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  1. The function of imagination- asleep for most- is to mediate between the things of the intellect and desire. -An old teacher
  2. Theseus does not believe the fairy tales of the woods, nor does he suspect the influence of the Fairy king and queen. Psychology is above even Theseus, and so we say humans are not commonly, or even rarely, to be entrusted with this authority.

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  4. Our psychiatry fails at square 1, because genuine madness cannot be understood except as a malfunctioning of the higher faculties. “Schizophrenia” is related to genuine phronesis, psychosis to sophia. Al Farabi.
  5. One sees demons, that’s the mad, another, the beauty of Helen in a brow of Egypt, while for the poet, the imagination bodies forth the shapes of things unknown. IF psychiatry assumes that the higher faculties do not exist, they will diagnose those with a spiritual life as mad.

  6. This looks like fun. Mr.Burton is almost conscious of his implicit belief that there really is a purpose of life!

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  8. Incidentally, we are CENTRISTS, of the McCain variety mostly, and take great delight when the Trumpsters find their own straw man! Ejaculations are not arguments, nor can one run a nation on them, for very long.

  9. We didn’t call our shot in , the legitimately elected did via their constitutional authority. And it has been the & that have led the way, with the U.S. in a supporting role. But ultimately the answer is a free & fair election.

  10. The serious question, for the Trumpsters is: IF it is true that Russia threw the election in exchange for foreign policy considerations, do you care? Do you understand the significance of such bribery in current world politics? Not from Fox News!

  11. One the sill, it says, “Don’t trust your wife around Pendragon!”

  12. Mysterious inscriptions discovered on castle linked to King Arthur 1 hour ago

  13. Do we notice that the cheaper the news source, the more obtrusive advertising occurs, the sort done by compulsion?

  14. Previously Unknown Tales Of Merlin And King Arthur Discovered Hidden In Medieval Texts via : 6 hours ago

    Roger Waters and David Gilmour

  15. So, NASA just discovered a huge hole in Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. If we’re unlucky, this glacier alone could lead to as much as 10 feet of sea level rise over the next 100yrs—flooding every coastal city on Earth and grinding civilization to a halt.

  16. Great piece on Russia’s cultivation of ties to the alt right. Curious to see Russians taking interest in issues like homeschooling. It’s kind of like their newfound interest in the right to bear arms. Mark my words: the Russians will start an anti-vax NGO soon.

  17. Watch that a war is not being planned to obstruct the Trump impeachment. Do not expect these people to do nothing to counter legal process.

  18. They learned the significance of Russia by studying real estate history of the Twentieth Century, for seniors.

  19. Incredible. Have they no shame?

  20. Nice chart:

  21. Maybe Trump University, right after real estate scams 101, for seniors!

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    How can this happen? To deprive a doctor of her ability to work due to brain damage from ECT, damage that has been denied by those who provide the ECT.

  23. IMPEACH!!

  24. #1 lyric tune all time:JUDY COLLINS ~ SUZANNE ~ via

  25. JUDY COLLINS i remember sky via

  26. Watch “Judy Collins – Winter Sky” on

  27. Cohen addresses Congress on the 7th. To have impeachment in progress would harm nothing, and may prevent disaster.

  28. Putin just winds him up and lets him go. He doesn’t even need “collusion,” that would only confuse things.

  29. IMPEACH!! Do your duty!

  30. Ben Carson, Trump’s token, used to say, when they would let him, that the two parties are the left and right wings of the eagle.

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    Many atrocities are occurring because people are waiting for Mueller’s report, and fail to protest en masse now.

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  34. Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 metaphysicians that are missing.

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  36. I think the only difference between me and the other sophists is that I’m more honest and my women are more beautiful.

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  42. All of these epistemologists will be sued after the election is over.

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  51. Logicians: You have to treat them like s**t.

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  56. One concern is that a foreign war is being prepared to prevent us from correcting the Trump episode. Better build that wall after all, eh? Little national emergency, you know. Trump is being used, a pawn in Putin’s game.

  57. How did the Ruskies turn that election, anyway? Gee whiz, Walley!

  58. How many times does my auto-zoom go wild when I hover near any Ukrainian story? Get me stats on this, Twitter.

  59. Hey Marco Rubio, you see this!?

  60. Nice to see the fed opened in time for the big game. The 50 states should show the fed how well we might function without them, by bolstering state executives and remembering the delegated powers.

  61. The case is based on the Article 4 requirement that the fed protect the states from foreign invasion, as occurred regarding internet election interference. Its kind of obvious. And even Nigeria gets that thing about the courts and fraudulent elections.
  62. The cases are #16-907, 16-1464 and 18-857. In the central case, Mark Small argues that Congress is inhibited in its ability to perform its role in impeachment because of the same election. 2 Justices are recused. Go.

  63. Lets have 3 swing states bring versions of the Supreme Court case to void the 2016 presidential election, as should have been done two years ago. Obama Biden is the last legitimately elected US president. We might let it go, but it is a national security crisis, becoming obvious.

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  65. Part of the reason America is in this jam is that we employ some 536? representatives at over six figures to move the already graduated income tax back and forth a few percentages.
  66. There are zero studies on the ethical effects of antidepressants. ZERO, that is our science, and we fear that every public shooting of anonymous persons may have involved antidepressants.

  67. The “Christians” supporting Trump would sell their daughters to such a grabber, and sell their nation for partisan platform issues. Our Christian vices leave us cast in the role of Babylon.

  68. Evangelicals like to tell us what God wants. The question is more what Putin wants in electing Trump for us, and it will be a blessing if he stops at Crimea and lessening of sanctions in exchange for election Fraud.

  69. He knows who to bark at, too!

  70. I can’t watch this right now, because I don’t have the bandwidth or the liberty to cry in public..but I will later. And then maybe donate some more money to . (One time I donated to them before..when the news broke of what they were doing to migrant families in June)

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  73. Love is a universal language. ♥️

  74. Baby elephants need lots of sleep, so everyone at the Nursery is tucked into bed at 5 o’clock after enjoying two big bottles of milk! How do I apply for this job?!?

  75. And they have not got to Kaspersky yet, handling computer security for 400 million” accounts- from Moscow! Staffed by GRU.

  76. …”They established social media pages and groups to communicate with unwitting Americans. They also purchased political advertisements on social media.”

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  79. Replying to   and 3 others

    Actually, many shreds – oh and indictments, and people in jail, and…

  80. The “R”‘s have had a weak field since McCain, while the Dem’s seem to have numerous capable candidates. The weak field is part of how Trump could be run up the flagpole.  Jan 30

  81. Leave Me out of it, alright? See, this is exactly why I choose not to exist.

  82. Reminder: Russian NOC Blavatnik give 800k USD and just made a cool 800M USD when the senate lifted RUS RUSAL sanctions. How did the sissy vote or was he in Turkey meeting Lavrov in ‘secret’ meeting?

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  84. Pithy, pointed, & perfect advice to Mr. Trump: “Resign.”

  85. Your refusal to accept the unanimous assessment of U.S. Intelligence on Iran, No. Korea, ISIS, Russia, & so much more shows the extent of your intellectual bankruptcy. All Americans, especially members of Congress, need to understand the danger you pose to our national security.

  86. And deeply troubling that the HOUSE WILL NOT IMPEACH and CONGRESS WILL NOT YET REMOVE because they do not get it yet. This has been a national security crisis for more than 2 years.

  87. Remember? IMPEACH!!

  88. Why are patients not warned that this is a side effect of antidepressants and many other drugs? Surely to goodness every single patient should be warned of this possibility. I was on these drugs and it could have happened to me.

  89. Beautiful Rosefinch bird in the snow 🐦❄️

  90. Our psych education has selected for students who are not capable of studying the soul. People would not believe this if they saw it. MD’s with a DSM at six figures + drug perks is a disaster that must end.

  91. Chinstrap penguin belly-sliding along the snow at Hydruga Rocks, Antarctica 🎥ig: chrisbrayphotography

  92. Psychiatrists are desperate to deflect attention away from the fact that their drugs are causing widespread harm and fuelling the MH crisis .. this is the real issue.

  93. The horrendous nature of needs to be discussed .. I was fortunate to escape this particular form of torture .. but I sure as hell should have been warned of the possibility.

  94. The issue about antidepressants is the widespread harm being caused to patients and what Is going to be done about it. I have been campaigning since 2014. it is about human suffering, not percentages and confidence intervals.

  95. Who, him, “Collusion,” what, “collusion.” He may have never asked Putin to turn the election, only accepted it as “winning,” and rewarded it with foreign policy considerations.

  96. We love Popper, though, for evolutionary epistemology, and that knowledge grows by conjecture and refutation, critical rationalism, as well as the attempt at objectivism. But when we consider whether murder is wrong and why, are we still talking about “values?”

  97. Similarly, the preSocratic thinkers did not distinguish tyranny from kingship. We are still pre-Socratic, and the suggestion is that we make the Socratic turn in the present age, for example in psych, finding the health of the soul, and in politics, 6 not only 2 or 3 regimes.

  98. On the right, fascism, and the left, Marxist communism, hold ideas that are inversions of the Christian imagination of the Kingdom, justifying diabolical evil 1000 times + more widespread than the Inquisition.
  99. Bloom, too, is unable to distinguish the problem of modern tyranny from an excessive passion for perfect justice, as if that were the goal of Marx, Nietzsche Lenin and Hitler. The ideologies are intellectual perversions, while the Kingdom is…

  100. Till Roger Williams, Jefferson, and Madison, no one thought free religion was even possible for a political body. Nor does Popper think, for example, the open family best for children. We raise them to be free Adults, capable of self governing, and to this end, freER children..
  101. Plato does indeed not teach that democratic liberty is the way to a best or second best regime for a city. It leads rather to pursuing the appetites for most. Given that we lack wise rulers, liberty is best, especially for nations. Till Jefferson, no one thought free religion…

  102. The Biblical prophecy is ABOUT totalitarianism, the crisis of the antichristian atheistic utopias of the Twentieth Century, sanctioning murder, etc.. The kingdom of God is not a tyranny, despite the “rod of iron” against tyranny.
  103. Trying to read the Open Society by Karl Popper: See, it is prophesy that is historicism and harmful, and Plato is somehow to be shown a “historicist.” These fail to distinguish totalitarianism from the baby thrown out with the medieval bathwater. But GEORGE SOROS is cool anyway!

  104. I imagined selling the shroud t-shirts on the curb by a mEga Church (That must be Make England Great Again!
  105. I set some on my twitter. We also have the peace-love symbol: draw a heart inside a peace sign, and it makes a face.

  106. The Shroud of Turin face: it is a photo-negative, and no one knows how it was produced, unless by light.

  107. Centrist should run, but then endorse as the election approaches, as Jill Stein should have done, to the party that takes up her interests. All Americans dedicated to the Declaration must oppose Trump-Russia.

  108. This is quite a thread. Schmidt and Schultz are genuine centrist, and ought pull Warren and even Biden toward the center, making them respond to a genuine alternative. One party government is NOT what we need, as Trump has shown..

  109. And not a single study of the correlation between Antidepressants and public shootings of persons not known to the shooter. This figure may be 100%, for all we know. The information is kept “private.”

  110. One half on a recent huge seizure at the Mexican border tunnel was pot. The other half was cocaine. Legalize weed, and cut the war on drugs in half, by obeying ones own constitution!
  111. Ending prohibition-except of course for toxic and deadly medicines- undermines the mob control of pot. One half of all drug money came from pot, and paved the gateway to illegal dealers and disrespect of law. One half on a recent huge seizure at the Mexican border tunnel was pot.

  112. Before opiods and antidepressants, it was Ritilin and aderal everyone needed, just like Viagra.

  113. Contra Berenson, the opioid epidemic may well have begun as a scam involving the Russian and US mobs, herding people into heroin. Someone told the doctors to say, “rate your pain from one to ten,” etc. The doctors took money to fall for it.

  114. The fundamental point is about liberty. Where no one’s rights are violated, government has not any legal power to prohibit. The law forbidding marijuana always was unconstitutional, as the prohibition of alcohol.

  115. Marijuana is not good for everyone, but is NON-TOXIC and far less addictive than drugs frequently and unnecessarily prescribed for depression. The drug companies have deceived us for their profit.
  116. Berenson in Imprimis has written about Oxy and antidepressants-no, rather, marijuana, in relation to violence and mental illness. Next one knows, they will forbid driving on Oxy, grinding the US economy to a halt!

  117. There he is, living! An f’n Scotsman, bet.

  118. Apple found a privacy error, and it makes the press like its a big deal. Microsoft collects data by camera and microphone without consent, through Magnovox Verizon, Toshiba, Netflix, etc, publicly acknowledged, no press. Americans have various levels to their manifold denial.

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  120. A sane centrist Republican ticket might displace the whole “Republican” party, in the mode of John McCain, if enough conservatives could be found who have not sold themselves.
  121. !

  122. …And the Tip of an Iceberg. Free Government may be the Titanic.

  123. Mitch McConnell’s Ties to Russian Oil Money

  124. At 16:30 Central Europe time I will be giving a damning testimony to the TAX3 Committee of the European Parliament on Russian government money laundering in the EU and the inconsistent response of EU law enforcement. Link to live stream below.

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    Breaking News

  126. If Congress will not impeach the executive, such things may be the consequence.

  127. A straight Jacket, at her age!

  128.  Jan 29

    Roger Stone says Mueller will “charge Trump and Pence with collusion, then make Nancy Pelosi President. Pelosi will appoint Hillary VP, then step aside. This might be the first good idea Roger ever had.

  129. You don’t have a choice, but we want you to make a choice, so we can sell that too! Without a kiss?

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  1. And still not a word on the relation between antidepressants and other psychodope to shootings. If ALL involved antidepressants, we are simply not being told.

  2.  50 minutes ago

  3. Reading Sybil: A book where there are genuine problems resolvable, and the shrink is the hero. Ours, in this age, only 60 years later, would have drugged her after a fifteen minute interview, and gone golfing from the drug company perks

  4. 1/2 of the immigration problem is the irrational bureaucracy to which guest workers are subjected.

  5. Known all the way to Australia and back again:

  6. Susa and the Tomb of Daniel

  7. The Tomb of Daniel at Susa (Wikipedia)

  8. To void the election is more fundamental than impeachment. It voids the damage done to the executive branch, and consequent appointments. See SC #16-1464, 17-857, 16-907.

  9. This word was barely used of late in US politics, till we started trying to explain the reason for voiding the 2016 election, in the SC cases. Elections determine legitimacy, as birth did in monarchies. Election fraud makes Trump’s presidency “illegitimate.”

  10. Is it “Collusion” if Russia told Trump the election would be turned for him, so he would know who to reward? That is how gangsters work, and how this works, they do not do their own dirty work. He did not write Putin a letter asking for use of Kaspersky or intimidation of opp’nts

  11. Bronze and Iron are pre-deluvian?

  12. Hey Ms. Janet S., : Edom is East of Eden, the oldest source traced for the pre-deluvian invention of the wheel and potter’s wheel, from whence these seem to have been introduced into Kish, between about 4000 and 4500 B.C. (Durant, vol. 1 pp.117, 113, 125). Cp. Tubal-Cain!

  13. Econo-crats, cannot consider efficiency?

  14. So, for that, we would set a wall at Panama, and seek to benefit central America, including Mexico.

  15. I’m keeping quiet on Venezuela because I know people

  16. So, ya, if Putin entered to help Venezuela, he could make us wish for a Maginot line at the Southern border. This problem must be dealt with by those of foresight, so that it remains impossible: Congress must impeach, for national security, like two years ago.
  17. Bribery? IMPEACH!!

  18. IMPEACH!!

  19. Un-declarable bankruptcy?

  20. This crap destroys the value of the internet, and must be pursued and prosecuted. It is illegal if traced to the organization of the executive, because of the Constitution.

  21. Please join us in wishing Nick a wonderful birthday! Jan 27

    A boy found a 2,000-year-old coin from the Second Temple-era rule of Herod Agrippa, the last king of Judea, during a hike last week in the northern West Bank:

  22. That is why we only write “Republican” in quote marks. They now explicitly favor tyranny (cf. Caldwell, Imprimis, in praise of Putin, to loosen us up to the idea of tyranny.

  23. I found that and gave it to early 2017. On that date, was in Moscow meeting with Diveykin, per Steele, who was in charge of hacking the election. There are also tweets FROM Cohen TO that account showing two way traffic.

  24. Ah, for an honest politician! Go Canada!

  25.  Jan 19

  26. Ben Kuroki, from Hershey, Nebraska, – flew a total of 58 combat missions during World War II, During World War II, he became one of only a handful of Japanese-Americans to see air combat, and was America’s only Nisei (child of Japanese immigrant parents) to see duty over mainland

  27. Pretty sill lookin’ duds- on the French chick, too!

  28. No contract on any computer using the hover-click is a legal contract.

  29. Hover-click is illegal. Oops, tweeted that before I was done!

  30.  Jan 27

  31. Better to have tweeted and been lost, than never to have tweeted at all!

  32. Putin, though, surely knows what the Monroe doctrine is, that is why he intends to violate it, and draw blood to show how there was no “collusion.”

  33. Everyone knows the Monroe doctrine, correct? Everyone paid to work in Government? Anyone?

  34. Does everyone not see what is looming regarding Venezuela? As warned, foreign wars are a perennial method of quelling domestic faction.

  35. The “Republican” party will never recover, if America does.

  36.  Jan 26

  37. Little Paxil, anyone? And perhaps a small handgun? Public shootings where the victims are unknown to the shooter may be CAUSED by antidepressants, as all seem to have been on them. No one will check, due, you know, to our deep reverence for privacy, as shown to Amazon by Facebook

  38. Have you all ever the American folk movie The Wizard of Oz? Don’t forget to grab the broom! “Totalitarianism” is the Witch of the West, arising on both the left and right out of German philosophy.

  39.  Jan 26POLL: Did Trump conspire with Russia to help get elected?

  40. On Venezuela, Rubio Assumes U.S. Role of Ouster in Chief Jan 26

    Could certain frequencies of electromagnetic waves or radiation interfere with brain function? – Scientific American DavKat

  41. “mutations in some places are more likely than others, indicating, the researchers say, that they might not be as random as we think.” Evolutionary theory ignores nature anyway. The wing appears only in 3-5 places, but if one needs to fly, the wing is just the thing! Earth/Sky.

  42. Sooooo, Roger Stone’s lawyer also wrote a novel. A political thriller about a President who falsely ‘won’ an election by employing the services of hackers. This fine young women (Erin) has read (much of) & reviewed the Novel. It seems to be a bit of an ‘If I did it’ style book.

  43. The committee system is not in the Constitution. The full House can send it with sa simple majority, bypassing the committee, if they will.

  44.  Jan 26

  45. There is no “if”, Donald. Roger Stone factually was indicted for lying to Congress, with the “related case” being the indictments of Russian military intelligence officers. He was your campaign manager. Enjoy your weekend. We will.

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  46. One of the first bricks, in one of the first walls! (Jericho was 9000 years ago?)

  47. 1) We have Yoko!

  48. Manson was convicted of conspiracy by the writing on the wall.

  49. Hence, all the important questions-like justice, crime and the health of the soul- are addressed by common sense, and fashionable opinion, but in the robes of authority. THE EMPEROR IS NAKED! Our psychology has no theoretical foundation. Surprise! Oh, and, Cha-ching!

  50. Our psych has selected for just the kind of person that does not care or is not able to study the soul: Materialists, behaviorists, statisticians and physicians. Students of the soul leave. Its like when “philosophy” departments all started doing nothing but Wittgenstein.

  51. We just upload a bunch of SEM images of fossil bryozoa to our online invertebrate paleontology database. Worth a look! Click through and click on the ‘Images’ tab to browse the fascinating and otherworldly collection of magnified bryozoa photos:

  52.  Jan 26

  53.  Jan 25

  54. The most serious issues cannot apparently be addressed publicly. Kaspersky was handling “4 hundred million” computer security accounts from Moscow, staffed by “former” KGB, allowing Russian intimidation and interference to get through just fine.

    1. Ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Says He Wouldn’t Be A Spoiler In Race For White House

    2. Cold prep: We have a once feral cat brought in, after maybe 3 years of civilizing in the garage, where we built her an insulated house and brought her hot water bottles in the worst weather. In past experience, they won’t come in till their dying, like a Scotsman. But grateful!

    3. Then they are like, what, you expected us to let you give us free content without us taking over all your political rights?

    4. Some days, the un-removable hover click and auto zoom on this F’n Toshiba make working with these companies that use us for data just a bit too much.

    5. Twitter archives are only going back 3 days today, so soon we may cease this Twitter nonsense, perhaps when Trump is impeached and removed.

    6. Editing errors are caused by the bar appearing in the screen, but WordPress does not care because the business model is using, rather than serving the customer, who only believes in what is seen.

    7. And if WordPress does not get that stupid bar trying to get me to consent to their “cookies”- which they know cannot be under stood and are likely illegal…

    8. And still not a word on the relation between antidepressants and other psychodope to shootings. If ALL involved antidepressants, we are simply not being told.

    9. At the European Parliament in Brussels with ⁦⁩ to discuss the EU Magnitsky Act. He agreed that the EP will use all resources to push the European Council to adopt the EU Magnitsky Act ASAP (with Magnitsky’s name on it)

    10. Better to have tweeted and been lost, than never to have tweeted at all!

    11. Putin, though, surely knows what the Monroe doctrine is, that is why he intends to violate it, and draw blood to show how there was no “collusion.”

    12. Does everyone not see what is looming regarding Venezuela? As warned, foreign wars are a perennial method of quelling domestic faction.

    13. The “Republican” party will never recover, if America does.

    14. I can’t imagine anything dumber than a pill for loneliness. Will this creeping medicalization of everyday life never cease? Alyne Duthie

    15. Little Paxil, anyone? And perhaps a small handgun? Public shootings where the victims are unknown to the shooter may be CAUSED by antidepressants, as all seem to have been on them. No one will check, due, you know, to our deep reverence for privacy, as shown to Amazon by Facebook

    16. Have you all ever the American folk movie The Wizard of Oz? Don’t forget to grab the broom! “Totalitarianism” is the Witch of the West, arising on both the left and right out of German philosophy.

    17. On Venezuela, Rubio Assumes U.S. Role of Ouster in Chief Jan 26

    18. Could certain frequencies of electromagnetic waves or radiation interfere with brain function? – Scientific American DavKat

    19. “mutations in some places are more likely than others, indicating, the researchers say, that they might not be as random as we think.” Evolutionary theory ignores nature anyway. The wing appears only in 3-5 places, but if one needs to fly, the wing is just the thing! Earth/Sky.

    20. Sooooo, Roger Stone’s lawyer also wrote a novel. A political thriller about a President who falsely ‘won’ an election by employing the services of hackers. This fine young women (Erin) has read (much of) & reviewed the Novel. It seems to be a bit of an ‘If I did it’ style book.

    21. The committee system is not in the Constitution. The full House can send it with sa simple majority, bypassing the committee, if they will.

    22.  Jan 26

    23. There is no “if”, Donald. Roger Stone factually was indicted for lying to Congress, with the “related case” being the indictments of Russian military intelligence officers. He was your campaign manager. Enjoy your weekend. We will.

      This Tweet is unavailable.
    24. One of the first bricks, in one of the first walls! (Jericho was 9000 years ago?)

    25. Hence, all the important questions-like justice, crime and the health of the soul- are addressed by common sense, and fashionable opinion, but in the robes of authority. THE EMPEROR IS NAKED! Our psychology has no theoretical foundation. Surprise! Oh, and, Cha-ching!

    26. Our psych has selected for just the kind of person that does not care or is not able to study the soul: Materialists, behaviorists, statisticians and physicians. Students of the soul leave. Its like when “philosophy” departments all started doing nothing but Wittgenstein.

    27. We just upload a bunch of SEM images of fossil bryozoa to our online invertebrate paleontology database. Worth a look! Click through and click on the ‘Images’ tab to browse the fascinating and otherworldly collection of magnified bryozoa photos:  Jan 26

    28. The email that KT McFarland wrote in Dec 2016 was forwarded to 6 other transition team officials, including Bannon, Flynn, Spicer, Priebus They all knew that Russia has just ‘thrown the U.S.A election to’ Trump. They all conspired to aid & abet the theft of the 2016 election.

    29.  Jan 25

    30. The most serious issues cannot apparently be addressed publicly. Kaspersky was handling “4 hundred million” computer security accounts from Moscow, staffed by “former” KGB, allowing Russian intimidation and interference to get through just fine.

    31.  Jan 25

    32. The Turkey!

    33.  Jan 25

      5 women were executed in a bank by a total (male) stranger and it didn’t even register I’m the news because both gun violence and misogynistic violence have become so commonplace.

    34. Gregorian Chants from Assisi – Medieval Lauds

    35. It’s so cold, the forecast is goin’ down!

    36. A new study of Bajondillo Cave (Málaga) by a team of researchers based in Spain, Japan and the UK, coordinated from the Universidad de Sevilla, reveals that modern humans replaced Neanderthals at this site approximately 44,000 years ago.  Jan 26

      The Empress Alexandra smiling with ladies-in-waiting.

    37. 24/7

    38. WHY would we not turn to the 2700+ year old tradition of thought on the soul? What, does Psych have itself a bit of Narcicism there? Perhaps a departmental personality disorder, a bit of anxiety or dissonance, a little fear of the unknown?

    39. We must start over. Psych has no theoretical foundation. What “eclecticism? Taking authority over the soul? In judgement of marriages, after a couple years of “behaviorism?” This is far worse that the medieval orders assumed knowledge of our souls.

    40. Mother’s appeal after boy diagnosed with autism when he just needed antibiotics, via

    41. The greatest good is like water It flows in places that are unseen, and so is like the Tao.

    42. David Bowie – Sense Of Doubt/Moss Garden/Neuköln via

    43. David Bowie – Warszawa via

    44. Neil Young – Like A Hurricane via

    45. For: Neil Young – Like A Hurricane

    46. Now that I’m … Neil Young – Thrasher

    47. Neil Young – Harvest Moon

    48. (Just like) Starting Over – John Lennon (Lyrics on screen) 

    49. Mind Games-John Lennon(OFFICIAL VIDEO)

    50. For Valentines Day, and Yoko: #9 Dream – John Lennon with The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band
    51. For outdoor cats, etc, in the North: Hot water bottles in a bag transfer heat without danger of fire to an insulated cat box, lasting 6-8 hours.

    52. Shadowbanning works by default: Those who do not pay Google and Twitter do not get fake followers and crowd effect. My suggestion is that they are selling what they do not own, and making Billions doing it, while paying the artists nothing for content.

    53. We got our tech and law question exactly backwards: Any algorithms applied and data collected must be Ok’ed by an honest FCC and Congress. Not we wait two years till the effects are obvious to the many, who then must pressure Congress to act.

    54. David Bowie – Stay
    55. David Bowie – Valentine’s Day (Video)

    56. Wild is the Wind – David Bowie  Jan 25

    57. The is connecting people from around the world so they can form partnerships just like this. I am inspired by Robert and Vanessa and what’s possible when leaders come together to have an even greater impact on the world.

    58. Someone tried to be clever and delete the original video, but I found another version

    59. Busy witch hunt! Find water! Protect the Scarecrow! Don’t forget to grab the broom!

    60. Stevie Wonder – All in Love is Fair (with lyrics)

    61. Stevie Wonder – Golden Lady (Innervisions, August 3, 1973)

    62. Garrison Keillor may have been targeted and intentionally shafted, using the “me too” movement. Something does not smell right about this one, nor Senator Al Franken.

    63. “One man he Resist” -U2

    64. Impeachment will end the obstruction, so that the cases can proceed.

    65. Knowing that Trump most likely is a fake potus set up by Russian election fraud, how long shall we leave him in charge of a nuclear arsenal and the fate of the free world?

    66. Let’s see, America: Knowing that Trump is a fake potus set by Russian election fraud, how long shall we leave him in charge of a nuclear arsenal and the fate of the free world?


Pride (In the Name of Love) U2

   This song is a reflection upon those who have laid down their lives for mankind, fulfilling the teaching of the Lord, “greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). It is foremost a monument to Martin Luther King Jr., as a minister of the word and a sacrifice for liberty. The last line explains the title: “They could not take your pride/ In the name of Love.”

One man come in the name of Love

One man come and go

One man come he to Justify

One man to overthrow

In the name of love

What more in the name of love?

In the name of love

What more in the name of love?

One man come on a barbed wire fence

One man he resist

One man washed on an empty beach

One man betrayed with a kiss

In the name of love

What more in the name of love?

In the name of love

What more in the name of love?

Early morning, April 4th

Shots rang out in the Western sky

Free at last, they took your life

They could not take your pride

In the name of Love

   For the first two, he who came to justify and he who came to overthrow, he may have someone in particular in mind, though it is not clear who: Some two like Luther and Martin Luther King Jr, who is the primary object. To justify and to overthrow are the actions of political conservatives and revolutionaries, and the song is especially moving because it is about the love of mankind that inspires these in political action. Justification by faith is of course the teaching of Martin Luther, at the start of Lutheranism. But the meaning is also to make more just. The one who comes on a barbed wire fence reminds of those who fought the Nazis in Europe, and those washed up on a beach conjures images of Normandy or the Pacific Islands. The one betrayed by a Kiss is the only line directly Christian, but it sets the human actors in the pattern of the image of the martyrdom of Jesus. His abandonment, betrayal, rejection and crucifixion by mankind whom he came to save is the betrayal in the name of love. Finally there is the assassination in Memphis of Martin Luther King Jr., against the background of his statement recently in the mountaintop speech that they, the American blacks, were to be “free at last.”

   All of these are under the teaching “Greater love has no man than this: That he lay down his life for his friend” (John 15:13). Christian political teaching is more difficult than Christian rock music, but this is an example of a Christian political teaching. It has often been said, at least since Machiavelli, that Christianity makes men effeminate and more willing to bear injuries than to inflict them in grabbing at the goods of the world, wealth and power. The truth in practice, as indicated by Mr. Skinner, is that a vast majority of U. S. Army Rangers, for example, are Christian, and very religious. There is also the saying that there are no atheists in the foxholes, as the nearness of death makes men serious. My old friend Bud, though, was in the battle of the Bulge under Patton, and he is a natural philosopher. “One man on a barbed wire fence” refers to a famous picture of an anonymous U.S. soldier caught in barbed wire, shot and left there, in World War II. And public servants, in domestic affairs as well, sometimes are inspired in their dedication by the example of the greatest love. Average police men, blue collar par excellence, can be understood at best to risk and lay down their lives daily. It is sometimes necessary and right to prevent evil from doing harm by force. But this is especially true of those who, like the demonstrators trained in nonviolence, are prepared to take blows and return none, like Mr. Zweig among the Freedom Riders. They show how Christianity can be active politically while remaining what it is. It is fullness in one place, the spiritual, and emptiness in another, the worldly assertion.

   The title of the song is Pride, because the one who killed King could not take his pride in the name of Love, the name by which he did these things and died.

Floyd Wall Wiki

   Here is the commentary section of the Wikipedia article On the Wall. It is quite nicely written, but does not address the political layer of meaning. Psychologically, too, then, isolation is only a part, and only the beginning of an account of the drama. Most helpful are comments on Waters’ relation with the fans, and the wish for a wall between them. But there is, for example, a bit more that can be said about Hey You” than that it is about “depression.”

Concept and Storyline

   The Wall is a rock opera[27] that explores abandonment and isolation, symbolised by a wall. The songs create an approximate storyline of events in the life of the protagonist, Pink (who is introduced in the songs “In the Flesh?” and “The Thin Ice“), a character based on Syd Barrett[28] as well as Roger Waters,[29] whose father was killed during the Second World War. Pink’s father also dies in a war (“Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1)“), which is where Pink starts to build a metaphorical “wall” around himself. Pink is oppressed by his overprotective mother (“Mother“) and tormented at school by tyrannical, abusive teachers (“The Happiest Days of Our Lives“). All of these traumas become metaphorical “bricks in the wall” (“Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)“). The protagonist eventually becomes a rock star, his relationships marred by infidelity, drug use, and outbursts of violence. He finally becomes married and is about to complete his “wall” (“Empty Spaces“). While touring in America, he brings a groupie home after learning of his wife’s infidelity. Ruminating on his failed marriage, he trashes his room and scares the groupie away in a violent fit of rage. (“One of My Turns“). As his marriage crumbles (“Don’t Leave Me Now“), he dismisses everyone he’s known as “just bricks in the wall” (“Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3)“) and finishes building his wall (“Goodbye Cruel World“), completing his isolation from human contact.[24][30]

   Hidden behind his wall, Pink becomes severely depressed (“Hey You“) and starts to lose all faith (“Vera“). In order to get him to perform, a doctor medicates him (“Comfortably Numb“). This results in a hallucinatory on-stage performance where he believes that he is a fascist dictator performing at concerts similar to Neo-Nazi rallies (“The Show Must Go On“), at which he sets brownshirts-like men on fans he considers unworthy (“In the Flesh“).[30] Upon realizing the horror of what he has done (“Waiting for the Worms“), Pink becomes overwhelmed and wishes for everything around him to cease (“Stop“). Showing human emotion, he is tormented with guilt and places himself on trial (“The Trial“), his inner judge ordering him to “tear down the wall”, opening Pink to the outside world (“Outside the Wall“). The album turns full circle with its closing words “Isn’t this where …”, the first words of the phrase that begins the album, “… we came in?”, with a continuation of the melody of the last song hinting at the cyclical nature of Waters’ theme.[31]

   The album includes several references to former band member Syd Barrett, including “Nobody Home“, which hints at his condition during Pink Floyd’s abortive US tour of 1967, with lyrics such as “wild, staring eyes”, “the obligatory Hendrix perm” and “elastic bands keeping my shoes on”. “Comfortably Numb” was inspired by Waters’ injection with a muscle relaxant to combat the effects of hepatitis during the In the Flesh Tour, while in Philadelphia.[32]

“Hey You” Pink Floyd

“Hey You” is the central song, showing the full meaning of the opera, which cannot be understood without the political level. Pink has seen fascism, seen that it is rising, and calls for us, who are doing otherwise pointless things, to join in preventing the submersion of the entire globe.

Lyrics pasted from

Hey you, out there in the cold
Getting lonely, getting old
Can you feel me?
Hey you, standing in the aisles
With itchy feet and fading smiles
Can you feel me?
Hey you, don’t help them to bury the light
Don’t give in without a fight

Hey you out there on your own
Sitting naked by the phone
Would you touch me?
Hey you with you ear against the wall
Waiting for someone to call out
Would you touch me?
Hey you, would you help me to carry the stone?
Open your heart, I’m coming home

But it was only fantasy
The wall was too high
As you can see
No matter how he tried
He could not break free
And the worms ate into his brain

Hey you, out there on the road
Always doing what you’re told
Can you help me?
Hey you, out there beyond the wall
Breaking bottles in the hall
Can you help me?
Hey you, don’t tell me there’s no hope at all
Together we stand, divided we fall

Roger Williams Wiki

Roger Williams

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Roger Williams
Roger Williams statue by Franklin Simmons.jpg

Roger Williams statue by Franklin Simmons
9th President of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
In office
Preceded by Nicholas Easton
Succeeded by Benedict Arnold
Personal details
Born 21 December 1603
London, England
Died between 27 January and 15 March 1683 (aged 80)
Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
Spouse(s) Mary Barnard
Children 6
Alma mater Pembroke College, Cambridge
Occupation Minister, statesman, author

Roger Williams (c. 21 December 1603 – between 27 January and 15 March 1683)[1] was a Puritan minister, theologian, and author who founded the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. He was a staunch advocate for religious freedom, separation of church and state, and fair dealings with American Indians, and he was one of the first abolitionists.[2][3]

Williams was expelled by the Puritan leaders from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for spreading “new and dangerous ideas”, and he established the Providence Plantations in 1636 as a refuge offering what he called “liberty of conscience”. In 1638, he founded the First Baptist Church in America, also known as the First Baptist Church of Providence.[4][5] He was a linguist concerning Indian languages and author concerning them, and he organized the first attempt to prohibit slavery in any of the American colonies.[3]

Early life

Roger Williams was born in London around 1603, though the exact date is unknown because his birth records were destroyed when St. Sepulchre’s Church was burned during the Great Fire of London of 1666.[6][7][8][9] His father James Williams (1562–1620) was a merchant tailor in Smithfield, London, and his mother was Alice Pemberton (1564–1635).

Williams had a spiritual conversion at an early age, of which his father disapproved. He was apprenticed as a teen under Sir Edward Coke (1552–1634) the famous jurist, and he was educated at Charterhouse School under Coke’s patronage, and also at Pembroke College, Cambridge (Bachelor of Arts, 1627).[10] He seemed to have a gift for languages and early acquired familiarity with Latin, Hebrew, Greek, Dutch, and French. Years later, he tutored John Milton in Dutch and American Indian languages in exchange for refresher lessons in Hebrew.[11]

Williams took holy orders in the Church of England in connection with his studies, but he became a Puritan at Cambridge and thus ruined his chance for preferment in the Anglican church. After graduating from Cambridge, he became the chaplain to Sir William Masham. In April, 1629, he proposed marriage to Jane Whalley, the niece of Lady Joan (Cromwell) Barrington, but she declined.[12] Later that year, he married Mary Bernard (1609–76), the daughter of Rev. Richard Bernard, a notable Puritan preacher and author, at the Church of High LaverEssex, England.[13]They had six children, all born in America: Mary, Freeborn, Providence, Mercy, Daniel, and Joseph.

Williams knew that Puritan leaders planned to migrate to the New World. He did not join the first wave, but he decided before the year ended that he could not remain in England under Archbishop William Laud‘s rigorous administration. He regarded the Church of England as corrupt and false, and he had arrived at the Separatist position by the time that he and his wife boarded the Lyon in early December, 1630.[14]

Life in America

The Boston church offered Williams a post in 1631 filling in for Rev. John Wilson[3] while Wilson returned to England to fetch his wife. However, Williams declined the position on grounds that it was “an unseparated church”. In addition, he asserted that civil magistrates must not punish any sort of “breach of the first table” of the Ten Commandments such as idolatry, Sabbath-breaking, false worship, and blasphemy, and that individuals should be free to follow their own convictions in religious matters. These three principles became central to his teachings and writings: separatism, liberty of conscience, and separation of church and state.

Salem and Plymouth

As a Separatist, Williams considered the Church of England irredeemably corrupt and believed that one must completely separate from it to establish a new church for the true and pure worship of God. The Salem church was also inclined to Separatism, and they invited him to become their teacher. The leaders in Boston vigorously protested, and Salem withdrew its offer. As the summer of 1631 ended, Williams moved to Plymouth Colony where he was welcomed, and he informally assisted the minister there. He regularly preached and, according to Governor William Bradford, “his teachings were well approved”.

Roger Williams House (or “The Witch House“) in Salem c. 1910

After a time, Williams decided that the Plymouth church was not sufficiently separated from the Church of England. Furthermore, his contact with the Narragansett Indians had caused him to question the validity of the colonial charters that did not include legitimate purchase of Indian land. Governor Bradford later wrote that Williams fell “into some strange opinions which caused some controversy between the church and him”.[15] In December 1632, Williams wrote a lengthy tract that openly condemned the King’s charters and questioned the right of Plymouth to the land without first buying it from the Indians. He even charged that King James had uttered a “solemn lie” in claiming that he was the first Christian monarch to have discovered the land. Williams moved back to Salem by the fall of 1633 and was welcomed by Rev. Samuel Skelton as an unofficial assistant.

Litigation and exile

Statue of Massasoit in Plymouth, overlooking the site of Plymouth Rock

The Massachusetts Bay authorities were not pleased at Williams’ return. In December 1633, they summoned him to appear before the General Court in Boston to defend his tract attacking the King and the charter. The issue was smoothed out, and the tract disappeared forever, probably burned. In August 1634, Williams became acting pastor of the Salem church, the Rev. Skelton having died. In March 1635, he was again ordered to appear before the General Court, and he was summoned yet again for the Court’s July term to answer for “erroneous” and “dangerous opinions”. The Court finally ordered that he be removed from his church position.

This latest controversy welled up as the town of Salem petitioned the General Court to annex some land on Marblehead Neck. The Court refused to consider the request unless the church in Salem removed Williams. The church felt that this order violated their independence, and sent a letter of protest to the other churches. However, the letter was not read publicly in those churches, and the General Court refused to seat the delegates from Salem at the next session. Support for Williams began to wane under this pressure, and he withdrew from the church and began meeting with a few of his most devoted followers in his home.

Finally, in October 1635, the General Court tried Williams and convicted him of sedition and heresy. They declared that he was spreading “diverse, new, and dangerous opinions” [16] and ordered that he be banished. The execution of the order was delayed because Williams was ill and winter was approaching, so he was allowed to stay temporarily, provided that he ceased publicly teaching his opinions. He failed to do so, and the sheriff came in January 1636, only to discover that he had slipped away three days earlier during a blizzard. He traveled 55 miles through the deep snow, from Salem to Raynham, Massachusetts where the local Wampanoags offered him shelter at their winter camp. Their Sachem Massasoit hosted Williams for the three months until spring.

Settlement at Providence

Narragansett Indians receiving Roger Williams

In the spring of 1636, Williams and a number of others from Salem began a new settlement on land which he had bought from Massasoit in Rumford, Rhode Island. However, Plymouth authorities asserted that he was within their land grant and were concerned that his presence there might anger the leaders of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Williams and his friends had already planted their crops, but they decided to move across the Seekonk River just the same, as that territory lay beyond any charter. They rowed across and encountered Narragansett Indians who greeted them with the phrase, “What cheer, Neetop” (hello, friend). Williams acquired land from Canonicus and Miantonomi, chief sachems of the Narragansetts. He and 12 “loving friends” then established a new settlement which Williams called “Providence” because he felt that God’s Providence had brought them there.[17] Williams named his third child Providence, the first to be born in the new settlement.

Williams wanted his settlement to be a haven for those “distressed of conscience”, and it soon attracted a collection of dissenters and otherwise-minded individuals. From the beginning, a majority vote of the heads of households governed the new settlement, but only in civil things. Newcomers could also be admitted to full citizenship by a majority vote. In August 1637, a new town agreement again restricted the government to civil things. In 1640, 39 freemen (men who had full citizenship and voting rights) signed another agreement which declared their determination “still to hold forth liberty of conscience”. Thus, Williams founded the first place in modern history where citizenship and religion were separate, providing religious liberty and separation of church and state. This was combined with the principle of majoritarian democracy.

In November 1637, the General Court of Massachusetts disarmed, disenfranchised, and forced into exile some of the Antinomians, including the followers of Anne HutchinsonJohn Clarke was among them, and he learned from Williams that Rhode Island might be purchased from the Narragansetts; Williams helped him to make the purchase, along with William Coddington and others, and they established the settlement of Portsmouth. In spring 1638, some of those settlers split away and founded the nearby settlement of Newport, also situated on Rhode Island (which is today called Aquidneck Island).

Pequot War and relations with Indians

In the meantime, the Pequot War had broken out. Massachusetts Bay asked for Williams’ help, which he gave despite his exile, and he became the Bay colony’s eyes and ears, and also dissuaded the Narragansetts from joining with the Pequots. Instead, the Narragansetts allied themselves with the Colonists and helped to crush the Pequots in 1637–38. The Narragansetts thus became the most powerful Indian tribe in southern New England.

Williams formed firm friendships and developed deep trust among the Indian tribes, especially the Narragansetts. He was able to keep the peace between the Indians and the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations for nearly 40 years by his constant mediation and negotiation. He twice surrendered himself as a hostage to the Indians to guarantee the safe return of a great sachem from a summons to a court: Pessicus in 1645 and Metacom (“King Philip”) in 1671. Williams was trusted by the Indians more than any other Colonist, and he proved trustworthy.

However, the other New England colonies began to fear and mistrust the Narragansetts, and soon came to regard the Rhode Island colony as a common enemy. In the next three decades, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Plymouth exerted pressure to destroy both Rhode Island and the Narragansetts. In 1643, the neighboring colonies formed a military alliance called the United Colonies which pointedly excluded the towns around Narragansett Bay. The object was to put an end to the heretic settlements, which they considered an infection. In response, Williams traveled to England to secure a charter for the colony.

Return to England and charter matters

Williams arrived in London in the midst of the English Civil War. Puritans held power in London, and he was able to obtain a charter through the offices of Sir Henry Vane the Younger, despite strenuous opposition from Massachusetts’ agents. His first published book A Key into the Language of America (1643) proved crucial to the success of his charter, albeit indirectly.[18][19] It combined a phrase-book with observations about life and culture as an aid to communicate with the Indians of New England, covering everything from salutations to death and burial. Williams also sought to correct English attitudes of superiority toward the American Indians:

Boast not proud English, of thy birth & blood;
Thy brother Indian is by birth as Good.
Of one blood God made Him, and Thee and All,
As wise, as fair, as strong, as personal.

Key was the first dictionary of any Indian language, and it fed the great curiosity of English people about the American Indians. It was printed by John Milton’s publisher Gregory Dexter who had become a resident of Providence Plantations, and it quickly became a bestseller and provided Williams with a large and favorable reputation.

Return of Roger Williams from England with the First Charter from Parliament for Providence Plantations in July 1644

Williams secured his charter from Parliament for Providence Plantations in July 1644, after which he published his most famous book The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience. This produced a great uproar, and Parliament responded in August by ordering the public hangman to burn all copies—but Williams himself was already on his way back to New England.

It took Williams several years to get the four towns around Narragansett Bay to unite under a single government because of William Coddington’s opposition on Aquidneck Island (which they called Rhode Island at the time), but the four settlements finally united in 1647 into the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Freedom of conscience was again proclaimed, and the colony became a safe haven for people who were persecuted for their beliefs, including Baptists, Quakers, and Jews. Still, the divisions between the towns and among powerful personalities did not bode well for the colony. Coddington never liked Williams, nor did he like being subordinated to the new charter government. He sailed to England and returned to Rhode Island in 1651 with his own patent making him “Governor for Life” over Aquidneck Island and Conanicut Island.

As a result, Providence, Warwick, and Coddington’s opponents on Aquidneck dispatched Roger Williams and John Clarke to England to get Coddington’s commission canceled. Williams sold his trading post at Cocumscussec (near Wickford, Rhode Island) to pay for his journey even though it was his main source of income. He and Clarke succeeded in getting Coddington’s patent rescinded, and Clarke remained in England for the next decade to protect the colonists’ interests and secure a new charter. Williams returned to America in 1654 and was immediately elected the colony’s President. He subsequently served in many offices in town and colonial governments.

In 1641, Massachusetts Bay Colony passed the first laws to make slavery legal in the colonies, and these laws were applied in Plymouth and Connecticut with the creation of the United Colonies in 1643. Roger Williams and Samuel Gorton both opposed slavery, and Providence Plantations (Providence and Warwick) passed a law on 18 May 1652 intended to prevent slavery in the colony during the time when Coddington’s followers had separated from Providence. However, when the four towns of the colony were reunited, the Aquidneck towns refused to accept this law, making it a dead letter.[20] For the next century, Newport was the economic and political center of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and that town disregarded the anti-slavery law. Instead, Newport entered the African slave trade in 1700, after Williams’ death, and became the leading port for American ships carrying slaves in the colonial American triangular trade until the American Revolutionary War.[21]

Relations with the Baptists

First Baptist Church in America which Williams co-founded in 1638

Ezekiel Holliman baptized Williams in late 1638. A few years later, Dr. John Clarke established the First Baptist Church in Newport, Rhode Island, and both Roger Williams and John Clarke became the founders of the Baptist faith in America.[22] Williams did not affiliate himself with any church, but he remained interested in the Baptists, agreeing with their rejection of infant baptism and most other matters. Both enemies and admirers sometimes called him a “Seeker”, associating him with a heretical movement that accepted Socinianism and Universal Reconciliation, but Williams rejected both of these ideas.[23]

King Philip’s War and death

Williams’ final resting place in Prospect Terrace Park in Providence, Rhode Island

The “Roger Williams Root” in the collection of the Rhode Island Historical Society

King Philip’s War (1675–1676) pitted the colonists against Indians with whom Williams had good relations in the past. Williams, although in his 70s, was elected captain of Providence’s militia. That war proved to be one of the bitterest events in his life, as his efforts ended with the burning of Providence in March 1676, including his own house.

Williams died in 1683 sometime between January and March and was buried on his own property. Fifty years later, his house collapsed into the cellar and the location of his grave was forgotten. According to the National Park Service, in 1860, Providence residents determined to raise a monument in his honor “dug up the spot where they believed the remains to be, they found only nails, teeth, and bone fragments. They also found an apple tree root” which they thought followed the shape of a human body; the root followed the shape of a spine, split at the hips, bent at the knees, and turned up at the feet.[24] The Rhode Island Historical Society has cared for this tree root since 1860 as representative of Rhode Island’s founder, and has had it on display in the John Brown House since 2007.[25]

Separation of church and state

Williams was a staunch advocate of separation of church and state. He was convinced that there was no scriptural basis for a state church, and historian Timothy Hall suggests that Williams had arrived at this conclusion before landing in Boston in 1631.[26] He declared that the state should concern itself only with matters of civil order, not with religious belief, and he rejected any attempt to enforce the “first Table” of the Ten Commandments, those commandments that dealt with the relationship between God and individuals. Instead, Williams believed that the state must confine itself to the commandments dealing with the relations between people: murder, theft, adultery, lying, and honoring parents.[27] He employed the metaphor of a “wall of separation” between church and state, which was later used by Thomas Jefferson in his Letter to Danbury Baptists (1801).[28][29]

Williams considered it “forced worship” if the state attempted to promote any particular religious idea or practice, and he declared, “Forced worship stinks in God’s nostrils.”[30] He considered Constantine the Great to be a worse enemy to Christianity than Nero because the subsequent state support corrupted Christianity and led to the death of the Christian church. He described the attempt to compel belief as “rape of the soul” and spoke of the “oceans of blood” shed as a result of trying to command conformity.[31] The moral principles in the Scriptures ought to inform the civil magistrates, he believed, but he observed that well-ordered, just, and civil governments existed even where Christianity was not present. Thus, all governments had to maintain civil order and justice, but Williams decided that none had a warrant to promote or repress any religion. Most of his contemporaries criticized his ideas as a prescription for chaos and anarchy, and the vast majority believed that each nation must have its national church and could require that dissenters conform.


Williams’s career as an author began with A Key into the Language of America (London, 1643), written during his first voyage to England. His next publication was Mr. Cotton’s Letter lately Printed, Examined and Answered (London, 1644; reprinted in Publications of the Narragansett Club, vol. ii, along with John Cotton‘s letter which it answered). His most famous work is The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience (published in 1644), considered by some to be one of the best defenses of liberty of conscience.[32]

An anonymous pamphlet was published in London in 1644 entitled Queries of Highest Consideration Proposed to Mr. Tho. Goodwin, Mr. Phillip Nye, Mr. Wil. Bridges, Mr. Jer. Burroughs, Mr. Sidr. Simpson, all Independents, etc. which is now ascribed to Williams. These “Independents” were members of the Westminster Assembly; their Apologetical Narrationsought a way between extreme Separatism and Presbyterianism, and their prescription was to accept the state church model of Massachusetts Bay.

Williams published The Bloody Tenent yet more Bloudy: by Mr. Cotton’s Endeavor to wash it white in the Blood of the Lamb; of whose precious Blood, spilt in the Bloud of his Servants; and of the Blood of Millions spilt in former and later Wars for Conscience sake, that most Bloody Tenent of Persecution for cause of Conscience, upon, a second Tryal is found more apparently and more notoriously guilty, etc. (London, 1652) during his second visit to England. This work reiterated and amplified the arguments in Bloudy Tenent, but it has the advantage of being written in answer to Cotton’s A Reply to Mr. Williams his Examination (Publications of the Narragansett Club, vol. ii.).

Other works by Williams include:

  • The Hireling Ministry None of Christ’s (London, 1652)
  • Experiments of Spiritual Life and Health, and their Preservatives (London, 1652; reprinted Providence, 1863)
  • George Fox Digged out of his Burrowes (Boston, 1676) (discusses Quakerism with its different belief in the “inner light,” which Williams considered heretical)

A volume of his letters is included in the Narragansett Club edition of Williams’ Works (7 vols., Providence, 1866–74), and a volume was edited by J. R. Bartlett (1882).

  • The Correspondence of Roger Williams, 2 vols., Rhode Island Historical Society, 1988, edited by Glenn W. LaFantasie.

Brown University‘s John Carter Brown Library has long housed a 234-page volume referred to as the “Roger Williams Mystery Book”.[33] The margins of this book are filled with notations in handwritten code, believed to be the work of Roger Williams. In 2012, Brown University undergraduate Lucas Mason-Brown cracked the code and uncovered conclusive historical evidence attributing its authorship to Williams.[34] Translations are revealing transcriptions of a geographical text, a medical text, and 20 pages of original notes addressing the issue of infant baptism.[35]Mason-Brown has since discovered more writings by Williams employing a separate code in the margins of a rare edition of Eliot’s Indian Bible.[36]


Statue of Williams at Roger Williams University

The statue of Williams at Prospect Terrace Parkoverlooks the city that he founded

Williams’ defense of American Indians, his accusations that Puritans had reproduced the “evils” of the Anglican Church, and his insistence that England pay the Indians for their land all put him at the center of many political debates during his life. He was considered an important historical figure of religious liberty at the time of American independence, and he was a key influence on the thinking of the Founding Fathers.


Tributes to Williams include:

See also


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