Final March Tweets (2019)

See? Glenda is helping Dorothy. The Constitution is the Ruby Slippers.

    1. For months now, following an EU suit against Google, WordPress insists that we give consent to their data collection, despite knowing that data collection and sale ends free elections.

    2. Hey WordPress: Get you stupid cookie agreement form off my editing page: “Our websites and dashboards use cookies. By continuing, you agree to their use. Learn more, including how to control cookies.”

    3. Wake up call?

    4. This cat was abandoned in the snow, on the side of the street. When this dog found it, he pulled the cat to warmth. 😢♥️

    5. Hell, Putin even underestimates the purpose of Putin! Biut if there are any Witnesses left in Russia, maybe they can go over prophecy a bit, and he will GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE!! None of this is necessary, is part of why it is so beyond sorrow.

    6. Has anyone seen Robert Mueller lately? Did he show up for work? Maybe someone should check on him- like CONGRESS!!!

    7. McFaul publicly, at least, underestimates the end game of Putin, as do the Democrats, to a man. But his excellent report to Congress is a start, and has a great Bibliography! If we got it, Trump would have been gone two years ago- BEFORE seizing the justice Department.

    8. And by the way, Mick Jagger has a M.A. in “political Economy.” He is capable of knowing where the Devil has been present in the Twentieth Century, which is what that song is about. Jagger cannot possibly “like” it.

    9. McFaul: And Putin, while constantly criticizing the American deep state and foreign policy elite for the current negative state of U.S.- Russia relations, never criticizes President Trump personally.

    10. Need we be reminded there has been NO Mueller report, and that that IS obstruction? Fine with everyone? Must just be “me. Any “Me” too’s on this issue?”

    11. It is funny that Ian Anderson cannot like Aqualung as much as we thick Americans do! If only we could tell him, and he knew!

    12. The Dutch Police have trained eagles to take out drones.

    13. We must remind the Democrats of the names: Flynn, Manafort, Page, Stone Popodopau-louse, Kushner, Don Jr, etc. Sessions, etc, Cohen and a few others, and what these did and lied about. Every person in the Trump campaign- but he is “exonerated! Oh, lets move on- to health care!

    14. For the “Republicans,” it is not like Trump is more conservative than Pence, nor more able. There is literally NOTHING at stake for them, which makes the partisan unity against impeachment all the more strange.

    15. In a Democracy, the people do not get it till the blood is on the pavement. Then, like Parkland and Las Vegas, they may STILL not get it!

    16. Remember the 98-2 Senate vote on lifting sanctions? That is what we need, and would occur, if we would get it. Then, instead of civil war or or foreign tyranny, we could bind up our wounds BEFORE the disaster, and 265000 war dead, as in 1865. But this is Democracy.

    17. Crimea, Ja, “Peace for our time.” But no even noticed Georgia! Are those people having much fun today?

    18. There must be for America, as for Dorothy, something we have to learn. Trouble is, we may not be here to learn the hard way.

    19. …be brought by whole states to gain original Jurisdiction and to avoid the obstruction, which WAS decisive. Once we “get” it, though, Trump could be removed in a day, the nation saved from looming tyranny, and we’d be back in Kansas. We just won’t realize we have ruby slippers

    20. Again, the true way to deal with foreign election fraud in a matter of ultimate significance is through the Supreme Court, as well as simultaneous impeachment. Cases # 16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857 wer brought by citizens, under extreme obstruction and with ZERO press. These MUST…

    21. …is “treasonous,” Trump is not capable of knowing the significance, and so of treason. See, he is “Exonerated!! NO Conspiracy!! NO Collusion,” because in politics, one who has not even read the US Constitution is in truth like a 4 year old- in Putin’s hands!

    22. “Putin wanted Trump to win in order to achieve some very concrete Russian foreign policy objectives.” -McFaul, p. 8. Trump is guilty of election fraud and bribery for weakening NATO and sanctions. If he knew the significance, he would be guilty of treason, but though the act…

    23. I often forget the experience of Hillary, and if it were not for the fact that she is the most slandered person of the twentieth century, she may well be as able as Biden and Michigan’s Mike Rogers to wield the powers of the US presidency. She, too, stared into the abyss, 8 yrs.

    24. How many of Vlad’s trusted college buddies are still around?

    25. McFaul, p. 8 still: Tyrants, like Tiberius, often freak out when their living on the Isle of Capri. But Trumpsters beware: What happens to the upper level in the rise of EVERY tyranny? Duh, oh, shouldastudied!

    26. Then, of course, since this IS America, we must rush to clarify that we are in favor of Jeffersonian liberty for everyone, and destroy sarcasm by saying that in order to achieve this for everyone, we can have NO public ethics, and that it is a toss up which is better: Romans 2,+1

    27. Apparently not… for some of us…

    28. One professor famously characterized the ethics of America as follows: Adultery, abortion, homosexuality etc. are fine, just DON”‘T SMOKE!! Many things, like lying for one’s own advantage, could be + We’d say, regarding weed, I may…my buddies…but just don’t smoke a joint!

    29. Uncultivated souls are utterly incapable of anything but tyranny, one suspects.

    30. Sure Vlad, the US was interfering in Russian “elections” for decades, by wit=shing for Russia and all mankind the blessings of liberty, following Jefferson. But McFaul is getting on to it by identifying revenge as a motive of Putin. Uncultivated souls…

    31. And I’m only on p. 8 of the McFaul report. Bet their glad there are no centrists in Congress!

    32. Putin and Bright Bart also ran Trump up the flagpole from the beginning of the primaries, or Trump and perhaps Hillary would not have been there for the election. Americans are stupid, but not THAT stupid, on their own at least.

    33. Putin could have attacked America by choosing the left instead of the right, and this is important to remember. It may have worked easier, but to less effect- which is why he chose the right. And it proved almost as easy.

    34. There will be 17 House Republicans ONLY attacking the character of Michael McFaul and insisting that all he says is only from partisan interest and therefore to be dismissed, and the perhaps even that the slanders of Putin the pure are true. I wish that were sarcasm.

    35. be able to listen to constituents who devote their lives to these questions rather than to getting elected and living in the burbs, and to not make it the fault of the one trying to penetrate the incredible ignorance of man just from being governed by the body. Its the way o this

    36. …but it is not as if we are going to elect senators who ARE capable of understanding Russia and data collection and targeted interference and the Trump scam and the Oxy scam and the 2016 election and the Cheney suspension of the 4th A and the bill of rights and…

    37. Oh, and from being free, by poverty. But watch, on the Seventh, I’ll be wrong, and cause disaster, rather than having no effect! [sarcasm and self deprecating humor- the only sort allowed, the only sort that ic “correct.”

    38. On about 6 huge issues, I have been hugely correct- just from having studied politics.

    39. The book Zucked! I sent an e-mail to Zuck from the library when I was setting up my wordpress on such things! On why I would not do Facebook, even if publishing my book (for 900$!) depended upon it!

    40. 17 Intelligence agencies, no one gets it? AND not getting it, while our nation sinks, no one listens! AND it is my fault!! ‘Least I have a purpose and a place in the world- gotta love it!

    41. I tried to run for Congress in 2016, received threats, reported them, was taken away, and now it is so what! Once it is too late, everyone just again sucks up! NOW I say tyranny is rising, and Trump threatens his opponents with arrest, and NO ONE CARES!! 34 Indictments,

    42. And the auto zoom hits 125%, with the tweet spot moving to the right of the page! How many times have I been told 3X + Your crazy, your crazy, crazy Then, when what I have said loudly is demonstrated to have occurred, but it is too late, the same have said “SO what?”

    43. I have screamed about data collection and targeted marketing and privacy since, what, LATE 2014!! Because of what was done regarding privacy BY OUR GOVERNMENT, and publicly known since , what 2005!! SCAM SCAM SCAM

    44. Senator Gary Peter said we need to “Stand Up!”: to represent rural America, like Stabenow’s Farm Bill !!! No one gets MaFaul’s Report? Dont say KASPERSKY!! Trump is guilty of election fraud and bribery, and we needed to STAND U’P and IMPEACH!!

    45. [Sarcasm]Just now, on NPR, No collusion in the technical legal sense meant Trump was a wholly US phenom, and Russia did not turn the 2016 election by data collection and targeted interference! Hoping the Mueller investigation would end the Trump nightmare was “magical thinking!”

    46. WHY will no one say “KASPERSKY”? Shhhh!

    47. 34 indictments and 17 Intelligence agencies were countered in American opinion this week by the 4 pp. Barr report ant Trump giving us the conclusion he though advantageous. America, we are too stupid to be free. Sorry.

    48. It is not only his marvelous economic ideas Putin seeks to “export.” Trump imitates his tyranny. IMPEACH! REMOVE!! VOID!!!

    49. The internet would cause the world economy to flourish if only we would make money by producing real value, Instead, the trillions of the internet companies is mostly the value of our whored liberty and “data.”

    50. Russia’s economic woes are caused by Putin and his “wealth.” The mob scraping 10% is just not very productive. But neither is letting US oligarchs have not only a free market protected by the military, but ALSO the rules to the game!

    51. And let this sink in:

    52. Challenge all women: Name why Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison, Washington and Franklin are great men. If they cannot, I would not vote for them.

    53. I’m a bigger fan of today than I’ve ever been—and I was a huge fan before. Please retweet this to show your support.

    54. She thought, heck, since there are no more elections, succession must work in SOME way!

    55. Franceska Mann was there! Let Trump and Putin ask Schillenger.

    56. Mobsters hope to trust family. Kendzior for Congress!

    57. Pink Floyd – The Great Gig In The Sky (2011 Remastered) via

    58. Isaiah 41 10 fear thou not, for I am with thee; be not dismayed, for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. 🌈🌈👉🅾️🅾️👈🌈🌈 💛

    59. Pink Floyd – High Hopes (Official video) via

    60. There is an excellent commentary on Songmeanings by topolovich, and another that has me looking for the Cambridge video. The commentary is itself music, inspired by Gilmour and Ms. Polly.

    61. This is very nice:

    62. But see, Senator Stabenow? Senator Peters? Even Tim Reps Walberg and McCotter? Oversight of the FBI needed to be established 5 years ago, when I wanted you to do it, and I gave you PLENTY of reason to ask them what I wanted them, under oath, to be asked.

    63. …would have expanded in new ways tenfold.

    64. What if info is collected, say, on pain or depression, then the persons are target marketed, then the system that harmed these people is sued? They might, like Purdue Pharma, begin to get it then? But by the time it is fixed, the problems locomotive Breathing us toward tyranny..

    65. If the Americans, most Trumpsters included, could see how nasty this is going to get, it would not be happening.

    66. Again, My position has not changed a hair since the “Barr” report. Subpoena Mueller. Why let Liberty go? You got something better to do than try to save it?

    67. Our only hope is that the people of the US and free world somehow “get it,” though this is not going to happen. We like lost causes, for some reason.

    68. Hey, for I price, I could buy the data, then I’d know! Wish I was a tyrant, I’d have such power. Get it WordPress?

    69. OOh! I want Suzanna to be the one who removes the cookie agreement form I will never click from the editing page of my wordpress! But bet she’s married. Our websites and dashboards use cookies. By continuing, you agree to their use. Learn more, including how to control cookies.

    70. Whodathunkit: That campaign finance and the violation of the Fourth Amendment would be the irreversible first steps toward Apocalypse, and no one could see it who could do anything to fix it. Amazing, but it is so.

    71. Data collection continues so that targeting interference and intimidation continues, and the illusory hope of the Democrats in the 2020 election continues, and Putin’s destruction of the American executive branch- by just winding up Trump and letting him go- continues.

    72. And there is a reference to the same hanging that occasioned the song “Strange Fruit.”

    73. By then, it will have subsumed us.

    74. Wow, there are a couple of fine efforts to read “Desolation Row” on Songmeanings, but it’l be ten years before I touch on it.

    75. We say we have about 35% of this “read,”, but it is 10 phases of “Church” history, especially clear at the beginning…and end. It is indeed “destroy you,” and a persecution like the first ten (60 A.D.-298) is prophesied. Now watch the “Evangelicals” #9? flee the name! Willwestay

    76. BOB DYLAN – SAD EYED LADY OF THE LOWLANDS – (Rehearsal) 02-16-1966 ESPA… via

    77. Watch “Sad-Eyed Lady of The Lowlands” on

    78. “Bob Dylan and his Band…”ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER” Brilliant Live Perf… via

    79. Bob Dylan “Hard Rain” brilliant live version via

    80. Across The Universe (Remastered 2009) via

    81. Man, do we miss Garrison Keillor on the weekends.

    82. Humanity, we see, is still the same after 2000 years. With, indeed, some added colors.

    83. I rescued this cat 10 years ago and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. (She’s not so sure, on the other hand.) Rescue an animal, it will change your life for the better in too many ways to count.

    84. Auto zoom down to 25%- a record! Hey Vlad: GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE!

    85. The Pope reads Jefferson, and corrects the error of the Church since Constantine! This dude is cool! Hi, Francis!

    86. Ja, we mean it: Luke 22:36: “Let him who has no sword sell his mantle and buy one…:38: enough.” Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs – 01 – Day Of The Eagle via

    87. I watch for the love Living in the day of the eagle, eagle not the, dove… Another day, another night I want to love, they want to fight… I watch for the love Living in the day of the eagle, eagle not the, dove

    88. ROBIN TROWER – Day Of The Eagle via

    89. ROBIN TROWER (7/23/73 Pop2) Day Of The Eagle, via

    90. Robin Trower – Day Of The Eagle – 3/15/1975 – Winterland (Official) via

    91. “White guys we gotta stand up! No More, or try to go through US. And we have Rock Blues: Strange Fruit – the story behind “The Song of the Century” via

    92. Billie Holiday – “Strange Fruit” Live 1959 [Reelin’ In The Years Archives] via

    93. Strange Fruit – the story behind “The Song of the Century” via

    94. Strange Fruit – Jeff Buckley [Live at Sin-e] via

    95. Macabre, I have Dianna Ross doing strange Fruit and an add up on the right asking if Mueller was “out to get” Trump, and SAYING that the Russia investigation is now to end. The First Amendment is trashed, and this has been a whole week of OBSTRUCTION.

    96. Diana Ross – Strange Fruit via

    97. Nina Simone: Strange Fruit via

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    98. Billie Holiday-Strange fruit- HD via

    99. David Gilmour – High Hopes via

    100. David Gilmour & David Bowie – Comfortably Numb via

    101. David Bowie – Win [HQ] via

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    102. David Bowie – Fascination [HQ] via

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    103. David Bowie Across The Universe via

    104. But the freak and his type, all for NOTHING. David Bowie – Young Americans via

    105. David Bowie- 06 Be my Wife via

    106. David Bowie- 05 Always Crashing in the Same Car via

    107. David bowie-Sound and vision via

    108. David Bowie- 03 Moonage Daydream via

    109. Wild is the Wind – David Bowie via

    110. Suede – Life Is Golden (Official Video) via

    111. Suede – Still Life – Lighthouse, London 1994 via

    112. Suede – The Wild Ones (Live 1994 Later with Jools Holland) via

    113. Donovan – Sunshine Superman via

    114. Like Popeye, “Dive for your pearls in the sea.” Donovan performs Sunshine Superman via

    115. I wanna goyl like Olive Oyl! Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake via

    116. And if we do not IMPEACH, Trump has the power of pardon.

    117. Do not underestimate Putin’s overarching or comprehensive goal, but it is indeed at least that. To “disrupt democracy, or “sew confusion” is another example. It is at least that. For example, he may have decided to nuke us if he cannot milk us, and to use N.K to do it.

    Did anyone catch this? NPR? (Oh, they were still busy reporting as news what Trump wanted the Democrats to conclude.)

  1. The Oxford dictionary says Allah- the name of God among Mohammedeans- means “The God,” ie, the true God. it has al=the, = a contraction of al-ilah, which in Hebrew is el-o-ah, similar to el-ohim, God Lord. So my guess, that it came from El-Yah, was close and on the right track.

  2. That’s OK: the best people to block me yet were Anabelle and AW, but I will miss Dr. Winarick in the string, too. The former did so because I thought the suicide of Bourdain suspicious, and the L.V. shooting (which does NOT make sense yet). I also suspected our FBI using love.

  3. Donovan – Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Audio)

  4. As long as I’m already crying uncontrollably: Terry Jacks – Seasons In The Sun

  5. Do you think there will be free and fair elections in 2020 if Trump and company can help it? Remember, they reach into every state.

  6. Its an allegory of as if America understood what is occurring in Politics!

  7. NPR had me deeply worried about the media, as it appeared Trump editorial was being presented as news.

  8. “Own saviors:” love has a role in salvation or rebirth, baptism by nature, to which the sacrament is ordered. It is not literally that, so Romeo in the garden, after he leaps the wall, in love is a natural image, the lower part of an analogy that is by nature.

  9. Maybe Dahlia Lithwick?

  10. The On the Media is called “The end of Magical Thinking.” I cannot get it to Tweet, so Google NPR On the Media. Tweet it, if you can.

  11. The immediate turn to the use of the justice department to attack political opponents should have indicated to the Americans what a dangerous turn the Barr report is, though it did not. Most in fear were silenced by the intimidation, and intimidating the Press is oath of office.

  12. and is just what IMPEACHMENT is designed to remedy.

  13. What Trump did is ELECTION FRAUD, when someone told him the election would be turned for him, the means undetectable, and Trump rewarded Russia with the weakening of NATO and sanctions. This may not be called collusion, but it is EXTREMELY dangerous for our nation,

  14. How absurd the Barr report is. Barr was hired because of the unitary executive theory in which obstruction does not exist

  15. I cannot get it to tweet, but it is dated tomorrow, so apparently we get it early. It played the Saturday Night Live section with Trump saying he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation. It even discussed “Collusion,” saying there is no such crime, he did not do it, etc

  16. I’m trying to get it to come on the machine. A far cry from Keley Snell, which set the tone for the entire week, giving the Trump line and reporting the Democrats concluding what Trump wanted them to conclude.

  17. NPR has begun to recover with “On the Media” today.

  18. About

  19. Beyond Psychiatry, where the mental health debate needs to be – News and Views

  20. Benzodiazepine Medical Disaster – for journalists

  21.  Mar 28

  22. Bet Mueller did not say “no evidence” of anything but treason, of which Trump, being out for himself, is incapable.

  23. I could make like a turtle and dive for Your pearls in the sea.

  24. Popeye A Poil For Olive Oyl (1961)

  25. Popeye & Olive Oyl – I’ll Love You Too (Hullaballoos)

  26. I want a girl like Olive Oil She’s got long legs, and Big shoes And whenever Popeye comes near to her He swoons.

  27. Ever hear of “Kaspersky,” handling “400 million” computer security accounts, literally from Moscow, staffed by “former” KGB (GRU)? Americans have the memory of a goldfish.

  28. Every administration from 9/11 allowed the utter suspension of the Fourth Amendment. Your tech is literally spying on you, and the Americans are in denial. Russia was supposed to help us, and used data collection not only to stop “terrorism” (amazing success), but to elect Trump

  29.  8 hours ago

    Lawyers do have the lawyer client privilege and Lawyers are known for passing information. Just my thought.

  30.  10 hours ago

    Our founder , distinguished senior fellow , and 2x panelist James Clapper proudly served on ’s advisory board. 👇

  31.  9 hours ago

  32. And you snatch your rasping last breaths With deep sea diver sounds- hence Aqualung, under water breather.

  33. Welcome To Mexico

  34. Jethro Tull – “Wind Up”

  35. Famously, Anderson insisted Aq is not a “concept album, but just a collection of songs. Nice try. The unity is “unconscious, but ja: He was Long John silver. And the death of one’s father is related to “God.” And…visit the Rock Commentaries.

  36. Genesis 1:26:

  37. Wondering aloud How we feel today Last night sipped the sunset My hand in her hair We are our own saviours As we start both our hearts beating life Into each other Wondering aloud Will the years treat us well As she floats in the kitchen, I’m tasting the smell Of toast as th
  38. …the butter runs Then she comes, spilling crumbs on the bed And I shake my head And it’s only the giving That makes you what you are

  39. In the backgroung of Aqualung is a college age lovestory of the poet- . Wondring Aloud/Jethro Tull

  40. Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath (Live) via

  41. Jethro Tull – Thick as a brick – live – 1978 – DVD via

  42. Locomotive Breath is about his father- and mine, is how I guess.

  43. Jethro Tull – My God (Nothing Is Easy; Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970 )

  44. “And the flowers bloom like madness in the spring” is when he dies- freezes to death. And the ice that clings onto your beard, it was screaming agony.” “Dog-end” is a cigarette butt bums smoke. Ian’s father was dying when he wrote this album, and he visited him, wrote Nursey.

  45. Jethro Tull – Aqualung (best version)

  46. Aqualung is a very deep “concept” album. Witness, side Two. No one gets it, but Aqualung seems to be the poet foreseeing when he himself is old. Astonishing. We wrote about 8 pages on it, in the Rock Commentaries.

  47. well you know what it’s like i don’t got to tell you who puts up a fight walking out of hell now when you fought piranhas and you fought the cold there’s nobody with you and you’re all alone

  48. I sing this to my fish. They say “what is piranha? and do not believe me. But you’all know and i fought piranhas and i fought the cold there was noone with me i was all alone… well it’s easter morning now and there’s noone around so i unroll the cement and walk into the town.

  49. Jethro Tull – Cross Eyed Mary (Lyrics)

  50. Now I’ll play Tull, Crosseyed Mary: Ball and Biscuit-The White Stripes (Elephant)

  51. THIS is the song I was lookin for, “Easter Morning!

  52. I cant find the one with the cows, but its the best, Easter morning alone The White Stripes – Cannon, John The Revelator. Live 2007

  53. For the Easter season, I will be reading “Fatima in Lucia’s Own Words,” out of print, but available on PDF 4 or 5 down on the Google. We do not do business with Amazon, because they have my credit card number, though I never used it. No one cares.

  54. Today, I am simmering maple sap into syrup- more for fun than profit. One can drink the juice of the maple tree, which flows when the nights freeze and the day is above freezing. P.Sc- be careful to rescue all ants, for me and Anil Naik.

  55. What is at stake with Trump-Russia is that Putin is setting us up in a long term project with an unknown end (world rule). Putin chose both the game and the opponent, and we keep playing along.

  56. Did the Dem’s avoid impeachment because Pence is “even further right?” THAT is what we centrists means. If the Dem’s understood what is at stake in Trump-Russia, this would not be so. Pence, we think, is likely not “in” on Trump -Russia. (But may still be too dangerous)

  57. Kaspersky was centered IN MOSCOW! Look up the WIKI, if it is still there. Americans are Soooo stupid!

  58. The Russians did it by data collection and targeted interference through Kaspersky, whom, you will recall, was proudly handling computer security for 400 million accounts, and advertising ON NPR. I called NPR many times about it, and never received a call back, but K is gone.

  59. -And none of this has changed a shred from the OBSTRUCTION of the Mueller report-

  60. in case he was too thick and narcissistic to get it. This is election fraud and bribery, the first two articles of impeachment. The others are obstruction, emoluments and oath of office. Stone was his chief intimidator. Plus the mansion in Fla. And the Dem’s need more?

  61. What we say Trump did- and this is just what impeachment was made for- is, someone told him the election would be turned for him, and the means “undetectable.” He then rewarded Russia with the weakening of NATO and sanctions. The Russians made it clear it was them-

  62. But his lies regarding what it is beneficial for us to conclude from the Barr report are UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and impeachable, if anyone still cares. (Besides me and Janet Smith anyway!) Yeah! Give ’em heck!

  63. TWICE as many Brits are depressed as ten years ago, no doubt- its scientific, dude: They make more money the more they prescribe, and Putin takes a cut to fix medical theory for us!

  64. We are running a test to see if the memory of the Americans is longer or shorter than a goldfish. I’m sure it will get federal funding for the University.

  65. Trump literally does not know what he is saying, but often consciously accuses others of crimes he knows he has committed. But if your followers are the Trumpsters, does it matter?

  66. IMPEACH!! or watch the law be seized. Tyranny is neither pretty or nice. Remember kids in cages at the border?

  67. Ja, would not want the Russians to know all that focus on Hillaries e-mails and pissin’ whores was not merely for public consumption! Oh, we were on that data collection and targeted interference prepped by Oxy and psychodope all along, we just didn’t want them to know we knew!

  68. Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Sages entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.

  69. We saw, repeatedly, the Russians taking only so much risk of exposure as was needed to turn the swing states for the electoral vote. I have seen their intimidation personally- doing things difficult legally for the Trumpsters to do themselves onshore. Get it?

  70. Of course, you know all about deflection of a strike from your arts, no?

  71. Tyranny has seized the justice department, in part we do not have the courage to IMPEACH!!

  72.  Mar 27

    Worst coverup attempt since Nixon erased 18 minutes of tape.

  73. For the lover, the first direct experience of the divine is love. Simon & Garfunkel – Kathy’s Song via

  74. Russian methods in US politics. You like that, Americans? Putin practiced this as he rose in the GRU, and its been the Russian M.O. for a century. Americans are soooo stupid! “Look how these men of today fall into my mouth” -Nietz.

  75. Indeed. And then ask Mueller to come in and testify in open hearing that every word & punctuation is his own – not Barr’s. Keep calling your reps, good people. FLOOD THE PHONE LINES. Especially if they’re Republicans.

  76.  24 hours ago

    This man’s wife was one of the 1st to work w/ Cambridge Analytica (for Cruz then Trump), which launched a big data/SM PsyOp into the bloodstream of our republic. There is a straight line btwn that (the tools/ppl behind it) & this insanity. He does not get to feign being aghast.

  77. When I call dotard a “mobster,” I’m not being cute. Or provocative. Or jumping on MSM’s sudden embrace of what they’ve always known & obfuscated. NO. I’m bringing U the truth. Donald Trump was born into a front organization of the Genovese crime family. He was theirs from birth..

  78. True love leads to friendship, if the lover survives: Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Audio) via

  79. Young love against the background of the Viet Nam War: Scarborough Fair

  80. Ja, “Executive privilege might pertain, say, to how stupid our CIA was to allow the Cheney method of spying on everyone with Russian help (Kaspersky) to combat Islamic (not “white”) terrorism. But it does not pertain to crimes of the president, as established regarding NIXON.

  81. Obstruction is occurring right in front of the Democrats faces. The office of the presidency is no place for the things done by this guy, who literally never read the Constitution. But neither have the Americans!

  82. Intimidation of the press is in violation of his oath of office to uphold the constitution, and an honest Congress would be impeaching and Removing him,

  83. My position has not changed a hair since the “Barr” report. Subpoena Mueller.

  84. Yes! Exceptional researchers hypothesize, then test/retest to verify/disprove. They’re not emotionally connected to hypothesis, adjusting until it can be proven. ‘s so attached to disproven myths they scramble to keep hoisting curtain to cover the now exposed wizard.

  85. Let’s IMPEACH Trump, and tell him that means exoneration, too. Then let’s REMOVE him before he completes the destruction of America for Putin, and call it “You are a BIG WINNER!

  86. The burial of the Mueller report is itself obstruction, fools.

  87. Remember, Trump has the power of pardon unless he is impeached Article II: “Except in cases of IMPEACHMENT). There is no more rule of law for Stone, Page, Manafort Gates, while Reality Winner rots in Federal Prison.

  88. I mean, they could just tell the truth, and the lover in sorrow would go away. The non-lover in truth wants the flattery of love, and the friend pretends to want the flattery of friendship, and they say to themselves they spare the feelings of the lover. So the world turns.

  89. Jealousy is of course bad, and as Bloom and the non-lovers teach, it assumes that we are owed the return of the love of the lover- which is impossible. Much of the agreement of marriage looks to the later emergence of jealousy and infidelity. But why do the non-lovers lie?

  90. The Democrats are like the character Albany in King Lear.

  91. The trumpster line being presented as news on NPR is truly astonishing and disturbing: Yup, all the Dems except a few fringe extremists are just ready to move on and work with Trumpsters for the good of the (white Putin-loving) nation! No “Coordination” has been “demonstrated”

  92. We have exactly 1 “Republican” whom we still trust: Mike Rogers of Michigan- capable of the presidency. There is yet one who has not bowed the knee to Bal.

  93. Look, Dems, it has gone on two years due to partisan inaction, so that now the law is being seized. Was the worst Nazi Germany had to fear civil war, in 1938? Trump is gradually replacing the exec. with those who can stomach working for him, so that it is already nearly 3rd world

  94. Let this continue, and, again, like Germany in 38, we may wish civil war were possible, but not be able. Besides, with the law, army, police and true militias, under the Governors, I’ll bet they sit down IF WE STAND UP!!

  95. What we say he did is election fraud: Someone told him the election would be turned for him, and the means undetectable. He then rewarded Russia by weakening NATO and sanctions. Election fraud and bribery are of course impeachable. The Senate can decide to remove even if done…

  96. The original- Brell’s La Moribound, is not about suicide, but just dying, as from too much wine and too much song.

  97. With ZERO change in “science,” is the point, or even serious study and reflection. Our psychiatry is based upon fashionable opinion, and most useful now to tyrants. When I saw something like that, the tyrants use it, but it sinks in almost nowhere else.

  98. Simon & Garfunkel – The Boxer (Audio)

  99. Simon & Garfunkel – The Only Living Boy in New York (Audio)

  100. When I look in her eyes, She goes with me to a blossom world.

  101. On the wind that lifts her perfume, a gentle word: The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

  102. When America returned the favor of the British invasion of the Beatles: The Byrds- Eight Miles High (HQ)

  103. Tell Her No – The Zombies

  104. April: But be careful out there! The Zombies ~ She’s Not There (1964)

  105. Magic Carpet Ride

  106. Bus Stop- The Hollies – 1966

  107. Time of the Season – The Zombies (Lyrics on the screen)

  108. “Well then she come walkin’ over…” Crimson and Clover – Tommy James & The Shondells

  109. Ja time for an intervention- if we had a philosophy of psychology. All its first principles are set by fashionable opinion. Right, Homosexuality was a mental illness in 1950, not its “homophobia!.”

  110. Our psychiatry has become a danger to itself and others.

  111. Oxy deaths are higher per ca pita in the swing states for the 2016 election. Go figure.

  112. thanks again for meeting and me. This photo is of the victims of ECT and their carers. They have been silenced and ignored increasing their suffering.They are in urgent need of diagnosis for closure, psychological and TBI support. Mar 29

  113. Do not consider the rise of fascism in relation to Oxy and psychiatric drugs. Just don’t. It’s too disturbing.

  114.  Mar 29

    When a psychiatrist of many years standing has to campaign for Sunshine Legislation and finds it has consequences for his career then one can only conclude that our political system is too much in the pocket of the psychiatric hierarchy and the pharmaceutical industry.

  115. Clearly Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard is not in touch with the realities of general practice.

  116. These 2 Paterson cops filmed themselves assaulting a suicidal man at the hospital and then submitted false police reports. This is the country we live in? These are the people who are supposed to be “protecting” us? What a demented world we live in.

  117. Not the voting machines, the voters themselves are interferred with, by Russia, to elect Trump. Get it?

  118. It is not about an individual, but our nation. The deflecting of opinion by 10% means there are no ,more free elections, and fascism will rise. Data collection and targeted interference and intimidation assures that this will occur, unless we “get” it and stop it.

  119. I belong under electric lights with the hand me down surrounds. I belong out in the country side with my hands deep down in the ground.

  120. We have this #2 lyric all time: The Wedding Song ( There Is Love ) – Peter, Paul & Mary ( with lyrics ).wmv via

  121. The Last Thing on My Mind (Live) via

  122. Congress will not fix the internet data collection and targeted interference system, yet still thinks there are elections we can count on? Look, opinion itself is being molested by foreign powers and Trumpsters. Drugs- Oxy and antidepressants- are helping to the rise of fascism.

  123. Tom Paxton. last thing on my mind via

  124. Dylan folk prophesy. Do we get it yet? Even the hard way? Bob Dylan – A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (Audio) (Pseudo Video – Mono Vers… Mike Levin

  125. Expect tyranny. Schiff failed to IMPEACH!!

  126. JUDY COLLINS ~ Tomorrow Is A Long Time ~.wmv via

  127. Have the Democrats figured out that Trump & co. buried the Mueller report? Do they get that this means that we do not know that it demonstrates “exoneration? Ex-honor-ation?: Obstrusction corroborates guilt.

  128. ~ JUDY COLLINS ~ In My Life ~ via

  129. Empirically, the soul or mind is known to be as if intended by nature to know.

  130. Interesting, I typed the word “psychic” in one of my music selections, and was spiritually connected with 4 or 5 for profit prophets by internet word search. Like magic? Now, how can we use the soul to gain for ourselves power, money and prestige? [sarcasm- some need be said]

  131. Prophecy? This is a real 50″s Tx Ranger episode!! Trump? Wall? In the 1950s?

  132. …tyranny, which is not just a word- it is pretty nasty. Ask those governed by Putin, if they are ever again allowed to speak

  133. Trump has the power of pardon unless he is impeached. It is not clear that removal is necessary to take this power away. The Democrats appear to be wrong to acquiesce as the nation slides into tyranny. But that has been true for two years +. IMPEACH! REMOVE!! VOID!!! or suffer..

  134. Shhh! Don’t say “KASPERSKY!”

  135. Facebook is charged with violating fair housing by excluding groups from advertising. If the Americans understood voter rights in the 9th Amendment, both Facebook and Trump would be out of there.

  136. We have a noticeable absence of news today, with the pall Trump has been allowed to set upon the press. He no longer fears violating the Constitution, or, his “advisers” are assured in his seizure.

  137. Part of being a singer is to suppress sobbing when you hit beauty. Sad Eyed Lady. Who Knows Where The Time Goes

  138. JUDY COLLINS – Turn Turn Turn (1966 ).mp4

  139. JUDY COLLINS ~ Mr Tamborine Man ~.wmv

  140. Judy also does Dylan’s crucial love song better than Dylan: JUDY COLLINS ~ Tomorrow Is A Long Time ~.wmv


  142. Judy Collins does it better, and they fixed the Lyrics. Imagine fixing Cohen’s Lyrics! Leonard Cohen – Suzanne (Audio)

  143. Leonard Cohen – Dance Me to the End of Love

  144. To conclude, as it is choretime: 3 or 4 kinds of Love: David Bowie – Soul Love

  145. Following Cohen, we say, “That in which the hippies did not believe is Dance-Me-To-The-End-of love. Cohen did not have such love, but the priest that tastes the word, he can see it.

  146. Get behind me” because “I’m gonna sell it to you,” the pain of the lover turned tragically to outrage. We say, in Hey Joe, he should have thanked her for enlightenment, because she did not love him, nor can such be owed because the lover loves- even in marriage.

  147. The Tull is “Cross eyed Mary”

  148. Because to the cuckold, and the beloved, it is nothing, while to the lover, it is the mortal peril of the soul- at least at the level where love matters.

  149. Psychic: “Takin’ their time right behind my back…” SNA

  150. Plant identifies with his cuckold in a psychic section, it seems to me… “I was a young man, I couldn’t resist…Now I’v got 10 children of my own…” etc. Love is psychic too, for the same reason.

  151. Sarcasm, like when Tull says…or Zeppelin, How many more times,” the flashback section: The White Stripes Ball and biscuit

  152. The white orchid is the lapel for weddings. Then he must say: “Get Behind Me!” Your given a flower. But I guess there’s just no pleasing you Your lips taste sour…

  153. See what I mean?: White Stripes – Blue Orchid

  154. The White Stripes-Jolene

  155. The White Stripes – ‘Seven Nation Army’ LorraineRH

  156. It would be treason ethically, if Don were capable of political thinking and not just real estate scams. Putin is the cookie here, though, and he is using the Don to destroy the US, while everyone else is snowed.

  157. Incidentally, our psychology does not “get” that pedophilia is likely explained by the soul having been stuck by trauma at that age in its “amima”- because it makes ZERO sense biologically or otherwise. (It IS natural for 3 year olds to have a crush on 5 year olds, for example.)

  158. It’s just the hat. 10cc.

  159. Another internet crush was born the year I graduated. Depressing.

  160. “I have tended my own garden much too long”- Simon says

  161. Another for Lorraine, then. What does Jack Whit mean in Seven Nation, then? Anyone? Simon & Garfunkel – Blessed

  162. One of my internet crushes showed me this: But being under 40, its like pedophilia. Nina Simone – Wild is the wind – HD

  163. Ok, in case 10cc is wondering: THIS is love: Wild is the Wind – David Bowie

  164. Indeed, she’d wait a long time. Dude’s STILL not in love! 10cc – I’M NOT IN LOVE

  165. Look at the later version, dude is STILL not in love! Haunting, though: 10cc – I’m not in love (complete version) (video/audio edited & restored…

  166. Those alive are very rare. (So the “normal” cannot be the measure of the health of the soul). Simon & Garfunkel – The Only Living Boy in New York (Audio)

  167. The word “April” means “opening. Simon & Garfunkel – April Come She Will

  168. This song breaks my top 10 all time, while “Read My Mind” does not, quite, but almost: gordon lightfoot your loves return live in concert bbc 1972

  169. Association – Never My Love (1967) Bread – Everything I own (video/audio edited & remastered) GQ

  170. Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone again, naturally (video/audio edited & remast…

  171. Colour My World- Chicago

  172. Of course, we cannot just leave it at that. My minds such a sweet thing. I wanna do everything! Crimson and Clover – Tommy James & The Shondells

  173. All love songs are an image of Theology. Go figure. Pearls in the sea. The Hollies – The air that I breathe (video/audio edited & restored) HQ/HD

  174. Tuesday Afternoon-The Moody Blues-(Long Extended Version) ke like a turtle, and dive for Your Pearls in the sea.” -“Dr.” Winarick will surely ask Carl Jung what that means, just before he block him!

  175. “I’v got some news for you, sunshine…” Pink’s “substitute,” The Wall. Sunshine Superman- Donovan

  176. Donovan – Catch the wind

  177. Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man (Audio)

  178. C’ mon! Donovan – Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Audio)

  179. Boy, type the word “Allah,” you get some cookies suggested on the right of the screne, there. They must have paid for “promotion.”

  180. Ja, “Everyone” knows, that’s why we have world peace. [sarcasm]

  181. Want to see an example of bold hypothesis and refinement? What does the name “Allah” mean? “C’ mon, Everyone knows, right? Where does it COME FROM? See below.

  182. Maybe we’re bein’ ht Because we do not imagine evil, it is available for use by infiltration or just for a fee. Russia got Cambridge Analytica data and used it through Kaspersky, and 2 years later, we STILL do not get it! But I just blocked the most charming Satanist I’v yet seen

  183. Bob Seger – Ship Of Fools

  184. The Bob Seger System- Train man (1969)

  185. The Bob Seger System – White Wall

  186. Strange Fruit: Rock Commentaries

  187. We were trying to get him to take the study of “Authoritarianism” higher and deeper. Pink Floyd: “The Wall.” (He wrote on what they call tyranny in a blog for “Psychology Today.”) But perhaps Neel Burton would not even “get “it.

  188. I had also tried to tell Winarick, with great excitement, about discovering J. M. Berger and his work on ISIS and white supremacism. He never “got” it, though, cause he didn’t Like it. We began to talk when he saw something I’s saying about Pink Floyd, The Wall: Psych of fascism.

  189. Introduction to Philosophy: Plato’s Euthyphro

  190. In the Euthyphro, I think, Socrates explains that not only does he not teach for pay, he is willing to say profusely anything that might benefit ANYONE- he is explaining to Euth. why he is attacked. Man is BY NATURE social. Intellect and caring for one another is a great joy.

  191. For what then did he “block me”? I guess I should have been talking to Neel Burton anyway. He at least is capable of the liberal arts. Perhaps it was the subliminal advertising question, but more likely, he found out I am Christian- a sure of trouble! PSYCH= danger to self+others

  192. Consider Sybil. The reason the doctor-patient set up works there is because of their friendship. The medical-psych set up is a construction, from Freud, and artificial. But THROUGH this, genuine iatria (healing) was possible. Philia the cause of iatria.

  193. Indeed, we must try to heal our contemporary psychiatry. It is very sick, a “danger to itself and others.” It is also necessary, because of our society. And potentially as good as good priests were supposed to be.

  194. The lack of foresight of the Americans has been absolutely astonishing for over two years now.

  195. What we say he did is election fraud: Someone told him the election would be turned for him, and the means undetectable. He then rewarded Russia by weakening NATO and sanctions. Election fraud and bribery are of course impeachable. The Senate can decide to remove even if done…

  196. Here are my last few Tweets to Him. But I was going to tell him about how the internet would foster corruption JUST by selling prominence, as with fake followers: which is STILL legal. Winarick was, I thought, beginning to think about politics. Guess again!

  197. Dr. Winarick has blocked me! He could take all that anti psych stuff, but what seems to have got him is the teaching on the tree of life. If I was there, he would perhaps like to drug me. I told him once, “if you see Nurse Rathcet, tell her to leave Billy alone.” Kesey.

  198. This message was paid for by the CLC, Centrist Libertarian party, the smallest political party in America, which has 0$ in its treasury! Visit the WordPress site linked, and search in the box on the right CLC. (I’m sick of retweeting it!)

  199. The FBI never was even interested in the things experienced by users of this tech. They are utterly incapable of saving us from the internet, except some things they Are on to, like drugs illegal and Kiddie porn.

  200. Because we do not imagine evil, it is available for use by infiltration or just for a fee. Russia got Cambridge Analytica data and used it through Kaspersky, and 2 years later, we STILL do not get it! But I just blocked the most charming Satanist I’v yet seen.

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  201. Obama, though, indeed trusted the un-elected career men of the agencies, who were pursuing the Dick Cheney plan, which did indeed work against Al-Quaeda quite well after 9/11- with all that Russian help through Kaspersky, handling 400 million security accounts.

  202. But surely this is all just “conspiracy theory,” eh Trumpsters? If Manson had Billions, would not LINGUISTIC forensics be considered “conspiracy theory” There are , though, conspiracies, Russia has for a century excelled at them, and the writing IS on the wall: Political forensic

  203. And the Evangelicals would not notice the difference with the son of man. And surely the Democrats would wait for the nice election and not IMPEACH!! Nice goin’ Dick Cheney! Spying through the internet has sure prevented TERRORISM, assuming it is ONLY brown guys by definition.

  204. Manson, of course, controlled the media for only a small cult, because he did not Billions of dollars to pay Congress to not legislate on many small issues they thought were the main point- like data collection. Otherwise, we have been so foresighted, MANSON could get elected!

  205. No one is awake at this hour except Putin? And a few central American Satanists? Ok.

  206. Manson was convicted because the jury wanted to convict, and knew it was true. The Don could be convicted and removed by an honest SENATE.

  207. Manson was convicted of conspiracy because of the writing on the wall. It was the first use of linguistic forensics in a court case. Precedents indeed must be set, and there is no occasion like an UNPRECEDENTED event.

  208. Hay Vlad! GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE!! Pronto, Tonto, and don’t move to Toronto. (Or We’ll send Squanto) The End

  209. Putin likes tyrants such as Osama and the Don, tyrants he can just wind up and let go to work on their own, just as Don is destroying the US executive all on his own and in his own interest, as far as he knows. Putin even snowed the US and Italian mob, but that’s another story.

  210. …For THAT is where this began, is it not? Hence the supposed “conspiracy theory” which begins by truly noting that the US funded Al-Quaeda at the start, but falsely concludes that the terrorist attacks on America are an inside job. They are retaliation from Putin’s Russia.

  211. Further, the anti-Americanism of Islamic extremists is a political forensics hand print aiming to a Russian source for the totalitarianism of Al-Quaeds, etc. But Wait! There is more! Will that not teach DICK CHENEY not to try to use Islam against the Russians in Afghanistan?…

  212. So the three Abrahamic faiths are inherently opposed to Atheistic- but not true orthodox-Russia. End Russian fascism and communism.

  213. The violence of both Moses and Mohammed is directed invariably at idolatry, and explicitly not, in the Quran, at Jews and Christians. Mohammed calls the Apostles “Muslim,” which means “faithful.” But the Christ ends even that violence and the severity of Jewish law.

  214. I missed the THE, and had Y in place of il, but got the “ah.” Jah! Point being, Allah is the God of Abraham, and since I started saying this, we have not heard the muted Evangelicals saying “Allah” is “not their God.” Idiots.

  215. NPR: Zuckerberg & cohort are Jewish, so he could not “like” the Nazi. The idea that Jews are genetically incapable of fascism is like the idea that blacks cannot be racist. In fact, Putin is trying to use the Jews now, to beat up on Islam, and they will fall for it.

  216. Congress CAN pass laws “To secure these rights,” and not only for Trumpsters. In fact it is their JOB, at 6 figures +

  217. FB is to ban White natl, separatists and supremacists. In the US, we have allowed Nazis free speech (unlike Germany), but FB is trans-national. FB has not banned “data” collection and sale to Putin through Cambridge Analytica for use by Kaspersky, though.

  218. Ok, I just had to reset the auto-zoom while editing tweets preserved on WordPress, so it does get me there too. But if it were mechanical, it would be consistent. Mine goes on by key words, apparently, and topics. Especially Trump and Big Pharma related.

  219. [sarcasm] Don’t worry, Trump will pardon them. That was just the old FBI, the veterans of the “Deep State.”

  220. The Bob Seger System – Black Eyed Girl

  221. The Bob Seger System – White Wall

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