Dec. 1-20 Tweets

  1. Revelation 11:15: It is the “destroyers of the earth” who are destroyed. Another scriptural support for environmental stewardship. Adam is placed in the Garden “To till and keep it.”

  2. I’m starting to think that we were lied to and Mexico really isn’t going to pay for that wall, we really didn’t defeat ISIS, NK really won’t denuclearize & the stock market really isn’t going to keep rising. Why didn’t Hillary warn us that he was a liar? Oh, she did?

  3. The shortest day is one of these two, and the longest night is past. The rest of winter is all the earth cooling down before it gets warmer from the longer days. Otherwise, the dead of winter would coincide with the shortest day.

  4. Happy Solstice Day! Now the days get longer! Jethro Tull BBC Promo Vid for Solstice bells 1976 via

  5. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh symbolize King, priest and prophet.

  6. Three wise men were not so smart, eh, walkin’ up to ole Hay-Rod like that.

  7. Last Year, God on Twitter asked what we should get the kid for Christmas. We asked if we might not, like, just cancel that stuff about the apocalypse and all. The answer: “Repent like Nineveh.”

  8. Imagine Mother Mary taking baby Jesus to see Santa Claus!

  9. In Thomas, Jesus says, “The Kingdom of heaven is spread out upon the earth, but men do not see it.” Except a bit at Christmas.

  10. See Emily Play: Comment

  11. Solzhenitsyn tells of the forced repatriation of Russian soldiers by Britain after WWII, astonished that the West just cannot imagine the gaping hellhole into which these were sent. All were imprisoned or killed for having seen the West (Gulag).

  12. I predicted this eight months before the election, but yes, it’s come to pass:

  13. Year End Check-In With ‘Capital Gazette’ Photojournalist, Joshua McKerrow Dec 21

  14. UK law enforcement halts cooperation with Russia on Browder case

  15. Excellent piece in ⁦⁩ on how dodgy Russian put their money in EFG Private Bank. When one of EFG’s London employees blew the whistle and tried to stop it, he was fired. It’s no wonder that London is the laundering capital of the world

  16. We expect threats at minimum, such as what Vlad said yesterday. They think that terror will secure election fraud once revealed.

  17. Just sayin’ yesterday he has a future in politics if he studies hard! Political philosophy!

  18. Here is video evidence of the visit to the shepherds, for all those who don’t believe! Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Criterion Collection DVD extras – Deleted… via

  19. 4) What if the pursuit of theoretical wisdom frees desire to above, which trapped below causes depression and illusory longings? That is Socratic psychology. “Self actualization” and “Individuation” are in the right direction.

  20. 3) And what if justice is, or is essential to the health of the soul? Where is our psychology? Our psychiatry? Even to begin the quest for self knowledge helps moderation. And this may be the gateway of theory. What if the health of the soul is practical wisdom?

  21. 2) That happiness is the goal can be made clear to all, but people differ about what this is, and what priorities to set atop the throne of the soul. That virtue is happiness is the great teaching, and Socrates argues that virtue is knowledge or wisdom. Ethics is about priorities

  22. 4 On Psychology: What if self knowledge is the health of the soul? Happiness is the end, but what is this? We might even posit an unconscious and semiconscious drive toward self knowledge, determining human action far more clearly than the libido of Freud or power drive of Adler.

  23. Russia is ecstatic that Trump pushed Mattis out.. America is being run by the Kremlin and far right conspiracists who are setting foreign and domestic policy decisions for the Trump regime

  24. Russian Agents Sought Secret US Treasury Records On Clinton Backers During 2016 Campaign <– very important article on corruption of the US Treasury Dept, which collaborated secretly with Russia; Clinton angle is small piece of bigger story

  25. IMPEACH!!

  26. With helium, the trouble is volume, but One wonders too about using it in drones and construction, to reduce the weight of anything. Imagine a helium chair with a pedal fan! A ten speed!

  27. Chaldeans: We want the MI Atty General to charge the ICE agents, as with accessory to murder or manslaughter if any are deported and harmed. Federal agents cannot violate state laws, or come here and hurt people.

  28. The Wall: Rock Commentaries Selection

  29. A Federal judge in Cincinnati thinks the judicial branch does not have the power to prevent the executive from harming the Michigan Chaldeans seized for illegal deportation. What is iCE doing? What priorities, to deport on technicalities into circumstances of persecution.

  30.  Dec 20

    May this be the moment that GOP Senators finally put their Constitutional duty and country before concerns over their political futures.

  31. With each move, our executive is weakened, per plan.

  32. Do we yet wish we had stood up and acted according to the truth two years ago? IMPEACH!!

  33. Etta James – I’d Rather Be Blind (Live at Montreux 1975)

  34. That you are fictional is an illusion: Pinch yourself! That’s what we do, anyways. Rather, WE are figments of YOUR imagination! (Men ARE the words of God.) [Women too, but that’s the diff. between prose and poetry!]

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  35. “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. Behold, you will conceive in your womb & bear a son & you shall name him Jesus. He will be great & will be called Son of the Most High… and of his kingdom there will be no end.” Luke 1: 30-33

  36. Surprise!

  37. wooed by prince and advisors one month after was elected: NYT Kushner was considered a prime target right after Trump was elected.

  38. Jared Kushner is a proponent of prison reform, and praise should be given where praise is due. Foresight is important in politics.

  39. Let’s read this thread and talk about the implications of this:

  40. Surprise!

  41. The Abe Meeropol lyrics are among the best of all lyric poetry. Holliday could barely play the song, and then only at the end of a show, since everything must stop then. We want to hear a rock-blues version, since it IS the blues, maybe.

  42. The Strange Story Of The Man Behind ‘Strange Fruit’

  43. One day, I invented helium trucking: Energy need the only be applied to propel forward! (It was of course already invented, but slow to enter practice.

  44. Big man, pig man Ha, ha, charade you are You well heeled big wheel Ha, ha, charade you are And when your hand is on your heart You’re nearly a good laugh Almost a jokerPink Floyd – Pigs (Three Different Ones)

  45. I’m so sorry you have had to endure this. In my opinion, the strong currents of racism in societies around the world have been exploited and exacerbated by the Kremlin and organised international crime. That probably doesn’t make it one jot better.

  46. KABOOM!
  47. Pretty fast, eh? Now for green transport systems from field to the terminal.

  48. Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Container, 17.3 Cup $14.99 nearby. FreshVent technology delivers optimal fruit and vegetable preservationCrispTray keeps moisture away from food to help reduce spoilageBPA free and top-shelf dishwasher safeBuilt-in lid filter

  49. Pink Floyd – See Emily Play (official video) via

  50. 2) Water transport for fresh vegetables. A whole new packing system: This method might eliminate other packaging and preservative measures.

  51. Here are two new water invention ideas: 1: An instrument for storing vegetables such as broccoli and lettuce, in a vaseb of water, keeping them alive in the fridge. That is easy! Build the system into the fridge. 2) Water transport for fresh vegetables. A whole new packing system

  52. Pink Anderson/Floyd Council

  53. [Story Of Pink Floyd] 2010

  54. Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

  55. David Gilmour ”Wish You Were Here” played perfectly

  56. Ya, and we have not been following that closely. Sure seems weird, all that cooperation, and not a peep from Vlad as to the Canadians from China.

  57. US Treasury today enriched a lot of people close to Putin. Why?

  58. What a feat of engineering the Hubble Space Telescope is. A joint collaboration between NASA and ESA (European Space Agency), the Hubble telescope was launched into earth’s orbit in 1990, and wasn’t intended to be in service this long. It continues to send back stunning images.

  59. I am envisioning a wall with doors and windows.

  60. Interesting. If we do not defend the Kurds directly or effectively…

  61. Again, the border is not porous because we lack a wall, nor will it be sealed if we build one. The border is insecure because of corruption and payoffs. Do you believe some border guards think that it is right to be a winner, an economic success and very big and powerful?

  62. I created a forum on my blog! Check it out! Forum via

  63. If you wish to be a mine of jewels, open the deep ocean within your heart.

  64. I have heard the troop withdrawal proposal called an “Obama-like” mistake. Do we not recall that Obama could not secure the agreement of Congress to act in Syria?

  65. Any reporting on who is increasing their ownership shares of Rusal or En+ as Deripaska reduces his shares? People close to Putin?

  66. IMPEACH, or see more Of what Putin has in store, perhaps with a quarter of the globe A little war- Or with our neighbor, Putin likes those win-win set ups. He gets to either use or destroy the “Republican” party, etc.

  67. David Gilmour and Ginger Gilmour

  68. Does America see yet why bribery is impeachable?

  69. The Republican party has failed, and should disband. The Obtuse: this has been knowable and told to them for two years, if it is just now sinking in for the Americans.

  70. I am still pissed off at Flynn for yelling “lock her up” at the Republican National Convention. That was disgusting, especially for a former national security official.

  71. Netflix was apparently collecting information through the television, and marketing on the computer. Data collwction by camera and microphone in livingrooms has been occurring for some time now. Look up the tech- Vorizon, Magnovox, Toshiba: Two way cameras set on by default, etc.

  72. So, you think Facebook style marketing tactics combined with Kaspersky handling computer security for 4 hundred million, from Moscow cannot swing an election 10%, once one party has decided it is fine to win even by foreign influence? When the internet is new, and privacy sold?

  73. Pavitri Manjhi is under attack because she’s trying to stop big businesses from grabbing her community’s land. “Our lives are dependent on our land and forest,” she says. She’s one of millions of women rising against injustice today. Mark Small

  74. Void, because impeachment assumes election, and is piecemeal. The Court is the branch to void an illegitimate election, if asked for a ruling on its legitimacy. In normal circumstances, the courts decline to interfere, but in extraordinary circumstances, they may.

  75. Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell (Live) via

  76. The : When the teachers would go home at night, their psychopathic wives would beat them within inches of their lives. Ya, the frise of fascism is only possible due to our failure in education.

  77. Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall – Live – 1980

  78. “So, you thought you might like to go the show” means now that fascist tyranny has arisen out of modern art and rock music.

  79. Pink Floyd ”In The Flesh” (1980)

  80. 🙂

  81. A girl attacks a hijab wearing Muslim girl in the bathroom at Chartiers Valley High School in Pittsburgh •Charges have been filed against the girl •Hate crime charges are pending •42% of American Muslim students report bullying for their faith.😓 Kamala Harris

  82. They got us to “elect” a caricature of capitalist vice as draws by the communists, and used these vises to begin dismantling the U. S. executive branch. Glad we got their help against “terrorism!” Congress must oversee the FBI and unelected agencies.

  83. Just watched documentary and it makes perfect sense why these psychiatrists get away with what they do in prescribing these toxins. This documentary shows that NO ONE will ever holding them accountable for results of medical procedures. Please watch it if you can.

  84. I wrote about the (very long) history of Russia’s use of American racial tensions to further its own geopolitical goals.

  85. A Russian disinformation campaign “used every major social media platform to deliver words, images and videos tailored to voters’ interests to help elect President Trump—and worked even harder to support him while in office.” Dec 17

  86. Ja, get ‘im to flip: on Putin!

  87. ya, and in ten years they may consider the relation between suicide, murder and antidepressants in America- assuming we are still here!

  88. Bobby Helms – You are my special Angel (1957) via

  89. The at least 2,000 year old olive tree of Vouves,on the island of Crete,still bears olives. The tree stood here when Rome burned in AD64, and Pompeii was buried under a thick carpet of volcanic ash in AD79. Cemeteries from the Geometric Period (900-700 BC) were discovered nearby.

  90. One wonders if there is not some ingenious way to reverse scam these guys! See: Islam upholds righteousness!

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  91. About 2 weeks ago a Navy commander took his life in Iraq & these are just 2 that make the news. Systemic failure all around. The VA needs a lot of help, especially in the realm of mental health. Jacob Soboroff

  92. IMPEACH!!

  93. In psychology and psychiatry, it is often human meaning and circumstance, not chemicals and neurons, that are obvious causes. Consider Sibyl. This is called the “Psychogenesis” of troubles of the mind and soul.

  94. There it is! The first time the assertion that they are collecting vulnerabilities. Now, I want my Representative, Tim Walberg of Michigan, to let me know when we are no longer spied on by camera and microphone through our tech.

  95. Remember, like, Russia was going to help in the fight against terrorism, if we just give up all privacy to, like, the FBI, Facebook and Kaspersky? And we were being turned to a war with all Islam and domestic civil war as fascism rises?

  96. Awkward too for Congress, who have been persuaded by campaign contributions to sell our 4th amendment security. Add those companies to see what it was worth.

  97. False advertising is not a tenth as bad as fake news intentionally spread to influence elections. False advertising is illegal and actionable, or, the courts can do something about it.

  98. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Remastered 2009) via

  99. That is true. Two questions I have: 1. Why didn’t the FBI arrest Trump when they knew he was an international crook (fined for laundering money 2012 & fraud by Javanka)? 2. Why is the asshole still walking around free today after committing multiple federal crimes on national TV?

  100. Well this is a remarkable thread:

  101. 1. Quick thread on the only recorded criminal arrest of a sitting U.S. president—made by a D.C. Police offering for speeding, a century and a half ago.

  102. I Am The Walrus (Remastered 2009) via

  103. Re: Fethulla Gulen – I worked on an investigation of this guy years ago. While he does have quite the scam involving charter schools in the US, the govt has no evidence of him directing coups. Flynn would have sent an innocent man to death. Sarah Kendzior

  104. I published a citizens arrest for election fraud before the inauguration, and it might be legal!

  105. Animals know too. Everyone always knows that I am there. Why is that?

  106. Today would be a good day for to release his tax returns.

  107. So, we’re reading chapter 12 as a vision of the incarnation and what follows, more comprehensive than what occurs “after this,” (Rev.4:1) after the days of the seven churches of Asia. There is a whole book free on the wordpress site, and we like Jack Van Impe!

  108. With the victory over death…And hence Revelation 12 would seem to refer to…

  109. The black vote in the swing states was intentionally suppressed. By targeted interference using data collected by the companies we have made billionaires. They marketed our privacy and hence our liberty, and no one told them “NO!”

  110. United States military’s Africa Command says that it has carried out six airstrikes in the Somalia which killed a total of 62 extremists from the al-Shabab rebel group. No civilians are said to have been injured or killed.

  111. Biblical Archaeology: The archaeology of ancient Israel and Judah | Isra… via

  112. in 1917: General Edmund Allenby entered , bringing Ottoman rule to an end Photo produced by Associates Illustration Agencies Ltd. From the National Library Collections

  113. The black Obelisk of Salmanasar III is a monument that dates from the year 827 BC.And was erected at the time of the Assyrian Empire, which spread through Mesopotamia. In its reliefs are listed the achievements made by King Shalmaneser III, son and successor of Ashur-nasir-pal II

  114. In my latest report, we go behind the scenes of the Montefiore Windmill- an iconic structure in Jerusalem that was built 150 years ago. It was the first Jewish building constructed outside the Old City walls. Stay tuned!

  115. From the office of the presidency, it is unconstitutional to interfere with the press. Every day, the oath of office to uphold the Constitution is violated. The citizens must bring the case, the courts cannot go get it.

  116. Thrilled to announce that I have joined as a Legal Analyst. I am grateful to be part of a team that is committed to uncovering truth, undeterred by any opposition or intimidation.

  117. The beginning of faith is feeling the need for salvation: this is the way that prepares us to meet Jesus.

  118. See Papa dancing at a night club in Santa Marta, filmed secretly by the psychedlic paparazzi:

  119. Guess who Is 82? Papa Francisco!

  120. Joy, prayer and gratitude are three ways that prepare us to experience Christmas in an authentic way.

  121. Our life spreads light when it is given in service. The secret of joy is living to serve.

  122. Loving God means serving our neighbour without reserve, and trying to forgive without limits.

  123. In carpentry, when a mistake is made, it is not much to go back even to the beginning and correct it, cutting future losses. One is already set up anyway. So in this, we need to remedy the fraudulent election as quickly as possible, though it seem a great matter. IMPEACH. VOID.

  124. We can be assured then that they did not use secretive measures, such as Kaspersky handling computer security for 4 hundred million accounts. Anyone else get Russian intimidation and interference? The FBI ignored me. We need our own private investigators to pursue threats.

  125. An astounding night of astronomy. Here’s with and a all seen from near Aoraki/Mount Cook in This is a raw image!

  126. This rap sheet makes President Nixon’s crimes look like petty misdemeanors. It’s the Republicans in Congress who will suffer the consequences if they do not call for Trump’s resignation. Trump Russia: Six potential legal problems for the president

    Hey Putin: Did you hear that “War is Over?” Like, why do that stuff anyway, time bein’ short and all, eh?

  127. “And I knew our joy would fill the earth/ And last till the end of time.” love is Love. Roberta Flack – First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 1972 via
  128. 4/2: Hence, “All good children go to heaven.” Yeah!

  129. 3/2! I mean, as in Revelation 20, each is judged by what they have done. What the bad guys do to the innocents is done to themselves, and conversely, love streams in the window if we open the curtains of the soul. Yeah!

  130. And the Philippines.

  131. This is an appalling story of how western enablers helped some of the most heinous killers and torturers in the world. McKinsey should be ashamed of themselves. I hope MBA students who are looking at consulting jobs will read this article and make the appropriate job choice

  132. My sweet girl with her lovey Leo. It is hard to tell in last photo, he was on her pillow above her head. That was his sleeping spot. He loved her. RIP Leo.

  133. So, Devos and Ross on the way out? Interesting….

  134.   Retweeted

    Old and still valid thread summing up much of the Trump/Russia plot by researcher , who has been on top of this story for a long time

  135. Across The Universe (Remastered 2009) via

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    – John & Yoko launched the worldwide WAR IS OVER! (If You Want It) billboard campaign from the Château Champlain hotel in Montreal and then on to Ronnie Hawkins’ ranch in Mississauga, Ontario – 49 years ago today on 16 Dec 1969 Find out more at

  137. There is a great conspiracy in the male society to not let women know how hard and dangerous it is to bear a child.

  138. One Sweet Dream, too, I been singin all day… You Never Give Me Your Money (Remastered 2009) via

  139. At the time of its construction, c. 3500 B.C., the island was still connected with the mainland. At Winter Solstice, the sun shines down the passage and hits the back wall. The island is a 15-minute boat ride from Larmor-Baden, Bretagne, France (from April to October).

  140. These beautifully carved stone slabs support a 17-tonne stone slab acting as the roof of a 5,000 year old tomb on the small island of Gavr’inis. The Neolithic chambered mound lies about 500m off the Brittany coast, and is today only accessible by boat.

  141. Jingy 2 on Songmeanings, on “Because”: “McCartney assumed that Ono also had a hand in crafting the song’s lyrics. “It’s rather her kind of writing,” McCartney said. “Wind, sky and earth are recurring. . . . John was heavily influenced by her at the time.”

  142. Beatles – Because

  143. Beatles Because

  144. Say My Name “Giannis Antetokounmpo” (Teammates Version)

  145. 24 minutes till the Krista Tippett show on NPR!

  146. Sarah Kendzior: “Its a pretty pathetic look for the NRA and the Republicans that they are, on the one hand, this easily manipulated, but also complicit. There are voluntary participants in this. They are people who will be indicted themselves…”

  147. Trump was tickled to hear that Mueller has lost interest in him and is searchin’ for a feller named “Individual 1” instead.

  148. New Democratic Congress plans to investigate Betsy DeVos on five fronts Retweeted Adam

  149. Erik Von Daniken wrote about it in his book “Chariots of the Gods?” No one knows how the Egyptians got light inside the pyramids either. Nice paintings, though!

  150. TRUMPER CHALLENGE. Ok Trumptiles, Tea Pain wants to hear your explanation. If there was nothin’ illegal about it, why did all 14 members of the Trump team that had contacts with Russia lie about it? Waitin’ for your answer…

  151. What is it with border patrol when people are put in refrigerated detention like slabs of meat ?they surely cause human beings to get incredibly ill because their immune systems are down. These are ICE Nazi tactics.We are watching you and you will be held accountable.

  152. The treasures of archaeology for a nation are an inexhaustible “resource.” Imagine what it might mean for Turkey to find and allow visits to the relics of Noah around Ararat. The Palestinians ought be rich off Bethlehem, and having a better time to boot!

  153. Thread on NRA, GOP, and the Missouri dark money connection

  154. There is something very strange about her cooperation, though maybe to those acquainted it makes sense. Qintuple agent or something for the Hall of Mirrors crew?

  155. +: And, impeachment is not a criminal punishment from which one would be pardoned..

  156. I’m working on “power to pardon, except in cases of impeachment,” and wonder if anyone knows How could Ford pardon Nixon. If “impeachment referred to the one pardoning, he would no longer have Art. II powers. But if to the one impeached, Ford could not.

  157. David Williams, poet and playwright – the . IAWN is the Independent of Network.

  158. “If I get flak, it is for my glibness and facetiousness – a trait honed to deal with authority and institutions.” 101 Poems by David Williams via

  159. All good things come to an end. And so, after 23 years, does The Weekly Standard. I want to express my gratitude to our readers and my admiration for my colleagues. We worked hard to put out a quality magazine, and we had a good time doing so. And we have much more to do. Onward!

  160. Pink Floyd – Julia Dream (1968) HQ via

  161. Pink Floyd ”Julia Dream”

  162. Pink Floyd, a rare photo-shoot of all five members.

  163. Ya, the FBI is so “partisan” they cannot function remember?. What else is he going to say? Trouble is, 40% of the Americans have been buyin’ it.

  164. The continuous Trumpster response is not that he did not do it, but that justice itself is paralyzed by human ignorance and vice. Then is, I may have done it, but so what? And finally, that one is not strong enough to do anything about it, or courageous. A Russian way or tactic.

  165. Dear – Your Secret Santa wants me to ask you what size handcuffs you wear?

  166. Trump might then indeed shoot a guy in the middle of Manhattan, and face no consequences. Then he could do it again.

  167. Laurence Tribe: For any attorney general to signal to subordinates that they cannot pursue the indictment and criminal prosecution of a sitting president… would subvert the way our Constitution makes good on the promise that… no one is above the law.

  168. We must watch for their plan B to the extent that this is a conspiracy. Someone may think Americans to be so thick and spoiled by luxury that we will do nothing.

  169. What, Constitutionally, do you propose for the circumstance of 2017-18, where Congress cannot impeach because congressional elections too were slanted? It is so obvious, almost tautological, the the Court can void the election. National emergency. Possible “act of war (McCain).

  170. The whole point is that the executive is being dismantled, and for all we know we are being conquered, while we sit on our thumbs as though there were nothing we can do if a foreign power throws a presidential election.

  171. Jesus saw what happened. He did not like his followers telling the children not to come. So he said to them, “Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them, because God’s kingdom belongs to people who are like these little children.

  172. A prominent former federal prosecutor tells it like it is. is in big trouble. Sorry, President Trump, collusion IS a crime  Dec 13

  173. This was done by our government. In our name. To a child.

  174. “The White Helmets” () – Heroes saving lives in from Assad & Putin’s genocide.

  175. Replying to 

    If a campaign commits felonies to win an election, that election is illegitimate. Punishing the campaign’s leader, while allowing their administration to keep the stolen prize, is in no way justice for the victims of that crime – the voters. The election is still illegitimate.

  176. Yeah! “Except in cases of Impeachment…”

  177. What, Papa?!

  178. Ecco il primo passo per crescere nel cammino della fede: ascoltare. Prima di parlare, ascoltare.

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  179. It is rather strange that one might so easily flip a “FSB” asset, no? Something is a bit strange about this chickie, not that we won’t take what we can get.

  180. Elected officials Who Don’t Know how the internet works Asking Google CEO Hilarious Questions About Google

  181. Bethel and Ai:

  182. America is not so dumb or corrupt yet, to elect the Russian selected caricature of capitalist vices. But we have been very slow for what happened to sink in, and too lazy and incredulous to respond.

  183. Void the 2016 election: The truth is, from the primaries on, America is not so stupid as to elect Trump, though we do trust elections. Everyone kept thinking Trump won those primaries fair, so “there must be something to him,” but the Ruskies were runnin’ im up the flagpole!

  184. We need to focus more on antidepressant withdrawal relief “the prescribing physician is currently driven by an overestimated consideration of potential benefits, with little attention to the likelihood of responsiveness….” Dec 14

  185. 9 Rounds of Electroshock Therapy. 6 Years Lost. All Because Her Doctors Got It Horribly Wrong.

  186. Nope, misspellin it today!

  187. I think Yarborough is misspellen! Or mispelt, one orny druthers.

  188. The national government is required to protect the states from foreign attack in general, but especially regarding elections.

  189. At 15:24 of Mozart Concerto 21 in C Major: My favorite piece of music without words.

  190. SEONG-JIN CHO – Mozart Piano Concerto # 21 in C Major 2014 via

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  191. A Little Night Music – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart via

  192. What was Putin doing the last Orthodox Easter? Tchaikovsky – Hymn of the Cherubim – USSR Ministry Of Culture Chamber Choir via

  193. Dear Democrats don’t support open borders. Democrats support border security with humanity

  194. Mark Small and the Revote Case: Federalist 68: Void the Election via

  195. Indeed, he is arguing in this case that Congress has the power to make laws that secure elections, and that it is a matter of national concern how states elect their representatives.

  196. Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-IX

    each of which is superior to the general government, it must have the power to protect the elections on which its existence depends from violence and corruption.

  197. this election from …the influence of violence, of corruption, and of fraud, is a proposition so startling as to arrest attention and demand the gravest consideration. If this government is anything more than a mere aggregation of delegated agents of other States and government

  198. Yarborough 1884: “That a government whose essential character is republican, whose executive head and legislative body are both elective, whose numerous and powerful branch of the legislature is elected by the people directly, has no power by appropriate laws to secure…

  199. Consider the Language of Ex Parte Yarbrough (1884), and Apply It to the Supreme Court Itself, (Which Has Article IV.4)

  200. Everything we said has been vindicated. I’ll have to check and see.

  201. Pres who obtains office illegally should not be able to shower upon us, for years or generations to come, the ill gotten gains – life time appointments, outrageous debt, and deaths – fr abandonment of environment bone-headed military policies, or butchering of journalists.

  202. Now that might trigger 25th Amendment motion.

  203. Every single Senator across both parties just joined together to condemn the murder of journalist and U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi and hold Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman responsible. President can no longer ignore this egregious murder.

  204. Dear Rumi Friends: I am compiling a list of the best Rumi Websites for you! Please send me your favorite sites. With Gratitude.

  205. AS YOU WATCH THIS👇🏽video of a Border Patrol agent pouring out water that was left for migrants, know that the body of a 7 year-old girl is lying on a table right now. SHE NEEDED WHAT HE POURED OUT. Her death is a direct result of the hateful policies of Donald Trump & the .

  206. “This Native leader was denied entry to the U.S. Supreme Court because he was wearing a traditional headdress.” ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Comment “AHO” SHARE to raise awareness. Credits nowthisnews

  207. What a disaster. Our conservatism was a veneer for the love of money, power and the reign of appearance, by which we are vulnerable to the sorts of schemes afloat of late.

  208. We need about 17 “Republican” senators to remove an impeached “president.”

  209. We continue this fight for real & reform. We MUST secure & repair our voting systems now!

  210. The NRA gave more money to Missouri Senator-elect Josh Hawley than to any other candidate. Hawley is already being investigated for dark money and illegal activity; the Butina case is an impetus to trace NRA money and expose the full extent of corruption

  211. Since Sean Hannity deleted a bunch of Tweets related to his attorney Michael Cohen, a day before he was sentenced to 3 years in prison, let’s make sure we retweet this photo of and his oh-so-ethical lawyer:

  212. Better yet, to settle asylum seekers and train some to return and resore liberty and the rule of law, before the rest of Central America shows up at the border due to the gangsters American drug demand has caused!

  213. I’s just on my way to go westle me up some cattles!

  214. And when a little water melts the Witch, (cause she’s made of “sugar,” you know) don’t forget to get the broom, even though its those ruby slippers that’ll get you back to Kansas.

  215. So, what if Trump remembers whose side he’s on, gets wind of how he’s been had, and flips! “On whom?” we ask? On Putin! And when a little water melts the Wicked Witch of the West,

  216. House GOP went to extraordinary lengths to prevent a vote to end U.S. support for a war in Yemen that is causing a humanitarian disaster. Why? Because they knew it would pass. Democrats will vote to end U.S. support for the war when we are in the Majority, only weeks from now.

  217. Hey WordPress, how many times does the writer need to delete the extra spaces your editor inserts before quotes? As with paragraph indents, we simply give up.

  218. NYT Sunday Review pulling zero punches in presenting ‘s fine column on starvation in Yemen.StanceGrounded

  219. Legality assumes that tyranny has not seized the law, because a courageous people STOOD UP!! Jefferson agrees, law might be only the interest of a tyrant. But all civilization depends upon the respect for law, so make it good!

  220. Obstruction and present crimes reveal past and hidden crimes.

  221. IMPEACH and install one who will pardon reality.

  222. Don’t Drink! Ya know ole Noer thar (Genesis 9:21) ‘s drinkin’ grape juice!

  223. President Barack Obama was honored as a Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope laureate in a ceremony Wednesday night. In his remarks, the former president joked that receiving the honor officially validated his “hope credentials.”  Dec 13

  224. Barack Obama honored as a Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope laureate

  225. Mundo paparazzi mi amore chicka/chica ferdy/verde para sole “World Paparazzi, My Love, Chicka/Girl Ferdy/Green For The Sun Cuesto obrigado, tanta mucho, que/cake and eat it, carousel/cara sole This Thanks, Very Much, Cake and Eat It, Carousel/Dearest Sun (From Songmeanings)

  226. Sun King BrainDamageon: “John Lennon said himself that this song is garbage. They combined Portugese, Italian, and Spanish for this song. The literal translation of those words is Quando para mucho mi amore de felice corazon “If/When For Much, My Love Of Happy Heart” Mundo..

  227. Why? Because (Remastered 2009) via

  228. The Beatles – Hey Jude

  229. The Beatles – Girl (live)

  230. “I have a new favorite piece of writing; it’s the SDNY court memo on Michael Cohen. But I don’t want to live in a country where I have a *new favorite sentencing memo* due to the probable treason of the president.” May 12

    My segment on : “Michael Cohen, this mobster multitasker, is just one of the slime-coated barnicles stuck to bottom of the Teflon Titanic we call the Trump administration”

  231. My book “The View From Flyover Country” is out! Essays on politics, the economy, and the erosion of US institutions and trust in the years leading up to Trump’s election.

  232. … her feelings of guilt, anger and unceasing grief and to try to survive long enough to move beyond it.

  233. Her new book, “Why Religion?: A Personal Story” combines memoir and biblical scholarship to reflect on how she found faith and lost it but turned to ancient Jewish and Christian texts and the meditation she was taught by Trappist monks to comprehend her feelings of guilt, …

  234. ‘Why Religion?’ Asks ‘How Hearts Can Heal’ After Tragedy

    The Beatles Rubber Soul (2009 Remaster) (Full Album) Zachery Pol

  235. Elaine Pagels, the Biblical commentator, in an interview on NPR (Fresh Air) says she knew these guys in Californy, and has a comment on the source of the name of the grateful dead.

    Everyone knows it is access that is sold under the appearance of search, and that Congress looked the other way because of campaign finance. Bazillionairs are persuasive, even if they left Harvard before studying politics, like Mr. Facebook.

  236. Google must submit algorithms to an honest FCC if the internet bazillionairs are to be compatible with free government and voter rights.

  237. This fails to understand the Jeffersonian idea of POLITICAL rights, and so fails to secure them. Boundlessly Idealistic, Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Is Still Resisted Dec 12

  238. What next? IMPEACH!!

  239. Macabre.

  240. As the humans, are we not obliged to arrange around animal problems like couch clawing, rather than try in futility to compel the cats?

  241. Pepper spray and rocks being thrown in Budapest tonight. Crowd chanting “dictator” at Orban, the Hungarian prime minister

  242. And we are supposed to be self conscious about being Biblical Platonist Jungians?

  243. Wiki: “Turner metamodernism: “the mercurial condition between and beyond irony and sincerity, naivety and knowingness, relativism and truth, optimism and doubt, in pursuit of a plurality of disparate and elusive horizons,” and concluded with a call to “go forth and oscillate.”

  244. We have become “Centrists,” and set up the CLC, Centrist Constitutionalist Libertarian Party, the smallest political party in America. Odysseus leans one way then another to keep the bark afloat (to get to see Nausikka!).

  245. The book that keeps you AHEAD of Trump-Russia news. ✅ New York Times Bestseller ✅ USA Today Bestseller ✅ Amazon Bestseller ✅ iTunes Bestseller ✅ “Spirited, thorough, thunderously foreboding” —Kirkus Reviews ✅⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  246. Hey Putin: What were the troops of Assad doing last Orthodox Easter? Get out of the Ukraine!

  247. Justice is of primary importance in foreign policy, contrary to both oligarchic and popular belief.

  248. Wonders never cease: Fake News full circle.

  249. No longer just Cohen versus Trump. AMI, the parent company of the National Enquirer, backs Cohen on the record. We now have multiple witnesses saying Trump committed a felony to secure his election.

  250. Trump’s Horrific Day: – Michael Cohen is sentenced to 3 yrs and blames Trump for his crimes. – A Russian informant’s boyfriend admits to setting up a backchannel between Trump & Russia, via the NRA – National Enquirer is now fully cooperating w/ prosecutors.

  251. The week of the election, Enquirer ran a very influential-with-the-undecided-voters fake news story about how Hillary was influenced by the Russians. Enquirer is owned by a Trumpster.


  253. Wow, tiger lady.

  254. Pretty bright there, Bart!

  255. Threats of Trumpsters should be ignored. Let them start a rebellion by themselves. No one will show up.

  256. There has been chaos since he was “elected.” Our nation does not require any one man, and can impeach an executive if it wants.

  257. 🙂 as we have reported for half a year.

  258. Hey world, please dont forget so quickly ! Putin has detained 2 dozen Ukrainian sailors completely illegally. They must be freed. Those who believe in the rule of law must take new measures against Putin if he continues to hold them.

  259. Imagine my frustration knowing Papadopoulos served 12 days and Cohen is sentenced to 3 years. My daughter Reality Winner is serving a 5+ year sentence with a list of conditions for warning us about a threat. I am without words. Ticia Verveer

  260. And he still has not figured it out!

  261. Let us beg the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, to continue accompanying and protecting the peoples of the American continent.

  262. Here’s what I’m waiting for: the pushback from law enforcement. I’m waiting for cops from around the country who are generally conservative in their politics to speak up and say we don’t want criminals in the White House any more than we do on the streets of our towns and cities.

  263. Karma is so sweet to the beholder. The guy who said “lock her up” should also spend some time in the pokey.

  264. Anil Naik!

  265. BREAKING: Maria Butina’s Boyfriend Admits to Setting up Trump-Russia Backchannel via the NRA Any comment ?

  266. They may do it, but if we stand up, we will prevent a tyranny from seizing our presidency. And all Putin’s plans based upon the seizure.

  267. Roger Stone already threatened Congress. That may be the last straw for them, and we must stand up to it, following through the victory of the rule of law.

  268. The Job is to “advise” on public health issues (by the sweat of the brow!) Michigan creates civil service physician job for Flint defendant paying $180K via

  269. In 2020 Trump “could be facing a situation where he either wins re-election or goes to jail” “According to his own Justice Department” he “has committed a felony” –

  270. No doubt paid for with Venezuelian currency. Cabrera for president!

  271. NPR, Representative Lofton: Google algorithms are for advertising and self promotion as well as search. Congress failed to legislate with foresight to preserve even voting rights, and the Russians used data collection to turn the election. We are learning, but the hard way.

  272. Republicans are grateful for the extra attention from Russia – who wouldn’t want strangers sifting through your facebook data?

  273. Big news – the Senate just passed our bipartisan Farm Bill that has Michigan on every page! This bill strongly supports our farmers and agricultural economy, our state’s second largest industry, and maintains a strong safety net for families and seniors in need.

  274. Close the Gov’t? I think we can run the impeachment trial in the Senate on brownout.

  275. Some kids in the new generations may not have heard this classic: Cheech & Chong – Santa Claus and his Old Lady via

  276. Oxy, Psychodope and Viagra: Big Pharma.

  277. Trump is the enemy of “We the people,” by violating his oath of office to uphold the first amendment.

  278. We must ask, in a trial in the Senate: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia for this by lessening sanctions and weakening NATO? Nice job, Don, your fired!

    Reality Winner should be freed today.

  279. BREAKING: I would be scared to death if I was the or working for the right now. This could be huge if Maria Butina is cooperating! Dec 1

  280. The tomb of Rachael is in Bethlehem.