September-October 2018 Tweets

  1. See? Glenda is helping Dorothy. The Constitution is the Ruby Slippers.

  2. Saint Paul gives us very practical advice about preserving unity: “Bear with one another in love”.

  3. I imagine those of you blaming Mexico for the current are also actively campaigning against Purdue Pharma in Stamford, CT, who straight-up hid data & lied to you about the risk of addiction.

  4. BREAKING: Norway’s Okokrim (National Authority for the Investigation of Economic Crime) have conformed they will be handling the criminal complaint we filed against Nordea Bank for money laundering in Norway connected to Magnitsky case.

  5. Mentioned on NPR today: Deportee (Plane Crash At Los Gatos) Woody Guthrie via

  6. Lou Reed – Sweet Jane from Rock n Roll Animal via

  7. Lou Reed – Rock ‘n’ Roll from Rock n Roll Animal via

  8. eed – “Rock N’ Roll” (Official Music Video) via

  9. Anthony de Curtis was on Fresh Air today with a biography of Lou Reed. Kill your sons is about ECT.

  10. Electroshock treatment: Lou Reed – Kill Your Sons (audio) via

  11. It’s not just the Saudis who send out international hit squads. Putin is actually the world leader in this nasty practice. Check out and his show on this.

  12. Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart – Live 1991.wmv via

  13. Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart 1983 Video Sound HQ via

  14. Heres the thing. there are a lot of ‘small unit conspiracys’ going on. they may not know they were used in the grand conspiracy. but that not really matter.

  15. No he wasn’t, shut up dipshit. Also your pillows suck.

  16. Daniel 7: “…and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole of heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High.” But indeed, after some trouble.

  17. Where in history is the Cyrus or Alexander who cared for his succession by establishing a free self governing republic? Jefferson could go back in time and advise them, “set up three branches, see..” Because one is not sufficient.

  18. John in the Revelation sets the example of ecclesiastical penance in his letters to the seven churches of Asia, when there may have been no church at Rome or Jerusalem.

  19. One wishes that there were an intermediate state for refugees from where they might be helped to recover liberty in their homeland.

  20. Trump has to go now.

  21. The consequences of the U.S. allowing the fraudulent election to continue without impeachment may be unnecessary nuclear war.

  22. Reduce hatred toward U.S. and increase national security? STOP SELLING ARMS. How many jobs does that generate? And people hate us for it.

  23. A black man in Detroit was building a community garden on a vacant playground when three white women who didn’t like his project, called the cops on him. The women lied & said he threatened them with a gun & also accused him of being a pedophile.

  24. They want the deed to be well known for intimidation. Hence the methods. A pall on speech has already fallen in the Arab world. If we want liberty rather than tyranny, everyone must stand at once.

  25. I turn on the news to see a Russian was charged with plot to interfere with midterm elections! My daughter sacrificed her life & freedom to warn us so our leaders could take action and protect us.

  26. Proud to join a distinguished group of human rights activists to present the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission report on Russia entitled “Prison, torture, lies and repression” next Tuesday at Westminster

  27. The Saudi’s are trying to clean up their mess….. by killing more people.

  28. I am sick and outraged over the murder of journalist and American permanent resident Jamal Khashoggi. The President and his administration have failed to uphold their duty to the Constitution and to the rule of law by turning a blind-eye to this demonic act.

  29. All 3 of Trump’s autocratic friends in Russia, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia have ordered assassinations beyond their borders on Trump’s watch. And yet Trump continues embrace all three . Think about that.

  30. Replying to 

    The too is a unique movement to create awareness against the evil of Molestation, will not/ cannot be appreciated by the petty Minds for sure !!.

  31. See yet why emoluments might matter? Not to mention bribery, and why this election fraud cannot continue. IMPEACH!

  32. Critics of the Saudis are suddenly muted. As with Putin, what occurred is intentionally obvious for intimidation yet deniable for purposes of power.

  33. Today is Thursday. That means we all need to ask again: Why does Jared Kushner even have a mid-level security clearance? Also, what does Saudi Arabia have on Kushner? Why did the Crown Prince previously boast that Kushner was “in his pocket”?

  34. Must not accept a strategic alliance with which requires our silence when they butcher a political critic. We must: 1. Hold everyone responsible for accountable; & 2. Be clear on what is expected moving forward if they want to preserve our alliance

  35. Are we going to acquiesce in a world governed by intimidation and tyranny, or stand for the free press?

  36. A. H. Maslow: “…the study of crippled, stunted, immature and unhealthy specimens can yield only a cripple psychology and a cripple philosophy.” McDonald: Jung is deeper than Maslow. And higher.

  37. C’mon, Donney: Just say no to intimidation.

  38. This is a must-read on fascism, careerist conformity, and what happened to those of us who did see it coming and warned everyone

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  39. Don, did someone tell you the election would be turned for you and the means would be undetectable, so you would know who to reward for the bribery? And did you then seek to educe sanctions? NO ONE HAS ASKED TRUMP UNDER OATH!!

  40. RT this! Write that answer out on 3 x 5 cards (do they still make those?) or run copies out of your printer. People need to know!

  41. Does anyone remember that Mueller investigation, something about election fraud and bribery…?

  42. Evacuation for hurricanes had better be improved. Neighboring cites might put people and pets, and school buses evacuate driven by national guard. If Michael were a 5…

  43. “Second deck” Noah’s ark Mt. Ararat part 2 – 40+ features and structures via

  44. If one can stand the add: The Miracle of the Sun in Fatima October 13, 1917 via

  45. The 101st anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal is tomorrow, October 13th.

  46. Today I questioned FBI Director Wray on the limits the White House placed on the Kavanaugh investigation – it is clear they severely limited this investigation.

  47. McKesson was on 1A today: Very impressive.

  48. “We arrest more people for marijuana than for all violent crimes combined,” says .

  49. “For 200 years we slit people’s wrists and called it healthcare. If the goal was to actually help people, it wasn’t working,” says . “With policing, if the goal is to stop crime, no matter how you feel about police, that isn’t happening.”

  50. Raspberry rhubarb pie, with 2 cups of each and honey to replace half of the sugar is the best pie of all, with homemade butter crust. It takes the perennial pie contest, until someone invents Kiwi-raspberry.

  51. Raspberries are the first principle of all geriatric medicine. We are convinced they have mysterious fountain of youth properties, as on of the best of all natural flavors. Let’s have “give Raspberries to the old folks” day!

  52. We still think data collection and targeted internet interference is the crucial means by which Russia turned the election.

  53. Email from my daughter Reality Winner from her current jail.

  54. Now that Don has everyone’s phone number, just for emergencies, …he would never use that to…!

  55. I shit you not, I check my voter registration once a month. Guess who was purged some time in the past month? It was me, check your stuff people.

  56. -And who is the we that cares? -And who the “me” that learns he was mistaken when he thought he knew, and is correct !?

  57. John’s Birthday is October 9!

  58. My friend, also an MD, was given an & a . She stopped the , b/c it didn’t help with & gave her throat spasms that she’ll have the rest of her life. She is still on the Benzo b/c she tried quitting, but withdrawal is too harsh. How is this right?

  59. One wants to see a direct study comparing the speed of Democrats and Republicans computers, now that net neutrality was repealed. Trumpsters and anti-Trumpsters would be another. Are companies being paid for speed?

  60. The use of “heavy psychotropic” drugs in warehousing the children seized at the border is reported (NPR). Private contractors are using medicine for non medical purposes-profit.

  61. “Help,” they call it, when exonerating the officers. Ja, sneak up on a schizophrenic in the shower! Taze a wet guy! We are going to “help” these officers by prosecuting the violation of liberty. Government is obligated to leave people alone when no rights are being violated.

  62. Cops killed Adam by tazing him repeatedly in the shower then sedating him, after being called when there was no danger. In another, police shoot a deaf guy for not complying with orders. This is not happening in other nations.

Can Mark Zuckerberg Fix Facebook Before It Breaks Democracy?

  1. Companies need not police speech, but when speech becomes action, that action is punishable by the law: Alex Jones violated the rights of the Sandyhook victims, beyond promoting an opinion.

  2. Osnos on Facebook: A very interesting section on the conscious decisions about privacy, as “outmoded,” etc. Zuck should have stayed in school long enough to study the FOURTH AMENDMENT and the reasons for it.

  3. The Central Question Behind Facebook: ‘What Does Mark Zuckerberg Believe In?’

  4. “[Facebook’s] mantra, their motto, of course, became ‘move fast and break things.’ And that motto really captured the way that they see the world.”

  5. I want to know that the FBI is investigating the death threats against Dr. Ford. Intimidation has occurred in our politics since 2016, and has been ignored.

  6. Suzanne Simard: How Do Trees Collaborate?

  7. Indonesia tsunami: drone footage shows trail of destruction in Palu – video

  8. Why are there no water distillers available for Palu? Will they even be able to collect rain water? In disasters, there is much broken wood and dirty water. Stovetop water distiller, etc

  9. Antidepressant withdrawal symptoms severe, says new report

  10. Free Ebook on creative, nutritional and healthy alternatives to psychiatry.

  11. This got ZERO press in the states: BBC News – Tensions rise as US threatens to ‘take out’ Russian missiles

  12. God

    Don’s just checking in to make sure we know he’s there.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  13. The Republicans do not care if Russia turns us into a one party state, so long as Putin’s party says “Republican.” Hey, the “R” in USSR stands for “republic.”

  14. No net neutrality or regulations on the internet? THE ELECTION WAS TURNED BY DATA COLLECTION AND TARGETED INTERFERENCE!! We are too stupid and slavish to remain free.

  15. Did we forget that this proto-fascist, gangster administration has used its federal powers to seized children and pay a private contractor to imprison them when the children have done nothing?

  16. Additionally a large number of crystal arrowheads were found together. Recent research suggest that Valencina was a major node in the circulation of exotic materials such as ivory,amber,cinnabar or flint in Copper Age Iberia. 2575- 2197 BCE

  17. Chapter 13 : “Final days of the Russian controlled GOP”

  18. This exquisite c. 4,500 year old rock crystal dagger blade was discovered in a megalithic tomb, with two chambers, at Valencina de la Concepción (near Seville) in Spain. The second chamber contained a burial which was covered with red pigment made from cinnabar.

  19. “Second deck” Noah’s ark Mt. Ararat part 2 – 40+ features and structures via

  20. “The Apprentice”: Greg Miller on Rod Rosenstein, Russia investigation via

  21. Why can no one seem to trace the intimidation of witnesses and the press that all leads back to the Trump organization? It is obvious to America what has occurred-election fraud for bribery regarding sanctions and more, and WE DO NOT RESPOND!? IMPEACH!!

  22. Author Of ‘The Apprentice’ Talks Of Getting Trolled And Sourcing Stories

  23. NPR reported briefly on the book of Michael Lewis, The Fifth Risk.” America learned what happened and did not respond by Impeaching and fixing the problem. Great civilizations die in strange ways. The executive branch is ruined beyond repair.

  24. Michael Lewis examines why Trump administration “didn’t show up” for transition briefings

  25. dope 🐕

  26. US now ranks 27th in the world for its levels of healthcare & education (Lancet). Out of 71 countries, US is 38th in math & 24th in science (Pew Research Center). Reform policies, USA, and invest more in education & healthcare for everyone.

  27. Adam Schiff Retweeted NBC News

    Not content with insisting the FBI conclude a difficult investigation within a week, the White House is now apparently telling the FBI who they can and cannot talk to. This is not how you conduct an investigation. But it is how you do a whitewash.

    Adam Schiff added,

  28. Surprised Norwegian authorities didn’t open case in the $533k of illicit transfers we reported to them from Magnitsky case. That came from accounts at Danske Bank that have been shown to be money laundering conduits. Wonder if they’ll reopen the case now?

  29. History Lovers Club

    Yolk on him!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  30. When the word “heart” appears in the texts, it is represented by a pictogram. The manuscript is owned by the Bibliothèque de France (Ms. Occ. Rothschild 2973).

  31. This exquisite manuscript, Le Chansonnier Cordiforme, when closed, is in the form of a heart, or cordiform shape. It was compiled during the 1470s and contains 43 songs from the preceding thirty years by Guillaume Dufay, Gilles de Binchois, and other contemporary composers.

  32. Ming Nethery

    Is it really fine with the GOP if foreign influence determines elections, so long as they seem to be the winners?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  33. Detik detik tsunami pertama kali menerjang kota Palu part 1

    Ming Nethery

  34. Pretty weird!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  35. Bill Browder Retweeted Spencer Ackerman

    This is seriously concerning. House intelligence committee will NOT release transcripts of Dana Rohrabacher’s interview in Russia probe. Given that Rohrabacher was the main anti Magnitsky lobbyist in Washington, the public has a right to know.

    Bill Browder added,

  36. Aretha Franklin – I say a little prayer via

  37. Aretha Franklin – Bridge Over Troubled Water via

  38. Aretha Franklin – Day Dreaming via

  39. Why do the “Republicans” not appoint a non-Trump team player republican on the basis of genuine qualifications? Seems that might have saved a lot of trouble. Do not confirm. Why confirm?

  40. God

    God has lost faith in himself due to the depravity of humanity- sort of the obverse of the problem of evil-no, the same!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  41. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Louise Mensch

    Trump controls the investigation, and Judge need not answer.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  42. The Ramones – Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment – 12/28/1978 – Winterland (Off… via

  43. RAMONES – Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment via

  44. Kavanaugh really really really does not want the FBI to investigate Dr Ford’s allegations

  45. One wants to know that the “FBI” is investigating the intimidation targeting Dr. Ford, and is willing and able to follow out the source. Do we trust a Trump-pressured FBI to be a player for justice and not “team Trump?”

  46. Applebaum: The answer is YOU.


  48. No Mark Judge character is the key, and evasion in answers, legalese “under penalty of felony” instead of “perjury.” What, Judge pulls a Google, and just declines to answer Congress?

  49. matt blaze

    Happy to join in D.C. today for the release of their election security findings. U.S. voting machines are far too vulnerable, and we need federal leadership to make sure all states have the necessary protections in place by 2020.

    J. Alex Halderman added,

  50. Maybe GOP hell bent on Kavanaugh coz Maria Butina has turned and providing ground shaking information on Russian influence in GOP and public corruption?

  51. My daughter Reality Winner receives the longest sentence ever for warning us about an attack on our voting system. She will do the time for us, but we need to demand something is done to protect our Democracy going forward. This means protecting the special counsel’s Inv.

  52. Kay  🌎

    Drug-them all-for profit at taxpayer expense is not the only alternative to no health care: it is one cause of no healthcare. Viagra, anyone? Psychodope? Or, yes, “rate your pain from one to ten.”

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  53. Louise Mensch Retweeted Sam Stein

    This is very bad, as it means is willing to do unethical things, like appear on a partisan TV station, because asks him to. we expect you to vote no.

    Louise Mensch added,

  54. 12 Russian agents are indicted by Mueller in election fraud efforts, remember? Ja, those Silicon Valley companies are SO liberal!

  55. Laurence Tribe

    See him using legalese in his denial. He does not call it sexual assault. He denies that the events occurred, and if the events occurred, the denial is at least as serious in Candidate for the Supreme Court.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  56. you know that GOP was trying to hide that POS Mark Judge out so he cant be called as witness.

  57. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Evan McMullin

    Ya, unless we won’t DO anything! Stand UP!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  58. “Smear campaign” indeed! We suspect that Mr Kavanaugh was nominated because he is Trump’s “team player,” not because he is the most noble or the best justice.

  59. By the way, where is Kaspersky?

  60. Just as Trump got Hillary as if to say, “God forbid anyone would question the sacred elections by suggesting election fraud.” Meanwhile, Putin was working to effect the elections using such means as intimidation the internet security company Kaspersky.

  61. Opinion cannot handle or contain a two step reasoning. They got us to say “God forbid any state attorneys general would charge the internet companies with selling our liberty and privacy, or suspect governments of doing what businesses are allowed to do with us in marketing.”

  62. Data collection and targeted internet interference, not dirt and e-mails, are the primary means by which the 2016 election was turned.

  63. Google sells prominence in searches, and we are in denial about this. Twitter sells fake followers. If so, public opinion is to some extent, bought.

  64. Watching The Wheels – John Lennon via

  65. A gentleman, or one who is noble, does not proceed with women by compulsion, but persuasion, of both herself and family, to honorable marriage, and this, the noble, has much to do with justice and the ability to judge the just at the highest level. The noble intends the just.

  66. Who’s the guy wavin’ at us? I think their outvoted, everyone else to 4.

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