜

    Hey Vlad: Get out of the Ukraine! “Treason, BRIBERY,…”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  87. Janet Smith

    As in accusing Hillary of election fraud, he does this too to elicit the response, “How could anyone call into question our elections,” so when he is accused it is more difficult.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  88. Patrick Retweeted Caroline O.

    White supremacists committed most extremist killings in 2017 Number of Killings by Antifa in 2017: Zero

    Patrick added,

  89.  🔚 🔜Retweeted Manu Raju

    Way to speak up before the unleashed harm. Corker, please get a backbone and save our democracy…now.

     🔚 🔜added,

  90. Allan Lichtman

    Impeachment has been proposed 3 times with almost ZERO press. There are now at least 5 Articles.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  91. With Pence, the obstruction and gangsterism might stop. Then we can address the Trump episode in a Court with Trump appointees recused, and begin to restore free government, by our bootstraps, indeed. The Three branches can fix this, but WE have to do it. Or: Likely disaster. .

  92. The Democrats are also reluctant to impeach because of Pence, not knowing what is at stake in Russian bribery.

  93. Allan Lichtman

    We frget that the executive controls the election process, and the election was turned also by interfering with the voters rhemselves through data collection and targeted interference, as in Pittsburgh and Detroit, suppressing the black vote. Algorithms control news feeds.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  94. Dershowitz argues the Trump could have known and winked at Russian election meddling through the internet, traded favors, and not be impeached if there is no criminal statute against it. The “statute” is the Constitution, idiot, as it spells out what is impeachable.

  95. So far, the Senate does not care if they use the internet to elect Putin himself, and the elections are not being secured.

  96. Ja, Al, the Senate can decide whether election fraud with a foreign power to seize the presidency illegitimate election in exchange for favors such as we may now be seeing regarding NATO- plus obstruction, violation of the Constitution and emoluments, is removable.

  97. Ted Lieu Retweeted Chris Geidner

    Dear : Resign

    Ted Lieu added,

  98. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Alisa Roth

    Amazing study of the “mental health” aspect of tyranny.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  99. DrErinStair

    If these prescriptions were based on scientific knowledge, they might get it right the first time, at least on occasion. Good rule: When we do not know what we are doing, do as little as possible. Psychodope is a last resort, not a first resort.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  100. Calling all Centrists: Boycott the Republican Party For indifference to tyranny, Russian interference, and electoral integrity in gerrymandering.Mark A. McDonald added, Bette Midler People, we are heading for a dictatorship if the Dems don’t take back the House.

  101. silence dogood

    Make America AMERICA again!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  102. Bill Kristol

    At the statistic saying Putin was more popular with the Republicans than President Obama, Barack said only: Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave.”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  103. Twitter most likely won’t pay for the suggestion of Italics.

  104. Real value is of course mysterious, but is based upon the true goods, one third of which are bodily good for food, clothing and shelter; and transportation. But wealth, encapsulated and symbolized by money, is based upon the natural good.

  105. Ja, one makes real money by producing real value, not fake anything nor real estate scams. Real money is more solid, ask Kaspersky. Plil. of Econ. 101: Money is based upon real goods, and is itself a “trust.” I blocked a business site, maybe shouldn’t have. Twitter needs ITALICS!

  106. Boycott the Republican Party.

  107. Trump would not have made it through the primaries. without Russian interference, fake news and data collection, Slowly it dawns on America that even we could not possibly have elected this charade. Up the flagpole, Republicans salute.

  108. In Detroit and Pittsburgh, data collection and targeted interference of were used to suppress the black vote, easily turning swing states. Just use Kaspersky to make black communications function 31% less efficiently, for example. Has anyone checked? Algorithms choosing news?

  109. Giuliani practices a certain kind of rhetoric easily opposed if seen: “Most biased investigation in history,” is it? With no evidence at all? There may never have been a criminal conspiracy with more evidence. General Hayden called it “The greatest covert operation in history.”

  110. Tomthunkit™

    We will add kidnapping to the 5 Articles of Impeachment. State law can prosecute federal offices for entering a state and violating its laws.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  111.   🔚 🔜

    Each voter must keep a sealed copy of their paper ballot. Manual backup is the key to the discontents of technology.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  112. Yeah Twitter for a bit of corporate responsibility! Now end fake followers: make real money by producing real value. POST_TITLE via

  113. — Steve Bannon is getting protested at book stores. — Mitch McConnell is getting protested in his hometown. — Stephen Miller, Kirstjen Nielsen and Sarah Sanders are getting protested at restaurants. No matter how hard Trump and the GOP try, most Americans don’t like FASCISTS.

  114. FBI guys are often “biased,” against crooks, and they can often smell a crook and a crooked deal, and often they care. Giulianni thinks this disqualifies them and makes all prosecution impossible.

  115. Giuliani seems to have forgotten the video of Cohen around the Trump Tower Moscow discussion implying that the Russians could get his guy elected.

  116. Giuliani is preparing an O J. style defense, the FBI is so “biased” his client’s guilt is not the question, the courts and Justice itself are, what, supposed to be paralyzed by words?

  117. Evan McMullin

    If we ask him: “Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you?” And “Have you rewarded Russia in any way, such as reducing sanctions?” He cannot answer truthfully, because he was told such a thing, and did reward the Russians.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  118. CBS News cites Inside Business assuming what should be a news story: Algorithms were used to select news stories influencing the 2016 election. (Data collection and targeted interference was the method turning the election, by foreign and domestic actors, violating voter rights.)

  119. Ed Krassenstein

    Bribery is one article of impeachment. IMPEACHMENT has been proposed three times in Congress. With almost ZERO press.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  120. Flint, Michigan Water on July 1 2018. But we are going to get a Space Force

  121. David Hogg Retweeted NBC News

    David Hogg added,

  122. Republicans: Listen to Reagan on trade; act to stop Trump’s foolishness.

  123. There sure are a lot of white supremacists, Holocaust deniers and outright Nazis running for office this year. Guess which political party they all belong to? Just one guess.

  124. The God of all consolation, who heals the broken hearts and takes care of the wounds, hear our prayer: Let there be peace in the Middle East!

  125. Mark Small

    Notice, Fox is the station carrying the soccer games? Bet everyone trusts the Ruskies to play fair. NOT! A little Vodka gas in the air system of the opposition locker room?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  126. Trump is the subject of two criminal investigations. He pals with dictators, has numerous affairs. His aides are in prison, pleaded guilty or awaitin’ indictments. His attorney is flippin’ after payin’ off porn stars and abortions. Tell us again how God elected Donald Trump.

  127. Again, they say that IF election fraud was committed involving both the presidential AND Congressional elections, there IS a Constitutional response, and it is through the Congress and the Court.

  128. They say: IF an election was thrown by fraud involving a foreign power, there is no constitutional response. We say that there is, and it is through the Supreme Court, recusing those whose appointment depends upon the question.

  129. “Fire ICE” is also said to be a mere leftist catchphrase. To abolish ICE is better than allowing Trump an SS, which shows why rational immigration policy is made impossible by fascist platforms influencing a government agency.

  130. Russia elected a fake president for us, and used the partisan character of the Republicans once they ran him up the flagpole. The Democrats do not even seem to get it yet, let alone the required 1/3 of “Republicans.” Maybe we are slow because they prepped us with Oxy.

  131. Impeachment is still said to lack electoral support. The articles are at minimum, election fraud, bribery obstruction, emoluments and violation of the oath of office. How long does it take for this stuff to sink in?

  132. Ted Lieu Retweeted Judy Woodruff

    Dear : Resign.

    Ted Lieu added,

  133. Scott Pruitt resigned and 3 poachers got eaten by lions. Today was a good day.

  134. If our internet goes off, just know: America must void the fraudulent 2016 election, and stand up and IMPEACH this fake “president as soon as possible, or suffer the consequences. END “DATA COLLECTION,” or we will never have another free election. Liberty was in danger. ADIOS!

  135. God

    C’mon, humanity, shape up! We have God doubting his own existence! A little self-esteem issue, there buddy?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  136. I was haunted by this lyric, so I wrote one up, over on WordPress. 10CC – I’m Not In Love (Official Music Video) via

  137. 10cc – I’m not in love (complete version) (video/audio edited & restored… via

  138. Abdul El-Sayed

    So far, were endorsing this guy for governor. He was slandered by a Republican candidate who is not considerable.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  139. Janet Smith

    The Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist party, for a pre-Trump platform. We have centrist positions for almost every issue. I tried to run for U. S. Rep., when our guy would not oppose torture. I had to stop because of (probably unrelated) threats.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  140. CLC endorsement: Michigan Primaries for Governor, so far: Abdul El-Sayed among Dem’s and Lt. Gov Calley among “Republicans,” (except we’re boycotting the whole Republican party for indifference to tyranny, Russian interference, gerrymandering and general oligarchical dishonesty.)

  141. The redcoats were coming, all over the neighborhood last night, with rocket’s red glare, pops, return fire, and skirmishes on all sides: Beatles music, Cat Stevens and Donovan. Paul Revere warned us of the British invasion- we should have kept our daughters in!

  142. Famously, Jefferson wrote “sacred and undeniable,” and it looks like Franklin amended this to “self-evident.” Editors.

  143. Mark A. McDonald

    American folk prophecy, and the #1 movie of all time, prob’ly

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  144. Oh, yea, and when any government fails to secure the rights, as is the purpose of government, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish that government. WE will not be subject to a tyranny.

  145. The just powers of government are derived from the CONSENT of those governed, unlike some paternal or domestic rule.

  146. “To secure these rights” is the purpose of government.

  147. Rights are more fundamental than duties to Government because we have a higher duty we cannot give to men or government. The rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, some spelled out in the Bill of Rights

  148. Equal not in every way, but in that they are equally endowed with the inalienable rights.

  149. Self evident: Boetheus: A proposition in which the truth of the predicate is guaranteed by the nature of the subject (de Alvarez). If one knows what “man” is, one knows equality, just as one knows a whole is greater than any one of its parts.

  150. aw Retweeted Mark Warner

    The day prior to the 4th, with many members of Congress celebrating in Russia.. 👇

    aw added,

  151. “America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense… human rights invented America.” ~ Jimmy Carter (Happy 4th from Lester & Charlie)

  152. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Evan McMullin

    Read the Declaration of Independence, today!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  153.  🔚 🔜

    Hey Vlad….

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  154. aw Retweeted Adriana Gallardo

    Why of course it was secretive and staged…what else is good at other than deceit. …..on the 4th of July there is no celebration at my home…..yet there is in my heart for past patriots. Rep Jim Jordan, Nielsen… happy with child abuse….🤮

    aw added,

  155. Today we celebrate Donald Trump’s last 4th of July as President.

  156. aw Retweeted Patrick

    I’m curious if MONEY is throwing trump and conspirators a party on the 4th…..seriously am, ….…..the day will soon arrive when money will not do a thing for you. In lieu of your nighttime hitler, check out mussolini’s last days.

    aw added,

  157. In the original draft of the Declaration, Jefferson tries to get the colonies to put off slavery right along with the tyranny of ole George III, and he blames the British for slavery and the slave trade. What he DID sneak passed the committee was the 2nd sentence. Carl Becker,147

  158. The Reading of the Declaration is the tradition on the Fourth, all the way through, but do catch that second sentence twice, all four clauses. The assumptions of Jefferson, as he speaks of tyranny, are fundamental law. Edited out is his attempt to blame slavery on the British.

  159. ICE is the most harmful influence in the attempt to have a rational immigration policy. When agencies malfunction, their true purpose goes undone.

  160. edwardoneill

    Fire Ice!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  161. If I was a republican and I ever had the least ‘intercourse’ w PAUL MANAFORT – I would be shitting myself blind today. Paul Manafort saw himself as ‘MR RUSSIA’. He SOLD HIMSELF that way. Everyone KNEW Paul was ‘The Russia Guy’. And the WELCOMED HIM IN. Why WAS that, GOP?

  162. Patrick

    Trump literally did not even write his own autobiography. He has not read the Constitution, literally.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  163. The Centrist Project has become Unite America. Follow to stay up to date on the independent movement.

  164. Not if everyone votes. Numbers will beat this but not everyone will care enough to show up. That is the deciding factor. That is what people should march for in next 16 weeks. If everyone shows they have no chance and Dems take house and senate.

  165. Replying to 

    My biggest fear is that Repubs hold onto The House and Senate in the midterm election. (With some help from Facebook and The Kremlin, of course). If that happens—> trump gets away with murder.

  166. aw Retweeted  🔚 🔜

    As the judge in VA carries on about SC prosecuting Manafort for political reasons, this: ⤵️ This thread is excellent. If you want a feel for how counter intelligence works, no better example.

    aw added,

  167. jailed and facing a prison term for exposing a report about the Russian attack on our election system. She still needs our support and voices.

  168. Marvels of modern tech, this machine takes Ages to TURN ON! Bill Gates was never very good with the ON BUTTON! Someone is identifying the user so as to use them.

  169. Hey, Yoko Ono liked one of my tweets! Only the Pope is cooler! In honor: John’s 2nd best lyric: John Lennon – # 9 Dream via

  170. Ja, FIRE ICE!!

  171. penny

    Dang Joey. Once a fireman told an old girlfriend: “ever see a cat skeleton in a tree?”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  172. Be bold. Be courageous. Never be afraid to speak up and speak out. Together we can build a more perfect union.

  173. Chaya Grossberg Retweeted IHI

    Not to mention adverse effects of psych drugs are attributed to the person’s mental illness diagnosis.

    Chaya Grossberg added,

  174. We may never have another free election if we do not get data collection/ targeted interference.

  175. Mark Small

    NPR has strangely been trumpeting speakers who assume that the election is legitimate, like America elected him, therefore… It seems like fake news, like Moshe Gessen assuming what Russia did was only “a few trolls.” We may never have another free election …

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  176. On Maddow tonite: Women raised bail for a migrant mom, then created a chain of drivers to get her to NY to pick up her kids. ICE then got orders that from now on, bail for all is suspended. Did someone say that the govt will not pay for the children to be returned? Rumor?

  177. Hold the line of the FBI. If Trump is allowed to further seize justice itself, the kidnapping of asylum seekers is only the beginning.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  178. The time is always right to do right. Find a way to get in the way and we will make a way out of no way.

  179. Evan McMullin

    Russia is responsible for the worldwide legitimizing of fascism, interfering in many elections. Oh, yea, and did you hear the fascists have taken Italy for Vlad?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

Saint Jacinta

From Fatima in Sister Lucy’s Own Words, by Sister Lucia dos Santos, p. 52.

It is clear from the account of Lucy that Jucinta is a Saint.

12. In Prison at Ourém

When, some time later, we were put in prison, what made Jacinta suffer most, was to feel that their parents had abandoned them. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she would say: “Neither your parents nor mine have come to see us. They don’t bother about us any more!” “Don’t cry,” said Francisco, “we can offer this to Jesus for sinners.” Then, raising his eyes and hands to heaven, he made the offering: “O my Jesus, this is for love of You, and for the conversion of sinners.” Jacinta added: “And also for the Holy Father, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” After being separated for awhile, we were reunited in one of the other rooms of the prison. When they told us they were coming soon to take us away to be fried alive, Jacinta went aside and stood by a window overlooking the cattle market. I thought at first that she was trying to distract her thoughts with the view, but I soon realized that she was crying. I went over and drew her close to me, asking her why she was crying: “Because we are going to die,” she replied, “without ever seeing our parents again, not even our mothers!” With tears running down her cheeks, she added: “I would like at least to see my mother.” “Don’t you want, then, to offer this sacrifice for the conversion of sinners?” “I do want to, I do!” With her face bathed in tears, she joined her hands, raised her eyes to heaven and made her offering: “O my Jesus! This is for love of You, for the conversion of sinners, for the Holy Father, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary!” The prisoners who were present at this scene, sought to console us: “But all you have to do,” they said, “is to tell the Administrator the secret! What does it matter whether the Lady wants you to or not!” “Never!” was Jacinta’s vigorous reply, “I’d rather die.”

Lyric Interpretation: 10 CC: I’m Not In Love

   The haunting background vocals, using a method then new, expresses the haunting lyric of this gem, an attempted denial of love. The song has nothing to do with the occasion of the song, . The occasion was an attempted response of the writer to the inquiry of a wife as to why he did not very often say he loves her, and accordingly was first attempted as a corny sort of “bassanova.” But then the spirits of poetry took over and it becomes a work of inspiration:

I’m not in love
So don’t forget it
It’s just a silly phase I’m going through
And just because
I call you up
Don’t get me wrong, don’t think you’ve got it made
I’m not in love, no no, it’s because

I like to see you
But then again
That doesn’t mean you mean that much to me
So if I call you
Don’t make a fuss
Don’t tell your friends about the two of us
I’m not in love, no no, it’s because

I keep your picture
Upon the wall
It hides a nasty stain that’s lying there
So don’t you ask me
To give it back
I know you know it doesn’t mean that much to me
I’m not in love, no no, it’s because

Ooh you’ll wait a long time for me
Ooh you’ll wait a long time
Ooh you’ll wait a long time for me
Ooh you’ll wait a long time

   The woman’s voice-actually the secretary of the band, drafted by accident, says:

“Be quiet: Big boys don’t cry…”

This line tells the heart’s meaning, the true meaning of the song: The self conscious attempt to deny love is here due to having been brought to ones knees by love, or the fact that love does that the people. It is a maternal voice and a childhood lesson summoning courage, which is just what is needed is facing love.

   Behind the whole is the woman waiting, and this might be the most pathe-tic or heartrending aspect of the lyric snapshot, of two souls, one by reflection.

Socrates demonstrates that there are different parts of the soul by demonstrating that they can be in conflict.

   It is, one sees, not a long married relation, but just the beginning, and a very slow beginning, of a dating. He cautions the woman, or the lover, not to hope too high, possibly out of concern for her, trying to talk her out of it, “You’ll wait a long time for me.” That she is the lover and he more the beloved is evident from the saying “don’t tell your friends about the two of us,” as office girls like to do when they have a “catch.” But that it is “just a silly phase…” shows that he does feel as if he were…And it has been some time. He keeps her picture…It “hides a nasty stain…” Doesn’t mean much to him, but don’t ask him to give it back! That is symbolic, and the stain is the impression of love previous on the soul, the scars of wounds either present or future due to the permanent stain to be brought to the surface by love.