Even More March Tweets Preserved

  1. See? Glenda is helping Dorothy. The Constitution is the Ruby Slippers.

Obama, though, indeed trusted the un-elected career men of the agencies, who were pursuing the Dick Cheney plan, which did indeed work against Al-Quaeda quite well after 9/11- with all that Russian help through Kaspersky, handling 400 million security accounts.

But surely this is all just “conspiracy theory,” eh Trumpsters? If Manson had Billions, would not LINGUISTIC forensics be considered “conspiracy theory” There are , though, conspiracies, Russia has for a century excelled at them, and the writing IS on the wall: Political forensic

And the Evangelicals would not notice the difference with the son of man. And surely the Democrats would wait for the nice election and not IMPEACH!! Nice goin’ Dick Cheney! Spying through the internet has sure prevented TERRORISM, assuming it is ONLY brown guys by definition.

        1. Manson, of course, controlled the media for only a small cult, because he did not Billions of dollars to pay Congress to not legislate on many small issues they thought were the main point- like data collection. Otherwise, we have been so foresighted, MANSON could get elected!

        2. No one is awake at this hour except Putin? And a few central American Satanists? Ok.

        3. Manson was convicted because the jury wanted to convict, and knew it was true. The Don could be convicted and removed by an honest SENATE.

        4. Manson was convicted of conspiracy because of the writing on the wall. It was the first use of linguistic forensics in a court case. Precedents indeed must be set, and there is no occasion like an UNPRECEDENTED event.

        5. Hay Vlad! GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE!! Pronto, Tonto, and don’t move to Toronto. (Or We’ll send Squanto) The End

        6. Putin likes tyrants such as Osama and the Don, tyrants he can just wind up and let go to work on their own, just as Don is destroying the US executive all on his own and in his own interest, as far as he knows. Putin even snowed the US and Italian mob, but that’s another story.

        7. …For THAT is where this began, is it not? Hence the supposed “conspiracy theory” which begins by truly noting that the US funded Al-Quaeda at the start, but falsely concludes that the terrorist attacks on America are an inside job. They are retaliation from Putin’s Russia.

        8. Further, the anti-Americanism of Islamic extremists is a political forensics hand print aiming to a Russian source for the totalitarianism of Al-Quaeds, etc. But Wait! There is more! Will that not teach DICK CHENEY not to try to use Islam against the Russians in Afghanistan?…

        9. So the three Abrahamic faiths are inherently opposed to Atheistic- but not true orthodox-Russia. End Russian fascism and communism.

        10. The violence of both Moses and Mohammed is directed invariably at idolatry, and explicitly not, in the Quran, at Jews and Christians. Mohammed calls the Apostles “Muslim,” which means “faithful.” But the Christ ends even that violence and the severity of Jewish law.

        11. I missed the THE, and had Y in place of il, but got the “ah.” Jah! Point being, Allah is the God of Abraham, and since I started saying this, we have not heard the muted Evangelicals saying “Allah” is “not their God.” Idiots.

        12. The Oxford dictionary says Allah- the name of God among Mohammedeans- means “The God,” ie, the true God. it has al=the, = a contraction of al-ilah, which in Hebrew is el-o-ah, similar to el-ohim, God Lord. So my guess, that it came from El-Yah, was close and on the right track.

        13. NPR: Zuckerberg & cohort are Jewish, so he could not “like” the Nazi. The idea that Jews are genetically incapable of fascism is like the idea that blacks cannot be racist. In fact, Putin is trying to use the Jews now, to beat up on Islam, and they will fall for it.

        14. Congress CAN pass laws “To secure these rights,” and not only for Trumpsters. In fact it is their JOB, at 6 figures +

        15. FB is to ban White natl, separatists and supremacists. In the US, we have allowed Nazis free speech (unlike Germany), but FB is trans-national. FB has not banned “data” collection and sale to Putin through Cambridge Analytica for use by Kaspersky, though.

        16. Ok, I just had to reset the auto-zoom while editing tweets preserved on WordPress, so it does get me there too. But if it were mechanical, it would be consistent. Mine goes on by key words, apparently, and topics. Especially Trump and Big Pharma related.

        17. We have exactly 1 “Republican” whom we still trust: Mike Rogers of Michigan- capable of the presidency. There is yet one who has not bowed the knee to Bal.

        18. I’m testifying before the House Intelligence Committee tomorrow morning at 9. Tune in ! I’ll post written testimony tomorrow morning .

        19. [sarcasm] Don’t worry, Trump will pardon them. That was just the old FBI, the veterans of the “Deep State.”

        20. The Bob Seger System – Black Eyed Girl

The Bob Seger System – White Wall

      1. WordPress will not allow me to not number things, just as it cannot keep paragraphing by normal indents- just too high tech! So I cannot fix the repetitive indenting-mm

        by lack of evidence of the mob style conspiracy and the strong sense of the word collusion. No evidence to indict Capone is “exoneration” of his gangsterism. David Corn: Today would be a good day for Trump to release his tax forms.

      2. The trumpster line being presented as news on NPR is truly astonishing and disturbing: Yup, all the Dems except a few fringe extremists are just ready to move on and work with Trumpsters for the good of the (white Putin-loving) nation! No “Coordination” has been “demonstrated”

      3. TY for making time during to meet w/ & to discuss patient , & provide to improve Quality of Life for ppl injured by this trusted medical treatment.  9 hours ago

      4. Ok, let’s say there’s a CEO who surrounded himself with an entire team that was arrested, indicted and convicted of some level of fraud and/or abuse. Would you think that CEO was a good judge of character? Or does character no longer matter to Americans? Asking for a friend.

      5. So, just as with fake news- the Dems as a rule did not do it, the “R”‘s as a rule had adopted the Russian propoganda tactic, then accused the Dems of doing it- So with shadow-banning on Twitter. The D’s have kept to the moral high ground, and deserve office because of that.

      6. Autozoom off the right side of the page again. Just reset from 175% Anyone else get this?

      7. He personally told Zuckerberg they would “regulate” Facebook with a “light touch.” Hear 500 Billuion$$. Cha-ching.

      8. I have called her office 5 times over the past year. This may have helped at least to get Twitter questioned in Congress, but if so, no one called back or thanked in any way. I would call the House, but my Rep is “R,” and has no more questions than did “R”‘s of Cohen. brainoff

      9. Senator Stabenow does not respond.

      10. The whistle blowers are gaining steam:

      11. Yes? should be prevented from profiting from unregulated Mental Health Trusts who misuse laws & commit perjury in order to shut down or Child

      12. Donald’s shadiness essentially boils down 2 helping ru mafia launder money by selling them his condos 4 dirty money with the help of Sater over a long period of time.Lying about his links 2, quid pro quos with,& dismantling investigations in2….ru/mob should b censured at least

      13. I mean, they could just tell the truth, and the lover in sorrow would go away. The non-lover in truth wants the flattery of love, and the friend pretends to want the flattery of friendship, and they say to themselves they spare the feelings of the lover. So the world turns.

      14. Jealousy is of course bad, and as Bloom and the non-lovers teach, it assumes that we are owed the return of the love of the lover- which is impossible. Much of the agreement of marriage looks to the later emergence of jealousy and infidelity. But why do the non-lovers lie?

      15. Auto Zoom flies to 200% with moved page- no one else? I sure feel special!

      16. Remember, Trump has the power of pardon unless he is impeached Article II: “Except in cases of IMPEACHMENT). There is no more rule of law for Stone, Page, Manafort Gates, while Reality Winner rots in Federal Prison.

      17. Let’s IMPEACH Trump, and tell him that means exoneration, too. Then let’s REMOVE him before he completes the destruction of America for Putin, and call it “You are a BIG WINNER!

      18. The burial of the Mueller report is itself obstruction, fools.

      19. Word on the street is that the NSC top guy- skinny graying Tom Selleck wannabe, Bolton, asserted he believed there was little impact of Russian interference on the 2016 Election. This is false and implies his and the WH’s approval of the interference. It is empirically false.

      20. This is so true of psychiatry-the more they prescribe their neurotoxic poisons the more it becomes the norm for the patient & society!!i fell for this!!future generations will look back on the genocide of paychiatric drugs with same horror as we did with Nazi’s and fascism

      21. Replying to   and 18 others

        Yes! Exceptional researchers hypothesize, then test/retest to verify/disprove. They’re not emotionally connected to hypothesis, adjusting until it can be proven. ‘s so attached to disproven myths they scramble to keep hoisting curtain to cover the now exposed wizard.

      22. Psychiatry using antipsychotics as replacement for benzodiazapines….In Ireland Seroquel is drug of choice…handed out like candy in psychiatric hospitals with no warnings or informed consent-patients told it’s an antihistamine at low doses

      23. so they prescribe scared,vulnerable, traumatized people tablets that can cause a myriad of side effects like akathisia, nightmares, personality changes, emotional blunting etc, and they don’t understand how this can push the vulnerable people over the edge?-really-I mean really??

      24. How many prescriptions have been written under the guise of a chemical imbalance in the last 40 years? How many lives have been destroyed?

      25. Sometimes it feels like the trolls harraasing me are coordinated (like they used to be in Russia when I was Ambassador). Someone must have blasted out new tps about Clinton-Ukraine fairytale because it’s all over my feed now. And the degree of swearing/threats also ticking up.

      26. was just getting that from a Trumpster yesterday. Seems to be fine with Congress.

      27. Pink Floyd ”Comfortably Numb” (Cover)

      28. Our psychiatry has become a “danger to itself and others.”

      29. Not unless you work for Shhh! Don’t Say KASPERSKY (look up the Wiki)

      30. The articles of impeachment are : I) Election fraud 2) Bribery 3) obstruction 4) emoluments 5) Oath of office.

      31. Intimidation of the press is in violation of his oath of office to uphold the constitution, and an honest Congress would be impeaching and Removing him,

      32. We already let Trump edit the Justice department, heck, why not?

      33. Bob Seger – Ship Of Fools via

      34. We say: as a last, not a first resort, because our Psych literally does not know what it is doing.

      35. Do not over-charge him. Trump is out for himself- which is not treason. He is not capable of treason, which is why we should not have the Don playing chess with Putin for the future of the world.

      36. Wait till Barr puts out a 4 pp. report on Magnitsky and Browder!

      37. The Bob Seger System – White Wall

      38. Everything you say will only be used against you.

      39. Do those links even work for anyone other than me? Am I not kept in my own little fish bowl, if only SOMEONE wanted to pay or infiltrate Twitter ? If so, Congress nor anyone else would be able to do a thing about it. Burt don’t amplify any ideas. Everything you say will…

      40. Mine is 3x worse, at over 60$, the other two unpublishable except on wordpress. How did Facebook “earn” that 500 Billion, anyway?

      41. Need Trumpsters be reminded of what occurs historically to the early levels of supporters in a tyranny? Perhaps.

      42. I am still looking for a Trumpster who knows the difference between tyranny and liberty. And no, it is not defined by those one happens not to like.

      43. I had to chase the last retweet across the page to the right, with the autozoom flying. DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE? Is there anybody out there?

      44. 2/2: The Senate needs top ask our Don under oath: DID someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means “undetectable? And DID you reward Russia with considerations, as regarding NATO and “orphans”?

      45. Our psychiatry literally does not know what it is doing. There is no “scientific” basis for its first principles. These, assumptions like the categories of the DSM, come from Common sense, tradition, fashionable opinion, or philosophic ethics.

      46. I wonder how much damage is done to children by labelling them as “mentally disordered”.

      47. Time for a different approach perhaps?

      48. You want this video. You need this video. You love this video. You cheer this video.

      49. Sometimes its the obvious stuff:

      50. As at his inauguration. Violation of oath of office is IMPEACHABLE!

      51. Hi, Dr. Sennholtz! Today we asked Michigan, the state, to bring the case to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference.

      52. Today would be a good day for Trump to release hisa tax forms -Just filling in for David Corn

      53. I never did make it back to retweet the Fiona French, so I guess there interference through use of the auto zoom, hoverclick and auto scroll, taking my work right off the side of the page, has worked well, in violation of the First Amendment. This is TYRANNY!

      54. Who is John Barnes?

      55. Has anyone else noticed a whole new level of the seizure of the internet despite all the efforts of the past year? Coinciding with the seizure of the law and the FBI by the new AG.

      56. Of course I’m wrong: They have very nice elections in Russia, and may again by 2020! Perhaps the focus on race and gender in American politics courses for 20 years has failed to transmit the American tradition of liberty to the following generation.

      57. As each new level of the TYRANNY is imposed, I find I have to acclimate psychologically. The Democrats are in acquiescence because they never got it to begin with, never understood what was at stake. They think were going to have elections by 2020! These were gone in 2016.

      58. Sacred dreams. He may be the reincarnation of Roger Williams. Or, Thomas Morton!

      59. Replying to  

        Harvesting personal private putatively HIPAA protected identifying data via CA via FB to facilitate targeted propaganda sounds a lot like stacking the deck IMO.

      60. Right, McCabe: The FBI agents are supposed to be indifferent to mobsters and election fraud, or they are “partisan.” Typical Trump. Used to be, if the agents liked the mob, they were ineligible, eh?

      61. If we were not sooo slooow and stupid, Trump Russia could not have happened to begin. The same, uhrr, limitation of the Americans can be used to control the attempt to remedy the fraudulent election.

      62. Is it not incredible that the Barr report is allowed to replace the Mueller report just like that, Trump taking control of the investigation, and the opinions of the Dems has supposedly changed decisive in 3 days. I opinion being changed by saying it is changed? Americans

      63. One suggestion: Forbid printing info on recycle paper. Another: Do not recycle such papers.

      64. Nice thought: All our recycling goes to China? With info printed on each trash paper, each receipt? Pieces of junk mail from security companies, to be collected? “Here’s your customer ID number!” Trash siftin’ ain’t what it used to be!

      65. So if that is not collusion ” or conspiracy, but only election fraud and bribery, it IS “coordination,” and the Barr summary of M. neither clears Trump nor relieves the danger to our nation.”

      66. Whatever you want to call: Someone told him the election would be turned for him, and the means “undetectable,” and Trump then rewarded Russia by weakening NATO and sanctions, especially before we began to figure out what is happening.

      67. Katherine Snell has a line on NPR, stating Trumpster editorial as news”The M. investigation “clearing Trump of coordinating with Russia,” having found “no evidence of conspiracy.”, so the Dems are”ready to move on from impeachment,” say Russia and collusion no more,” says another

      68. But easy to find a white wolf in Moscow when it is in Washington!

      69. Hope is the dream of a waking man. —Aristotle

      70. Adderall is nearly the same chemical as Meth. Oxy, heroin. Go figure. (I.E., WHO DID THIS ON PURPOSE, linking medicine and the US mob. Oxy deaths are higher in the swing states. Jussayin.

      71. Tis the season! The stems and roots are very dangerous before the leaves come out Do not burn. Poison Ivy

      72. We like the Trump method of stating not what he thinks, but he finds it advantageous for his followers to believe. As if it were a well thought out conclusion! “Witchunt?” Find water.

      73. Replying to 

        I heard your father plans to entirely strike down ACA. People will die and it will be his doing.

      74. So, Ja, the shooting at “Christchurch” is another highly questionable incident. Go figure. Again, Jussayin. Putin would do that, too. Do we know what we are dealing with?

      75. Pardons work “except in cases of impeachment.” I was wondering how Ford Pardoned Nixon, then: he was never impeached, and it does not say removal. The House Must IMPEACH! NOW!!

      76. Trump’s hot air about attacking the accusers of his crimes has had the effect of stiffling the press, which courage must counter. But this is violation of oath of office and an article of Impeachment. He swore to uphold the First Amendment.

      77. I was retweeting Fiona French, and it literally moved the retweet right off the screen, all by its self. This is not accident. How did the Russians throw that election, anyway?

      78. Strange, the Auto-Zoom and auto scroll only goes nuts when working on twitter, not wordpress. It is not the computer. It goes off especially on things against Big Pharma and Trump Go figure. No, CONGRESS, CHECK. TWITTER, CHECK.

      79. The real Christ, not the Conventional Christ.

      80. If these drugs made one third of the people more suicidal, we would not know, because no one has looked. No evidence! and all we believe in is stats and the press.

      81. Or, we could practice the Ninehvite penance.

      82. Excellent! Citizen science, when Big Pharma fails us!

      83. Hold hands when we cross the street, and stick together.

      84. So Trump is going after Brennan for saying the election fraud is “treasonous?” It might be, except that Trump is out for himself and incapable of treason, or the Russian strategy would not work. But let us stand behind Brennan, and oppose all intimidation from the Trumpsters.

      85. So, what if Russia initiated 9/11 in order to get the US in a war with Islam- another of those win-win set ups for Putin? If so would we know it? Especially if we have not even considered the possibility. But in hindsight, gee whiz. Jussayin.

      86. It always was amazing that “Al-Quaeda” could pull this off, initiating the “War on terror, of which Russia has gained much advantage, with little expense. Islamic terror itself is curiously totalitarian, that is, not medieval, i.e., not Islamic. We suspect a Western source.

      87. Pardon again for stating hypotheses I “cannot prove,” and even running these scenarios: 9/11 was always odd and inexplicable, so much so that the “inside job” conspiracy theory flourished, even among 10% of students in an American government class. In hindsight, one suspects Russ

      88. I would like to know who invented the saying “The Hillary card,” worthy of many a chuckle. She may be the most slandered person of our century- so far. But the alternative is not the opposite extreme. Rather, it is the center, and we call true Americans to join us there.

      89. In dust and ashes and in sackcloth. After all, in Nineveh, there were many people who do not know their right from their left, AND many cattle.

      90. Want to avoid the Apocalypse? Try the Ninehvite penance.

      91. It is true that the true standard is very high: Ask Jesus in the sermon on the mount. Ever angry with your brother, or look at a woman lustfully? The point is not that we are actually expected to be capable of it, but that it is the truth.

      92. Interesting that, in Leviticus 18, sex during menstruation and adultery are “uncleanness” right along with homosexuality and bestiality. Elsewhere, talking back to ones parents is punishable too by death. The Jews were to be a holy people set apart, and upheld the true standard.

      93. If the 25th Amendment could be invoked do to ethical incapacity, this might have been done prior to the inauguration. They even considered “narcissism” as impeachable. But our DSM has no category-yet-for tyranny. Stand up and do it: IMPEACH! REMOVE!! REVOTE!!!

      94. There is no Bill of rights at all regarding “mental health, and I could have been killed without due process by government in at least 3 different ways. That is because we are so afraid regarding “mental health.” HOW AFRAID ARE WE OF FASCISM AND THE LOSS OF POLITICAL LIBERTY?

      95. With the report of the AG, the law slipped a bit. The FBI is an un-elected agency, and as the mobsters have learned, can be supervened.

      96. These people should be mechanics who rarely vote, and at best soldiers, as against ISIS or Russian mercenaries. Perhaps they can be persuaded from tyrannizing their own families. They should not be armed and guiding politics.

      97. Because yesterday on NPR, it was said, “They have a trillion bullets, and we have” snowflakes. In the face of the law, the army, the militias and the police, these people can be dismantled, and will sit back down, if we stand up in EVERY way.

      98. It is wrong to think that fixing this requires a civil war the non-fascists will lose. That is only if we fail. So long as we have the law, the army, the militias and the police, we will not lose- but the tyrants know that, and so so as with the arms, are seizing these.

      99. [sarcasm:] I think we should all be so terrified of mobsters that we let go of political liberty.

      100. I was accused by a Trumpster uncle of “saying things I could not prove.” Then he signed on to a perjurous accusation that I was a danger to myself and others,” and no answer was permitted. I was taken away, because, you know, the standard of proof to give a chemo-lobotomy is less

      101. It is the standard of bold thought required to preserve liberty.

      102. Ohio was targeted by the Russians is the news today. Duh, along with all the swing states, where Oxy deaths may be higher. The standard of hypothesis is different from the standard of journalism, and from the proof required in a criminal trial. It is the standard of bold thought

      103. One reason these failed may be that they were given ZERO press. Another may be obstruction and intimidation, and a third is that they were not funded, and could have been written and devised better. The third case was denied without reason, possibly lacking “original jurisdiction

      104. The true way to deal with foreign election fraud may be the Supreme Court. Russia may have elected Trump in order to destroy America, quite apart from the “Collusion” of the Don. 3 cases, SC# 16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857, were brought to void the 2016 election, all given “mandamus”

      105. Impeachment does not require prior indictment. The standard of proof is not that of a criminal trial. The difference is that a mobster CAN be impeached, while he may not be convict-able in a criminal trial. Can be impeached, but not by a mob political party.

      106. One cure for this “White Supremac-ism” is serious study, such as of the Declaration: What it really means to be an American and to recover the greatness of America. This is an inspiration which quickly leaves the body in the dust.

      107. Renowned historians Annette Gordon-Reed and Peter S. Onuf to deliver 2019 C. Ruth and Calvin P. Horn Lecture

      108. Finally, we are working on Pink Floyd’s The Wall” as material for the study of the psychology of fascism. How did it emerge as if by itself from a branch of our music?

      109. The Rabbi and the KKK shows something deep, when he converts a Grand Dragon,” by friendship.

      110. We ask the “white supremacists,” Why is race so important? What is the significance of race? We have never had an answer, other than it is our own, and a Socratic questioner can go many ways with that. “Then for the other, it is their own? And to them better?

      111. Another is law and the rule of law: The “Ethno-state” is treason. Literally. Hence, we have an army and police to deal with insurrection, and a militia subject to the Governors. (One problem is that 20% of these are “white supremacists” already, and 40% Trumpsters.

      112. Another is to stand when harm is done to others. “White” guys need to stand up to avoid the race aspect of the issue.

      113. We are thinking about the question of what can be done without doing more harm than good. One example is the joke about meeting for a fight, “If I’m not there on time, start without me.”

      114. Barring any further ~news~, join me tomorrow for a conversation about extremism with Terry Gross on

      115. The “Ethno-state” is treason. White Supremacism is treason against the principles of the Declaration- read the second sentence. THAT is what America means. MAGA? Recover the meaning.

      116. Free speech for Trumpsters, while those questioning the Russian involvement in election fraud are threatened with “treason?” This is tyranny, folks.

      117. One half of organized crime drug money came from the unconstitutional prohibition of weed. What’s next, grow your own tomatoes? Carrots? Well, Monsanto was working on that, with Dicamba drift.

      118. The map includes major and minor locations, major and minor routes, sea routes, canals and roads

      119. McConnell is also THE ONE who prevented Obama from doing SOMETHING about the Trump-Russia election fraud.

      120. 40% incredible. Excellent data. Link please?

      121. More dangerous than the anti-semites who boycott Israel is an American president who interferes in an Israeli election. Who does Trump think he is? Vladimir Putin? Trump flouts chummy relations with Netanyahu ahead of Israeli election

      122. dial a shaman: coso rock art in eastern california

      123. dial a shaman: the concept of self-transcendence

      124. dial a shaman: ancient rock art in the western united states … … Red Button Theatre

      125. Send THIS to the Don!

      126. With the wind at his back, I expect that Trump feels like a god and is seriously considering pardons for all of his criminal friends. He thinks he is a dictator. They just created a monster.

      127.  Mar 25

      128. Go Seth!

      129. Romania, eh? I had a mystery visitor to my wordpress from Romania, coinciding with a mystery visitor from the US- these uniquely show up in one but not another calculation, so the numbers uniquely do not match. That has happened only 4 times, and the first was US Satanists. Oooh!

      130. Aunt Crabby RETURNS! Let Trump intimidate HER!

      131. BREAKING: Mitch McConnell moves to block release of Mueller Report. To paraphrase Leonard Cohen, “There’s a leak in everything. That’s how the truth gets out.”

      132. That they killed him when he did no wrong is confirmation for all to see- as with Socrates.

      133. And would he like his wife, daughter, mother or sister to take an elevator ride with the Don? Probl’y wouldn’t care, cause he sells ’em already!

      134. David Gilmour ”Shine On You Crazy Diamond” played perfectly

      135. Why does she not ask this person to walk her through the hate stuff, show her, and look? One cannot tell from the tweets.

      136. Yes, there will be a march. More details soon.

      137. By-Bye, LIBERTY, unless we stand up! But that has been true for 2 years!

      138. Maybe that is why I am the only one speaking today.

      139. Don thinks he is now unimpeachable. Welcome to tyranny. His White House spokesman just openly intimidated the press and Schiff in particular, in violation of his oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

      140. Oh, I get it, the press is intimidated, because Don has threatened to charge people with “treason,” for saying things like: The Senate must ask Trump under oath: DID SOMEONE tell you the election would be turned for you, and the means “undetectable” And did you then reward Russ?

      141. Ja, Don’t say “Kaspersky”! Don’t look up their WIKI. 400 million eh?

      142. Hillary IS an American who DOES care about our nation, and the world. How you all likin’ that 30 Trillion$ debt?

      143. Jared Kushner was discussing American policy with the rulers of Saudi Arabia at literally the same time that his brother was talking personal business with their top aides. How is this even legal? Why is Kushner not held accountable? Mar 25

      144. The *genius* of this mess is capitulating to Putin in broad daylight.

      145. Antidepressants involved?

      146. Encouraging thread. Start some meaningful conversations without argument.

      147. Replying to 

        Oh my goodness!!!!!! Is that legal? First Amendment etc.? Just asking.

      148. But Trump has never read the First Amendment, so cannot be held responsible. IMPEACH! REMOVE!!

      149. Our first Amendment forbids government from intimidating the pess. This ALONE is IMPEACHABLE!

      150.  Mar 25

        How is this tweet ‘block worthy’?

      151.  Mar 25

      152. …For I have sworn on the Altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man. -Thomas Jefferson

      I do not know of a single error (or I would fix it) and stand behind everything I have said for over two years. Notice my citizen’s arrest did not charge Trump with treason.

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    11. What Then? Supreme Court Monday: States Ask That the Russian Election of 2016 be Declared Null and Void

    12. Consider the Language of Ex Parte Yarbrough (1884), and Apply It to the Supreme Court Itself, (Which Has Article IV.4)

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    15. Reuters Reports Russian Plot to use Internet to turn the 2016 Election

    16. #16-1464 to Void the 2016 Russian-U.S. Election

    17. Re-vote Revived! Supreme Court Asked Again to Void 2016 Election Due to Russian Interference

    18. Amicus Brief: On Supreme Court Case #16-1464

    19. The many many points will now re-coalesce, the loyal opposition having questioned itself as well, as is proper. But the 4p. AG report will not dissolve the truth. Attacks on Trump’s opponents have now begun.

    20. Arendt, “Origins” p. 384: “The gullibility of sympathizers makes lies credible to the outside world.” One should have heard the BBC this morning! and NPR! Nor do we say Trump is (yet) a “totalitarian,” but rater, an old fashion tyrant being used by a totalitarian.

    21. I am still looking for a Trumpster who knows the difference between tyranny and liberty. And no, it is not defined by those one happens not to like.

    22. Need Trumpsters be reminded of what occurs historically to the early levels of supporters in a tyranny? Perhaps.

    23. We do say that someone told Trump the election would be turned for him, and the means “undetectable,” so that he would know who to reward, because he is a bit thick regarding politics- Trump U, you know- he took their best course on the Constitution.

    24. 2/2 And guess what methods of “marketing ” influences are being used, including subliminal. You got it now, your catching on! Anything Congress has not forbidden. Guess who is doing it? Any tyrants, for political purposes? Guess where your voter rights (9th A) are.

    25. Guess what “data” is being collected on you through your tech: Anything not illegal and profitable. Are you on camera and microphone and other unknown collection methods? And guess what the purposes are for which it is being used. Ditto including tyrants turning elections.

    26. Again, the articles of impeachment are: 1) Election fraud Did someone tell you the election would be turned? 2) Bribery: And did you reward Russia on NATO and orphans? 3) Obstruction: Everything, including Comey, to impede the investigation 4) Emoluments 5) Intimidating the press

    27. Obstruction, such as witness tampering, is prosecute-able even if the intimidation prevents a conviction on the crimes in question.

    28. What Trump did was receive election fraud from Russia in exchange for weakening NATO and sanctions, or attempting to, and other foreign policy considerations. We never said he orchestrated it. He has teams of lawyers preventing him from committing easy to prosecute crimes.

    29. The press this morning is amazing. NPR is snowed. All Trump needs to do is speak, give us his message he wants us to believe, and OBSTRUCT by hiring Barr to lend credence and legalese. Not a single thing I have said all along has been contradicted.

    30. But thanks to the Trump supporters, US law has been seized. We are now each in danger as in a tyranny.

    31. There is always 50 STATE SECESSION!

    32. The Dem strategists may be correct: Our choice may be losing a civil war or hoping we can get Trump to oppose Putin for his own interests.

    33. If Trump knew and rewarded Russia, this is just what he would say and do. If tyranny were taking over, this is just what it would look like.

    34. Two years ago, while working on a Supreme Court case (16-907) to Void the 2016 election due to Russian interference, I was threatened, then taken away, held for 20 days, attempted drugged, and NO ONE DID A THING. NO ONE LOOKED INTO IT. No one heard my side of the story. NO ONE.

    35. Many are content to be ruled by Hitler or the mob. It is a fact of life. The question is what to do that does not make things worse.

    36.  13 hours ago

    37. Remy is not concerned if the law has been seized.

    38.  20 hours ago

    39. What I am saying is he was assured PRIOR to the submission of the report to Barr, that he would be covered. There is no other possible explanation for him boldly saying OH YES I THINK THE REPORT NEEDS TO BE SHARED WITH THE PEOPLE.” Whatever dude. YOU KNEW IT WOULDNT BE. 6/

    40. To mankind, the proof of the Christ is the crucifixion, because they cannot see otherwise. To Athens, it is the legal murder of Socrates. And what convinced Germany of the depravity of the Nazis? Was it the perversion inherent in their political theories? Or rather Auschwitz, etc

    41. ONE confirmation is the obstruction- his saying and doing things consistent with having been told and rewarding Putin. Another is intimidation and attacking those who speak the truth. The job of Roger Stone seems to have been chief intimidator.

    42. …IF Trump were not told and did not return foreign policy considerations. But even without any Trump complicity, Putin can count on such a man dismantling the executive. Is there NOTHING, no Constitutional remedy?

    43. Now IF Russia elected the man most congenial to their ends, is there nothing to be done about it? Are we to allow it? Even if election fraud and bribery- being told and then returning favors- were not impeachable? The COURT would have to overturn the election IF Trump were not..

    44. IF Trump were told that the election would be turned for him, and the means undetectable, AND he then rewarded Russia, would not the report of the AG be just as it is? We do not say he asked them them to do it, nor that Felix Sater had a job in the Trump campaign.

    45. Let Trump explain the complex reasoning behind his early policy of weakening NATO and sanction for Putin. Perhaps they studied the matter at Trump U, you know, in their course on FOREIGN real estate fraud paid for with the credit cards of the elderly. America, you are easy prey.

    46. Treated with antidepressants? US law prevents the disclosure. Who funded THAT law in Congress? And what are the side effects they are compelled to list on the bottle?

    47. Ssh! Don’t say “KASPERSKY,” Putin might get M.A.D.

    48. Just don’t look, and there is no evidence. Its called exoneration. Our ship is sinking.

    49. Have the two students of Parkland been treated for PTSD with antidepressants, one of the side effects of which is that it makes people suicidal, as it says RIGHT ON THE BOTTLE? If so, I’m afraid I have HAD IT with our stupid psychiatry. We literally do not know what we are doing.

    50. Congress has left Mueller with an unimpeachable boss.

    51. Thank you!

    52. The standard of proof in an impeachment trial in the Senate is different from that in a criminal prosecution. We are not obligated by our system to allow Capone to sit as “president,” even we cannot overcome his witness intimidation.

    53.  22 hours ago

    54.  22 hours ago

    55. Where’s this brand of Republicans today? In 1974, Goldwater & Rhodes told Nixon he was doomed

    56. At some point, perhaps long past, America is going to have to either stand up, get nuked, or kiss Putin’s ass and become Russian.

    57. Liberty is reduced to “calling” and begging.

    58. Innocence of crimes of which they are not accused is one of the 6 or so methods. Guilt has no other answer.

    59. Despite what Barr’s summary claims, the case for obstruction of justice against Trump is strong. Here are the facts:

    60. Sometimes it is the obvious, common sense things.

    61. When Barr was appointed, the issue may have been settled.

    62. Something is conspicuously absent from . focuses exclusively on question of crimes (that shiny object). Any separate intelligence analysis appears to be missing here — including Kremlin’s use of unwitting agents, campaign’s involvement with WikiLeaks etc.

    63. IF the Russians told Sater they could get get Donny elected, it has been excluded from consideration. The methods are, 1) you can’t look 2) The accuser is partisan 3) the courts can’t consider that question 4) the accuser is a bad person 5) We will hurt you and your dependents.

    64. Remember, too, when people are “discussing” politics, some things sink in later, even though it appears no one is listening, as in a marital dispute. Back up to the assumptions: IF it were so, WOULD you care?, etc. Because, like Nazis, they do not care about the truth of the Q.

    65. But where is Kaspersky? They were Russian, so we are not obligated to suffer THEM while none can see who will not look.

    66. Anyone ever heard of “Kaspersky?” Could we “prove” they were not a legitimate business handling our computer security FROM MOSCOW!!. Especially if we do not listen to people who watched Russian intimidation walk right past them on our computers. NO ONE HAS EVER LOOKED.

    67. …so our nation would not be destroyed so easily.

    68. undetectable? And did you then reward Russia with considerations regarding NATO and “orphans?” It is not “treason,” because Trump himself does not realize what is at stake- another win-win for Vladimir Putin. But it is the very thing IMPEACHment is set to remedy, so our nation..

    69. Again, what Trump did is what mobsters do: He took election fraud help in exchange for foreign policy considers as on NATO and sanctions. That is impeachable. The Senate will not ever ask him, “Don, did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means un…

    70. no one will believe it, or care. America is OVER! The lady sang two years ago. Congress failed even to impeach.

    71. Please oh please, Twitter and those paying, p-lease allow my speech to be public and not channeled into the rabbit hole. Begging is now the status of our fundamental rights, including political speech. Thanx, Congress! Nice oversight! Even when we are either nuked or Russian…

    72. And no, I cannot “prove it” in court, but we can all suffer it, which is what is happening. Or did you think the mob had no “lawyers?”

    73. This case is logically prior to the Trump appointees which assure that anything now brought before the court will be decided on a partisan basis, Truth being now a function of “The Party.” But we are slipping under an irremediable tyranny, to the delight of Vladimir Putin.

    74. …for anything more than tax evasion. We are not compelled by our law to suffer Capone as tyrant.

    75. Reminder: The standard of proof in a Senate removal trial is different from that in a criminal trial, so that we would not be compelled to allow a mob boss to continue as “president,” even if witnesses were intimidated so that we could not gain a criminal conviction- …

    76. Incidentally, we have a US citizen still held in Moscow. Amusing.

    77. Dr Sennholtz was also intimidated for working on the case, and stopped as a result, so the intimidation stopped. Ask her, because INTIMIDATION IS OBSTRUCTION AND CONFIRMATION.

    78. The ONLY way to save our nation was indeed the Supreme court case #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857, and that may well be why I was taken away with NO evidence, because I was not even accused of anything I do not have a right to do, AND NO ONE HAS EVER LOOKED INTO THE MATTER!!

    79. Even better, because Trump himself could not set it in legalistic terms with the appearance of objectivity. No indeed, one cannot get a legal conviction in a mob trial when the intimidated witnesses won’nt testify. But an honest Congress could IMPEACH!! and REMOVE!!

    80. This is the song was with me today, the guitar riff, and I correctly id’d the source of the apparition: The Bob Seger System – White Wall

    81. Obverse indeed of the travelin Ramblin’ man, I’ll keep posting it till someone likes it! The Bob Seger System- Train man (1969)

    82. Arendt, Origins, p. 382-382: Gillibiliy and cynicism: When lies are demonstrated, followers praise the leader for cleverness. DO ANY “REPUBLICANS CARE if Russia turned the election through the primaries aiming to dismantle the US executive? Does Trump care?

    83. That’s what I meant to say…Stay.

    84. David Bowie – Stay

    85. Ah, but who will love a lad insane? David Bowie – Aladdin Sane

    86. David Bowie – Lady Grinning Soul

    87. With Floyd’s Wall playing simultaneously and Ottelin on the screen- almost scripture!

    88. David Bowie – Panic In Detroit

    89. But Bowie too, at the end of Panic in Detroit, concludes “I need someone to phone.” That is, the Marxist revolutionary in the end needed the natural sociality rejected by modernity. There. So lets have it on twitter from Youtube, Panic, even if you’ll never understand it!

    90. One must appeal to the nature of the soul, not a material or efficient, but formal and final causes. WHY is fascism emerging out of a branch of Rock music? That was the question 40 years ago, and no one who could ask it has a job in our universities.

    91. A penny saved is a penny earned, and how time flies! But it also means “one’s own business,” contra Wiki, because while humans are minding other’s business, their own is…One of the definitions of justice from Plato’s Republic.

    92. No one would believe the autozoom and auto scroll fought daily on this computer. They do thing Congress would not believe nor comprehend for at least two years, and I’m what, supposed to call congress again? Praise the farm bill? This is on about 33% zoom.

    93. Beginning the Ottelin, since SOMEONE does nort want me to see the Uterick Complete Analysis. “Loneliness ” as an explanation of fascism is not a sufficient explanation.

    94. Pink Floyd – ” MOTHER ” The Wall 1980 via

    95. Bob Seger – Ship Of Fools via

    96. “Springtime of new years, the young thoughts see more dreams while you live on the wind, how lovely it all seems With moments yet unshared, and wishes incomplete The stars above your head, the world beneath your feet…”-Seger, from Songmeanings

    97. IMO, what I want to see from the includes: ✅ Everything he has on – evidence & report ✅ campaign role in engineering FB/CA-Ru machine ✅ Anything relating to quid pro quo w ✅ ✅Transcript of q’s & a’s bet RM & DT(written)

    98. unless payment could be made. They they recommended euthanasia. This is a young dog. I got her in touch with my dad. He took a look at the xray and is doing the surgery tomorrow. Dog is coming in tonight to be put on IV fluids. 1) My dad has the luxury to do this b/c he owns the

    99. The Bob Seger System – White Wall

    100. Sunday is the day we get to set aside anxiety about practical concerns, and try to study scripture. Moses got us Saturday, Jesus got us Sunday, and if we consider Islam, we might get the four day work week! John: “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day…”

    101.  Jan 25

    102.  Mar 22

    103. You can now support Unicorn Riot by becoming a patron on our . Go to the link to check out all the different ways to support Unicorn Riot. Thank you!

    104. Leaked chat logs from the group Identity Evropa show a continuing dynamic of & , despite ongoing attempts to reform their public image following the deadly 2017 ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville.  Mar 22

    105. Federal USFWS and agents tracked No More Deaths volunteers, texted each other racist slurs directed at migrants and went as far as sharing the location of a humanitarian aid worker’s home.

    106. Historian: Modern White Power Movement Can Trace Roots to Vietnam War

    107. On the Media is excellent again this weekend. Kathleen Belew. It will air again later in the day, for us chore guys who can’t catch it.

    108. This hurts my heart so much 😦 💔 Parkland shooting survivor Sydney Aiello takes her own life after suffering from PTSD and survivor’s guilt. Rest in peace Sydney. Fredon Moniteau

    109. We must assume that AG Barr is the same as Trump himself being in charge of the report, and proceed accordingly (though we may be surprised, pleasantly).

    110. The Russians made sure he got through his thick head so he would know who to reward. Someone told him the means would be “undetectable,” and he repeated that.

    111. Life goes on:

    112. And were they not deplorably slow because of the chain of command and their own complicity, Russia could not have turned the election for Trump beginning in the primaries. America is not that stupid, but we do respect apparent elections, and this too was used against us.

    113. Because of the chain of command, US intelligence was deplorably slow to see the internet in a comprehensive way in light of world politics. Also, because they were using Russian “help” to fight “terrorism.” ALL YOUR TECH IS STILL SPYING ON YOU. Jussayin.

    114. IMPEACH!! REMOVE!!

    115.  Mar 18

    116. Pink Floyd “Breathe” (800% Slower) Sarah Kendzior

    117. They. Had. Me. Taken. Away. And Tried To. Drug. Me. For speaking out, and working on the Supreme Court case (#16-907) to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference. We could have been, and still could be- NUKED. We need 19 Republicans to GET IT! IMPEACH!! REMOVE!!

    118.  Mar 22

    119. Mr. Auto-Zoom!

    120. Mr. 666? Mr. what-we-have-to-worry-about-next? Mr. Jews cannot be fascists?

    121. Sad but true. Doesn’t take much for the threats to start.

    122.  Mar 22

    123. Now I want an investigation into when they had me taken away and tried to drug me, because I did not a single thing I do not have a perfect right to do, and anyone, any county judge, could have known it. It is not ok.

    124. The “mystery company” may well be Kaspersky. And had they not disappeared, and were I still screaming alone calling radio stations and representatives, I would be as correct. They let Russian intimidation get through on my computer when they were my security company.

    125. The tyranny of the future must be defeated in just this way, because once they are allowed to intimidate, everyone just sucks up for their own concerns, including their own dependents. Some must see from atop, and risk all for America.

    126. Yes, it IS a matter of national security if Putin threw the election for Trump to watch him dismantle the US executive, and Trump rewarded him with foreign policy considerations. The whole report should be hidden deep within our trusted executive branch. National security.

    127. Have they given the report to Trump yet, so he can decide it is a “witch hunt” with 34 indictments and 17 intelligence agencies? With no “collusion” (nice tie!) and no obstruction? No emoluments, even.

    128. Strange things happen on the last Snopes factcheck tweet, and delete is not an option. Too much clicking is required to get the information.

    129. Intimidation is confirmation. But also, Trump says exactly what he would say if Russia had promised help with election fraud and he rewarded them with foreign policy considerations of which he cannot see the significance, though Putin can.

    130. One amazing thing is that once Liberty was forgotten, Russian propaganda methods worked fine on the “Republicans.” Party unity as a priority has led to the fake world of totalitarian regimes. Russia always assumed that is just they way things work.

    131. Why the Dem’s think elections are more secure than the Justice department or Twitter, one must wonder. Good thing the Dem’s attacked the center, so the Hillary card will be guaranteed final.

    132. …Because if the centrist or sane, non-propogandized “Republicans” cared about the truth, there is PLENTY of reason already. To see 17 House Republicans have ZERO questions for Cohen sort of tells us we are stuck with their tyranny.

    133. We could have guaranteed two years ago that the Trump-Russians will indeed say BOO very loudly it we do not let them seize the US government. At some point, we must draw the line and put a stop to this, unless you all really like being Russian.

    134. Do we even HAVE 19 “Republican” Senators who care if it is true that Russia turned the election for Trump? Who know why this matters? Who care about the rule of law? Before we restate 34 indictments, 17 intell agencies, Cambridge Analytica and Kaspersky, they must care.

    135. Putin is of course using North Korea without cost, and does not care what occurs between US and Them. For him, it is another win-win, since we let him choose the game and the rules. Now watch ‘im kick over the table.

    136. The seizure of law itself may have occurred in the US a few weeks ago, when the new AG took over the Justice department. If so, see ya ’round, its been real.-mm

    137. Ties to a whole string about the assumed answer to what is the ordered “personality” assumed in the study of “personality disorders.”

    138. Dee Dee and Joey argued in Brazil when Punk began to turn fascist. That broke up the Ramones. Joey was a decent sort, smart enough not to follow across, just as Waters steps Pink out from behind the Wall.

    139. Jimi Hendrix Experience – Royal Albert Hall 1969 (Remaster+Enhanced Audi…

    140. Jack White – Lazaretto at Glastonbury 2014

    141. That is of course Hosea, since you were wondering. Micah is the one from Bethlehem, (quite after David).

    142. Facebook says change your password. We say change companies, to one that does not whore your voting rights with your data, while calling the extra profit necessary. 500 Billion dollars is the value of those rights, and counting.

    143. Facebook, though, is impressive this way: Unlike the Koch Brothers, they do not hire intimidators.

    144. Ya, ask those girls why God put Trump on the elevator with them! Faith does not = gullibility.

    145. Russia, of course, was not attacked from Crimea, but just took it, and even those fool enough to welcome them based on nationality are not enjoying the Crimean tyranny.

    146. One could argue that if one’s nation is attacked from an area, as the Golan heights, and one takes that area, it is not illegal. Don’t attack Israel, then complain when you lose. Leave people alone: International law.

    147. what dis?

    148. I still don’t get why people come to the US, with our guns and looming fascism if we do not SAY NO TO TYRANNY!

    149. So why not make it possible for guest workers to enter legally without a bureaucratic nightmare? But that was the question about 1990. If you were to pick apples, would you

    150. It may be the reverse, that the rise in fascism is exasperating what would otherwise be a normal question. US drug demand destroying Central American law does not help. Colombia too, needless to say.

    151. Our common sense of nationhood is found first of all in the recovery of our Credo, and certainly not by the accident called “race.” That is, “We hold these truths to be self evident…and then there are the four assertions. Then the three branches, all aiming to prevent tyranny.

    152. Liberals do not admit that borders are conventional, but necessary. “Conservatives” too do not admit that borders are conventional, but merely necessary.

    153. David Frum, writing for the Atlantic, seems to make a genuine effort at a centrist view of the immigration question (Covered on NPR. Except that he assumes that the immigration is causing the rise in Fascism, the attempt to restore reason to the border question is most welcome.

    154. Now I’m wondering, who wrote that National Geographic article, anyway? I read it in the checkout-could not believe it! Nero is an “artist,” ya. And Trump is like Augustus, good at “branding” (Once called a con man). Great for Rome, too. Amazing. [Sarcasm alert for US readers]

    155. THAT Tiberius did, of course. His retirement to the island of Capri coincides with the ministry of Jesus, roughly. Tyrants, of course, cannot resist the freedom of the appetites which they think the seizure of the law allows them.

    156. Herod happened. This is the bi-millennium of the life of the messiah. Don’t read Micah! But knowing it may allow us to mitigate, counter, and avoid being the Babylon of Rev. 18. IMPEACH!! REMOVE!! REPENT!! RESTORE.

    157. A little Auto Zoom?

    158. It is amazing what John and Luke and Matthew did write, but the apocalypse is, ya, not, a political pamphlet against Nero. Compare Josephus and triangulate.

    159. NPR must realize what it played today, and what Nero did. We do not believe that that depth of evil is possible, and won’t, until we suffer it. Sick, rather than describe what it is well known what Tiberius, Caligula, Nero and Domitian did. Tacitus wrote under the Emperors, too

    160. F’n slaves. But add the historians to the shrinks, sociologists and anthropologists of popular academia. I have to go get sick! He gets his history from National Geographic, not Livy and Tacitus. Probl’y a bonehead Trumpster.

    161. Ja, that’s Leo, NOT Barry Strauss of Cornell, who does not know what a tyrant is. Nero was actually a wonderful guy- He just killed St. Peter and Paul, and worse, the worst ruler in history. Oh, and Donney, why he’s not like Tiberius, but rather Augustus, good at branding “Adolf”

    162. But the health of the soul implies an objective ethics. Our social science is self contradictory. We are especially able to know, on hypotheses, what does not follow, or is false.

    163. Things can be known about this, but we can also be tragically mistaken (and comically mistaken). Hence, there is a truth.

    164. Hence, the shrink would seem to be abnormal, perhaps with the sociologist and anthropologist, if they manage to replace justice with modern “science.” If the just soul is rare, and intellectual virtue unknown in our age, the normal and the healthy must be two different things.

    165. If there is not, psych-ology and psych-iatry are impossible. We assume “values” are not facts, and also assume that the extremes are bad or evil, at the same time. Even thieves, charlatans, gangsters and tyrants simultaneously assume there is injustice.

    166. They do their best, they do what they can They get them ready for Vietnam From old Hanoi to East Berlin Commando, involved again First rule is “the laws of Germany” Second rule is “be nice to mommy” Third rule is “don’t talk to Commies” Fourth rule is “eat kosher salamis”

    167. The Ramones Havana Affair /Commando Live

    168. RAMONES – Havana Affair

    169. RAMONES – Rockaway Beach

    170. RAMONES – Cretin Hop

    171. Political action, so far as it is concerned to prevent disasters, cannot be guided by honor in any public sense. As Churchill said, the goal is to preserve the usual human world, so that education is possible. And Love. In the Shrew, Willie’s guys say: Aristotle…and Ovid!

    172. I think they thought I was going to say something about Trump getting the Jews AND “white suremacists” to beat up Muslims, for Putin. We still like Netan-Yahoo, but man does he look he succored by Trump!

    173. Humans need cultivation even more than the healthy leg. But “To determine what is by nature good for man…one must first determine what the nature of man,, or man’s natural constitution, is. It is the…the life that flows from a well ordered or healthy soul.” Plato, city/soul.

    174. Strauss, NRH, p.132: “…But the condition of people who have not yet made any serious effort toward the perfection of human nature is, of necessity, bad in the decisive respect…” The physician restores a broken leg. The sensei cultivates the perfection of the healthy leg.-mm

    175. Strauss: “The various things which are by nature noble or admirable are essentially the parts of human nobility in its completion, or are related to it; They all point toward the well ordered soul, incomparably the most admirable human phenomenon.’

    176. Yup, we got it: Strauss, Natural Right and History, ch. IV, pp.128, etc.: The various things which are by nature noble or admirable are essentially the parts of human nobility in its completion,… They all point toward the well ordered soul, incomparably the most…

    177. Is this the machine, Twitter, Google, or Dark Web type guys? Microsoft! Congress: How does Facebook make money, anyway?

    178. There goes the auto zoom!

    179. The well ordered soul, “the most admirable human phenomenon,” it literally a lifelong study, worthy of more effort than a tenth degree in Shotokan Karate. One sure way of failure is to never begin the inquiry. , hover on the menu and click.

    180. Our psych keeps talking about “Personality disorder,” “malfunction,” etc., without ever considering what the well ordered personality” might be. It literally assumes something like: “Like us, sane” as the measure. “Normal” is the norm. Then, they prescribe drugs.

    …But indeed, some learned the hard way: Crosby, Stills Nash – Helplessly Hoping

  1. The one thing in which the hippies did not believe is Dance-me-to-the-end-of love. Leonard Cohen-DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE

  2. Alone, we still know Love: Neil Young – Harvest Moon

  3. Replying to   and 4 others

    Yes, the ramifications are immense, ruined my mother’s final years, made it impossible for me to properly care for my ageing father, unable to be a proper support to others in my life, now dependent on others when I should be independent .. and so on and so forth.

  4. Bob Seger – Ship Of Fools

  5. Ditto. Any psychology that does not understand for example Jack White or why the Wall is so high has no business drugging anyone. Nor will it understand the return of fascism defeated in WWII

  6. On The Wall: “Did it have to be so high?” One begins to get this when he understand the line of Jack White, from “Seven Nation Army:” Bleedin.’

  7. Now, we say: Any psychology that cannot comprehend what we have just shown through Jack White has ZERO business drugging anyone! Are we steady now, Modern Psych?

  8. Jack White-“Steady As She Goes”-Governor’s Ball-6/1/2018- New York via

  9. Jack White – Connected By Love (Live on SNL) via

  10. Jack White – Love Interruption (Video) via

  11. Lazaretto: Jack White – Would You Fight For My Love? (Video) via

  12. Jack White – Lazaretto (Video) via

  13. Does anyone get this yet? See Jack White-“Seven Nation Army”-Governor’s Ball-6/1/2018- New York via

  14. The White Stripes-Jolene via

  15. The soul is the imago Dei. White orchid is the wedding lapel. White Stripes – Blue Orchid via

  16. …And the stains coming from my blood Tell me go back home. The White Stripes – ‘Seven Nation Army’ via

  17. I’m going to Wichita Far from this opera for evermore I’m gonna work the straw Make the sweat drip out of every pore And I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding Right before the lord All the words are gonna bleed from me And I will sing no more…

  18. On Brexit: they are looking for a federalism like the US, with specific delegated powers. Keep economic common market, but retain British sovereignty. It is similar to the 1 1/2 state solution for Israel.

  19. Replying to   and 7 others

    Every. Single. Person. Around. Him. Is. Connected. 2. The. MOB. It’s exhausting 2 keep discovering this & pointing it out. But I WON’T STOP.

  20. The Ramones – Out of time via

  21. Replying to   and 4 others

    Yes, it was terrible, I rarely speak about it now . it is too distressing, the memories, I am distressed now.

  22. Have you ever seen the rain The Ramones via

  23. The Ramones – What A Wonderful World via

  24. More Anti-psych: Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated (Official Music Video) via

  25. the ramones-california sun via

  26. Ramones Havana Affair It´s Alive 1977 via

  27. RAMONES – Havana Affair via

  28. RAMONES – Ramona via

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  29. Anti-psych is here to stay! RAMONES – Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment via

  30. The Ramones – Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment – 12/28/1978 – Winterland (Off… via

  31. That it is done as a sarcastic advertisement adds a new layer to Punk. American commercialism and the shaping of opinion by advertising is one root of propaganda.

  32. Anti-psych anthem for the Age: “Peace and love is here to stay and now I can wake up and face the day Happy-happy-happy all the time, shock treatment, I’m doing fine.”

  33. Ramones – Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment (Live) via I was feeling sick, losing my mind Heard about these treatments by a good friend of mine He was always happy, smile on his face He said he had a great time at the place…

  34. Anastasia screamed in vain, by 1917.

  35. How did Trump keep even the noblest of Republicans despite attacking John McCain? Russian data collection and targeted interference turned the election. THAT is why things that would derail any candidacy rolled off him like rain off a Teflon raincoat.

  36. Weed ranks lower than Jerkin off? America lacks a spiritual life, and that IS depressing!

  37. Essential understanding for et al – because the neoliberal ideology that you a fighting so hard to reverse, have infected our healthcare systems as well.

  38. Somalia April 2017. The grey areas are “Islamists” Shabaab was in the South there, One leader blocked aid while people ate grass and leaves, remember? Most recently they did a Mall bombing, and do suicide attacks.

  39. I punch in Al Shabaab,” The Google goes immediately to %, without touching it. I stop to tweet about it, and still don’t know this fellow Albert Shishkabab might be.

  40. : – In the past few weeks, Somali soldiers have been abandoning frontline positions saying they haven’t been paid for months. – Al-Shabaab have recaptured several towns & villages getting closer to Mogadishu. – This is where we are after 10 years fighting Al-Shabaab.

  41. Those truly great are humble before the Lord, serve the weak, and stand up to men. Those slavish masters look so corny when they go to meet the Don, as he too does when meeting that biggest fish. Are you free? Powerful? Walk away. Dare ya.

  42. Strauss quoting Livy: et humiliter serviebant et superbe dominabantur, = “themselves obsequiously subservient while arrogantly lording it over others.” (Tr. Emmanuel Patard). Serving in humility while in domination supreme. Why live that way? Yet the greatest too serves, opposite

  43. The Apostasy of the Evangelicals and other Christian conservatives will take a long consideration to digest. Any tyrant who gives them their platform earns their faith? This is gullibility, and it is not a virtue from Jerusalem.

  44. Despite being distracted from the study of nature and man, he had that fantastic chick, what’s her name Bolivar? Was she from…But no wonder Sartre was distracted.

  45. America: Prepare to Impeach and REMOVE! Any state that wants can take the case to the Supreme Court to void the 2016 election. Much of the work has been done: SC#16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857.

  46. He’s not a guru. He was a sage because he was captured. I like gurus who weren’t captured.

  47. Round-up: Look, if you think you can spray a chemical that kills all things except what is genetically engineered not to be killed, and you don’t see this right away? Americans are just Sooo stupid!

  48. I’m speaking with Simone de Beauvoir, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things.

  49. Well, Marco, I’m losing hope. Indeed, Churchill met with Stalin. If you help them start a war in Venezuela to avoid the inevitable impeachment…but it is too late. I have ONE Republican left who has integrity.

  50. When you share your stories of iatrogenic harm from antidepressants and benzodiazepines you will find that indeed you have to face it alone

  51. is rediscovering that we are made for the flame that always burns: for God, for the eternity of Heaven, and not for the world.

  52. Hmmm…your bizarre tweets and recent temper tantrums reveal your panic over the likelihood the Special Counsel will soon further complicate your life, putting your political & financial future in jeopardy. Fortunately, Lady Justice does not do NDAs.

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  53. Wait till we see fauna: Summer Solstice?

  54. I am so angry about this radio program. All the same BS but no data to back it up. She’s making it up as you goes along.

  55. I believe patients should be fully informed before taking any psychiatric drugs, I should have been informed decades ago that my health would be slowly destroyed by the drugs I was consuming.

  56. . claims it has not killed any civilians in Somalia in 2017 and 2018. latest report proves otherwise. 5 strikes investigated = 14 civilians killed and 8 injured. It’s time for proper investigation and accountability

  57. Civilian deaths from drone strikes is similar to the question of “extraordinary rendition.” If we are aware, perhaps another way can be found to achieve the same ends. But while we are doing these things, other, better are things go undone.

  58. I just reset my auto zoom twice. Someone does not want the US to even know the extent to which we are at war in Somalia. But perhaps those nice tyrants will let me read Bret Urick today. We are a free people, and on us turns liberty.

  59. Poor . Banned by . Banned by . Don’t worry, as long as there’s impunity for the atrocities committed by your military, there’s room for you on ‘s homepage.

  60. Apparently, Marco et al has forgotten that Brazil too is a tyranny, with US blessing. I hear a few Nazis escaped there, as Argentina. Marco, if you let yourself be a pawn in a war to avoid INEVITABLE impeachment, after not figuring out who got jilted in t’ “Republican” primaries

  61. Perhaps Putin thinks he will first encourage fascist tyranny, then come in like Russia liberating Auschwitz, to the great applause of… He neglects to consider that there will be too few left to applaud.

  62. Imagine talking to a “president” who has literally never read the Constitution:

  63. Congress must prevent the mob from scamming the tax dollars. But they are too busy finding “Campaign finances.” All the solutions are in the center.

  64. The internet has managed to publicize my location without my consent. Anyone ever get a death threat? But thanx- we’ll just have to get the location on those making the threats- that should be easy!

  65. Finally the fourth entry does take one to an apparently older Urick paper. My computer cleared all the work I had open yesterday- nice that it should make decisions for us.

  66. The second enrty on Google also takes one to the same on line pharmacy. Amazing. Songs – The Wall Analysis Another Brick In The Wall, part 1 · When The Tigers Broke Free, part 2 · The Happiest Days Of Our Lives · Another Brick In The Wall, part 2 · Mother

  67. “For I have sworn on the Altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of men.” -Thomas Jefferson

  68. Putin says he is going top take Assad to a nice McMansion in the Moscow burbs so Syria can begin to rebuild Syria- (Oh, fake news?)

  69. The USA says it’s killed 800 ‘terrorists’ in 110 air strikes in Somalia but caused not a single civilian casualty. This is patently false. We’ve documented 14 civilians killed & 8 injured in just five strikes. The US must investigate. Art by

  70. Ella Knight of Amnesty International reports on civilian deaths in US drone strikes in Somalia.

  71. Advertising to children on the internet is totally unregulated. How about WE BOYCOTT ALL CHILDREN”S INTERNET TILL THIS IS FIXED? Characters are used to sell products, as is illegal on T.V. But that is only one obvious example. Don’t think deep on this one, kiddies.

  72. The following connects to an online pharmacy, believe it or not. If we do not regulate the internet, humanity is doomed. The Wall Analysis – A Song-By-Song Literary Analysis of Pink Floyd’s … P ink Floyd’s the Wall is one of the most intriguing and imagi

  73. Rats individually are quite cool.

  74. Rather than do the “homogeneous world state,” how ’bout if we restore nature and human nature, the natural political divisions as they fall out, in nations and states, etc? The lovely ancient dreary human problems, with the benefits of modest technology? Anyone?

  75. No one knows the goal of Putin: Simple fascist tyranny? To be the one to achieve the Marxist world state? Diabolic tyranny? But we have seen enough, and do not wish to find out further on the ground.

  76. “On 21 January, Roger Waters, co-founder of the British rock band Pink Floyd, helped rescue two young brothers from a camp in Syria that was holding wives and children of foreign Islamic State members.”-Tayler

  77. Noteworthy: within less than two months of the publication of All the Presidents Men, Nixon was indicted by SCOTUS & subsequently promptly impeached

  78. Human Rights Watch reports on the BBC regarding innocents killed by US drone strikes battling Al-Shabbab in Somalia.. It is amazingly difficult to access this report on Google. Go figure. Does the US even know it is at war in Somalia?

  79. It shouldn’t take Pink Floyd to rescue ISIS fighters’ abandoned children Governments with nationals trapped in Syria should do what Roger Waters did when he saved Mahmud and Ayyub Ferreira Published in The Guardian Letta Tayler

  80. He will call a genuine investigation a partisan anti-Trump conspiracy- he must say SOMETHING! And many will parrot the saying, with arms. At some point we must stand, before the law itself is seized.

  81. Election fraud and bribery are of course impeachable, as are obstruction, emoluments and violation of the oath of office. There are indeed crimes he did not commit, flaws in his accusers, etc, none of which is relevant to the truth of any question.

  82. The trial of impeachment in the Senate has a standard for removal that is different from the criminal trials to follow. In a civil suit, it is “preponderance of evidence.” The Senate determines the standard, and saving the nation may yet appear important to them.

  83. But the question that will not be asked in a Senate trial is: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And did you reward Russia with foriegn policy considerations regarding NATO and “orphans?”

  84. “Collusion” is a technical legal term Trump is using just the way Cohen said he operates. Regardless of Trump’s personal provable guilt, he must be removed because Russia got him elected to destroy us.

  85. If we end up allowing the redaction of the fact of Russian election interference rewarded with policy…indeed, it does reveal how stupid and vulnerable we are, which is a national security risk. IMPEACH!! REMOVE!!

  86. If the Russian election scam is reduced to payments to Stormy Daniels and e-mails…IMPEACH!! 34 indictments. 17 intelligence agencies. Not one question from the House Republicans.

  87. The advertising on news stories is so obtrusive one regrets retweeting them. Will they learn? Take rights as a guide, and don’t put adds over where one is reading.

  88. The Harvard Cat: adventures

  89. I have permission to share this personally reported incident. Some teachers in Australia have been literally forbidden from talking to their students about the or to even have 2 mins of respectful silence as it would be ‘too political’. This needs a petition

  90. Oh my god what a great ugly way to market antidepressants to a bunch of vulnerable people. The UK could be the next mental health epidemic after the US.

  91. Newly discovered sequel to “Assembly of Women,” Xanthippe proposes that abortion be legal by proxy for one’s mother in law until one’s husband is 71. Saves on dishwater!

  92. What is the ground or basis of the authority with which we invest our psychology? And would authoritarian types not gravitate here as well? Why is tyranny bad for the soul? Does our psychology even try to know?

  93. Ellis, pp. 364-365.

  94. There it is, in the Appendix of Joe Ellis on Jefferson, Fawn Brodie. We consider this obvious in hindsight, and want a scene where Sally’s tears prevent Tom from taking a “white” wife for political reasons. You know it happened! Sally was his deceased wife’s half sister. And hot!

  95. Armageddon Leaving on a Jet Plane via

  96. The cases are #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857. Whole states need to bring the case to secure original jurisdiction. It is based on Art. IV, Marbury, Bush/Gore, Donohue, the IX Amendment (voter rights, etc).

  97. The Supreme Court has been called upon 3 times to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference. All 3 efforts were massively obstructed, because this is the proper way to deal with an illegitimate election. Impeachment alone is not even sufficient.

  98. Right now, the Supreme Court could determine that the College was obstructed, 25 members thought their votes were rubber stamps, even if it were discovered that the elected were an ax murderer! Colin Powell has one vote, and could be chosen president in the House of Reps

  99. No! We participate in the Union by states, and the electoral College might have prevented Trump being seated, if anyone had read FEDERALIST 68 !!

  100.  Mar 18

  101. What exactly was it they were saying is so important about race?

  102. I been there, but not in a suit!

  103. RAMONES – Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment via

  104. RAMONES – Havana Affair via

  105. RAMONES – We’re A Happy Family via

  106. Antipsych: Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated (Official Music Video) via

  107. This describes the beginning of Punk, splitting off from LA rock: RAMONES – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker via

  108. St. Alfonzo’s: “Yes indeed, here we are! At Saint Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast Where I stole the mar-juh-reen An’ widdled on the Bingo Cards in lieu of the latrine I saw a handsome parish lady Make her entrance like a queen Why, she was totally chenille + her old man was a Marine”

  109. Philosophers give advice even to tyrants: Frank Zappa – Apostrophe (‘) – Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow Suite via

  110. “She was a spy for the BBI” Nice, and “Lovely Little locket, love” We figure they prob’ly set spy chicks on Joey, seriously.

  111. “But I got the crystal ball, he said And held it to the light So I snatched it, all away from him And I showed him how to do it right I wrapped a newspaper ’round my head So I looked like I was deep I said some mumbo-jumbo, then I told him he was going to sleep”- Zappa

  112. RAMONES – Ramona via

    Translate Tweet

  113. One sees what a great job this surveillance does at preventing the terrorist attacks of the white supremacists. Its like that second Amendment: It only works if the guys have their guns pointed in the correct direction.


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  115. Hoot: The MI “Republicans” are trying to re-criminalize weed through the concern about driving. Ja, God forbid anyone drive under the influence of Oxy, Aderal, Prozak…One sees this, and knows something.

  116. Reminds of what Charlie Chaplan said about King Lear: “If he were my father, I’d have run away from home at age 8.”

  117. Our government decided that to combat terrorism, general searches even into your livingroom would be allowed through the internet technology companies. This error has caused the present crisis, in which Russia took control of our election, potentially devising our ruin.

  118. Strauss again, COS:”…in Athens, Socrates was compelled to drink the hemlock. But he was permitted to live and to engage in philosophic education until he was seventy; in Sparta, he would have been exposed as an infant” (p.68).

  119. It is a fake paczki, and one hopes the yardsquirrell can take the jelly. Real paczki’s are made of grease. And sugar. Custard is the best.

  120. The ancient paczki (poonchki) Sat non the counter long, could not be eaten- maybe it wasn’t quite a real paczki But to part with it, Memories of Tuesday past

  121. Rabbi And The KKK / Snap Judgment, "The Klan" by Snap Judgment via

  122. Consider the fall of Troy, and the taking all the women prisoner. Genetic identity is an absolute joke! And the 12 tribes arwe lost somewhere North of Turkey!

  123. Who has considered searching for the genetic bottleneck at the time of Noah’s flood? But even so, genetic ancestry from the earlier man would continue through “the Eight saved by water,” as Peter says.

  124. The Shemmites are cool guys because they have an unbroken tradition through Moses to Abraham to Noah. The Greeks failed to preserve this, but came up with lots of stuff from Phoenecia. The Italians are some Trojan-Greek-Latin mix.

  125. Ok, the Greeks are prob’ly technically “white” guys- if they are from Javan, alias Ion. These are “Japhethites,” from Noah’s kid there. We figure there were some guys then in Africa and America, but who knows? Maybe that earthquake… if not the Flood. But Shemite= cool guy. Abe.

  126. “White superemacism” dissolves when we ask “WHY is race so important? Because it isn’t. Perhaps there is a stream of reasons based on ones own…If race were important, we would have to consider the Greeks, the Hebrews and the Chinese. White guys were barbarians when we had these

  127. In honor of the victims at Christchurch, we might study Islam.

  128. Ok, WordPress, 40 visits from the US that do not record a page viewed? Again, this has happened only 4 times, and in conjunction with certain other focuses, demonstrating a US/Romanian connection previously. WordPress must explain what this means- to Congress!

  129. Put 100 heads together, you’ll see some pretty good solutions, if they can overcome faction to deliberate together regarding their common concerns. That’s Aristotle.

  130. Decentralized nations, states, townships and cities, following Tocqueville and not France, is one way of approximating wisdom in modern government. Each engages the prudence of each regarding their own local concerns, right to the families. Put 100 heads together,…

  131. “Run!” ya, where? Everywhere one turns one finds Putin masked. Go read that horror novel!

  132. If Putin were really your buddy, would he be workin’ both sides of every issue? My favorite is providing computer security, as through KASPERSKY. Shhh! Don’t say KASPERSKY!

  133. And this is one of those tweets that just isn’t important enough to appear on the “Homepage.” Shall I call up mt Senator Monday, and try to explain for a sixth time? Perhaps I’ll tweet them directly.

  134. One must hope Waters has not BECOME the substitute.

  135. Putin gives one what he finds they really want, and uses them in exchange for apparently giving this to them. He signed up the whole “Republican” party in exchange for the promise of running the table with their stupid party platform.

  136. Does Pink Floyd get how its data collection is likely being used to help build The Wall? Likely a deal for help gaining those 100k followers, etc, Putin is using EVERYONE. Is that Colorado guy authorized to use the picture of Waters dressed as tyrant for its project site?

  137.  Mar 17

  138.  Mar 17

  139.  Mar 17

  140. I will release my tax returns against my lawyer’s wishes when Martin Heidegger releases the 33,000 emails that have been deleted.

  141. Were still supporting Joe Biden, Bernie too aims at the common good, if a little too.

  142. Strauss’ is of course orderly, controlled sarcasm.

  143. Mike Rogers is likely capable of the presidency. Jussayin.

  144. We still figure Britain is better off alone, to preserve liberty, and Europe is better off with Britain, for the same reason. Switzerland stayed out of the EU, just barely. They might try a more limited federalism, between NATO and a full EU, for common concerns.

  145. Now should Congress give more or less money for this rot? Universal healthcare? While the mob drains the tax money? More for rehab? There is no replacement for integrity and doing things right, but it will be a mean between left and right.

  146. Buck’s brown eye, see, no one will stand up to defend Ohio! We had a guy from Michigan trying to defend Ohio! Well, at least they won the Toledo War (Ork!)

  147. For my UJD, I need to take depressants! Big Pharma’d be on it. I was just trying to think of the derogatory, PC racy name for Ohioan: Browneye, Buckeye, somethin’ like that!

  148. Trump slandering John McCain is expected. He earned respect that Trump will never have. That so few of McCain’s fellow Republicans defend a recently passed hero against these attacks is even more pathetic.

  149. They are now in the rehab business, draining tax money, while the partisan issue in Congress is only pay more/pay less. Oxy-heroin was a scam. What’s next? Psychodope. Viagra, anyone?

  150. Big Pharma and Big Internet pay too much of “campaign finances.” How ’bout we get them poor guys some relief, I mean, they’re bearin’ too much o’ th’ burden here! The poor, with their votes, really need to step up, eh?

  151. Good thing I wasn’t there! I’da popped right off’n and asked Why don’t you know whether the agencies set those women on MLK, and why was no one ever held accountable for SUCH THINGS by the Intell. Committees, and why did 17 “R” House members have not a single question for Cohen?

  152. But can he still do a Ukimi!

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