Tweets, December 21- ,’18

  1. “I’m an Alligator.” David Bowie – Moonage Daydream (Live) (Great quality)

  2. David Bowie – Stay

  3. Might be Bowie’s best tune. 3 kinds of love, and then… David Bowie – Soul Love Richard W. Painter

  4. Are 17 ready to do their duty? This nation does not need any one man, and the risk of selling out our foreign policy or being manipulated by Putin is simply to great. Ant Senators recall, we are the leader of the free world and hold as many nukes as anyone? RESPOND!!

  5. Once more: your son, your son-in-law, & your campaign chair signaled to Moscow your campaign approved of Kremlin efforts to intervene in the election, and *you* collaborated with Putin’s disinformation op by echoing his false denials. You aided and abetted the Russian attack.  34 minutes ago

  6. We need to ask Trump under oath in his trial in the Senate: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable?” And did you reward Russia in foreign policy? IMPEACH!!

  7. A live shot from Trump’s wall.

  8. This Trumpian Horror Story Will Freak You Out

  9. Trump Cribbed from TV History

  10. Prophecy? This is a real 50″s Tx Ranger episode!! Trump? Wall? In the 1950s?  1 hour ago

  11. Hillary is one of few capable of the presidency, as shown by her third debate speech.

  12. The fossil fuel industry is now the equivalent of the tobacco industry. It creates death and destruction, and then spends billions denying its responsibility. We must transform our energy system away from fossil fuels and into energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

  13. Yeah!

  14. A morning text message from the person who bought a signed copy of Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs last night: “I read some of your book this morning. You speak to my heart! Thank you! Thank you!”

  15. Oh, and the Baptist roots of Hillsdale College might have something to say about the nation as “…the highest expression of human nature in community (p. 3 right). Indeed, Larry Arnn may fail to distinguish between fascism and nationalism, though he tries to make it “free nation

  16. Larry Arnn has also neglected to distinguish between America first and “uber alles.”

  17. …instead of “statizens,” we could have NATO-zens, citizens of NATO, against tyranny.

  18. What ever he is doing, Arnn is not standing up to tyranny and election fraud in the moment when his nation might have been saved.

  19. IF WE DO NOT SAY NO TO TYRANNY, IF WE flatter Trump for republican party self interest, Erdugan, Dutart, Assad, Putin, Kim we will see what he admires.

  20. The premise of the first paragraph is absurd: If the call of the transnationalists is right, x will occur, if not y. How about this: IF WE LET PUTIN ELECT TRUMP, American liberty will be destroyed, and like 1/3 of the globe, as by nuclear war. IF DATA COLLECTION AND TARGETED…

  21. David Whyte on Krista Tippett: Fierce solitude.

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  22. David Whyte — The Conversational Nature of Reality

  23. Larry Arnn, in answering Macron (in Imprimis, 12/18)”, fails to distinguish fascism from “nationalism” and “patriotism.” He also suppresses the difference between the ancient polis, or city, from the state, and the state from the nation. We have “citi-zens” in a qualified sense.

  24. Did you know that you’re 30 times more likely to laugh if you’re with somebody else than if you’re alone?

  25. Jimi Hendrix – Spanish Castle Magic – Santa Clara 1969  Dec 28

  26. Partisan self interest is what the “republicans” supported, once Vlad ran ‘im up the flagpole.

  27. . AU is a signatory to conventions to discourage –involuntarily return of to country of origin where they may face persecution -He may be executed but DOI say this problem is not “insurmountable hardship” Karol  

  28. The need for an independent Kurdistan:

  29. Project STREET WISE is a experimental theory based on modern in order to raise awareness and general knowledge about novel human threats of the central nervous system via chronic mobile devices. Source: Photo credit:  Dec 29

  30. Anti-prohibition protest calling for the repeal of the 18th amendment to the US Constitution, 1929

  31. Replying to   and 4 others

    Oh look worked for awhile at Kasowitz’s firm — and Kasowitz represented Columbus Nova, the firm of Viktor Vekselberg, oligarch who seems to have paid for access to Trump through Cohen’s Essential Consultants. Tireless : Dec 29

  32.  Dec 24

  33. EVERY. AMERICAN. MUST. READ. THIS. 1. Chemical company DowDuPont donated $1,000,000 to Trump’s inauguration. 2. Trump’s administration re-allowed the use of DuPont’s pesticide, chlorpyrifos. 3. Chlorpyrifos is from the same family as *sarin nerve gas* Dec 28

  34. Researchers analysing soil from Ireland long thought to have medicinal properties have discovered that it contains a previously unknown strain of bacteria which is effective against four of the top six superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics. Dec 27

  35. Let’s get to 200k. If you follow me you should also follow . Please RT to spread the word.

  36. Hockey can be pretty, like ballet.

  37. The Nightmare of Benzodiazepine Withdrawal- Hormones Matter “My doctors were useless as none believed that benzodiazepine withdrawal caused all of these symptoms or that it could last for months (for some people years).”

  38. I was iatrogenically harmed by taking AS PRESCRIBED and will not stop speaking out about that. Our stories are just as important as those that say they are helped.

  39. Trump’s lies and corruption disgrace presidential legacies of Lincoln and Washington

  40. Private businessmen raking it in, thanks to Trump’s cruel, mostly illegal policies. ICE paid estimated $807 million to 19 private detention centers in fiscal 2018: report

  41. Campaign Finance Reform! NO MORE DARK MONEY11

  42.  Dec 27

    Exactly as I reported several months ago: Michael Cohen’s cell phone was picked up in Prague. Now confirmed by . 🙂

  43. This should be interesting! The dossier that so far has been fairly accurate stated that Michael Cohen was in Prague Now a new report states that Michael Cohen’s cell signal pinged outside of Prague around the time of the alleged meet w Russians

  44.  Dec 26

    Serious if true.

  45.  Dec 27

  46. BREAKING: Gallup just released the results of their Most Admired Man and Woman poll: Barack Obama Won The most admired man for The 11th year in a row And Michelle Obama is now the most admired woman.

  47.  Dec 27

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  48. China is using western tech to impose an Orwellian tyranny on 1/4 of the human souls in this world.

  49. 17 private companies run migrant child prisons: Cold, made 48 hr. detention for adults, open toilets, and very dangerous for traumatized kids. They already have been paid almost a billion dollars and now want lots more. Recent deaths of kids= more extortion.

  50.  Dec 27

  51. holy crap. A cell signal reportedly puts Michael Cohen near Prague around the time of the purported meeting with Russian officials. Dec 27

  52. Replying to 


  53. Re: multiple foreign intel agencies now independently confirming that Cohen was in Prague when Steele’s dossier says he was, now imagine if we *also* had multiple intel agencies independently confirming the Kremlin has compromising tapes of Trump Oh wait we do and one is the CIA

  54.  Dec 27

    1 out of 5 people take psychotropics in the US on a continuing basis. That alone is a disturbing number. I don’t think they need anymore help in advertising to “seek help”. Do you?

  55. We are worried about the Kurds. An additional benefit of immediate IMPEACHMENT is that it may save them as well as us. Lives are at stake while we lack courage to correct the fraudulent election.

  56. It’s astonishing the rate at which we learned to take freedoms for granted—having formed this nation to protest tyranny. (Wait, no; “astonishing’s” a stretch; just look how quickly those freedoms are being exchanged for empty words from a tyrant.)

  57.  Dec 26

  58.  Dec 26

  59. Robert Mueller injured his knee so badly playing hockey and lacrosse at St. Paul’s that he was rejected for military service. So he saw a doctor, got it fixed and applied again. Meanwhile in Queens, New York doctors were fabricating bone spurs ….

  60. Kaspersky was handling computer security for 4 hundred million, from MOSCOW!!

  61. Amazing. How did Putin turn that election? Ask Facebook.

    Update on my Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs: I’ve gotten all feedback so far! The last email that came to me today said: “I wanted to tell you I’m a very slow reader these days but I’m reading your book and it’s brilliant!” I was hesitant to  Dec 26

  62. States can forbid ICE from violating state laws, such as kidnapping, and even hold ICE accountable for damages. It is illegal to rob either foreigner or citizen, and all are protected by the laws. ICE agents need to think about when committing crimes.

  63. Germany just launched the world’s first hydrogen-powered train. It emits nothing but water and steam! We have solutions to the crisis. Time to implement them.

  64. Damaged House In Mosul’s Old City Is Remnant Of Old Synagogue

  65. As a Muslim I’ve never been offended when a Christian wishes me Merry Christmas. But I’ve always been offended when a Christian wishes me Merry Christmas *while* supporting banning Refugees, bombing Yemenis, & caging Asylees. If y’all can’t see that hypocrisy, y’all need Jesus.

  66. “But Tommy doesn’t know what day it is He doesn’t know who Jesus was or what prayin’ is How can he be saved From the eternal grave?” The Who: The Father, Tommy.

  67. “Did you ever see the faces of the children, they get so excited Waking up on Christmas morning, hours before the winter sun’s ignited? They believe in dreams, and all they mean, including heaven’s generosity Peeking round the door to see what parcels are for free in curiousity?

  68. “They” can’t even keep track of the side effects of the medicine used for the body! The soul is like going from two to three dimensions, and in administering psychodope, our medicine literally does not know what it is doing.

  69. One of the bravest people I know. Merry Christmas and congratulations Nadya!

  70. Hey Trumpsters, you all want to live that way?

    More than a hundred earthquakes and villages covered in volcanic ash – the aftermath of Mount Etna’s first ‘flank eruption’ in over a decade Via

  71. Which is truth which is the reversed reflection in the mirror? Putin seriously thinks, according to Machiavelli, that political truth is malleable, artificial, and at his service.

  72. But Scrooge does not spend for hookers!

  73. Israeli intelligence concludes Trump is owned and operated by his “bank” in Moscow. Russia ‘chose’ Trump and then ‘ran him for president’ — and it could destroy him: ex-Israeli spy chief

  74. The hover click on these laptops makes void any contract done by any action on the clicker. Besides, it makes the machines nearly unusable, while someone thinks they are profiting by making us click more. Disgusting failure of regulation.

  75. I love you. Merry Christmas Dad, ⁦⁩ – wherever you are.

  76. Krassenstein: BREAKING: ISIS has just claimed responsibility for a car bomb in Iraq that has killed 3 people and wounded 13 others.

  77. A couple of stories to warm your heart this Christmas Day.

  78. An airplane flies over Baghdad, Iraq, early 20th Century

  79. ISIS claims deadly outdoor market bombing in Iraq

  80.  Dec 25

  81. Natanyahu, like Trump, admires tyrants such as Duterte? I had been a holdout Ben supporter. My admiration for Winston Churchill took a hit too this year, as I realized that Lincoln and Jefferson are right about something Churchill is wrong about, though he saved the West.

  82.  Dec 25

  83. …But immediate impeachment might prevent the use of the office in obstructing our attempts to correct the fraudulent election and the bribery endangering national security.

  84.  Dec 25

  85. To ask that the election be void is the true solution.

  86. Congress is wondering if they did not read somewhere that bribery is impeachable.

  87.  Dec 25

  88. Laughter is God’s gift to us, they say. I hope you are having lots of laughs too.

  89. I’m thinking of the 8 year old boy who died alone today in the detainment camp at the border. And yes it’s Christmas.. And yes we are all wanting to celebrate a beautiful day with family. This boy didnt get that chance.

  90. November Election 2018: Jeff Irwin Takes Next Step In Career In Michigan State Senate

  91. The magi worship the messiah, as is not proper toward any human, though people bow to kings and even one another, acknowledging the divine therein. Peter too worships Him. And though it is said, “you are gods, sons of the Most High,” This is what distinguishes the “Christians.”

  92. Enjoy the holiday season with the ones you love. Michelle and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  93. “Noël” comes to us from the Latin verb nasci, meaning “to be born.” In the book of Ecclesiastes, the birth of Jesus is called natalis. A variation of this word, nael, made its way into Old French as a reference to the Christmas season and later Middle English as nowel.-Google

  94. Josh Groban – O Holy Night [with lyrics] via

  95. Origin of the gifts of Christmas in the gifts of the Three Wise Men?

  96. …after she had found the bodies of Melchior, Balthazar, and Gaspar, Queen Helen put them into one chest and ornamented it with great riches, and she brought them into Constantinople… and laid them in a church that is called Saint Sophia.”

  97. 14th-century cleric John of Hildesheim’s Historia Trium Regum (“History of the Three Kings”): “Queen Helen… began to think greatly of the bodies of these three kings, and she arrayed herself, and accompanied by many attendants, went into the Land of Ind…

  98. carefully kept. The bodies are still entire, with the hair and beard remaining. — Marco Polo, Polo, Marco, The Book of the Million, book I, chapter 13

  99. Wikipedia: In Persia is the city of Saba, from which the Three Magi set out when they went to worship Jesus Christ; and in this city they are buried, in three very large and beautiful monuments, side by side. …And above them there is a square building,

  100. …the Syriac Infancy Gospel provides some clarity by stating explicitly in the third chapter that they were pursuing a prophecy from their prophet, Zoradascht (Zoroaster).[33]

  101. …These names apparently derive from a Greek manuscript probably composed in Alexandria around 500, and which has been translated into Latin with the title Excerpta Latina Barbari.[20] Then the Wiki opens up the three wise men. This is great stuff!

  102. Wikipedia: Ency. Brit. states: “according to Western church tradition, Balthasar is often represented as a king of Arabia, Melchior as a king of Persia, and Gaspar as a king of India.” …

  103. I think that is Venus there rising in the East each morning, and now she’s wandered over South, as did the star of the wise men…But theirs was hovering, and there were angels about the neighborhood anyway, as those visiting the shepherds in Mathew (and the Monty Python video).

  104. Rebwar Hassan and his family were reunited Sunday, after he was unjustly detained by ICE since June 2017. He is one of hundreds of Iraqi nationals who has built a life in the U.S., raising his two daughters, working and paying taxes. His family’s reunion:  Dec 17

  105. Today, we are celebrating families and freedom. Because these Iraqis have the courage to fight for freedom, they are coming home after a 1 1/2 years of brutal detention. Today, and in the days to come, children will be running into the arms of their parents across the country.

  106.  Dec 24

  107. The greatest Christmas lights display of all time. Turn up the sound! Dec 24

  108. Interesting point to investigate. Has Trump ever favorably quoted a democratically elected leader? A human rights figure? Or do only authoritarians get so much respect from him?

  109. 17 Republican Senators, and it has become obvious to any American that the nation is in a security crisis we may not survive, while conversely we do not depend on any one man.

  110. Missing piece of Antikythera Mechanism found on Aegean seabed Dec 24

  111. Surely such a one “has” a “demon.” That is only a different time and different tyranny, if based upon a better manual or text.

  112. “Uncooperative” is not a scientific diagnosis. Psychiatrists too have a partisan interest in defending the integrity of psychiatry and that too is not scientific. Our psych is dependent for first principles upon common sense, tradition, philosophic ethics and fashionable opinion.

  113. …Oh, and read parts of the manual, like any good mechanic.

  114. This is a recipe for tyranny. Freud, too, used to diagnose those who doubted him with “resistance,” an “illness,” like being “uncooperative.” These are MD’s, often with no knowledge of political rights- who have studied drugs and neurons for two years, Oh, and …

  115. “When uncooperative or highly disturbed patients are examined, research shows that the diagnostic process can stand up to their resistance by including reviews of medical records (and public documents when available) and by interviewing people who know the patient well.”

  116. …an authoritative guide that provides an evidence-based approach to diagnosis,” The assumption that one can “diagnose” a person with a manual assumes a science and art that humans do not possess.

  117. “This claim, however, ignores the existence of an objective process for diagnosing mental health conditions based upon observable behavioral criteria. These rules are set in the fifth edition of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,” an authoritative guide..

  118. When he went mad, Tiberius, fearing assassination, began to abuse the executive powers.

  119. If we are not going to IMPEACH IMMEDIATELY!!

  120. Gradually dismantling the US executive fits with the worst case scenario of Russian intention.

  121. The Christmas Story Yoko Ono

  122. Of the children: “Their angels are always before the face of” the father who is in heaven (Matt. 18:3). Happy Christmas Eve Yoko!

  123. I’m thankful for folks using their social media accounts to share their experiences & bring awareness to iatrogenic harm. Doctors aren’t doing it enough, drug companies aren’t doing it, the media isn’t, but it’s an important grassroots movement that can help a lot of people.

  124. The Doors – The Crystal Ship / Dick Clark Interview / Light My Fire

  125. Crimson and Clover – Tommy James & The Shondells via

  126. The Pipkins Gimme Dat Ding via

  127.  Dec 24

  128. Our science is sooo hokey!

    Please don’t follow this advice if you are trying to safely withdraw from drugs. Can please provide evidence that withdrawal only lasts 10 days to two weeks and studies to support their advice to reduce by 50% every 2 weeks.

  129. Trump sure would not like General Mattis hanging around for the smooth transition. Never can tell who that Rat was, anyway. The obvious risk is too great. America does not need any one man, and with this one we are risking all for no good reason.

  130. Bribery has potentially so compromised this “president” that we cannot risk continuing the charade. IMPEACH!!

  131. What Trump has done could indeed be turned for our mutual advantage. Russia must give concessions, like get out of the Ukraine! Stop upholding butchers in Syria, cease torture, etc. Those are the punishments of peace, and Putin must be “persuaded.”

  132. C’mon, you think we can’t get 17 Republicans who see it yet? Meanwhile, tick tick, we have had a looming foreign policy crisis for two years now. It’s sinking in for the Americans, slooowwwllyyy.

  133. Just shut down certain sections of that McMansion on PA AVE, save some…electricity! IMPEACH!!

  134.  Dec 24

  135. A Federal judge in Cincinnati thinks the judicial branch does not have the power to prevent the executive from harming the Michigan Chaldeans seized for illegal deportation. What is ICE doing? What priorities, to deport on technicalities into circumstances of persecution.

  136. Billie Holiday-Strange fruit-

  137. Selected Tweets, October to December ’18

  138. ‘ Guess he had it delivered back then, by the three wise guys.

  139. The Wiki says the third guy was Babylonian.

  140. If any of the $3.5 M was laundered Russian money, McConnell is in deep trouble, criminally speaking. Dec 23

  141. How long?

  142. He leaves out 3 important points: The Africans families were destroyed, their traditions severed, and it was illegal to teach slaves to read.

  143. FCC? Why does the volume keep going up on commercials? THAT is the sort of thing the internet companies will sell to our disadvantage if it is allowed.

  144. I’m sure he’ll get even braver when he’s gone completely. The Republican office-holders who have failed to stand up to Trump are profiles in cowardice.

  145. Did you not see the oligarchs walk past regulation in the Republican Congress, paying their way like Pfizer? Look on my wordpress account. I provide all the content, while WordPress owns all information for sale, and I earn not a cent. + access through the internet is controlled.

  146.  Dec 23


  148. Is NATO considering the defense of the Kurds? Or are we going to sit here- again? We need to IMPEACH Trump BEFORE he gets a lot of innocent people killed for nothing.

  149.  Dec 22

  150.  Dec 22

    Excellent must read thread by who lays out the global threat Russia poses. Wish media would report on this instead of their daily Trump talking points.

  151. Pre-inauguration, that should have been done.

  152. The US has made a terrible mistake regarding Yemen. What to do though is not so clear.

  153. Why Area 51 and Fort Knox not use walls?

  154. Remember, Joseph is an old guy, which is why he is gone by the time Jesus grows up. Some of the “brothers,” as James, may have been brothers in law. The lineage of Jesus is calculated through Joseph, by law, but Mary too is of the line of David.

  155. December 19, 2018 Devotional

  156. On Isaiah 7:14: The Hebrew readers say the word virgin also means any young maiden. Ah, but this then would not be much of a sign! But this is The great mystery, and we are much in favor of letting those come to the teaching first.

  157. With surveillance and scores for “citizenship” Pray for these slavish people! And they have Lao Tzu, but choose Marx!

  158. December 20, 2018 Devotional

  159.  Dec 23

  160. Wiki: “Traditional nativity scenes depict three “Wise Men” visiting the infant Jesus on the night of his birth… an artistic convention allowing the two separate scenes of the Adoration of the Shepherds on the birth night and the later Adoration of the Magi to be combined…

  161. Balthezar, the name of the third wise man, is the name given to Daniel in Babylon, soon to be taken by Persia. Shakespeare too uses the name for a servant of Romeo and some others. But again, even the name makes the three seem Chaldean.

  162. Don’t miss the spectacular David Gilmour Live at Pompeii, in cinemas worldwide for one night only – September 13th.

  163. Anyone up for Pink Floyd, The Wall?

  164.  Dec 23

    Because if the Diebold machines break down, then the GOP needs another way to help them ‘win’ elections, and keep the Trump Crime Family in power?

  165.  Dec 22

  166. Let our awareness rise up and push back, as with the children being saved in Syria and Yemen (Thanks, Kashogi!)

  167. Jubilees says Chaldeans got Astronomy from Enoch. The Shemmite relatives of Abraham may also have known Hebrew and Abrahamic teachings.

  168. Ethiopia had relatives of Solomon, remember, and is likely to have been where Jesus went into hiding. But East and astronomy make it seem like Chaldea, as does Magi, unless Egypt and Arabia had been Persian-ified by Cyrus or something. Is there any indication of Magi fr. south

  169. Pink Floyd – Us and Them
  170. It is gold, Frankincense and myrrh for king, priest and prophet, priest after the order of Melchizadek rather than Levi.

  171. This article reports a tradition, that the three were kings of Sheba, Tarse/Egypt and Arabia. They have Chaldean astronomy and are in touch with the Hebrew prophesy (Matt. 2:6). That the messiah would be born in Bethlehem, be called a Nazarene, and come out of Galilee was known.

  172. We like in the candlemas, how each lights the candle of one another lit at the altar.

  173.  Dec 22

  174.  Dec 23

  175. All About the Wise Men — The History of The Christmas Story — whychristmas?com:

  176. Twelve years ago today, David Bowie joined David on stage at the Royal Albert Hall. Here’s ’s amazing footage from their soundcheck of Comfortably Numb.

  177.  Dec 7

  178. Here are a couple of pics of David’s guest appearance at The Pretty Things’ terrific Final Bow show in London last night, where Van Morrison was also a special guest.

  179. Twitter DJ’in here. Drake is the best of the unknowns: Nick Drake-Chime of the city clock

  180. Revelation 11:15: It is the “destroyers of the earth” who are destroyed. Another scriptural support for environmental stewardship. Adam is placed in the Garden “To till and keep it.”

Dec. 1-20 Tweets

  1. Revelation 11:15: It is the “destroyers of the earth” who are destroyed. Another scriptural support for environmental stewardship. Adam is placed in the Garden “To till and keep it.”

  2. I’m starting to think that we were lied to and Mexico really isn’t going to pay for that wall, we really didn’t defeat ISIS, NK really won’t denuclearize & the stock market really isn’t going to keep rising. Why didn’t Hillary warn us that he was a liar? Oh, she did?

  3. The shortest day is one of these two, and the longest night is past. The rest of winter is all the earth cooling down before it gets warmer from the longer days. Otherwise, the dead of winter would coincide with the shortest day.

  4. Happy Solstice Day! Now the days get longer! Jethro Tull BBC Promo Vid for Solstice bells 1976 via

  5. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh symbolize King, priest and prophet.

  6. Three wise men were not so smart, eh, walkin’ up to ole Hay-Rod like that.

  7. Last Year, God on Twitter asked what we should get the kid for Christmas. We asked if we might not, like, just cancel that stuff about the apocalypse and all. The answer: “Repent like Nineveh.”

  8. Imagine Mother Mary taking baby Jesus to see Santa Claus!

  9. In Thomas, Jesus says, “The Kingdom of heaven is spread out upon the earth, but men do not see it.” Except a bit at Christmas.

  10. See Emily Play: Comment

  11. Solzhenitsyn tells of the forced repatriation of Russian soldiers by Britain after WWII, astonished that the West just cannot imagine the gaping hellhole into which these were sent. All were imprisoned or killed for having seen the West (Gulag).

  12. I predicted this eight months before the election, but yes, it’s come to pass:

  13. Year End Check-In With ‘Capital Gazette’ Photojournalist, Joshua McKerrow Dec 21

  14. UK law enforcement halts cooperation with Russia on Browder case

  15. Excellent piece in ⁦⁩ on how dodgy Russian put their money in EFG Private Bank. When one of EFG’s London employees blew the whistle and tried to stop it, he was fired. It’s no wonder that London is the laundering capital of the world

  16. We expect threats at minimum, such as what Vlad said yesterday. They think that terror will secure election fraud once revealed.

  17. Just sayin’ yesterday he has a future in politics if he studies hard! Political philosophy!

  18. Here is video evidence of the visit to the shepherds, for all those who don’t believe! Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Criterion Collection DVD extras – Deleted… via

  19. 4) What if the pursuit of theoretical wisdom frees desire to above, which trapped below causes depression and illusory longings? That is Socratic psychology. “Self actualization” and “Individuation” are in the right direction.

  20. 3) And what if justice is, or is essential to the health of the soul? Where is our psychology? Our psychiatry? Even to begin the quest for self knowledge helps moderation. And this may be the gateway of theory. What if the health of the soul is practical wisdom?

  21. 2) That happiness is the goal can be made clear to all, but people differ about what this is, and what priorities to set atop the throne of the soul. That virtue is happiness is the great teaching, and Socrates argues that virtue is knowledge or wisdom. Ethics is about priorities

  22. 4 On Psychology: What if self knowledge is the health of the soul? Happiness is the end, but what is this? We might even posit an unconscious and semiconscious drive toward self knowledge, determining human action far more clearly than the libido of Freud or power drive of Adler.

  23. Russia is ecstatic that Trump pushed Mattis out.. America is being run by the Kremlin and far right conspiracists who are setting foreign and domestic policy decisions for the Trump regime

  24. Russian Agents Sought Secret US Treasury Records On Clinton Backers During 2016 Campaign <– very important article on corruption of the US Treasury Dept, which collaborated secretly with Russia; Clinton angle is small piece of bigger story

  25. IMPEACH!!

  26. With helium, the trouble is volume, but One wonders too about using it in drones and construction, to reduce the weight of anything. Imagine a helium chair with a pedal fan! A ten speed!

  27. Chaldeans: We want the MI Atty General to charge the ICE agents, as with accessory to murder or manslaughter if any are deported and harmed. Federal agents cannot violate state laws, or come here and hurt people.

  28. The Wall: Rock Commentaries Selection

  29. A Federal judge in Cincinnati thinks the judicial branch does not have the power to prevent the executive from harming the Michigan Chaldeans seized for illegal deportation. What is iCE doing? What priorities, to deport on technicalities into circumstances of persecution.

  30.  Dec 20

    May this be the moment that GOP Senators finally put their Constitutional duty and country before concerns over their political futures.

  31. With each move, our executive is weakened, per plan.

  32. Do we yet wish we had stood up and acted according to the truth two years ago? IMPEACH!!

  33. Etta James – I’d Rather Be Blind (Live at Montreux 1975)

  34. That you are fictional is an illusion: Pinch yourself! That’s what we do, anyways. Rather, WE are figments of YOUR imagination! (Men ARE the words of God.) [Women too, but that’s the diff. between prose and poetry!]

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  35. “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. Behold, you will conceive in your womb & bear a son & you shall name him Jesus. He will be great & will be called Son of the Most High… and of his kingdom there will be no end.” Luke 1: 30-33

  36. Surprise!

  37. wooed by prince and advisors one month after was elected: NYT Kushner was considered a prime target right after Trump was elected.

  38. Jared Kushner is a proponent of prison reform, and praise should be given where praise is due. Foresight is important in politics.

  39. Let’s read this thread and talk about the implications of this:

  40. Surprise!

  41. The Abe Meeropol lyrics are among the best of all lyric poetry. Holliday could barely play the song, and then only at the end of a show, since everything must stop then. We want to hear a rock-blues version, since it IS the blues, maybe.

  42. The Strange Story Of The Man Behind ‘Strange Fruit’

  43. One day, I invented helium trucking: Energy need the only be applied to propel forward! (It was of course already invented, but slow to enter practice.

  44. Big man, pig man Ha, ha, charade you are You well heeled big wheel Ha, ha, charade you are And when your hand is on your heart You’re nearly a good laugh Almost a jokerPink Floyd – Pigs (Three Different Ones)

  45. I’m so sorry you have had to endure this. In my opinion, the strong currents of racism in societies around the world have been exploited and exacerbated by the Kremlin and organised international crime. That probably doesn’t make it one jot better.

  46. KABOOM!
  47. Pretty fast, eh? Now for green transport systems from field to the terminal.

  48. Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Container, 17.3 Cup $14.99 nearby. FreshVent technology delivers optimal fruit and vegetable preservationCrispTray keeps moisture away from food to help reduce spoilageBPA free and top-shelf dishwasher safeBuilt-in lid filter

  49. Pink Floyd – See Emily Play (official video) via

  50. 2) Water transport for fresh vegetables. A whole new packing system: This method might eliminate other packaging and preservative measures.

  51. Here are two new water invention ideas: 1: An instrument for storing vegetables such as broccoli and lettuce, in a vaseb of water, keeping them alive in the fridge. That is easy! Build the system into the fridge. 2) Water transport for fresh vegetables. A whole new packing system

  52. Pink Anderson/Floyd Council

  53. [Story Of Pink Floyd] 2010

  54. Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

  55. David Gilmour ”Wish You Were Here” played perfectly

  56. Ya, and we have not been following that closely. Sure seems weird, all that cooperation, and not a peep from Vlad as to the Canadians from China.

  57. US Treasury today enriched a lot of people close to Putin. Why?

  58. What a feat of engineering the Hubble Space Telescope is. A joint collaboration between NASA and ESA (European Space Agency), the Hubble telescope was launched into earth’s orbit in 1990, and wasn’t intended to be in service this long. It continues to send back stunning images.

  59. I am envisioning a wall with doors and windows.

  60. Interesting. If we do not defend the Kurds directly or effectively…

  61. Again, the border is not porous because we lack a wall, nor will it be sealed if we build one. The border is insecure because of corruption and payoffs. Do you believe some border guards think that it is right to be a winner, an economic success and very big and powerful?

  62. I created a forum on my blog! Check it out! Forum via

  63. If you wish to be a mine of jewels, open the deep ocean within your heart.

  64. I have heard the troop withdrawal proposal called an “Obama-like” mistake. Do we not recall that Obama could not secure the agreement of Congress to act in Syria?

  65. Any reporting on who is increasing their ownership shares of Rusal or En+ as Deripaska reduces his shares? People close to Putin?

  66. IMPEACH, or see more Of what Putin has in store, perhaps with a quarter of the globe A little war- Or with our neighbor, Putin likes those win-win set ups. He gets to either use or destroy the “Republican” party, etc.

  67. David Gilmour and Ginger Gilmour

  68. Does America see yet why bribery is impeachable?

  69. The Republican party has failed, and should disband. The Obtuse: this has been knowable and told to them for two years, if it is just now sinking in for the Americans.

  70. I am still pissed off at Flynn for yelling “lock her up” at the Republican National Convention. That was disgusting, especially for a former national security official.

  71. Netflix was apparently collecting information through the television, and marketing on the computer. Data collwction by camera and microphone in livingrooms has been occurring for some time now. Look up the tech- Vorizon, Magnovox, Toshiba: Two way cameras set on by default, etc.

  72. So, you think Facebook style marketing tactics combined with Kaspersky handling computer security for 4 hundred million, from Moscow cannot swing an election 10%, once one party has decided it is fine to win even by foreign influence? When the internet is new, and privacy sold?

  73. Pavitri Manjhi is under attack because she’s trying to stop big businesses from grabbing her community’s land. “Our lives are dependent on our land and forest,” she says. She’s one of millions of women rising against injustice today. Mark Small

  74. Void, because impeachment assumes election, and is piecemeal. The Court is the branch to void an illegitimate election, if asked for a ruling on its legitimacy. In normal circumstances, the courts decline to interfere, but in extraordinary circumstances, they may.

  75. Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell (Live) via

  76. The : When the teachers would go home at night, their psychopathic wives would beat them within inches of their lives. Ya, the frise of fascism is only possible due to our failure in education.

  77. Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall – Live – 1980

  78. “So, you thought you might like to go the show” means now that fascist tyranny has arisen out of modern art and rock music.

  79. Pink Floyd ”In The Flesh” (1980)

  80. 🙂

  81. A girl attacks a hijab wearing Muslim girl in the bathroom at Chartiers Valley High School in Pittsburgh •Charges have been filed against the girl •Hate crime charges are pending •42% of American Muslim students report bullying for their faith.😓 Kamala Harris

  82. They got us to “elect” a caricature of capitalist vice as draws by the communists, and used these vises to begin dismantling the U. S. executive branch. Glad we got their help against “terrorism!” Congress must oversee the FBI and unelected agencies.

  83. Just watched documentary and it makes perfect sense why these psychiatrists get away with what they do in prescribing these toxins. This documentary shows that NO ONE will ever holding them accountable for results of medical procedures. Please watch it if you can.

  84. I wrote about the (very long) history of Russia’s use of American racial tensions to further its own geopolitical goals.

  85. A Russian disinformation campaign “used every major social media platform to deliver words, images and videos tailored to voters’ interests to help elect President Trump—and worked even harder to support him while in office.” Dec 17

  86. Ja, get ‘im to flip: on Putin!

  87. ya, and in ten years they may consider the relation between suicide, murder and antidepressants in America- assuming we are still here!

  88. Bobby Helms – You are my special Angel (1957) via

  89. The at least 2,000 year old olive tree of Vouves,on the island of Crete,still bears olives. The tree stood here when Rome burned in AD64, and Pompeii was buried under a thick carpet of volcanic ash in AD79. Cemeteries from the Geometric Period (900-700 BC) were discovered nearby.

  90. One wonders if there is not some ingenious way to reverse scam these guys! See: Islam upholds righteousness!

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  91. About 2 weeks ago a Navy commander took his life in Iraq & these are just 2 that make the news. Systemic failure all around. The VA needs a lot of help, especially in the realm of mental health. Jacob Soboroff

  92. IMPEACH!!

  93. In psychology and psychiatry, it is often human meaning and circumstance, not chemicals and neurons, that are obvious causes. Consider Sibyl. This is called the “Psychogenesis” of troubles of the mind and soul.

  94. There it is! The first time the assertion that they are collecting vulnerabilities. Now, I want my Representative, Tim Walberg of Michigan, to let me know when we are no longer spied on by camera and microphone through our tech.

  95. Remember, like, Russia was going to help in the fight against terrorism, if we just give up all privacy to, like, the FBI, Facebook and Kaspersky? And we were being turned to a war with all Islam and domestic civil war as fascism rises?

  96. Awkward too for Congress, who have been persuaded by campaign contributions to sell our 4th amendment security. Add those companies to see what it was worth.

  97. False advertising is not a tenth as bad as fake news intentionally spread to influence elections. False advertising is illegal and actionable, or, the courts can do something about it.

  98. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Remastered 2009) via

  99. That is true. Two questions I have: 1. Why didn’t the FBI arrest Trump when they knew he was an international crook (fined for laundering money 2012 & fraud by Javanka)? 2. Why is the asshole still walking around free today after committing multiple federal crimes on national TV?

  100. Well this is a remarkable thread:

  101. 1. Quick thread on the only recorded criminal arrest of a sitting U.S. president—made by a D.C. Police offering for speeding, a century and a half ago.

  102. I Am The Walrus (Remastered 2009) via

  103. Re: Fethulla Gulen – I worked on an investigation of this guy years ago. While he does have quite the scam involving charter schools in the US, the govt has no evidence of him directing coups. Flynn would have sent an innocent man to death. Sarah Kendzior

  104. I published a citizens arrest for election fraud before the inauguration, and it might be legal!

  105. Animals know too. Everyone always knows that I am there. Why is that?

  106. Today would be a good day for to release his tax returns.

  107. So, we’re reading chapter 12 as a vision of the incarnation and what follows, more comprehensive than what occurs “after this,” (Rev.4:1) after the days of the seven churches of Asia. There is a whole book free on the wordpress site, and we like Jack Van Impe!

  108. With the victory over death…And hence Revelation 12 would seem to refer to…

  109. The black vote in the swing states was intentionally suppressed. By targeted interference using data collected by the companies we have made billionaires. They marketed our privacy and hence our liberty, and no one told them “NO!”

  110. United States military’s Africa Command says that it has carried out six airstrikes in the Somalia which killed a total of 62 extremists from the al-Shabab rebel group. No civilians are said to have been injured or killed.

  111. Biblical Archaeology: The archaeology of ancient Israel and Judah | Isra… via

  112. in 1917: General Edmund Allenby entered , bringing Ottoman rule to an end Photo produced by Associates Illustration Agencies Ltd. From the National Library Collections

  113. The black Obelisk of Salmanasar III is a monument that dates from the year 827 BC.And was erected at the time of the Assyrian Empire, which spread through Mesopotamia. In its reliefs are listed the achievements made by King Shalmaneser III, son and successor of Ashur-nasir-pal II

  114. In my latest report, we go behind the scenes of the Montefiore Windmill- an iconic structure in Jerusalem that was built 150 years ago. It was the first Jewish building constructed outside the Old City walls. Stay tuned!

  115. From the office of the presidency, it is unconstitutional to interfere with the press. Every day, the oath of office to uphold the Constitution is violated. The citizens must bring the case, the courts cannot go get it.

  116. Thrilled to announce that I have joined as a Legal Analyst. I am grateful to be part of a team that is committed to uncovering truth, undeterred by any opposition or intimidation.

  117. The beginning of faith is feeling the need for salvation: this is the way that prepares us to meet Jesus.

  118. See Papa dancing at a night club in Santa Marta, filmed secretly by the psychedlic paparazzi:

  119. Guess who Is 82? Papa Francisco!

  120. Joy, prayer and gratitude are three ways that prepare us to experience Christmas in an authentic way.

  121. Our life spreads light when it is given in service. The secret of joy is living to serve.

  122. Loving God means serving our neighbour without reserve, and trying to forgive without limits.