July-August 2018 Tweets Preserved

  1. The US has been assisting Saudi Arabia’s military strikes in Yemen for 3 years. Thousands of civilians have died. The American people deserve to know the full scope of our operations in Yemen so we can hold our partners – and ourselves – accountable.

  2. Somewhere, in an alternate reality, America is discussing a brighter future through carbon emission cuts, single payer healthcare and free education through college, not whether there is a tape of the president saying the n-word on a reality show.

  3. Fantastic reporting by on the 3 DHS agents that Putin wants to interrogate along with me in his infamous Helsinki swap offer. Well worth reading.

  4. “Shadow banning” is what Twitter is thought to do, and the right again shadow accuses, while the Democrats are doing no fake news, and paying no one to promote or suppress political speech. What are fake followers?

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    See, she’s made of sugar!

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  6. Because we did not study the liberal arts, we no longer know the difference between liberty and tyranny. Our students do their most serious study of their nation in eighth grade, then not again?

  7. I once discussed education with Rich De Vos sr., , III.

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    The liberal arts, as distinct from trade schools, aim to educate the free man and citizen.

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  9. NPR: Google is collecting location data even when the setting is turned off. The same is occurring with CAMERA AND MICROPHONE in all tech, and THAT is how Putin turned the election. It is still happening because WE just do not get it!

  10. BLUES Floyd Council Looking for my baby via Got mo teefin I got, we’ll give ‘ima nother song!

  11. Floyd Council – Runaway Man Blues via

  12. Pink Anderson – I Got A Woman via

  13. Spain’s Robert Mueller takes on the Russian mob

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    Trump really has no concept of the meaning of republican government, public service, or the rule of law.

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    This is a hard question, but protected speech does not include slander, libel, extreme porn or even false advertising. When speech is an action and the action is a crime (such as transporting weapons in 3D), it is not protected speech, eh? Now how to apply this to the internet!

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  16. Anabelle

    One tampered juror turns the case, as is one classic mob method. He has already tampered with a witness, eh? What’s next, a “pardon”?

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    Whoa! What a contrast and compare! They violated my daughter’s rights and the court never ruled on it. She plead guilty and is now facing prison.

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  18. The investigation begins not from some partisan agent, but with men like Manafort, Page, Flynn, etc., Trump’s history with Russia, and the way he thinks business and the world work.

  19. Drake and Zimmerman: Did the “white” guy start the fight and then shoot the black guy when he he defended himself? What does he think he is, a cop? (Probly a “mental health” worker!)

  20. I need to tell you this: The other day I drove by this woman Holding a sign Protesting children in cages Just her She’s been out every day All summer She’s been flipped off Had drinks thrown at her Cursed at And she’s still out there I don’t know her name But she’s my hero.

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    Let each voter keep a copy sealed at the polls.

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  22. I teamed up with to demonstrate how U.S. voting machines can be remotely hacked to steal votes. Yes, this is a real machine still used in almost 20 states! States and Congress need to act on before it’s too late.

  23. J. Alex Halderman

    I have tried to contact Halderman since November of 2016 to ask about data collection and targeted interference, similar to the Cambridge Analytica practice later uncovered. I was prevented.

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  24. Thousands of Romanians marched the streets for the third night in a row, protesting against corruption and demanding the resignation of the current government.

  25. Devastating profile of Andrei Pavlov, one of the key men involved in the fraud Magnitsky was killed over. Pavlov described as “one of the most important Russians you’ve never heard of”

  26. Trump wants the illusion that the Russia question begins with hacking and dirt on Hillary. It begins rather from seeing what is done on the internet to control opinion and politics, as we have told our representatives since November of 2016.

  27. On Strzok: Trump can enter conspiracy with Russia to elect a tyrant to our destruction, and no FBI agent can know it, or they are fired? This is because we did not impeach- now we will find out what it means to do nothing.

  28. Journalist: Fear Is A ‘Very Powerful Tool’ In Trump’s Approach To Immigration

  29. Susan Bro is on Fourth Street, where her daughter Heather Heyer was murdered one year ago. She brought purple flowers for Heather, and two roses for the state officers who died that day.

  30. Sarah Kendzior

    And election fraud, payoffs to prostitutes, ripping off seniors through Trump U…maybe its that Manhattan thing.

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  31. This is why Republicans do not claim Eisenhower.

  32. Today we honor the memory of Heather Heyer, whose spirit we see in every person who stands up to reject hatred and bigotry. Make no mistake: this fight goes on. The battle for the soul of this nation rests with each of us, everyday.

  33. Conservatives call for constitutional intervention last seen 230 years ago. “We’re either going to become a socialist, Marxist country like western Europe, or we’re going to be free.” — Senator Tom Coburn

  34. 1986 Trump attended a cocktail party that included KGB agents, unknown to Trump. Bob Baer, ex-CIA operative and CNN analyst, says Trump became an “agent of influence,” a person who is “susceptible to KGB manipulation, but the word KGB never comes up.”

  35. James Madison: “Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been and ever will be pursued until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit.” Federalist 51

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    The “Ethno-state” is treason.

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    67% of the Senate removes Trump.

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    Exempt Status For Churches?

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  39. Read: Mueller indictment against 12 Russian spies for DNC hack

  40. “I probably am the person referred to” in Russia indictment, says Trump advisor Roger Stone

  41. A Dangerous Beauty: 🦋Female monarchs lay their eggs on poisonous milkweed leaves 🦋When caterpillar hatches, it eats its own egg (then switches to a diet of milkweed leaves) 🦋Milkweeds’ toxins remain permanently in monarch’s system 🦋Animals that eat the monarch become sick

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  43.  Erin (Eeks) Stair

    The NFL and Trump will lose this one in the Supreme Court. Speech, 1A will Trump control of an employee in that circumstance.

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    All heads of state need to raise the Sentsov case. The situation is dire and he will die if he’s not released. Thank you Macron

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  45. Let’s not forget Reality Leigh Winner today. She served and protected. She sits jailed for doing just that.

  46. Novichok: Putin wants both to deny it and to reap the effect of terror especially on his spies, since they know the method chosen is only available to Putin.

  47. That Congress is leaving us exposed to Russian election fraud and Trump rewards in bribery for future “favors” ought spell the end of both parties, but surely of the “GOP.” They do not even believe in republican government, but tyranny!

  48. Ole Rog has fired Mueller all by himself: says the inquiry lacks authority. Roger Stone associate held in contempt in Russia probe

  49. Roger Stone associate held in contempt in Russia probe

  50. I’ll ask one more time, are you aware that your tech is spying on you in your home by camera and microphone?

  51. Mickey D’s want to do facial recognition at the drive through. I’ll ask one more time, are you aware that your tech is spying on you in your home by camera and microphone? Gee, I wonder how Putin turned that election?

  52. Bill and Hillary Clinton as students. More pictures:

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    A heartbreaking thread. This is Putin. This is Trump. This is Evil. 🔽

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  54.   🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit  🖕🏻

    State laws protect foreign visitors, because non-citizens have human rights. One cannot kidnap a tourist, or even steal their property, or it is a violation of their rights and crime all the same.

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  55. Dear LORD YAHWEH,Only YOU Know and See the Beginning and the End then I ask YOU Save YOUR Faithful from the wrath of the enemy who seeks to sway them from YOUR Holy Path along with those who reject YOU but yet accept everything else instead of YOU,Guide YOUR Followers O ALLAH 🙏

  56. Pope Francis

    “Feed my lambs. “Tend my sheep.” “Feed my sheep.”

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  57. And we are faulted for reading the Apocalypse.

  58. What a condition the fate of mankind is in if the perennial truth holds true, that like Mike Rogers going to serve his new president back in 2016, an honest man cannot safely proceed in politics at all. Given nuclear weapons, these will be controlled by tyrants.

  59. They say that IF Trump used Russia to seize power and rewards Russia in his foreign policy, there is nothing we can do about it, BECAUSE he has seized power.

  60. We can do something about it by law and Constitutional procedure despite human ignorance, bias, and the truth of every ad hominem argument.

  61. IF: Again, we say that Something CAN be done about it IF a foreign power used Trump to harm America and Trump stupidly used that foreign power to seize the presidency by manipulating opinion.

  62. Hard to believe that Nixon resigned on International Cat day….there has to be something to that….

  63. Join us tomorrow night at the New York Society for Ethical Culture! Can’t wait

  64. US Justice Department spokeswoman announced that the FBI has arrested five Russians for fraud and money laundering in Los Angeles. The Consulate General of Russia sent a request to meet with detainees and for information on their lawyers.

  65. Bill Browder Retweeted Khodorkovsky Center

    Big Russian law enforcement raid at Khodorkovsky’s foundation in Moscow. I think this is a reaction to MBK sending journalists (who were brutally killed) to Central African Republic to investigate Putin’s mercenaries there.

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  66. Reality Leigh Winner remains in jail and faces Prison for leaking the doc with proof of the Russian attack on our election system. Every time I type it out is sounds so wrong…

  67. The St Cuthbert Gospel, a miraculously well-preserved 7th century manuscript that is the oldest European book to survive fully intact. It was produced in the North East of England in the late 7th century and was placed in St Cuthbert’s coffin on Lindisfarne in 698.

  68. America needs to ask Trump: Did someone tell you the election would bee turned for you? And the means undetectable? So that you would know who to reward? Mueller and the Senate need to ask this, and indeed, Trump cannot answer without committing perjury.

  69. Short Film: Poland – the Unconquered

  70. On ICE: Tomorrow on NPR, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, a study of the radicalization of ICE and the industry of detention facilities. ICE is not normal, and the criminal customs enforcement makes genuine border policy impossible. ICE is only targeting brown people! Any Russians?

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    The prescriptions are not based on science, and do a great deal of harm at taxpayer expense.

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  72. Cynthia Canty Retweeted WWII Pictures


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    Bob Dylan I and I ( Live from 1984 European tour ) via

  74. Trump has not even read the Constitution, and the primary process would have eliminated him as a fraud or real estate scammer. Putin got him run up the flagpole, then everyone said, He won the election, he must be a winner!

  75. Bill Browder

    Hold the Browder line.

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  76. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted God  🌈

    Reality TV supreme, like the Apprentice and the OJ trial combined! The alternative, of course, is that we let him seize the law, and find out what real tyranny is like.

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  77. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted #CantBreakHer

    Ole Rosie might make purgatory yet!

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  78. A caller on the NPR show “On Point” notes that the Trumpsters are being prepped to accept his criminal election fraud, and notes the presence of arms among these. They will literally accept anything, and the caller uniqeuly looks with foresight.

  79. Better quit whilst I still have a head!

  80. This is a remarkable survival story. I’d sure buy a ticket or two for a movie re-telling. The remarkable story of four stranded nuns, a remote island and a heroic submarine rescue

  81. The Bill of Rights must be ADAPTED to the dimension of the internet. Other nations do not have a 250 year experience with political liberty. We allow Nazis speech and hope to deal with it. Germany suppresses Nazi speech, cause their not sure they CAN deal with it.

  82. On 3-D printing: We have not begun to consider that publication is worldwide, while the First Amendment applies only to the U. S. The harm this will do in foreign lands is literally unfathomable. Imagine limitless arms in the f’n Congo!

  83. It is amusing that the FBI is now supported by the hippies, America having come full circle. But we warned you that there must be oversight if we are to “secure these rights,” and Congress refused to oversee. No one has yet been held accountable even for what they did to Dr. King

  84. Hey China, throw out the Western tyrant Karl Marx and those setting up tyranny based on him, and turn at least to your native wise man Lao Tzu instead! Are you free men? Are you proud of tyranny? Do you like you boss? Quit, then!

  85. I just got my first visit from China ever, after tweeting about the Chinese bot farm. Get the problem with data collection yet?

  86. By the way, your tech is spying on you by camera, microphone and other unknown means, and the Americans do not get the significance of the breach of the security guaranteed by our Fourth Amendment.

  87. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted English Russia

    Anyone wanna go smash up a troll farm yet?

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  88. Cynthia Canty

    Trump has violated his oath of office by intimidating the press from the office of the presidency, but the Americans no longer understand or believe in political liberty, so we do not notice…until there is actually the foretold blood on the pavement, then it is too late.

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  89. Not that the Russians would not…

  90. So, when they say the Russian goal was to “sew division,” is that not fake news to prevent us from opposing tyranny? Tyrants like “unity,” once they are in power. So “don’t go to any demonstrations, these may be Russian organized,” etc. Get it?

  91. Michael Cohen: inside the strange world of Trump’s fixer.

  92. Anabelle

    Despite a weak field, could Trump have won the Republican primary? The repeated, new and unusual defiance of the polls seems to indicate something is not right throughout the primaries.

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  93. Ja, because the spinning makes a 2 dimensional plane, and holds clues about the origin, as the moon spins and rotates hiding the dark side because it came out of the earth, no?

  94. IS there a cosmic up and down? Hence, we literally do not know which way is up! How long to orbit Milky Way’s center? – via

  95. Trading information for policy leverage is not illegal? Trump does not get the difference between gangster style business and genuine politics. It is “bribery,” and impeachable.

  96. Lest we forget Donald Jr had dinner with indicted Russian spy Maria Butina and her handler Alexander Torshin at an event in May 2016, weeks before June 9 Trump Tower meeting.

  97. Richard W. Painter

    The accusation may have been a political use of the “me too” movement. As in the case of Garrison Keillor, there is something fishy about the matter.

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  98. Fatima Portugal 1917 via

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  99. Dump Trump! Every once in a while, the principles need repeating.

  100. Venture Capital

    Amazing! A Trumpian slip!

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  101. Anabelle

    “Butina, 29, who became a graduate student at American University in 2016, attempted to infiltrate the U.S. political system at the direction of a senior Russian official.”

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  102. Joe Biden

    These guys have the life! They get to be the last elected President, and have leisure at the same time! Hey! Get busy! Loafers!

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  103. Ask Eugene Kaspersky and co.: “What is worth more, 2 billion for a real security company or 10 Billion for serving a tyrant and tyranny?” Wealth and normal business depend upon justice, the “state” and politics, and businessmen do not appreciate this when paying taxes.

  104. Bill Browder

    One would not want to be Putin’s carpenter! Our error was to think the Russians normal business men, like one could do business with them. They had their chance, about 18 years.

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  105. I did 20 days on a perjurous complaint of 3 Trumpster relatives, and there is no recourse, and no one cares! I will not recover, even economically. Reality Winner is still in jail.

  106. Yes, Mr. Coats, Russia WAS a threat to our democracy, in 2016, when they used the internet to end free elections and impose tyranny and adherence to tyranny on the U. S., and those who said so were locked up for it while their fellow citizens did nothing.


  108. Replying to 

    GOD is the First and the Last,HE Said “Be” and Creation came to be and to HIM is our final return and destiny….time is an instrument of measurement and its CREATOR uses it to limit stuff or extend stuff so it becomes infinite or finite,started or finished,paused or resumed.

  109. Replying to 

    She plead guilty to the 1 charge and faces 5 yrs prison. The court had not yet set a Sentencing hearing. Hers will be the longest jail/prison sentence for any whistleblower in history (non military).

  110. Hendrix best, with Third Stone from the sun, though (Castles and little wing are his best lyrics) Jimi Hendrix ‘Voodoo Child’ (Slight Return) via

  111. Jimi Hendrix – The Star-Spangled Banner via

  112. Michael Beschloss

    Here comes the National Anthem.

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  113. What the law calls conspiracy is to Trump merely doing business. If he is not guilty of treason, it is because he is not able to know it is wrong to commit election fraud by using Putin. Oh, did I mention it is also STUPID!

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  114. Roger Sollenberger Retweeted Paste Magazine

    I spoke with a number of journalists for this piece, and they all agree: Trump’s rhetoric is probably going to get someone killed. Again. My latest in was no joy to write 👇

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  115. aw Retweeted William LeGate

    Is this anything like having really, really bad credit?……how in the world did Ollie North screw things up so quickly?

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    Black holes are very strange. They must be limited, or we’d be in there! Hey, maybe we are! They are of different sizes. Is our galaxy spinning out or in? I want to see the pinwheel adjusted for light years to show what is there NOW, not various light years ago.

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  117. Ya, I never stay in condominiums, nor visit bars where there is a condom-minimum. Not that we condone… Sorry, I’ been reading Shakespeare’s Much Ado…

  118. For my dissertation, I was torn between King Lear and the calculation of the cost and environmental impact of the extra straws and condom-mints given out by the fast food joints.

  119. A gold-foil drinking straw, 2450 B.C., found in the tomb of Queen Puabi at Ur, what is now southern Iraq. The shape of the straw allowed drinkers to dip its tip beneath the foam and other materials floating atop the jar of beer. Photo Michael Bryant

  120. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    Ja, they hired a local Russian girl, and were amazed to find…!

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  121. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted John McCain

    It may be past time we threaten to open up the Russian internet for him. Do what he accused us of to justify his attack. Don’t forget to pick up the broom when the Wicked Witch of the West dissolves.

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  122. History Lovers Club

    Free governments also have better physics!

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  123. More than anything else, the life of a Christian is a grateful response to a generous Father.

  124. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Billie J. Winner-Davis

    We thought she had plead guilty in deal and been released ?

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  125. And of course, it always comes back to… The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses (Acoustic / Lyric Video) via

  126. The Rolling Stones -As Tears Go By 1966 (with Lyrics subtitles) via

  127. That’s: Rather, we suggest that lyric poetry is of greater psychiatric significance than psychodope. 1966 lady jane-rolling stones.mpg via

  128. ather, we suggest that lyric poetry is more psychologically significant than psychodope. 1966 lady jane-rolling stones.mpg via

  129. MLH is Velume. THE ROLLING STONES – Mother’s Little Helper (Lyric video) [Stereo/HQ] via

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    Whatch this: Utube: Mother’s Little Helper

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  131. Bill Browder

    Right, Trump whispered to Vlad that the Republicans have to pretend to care that we will never have another free election, while allowing Putin to continue to throw elections for the Republicans, who reward him in the long term, and on the most important issues.

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  132. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted tRick Salsman

    Nor from an illegitimate fake president who took office by election fraud including a foreign conspiracy. Why won’t Congress impeach?

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  133. There was even word that the Koch brothers were wising up about the tyrant Frankenstein created in their libertarian economics lab “Come up to the lab, and see what’s on the slab”- Rocky Horror

  134. Finally, a (not retiring) Republican Congressman admits Trump is being manipulated by Putin

  135. Barack Obama

    Let a single word, and knowledge of election fraud outweigh all that fake news and election fraud.

  136. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted The Hill

    The “Republicans” do not care if foreign intervention helps “Republicans. Trump probably told Putin, don’t worry if I say I’m the “toughest” on Russia!

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  137. aw Retweeted Anabelle

    Recognize ⤵️ the Wagner Group? You should. It is believed they murdered three of their countrymen.

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  138.   Retweeted

    D-Day veterans sitting across from themselves in the same plane which dropped them into Normandy.

  139. Evan McMullin

    Ah, but we have a little problem in the executive branch, as a result of the TRUTH of the Mueller investigation!

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  140.  Aug 2Bill Browder Retweeted Preet Bharara

    Always humbled to be interviewed by for his podcast. As one of the world’s fiercest crime fighters, he always gets to the most interesting points. Have a listen.

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  141. How long sine the media mentioned the CAUSE of NFL players taking a knee, that blacks and others are being shot by police, who must fear that everyone is armed?

  142. Update: The child died following her stay at an ICE Detention Center, as a result of possible negligent care and a respiratory illness she contracted from one of the other children. The events took place in Dilley Family Detention Center in south Texas.

  143. BREAKING: US designates Turkish Interior Minister and Justice Minister with Global Magnitsky Sanctions for their unjust arrest and detention of US pastor Andrew Brunson

  144. From this, we say: The highest phronesis (practical wisdom), then, is to feed the sheep, above feeding lambs and tending sheep, it is the “friend (philos) of God.”

  145. God

    Its not collision, its CON-SPIRAL-galac-CY

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  146. Janet Smith

    ICE is guilty of kidnapping and drugging children, and can be prosecuted under state law. Fascism is not only UN-American, it is illegal and unconstitutional, in about 32 different ways. FIRE ICE!!

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  147. Google has totally skated in the inquiry, even while taking money to pervert searches. One wonders if Google is not attacking Facebook as their competitor in the duopoly.

  148. Anabelle

    The Pence Vice Presidency is as illegitimate as the fake Trump “presidency.” In addition to impeachment, the Supreme Court can void the whole election, or add the presidency to the 2018 November election.

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  149. “Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.” ~Native American Proverb 📷: @lester_and_charlie

  150. NY AG Underwood

    There are obvious limits to arms despite the 2nd Amendment: or must we allow private nukes? Chemical weapons? Tanks to drive about the neighborhood?

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  151. Bill Browder Retweeted Пальто из страуса #NotOurTsar

    Horrifying news. 3 Russian opposition journalists working for Khodorkovsky doing an expose on the Wagner mercenary group in the Central African Republic all executed.

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  152. Yea, but saying “collusion is not a crime” on Twitter is evidence of conspiracy. They told him the election would be turned for him, so he would know who to reward.

  153.  🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit  🖕🏻

    Leave it to Giuliani!

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  154. Before helping others, we need to have a personal encounter with God: we need time to pray and to listen to His Word.

  155. 3-D printing ? Must we wait for the first catastrophe before we respond? Lacking reasonable gun control in the U. S., one measure is to require every bullet to be identifiable, so that someone is responsible for every shot, and can give an account.

  156. d Retweeted God  🌈

    Surely they mean that Islam and any religion will be tolerated by government, which will neither establish nor inhibit the free exercise of religion.

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  157. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jack Van Impe Min.

    All active, just 80% for the wrong side!

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  158. As was so in 1989, free economies will trounce tyranny in the tech of a space arms race. Putin is bluffing. Moscow warns military confrontation in space as dangerous as nuclear arms race

  159. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted The Hill

    A the witness of 4/5 ths the globe past catastrophe. He should resign.

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  160. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jordan Lancaster

    Since the states never delegated tyrannic powers to the federal government, they surely cannot, for example, enter states and commit crimes, such as kidnapping or election fraud.. Tyranny is de-facto 50 state secession.

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  161. Putin’s harassment of me didn’t start in Helsinki, but has a long history. He doesn’t like people who speak the truth about his regime and his belligerent foreign policies. I detailed the story here:

  162. Bill Browder Retweeted Michael McFaul

    Mike, Putin will run roughshod over all diplomatic norms. He wouldn’t hesitate to issue a Red Notice for a former US ambassador. The US should let Interpol know that their US funding will be suspended if they even think about accepting a Russian Red Notice request for you

    Bill Browder added,

  163. Book I of Plato’s Republic contains the beginning of the study of faction, with the justice among thieves, etc.

  164. Division, faction, and the corresponding anger are possible between humans because each is wrong in a certain way they do not understand.

  165. BREAKING: Moldovan parliament introduces a Magnitsky Act for Moldova. Moldova is now one of 9 new countries where Magnitsky legislation is in play.

  166. TRUMP: Mexico will pay for the wall. MEXICO: no, we won’t. TRUMP: Muricans will pay for the wall and Mexico will reimburse us. MEXICO: no, we won’t. TRUMP: ME WANT BIG WALL OR ME SHUT DOWN GOVERNMENT!!! 🤬😫

  167. On God on Twitter: Ja, we caused him to have a crisis of self esteem, where he no longer believes in himself, because humanity is so bad- sort of the problem of evil from God’s view! Watch, I’ll be the first to take the poll on twitter:

  168. God on Twitter:

  169. Not to mention the national security threat of having those who cannot play checkers making deals with the KGB at chess! Republicans thought they could choose thier voters? Putin chose his adversary. Congrats!

  170. This Week

    Lankford now admits Russian interference, but says lets not focus on whether Trump is influenced by his little debt. Sewn “division” and “confusion” indeed, with those who would sell out American foreign policy for partisan interests.

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  171. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

    Two years ago this week…

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  172. Janet Smith

    Our knowing what is occurring is all we can do, but it may be enough. These things are sinking in, but will it be too late?

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  173. Bill Browder

    Paying back a favor?:

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  174. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Fredon Moniteau

    And if you never had to pay to shut it up, more of a man, or at least luckier!!

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  175. A young Jennifer Aniston. See more photos:

  176. tRick Salsman

    “Let’s get outa here, Turkey legs!” At least he CAN read a little. Gangsters do not much need letters, they can hire it out.

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  177. Replying to 

    In case you haven’t seen it….

  178. And not commit treason, election fraud, bribery, obstruction, …oh., that’s not in the Bible, just the Constitution!

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  179. One Trump golfing partner we have not yet been able to identify:Mark A. McDonald added, History Lovers Club Audrey Hepburn, one handed golfer. 1955.

  180. Tea Pain Retweeted Raw Story

    Fortunately for you, , Jesus was very forgivin’ of prostitutes.

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  181. Mueller really is everywhere.

  182. Replying to 

    He swore to uphold the Constitution…but as he revealed in his deposition from years ago…he has “signed hundreds” of his own leases but never read them.

  183. Tea Pain

    And we sit here with the threat of foreign control of our government and military, and we,

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  184. A woman uses a hand cranked battery charger to charge her electric car. 1912.

  185. A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    Zuck and others sold stock just before the plunge, but it is said to be legal because they got it “pre approved.” Law is different when you own it!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  186.  🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit  🖕🏻

    I’m sure we can trust those doctors at spectrum health of Michigan!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  187. Abolish ICE: The functions can be parted out. Tyranny likes to present the only alternative as anarchy: open borders. ICE arrested 130,000 in the past year, keeping us safe? How many of these were Chaldean pot smokers and four year olds? Cease injustice, or FIRE ICE!

  188. Lunar eclipse photo update from Abu Dhabi. Spectacular! Photo credit belongs to Souhayl Ben Khaled, UAE Astronomy group. We’d love to see the view from where you are!

  189. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Donald J. Trump

    OMG! [Its really fake]

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  190. Ted Lieu Retweeted The Nation

    Dear : You should read this article. Then you should resign. This trauma would not have happened to the little girl but for the fact that your agency ripped her away from her parents and placed her in a facility without adequate supervision.

    Ted Lieu added,

  191. patti barfield Retweeted The Nation

    Look how shakey this little girl’s “signature” was. It’s inconceivable the state her mind & emotions were in after being taken away from her family in a foreign country, unable to speak English & then sexually molested at 6 yrs old. She will probably never recover.😭

    patti barfield added,

  192. Simar

    More Dishonor Brought to the badge:

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  193. Sen Dianne Feinstein

    During Trump’s impeachment trial, be sure to ask him under oath if he was told the election would be turned for him and the means undetectable, and whether he then rewarded Russia with certain policies regarding sanctions and the weakening of NATO.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  194. History Lovers Club

    One Trump golfing partner we have not yet been able to identify:

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  195. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ed Krassenstein

    At what point does Congress stand up and Impeach?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  196. Twitter, though, seems to have caught on to the new internet of integrity, as by culling one million fake accounts and bots and trolls.

  197. We noticed certain tweets would not appear on the “homepage,” though they did appear on the Tweets” page, suspecting that this meant that certain tweets regarding the attempt to fix the trump crisis were not being posted at all. This was reported five times to Congress.

  198. Twitter too is down 20% ? “Second biggest loss.” CBS: Twitter is accused of something like “shadow banning,” against “certain Democratic politicians and outspoken liberal activists?” If Twitter is hacked or paid to suppress certain voices, elections can be turned.

  199. Philip Bump

    Interesting, like “follow the money,” follow the golf partners!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  200. WCVB-TV Boston

    …then Trump hires the Zoo director to be his new Chief of Staff!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  201. The Man Who Refused To Salute Hitler in 1936.

  202. I’m looking forward to the inevitable news that Trump paid a woman to have an abortion, for no other reason than to hear conservatives try to explain why they still support him.

  203. The full moon sits over the temple of Apollo in Corinth, Greece. Photograph: Valerie Gache/AFP/Getty Images

  204. A cache of documents, included in a filing in the Manafort trial today, includes emails and memos about campaign strategy and activities for Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. *Sender KK = Konstantin Kilimnik, Mueller indicted Russian agent.

  205. When is the birthday of Juliet, “Lamastide” eve? August 1st?

  206. Who, What, Where When Why…and How

  207. Explaining how our plagiarism tech works. Live video at CyLon#3 ->>

  208. Cato Institute

    War is down per capita, lowest ever, and the Apocalypse for which we are preparing has not hit yet!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  209. Caroline O.


    Mark A. McDonald added,

  210. A deer entered one of the shops in Colorado. The shop owner gave him some chocolate biscuits and chocolate. He came out of the store and returned after half an hour with all his family members. Photograph via Satar

  211. Tea Pain

    Good thing ’bout bein’ po, we got not ta lose!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  212. Adam Schiff

    We think Trump was told that the election would be turned for him, and that the means would be “undetectable.” The means are not dirt on Clinton but data collection and targeted internet interference through companies like Kaspersky, groups and individuals, speech and press.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  213. Compare the Russian torture in the video down my page there to the American tortures which the people forced their government to renounce. And the Russian torture in not even against enemies at war, but their own people!

  214. Bill Browder Retweeted John McCain

    Thank you and for your vigilance in continuing to seek justice for Sergei Magnitsky. Eternally grateful

    Bill Browder added,

  215. Billie J. Winner-Davis Retweeted The Daily Beast

    We are still not safe and Reality Winner remains jailed for warning us.

    Billie J. Winner-Davis added,

  216. BREAKING: Russian government announces opening of a new criminal case against me and various US officials involved in the creation of the Magnitsky Act and the investigation into Russian organized money laundering in US connected to Magnitsky case

  217. Internet integrity is the basis of the real value of the internet companies, not whatever they could pay Congress to let them do with us. We allowed an environment and business model that selected against integrity. In the longer term, it may adjust.

  218. Facebook: Real money is made by producing value, not by selling the information of ones customers because they do not understand the internet, and think they have “nothing to hide.” If we restore privacy, we will restore voting rights and security.

  219. Well, if spying on citizens by camera and microphone in our very livingrooms is occurring, we will surely call these companies to account and put a stop to it, correct?

  220. Go into your “settings,” and see if the camera and microphone are not on by default. The FBI director himself was putting tape over the camera hidden in the top center of the screen.

  221. Not a single person is willing to even respond? Look, your tech is spying on you inside your home. Everyone knows it, it is public knowledge, and “data” just turned an election. What does it take?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  222. Texas Tribune


    Mark A. McDonald added,

  223. Our friend – along with , Sandra Escher, and Jim Van Os – is seeking respondents for a research study at . Please consider participating by taking the survey and/or sharing it online.

  224.   Retweeted

    Ang1111 Retweeted Leo Shane III

    Overmedicating veterans is killing us. Why don’t they read their own drug pamphlets and follow their own clinical practice guidelines??!!!!

    Ang1111 added,

  225. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Chris Hayes

    Their bloated profits contain the value of our privacy, security and liberty.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  226. History Lovers Club

    Bet she’s goin’ out on ‘im!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  227. Adam Schiff

    Either we are going to stand up and correct the fake election, or the law itself will be seized. We must stand up! IMPEACH TRUMP NOW!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  228. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted barbaradees

    Just keep everything below the level where the Americans react and impeach one who will not defend his nation…What, do they have an algorithm for what stays below the Oxified U.S. citizen’s radar? If it is invisible, they won’t believe it exists?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  229. Anabelle

    Our computer tech is spying on us. Surprise!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  230. Lesley Heilesen

    One of at least five articles in the Trump impeachment:

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  231. BREAKING: Just filed a criminal complaint to Estonian law enforcement authorities about Russian money laundering at the Estonian branch on Danske Bank in connection with the Magnitsky case. The complaint allleges conspiracy to facilitate & conceal money laundering in Estonia

  232. Evan McMullin Retweeted

    Page had been associated with Russian intel officers operating in the United States since at least 2013. He called himself an “informal advisor to the Kremlin” and then mysteriously emerged as an advisor to Trump’s Russia-backed campaign. The need for surveillance was clear.

    Evan McMullin added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  233. No matter how much waffles, the facts are clear: Russia interfered with our 2016 elections. It’s high time that Congress act to prevent the next attack. That’s why 21 bipartisan AGs are urging basic steps Congress can take before it’s too late.

  234. I believe the Russians will try to undermine our elections again and I strongly urge every election official to use the resources available to them to prevent it from happening.

  235. Anabelle

    In wolves clothing.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  236. It’s EVERYONE’S business!

  237. All must be scewed to fit the assumption that what is tyranny and near treason are just fine. And just because the Don doesn’t see it does not mean it is not a disaster and danger for our notion. Can’t fix truth and real danger with fake news.

  238. Michael Morell

    On NPR, Mr. Morell says: “…doing so in response to criticism is unheard of.” Again, using powers for purposes other than that for which the powers are intended. Impeach.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  239. Putin drives wedge between Trump and GOP. “There is no invitation from Congress” to the Russian president, McConnell spokesman said.

  240. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Tea Pain

    Not surprising the tweet is unavailable.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  241. And what did Boy UN-der say, that got him the buddy treatment from the Don? And do, and what did Vlad… These are consequences of our failure to fix the 2016 election fraud. We are mistaken to think we have the option of allowing the charade to continue.

  242. Iran did not really “threaten” us, but only gave that old Saddam line about war’s mamma- a strange saying. And how did that spat begin?

  243. Condolences to Toronto. Apologies as well, as it is the overflow of a U. S. epidemic of gun violence.

  244. Lunar Eclipse happening this Friday 27/7/2018…Blood moon spectacular. “When 2 Sevens Clash”

  245. Turns out, our data collected IS not only all our PROPERTY, but all our liberty.

  246. Laws must be passed recognizing abuse of data crime and election fraud, but in the mean time, the courts are still able to address the problems, if we would. Amazon and Facebook etc. have bloated profits literally due to seizing the value of our “data.”

  247. It is just now dawning on the Americans that they have a tyrant elected president no where near legitimately. Oh, yes, and the consequences, if we do not fix it, are nuclear.

  248. So, no one realizes that their tech is spying on them through camera, microphone and other unknown means? And that this “data collection” has ended free elections?

  249. Michael Chertoff: It is FINALLY admitted that election fraud was committed with data collection. Micro-targeting” is the new word.

  250. Janet Smith Retweeted Jason Halle  🌊

    Serious stuff if true.

    Janet Smith added,

  251. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

    Who’s ready for the Manafort games to commence this week?

    Anabelle added,

  252. David Hogg

    It is QUITE amusing to think of the contradiction between the NRA, Second Amendment and Russian tyranny! They do not even have the right to speak, let alone bear arms, and if they di, Putin would not be there to pay our NRA to corrupt U. S. politics!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  253. Incredibly couloured ivy on Museum of Natural History in Wroclaw, Poland

  254. Marco Rubio

    The Trump defense is to argue- with expensive lawyers- that justice is paralyzed regarding him: One cannot look, is partisan to charge, cannot bring such a case or the court has no authority to decide, the president cannot be charged, can pardon himself, etc.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  255. My inbox: “I saw your workbook for coming off of meds. When you had the documentary showing- I was taking a mood stabilizing med & wanting to come off of it. 2 years later….I am 2 weeks psych med free! I feel amazing. I wanted to tell you, because you inspired me to do so.”

  256. This at least 8,000 year old limestone female figurine was discovered in a Neolithic dwelling at the site of Çatalhöyük in southern Turkey. Photo credit : Jason Quinlan. Courtesy ofthe Çatalhöyük Research Project.

  257. Bill Browder

    The “Republicans” just do not get it, and are being destroyed as a party for having allowed leaders to arise who just do not get it.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  258. I want to know what the universe looks like NOW, but all the visible stars are from different places in time!

  259. 60 minutes on Hubble: So, when will NASA figure which planets are potential life holders x light years in the future, and target some messages to someone who might actually be there in x years to receive the message? A lot of effort went into Voyager.

  260. “You can’t quit unless you start. And I’m just getting started.” ~Aunt Betty’s Almanac <………>

  261. “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” ~Will Rogers . .

  262.   Retweeted

    Well, we found the perfect picture to post when Mueller announces his final round of indictments. Your turn, Meuller. .

  263. Trupsters are like the citizens of Oz in the Movie, if not yet like the soldiers of Putin and the Wicked Witch, serving from fear. Melt the Witch, the fake Wizard may fly away.

  264. Anabelle

    Putin will try to scare us into doing nothing about the increasingly obvious guilt and near treason of Trump. Remember what Roger Stone said to Congress? “Republicans,” who would whore their conscience and their daughters to get ahead, they scare easily. Not good in nuclear age.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  265. Evan McMullin

    We we allow tyrants to remake the world for our imagined short term self interest? Or will we STAND UP!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  266. Anne Applebaum Retweeted

    there will be more of these scoops in the next few days

    Anne Applebaum added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  267. God  🌈

    Now that’s why we worship you, its that eternal mysterious logos of common sense!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  268. God  🌈

    Dude, YOUR the one who said that, N Abe got it from you! Jeeze!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  269. Bill Browder

    Strange thing, if Vlad wanted to get rid of those agents, he WOULD extradite them! We will hold the Browder line!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  270. Mark A. McDonald added,

  271. It is being said on NPR that Republicans cannot run for offices now if opposed to Trump, with Corker and Flake the examples. This is a self perpetuating appearance, and the “Republicans” are slaves, no longer knowing the difference between liberty and tyranny. Split the party!

  272. Robert Vos Frere

    Right, I get it, like ethical equivalence of murderous tyranny and the free world, which used to have real courts…

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  273. Anabelle

    And, they’re going to restore the security of our persons, papers houses and effects by data collection profiteers, so that foreign government cannot target voting groups and speaking individuals!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  274. Replying to 

    That’s a clip from when Medvedev was president. Here’s what I said about Putin’s Russia.

  275. So, thinking about how to prevent armed robberies at the 7-11, it occurred that there could be a hole in the floor with a trap door that would open, with a nice padded room and bullet proof ceiling…

  276. Imagine if Mike Rogers MI would run as an Independent for Governor of Michigan. We should draft him if the primaries do not go well-CLC.

  277. History Lovers Club


    Mark A. McDonald added,

  278. and lied about it and covered it up from the beginning. We can stop this madness by impeaching him right now.

  279. Lucy: “I loved to watch the rays of the sun reflected in the dew drops, … the mountains seemed covered with pearls in the morning sunshine; and in the evening, after a snowfall, to see the snowflakes sparkling on the pine trees was like a foretaste of the beauties of paradise.”

  280. Michael McFaul


    Mark A. McDonald added,

  281. Just spent 5 hours at a great middle school — just kidding this is a prison. America needs to stop conditioning school children to go to prison.

  282. Kyle Griffin

    Lets make him say he said “wouldn’t.”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  283. CNN

    Biut did it cost him as much as the news that hit Melania?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  284. Jon Sopel

    That’s “woulds.”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  285. Four members of the Homeland Security Advisory Council have resigned, saying in a letter that they can no longer be associated with the Trump administration’s immigration policies and calling the separation of migrant families “morally repugnant.”

  286. Evan McMullin

    We have them yuking it up in their private meeting about Trump is going to say anything and get away with it.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  287. One of the other Americans Putin asked for in his quid pro quo with Trump in Helsinki in connection to the 12 GRU agents was Kyle Parker. is the congressional staffer who single handedly drafted the Magnitsky Act that Putin hates so much

  288. aw

    We ought impeach Trump for letting Putin say such vulgarity.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  289. Amazon is set to become the first trillion dollar company, a thousand billion. How much of that value is our liberty?

  290. Lawmakers who shirk their duty to protect our elections under Article IV Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution–stating that Congress shall “protect … [the states] against invasion”– should be deemed co-conspirators in any further election attacks. .

  291. Anabelle

    Do the Republicans mind Russian interference if it gets them elected? We must ask. Its like gerrymandering, only with nukes.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  292. Sarah Kendzior

    Data collection and targeted interference of many kinds, not Hillary’s stupid e-mails, is what turned the election, things like suppressing the black vote in swing states and threatening or intimidating effective individuals. Kaspersky allowed it.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  293. Wikileaks also routes through the supposed Siberian server, although certain signs point to it being very near the Kremlin, in Moscow.

  294. BOOM! More than 250 Trump Organization Subdomains are in Communication with Computers in Russia!! Thread

  295. What we found was shocking. All of these subdomains follow the same route to Moscow, then take a trip to Siberia, then finally arrive at a server in St. Petersburg.

  296.  🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit  🖕🏻

    Too stupid to impeach him and fix the 2016 election!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  297. Barack, as late as October of 2016, was falling for the trap where Trump accused the Dem’s of election fraud, and the Dem’s were saying, “How could anyone question the sacred integrity of our elections?” I’d thought it was only Hillary that fell for that, a two-step chess move.

  298. Tea Pain

    Did the hack- coincidentally on the same day- occur before, or after he, like, gave the signal?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  299. The other big press lie line is that the problem is only the hacked e-mails of the DNC, or just a few trolls. The Americans lack imagination.

  300. aw Retweeted Anabelle

    When time, read thru Tahoe’s threads on Manafort. His trial in VA kicks off at end of July and it will be huge. An awfully good authority on the case shared that tahoe’s Manafort threads were the best on the twitter. ⤵️

    aw added,

  301. USE YOUR FURY: Call/Email Senators, ESPECIALLY RED-STATE DEMs! Say: As weeks pass, it becomes obvious that Trump assoc’s colluded w Russia: THIS IS . You must NOT vote to confirm SCOTUS nom. All will see the integrity of yr position!

  302. Mark A. McDonald

    No one gets this?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  303. We MUST take away the fruits of Trump-Russian election fraud, or we will find out the unknown end game of Putin, the hard way. Step 1: IMPEACH!!

  304. Say, Mitch McConnell, are you opposed to ALL foreign election interference, or only that which does not elect “Republicans?”

  305. And protected us from “terrorism” to boot!

  306. Is America ready yet to address the truth that the internet companies are collecting :”data” by camera and microphone in our very living rooms? Gee, how did those Russians turn that election ?

  307. Notice that what makes a statement worthy to Trump is that it be “Strong and powerful.”

  308. And of course, the 4-4 Supreme Court needs to void the 2016 election and devise an interim solution until legitimately elected office holders can be restored. It is simply too dangerous to allow Putin to continue making plans on the building blocks of “Republican” self interest.

  309. And we need to IMPEACH as soon as possible for national security, and try to repair the damage and avoid catastrophe, which becomes worse and more likely the longer we delay.

  310. Trump is so obviously guilty of election fraud and bribery that the Republicans need to impeach, and then sit out an election to regroup as a party, in penance for the sins that allowed this disaster to occur.

  311. Trump then tried to say the same thing he said about Russian interference when he betrayed that he had been told the means would be “undetectable:” “Anyone might have done it,” like some “400 lb man!”

  312. “No effect on the election” is the new thing being repeated, because we do not want to face the opposite, which is true. Putin intended to do enough to turn the election while avoiding unnecessary risk, and did it because the internet is new.

  313. Barack: “We have a better story to tell…”

  314. Congressman Al Green

    Al Green:

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  315. Congressman Al Green

    Rep. Green wrote up the articles of impeachment the third time, when ONLY 58 DEMOCRATS would support it, thinking of some imagined partisan advantage, This is national security. STAND UP!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  316. This photo is going around: That is not alleged Russian spy Maria Butina in the Oval Office With Trump. It’s an NSC staffer, a NSC source tells BuzzFeed News.

  317. This is a video from last night’s protest at the White House! Amazing (correction: An earlier photo I tweeted was incorrectly labeled from last night)

  318. John Lundin  🌊Retweeted CNN

    You should be watching this – Obama’s first major lecture since leaving office…

    John Lundin  🌊added,

  319. Bellatrix2018 ⚡️Tues 14 Aug Primary ‼️ ⚡️ ✝️ 🇺🇸 🖖🏼

    Happy Birthday Linda, from the anonymous and universal world of the internet!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  320. mary a martin Retweeted David Corn

    I read your book. Can you give a speech on the floor of Congress? Wake those idiots up?

    mary a martin added,

  321. Mark A. McDonald

    People really do not get that the camera and microphone is collecting data inside your home, that it is used for any purpose whatsoever including election fraud, and that we can put a stop to it if we put our foot down!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  322. God  🌈

    On saving Nineveh, you said to Jonah, “120,000 persons who do not know their right hand from their left, and much cattle.” Any guy who loves the brown eyed cows is a friend of mine! Go God Go!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  323. It’s finally happening. This is just the start. Protests outside the White House. “Traitor, Traitor, Traitor!!”

  324. TWO THINGS: First, I hope the entire press corp starts simultaneously coughing the word into their hands during the next presser. Secondly, VOTE and NEVER MISS VOTING AGAIN. K?

  325. Bill Browder

    Putin tried to use it to get Browder? Amazing. We shopuld give him Trump!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  326. …so that all the children of our Mother in Heaven may hear the sound of her voice!” -Lucy quoting Mary in the vision, October 1, 1917, from Fatima in Lucy’s Own Words, p. 94.

  327. St. Mary’s Tweet: … the request made by our heavenly Mother: “Do not offend Our Lord and God any more, because He is already so much offended!” Lucy’s Retweet: “How loving a complaint, how tender a request! Who will grant me to make it echo through the whole world, …

  328. One third of the Republicans must set the truth and 30 some indictments on one side, the mere statements like “witch hunt,” designed to shape opinion, on the other, and end this charade before grave harm results. Even now, they will not take it without causing some grief.

  329. In the rial in the Senate, the Chief Justice of the Court presides, and the Senate may determine for itself such things as what a high crime is, what election fraud and bribery are, what criminal conspiracy, oath of office and emoluments. But it should not take more than 3 days

  330. John McCain

    Nation above Party

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  331. Butina & Torshin — Russian RIS infiltrated the NRA🇷🇺

  332. aw Retweeted Anabelle

    What a tremendous thread…..replies, added commentary, interaction….a real joy to read on twitter.

    aw added,

  333. Tea Pain Retweeted Mike Eckel

    BOOM! This is a big’en folks. This could tie to 30 million dollars of dark Russian money. It’s about to be the ‘s time in the barrel!

    Tea Pain added,

  334. Trump’s behavior this week has made his betrayal of American interests clear. It has also made clear the betrayal of House Republicans who have relentlessly undermined the FBI and the Special Counsel as they’ve heroically worked to protect the nation. Time for a change. 🇺🇸

  335. Melanie Lieberman

    67 votes in the Senate does it. It has been a matter of national security for some time now.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

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