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  1. See? Glenda is helping Dorothy. The Constitution is the Ruby Slippers.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Wizard of Oz (1/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD

  1. The Cowardly Lion Courage Speech

        1. And the channeling of opposition Twitter accounts down the Rabbit hole while Congress takes their Campaign finance” money. Putin has us, leading us about by our own vices.

        2. And data collection, targeted interference, and Kaspersky, handling computer security for “4 hundred million accounts,” from MOSCOW!!

        3. The ignorance of the purpose of America, our mission in the world, from the once conservative Republicans, is beyond Astonishing. Read Federalist 1, Jefferson, West: Vindicating the Founders, Solzhenitsyn, Lincoln, and Harry Jaffa.

        4. I blog a little, I drink a cup of coffee, I worry about the world.

        5. What is the favourite drug of chickens? Eggstasy obviously.

        6. We’re rounding scholars up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. And they’re going to be happy because they want to be legalized.

        7. The older I get the more passive aggressive my tweets become.

        8. “You’re so vain you probably think my tweet is about you, don’t you!” Carly Simon on the advent of Social Media. Warren Beatty blocks her.

        9. Did you see the sting? I consider it officially hilarious, on woman’s day, too. I’m waiting for it to disappear.

        10. Were workin’ on ‘im.

        11. We do need Homeland security, but that is the problem. When these agencies are abused, the genuine functions go unattended.

        12. In case you’re curious about where the sudden flood of bogus ethics “complaints” & fake “scandals” are coming from, GOP troll groups are filing a ton of random claims. There’s already a dark-money operation aimed at me just 2 months into my job – happy !🤗

        13. But throwing money at the problem will only fuel those scamming the recovery system, as in Florida. They into the rehab business. It is an oxy-heroin scam. When we go to fix it, “they” are a step ahead.

        14. See? That IS the real God on Twitter!

        15. We’re paintin’ ‘n me buddy says, “I’m datin’ Miss Michigan.” “No kiddin’?” I says, all credulous, e says “ya, Palma-la h Anderson.” ‘E spilt t’ paint.

        16. For International Woman’s Day! A spot of yang ‘i the Yin (we wish!)

        17. “Will Self” was a warrior Away, a- yah! A warrior and a terrier “Mark Francois”

        18. Say, Don, Did someone tell you the election would be tuned for you? And the means “undetectable? And did you reward the Russians by weakening NATO? And sanctions? The Senate must ask this under oath in an Impeachment trial. Will they?

        19. In Rubles? Or Trumpbucks!

        20. This Tweet is unavailable.
        21. We expect God to listen to US?!

        22. Staying in a mental health hospital is worse then a prison! Prisoners have more rights! Something needs to be done & investigated of the cover ups in mental health hospital & how badly patients get treated!!

        23. If it were not for the partisan interest of the Democrats, would ANYONE care that Russia turned the election by data collection and targeted interference including intimidation, or that gangsters were running the nation unopposed? Where is the RATIONAL center-right?

        24. Excellent thread .. I was diagnosed with FNSD … I have prescription drug damage, not hysteria, though I have been described online by one doctor as hysterical, I find the male doctors who give me false diagnoses hysterically funny.

        25. Cats don’t really die! They are gorgeous beings!💓💓😂

        26. All the solutions are of course in the center. The right must reject tyranny and recover “Republicanism, learn what Putin is and what has occurred. The further left the Democrats go, the more insoluble this will become. But if the internet is controlled, Putin will have his way.

        27. Autozoom by hover click and hover-click scrolling is again moving my page around and bigger and smaller, and cannot be removed from the computer. No one else has this problem?

        28. The actual joke is…it should be spelled para, but they do not care about us, nor need us. They wont even let us watch! or is it parOdy? Cause-ect-ual? No one even pays attention to my Jokes! Where is Red Button! RED!!

        29. I think it is appalling that leading psychiatrists continue to make false statements to the media re antidepressants. Where is the evidence?

        30. It appears that the madame at the massage parlor in Florida where girls from overseas were trafficked to & forced into – what can only be reasonably described as sex slavery was always down with the humiliated gop. This puts their approval of Donald & lies in new light. 👀👇⛓

        31. Chick is so hot, I can’t stand it. I only began to recover from my crush on her when I discovered my joke that I’m a “pairadykasexual.” Sassy!

        32. The actual twitter answer to this essay is below. This is only the retweeted picture, and the very end of the comments. I have reversed the order and attempted a more clear brief essay on wordpress-mm

        I like the long one, where can see Frank: FRANK ZAPPA COSMIK DEBRIS

      1. Frank Zappa – Cosmik Debris Because nous is the imago Dei, the human things are indeed the key to understanding all things (Strauss, intro to “The History of Philosophy,” with Thoughts on Machiavelli p. 78).

    1. …the light that is the life of man is begotten, through the only begotten, and not vice versa. Go figure.

    2. And, by the way, if the Christ were not true, how could could one read the Allegorical line, and escape from the cave? And if Revelation were what we have assumed, how could there be a non-fraudulent account of the child of the good? Nous is the imago Dei. Duh! As John too says,.

    3. Oh, and by the way, the curse was not on Ham, but Cannan, and two were destroyed at Sodom and Gomorrah. So no more Sodomy and Gammory!

    4. All modern philosophy is self contradictory too, and that the opposite is false demonstrates that the Christ is true. Now lets go say NO to tyranny and REPENT LIKE JONAH’s NINEVEH, for no other sign will be given.

    5. Now consider the Bride of Christ, not the same as Mary of the incarnation, nor then of the body at all, but the first to see him rise. One thee is who is good. Why do you call me good, he said.

    6. Now go from the fraudulent to the true divided line. What is the highest natural image, from which we turn outside the cave to viewing the things in heaven? The natural image that is man is the key and gateway to contemplation or metaphysics. Now consider the Bride

    7. Strauss aside, for Moses, the human law is based upon the image of God that is man (Genesis 1:26; 9:6), and the genuine, not the fraudulent account of the “child of the Good, yeah, the “Good one” of Luke, is begotten. Nous is that which Homer too called the “image of God,”

    8. ….the first principles of both, the “ultimate particular” (Aristotle, Ethics) and the 3 meanings of the Tetragrammaton? And the fourth is the Bride (Rev.19,-22)? And what if the Gospel of Mary Magdalene is genuine? [And no name calling!]

    9. No one asks “What IS faith, and what IS reason? The west has been based upon an assumption of each for a long long time. What if “reason,” the virtues of both the epistemonikon and the logistikon, theoretical and practical wisdom, depends upon Nous, which sees…

    10. Right, though: IF the Christ is true, its Athens AND Jerusalem, and the life of the West is correct. IF the Christ is false, it is Athens or Jerusalem, and religion is based on opinion. But if there is an Antichrist, there must be a …what?

    11. …others (Rev. 20), And if you do not forgive others, you will not be forgiven (Matt. 7. The soul just is that way. The uplifted arm is broken. Surprise!

    12. Strauss has made possible for us the ascent from the cave, as well as from Christianity as a man-made opinion. All that Jesus, and the West could not avoid burning people alive? Or at Salem, hanging little girls on the basis of a delusion? You will be judged by what you do to…

    13. Notice it is theology, not attachment to the Christ, that is in conflict. If Christ is true…Paul switches to the passive: …”or rather, be known by God!” Contra Leo Strauss, There’s No Conflict Between Reason and Revelation

    14. Modern Reaganomics: Just say no to tyranny.

    15. Thomas Jefferson For I have sworn on the Altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

    16. The “Republicans” have literally forgotten the meaning of the word. Read Harry Jaffa, West, Martin Diamond, Bloom, Anastaplo, recover genuine republican conservatism and hostility toward tyranny. But don’t expect to find Hillsdale College standing against Putin.

    17.  6 hours ago

    18. At Harvard, you will read Thomas Jefferson and Madison, and learn why:

    19. Exclusive: Sources: Jared Kushner blackmailed Qatar, took a bride from Saudi Arabia, and changed US foreign policy to benefit himself

    20. It’s people like this who make the world a lot more tolerable! Imagine a world where everyone had empathy and respect for one another.. ♥️🌎

    21. Filing my doses for the week. Middle: 2 mg Valium for reference. Right: my daily dose of 0.25 mg. The pill chunk is so small it feels stupid to take it, but I’ve been knocked on my butt by a 0.25 mg cut before. So I’m just gonna taper a little lower. Almost there! 6 hours ago

    22. This is unsettling.

    23. Lol! Brought to you by all the Pharma co who line their pockets, too many to list but we can just sum it up with “All of them minus a few”.

    24.  6 hours ago

    25. The past.

    26. What “is not,” yet is unchangeable? Answer above.

    27. Who will stand? Does anyone believe Tacitus? What followed shortly after Tiberius? The worst government in the history of the world, at least until Lenin, Stalin and Hitler.

    28. ds criticism of Putin and Russia on the internet, now with legal penalties. Before, they did not bother with seizing what they call “law. How bout we take a sickle and cut their plug, or a hammer, and, anyone want to go smash a troll farm in St. Petersberg or Moscow?

    29. Facebook is really responding now to privacy concerns [sarcasm]. Now, only Putin will see everything in those much smaller groups. Get it?

    30. Remember Dr. Seuss, “Green Eggs and Ham,” “Do you like my hat?” “No, I do not like your hat.” “Goodbye” Goddbye.” Then, at the end…

    31. Chick from the old days looked like Popeye’s Olive Oil. Swoon!

    32. Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and Sybil: Fascism and Our Music

    33. Trump? Wall? In the 1950s?

    34. The Wall Will Not Be Built With Our Integrity

    35. The Wall: Rock Commentaries Selection

    36. Winarick wrote on Categories and the DSM-VI, then, quite nicely, on “Authoritarianism.” Neel Burton too was good, on Genesis, though I give him a hard time, asking, “What IS the tree of life? No response.

    37. Remember the cereal commercial? You are a youngster. The kid wouldn’t like any cereal, till the older sibs gave him the kind they were advertising, and the kid calls to Mikey his brother, “He likes it! Hey Mikey! Should’tnaoughta tell jokes one need explain, I know,…

    38. it! Hey Mikey!

    39. “Young Russian Models,” it says. I’m just glad OUR FBI/CIA would NEVER do that, at least without grave cause. Who were those girls set on MLK, anyway? CONGRESS WON”T ASK and oversee.

    40. I love when people accuse me of pill shaming for saying I was given an while a med student after a brief subjective evaluation & it may have induced &made me feel awful.Not going to shut up& if you think the status quo is fine,you’re ignorant. 8 hours ago

    41. Replying to   and 2 others

      And the list just keeps getting larger: Nickolus Cruz has just been added to the list (Parkland shooter) FBI has determined therapeutic dose of Ambilify in his system.

    42. Gives me RLS, “Restless Leg Syndrome, to boot these fake shrinks out the door. Where is that Zappa, “Cosmik Debris.” Its one thing after another. LAST resort, not FIRST RESORT, is my teaching on psychodope. Weed indeed, better fo da heed! I can say why too, visit on wordpress-mm

    43.  Mar 5

      Congratulations Laura. Paraphrasing: most dismiss withdrawal symptoms and account it as a reoccurrence of the mood disorder. Nice! Cat is out of the bag. Now tell me “what’s the difference?”

    44. We were just joking about Freud’s Wilhelm Fliess episode, where the “worlds leading neurologist (i.e., Freud) fell for the nasalectomy idea. Fliess was going to cure hysteria,” I believe it was, with sinus operations, about the 1890’s. No schliest!

    45. Too bad the first argument started in 1960 before they applied Prozac to depression.

    46. Please do listen to the Nick Drake songs posted yesterday on my Twitter. It sure looks like they killed him: “accidental overdose,” i.e., they gave him a toxic, addictive drug while pot was illegal!!

    47.  Mar 6

      So well said…

    48. Look at the garbage they said on the BBC, a year ago. As I examined the study, what it really measures and what it shows, (i.e. was it 60% of those taking them say they like them?), they changed the report that very night!

    49. Mass shooters were on prescribed psych drugs🤷‍♀️

    50. Replying to   and 2 others

      Wrong again! The percentage of mass shooters in the US is in the 90% range and is believed to be higher because HIPPA guidelines insure privacy. You don’t have the option to do a background check on their medical records. Canada has that right to do so.

    51. Here is an even older Wall blog, as I set about to begin editing: “The Wall,” Pink Floyd and P. E. Trump  Mar 3

    52. Replying to 


    53. I just got another offer for credit, from Illinois. They are up to 15,000$. Funny, I don’t have any credit. My call was “in a queue,” and will be answered shortly.” I was going to relay some Zappa, and ask them to stop calling.

    54.  12 Mar 2018

    55. We do know, if Kimmie does not, that Putin is using him to test our nuke response? Putin likes a win-win game, while he sits back and watches.

    56. If R Kelly was white this picture would be the perfect visual metaphor for the Trump era.

    57. The Who – Love reign over me

    58. The Who – The Real Me via

    59. So, the neurologists find out that brains have electricity, and zap! see? no symptoms! And then they find out brains have chemicals, and zoink! Whala! no symptoms! Chemolobotomy, like One Few Over the Cuckoo’s nest, or Rose Marie Kennedy, she stopped saying inconvenient things.

    60. Difficult to be satisfied when health destroyed by prescribed drug withdrawal.

    61. Cognitive impairment/ memory loss/ executive functioning loss = brain damage. Yet spokes person denies ECT causes brain damage ” just memory loss”. Reflection of inadequate training= consent and research is invalid/ patients put at risk because damage not understood

    62. The upsetting thing is my niece went for help.Their answer was medication she followed the advice. Now there is no accountability other than she die by suicide. No acknowledgement that she was failed by the medication and the medical profession. No inquiry to why the meds failed.

    63. Why did it take social media for you and to hear the voices of who you call ‘patients’? Why have you not been listening more carefully for the past 20 years to what these people have been saying?I wonder if you are REALLY hearing now what they are saying?

    64.  16 hours ago

      think you can, see article. If they don’t understand it they shouldn’t be messing with electricity and brains //

    65. None of these emperors have any clothes – e.g. – in terms of a true deep understanding of emotional/mental health and unbiased approach to drugs. But they spin a good yarn – pardon the pun – and the public fall for it – every time.

    66. Replying to   and 3 others

      Just yesterday I was accused of pill shaming for having a personal view on the erroneous message of calling A/D’s life saving? People take their lives whilst on them.

    67. I am stigmatised as a “pill shamer” for campaigning on patient safety. Was never stigmatised for consuming antidepressants. 35 years.

    68. This is crap .. 9 million people in the UK do not need their lives saved by antidepressants. ZERO CREDIBILITY .. patients get your information elsewhere and not here.

    69. Was Jason Dalton On An “SSRI” Like Prozak?

    70. Was the Ft. Lauderdale Shooter on Antidepressants?

    71. Antidepressants on BBC: The Oxford Study, Questioned here by Anti-psychiatry  21 hours ago

    72. Too many Nazis and Mobsters. It will only get worse, but Nielsen and her put it over the top for my heart today. G’night. Hug your loved ones.

    73. This is a subtle but common tactic of real life mafia: Boss provides legal counsel to “represent” associates (but really to keep an eye on and prevent associates from cooperating against the Boss). 18 hours ago

    74. Replying to   and 2 others

      Pharma needs those guidelines in place in the US. It’s easy to make the correlation. Even the DA for the Newtown shooting announced it to the press is so many words when he refused to disclose what the shooter was on, although we knew from his mother talking to the press.

    75. Replying to   and 2 others

      Take a look at SSRI stories, lots of the mass shootings from the US. We have a figure of 90% of them. And Samei, you’re incorrect, Canada has more guns and no mass shootings. The US has Hippa laws, so people taking psychotropics are allowed guns. Funny how that works.

    Ok, its queue, the line on the road or rush hour traffic Jam, since we were all in the pew yesterday. But is Pew is Romanticism, and love our only access to spirituality. Bow. Wow.

Also, if you didn’t see it, Cohen described Trump’s conspiratorial code language as being like one expected to say, “That’s a very nice tie,” because gangsters ask for favors without asking directly.

    1. In Frank Zappa’s song “Cosmik Debris, he tells the swindler: The price of meat has just gone up, and your old lady has just gone down,” so the swindler would make more money as a butcher. Frank Zappa – Cosmik Debris

    2. Frank Zappa – Cosmik Debris via

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    3. You saw the televised House hearings? We are often tweeting “Hey Vlad, or “Hey Putin” (since he has data collection, “Get OUT OF THE UKRAINE!” Then the autozoom and hoverclick on the computer goes wild.

    4. Maybe there is just not enough “abilify” to go around.

    5. Remember too that Isaac and Ishmael are brothers. The Trump administration is pro-Israel and irrationally anti Islam, both Abrahamic religions. We feared they would try to get the Jews to beat up on Islam and the Jews would fall for it, while Putin laughed to see his plot enacted

    6. He’s not a dialectician. He was a metaphysician because he was captured. I like metaphysicians who weren’t captured.

    7. This is crap .. 9 million people in the UK do not need their lives saved by antidepressants. ZERO CREDIBILITY .. patients get your information elsewhere and not here.

    8. Billy the Mountain (Full JABFLA Version) – Frank Zappa via


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    10. Honestly, it’s a bit demoralizing to be exposing all of this easily researchable evidence – and have to watch it just sail right past smart journalists/ talking heads, who know better.

    11. See the lover that’s sleeping? I don’t know how…. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Remastered 2009) via

    12. Nick Drake – Things behind the sun via

    13. Nick Drake – From The Morning via

    14. Nick Drake – Day is Done via

    15. Now here’s the kicker, and don’t “overthink”it: according to a single New Jersey sociologist, Oxy deaths were higher in the “swing states.”

    16. Dude was “depressed” He really needed a shrink [sarcasm] Nick Drake – Select Songs II via

    17. Nick Drake – Pink Moon via

    18. Nick Drake – Northern Sky (Vinyl) via

    19. Just don’t smoke weed, kiddies!

    20. Hey Vlad: GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE!! And, we might get them further off the internet, and actually pursue their intimidation and protect those intimidated, such as McFaul. IMPEACH!!.

    21. Nope. Trump-Russia is a crime story, because the Russian state is a mafiya state – & has been the Russian Vor’s money-launderer since they rolled up his father’s organization in the ’90s. Before that, Trump Org was the business front for the Genovese & Gambinos.

    22. Who says the Trump administration can do nothing good!

    23. Stronger together!

    24. A Trump administration will stop illegal virtuism, deport all criminal sages, and save American lives.

    25. The answer is to choose our president more carefully, and IMPEACH when we learn Russia has chosen him for us.

    26. The worst tornado ever was on March 18, 1925. It was a mile wide, moved at 60 mph, and went for 220 miles. The “mother cloud was low, so it was “a boiling mass of blackness. Across MIS, Ill. and Ind, it killed 689 people, 234 in Murphysboro, Ill. One 2 yrs. ago was near that bad.

    27. We are going to take the Fourth Amendment, and the whole Bill of Rights into and over the internet dimension of this new technology. And by the way: Hey Vlad Putin: GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE! What is the Britishism? Bloody Rot! And a giant NO to tyranny! WE have Orwell!

    28. Cameras everywhere? HA! The severity with which a free people must-AND WILL survey surveillance is astonishing. Did we think Congress would lack a purpose? We are going to take the Fourth Amendment, and the whole Bill of Rights into and over the internet dimension of new tech

    29. It’s something new and different, but along the same line.

    30. Like This! Wind in the Dust! Kansas – Dust in the Wind (Official Video) via

    31. If American conservatism would return to Harry Jaffa (As in “American Conservatism and the American Founding,etc.) We would instantly divide the tyrannic from the rational wings of the “Republicans” and be back in Kansas.

    32. Almost as profound as Bill and Ted. Maybe more:All is dust in the wind! Bill and Ted Philosophize with Socrates via

    33. See, God agrees with Socrates and Kansas: “To dust you shall return…(Genesis 3:19 Ecclesiastes,3: 20; 19) but “formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life…living being.” (Gen. 2:7). Smart guy that God, he made Dorothy, and Toto too.

    34. Replying to 

      Skinner did study that which is ironic and hypocritical as well as bizarre given his antipathy toward psychoanalysis and cognitive psychology.

    35. Reconsidering the categories of the DSM: But can our psychology and psychiatry reconsider the method and basis of psychology itself? Pfiser just declared bankruptcy.


      Led Zeppelin – Ramble On (HD) via

    37. We hope this will be publicized. Thanx, General Hayden!

    38. Kansas – Dust in the Wind (Official Video) via

    39. Kansas – Dust in the Wind (Official Video) via

    40. Pink Floyd – Us and Them via

    41. All is dust in the wind! Bill and Ted Philosophize with Socrates via

    42. Take a knife wielding case, and see if the victims are shot so many times, like the woman with the garden knife.

    43. One suspects that there is a matter of police training here that the cops are not making public, and that they are taught to make sure the guy cannot shoot back, so it does not indicate murder. But if it is done to avoid lawsuits, perhaps this matter of training needs scrutiny.

    44. Are there any cops out there who understand why, in cases like the shooting of Stephon Clark, the victims are shot so many times? Does this indicate intentional murder? But negligent homicide seems obvious. San Diego will not address this?

    45. Oman, as visited by Anthony Bourdain, is apparently a monarchy that is a kingship and not a tyranny.

    46. Spelling, especially of names, is often irrational. People did not know how to spell their own names, so they did it phonetically- a great clue for genealogies. Once, I misspelled mispelling!

    47. And penance, repentance, leads through that journey of the hero, but is literally never ending, for us, because we are mortal. We pray, though, and Paulo sayeth, the Spirit intercedes (Romans). But maybe that does not help with spelling, for which we are on our own!

    48. In light of the divine, self knowledge begins in what we call penance. But look at Genesis 1:26 (9:6- the root of human law), with the end, the mystery of the Bride. And for Neel, The tree of life is also in the middle and the end, Proverbs and Rev., fruit and leaves.

    49. Don’t know about Angela Davis on St. Francis, but I’m keepin’ the NPR version.

    50. Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell (Live) via

    51. Its also the food line, like for war rations, or now the line of data for collection. Queue.

    52. Ok, its queue, the line on the road or rush hour traffic Jam, since we were all in the pew yesterday. But is Pew is Romanticism, and love our only access to spirituality. Bow. Wow.

    So, for us, Romanticism. Get’n the pew. The Who – Magic Bus – Live At Leeds HQ

  1. So, for us, Romanticism. Get in the pew. The Who – Magic Bus – Live At Leeds HQ

  2. “Is that going to be on the exam?”

  3. My old teacher described the experience, he would break into the most profound explanations, say, of Lincoln or Plato, and the class would stare at him dumbfounded. He would ask, “Are there any questions? Inevitably there would be silence. Then one hand would go up slowly to ask:

  4. Any Questions?

  5. Ja, Donney Trumpet and Vlad, see this? Let’s don’t, and say but for Nineveh, it might have been. The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again

  6. The Who – Quadrophenia (Live In London/2013) via

  7. Love reign over me via

  8. Hip Gnosis The Who – I Can See For Miles via

  9. The Who – Substitute (Live) via

  10. QUADROPHENIA- Doctor Jimmy (W/ Lyrics!) Pt. 8 via

  11. Can you see the real me, doctor? The Who – The Real Me via

  12. We like when Townshend had Jimi say: “Schizophrenic? Heck, I’m Quadrophrenic.” And hence Quadrophenia. Which I will now post, an ode and anthem of punk anti-psychiatry. Stay tuned.

  13. Oh, I’m “depressed,” “have,”Bi-polar,” tyrannic con men are “narcissistic,” and what other categories do we have, “authoritarian,” etc, “psychotic,” used to be “schizophrenic,” now “dissociative,” and now the initials, “OCD”- gives me RLS, to boot this right out the door!

  14. “Sociopath” and “psychopath,” all intended to avoid or pretend to avoid “value judgments,” which, since we are not responsible enough to speak in terms of justice with a common sense we know might be mistaken, we had taken away from us by the sociologists.

  15. The whole habit of our going about tossing pseudo-scientific categories at one another, like sophomore psych students, “diagnosing” one another and ourselves according to the fashionable opinions set by now by the prescription drug industry HAS GOT TO GO!

  16. Police face at once a higher standard for negligence because armed and badged, and a lower standard because they are there not for themselves but for us.

  17. I’ll bet their prosecutor was not Kamila Harris! This prosecutor needs some legal theory aid. Police obviously did not intend to murder this kid, but obviously were extremely negligent. Police face a higher standard for negligence because armed and badged, and a lower standard…

  18. hindsight, what if RUSSIA helped or did 911, USING Saudi Al Quaeda? Now THERE is a “Conspiracy” hypothesis for them!

  19. Need we be reminded that 17 “Republican” House members had not a single pertinent question for Mr. Cohen, while “!7” intelligence agencies were said to think that Trump committed election fraud with Russian help?

  20. Perhaps the Stephon Clark negligent homicide case will inspire the Americans to get rid of handguns so we might be able to call police when needed. In the mean time, we must simply not call police when possible to not call police, because our police MUST be paranoid.

  21. DO NOT CALL POLICE IF WE ARE IN TROUBLE! What a disaster. Negligent homicide is legal for police.

  22. I myself could have so easily been shot in a similar circumstance two years that I no longer want to live in this country, and surely would not want to be armed. In fact I tried to leave the country in part for that reason, which helped to have police called on me when seized.

  23. ON Clark: Thought he had a gun” Extreme negligent homicide, and a fine example of overcharging on one side and under charging on the other. I am outraged, not because the cops INTENDED to murder Clark, but because such negligence MUST be charged, and allows Dutarte style murder

  24. The original: Nick Drake- Riverman via

  25. Ooh, a very nice version of Nick Drake’s “Riverman” is on NPR right now. Water, man.

  26. … the US “Republicans still think the biggest issue is whether they can run the table with their stupid party platform. Not that it is entirely stupid: It contains one wing of the eagle, and finding the rational form of this is one key to letting the air out of their balloon.

  27. A lifetime of torture and murder tends to destroy the joy and humor of life, which no wealth nor even universal empire could restore, except in some inverted sense, perhaps. Meanwhile, the US “Republicans still think the biggest issue is whether they can run the table…

  28. Their target, though, is safe. Like the vast majority of ISIS guys, they did not really want to be there. Even that Grand Wizard guy was converted by that Rabbi’s genuine kindness. We can reach in and get most of them, with some risk.

One of those Nazis lost an Antiochus coin in a couch, which, upon finding led me to wonder about its significance, which is now better understood. The coin, worn as a pendant, is still around somewhere. I real, its from about 167 B.C., but not worth much.

I used to watch KKK and Nazis of some rank try to recruit among the US skinheads. This too was funny, cause you’d have these clean cut Southern boys and laderhosen dudes talking civilly with these tyrannosaurus Mohawk sportin’ punk skinheads. Pretty neat.

I’ll bet Frank Zappa does not even translate into Cyrillic Russian. Poverty.

    1. I like the secret plot to have the wife of Putin discover a box of Kittens under the freeway. They will never again have time to work on the plot to take over the world! If THAT does not crack up that humorless bastard, Lord only knows!

    2. This has happened only 3 times I have noticed, in 4+ years. The first, again, was a US visitor pretending to be a central American Satanist, trying to get me to show an interest in black magic. I wished them good luck!

    3. Today, I have 40 visits on wordpress while only 21 show up as visiting a page, from the US this time, while the other day, the numerical disparity happened from both Romania and the US, demonstrating something, and both times an interest in my family history was present.

    4. And there is my hover-click going wild again. GO FIGURE, Congress!

    5. Hence, three Supreme Court cases WERE BROUGHT, with ZERO PRESS, to void the election, # 16-1464, 16-907 and 17-857. Look them up. Whole states must bring the case to gain original jurisdiction and avoid massive obstruction.

    6. If Trump is still there in 2020, the US may not be.

    7. Bill Weld Governor Mass: Real “R”‘s don’t follow gangsters: Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld announces plan to … Feb 15, 2019 – Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld told an audience in New Hampshire on Friday that he will try to take on President Trump in the 2020 ..

    8. A centrist who may have a platform: Bill Weld Will Challenge Trump for 2020 Republican Nomination

    9. Courage or stupidity?

    10. Frank V Zappa 01 Billy The Mountain via

    11. Hence, and therefore, (i.e.,thus-ly), it is a Sears poncho. Frank Zappa – Apostrophe (‘) – Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow Suite via

    12. Third time should complete the hypnosis. Frank Zappa – Cosmik Debris via

    13. Cohen before the House Committee:

    14. Withdrawal from Benzodiazepines | British Journal of General Practice “Thousands of people could not possibly invent the bizarre symptoms caused by the therapeutic use of benzodiazepines and reactions to their withdrawal.

    15. Through data collection and targeted internet interference and fake news, not the voting machines but the voters themselves were interferred with. The right wing extremism is largely manufactured or exaggeration by, yes indeed, a CONSPIRACY! (Can ya say that word people? C-O-N…

    16. Where on Earth did my hard boiled eggs go? 🐕 Busted!!! 😂😂😂

    17. Prior to MLK, Jackie Robinson set the mode of non-violent reaction to hate. He and his manager were rather profound in this, if we think about it.

    18. There is nothing in our Constitution, nor especially Declaration, that requires that we accept a fraudulent election, nor that IMPEACHMENT is the ONLY way to deal with this. The people themselves were messed with, the voters themselves, and the Senate elections (2016) too. Think.

    19. We do love you, Ms. Eeks. (Its Sunday, so one might say such and get away! Do you know my guys Mr. Neel and D.r. Winarick?

    20. And hence the arc of justice is long. The question is whether we have time, and if Putin will not move decisively to his disaster rather than GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE!!.

    21. One interesting thing is that, like trolls, partisan party line is as if two dimensional, while real real humans and real thought is as 3 dimensional. A Shakespearean character is almost alive, but there is only one Shakespeare, and the others might not fool us for long.

    22. Pink Floyd should also like Zappa’s Grand Wazoo, and the Zappa fest we had last night in response to this! I’m ready to do the whole thing again, but I want to work on Urick on The Wall and also Genesis, since it is the Holy day for us.

    23. The Republicans have indeed become like one of the Christian churches based on fundamental unquestionable opinions. Only philosophy might save us from this, and the people are not even capable of journalism and history. God help us.

    24. IS truth itself a partisan issue? This has indeed become a cult, and we must leave them with fundamental questions that get at the assumptions made, and go on. Do you see why it matters if America gives way to tyranny? And they do not see.

    25. Billy Joel – Piano Man (Video) via

      Translate Tweet

    26. Genesis On Man [Draft] Neel Burton

    27. This is very nice:

    28. “Logotherapy,” Frankl tried to call it. But all psychology must depends upon the logos and the purposes.

    29. This book looks fun!

    30. The psychological equivalent of Occam’s razor is Hanlon’s razor: ‘Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by neglect, incompetence, or stupidity.’

    31. Do we know what these words mean? But he began using the word “crazy” to accuse the House Committee’s emerging understanding of what has occurred. Russian methods. For the guilty to be innocent, those who realize their guilt must be “crazy.”

    32. The right must identify ISIS and Islam, so Putin can get US in a war with 2 billion Muslims while he watches with glee.

    33.  Feb 27

    34. Gorilla steals womans hat and wears it

    35. We need your help today! My daughter Reality Winner is in prison serving the longest sentence ever for warning us about Russian election interference. They didn’t want us to know &this young veteran sacrificed everything to give us the truth. She is not the enemy.

    36. Agreed. We have become numb to his outrageous behavior.

    37. This was the biggest mistake in my life, not realising how much harm medical treatments can cause … I hope others do not make the mistakes I have made.

    38. Lincoln gets great mileage out of the contradiction involved in the adultery implicit in slavery. It first involves the admission that the slaves are “men” according to the Declaration, and second it the cause of 90% of the “miscegenation” used rhetorically by Judge Douglas.

    39. The “Gospel of Mary Magdalene” contains an example of gnosis, explicitly.

    40. Frederick Douglass, Appendix to “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” is one of the profound American writings on religion, and quite timely. “He who sells my sister for the purposes of prostitution…” on the Christianity of the majority of the slaveholders. King Lear.

    41. When the most obvious truths are simply ignored, we have to go back up to the principles, and say IF that were so… IF Russia threw the election to destroy America first, you would not care, correct? Well, let us talk about the importance of ELECTIONS and truly free opinion…

    42. Darwinian natural selection.

    43. Some people should not bear arms.

    44. ‘S that you, Jimi?

    45. The end is the best!

    46. Welcome to a lifetime of involuntary facial recognition. We might consider keeping kids off the internet, of forcing Congress to guard data collection. Seriously. But this kid is seriously cool.

    47. Literally every time I touch my computer it auto zooms or hover click when I mention a thing Putin does not like. How nice. Anyone else?

    48. Even the Russian don’t believe that guy Putin has a nice tie.

    49. I will release my tax returns against my lawyer’s wishes when Martin Heidegger releases the 33,000 emails that have been deleted.

    50. And the greatest phrase, I think, in the history of politics is on all of those red and white hats that I see out there: ‘Make Agustinism Great Again.’

    51. Hip Gnosis.

    52. The Crystal Ball sees only what is occurring, not what will occur, and MIGHT be prophesied, Daniel 7:8 Frank Zappa Live Cosmik Debris via

    53. Pink Floyd – Meddle – 05 – Seamus via

    54. Pink Floyd – Seamus The Dog via

    55. We like the moderate, honest Mike Rogers from Michigan, maybe, or Joe Biden because of experience, General Hayden, Colin Powell or Evan McMullin.

    56. I’m looking for the Jack White video of John the Revelator by Son House with the cows. It’s the best one, where he makes a guitar alone on Easter morning, maybe, on the porch of the Farm, in Dorothy’s neighborhood, we say.

    57. Son House – John The Revelator via

    58. Jack White on Son House – Grinnin in Your Face via

    59. Is that a eal poncho, or a Sears poncho, Vlad?

    60. Who you jivin? FRANK ZAPPA COSMIK DEBRIS via

    61. So a guy who is now suspended, apparently a Witness, tells me this, Matt 10, and today it’s on NPR. If Vlad claims to “know” or something…we say its like the Witch of the West with the crystal Ball. Cosmic debris!

    62. …As Sater was told they could do, in 2015. “Not a sparrow falls…is there even a Jehovah Witness translation of Matt. 10 that USES the word “Know” added to the text, as the word “Will” is added to most? (The original says “without your Father.” Know is better, will is wrong.

    63. So, Pink Floyd not only has an “auto-responder,” but picks up words like THE WALL when tweeted. If Floyd does it, you KNOW Vlad and Kaspersky were doing it. Data collection and targeted interference including intimidation helped to control opinion and turned the US election.

    64. Ja, I think The US needs a PRESIDENT!

    65. Sun House. Man dies on the battlefield/ Easter Morning alone. The White Stripes – Cannon, John The Revelator. Live 2007 via

    66. The Velvet Underground – Rock & Roll via

    67. Sun House. Look up the lyrics on Jack White – “Cannon / John the Revelator” (5 Aug 2012) via

    68. Sun House. Look up the lyrics on . Jack White – “Cannon / John the Revelator” (5 Aug 2012) via

    69. Jack White – Cannon/John the Revelator in Argentina 21/3/15 via

    70. The White Stripes Cannon John The Revelator via

    71. The Velvet Underground-Heroin via

    72. The White Stripes – ‘Seven Nation Army’ via

    73. The Raconteurs “Steady, As She Goes” via

    74. See the lover that’s sleeping? I don’t know how…to unfold your love… While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Remastered 2009) via

    75. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Remastered 2009) via

    76. Consider SC #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857 to void the election due to Russian interference. The Constitution does not require us to accept a fraudulent election, though in normal circumstances, unlike this and Bush/Gore where it is necessary, they like to stay out of elections.

    77. The definition is not in the Constitution, and the Senate, with the Chief Justice presiding over the trial to remove upon impeachment, must interpret, Though this is a good guide, one sees the difficulty: 17 “R” had not a single significant question. Consider SC #16-907, 16-1464

    78. Stone threatened Congress if they should impeach, and has not even been charged with such. That Gaetz, though, was auditioning for the open job of chief intimidator.

    79. Ja, check out the cop behind him looking for “civil asset” forfeitures!

    80. …but a European source. Fascism is a kind of “wholly new,” modern tyranny, and hence has (had) its source in atheistic modern (German) philosophy. We suspected that Russia or Western theoreticians had been perverting and using Islam (as may be prophesied in Daniel). Not “Wahabi

    81. On NPR today (BBC or On the Media?), a report agreed that ISIS was a theistic form of modern totalitarianism, which had previously been atheistic, based either on race (fascism, “nationalism,”) or class (communism). It also confirmed our suspicion that it had not an Islamic…

    82. ‘Course I knew it was Lanny, only cause I looked it up yesterday! But at the intermission, no comment on the other guy, who smiled on camera maybe once? (Bet he’s holdin’ only 2 pairs. Holderin?)

    83. Ok, it is the same tie.

    84. So, how come that dude scowlin’ at Elijah changes his tie? I mean, it’s still a very nice tie.

    85. Ok, Mr. Meadows, WHY then did you have your person of color stand at just that time?

    86. It is what comes after Trump that we must tend now. Example: The address of Tower, etc. One thinks of how Lincoln healed the wounds of the Civil War.

    87. NPR’s On the Media is excellent again today.

    88. Ok, it’s prob’ly just the Poker face. Invites imagination.

    89. You tube has a nice Trump add on the House proceedings video. This is a violation of the oath of office, unconstitutional action by the fake potus. A least we can see HIS hand.

    90. What did Sister Lucy see in the first secret of Fatima? It happened in 1917, Hell gaped, and these torturers are those who fell in.

     2 hours ago

    Their target, though, is safe. Like the vast majority of ISIS guys, they did not really want to be there. Even that Grand Wizard guy was converted by that Rabbi’s genuine kindness. We can reach in and get most of them, with some risk.

  1. A good foreign intel officer could own Kushner in months. His financial vulnerabilities, greed, situational ignorance, dubious foreign contacts, ethical disregard, self-importance and dismissal by more seasoned officials make it too easy. That’s why he shouldn’t have a clearance.

  2. What I love about this tweet is that it embodies something we desperately need right now: public imagination. When we focus on imagining and debating new possibilities of what we want to accomplish, instead of relentlessly fixating on limitations, we build the will to do more.

  3. In the Republic, Plato has epithumia or appetite as love, as do the ancients following Plato, but the Republic abstracts from eros, which streatches throughout the three parts of the Soul. “Intellect” (Nous) is different from reason- a real wizard, or, Glinda is the closest.

  4. The companions of Dorothy are of course the three pats of the soul (anima in the Jungian sense, personal, while Glinda would be called a collective unconscious anima figure). reason logistikon=scarecrow, heart (thumos)=Lion, woodsman heart (eros), while Toto is the animal.

  5. Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, always had the Ruby slippers, but had to acquire the virtues of her three companions, which was the purpose of her journey. America as a whole must overcome the deficiencies that allowed this disaster to occur- the fake wizard, the bad witches, etc.

  6. So, how many people have ever talked out loud thinking that their tech is listening? We should take a poll. Even with “Alexa,” etc, Americans are STILL in denial about internet data collection.

  7. I suppose I should be more “poli-te” when it comes to mob matters, but I’ findin’ it tough to work up a big apology: They owe me a couple nieces. And they ain’t payin’ up.

  8. Replying to 

    Worse! They are lawyers!!!

  9. Well, we thought they probably were lawyers!

  10. The moment America becomes indifferent to tyranny is the moment it does not matter what America is any more.

  11. For some reason, the disdain and hatred even of mobsters hurts us, and that is very strange. Jesus said, “Why have you forsaken me?” and one reason is the experience of the hatred of mankind.

  12. Roy: {sarcasm:} “Let us remind you of those brown gangsters, and other platform issues.” May as well take out competitors, I mean, its just good business.” Hence the prior sarcasm. Dolts. How did the Russian mob get slicker than the US mob? Government experience.

  13. Ms. Lawrence of (Michigan!) distinguished the office of the presidency and identified the textbook mob tactic of intimidating witnesses. Mob’s gonna be in great shape if Putin succeeds here. That’s sarcastic.

  14. No, the chick is prob’ly the guy with the pea shooter.

  15. But if so, ya kinda get why he’d break out in mob sweats and say he just can’t be aware of that. Like they’d hit him with a pea shooter or something.

  16. So, are those two sitting behind Cohen real mobsters? How cool! Oops, duck!

  17. Watch live: Michael Cohen testifies at House Oversight Committee hearing

  18. Self explanatory?

  19. “But he was the PERSONAL LAWYER of the fake potus. “R”‘s kind of damned themselves by their very attempt to not damn themselves. Hope the CENTER notices. We have a one winged eagle.

  20.  Feb 27

    . Slam Dunk

  21. Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, always had the Ruby slippers, but had to acquire the virtues of her three companions, which was the purpose of her journey. America as a whole must overcome the deficiencies that allowed this disaster to occur- the fake wizard, the bad witches, etc.

  22. Here is a comforting thought: if there is an Anti-Christ, there must be a what? And if there is a devil and demons, what? These things in even in imagination come to be by hatred of their opposite.

  23. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Wizard of Oz (1/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD via

  24. The Cowardly Lion Courage Speech via

  25. Again, it is precisely because we respect the office of the presidency that we must IMPEACH, and for national security REMOVE, two years ago.

  26. Is it just me or do some of the people questioning Cohen sound unprofessional in their manner and more like they are showboating for their political party’s benefit then they are concerned with getting to the truth?

  27. See, its internet gangsterism:

  28.  Feb 28

  29. He’s down the street from Dorothy of Kansas. The Raconteurs – Steady,as she goes (Official music video) via

  30. The Third Man Pressing copper swirl test pressing of Vault 38, The Raconteurs “Consolers of the Lonely” double LP reissue. Deadline for Vault 38 is midnight CT on October 31st, subscribe in-store or online now here:

  31. These kids need an inhabitable world, When our terror is done. LIBERTY!!

  32. Or: Courage is fun until ya need it! Lion in Oz: “What makes da muskrat guard his musk?”

  33. On psychiatry, categories and the DSM: If all one knows about man is the categories in the “diagnostic and statistical manual,” He cannot possibly know man. And if all one knows to do is the drugs and drugging He cannot possibly know the healing of the soul. More harm than good

  34. What if they did the Oxy-heroin scam? To prep us for the election? Your kids will suffer if we let this shit happen. I bet if we stand, they knock it off and go home. Lets leaflet bomb them with the Declaration written in Russian or something. Only NHS is standing

  35. Look, we all have to STAND UP and stop being afraid of this Russian mob stuff. They will get, a few, and already have, but we can beat them if we stick together- which we are not doing. What if they did the public shootings, Valentines, Las Vegas and the other one? Had enough?

  36. The House Intell. Committee was apparently given the e-mails in August of 2017, “Monday, as the article says. It is quite difficult to get it to come up at all, scrolling back manually. The reblog button is lost. When retweeting, it said that Straight Arrow is “Wayne B. Carlson.”

  37. The 400 million was said repeatedly on NPR. Cambridge Analytica and Facebook allowed opinion to be directed, just like advertising, but with fake news and any other useful means.

  38. To clarify, the election was thrown especially by “data collection,” targeted interference, and control of the internet. Kaspersky was controlling US computer security from Moscow, and literally spying on anyone they wished, then targeting even individuals, even with intimidation

  39. Time for the citizens to call their representatives in Congress.

  40. The word, from Alexander Hamilton, 1792. Undeniably, speaking about the dangerous poser in the 21st century.

  41. It is a bit hard to believe that we have to get the “republicans” to flip like a bunch of mobsters to break some predetermined party unity, like they are all resolved to walk blind to the intimidation occurring even from the House.

  42. …Through A Nibble, A Bite or a Meal, on WordPress, from New York Magazine, Weekend Edition, September 1 2017.

  43. Collusion, and the question for Cohen, is from Straight Arrow on WordPress, from the New Yorker magazine, Weekend Edition, September 1, 20017, blogged by “Gogh.”

  44. The Straight Arrow article:

  45. New Yorker magazine, Weekend Edition, September 1, 2017, blogged by Straight Arrow on WordPress

  46. So the trump Tower is connected with an offer from Sater to get Putin to help get Trump elected. We suggest this was done by means such as Kaspersky, controlling “4 hundred million” security accounts from Moscow, and advertising on NPR.

  47. …We both know no one else knows how to pull this off without stupidity or greed getting in the way. I know how to play it and we will get this done. Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this.”

  48. Straight Arrow:Sater wrote to Cohen that he had “arranged” for Trump’s daughter Ivanka, during a 2006 visit to Moscow, “to sit in Putins private chair at his desk and office in the Kremlin.”The email went on, “I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected….

  49. “Straight Arrow, as reblogged a retweeted, has en e-mail from November 2015, in which Cohen is apparently told by Felix Sater:”I will get Putin on this deal, and we will get Donald elected.” I cannot locate the source yet, but knowing Cohen originated “Trump for President.”

  50. Maybe someone should ask Mr. Jordan if he has been TOLD to tow the party line, and only try to undermine Cohen’s testimony. As said, all flipped mobsters are full of crimes and lies, but they get what is at stake, even for their own mobs, they might reconsider as Cohen did.

  51. Well, M. Higgins does not know about the Straight Arrow article, and is not interested.

  52. That Jordan would say this is all about” like a witch hunt aiming only to impeach for partisan reasons, one must wonder at what point, as with intimidating the witness, these “republicans” are verging on treason. Trump may be that stupid, but multiple Congress persons?

  53. Mr Meadows did get a point on the NA agreement, and Amash (MI) also on the question of what Trump most fears. Cohen fidgeted, and did not answer, but is not phrased or pressed so that one must answer, as we hope it was in the closed hearing today.

  54. Watch live: Michael Cohen testifies at House Oversight Committee hearing via

  55. No one asked him about the Straight Arrow report: “Did someone tell you the election would be turned for the “Donald?” Ja, what does he fear most, God or Putin? America, you are a bunch of Putanes, no longer the free and the brave.

  56. Hey Vlad, did we mention it might be time to get out of the Ukraine and focus on domestic policy in Russia for a while? For I have sworn on the Altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man. What “Republicans” disagree, just stand right up. Bye-By.
  57. Sater had an office on the 26th floor, how cool. What Republicans are STILL having trouble with this? DO they respect the US presidency? People, this should not be hard for 90% of the Americans: IMPEACH!! REMOVE!!

  58. Trump was told Russia would turn the election for him, but did not believe it in the same sense no one believed it, because he did not think Russia was able. He did not know about Cheney, Kaspersky, data collection and the absence of privacy with the new internet. Now we do.

  59. “Bob Dylan and his Band…”ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER” Brilliant Live Perf… via

  60. Watchtower is also the name of the Witnesse’s magazine, per obvious, same source. BOB DYLAN -All Along The Watchtower (Live in Woodstock 1994) via

  61. The dialogue between the Joker and the thief is a bit deep and difficult, but let us not talk falsely, now. “Bob Dylan and his Band…”ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER” Brilliant Live Perf… via

  62. “Two riders were approaching,” Isaiah 22:8, 9 12. When you see this, know Babylon has fallen. Ya, come right in, Bob, don’t wait, you are welcome with your warehouse eyes and your drums.

  63. Dylan’s poem comes from Isaiah’s Watchtower: The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower (Audio) via

  64. I, too, though, want to be compensated since the full time jobs in political science could not go to “white” males, but only “white” females. Needless to say, I am offended that we must first identify by race. What a joke! It IS our liberty, otherwise, NO ONE is free,

  65. Black officers policing a black neighborhood is an obvious exception to “Our constitution is colorblind, and neither knows nor tolerates…” But it in practice, and the Constitution allows for prudence.

  66. …drawn by the sword answered that drawn by the lash to resolve our “original sin.” And it IS resolved, if only we could read Lincoln, and avoid doing that again. If not, reparations is a side issue, though perhaps.

  67. …drawn by the sword answered that drawn by the lash to resolve our “original sin.” And it IS resolved, if only we could read Lincoln, and avoid doing that again. If not, reparations is a side issue, though perhaps…

  68. Interesting discussion of reparations, “…should we not compensate people if they WERE property?” That is the justification for affirmative action, despite that “Our constitution is colorblind… (Harlan’s dissent). But please, someone mention the 265,000 whose blood…

  69. Here we are again, the “president” is above criticism and hence unimpeachable. Again, BECAUSE we honor the OFFICE of the presidency, we will not allow a Russian election fraud to choose our “president,” and nothing in our Constitution requires that we do.

  70. Finnish. It’s pretty good, and I’ll get to it if I find Urick.

  71. Danish? Niklas Ottelin,’s MA thesis, U of Jyvaskyla.

    Translate Tweet

  72. Oh, I’m not even reading the Urick. No wonder it seemed translated. What am I reading?

  73. great Rock operas can be laid out one over the other: Tommy, Quadrophenia and the Wall. Tommy ends in a religious cult, Quadro recognizes the punk and the godfather temptation of the music industry, but only The Wall sees modern tyranny arising from a branch of our music.

  74. Look, we realize that Russia is using N. Korea whether Kimmie and China get this or not?

  75. Cohen closed door hearing today! This is likely more important than yesterday. Watch for violent and non-violent interference.

  76. Because Natan-yahu does not get our little Trump- Russia problem, but takes his apparent advantage, I am finding it difficult to care if he is removed by accusations.

  77. Hence, Socrates addresses MISTAKES in book One of Plato’s Republic. How could we be mistaken if there were no truth? Duh!

  78. Impeachment can be done repeatedly, and has been proposed times already with almost ZERO press. Rep. Green of Texas did it last, I think. We also have obstructed Supreme Court cases.

  79. I’m reading Urick on The Wall, slowly, cause its only on the machine, which makes reading books very difficult. Urick a nice fellow, and his writing serves the reader, giving us what we need first, rather than like mine, just trying to get thoughts out.

  80. “totalitarianism” is an ongoing problem in modernity because we believe in nothing higher than the state. Leo Strauss tried to show that there is a nature-such as the nature of the soul, that is higher, whether there is a God or not. How else could there be UNJUST laws?

  81. If we keep tweeting, maybe they will run out of money.

  82. [Sarcasm:] Right, I’m a Doctor, and I am going to prescribe a horrifying addictive drug, not as a last but a first resort. Hey, at least they smoke any of that illegal weed!

  83. shootings, including the Valentines day one, are highly suspicious. Hey Don, guess why it is not smart to get Russian help throwing an election.

  84. It absolutely amazes me that those who think of the 25th Amendment still do not support going to the Court to void the fraudulent election. The Judicial branch is not to be paralyzed in a crisis that is a bit above the process of impeachment.

  85. Reset the auto zoom for the 900th time, because I’m not a Trumpster. How did Russia turn that election, anyway?

  86.  Feb 28

  87. Everybody is getting a tax cut, especially the theorists.

  88. A dog singing Seamus by Pink Floyd

  89. Roberta Josena on WWJ_CBS was hot with the jokes today: “What happens when a frogs car breaks down? He needs a jump! And what if can’t? Better get a’ toad!”

  90. Here is a mom proverb: “Just because people say things does not mean they are true. Comment: Sometimes, when people say bad and false things, it means THEY are UNTRUE.

  91. How many times must we retweet this? No wonder no one asked whether the Russians told Cohen they could get Donald elected. Or did I miss that? Maybe Rep.Walberg?

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