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Casimir III the Great (PolishKazimierz III Wielki; 30 April 1310 – 5 November 1370) reigned as the King of Poland from 1333 to 1370. He was the son of King Władysław I (“the Elbow-high”) and Duchess Jadwiga of Kalisz, and the last Polish king from the Piast dynasty.[1]

Kazimierz inherited a kingdom weakened by war and made it prosperous and wealthy. He reformed the Polish army and doubled the size of the kingdom. He reformed the judicial system and introduced a legal code, gaining the title “the Polish Justinian.”[2] Kazimierz built extensively and founded the University of Kraków,[3] the oldest Polish university. He also confirmed privileges and protections previously granted to Jews and encouraged them to settle in Poland in great numbers.

Kazimierz left no lawful male heir to his throne, producing only daughters. When Kazimierz died in 1370 from an injury received while hunting, his nephew, King Louis I of Hungary, succeeded him as king of Poland in personal union with Hungary.

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The Great King


Poland (red) at the end of the reign of Kazimierz III (1370); Silesia (yellow) had been lost, but the Kingdom was expanding to the east

When Kazimierz attained the throne in 1333, his position was in danger, as his neighbours did not recognise his title and instead called him “king of Kraków“. The kingdom was depopulated and exhausted by war, and the economy was ruined. In 1335, in the Treaty of Trentschin, Casimir was forced to relinquish his claims to Silesia “in perpetuity”.

Kazimierz rebuilt and his kingdom became prosperous and wealthy, with great prospects for the future. He waged many victorious wars and doubled the size of the kingdom, mostly through addition of lands in modern-day Ukraine (then called the Duchy of Halych). Kazimierz built extensively during his reign, ordering the construction of over 40 castles, including many castles along the Trail of the Eagle’s Nests, and he reformed the Polish army.

At the Sejm in Wiślica, on 11 March 1347, Kazimierz introduced reforms to the Polish judicial system and sanctioned civil and criminal codes for Great and Lesser Poland, earning the title “the Polish Justinian.”[2] He founded the University of Kraków,[3] the oldest Polish University, and he organized a meeting of kings in Kraków in 1364 at which he exhibited the wealth of the Polish kingdom.[citation needed] Kazimierz is the only king in Polish history to both receive and retain the title of “Great” (Bolesław I Chrobry is also called “Great”, but more commonly “Valiant”).


In 1355, in Buda, Kazimierz designated his nephew Louis I of Hungary as his successor should he produce no male heir, as his father had with Charles I of Hungary to gain his help against Bohemia. In exchange Kazimierz gained Hungarian favourable attitude, needed in disputes with the hostile Teutonic Order and Kingdom of Bohemia. Kazimierz at the time was still in his early years and having a son did not seem to be a problem (he already had a few children).

Kazimierz left no legal son, however, begetting five daughters instead. He tried to adopt his grandson, Casimir IV, Duke of Pomerania, in his last will. The child had been born to his second daughter, Elisabeth, Duchess of Pomerania, in 1351. This part of the testament was invalidated by Louis I of Hungary, however, who had traveled to Kraków quickly after Kazimierz died and bribed the nobles with future privileges. Kazimierz III had a son-in-law, Louis VI of Bavaria, Margrave and Prince-elector of Brandenburg, who was considered a possible successor, but he was deemed ineligible as his wife, Kazimierz’s daughter Cunigunde, had died in 1357 without issue.

Thus King Louis I of Hungary became successor in Poland. Louis was proclaimed king upon Kazimierz’s death in 1370, though Kazimierz’s sister Elisabeth (Louis’s mother) held much of the real power until her death in 1380.[4]

Society under the reign of Casimir


Wiec in reign of Casimir the Great

Casimir was facetiously named “the Peasants’ King”. He introduced the codes of law of Greater and Lesser Poland as an attempt to end the overwhelming superiority of the nobility. During his reign all three major classes — the nobility, priesthood, and bourgeoisie — were more or less counterbalanced, allowing Casimir to strengthen his monarchic position. He was known for siding with the weak when the law did not protect them from nobles and clergymen. He reportedly even supported a peasant whose house had been demolished by his own mistress, after she had ordered it to be pulled down because it disturbed her enjoyment of the beautiful landscape.[citation needed]

Relationship with Polish Jews


Wojciech GersonCasimir the Great and the Jews

Due to his deep relationship with the legendary Esterka who played a significant role in the King’s life, Casimir was favorably disposed toward Jews living in Poland. On 9 October 1334, he confirmed the privileges granted to Jews in 1264 by Bolesław V the Chaste. Under penalty of death, he prohibited the kidnapping of Jewish children for the purpose of enforced Christian baptism, and he inflicted heavy punishment for the desecration of Jewish cemeteries. While Jews had lived in Poland since before his reign, Casimir allowed them to settle in Poland in great numbers and protected them as people of the king.[5]

Relationships with children

Casimir III was born in Kowal, and he married four times. Casimir first married Anna, or Aldona Ona, the daughter of Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania. The marriage produced two daughters, Cunigunde (d. 1357), who was married to Louis VI the Roman, the son of Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor, and Elisabeth, who was married to Duke Bogislaus V of Pomerania. Aldona died in 1339, and Casimir then married Adelaide of Hesse. He divorced Adelaide in 1356, married Christina, divorced her, and while Adelaide and possibly Christina were still alive (ca. 1365), he married Hedwig of Głogów and Sagan. He had three daughters by his fourth wife, and they were still very young when he died, and regarded as of dubious legitimacy because of Casimir’s bigamy.[citation needed]

Aldona of Lithuania

On 30 April or 16 October 1325, Casimir married Aldona of Lithuania.[6] She was a daughter of Gediminas of Lithuania and Jewna. They had two children:

Aldona died on 26 May 1339. Casimir remained a widower for two years.

Adelheid of Hesse

On 29 September 1341, Casimir married his second wife, Adelaide of Hesse. She was a daughter of Henry II, Landgrave of Hesse, and Elizabeth of Meissen. They had no children. Casimir started living separately from Adelaide soon thereafter. Their loveless marriage lasted until 1356.[7]


Casimir effectively divorced Adelaide and married his mistress Christina Rokiczana, the widow of Miklusz Rokiczani, a wealthy merchant. Her own origins are unknown. Following the death of her first husband she had entered the court of Bohemia in Prague as a lady-in-waiting. Casimir brought her with him from Prague and convinced the abbot of the Benedictine abbey of Tyniec to marry them. The marriage was held in a secret ceremony but soon became known. Queen Adelaide renounced it as bigamous and returned to Hesse without permission. Casimir continued living with Christine despite complaints by Pope Innocent VI on behalf of Queen Adelaide. The marriage lasted until 1363–64 when Casimir again declared himself divorced. They had no children.[citation needed]

Hedwig of Żagań

In about 1365, Casimir married his fourth wife Hedwig of Żagań. She was a daughter of Henry V of Iron, Duke of Żagań and Anna of Mazovia. They had three children:

With Adelheid still alive and Christina possibly surviving, the marriage to Hedwig was also considered bigamous. The legitimacy of the three last daughters was disputed. Casimir managed to have Anne and Cunigunde legitimated by Pope Urban V on 5 December 1369. Jadwiga the younger was legitimated by Pope Gregory XI on 11 October 1371.[8]


Esterka was the only one who gave him male offspring. She had a significant place in Casimir’s life. She was a legendarily beautiful and intelligent woman who even performed as a king’s adviser in support of various initiatives: building stone cities, tolerance to representatives of different religious faiths, free trade and support of cultural development.

It was she who laid the foundations of a tolerant attitude towards Jews in Poland and it remained so for centuries, making this country “a paradise for the Jews“. Casimir was not only loyal to the Jews, but also encouraged them, as a result of it the country experienced phenomenal economic and cultural growth. Casimir was called The Great King for his wisdom. The sons of King Casimir and Esterka, Pelko and Nemir, were baptized at the request of their father and became the ancestors of several Polish noble families: Rudanovsky and . To develop legal and commercial relations between Jews, Poles and Germans, Pelko was sent to Konitz and his brother Nemir in 1363 to the southwest to Lower Silesia to participate in the foundation of the city of Neurode, which later became the patrimonial nest of the new Nourode’s Rudanovsky dynasty.


Title and style

Casimir’s full title was: Casimir by the grace of God king of Poland and Russia (Ruthenia), lord and heir of the land of KrakówSandomierzSieradzŁęczycaKuyaviaPomerania (Pomerelia). The title in Latin was: Kazimirus, Dei gratia rex Polonie et Russie, nec non Cracovie, Sandomirie, Siradie, Lancicie, Cuiavie, et Pomeranieque Terrarum et Ducatuum Dominus et Heres.[9]

Popular culture

  • Casimir III the Great is one of the main characters in Polish historical drama series “Korona królów” (“The Crown of the Kings”). He is played by Mateusz Król.

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History of Civilization in Poland

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Introduction of Christianity to Poland, A.D. 966, the first painting in the series

History of Civilization in Poland (PolishDzieje Cywilizacji w Polsce) is a cycle of twelve oil sketches on canvas and wood, created by the Polish nominal painter Jan Matejko in 1889 with accompanying commentaries. The originals are kept at the Museum of the Royal Castle, Warsaw.[1]


Matejko created his series along with an accompanying commentary in part to fulfill a set of research requirements for his new academic title, the degree of Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa, which he received from the Jagiellonian University.[2][3] Much of the imagery of the cycle has been inspired by the lectures of historian Józef Szujski which Matejko might have attended around 1877-1878, or read in print afterward.[4]

The works in the series

The cycle consists of the following paintings:

# Title Image
1. Zaprowadzenie chrześcijaństwa (Adoption of Christianity)
1889, oil on wood panel, 79cm x 120cm
Matejko Christianization of Poland.jpg
2. Koronacja pierwszego króla (Coronation of the First King)
1889, oil on wood panel, 71cm x 105cm
Koronacja pierwszego króla (Koronacja Chrobrego. Jan Matejko).jpg
3. Przyjęcie Żydów (Reception of the Jews)
1889, oil on canvas, 76cm x 112cm
Przyjęcie Żydów.PNG
4. W Łęczycy pierwszy sejm – Spisanie praw – Ukrócenie rozbojów (The First Parliament in Łęczyca)
1888, oil on wood panel, 74cm x 110cm
Matejko Sejm w Łęczycy 1182.jpg
5. Klęska Legnicka – Odrodzenie (Defeat at Legnica)
1888, oil on wood panel, 74.5cm x 109.5cm
Warszawa summer 2015 070.JPG
6. Powtórne zajęcie Rusi – Bogactwo i oświata (Retaking of Rus)
1888, oil on wood panel, 79.5cm x 110cm
Subdue of Ruthenia in 1366.png
7. Założenie Szkoły Głównej przeniesieniem do Krakowa ugruntowane (Founding of the Academy)
1889, oil on wood panel, 79.5cm x 62cm
Założenie Szkoły Głównej przeniesieniem do Krakowa ugruntowane (Matejko UJ).jpg
8. Chrzest Litwy (Christianization of Lithuania)
1889, oil on canvas, 60cm x 115.5cm
Baptism of Lithuania.PNG
9. Wpływ Uniwersytetu na kraj w wieku XV – Nowe prądy – Husytyzm i Humanizm
(New Trends in the 15 Century Poland)
1889, oil on wood panel, 69cm x 116cm
Wpływ uniwersytetu na kraj.jpg
10. Złoty wiek literatury w XVI wieku – Reformacja – Przewaga katolicyzmu (The Golden Age in Literature)
1889, oil on wood panel, 69cm x 107cm
Warszawa summer 2015 089.JPG
11. Potęga Rzeczypospolitej u zenitu – Złota wolność – Elekcja (Power of Commonwealth at its Zenith)
1889, oil on canvas, 72.5cm x 113cm
Potęga Rzeczypospolitej u zenitu. Złota wolność. Elekcja R.P. 1573.jpg
12. Konstytucja 3 maja – Sejm Czteroletni – Komisja Edukacyjna (Constitution of the 3 May)
1889, oil on wood panel, 79cm x 120cm
Konstytucja 3 Maja Sejm Czteroletni Komisja edukacyjna Rozbior.jpg


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Tobit and Nineveh

   There is very little report of the ten northern tribes of Israel in the dispersion following the conquest of Samaria about 722 B.C. No one even knows where the ten northern tribes went or were taken. The Biblical Apocryphal book of Tobit, part of the Catholic Bible, is one small window, as it tells of Tobit and his son Tobias in exile in Nineveh. Tobit remained loyal to Jerusalem amid the very strange religious degeneration of the Northern ten tribes. He is of Naphtali. He tells Tobias his son to leave Nineveh, “because what the prophet Jonah said will surely happen” (14:8). Jonah lived a couple generations prior, and the King at Nineveh who repented and saved his city is not named. Later, the king and people there seem much more corrupt. Tobias moved to Ecbatana of the Medes, and “before he died he heard of the destruction of Nineveh, which Nebuchadnezzar and Ahasuerus had captured” (14:15).

   Tobit contains a prophetic section:

…But in Media there will be peace for a time. Our brethren will be scattered  over  the earth from the good land,  and Jerusalem will be desolate. The house of God in it will be burned down and will be in ruins for a time. But God will again have mercy on them, and bring them back into their land; and they will rebuild the house of God, though it will not be like the former one until the times of the age are completed. After this they will return from the places of their captivity, and will rebuild Jerusalem in splendor. And the house of God will be rebuilt there with a glorious building for all generations for ever, just as the prophets said of it. Then all the Gentiles will praise the Lord, and his people will give thanks to God, and the Lord will exalt his people. And all who love the Lord God in truth and righteousness will rejoice, showing mercy to our brethren.

                                                                                        (Tobit, 14: 4-7; 13: 16-18)

   The Southern kingdom of Judah barely escaped the Assyrian conquest that was the fate of the Northern Kingdom, when a plague hit the besieging Assyrian troops, and they gave up. Judah is later defended again by Judith, to be taken into exile in Babylon, about 592 B.C., where Esther too is a heroine defender.

 The ruins of Nineveh were lost, and recently rediscovered there (By Henry Leyard, in 1845), by Mosul, on the west side. Tobit was taken from  a city called Thisbe, south of Kadesh, in Galilee, perhaps renamed under the Assyrian occupation. This reminds in turn of Pyramus and Thisbe who met at the tomb of Ninus in Nineveh, in the comedy produced in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, from Ovid. In Genesis, Nimrod is the founder of Nineveh (10:8-11). The book of Tobit also contains a most direct addressing of marriage, a part (8: 5-7) sometimes being read in the ceremony. The appearance of an angel, Raphael, and reference to a demon and a strange ritual in the wedding chamber fit with the Nothern Assyrian origin ascribed to this book.

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  80. A 2,800 year old snapshot of a tender and very human moment between two people. The skeleton on the left appears to be reaching out its right hand to touch the face of the skeleton on the right. They both have their arms around each other and died together.

  81. It’s ! . . . ”I drink to make other people more interesting.” ~Hemingway. . : @lester_and_charlie

  82. If Manafort cooperates with investigators as he’s reportedly agreed to do, he’ll not only be a valuable source on potential Trump campaign conspiracy with Moscow, but also on the other criminal activities of Putin’s oligarchs in Europe and the US. That should worry Putin greatly.

  83. Bill Browder

    Lots of Russians go travelling as “tourists,” so they can get work in Siberia when they come home!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  84. Ming Nethery

    “Sorry, something went wrong”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  85. Why did McConnell and Ryan refuse to defend United States of America and its citizens when given highly classified briefing of threat by Dir Brennan?

  86. Some states need to bring suit to the Supreme Court, using work done on SC 16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857. Impeachment will END obstruction, as Pence is partisan, but honest in a way the Trump real estate fraud company is not honest.

  87. Election fraud: The whole nation is under a delusion that there is nothing we can do when a president takes office by foreign fraud and bribery if they also tip the Congress. This is a national security crisis, and we are not responding.

  88. Ya, anyone know how to persuade Yeller Jackets from a certain hole in the ground right by the water spicket? I mean short of chemical warfare, (to which I confess, with some in a doorpost.) Tried vinegar, water, and dirt.

  89. “We want to be impactful with the things entrusted to us.” – Nathan “Nature Nates” Sheets. Today we celebrate 21 years of creating, loving, serving and giving back. Click to see how this crazy, beautiful ride first started.

  90. Elisabeth McKnight

    Yeah, Nature Nates!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  91. History Lovers Club

    The Main Man!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  92. 💣BOOM💣 Manafort’s plea deal requires him to cooperate “in any and ALL matters” deemed relevant by the Government. Of course, Mueller certainly would deem election-related crimes by , his spawn, and Kush “relevant.”🔥 h/t

  93. Laurence Tribe

    We won’t do anything about election fraud, remember? IMPEACH! VOID!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  94. Elizabeth Warren

    I am so impressed with Senator Warren on banking and finance and integrity I could advocate her presidency. Get her to run with Evan McMullin as V.P.!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  95. Remember Maxwell Smart, Chaos and the “cone of silence?”

  96. Bill Browder

    Quite mortal, but outdoing us in perfidy of imagination. But there is no excuse for U. S. denial regarding data collection and targeted election interference.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  97. Mark A. McDonald added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  98. Bill Browder

    Machiavelli 101 is to avoid heinous and obvious cruelty, in his “cruelty well used.” ‘Least Putin is not very smart.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  99. Replying to 

    Did you see that 10 million bucks have been moved from DHS disaster recovery to ICE and 29 million from the Coast Guard? This was done this summer as hurricane season was about to start.

  100. Rep. Joe Kennedy III Retweeted Maura Healey

    Defrauding students is illegal. And now knows covering up for fraudulent for-profit colleges is illegal too. Thanks to for fighting & winning for students!

    Rep. Joe Kennedy III added,

  101. BREAKING: is filing a judicial ethics complaint this morning on Brett Kavanaugh with the Clerk of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, for committing perjury & covering up the theft of stolen Senate emails. Chief Judge Merrick Garland is set to review the complaint.

  102. Bill Browder

    U. S. Republicans praising Putin for strong government are utterly complicit in murder. Consider the Caldwell in the monthly “IMPRIMIS,” read by 3.5 million “Republicans.”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  103. Rep. Dan Kildee

    ICE needs to get some proper priorities before some men are found to give it to them.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  104. One of the most amazing moments of my life! Survivors, this is dedicated to YOU!! Thank you

  105. Michigan Radio

    Private bills! Let’s do it!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  106. Hmpf, Look like that DOJ OIG report that was gonna clear trump never pan out. Surprise, surprise.

  107. Bill Browder

    Canadian, eh?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  108. We can only caution these advertisers that they will pay for every violation of our liberty when they jerk us about for their own profit. But we told Twitter they would soon be answering Congress, and they did not believe!

  109. Mark A. McDonald

    This man is especially interesting especially in the second five minutes of this video. He has me making of list of questions, beginning with, “Did you know I was going to ask this?” The liberty of the souls of angels and men revealed in this video is astonishing.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  110. Alpha Team: We need to get a research grant accepted in order to make an official call for papers on the topics of human and .

  111. A class action lawsuit could require that they pay for time and frustration, starting each computer session yelling and swearing at the system.

  112. My computer- which takes a full minute to turn on 10 times a day- wants to know if I’m interested in women in my area that want men over fifty- all these youngish (to us) hotties. Last week, it sent me coupons for a crematorium! Conspiracy!


  114. Near-Death Experience, Knows God & Heaven Exist via

  115. OUR LADY FATIMA SEPTEMBER 13, 1917 via

  116. For September 13th: Pray for the consecration of Russia to the immaculate heart.

  117. The primacy of the principles of privacy and liberty of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, must be restored. My tech is spying on me by camera and microphone- not ok. Duh.

  118. The NSA was warned that they were “coming up your shadow” as on Facebook, because they are in denial about surveillance. The FBI too was told about Kaspersky and data collection/targeted interference. Still the public word is “dirt on Hillary, e-mails, blackmail with whore piss..

  119. I am very worried about the animals, dogs cats and horses, on the east coast. Open stable doors so they hve their ingenuity and liberty if they are left behind.

  120. Florence, Italy, too, has been the cause of some malice of late – Just a coincidence!

  121. Florence: Trump says everyone should evacuate except Democrats and immigrants!

  122. Auntie Em, Ja, Dorothie’s aunt, says its ok with her if we want to move the capital from DC to Kansas! (What is the Uncle’s name?)

  123. Schindler: “This information helps explain why James Clapper, our country’s most experienced spy-boss, recently amplified his previous statement that our president was … Putin’s “asset” by explaining that he has “no doubt” that Russian spies “swung the election to a Trump win.”

  124. Trump bought some 20 million fake followers from Twitter, no one will press them on the practice, yet we are now to investigate Google et al for the Trumpsters.

  125. Again, WE need to ask Trump under oath if someone told him the elections WERE be turned for him, and that the means were “undetectable,” to make sure he would know who to reward. National security is at stake, and WE are not responding because we just DO NOT GET IT!!!

  126. …in the Kremlin’s criminal conspiracy: “Trump and his kids knew what they were doing, and who they were doing it with,” the official explained.- John Schindler’s article in the Observer.

  127. “The Kremlin talked about Trump like he was their boy, and their comments weren’t always flattering.” The NSA official stated that those above-top-secret reports left no doubt that the Russians were subverting our democracy in 2016—and that Team Trump was a witting participant..

  128. John Schindler: A little over a year ago, the Guardian reported, … that the lead was taken by … (GCHQ – Britain’s NSA), which “first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious ‘interactions’ between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents,…

  129. OF COURSE we are considering what happens if Florence sends a flood up the Potomac or Chesapeake Bay

  130. Cambridge Analytica: Trump Inc. is doing that mirror thing again, this time with the claim that the internet works against him and the far right, as by forbidding Alex Jones. We’ll take that committee set up to investigate Hillary’s supposed election fraud and get ’em right on it

  131. The abuse of the badge is the most serious crime occurring in our streets, but once the badge is corrupted, who will arrest the corrupt cops? These cops are all working today on tax money after doing this.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  132. Mark A. McDonald added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  133. U. S. rehab centers are a joke, made to fail because they are imposing the fake society pseudomorality: “Don’t smoke cigarettes! Don’t smoke weed!” I want to see many experimental ideas for reahab centers, and do not want to see Purdue Pharma making money now from “Sub-Oxy.”

  134. I want to know why my internet takes a full minute to turn on every time I allow it to turn itself off from inaction. I want Congress to care about how this once free people is being “worked.”

  135. We simply and obviously cannot allow the possibility of Bribery for election fraud to sit in the office of the U. S. chief executive. It is as though a poetic cloud of ignorance prevents America from responding. Is Congress on Oxy? What percent?

  136. On Mattis: “Were trying to prevent World War III”- Putin has a long term plan for us, and one sees here how Trump, whether from treason or stupidity, is most useful to Putin.

  137. Woodward: “The life force (of the nation) is the truth, and you just can’t blow it off and pretend it is not that way.” On the “war on truth.”

  138. Declare Idlib a free sanctuary.

  139. Every time hundreds of thousands of refugees enter Turkey, Europe and Italy due to tyranny in the source country, do we not wish the destination nations would take the refugees and their self interest and depose the tyrants? Lets prevent the Idlib catastrophe.

  140. The at least 2,000 year old olive tree of Vouves,on the island of Crete,still bears olives. The tree stood here when Rome burned in AD64, and Pompeii was buried under a thick carpet of volcanic ash in AD79. Cemeteries from the Geometric Period (900-700 BC) were discovered nearby.

  141. David Bowie – Warszawa via

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  142. David Bowie – Always Crashing in the Same Car – (Low) 1977 via

O Jehovah, thou hast brought up my soul from Sheol; Thou hast kept me alive, that I should…

  1. Since “net neutrality” ended, my access to the internet and each site is quite slow.

  2. Janet Smith Retweeted  🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit  🖕🏻

    This is one of dozens of reasons that this (Lutheran lady tries to resist name calling so insert your favorite appellation here) should not be in the Oval Office.

    Janet Smith added,

  3. Barack Obama

    As many innocents will die in Syria, maybe today, in part because the “Republicans” took Russian election help with fraud and forgot the difference between liberty and tyranny.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  4. This party invitation, written in ink, is one of the earliest known examples of writing in Latin by a woman. Claudia Severa sends greetings from her husband and son, and invites Sulpicia to attend her birthday party on September 11. c. 97- 103 AD.

  5. Billie J. Winner-Davis

    Russian collusion is simply considered a national secret, along with all the other Trump gangster crimes.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  6. Bill Browder

    Trumpsters still know right when the question is China. Now we need remind them of Russia.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  7. The US Marine Corps just sailed a small aircraft carrier with F-35B stealth jets into the Middle East after Russia threatened US forces. But with US airpower in the region, now to include stealth F-35Bs, Russia’s prospects look limited.

  8. Next time you enjoy radishes in your salad, remember the farmworkers like these Oxnard workers, who harvest the food that we eat.

  9. A fantastic example of a lady not allowing herself to be a passive victim to a group of men with guns. She had the biggest weapon of all, her car….

  10. Mark Small Retweeted Brian Krassenstein


    Mark Small added,

  11.  Green Future News

    We have no hedgehogs, and look what is happening to us!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  12. Here are the undecideds: Jones AL☎️202-224-4124 Donnelly IN☎️202-224-4814 Heitkamp ND☎️202-224-2043 Murkowski AK☎️202-224-6665 Flake AZ☎️202-224-4521 Collins ME ☎️202-224-2523 McCaskill MO☎️202-224-6154 (h/t )

  13. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anil Naik.

    Anil Naik is the conscience of India:

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  14. Our police think they can shoot someone who does not “respond to verbal commands,” that means every deaf or deluded person can be shot immediately, and the “Republicans,” for partisan reasons, DO NOT CARE.

  15. Drone Flying Over the REAL Noah’s Ark via

  16. Ron Wyatt, Ark of the Covenant, New Zealand. October 1998 via

  17. Very interesting, even if the Ark is hidden within sight of the tomb of Moses. How and Where the Ark of the Covenant is Hidden via

  18. Interesting, and not impossible, in the grotto of Jeremiah? The Ark of the Covenant found!! via

  19. The scandal of the abuse of children, unimaginable in 1917, is one object of the penance of the Church as ordered in the vision, which says three times, “Penance, penance. Penance.”

    This is the self reflexive Church: “‘something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it’ a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father’. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain,…”

  20. The Miracle of the Sun in Fatima October 13, 1917 via

  21. The original site of the first Council of Nicea may have been found. Potentially a very cool discovery.

  22. Jack White – Concert Privé – male band (Live,Canal+,3.05.2012) via

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  23. Jack White – Concert Privé – female band (Live,Canal+,3.05.2012) via

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  24. Wild is the Wind – David Bowie via

  25. Tom: “The shrieking of nothing is killing, just Pictures of Jap girls in synthesis and I Ain’t got no money and I ain’t got no hair But I’m hoping to kick but the planet it’s glowing” Happy.

  26. A fifth spaceman song: David Bowie – Ashes To Ashes (Live) via

  27. I want a statistical study comparing the speed of Democrat and opposition computer accounts, the frequency of autozoom and speed in starting up, etc. 31% difference will turn every election, if only some villain thinks to pay for it.

  28. Ming Nethery

    Wait till Rubio figures out who got jilted by the Trumpsters and Russins!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  29. Here is the latest satellite photo of the expanding internment camps is using to detain Muslims in vast numbers. I have asked the Trump administration to issue sanctions on officials carrying out this criminal policy.

  30. The “Big Three” are opioids, psychodope and Viagra-like substances, where Big pharma harmed the common good for private profit as has never been seen before in human history. The same in each of the three is what appears. Now that, not brain scans, is science.

  31. W-BAD Retweeted

    Harmed compliant benzo patient: “I was injured by this class of drug” Typical response: see below (implying you have to abuse a drug to be injured by it or “it worked for me, so it can’t possibly cause injury to others”)

    W-BAD added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  32. Replying to   and 17 others

    Please YouTube benzo withdrawal and see how benzos, when misprescibed, ruines lives. It’s not a gateway. We aren’t addicts. We are people who followed doctors orders and lost our careers, livelihoods, autonomy. Please don’t make false equivalencies

  33. For those of you who will be following my taper in 2018, here is the backstory in an open letter I wrote in 2016. Since that time I have continued with my taper and become an advocate for awareness

  34. An amazing bluegrass cover of “Rocket Man”. via

  35.  ❃ Kassandra Seven ❃

    Nice, cause he wouldn’t be able to fire him! He’d have to get impeachment moving in the Congress! Q: What if it WAS Jeffy Sessions?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  36. Billie J. Winner-Davis Retweeted Trevor Timm

    Release my daughter!

    Billie J. Winner-Davis added,

  37. Bill Kristol

    Boycott the “Republican” party for indifference to Russian election fraud and tyranny. To preserve the party, they needed to split off the tyrannic wing two years ago. Their failure to prioritize allowed them to be used.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  38. I am reminded of the appeal of Richard III to forgiveness when he deceives the wife of the king he murdered.

  39. Parts that ought not lead are leading, the hierarchy of ends is wrong. Forgiveness, and “all men have fallen short” is not the point. Forgiveness is a question different from removing one so disordered from an office taken by fraud so that bribery does not make us Putin’s pawn.

  40. That, “Evangelicals,” is the significance of the prostitutes, payments, Russian connections and real estate and Trump University scams. It indicates a tyrannic character, which, we are about to see, is real. Tyranny in government is based on tyranny as an order of the soul.

  41. For some time, political science in American education had focused like half its work on how to win elections, in order to get jobs or be employable with such a degree.

  42. In the old opposition of Democrats and Republicans, each sought a part of the just and common good. This faction of the Republicans” does not seek the just, but uses truth and anything else including foreign interference and domestic fascism, to gain offices.

  43. If the internet could teach We would IMPEACH!!! (Our version of that cheap saying about the glove)

  44. Adam

    Trump was bribed to relieve sanctions in exchange for foreign election fraud. Russian internet superiority, so long as no one suspected their villainy, made this possible.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  45. In his speech, Obama also indicates nicely how the new “Republicans” have contradicted their old principles as on the debt and Russia. Self interest and the ethical low ground may not snow the Americans for very long.

  46. Obama is great again in this speech. Dem’s won’t do the things done by Republicans to seize one party government. Good, because the Republican party will be destroyed when the thick Americans finally catch on.

  47. PBS: Now that all news agencies report the Cambridge Analytica, etc., the vulnerable practices continue.

  48. The practice goes back to before no one got that the election was turned by data collection and targeted interference. One cannot comment on anything without giving info to Facebook or Discus, etc.

  49. One STILL cannot comment on anything PBS without giving up enough information to nullify ones vote. How many times do we have to call and tell them of this violation of speech and association?

  50. We are about to see another example of what the “Republican” praise and bribery from Putin means. Tyranny and murder.

  51. What if NATO declared Idlib a refugee area and simply took it away from Syria by force? The border on Turkey makes such a move possible.

  52. Stone Cold

    Not Jeffy Sessions? Maybe Pence too will be IMPEACHED!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  53. Would it not be a hoot if the new leaker WERE Sessions?

  54. “The Secrets of Abu Ghraib deserves to be in that library of non-fiction war books which are passed on to the next generation. ” Chris Graveline co-authored a book detailing the Iraq prison abuse case? Learn more:

  55. Chris wants to collaborate with state government to ensure a safer with a decrease in violent crime. Watch below to learn more.

  56. In 2005, Chris Graveline urged jurors to reach a guilty verdict in the Iraq Prison Abuse Case. Learn more at

  57. Chris Graveline believes in ideals that he considers to be “in the middle” of the two political parties. To learn more about his plans, visit

  58. Christopher Graveline for MI Attorney General

    …And a third way to help: Retweet and pass along.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  59. We keep hearing “But he was ELECTED,” by voices that do not yet understand the election fraud.

  60. The press and the FBI keep focusing on “dirt” and “e-mails” as the primary means of election fraud and Russian collusion, while quietly trying to fix data collection and targeted interference. At least were beginning to catch on.

  61. “Joe, add the word lodestar. Trust me.”

  62. Thanks to Rich DeVos Sr. for building the fountain downtown in Grand Rapids, where we would read and climb on the brick walls.

  63. Congress must legislate to protect the fundamental rights, and all else will follow. Billionaires paid campaign funds to avoid “regulation,” and the Trumpsters and Russians took advantage of our weakness.

  64. Congress allowed the environment where only companies that whored our privacy could succeed. And now we want these companies to regulate themselves, from kindness and a concern for justice and free government.

  65. Simar

    Hey they did not shoot him, were improving! Keep takin’ the Knee! When rights are violated, there must be consequences. We are deprived of liberty without due process. Privacy protects us from police paranoia. Restore the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  66. I had not known about Vince Taylor and the story of Ziggy Stardust. David Bowie – Sound and Vision via

  67. Nature Inside

    Some guys are paying attention!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  68. Song for the day, woke with this and my dreams: David Bowie The Prettiest Star via

  69. Free nations must jump ship, and Britain, France, Canada and Australia take the leadership of the free world. Now we have tyranny with nukes, just like Russia!.

  70. The executive is not securing elections from Russian interference that benefits the “Republicans.” Because we knew and did not fix it, we will never have another free election. Welcome to one party government and tyranny, which, do not worry, will not preserve us long.

  71. Richard W. Painter Retweeted

    The New York Times and the free press are the “enemy of the people.” Here’s our new our friend. This is treason. Impeach, convict and remove. Now.

    Richard W. Painter added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  72. Ming maybe know a wee bit about Positioning Navigation and Timing (PNT) and never heard term lodestar in whole life. Ming had to look up.

  73. Our Congress and nation must stand up and say no to the Trumpsters, or we will be destroyed according to the plan of Putin.

  74. How significant was that move where they got the Democrats to disclaim against questioning the legitimacy of our elections! The Dems were totally paralyzed, unable to reject the election fraud- THAT is why the centrists had to step up and bring the accusation, as two years ago.

  75. Someone is working for the common good in the White House! I wondered why we had not been nuked yet!

  76. They arrested Trump months ago, and are making him continue to play Potus in order to defeat the conspiracy- then I woke up!

  77. Journalists are not receiving death threats because the Russia investigation is a “witch hunt.” The gangsterism of this obstruction- like Manafort’s witness tampering- indicates the truth of our grave suspicion. IMPEACH!

  78. April Ryan received death threats: On adding a security detail and receiving death threats It’s a sad point. There are people out here who really are concerned with my safety, and there are people out here [who] really could care less about my safety.

  79. …I don’t like talking about it anymore, but it’s real, and it’s a turning point. And it’s not just me. We’re hearing it on C-SPAN.

  80. Olivia Massey  🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇺🇦 🇵🇷 🇯🇲 ☮️ 🐧 🐧 💃🏻 🕺🏻

    My computer froze up on the article. Must be good!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  81. Google declines the invitation of the Senate Intelligence Committee? Twitter has admitted and fixed some flaws. Does Congress even know the right questions to ask? The big internet companies might step up to save the nation on which they in fact depend.

  82. They argue that if the “president” took office by fraud, there is nothing Constitutional that can be done, because he holds the office. Is that OK with America? The tyrant’s theory of government.

  83. Hypothetical: Does the president have the power to pardon in exchange for suppressing testimony? Bribery? If Congress will not impeach, the “president” has the power of bribery- even to pay Russia for help with election fraud.

  84. Elizabeth Warren Retweeted Senate Democrats

    My Democratic colleagues on the Judiciary Committee fought hard today to and keep this charade of a confirmation hearing from proceeding. We’re not done with this fight – now is the time to stand together.

    Elizabeth Warren added,

  85.   Retweeted

    Ruth Law. Bought her first airplane from Orville Wright in 1912 at age 21. First woman to do a loop-de-loop. First woman authorized to wear a uniform by the U.S. Military. See more photos:

  86. Dr. Robert Fortuna

    God on Twitter heard Bob Woodward’s book was out!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  87. Another benefit for democracy is that people see Donney sit as president, any many start to say, “ya, I could do that.” They couldn’t, but neither can he. It is THE hardest job in the world, and gangsters can only do the power part.

  88. One benefit of having a tyrant sit as president may be regarding other tyrants: we shall see.

  89. Hey America: A Fake president took office with Russian help in order to harm your nation. Are you going to react? Nuclear war may be at stake.

  90.   🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit  🖕🏻

    Kaepernick is right, and any genuine Supreme Court will bear him out, just as it did the Witnesses when they did not say the pledge and salute the flag. His liberty to kneel in protest of blacks being shot it America takes precedence.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  91. Evan McMullin

    How did this happen, and why do we not fix it? IMPEACH! VOID!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  92. You can find these talented tree-climbing goats in the southwest of Morocco. The animals have climbed up an argan tree to get to the fresh fruit at the top. They can climb an impressive 8-10 metres to do this. Video thanks to

  93. Remember, Dorothy is folk prophecy, and the slippers she always had on to get back to Kansas is something like the Constitution. We’ll see if the “president” can pardon himself, or not be investigated, or if he took the office by election fraud, there’s nothing we can do about’t!

  94. Rohingyastan anyone! A new little nation between Myanmar and Bangladesh? A “Go Fund Me page would get them some credit to buy a piece of land, then maybe their neighbors ‘ll leave ’em alone.

  95. Schneier Blog

    Schneier apprehends the political problem of the internet, and adds good suggestions. Did he mention manual backup? “Unplugging” cars, fridges, etc?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  96. We are indeed spied upon by camera and microphone through the tech, as Schneier’s book makes clear. The solution is to demand, through legislation, that they stop whoring our privacy.

  97. Sen Dianne Feinstein

    Good questions on the T. V today, educating the Justice in case he is “confirmed.”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  98.  🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit  🖕🏻

    Put ‘im on the Court!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  99. So, what, like if the president gains his office by election fraud, it is not to be questioned so long as he holds power? May he commit then any crime, or is he under the law? Do the executive agents serve the constitution or the tyrant?

  100. Today (Sept 3rd) is the deadline for the Dutch government to propose a Dutch Magnitsky Act if they couldn’t secure an EU wide Magnitsky Act. A majority of the Dutch parliament voted for this on April 3rd. We are waiting for the announcement.

  101. If it weren’t for double standards, Evangelicals would have no standards at all.

  102. Calling all centrists: Boycott the Republican Party Especially for indifference to tyranny.

  103. Calling all centrists: End one party government: Blue Wave!

  104. Contra Franklin Graham, the Russian people do not “love” Putin. He tortures those who oppose him. Some nations, too, have a high percentage of people who believe in tyranny.

  105. Nor the difference between talking to our enemies and admiring and setting up the example of tyrants. Graham drew ethical equivalency with Clinton regarding Russia.

  106. Ja, Franklin Graham does not get the political significance of bribery in foreign policy in exchange for election fraud, nor the sort of ethical defects that are characteristic of tyranny.

  107. Compare this brilliant eulogy to what trump might have said.

  108. Fools, whores, slaves and murderers. We want to persuade the fools.

  109. Garry Kasparov

    Those deceived will be forgiven, but must learn from what has occurred. 90% of Trump supporters are simply deceived by a real estate scam artist. But those selling themselves, serving from fear, or acting as henchmen in his crimes must be prevented from public office.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  110. The Trumpsters do not “get it,” are deceived: They begin to understand things like Trump was rejected as an owner of an NFL team. He is a fraud and a gangster, and a danger to our short and long term national security.

  111. Pence at Hillsdale: This college published a glowing praise of Putin and tyranny in their newsletter Imprimis (Caldwell), which reaches 3.5 million “Republicans.” Last year, they sent a luxury cruise ostensibly to Oslo Norway, but the destination was St. Petersberg Russia.

  112. God: There is no god but He. He will gather you together on the Day of Resurrection which is certain to come; and whose..

  113. Love Like Jesus

    Repent like Nineveh!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  114.   🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit  🖕🏻

    It has taken TWO YEAS for the truth of the criminality of Trump to sink in for the American people. THAT is deeply and justly EMBARRASSING, but true.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  115. Olga Lautman

    Impeach Trump, and get ready to suffer the harm done to the U.S. executive branch.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  116. The Hummingbird  🐦

    Donney did not even write his own autobiography. Did he write that book?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  117. Defense One

    Not Good.

    Michael McFaul added,

  118. Janet Smith

    It is the OPPOSITE, and another example of the intentional use of projection. Are all liberals now defending Google? God forbid anyone would question our sacred elections, suggesting fraud!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  119. Bill Browder Retweeted Allyson Seaborn  🇲🇳

    About to get a Mongolian version of Red Notice out there. There’s no corner of the world that won’t know the story of Sergei Magnitsky by the time we’re finished.

    Bill Browder added,

  120. Yin and Yang: to represent the whole, one must reach into the opposite position and take care of what is rational in their concerns. The abortion issue is a good example. There is a spot of yin in the yang, a spot of yang in the yin. Disciplined centrism. CLC.

  121. Google has sold access or prominence. The standard of the algorithm is not simply “relevance.” “Relevance” means in part what is profitable for Google.

  122. TheBeat w/Ari Melber

    Maybe, like, threatening Congress?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  123. Russia was always playing both sides of the war on terror. The non-Islamic elements of Al Q, or ISIS, betray a western source. In Syria, they would not hit ISIS. Explicative Putin and his bunch of slaves!

  124. Mark A. McDonald added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  125. A lawyer said Facebook changed the law in 2016 so they own all inventions on Facebook. Prior to then, I would have had a case.

  126. The paradox is that Strauss, following the way of the philosophers and Athens, is one of few who care enough to read Genesis.

  127. The purpose of life? God placed man in the garden “to till and keep it.” To till and keep the garden of the Lord is, then, one statement of the purpose of life.

  128. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Richard W. Painter

    IMPEACH!!! For God’s sake, why are Congress persons paid six figures?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  129. Norm Eisen

    Ja, Did you support any of the three efforts to have the Supreme Court Void the election due to Russian interference based on Article IV ? Smart guy!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  130. Richard W. Painter

    IM{EACH!!! For God’s sake, why are Congress persons paid six figures?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  131. Anne Applebaum Retweeted Nuddering

    Hey ! The imposition of Soviet communism on Eastern Europe started in 1944, well before the Cold War; Nato was a reaction to that, not the cause. Read my book about it – here’s a link – and then you won’t make these elementary mistakes

    Anne Applebaum added,

  132. ❃ Kassandra Seven ❃

    “Should” does not make law. We must impeach and void the election, by appealing to the Supreme Court.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  133. This may be the best essay of the Twentieth Century. I have it ranked #1 on Genesis. Of the second and sixth day, it does not say God saw that it was good. Why? On the Interpretation of Genesis … via

  134. I am getting ready to go on CBS This Morning!! Reality’s voice and story is finally being heard!

  135. Mark Small Retweeted DB 🗽  🌊 🌊 🌊

    Yuppers to that!

    Mark Small added,

  136. Lester & Charlie

    Like Dorothy, we need only realize the truth, and we’ll be back in Kansas. Stand Up! Impeach!! Fix the 2016 election fraud.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  137. Ok, Google, we want to know exactly what algorithm has determined that what appears when I google “mmcdonald77 Twitter” is the “most relevant.” I thought is more likely the “most useful to Trump-Russian Trolls. I want to choose the algorithm.

  138. The “Evangelicals” are good at obedience and not questioning, which works well until some tyrant figures out how to use gullibility and where to find it en organized masse.

  139. Hey, Inquiring minds want to know, did she ever smoke pot? No wonder we are being out calculated by a bunch of slaves and tyrants! Do we have any free persons serving in the executive agencies? Wonder how they pulled one over on liberty?

  140. If they do not, the first strategy is to ignore them, as in “Do not grab the snake by the wrong end.” The second strategy is intelligent resolve. We can beat these people.

  141. As Roger Stone threatened Congress if they impeach, Trump-Russian gangsters will threaten and may enact violence in order to retain the fraudulent seizure of power and the end of American liberty. If we stand up, they may sit down.

  142. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Janet Smith

    Trump is a tyrant. But he is a petty tyrant. Will America stand up to tyranny, even if we have to say “no?” What if it hurts the tyrant’s self esteem?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  143. Trump bought fake followers from Twitter, to gain the crowd flocking effect. The Republicans may have paid Google to influence searches. The party intentionally adopted Bannon-Putin methods of controlling opinion by fake news. Crossing from advertising into election fraud.

  144. My daughter Reality Winner remains jailed and will be transferred to prison any day now. She has been treated unfairly by the DOJ. They persecuted her so aggressively because she has no power or money. I hope they don’t get away with this. We need to demand

  145. This spoof was actually set on Fox in the AM so Trump would see it, and he did. Last Week Tonight’s Catheter Cowboy via

  146. On the grave of John McCain, lets get hold of the campaign finance problem, which will destroy liberty in the internet age.

  147. For years, prominence has been sold, which means that money or worse determines opinion. We may never have another free election.

  148. Google must publicize the algorithms by which people and things are presented, and even be required to submit these to an honest FCC, in order to secure liberty in the age of the internet. Otherwise, Russia etc. could use data to target bought or hacked interference

  149. Personality theory: People have facets, like a carved diamond. The Buddhists told Leonard Cohen, people are like stones being polished as the rub against one another. The political animal.

  150. Nick Drake – From The Morning via

  151.  Library of Congress

    The vote secures representation.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  152. Reuters Top News

    Monsanto is destroying thousands of years of human agriculture to control seeds and sell pesticides. WE are destroying millions of years of life growing “from the dust of the earth.”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  153. Please read my father’s farewell letter to the country he loved so much – “Do not despair of our present difficulties but believe always in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here. Americans never quit. We never surrender.” 🇺🇸

  154.   Retweeted

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono

  155. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Megan Frantz

    “Do you love me too?”

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  156. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted John Notestein

    The way of the cross is the way of self sacrifice.

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  157. If the Lord has gifted you with riches, it is in order to do lots of good things for others in His name.

  158. The Wizard of Oz is THE American myth, and folk prophesy (about our nation rather than the whole world). Trump is the fake wizard, and the witch has a crystal ball. Let’s go get that broom! Watch for flying monkeys! Find water: The witch is made of sugar. Protect the Scarecrow

  159. PROOF the CHP is lying to the news: Listen closely this witness says * He wasn’t on the freeway yet * The officer emptied his gun that he had to reload to shoot at him again * He shot my father FIVE times before he jumped the fence to run into traffic to stop a car surely for 1/2

  160. help * The officer shot him again making my father fall over the center divider which is how he ended up on the other side 2/2

  161. truly amazing … when you have the will anything is possible

  162. BREAKING: A “final message” from the late John McCain is read by an aide.

  163. K. Sennholz MD

    FIRE ICE!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  164. NowThis

    In Salem, Mass, if the Devil was active, it was in those thinking themselves holy and accusing others of “witchcraft.” They killed some 22 innocent people, including children.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  165. The “weapon” was probably a cell phone. This would seem to be negligent homicide, again!

  166. Replying to 

    None of it makes sense. They won’t even tell us what happened. He didn’t have a gun he was just in a car crash. But because he walked into traffic and the way he looked they shot and killed him so fast. Someone said they even saw him put his hands up and that’s when they shot

  167. This is my father. He was shot & killed on the 99 in Bakersfield on Friday morning. He was in a crash and hit his head so bad he was bleeding but because of how he looked they thought he stole the car he was driving so they killed him. Please help me get justice for him.

  168. The artwork of Jim Carrey is immortal: especially, Electric Jesus, Sunshower, James Dean and Valentine.

  169. Beautiful Women From The Past | History Lovers Club | Page 19

  170. Style Icon – Audrey Hepburn | History Lovers Club | Page 10 via

  171. The beautiful Audrey Hepburn was almost a girl too good to be true. See more images:

  172. John McCain with his squadron, 1965.

  173. God  🌈

    Let all murder cease.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  174. Let’s play a game….since no one will play questions with me….what is the best pet name for besides ?

  175. Happy More than 4,000 years ago, a dog left his (or her) front paw marks on this clay brick while it was lying out to dry. The brick was used in the construction of the ziggurat of the moon god Nanna at Ur.

  176. Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia would have been 54 years old today if she hadn’t been brutally murdered for her anti corruption work. The world is still awaiting justice and we won’t forget

  177. Yeah yeah yeah, I know. I’m a crank. But the word “royals” just …will never go down easy. Only person I ever felt comfortable referring to as “Prince” came from Minneapolis

  178. Anthony Bourdain

    The last song Bourdain tweeted:

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  179. Comin’ Back To Me by Jefferson Airplane via

  180. on Starship – White Rabbit – 11/8/1975 – Winterland (Official) via

  181. Somebody to Love – Jim Carrey (Cable Guy) via


They Simply Do Not Get It: Franklin Graham on NPR

   Franklin Graham, Trump supporter and son of the deceased Billy Graham appeared on NPR this morning, reminding me of in just what way it is we say that the “Evangelicals” are deceived about the presidency of Trump. In saying such things as, “Well, everyone tries to influence elections,” and invoking our forgiveness on personal matters, Graham demonstrates that he does not understand what we are dealing with, that it is tyranny, what this is and why tyranny matters. Putin, he says is “very popular in Russia,” “near 90%,” among those with the courage to answer an honest survey. He says it is as if those who oppose Putin “want to have conflict with Russia.” Rather, it is good that we talk with our enemies. He agrees with Putin about gays as well as prostitutes. His one objection to Trump policy seemed to be regarding the separation of children from parents by ICE: children might be exposed to pedophiles in detention, and rather need to be with their parents. But he says that the issue is being used by the critics of Trump. He does not get that the cause of our mentioning it is that it was done, not that we wanted to criticize Trump.

   Graham and the Evangelicals just do not get what it is that we say occurred with Russia in the elections and why it matters. It is as though Putin never poisoned or tortured anyone, and as if Trump were a genuine political figure. The NFL rejected his bid to own a team, because he is a fraud. It is in the strategic interest of Russia to have our executive branch headed by a fraud. What that interest is, we have exposed ourselves to finding out the hard way, because we do not understand tyranny, let alone the peculiar forms of tyranny that arose in the totalitarian states of the Twentieth century. We can only indicate that it is possible to “weigh the blood,” or to consider what these regimes did to their own people, killing an average of about one million per year in Russia, Germany, China and Cambodia.

   Perhaps if Trump were to poison or torture his enemies, the Evangelicals would say, “Well, that is just what strong rulers do.”