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  1. See? Glenda is helping Dorothy. The Constitution is the Ruby Slippers.

    1. What, no tax forms?

    2. Today on Stateside , around 1,000 Iraqi nationals are in danger of deportation starting Tuesday after a federal appeals court decision ruled that Immigration and Customs Enforcement could move forward with trying to send them back to Iraq.

    3. Assange endangered people. Were just glad ICE would never do that [sarcasm]:

    4. ‘Sara’ Remastered Long version via

    5. More “side effects. How similar is Adderral to Meth?

    6. THREE LAWS OF THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY 1. Follow the money. 2. The controversies will distract you from the scandals. 3. Many secrets, no mysteries.

    7. I missed the National Sibling Day business, yesterday. So, here goes. Long ago, in Livingston Texas…

    8. Painter is on it again:

    9. Then, when we try to have elections, Russia can choose for us the man most likely to server her interests and destroy the executive branch! Where is Dick Cheney when we need him.

    10. Ya, God forbid our enemies gain our secrets. Hey, lets have every computer collect data even inside people’s homes, sell that data to anyone, and figure for them how to interfere with markets for profit! Hey, maybe Russia will help us fight “terrorism” through Kaspersky! [sarcasm

    11. Why for “depression” would we turn first to such a drug?

    12. Border refugee cities are an obvious answer to immigration. Lets get inventive about the meaning of borders and sovereignty. Take an edge of a fertile area and irrigate, greening a section of desert on the border that is still inhabitable. A joint US Mexico project could solve.

    13. Sudan’s bloodthirsty dictator, Omar al-Bashir, overthrown after 3 decades terrorizing his people. I’m sure that Putin and other autocrats are watching this story unfold with dread

    14. So it was Republicans “on the committee” that released James Baker’s testimony transcript. Which committee? Why the Republicans, not the Dems? A Senate committee, with GOP majority? Did McConnell approve it? It answers Barr’s ?s about the genesis of fbi investigation.

    15. Replying to 

      But I forgot that Nixon resigned, then wondered, “How could Ford pardon Nixon if Nixon was impeached? The answer is instructive. …”except in cases of impeachment.” And it does not say “and removal.”

    16. Have we forgotten that the Cohen testimony before the House intelligence committee included a documented 130,000$ payment to a prostitute in the interests of the Trump campaign? IMPEACH!!

    17. Obama would have called Trump on the election fraud and even fixed the problem then, but lacked bi-partisan support, for which we can thank Mitch McConnell. If free elections are over, will McConnell be proud?

    18. At some point, we will catch on to the Trump-Russia methods.

    19. …which is why we wanted to WALK THE CIA RIGHT INTO THE SUPREME COURT and put an end to the Trump charade!

    20. But that is why Obama personally stayed out of it, bending over backward to avoid even the appearance of partisan election influencing from the presidency. The CIA may have known enough to get the Supreme Court to Void the election, which is why we wanted to WALK THE CIA RIGHT..

    21. If I had that many Russian connections and the CIA were not all over it…snoozin’! What does Bill Barr mean when he says he’ll review US “spying” on Trump’s campaign? via

    22. Mueller himself must be subpoenaed. And Congress must ask the right questions. Trump must be tried in the Senate, regardless of the partisan futility. The Senate was turned in the same 2016 election which we call upon the pre-Trump Court to void. The Trump appointees recused.

    23. The 10 Trumpster methods of counterargument

    24. The evidence of Russian election fraud, and even that Trump knew about this- may be more than any conspiracy case in history.

    25. Philippine Clergy Reports Death Threats As President Duterte Rails Against Church

    26. THE correct way to deal with foreign election fraud is for whole states to bring a case before the Supreme Court to void the 2016 election. Citizens brought 3 cases (#16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857) with ZERO press and amid much obstruction (which was reported but not investigated).

    27. I stand by this quote, and I”m talking about the local movement to elect a new kind of progressive prosecutor. We vote DAs in or out, so their power is our power. Thank you & — you make it fun!

    28. An ancient teacher told of a Judo Olympic champ who practiced one move. Opponents knew he was doing it, but could not stop it. Our knowing THAT Putin is doing has been a great benefit. Then we fall for Biden the predator and the Barr report. One answer is to quit playing w Putin.

    29. Trump will seize the law if we allow it. Putin is making suggestions, and Trump does not see Putin’s plan. Putin would love to get US into a war against Islam. Russian troops are now in the Ukraine.

    30. On the Reform of prosecution and bail systems: Elect prosecutors who will behave.

    31. …And the class where they learn the meaning of the words “Treason,” “Coup” and “Obstruction.”

    32. David Corn: “Today would be a good day for Trump to release his tax forms.”

    33. “Let my Chaldeans go.”

    34. Now 2+ YEARS have gone by through which we appealed to patient justice, investigation, and avoided the accusation of election fraud and bribery due to fear of appearing “partisan,” God forbid. Now it is time to take the part of the party that will say “No” to tyranny!

    35. …And the class where they learn the meaning of the words “Treason,” “Coup” and “Obstruction.”

    36. : First image ever, not including that photo of Trump’s education and the study of the US Constitution at Trump University!

    37. WOW. Astronomers unveil the first-ever image of a black hole, a dark circle surrounded by swirling fogs of radio noise deep in the heart of the galaxy known as Messier 87, in Virgo.🧐

    38.  Apr 10

    39. Photogenic guy, for one emitting no light!

    40. “Gap stands for Gruppi Artigiani Pronto Intervento, (“groups of artisan emergency services”) but is also a tribute to the partisans of Gruppi di Azione Patriottica, who fought the fascists during the second world war.”

    41. At some point, Congress and the loyal opposition must take a stand against the Trump tyranny. 2 months ago, the line appeared to be the Mueller report. Trump did not fire Mueller- we would have revolted- but simply hired his boss. We do not notice. STAND UP!!

    42. Tyranny is not capable of dealing with anything, let alone borders and refugees. But we will learn how Jordan feels!

    43. Arrest ICE! Fire ICE!

    44. Oh, the courts recognize that the Christian Chaldeans face torture and murder, but are powerless to do anything about it. Classic Trumpster: The courts and justice just cannot proceed! The wheels of justice are clogged! The Bill of Rights applies only to Trumpsters!

    45. We want Michigan to threaten ICE with violating Michigan law by being a knowing accessory to the tortures and murders bound to occur. Americans, THIS IS TYRANNY, and WE ARE NOT FIXING IT!!

    46. #9 Dream (Remastered 2010) via

    47. Rainwater should be tested for bacteria and birds have parasites. But especially where the ground, pipes and streams are contaminated, why not get it from the source? The filters will be crucial, though.

    48. Impeach or suffer tyranny. Soon it will not be only “those other people.” Remember what happens to the servants of tyrants. Anyone seen “Scara-moochi?”

    49. AG Barr’s performance today reminded me of Nixon’s AG John Mitchell, who ended up in jail. Not saying Barr committed a crime but he sure established himself as a tool of the POTUS. He stonewalled Congress to use Watergate vernacular!

    50. Lets have it again!

    51. Trump keeps his tyranny just below the level at which we will do something about it. They bank on Americans to forget such things as the 34 indictments in the Mueller report of every major person in the Trump campaign.

    52. 58,000 families from the three Central American nations, in a single month, as reported by NPR? This number is not accurate. But Trump is not the one to deal with immigration. He will use it as an excuse to impose tyranny, as with the DHS.

    53. In Canada, when there is a police shooting, an outside agency investigates, and so they do not have so much trouble, though granted, their cops have fewer guns to fear.

    54. The standard of the Senate in the trial of impeachment is different from the standard of indictment for criminal prosecution. The Senate could impeach Capone- if it wanted to.

    55. Capone does not like “speculation,” either- that’s why they got his tax forms.

    56. “Ayad says the MSP’s lead investigator on the case, Detective Richard Sanchez, is closely tied to Detroit Police, and that he failed to question witnesses or examine forensic evidence before concluding his investigation.”

    57. “The investigation… by the Detroit Police Department appears to have been driven solely by what the shooter and the other members of the arrest warrant entry team told investigators what happened, rather than having the evidence drive the investigation,” Balash wrote.

    58. Terrence Kellom did not have a hammer at all. The crime is lie that he did. This will not even be pursued by the prosecutor.

    59. Worthy cleared Quinn and other officers of any wrongdoing after what she called an exhaustive review of the evidence by Michigan State Police in 2015.

    60. Prosecutor Kim “Worthy cleared Quinn and other officers of any wrongdoing after what she called an exhaustive review of the evidence by Michigan State Police in 2015.”

    61. Terrence Kellom did not have a hammer at all. The crime is lie that he did. This will not even be pursued by the prosecutor.

    62. Calls for reinvestigation after new evidence raises questions about 2015 police shooting death

    63. The Trumpster method is to say one cannot look, law cannot proceed, there is no certain knowledge, so nothing can be proven,” those saying such things are partisan, or flawed, or, finally, that such things as Russian “coordination” in elections is just fine.

    64. And IF Cohen had something to tell the House committee from the “Republican point of view, Did any of the “R” reps care to ask him? Or only to establish that he is not a reliable witness?

    65. Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Dita Kraus via

    66. The librarian of Auschwitz

    67. Sunshine Superman- Donovan via

    68. IF the white house has engaged in the burial of the Mueller report beneath the Barr report spun by the White House, it is obstruction occurring in the present.

    69. Isn’t that also somehow where the war started?

    70. Hopefully I didn’t say anything too offensive! LOL 🙂 Thanks, guys.

    71. Roman key with horse-head handle. The shaft of the key and the intricate eight-slotted bit are forged from iron.

    72. Migration is a manufactured crisis to enflame the fascist right. A border city is the solution, and de-beurocratized guest worker programs. One cannot keep people in cages.

    73. Ja, see, we settled that question once, and will again if we have to. -MI 24th

    74. CLIP: Attorney General William Barr complete opening statement. Watch LIVE on C-SPAN3, & online here:

    75. Subpoena? And redaction had better be for national security, or it is obstruction, eh?

    76. Well, since the Ruskis threw the first vote!….

    77. Then comes the guitar man, like the Tambourine man, ‘neath the diamond sky: Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man (Audio) via

    78. Long term effects are learned the hard way. Our supposed psychiatry is not science. It is not even possible to study the ethical effects of these drugs, even short term.

    79. Donovan – Catch the wind via

    80. I have consumed prescription drugs on medical advice for 45 years, they have destroyed my health, my biggest mistake in life was to assume any of this was actually for my benefit, it wasn’t.

    81.  Apr 9

    82. Donovan – Atlantis (Official Audio) via

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    83. And no one looked at this before? Withdrawal Symptoms Routinely Confound Findings of Psychiatric Drug Studies

    84. Serous question: is there a list of all members of Congress who have traveled to Russia? Tried Google.

    85. Shrinks took kickbacks from Big Pharma just as MDs did with Oxy. Our psych has no scientific basis, like “pain” is very subjective, and we do not have the science to drug people except as a last resort.

    86. BREAKING: We and partners have issued a travel advisory urging immigrants and people of color to use extreme caution when traveling in Florida. The state is on the verge of passing a draconian anti-immigrant bill which will endanger our communities.

    87. Fascist tyranny must have race issues, correct? And if the issue were manufactured, we would fall for it, correct? Obama deported 250,000 people correct? AND a few Russians to boot! Trump likes to oppose brown gangsters, competitors of the Russian and US mob.

    88. Im talking about From Cold War to Hot Peace in Missoula, Montana on Wednesday. Come if you can !

    89. When Ronald Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev! Tear down this WALL!

    90. IMPEACH!!

    91. Hey Americans! You like being in the Russian circus?

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    92. The time to fight is BEFORE they do harm! Go Fiona! Oxy: Oh, STATES can get all these damages. My family and economy was destroyed by Oxy, and I never even did it!

    93. Oh, its we knew he did not release his tax forms and “elected” him anyway. Had Trump not been run up the flagpole in the “Republican” primaries, gaining the partisan issue of abortion, even the Russian could not have completed the fraud.

    94. For those yesterday asking for my syllabus for my seminar this spring quarter, here it is. Comments welcome as this is a brand new course for me. (Sorry, no ability to livestream this year– maybe next year?)

    95. …while Trump dismantles the executive branch for Putin.

    96. My favorite is when the Trumpsters repeat the assumption that won a normal election, then cite this for legitimacy.

    97. Does anyone else see Russia trying to get US into a war with Iran, Venezuela or anywhere possible? The Trump administration and Israel would both fall for it, which is why it is important to impeach a president seated by Russian election fraud.

    98.  Apr 8

      Yes and we need to sell more pharmaceuticals so fill out this questionnaire, we can help you live a better life through drugs!!! You too can join the 90% that are currently on psychotropics.

    99. Why is it that iatrogenically harmed patients are not cared for by the NHS and are left to campaign when damaged & disabled? I guess this is the sort of society we now have in the UK.

    100.  Apr 8

    101. The standard of the Senate in an impeachment trial is different from a criminal trial. The Senate could have Removed Capone. IMPEACH!!

    102. We won with dialecticians. I love the poorly educated.

    103. Trump’s tax returns will demonstrate emoluments and Russian connections, etc, and will lead to impeachment, in combination with the Mueller report. But will he destroy America before we do anything about it? IMPEACH!! REMOVE!!

    104. Tyranny takes hold one office at a time, while we fall for lines and fail to IMPEACH!!

    105. Lenten fasting frees us from our attachment to things, from the worldliness that anaesthetizes the heart.

    106. Pink Floyd “Money” played by a puppet

    107. Here’s one of my favorites

    108. America – A Horse With No Name ( Official Video ) via

    109. Kirsten Neilsson is not tyrannic enough- with each change in offices, a tyranny seizes our executive branch. Trump is still boisterous from his “exoneration.” If he thought he could, he would do things like Duterte. IMPEACH!!
    110. “The ocean is a desert with its life underground and a perfect disguise above. Under the city lies a heart made of ground, But the humans will give no love.” -America, “Horse.”

    111. The Souls of Black Folk (Dover Thrift Editions) by W. E. B. Du Bois via
    112. Maya Angelou, Elizabeth Alexander, and Arnold Rampersad — W.E.B. Du Bois and the American Soul

    113. Doors (The Crystal Ship) via

    114. Ok, off the Water theme, and on to Sunday: The Doors – Blue Sunday via
    115. The Doors – Yes, The River Knows (lyricks) via

    116. See, there is water under ground: Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime (Official Video) via

    117. Take Me To The River – Talking Heads via

    118. It’s the Sabboth bois bach! Praise the Lord via

    119. The end of the Lord’s prayer returns the Kingdom, power and glory, through the true King of true kings:

    120. Pink Floyd ”Learning To Fly”

    121. Ya, the “Democrats,” “Don’t want to go down that road” of impeachment. Whether Trump was told the election would be turned for him and rewards Russia with policy is like, what, a separate question? Obstruction, emoluments and oath of office, irrelevant?

    122. Just say no to tyranny, right here where it starts. “NO.”

    123. Ja, “Some of those” they plan to deport, “have committed violent crimes.” “Some of those we plan to IMPEACH have committed a few too, and those we plan to charge for knowingly deporting Chaldeans to a place of persecution. One man is 56 yrs old, with no relation to Iraq since 11.
    124. Krista Tippett has another nice show today, on DuBois, the Soul of American folk!

    125.  Apr 6

    126. The Chaldean deportations are likely illegal, whether the federal courts recognize this or not. It is illegal to deport people to a place of likely persecution. ICE knows this, and proceeds by some corrupt “treaty with the Iraqi government. We hold ICE et al. responsible.

    127. What is right on the surface is plenty, knowing there is plenty more. IMPEACH, for national security. 130,000$ payment? Every person in his campaign? 34 indictments? 17 Intell. agencies? What is the problem? Americans do not “get” what is at stake.

    128. The truly amazing thing is that Trump Russia has dragged this out for 2 years plus with the 7 Trump brand responses: Can’t look; can’t proceed, justice is paralyzed, bad people are the witnesses, partisan, out to get me, the only alternative is the far left…
    129. Trump’s tax forms may suggest Russian dealings, such as the Florida mansion, most pertinent to an IMPEACHMENT trial.

    130. Ask Trump under oath in the Senate IMPEACHMENT trial: “Do you consider it “collusion” if someone told you the election would be turned for you, it was, and you then rewarded Russia on NATO and sanctions?”

    131. We still like Mike Rogers of Michigan among “Republicans.” Mike v. Biden, if Biden is up for it. Then Elizabeth Warren.

    132. Wonder if that includes Supreme Court? See, its that Presidential language one only gets by experience.

    133. Ya, we said she’d let him live in the shed out back the White House. I means, if Anyone can do it, count on Michelle having at least read the Constitution! Maybe she can swipe that speech from Melania, remember?
    134. What? The only thing keeping Michelle from running, at least for Senate, is she doesn’t want to show up Barack?

    135. Fatima Apparitions and the ‘Miracle of the Sun,’ 1915 – 1917 via
    136. Lets start the first 5 Saturdays, and pray for the Bishops to do the consecration of Russia: The Miracle of the Sun in Fatima October 13, 1917 via

    137. Aparicio: “This text tells us the conditions required in order to respond to Our Lady’s appeal for the Five First Saturdays of the month, in reparation for the injuries committed against the Heart of Mary.”

    138. Hey, THIS is the first Saturday of the month, in the Fatima procession of months. Repent like Nineveh, and pray for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate heart. It doesn’t matter that we don’t quite get what this means- DO it! The Bishops are busy doing penance already?

    139. Replying to 

      Just saw all your Stones tweets ❤️After attending many of their concerts since 1969, I find concert memories better than seeing them in person…sets very much shorter. Mick is showing his age…just like me 😬

    140. Replying to  

      Hard to believe that kid needs heart surgery

    141. The Rolling Stones – As Tears Go By (1966) via

    142. The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday (Official Lyric Video) via

    143. 1966 lady jane-rolling stones.mpg via

    144. The Rolling Stones – As Tears Go By (Shine a Light 2008) Full HD via


    146. The Rolling Stones – She’s A Rainbow (Official Lyric Video) via

    147. ya, “Lets bring back the natural predators.” How ’bout some wolves n’ bears? Then here comes nature boy…for his mum, that Mother Nature chick on th’ butter commercial, like an over-grown Cupid boy…liberals!

    148. f’n ptera-dactilius sob.

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    149. “Say, George, have you seen Freddie, since you’se bringin’ in th’ grc-iarie?”

    150. Last year, f’er ate the Easter Bunny. Thought it was a coyote, till I done some figgerin’.

    151. He’s still too young to be bald, and we say a big brown young’n in the tree before. Big o’le hooked beak. Guess they get the white head after a few years. Ole hawk is max 1 1/4 feet tall. This guy’s 2-21/4, HUGE. Carry away a kid, if you leave li’le Freddie i’ t’ yard!

    152. We had a huge eagle come sit on the old purple martin house frame in the east yard yesterday. If I’s one of those ancient birdwatchers, it’d portend SOMETHIN’! I went out and told the birds at the birdfeeder, “Say, did you all hap’na notice Mr. Eagle over there?” 1st big eagle

    153. Ja, no hurry, Congress….

    154. The Senate may of course decide in trial whether the standard of evidence required to remove is just the same as in a criminal case, given the nature of the circumstance. That is why we have a Senate.

    155. Irrigate a province on the edge of one of the fertile areas, building a self governing city instead of a wall, a joint US-Mexico project. Guest worker programs could be run from there, looking to return and re-civilize the nations fled.

    156. A new kind of city and province is needed at the border. Settle these people on some land, set up self government, and establish transition and relations, work visas, etc. At least the kids will not be in cages! Federal land is leased to oil companies, and this will save a lot.

    157. Do you think there will be free and fair elections in 2020 if Trump and company can help it? Remember, they reach into every state.

    158. How long will it take the Democrats to realize that the Mueller report, for which we waited two years, has been buried by Trump’s Bannon style opinion control?

    159. Maria Butina Pleads Guilty In Foreign Agent Case, Admits Clandestine Influence Scheme So she schemed to build back-channel ties between Russian govt and Trump campaign (and NRA) … with no cooperation from Trump campaign?

    160. what he “is,” rather than just the “appearance thereof.”

    161. Think its funny, Trump hittin’ on a Marine’s wife in an elevator, Caligula used top select the wives of Roman “Senators,” and one was required to treat this an honor. Tyranny is just charming, and the slaves who help uphold tyranny are always astonished when they Touch” what…

    162. Congress must subpoena Mueller and the whole report, to be received in the Intell Committee, because of obvious concerns about obstruction surrounding the Barr report.

    163. It’s an unusual sight to see, a Russian surveillance jet on the tarmac of Travis Air Force Base near Fairfield. It was first spotted last week and spent several days in the area. (4/1/19)

    164. We are getting mileage out of this sort of reasoning: IF election fraud etc. did occur, and our nation is in grave danger as a result, what is the proper due process that DOES address the problem? IF,… then. The Trump lawyers have 7+ methods of arguing that NOTHING CAN be done

    165. Surprise! NATO is weakened, with Russian troops actively killing in the Ukraine. Guess we’ll never know if Trump repaid Russian election fraud by weakening NATO and sanctions- just cannot “prove” “conspiracy” IF it did occur- it is executive privilege to do such things.

    “I wrote Sara on the piano, by myself. The original Sara was 16 minutes long. Like about nine more verses than what you hear on the record.” Nicks, from Songmeanings

  2. “Time cast a spell on you…” Silver Springs (2002 Remaster) via

  3. Computer froze up on that last tweet, and Google just cannot manage the search for “Trump elevator wife of marine”

  4. Ok, time for the story of Trump and the wife of the marine on the elevator.

  5. Fleetwood Mac — (Gold Dust Woman) HD via

  6. Dutarte in the Philippines has begun attacking the Priests, who sometimes do oppose tyranny. estimated 5000 dead by cops and 22,000 by unidentified (hired) killers. This is one of the tyrants Don admires. Dew-tart.

  7. Due process has again managed to exclude the crucial question from court proceedings. Anyone else about sick of the Trumpster methods of paralyzing justice?

  8. ICE is right back to deporting my Chaldeans, those rounded up and detained in the Detroit area, most for petty crimes long past. It is illegal to deport to a place of likely persecution, and these are likely to be persecuted as Christians in Iraq.

  9. The crystal vision….to myself… Fleetwood Mac – Dreams [with lyrics] via

  10. Fleetwood Mac – Landslide (Official Music Video) via

  11. And this, her great ode to friendship: Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy (Official Music Video) via

  12. “And he was just like a great dark wing Within the wings of a storm I think I had met my match, he was singing And undoing, and undoing the laces Undoing the laces… Hold on The night is coming and the starling flew for days I’d stay home at night, all the time I’d go anywhere”

  13. Fleetwood Mac – Sara (Official Music VIdeo) via

  14.  16 hours ago

  15. Void the fraudulent 2016 election: SC 16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857.

  16. Still, the only Case for which there will not be a partisan division on the Court is the election fraud case, with the Trump appointees recused. If States do not bring this case, there will be a partisan majority in every case for the next 20 years.

  17. The coincident subpoena of the entire Mueller investigation and the compulsion of tax forms ought do it.

  18. “Today would be a good day for Trump to release his tax forms-” David Corn

  19. Americans are dumbfounded: Read Madison and split Sovereignty: Economic/Political, in a confederation, not a federal Republic. Done but for the details.

  20.  18 hours ago

  21. Baraby is ON it!

  22. it to temporary or partial considerations. Federalist 10

  23. Madison on the purpose of Congress: …to refine and enlarge the public views by passing them through a chosen body of citizens, whose wisdom may best discern the true interest of their country and whose patriotism and love of justice will be the least likely to sacrifice…

  24. Lighter side: A suspected Chinese spy got caught trying to slip into Mir Lago. Like the Chinese have to spy on Trump to know what he thinks? They should not have blocked Twitter. Do we really have to worry about these guys? They pick Marx over Lao Tzu? Ok.

  25. On NATO, we just heard the words “without US assistance” uttered on NPR. Ja, “DID you reward Russia by weakening NATO and sanctions?” A question the Senate might ask in the IMPEACHMENT TRIAL!!

  26. Trump-Russia is indeed a faction, made more dangerous by seizing a party.

  27. you must first enable government to control the governed, and in the next place oblige it to control itself. In the compound Republic,the power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments…will control each other… -Federalist 51

  28. …the constant aim is to divide and arrange the several offices in such a manner that each may be a check on the other…divide the legislatiure in different branches each department should have a will of its own….

  29. “To secure the public good and private rights from the danger of such a faction, and at the same time to preserve the spirit and the form of popular government, is then the great object to which our inquiries are directed Madison, Federalist 10

  30. Madison on the purpose of Congress: …to refine and enlarge the public views by passing them through a chosen body of citizens, whose wisdom may best discern the true interest of their country and whose patriotism and love of justice will be the least likely to sacrifice…

  31. it to temporary or partial considerations. Federalist 10

  32. And one goal might be to return and help their original nations. The weather may not be good, but there may be a place that IS inhabitable, or can be made so. Legal work status and seated industries would be a plus, eh? CLC

  33. With attention from the beginning, these could be kept free of gangs, and the refugees could make do, while seeking whatever status. This would be much better than walls and kids in cages, no?

  34. Stuck on immigration? Again, all the solutions are in the center: We have any federal land along the border? And does Mexico, even adjoining? Why not, for the trouble and expense, make self governing intermediate cities?

  35. But the explanation is that in love, the two participate in one soul, that is their love, and old Wizard and a child on the way.

  36. The Who – I Can’t Explain (Live) via

  37. The Who – I Can See For Miles – Live via

  38. The Who – I Can See For Miles via

  39. They just don’t care because they basically work for pharma. Have they ever said no to a drug?

  40. Glinda, the good witch. The three parts of the soul must acquire certain virtues before we can get back to Kansas.

  41. “With the thoughts you’d be thinkin’ You could be another Lincoln If you only had a brain.”

  42. If I Only Had a Brain – The Wizard of Oz (4/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD via

  43. You’ve always Had the Power my Dear – Glinda (Wizard of Oz) via

  44. Glinda the Good Witch via

  45. Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Wizard of Oz (1/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD via

  46. Glinda the Good Witch via

  47. You’ve always Had the Power my Dear – Glinda (Wizard of Oz) via

  48. If I Only Had a Brain – The Wizard of Oz (4/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD via

  49. full of stuffin’ My heart all full of pain I would dance and be merry Life would be a ding-a-derry If I only had a brain. Scarecrow, Wizard of Oz

  50. You could be another Lincoln If you only had a brain (Scarecrow) Oh, I would tell you why The ocean’s near the shore I could think of things I never thunk before And then I’d sit and think some more I would not be just a nuffin’ My head all

  51. I could wile away the hours Conferrin’ with the flowers Consultin’ with the rain And my head I’d be scratchin’ While my thoughts were busy hatchin’ If I only had a brain. I’d unravel any riddle For any individ’le In trouble or in pain(Dorothy) With the thoughts you’d be thinkin’

  52. All progress possible is right up the center: Insurance scams and Big Pharma make health care impossible. They are into funding Oxy AND rehab AND less regulation! Try to achieve minimal care for all. But the mnob IS fleecing the tax money. Spend more/Spend less the left and right

  53. The executive under whom these things occurred, in 2016, was Obama, and Mueller is a “Republican. The Mueller investigation began pe-Trump, and their oath is to the Constitution, not the Don.

  54. We are quite sick of the Trumpster excuse: You cannot look! And Government just cannot proceed! Ja, the wheels of justice are so clogged, there is no justice! And no truth, hence no guilt! Totalitarianism imposes a wholly fake world view in place of natural popular opinion.


  56. But again, whole states must appeal to the pre-Trump Supreme Court, simultaneous with the futile efforts of our Congress..

  57. IF Russia threw the election, AND the Trump administration is engaged in obstruction by burying the Mueller report in the Barr report- which sure looks like what just happened- Then the subpoena of Congress is the proper way to address this.

  58. He did it for our national security- our nation being so insecure should the other party win the election!

  59. Representative Collins of Georgia may not get which is the first branch of government, and the distinction nof executive privilege in such a crisis. Trump, like Nixon, is going to argue that IF Russia threw the election to destoy Amwrica, it is a matter of “executive privilege-“

  60. El Elyon has been traditionally translated into English as ‘God Most High’. The Phoenicians used what appears to be a similar name for God, one that the Greeks wrote as Έλιον. It is cognate to the Arabic `Aliyy.

  61. The name Elyon (Hebrew: עליון) occurs in combination with El, YHWH, Elohim and alone. It appears chiefly in poetic and later Biblical passages. The modern Hebrew adjective “`Elyon” means “supreme” (as in “Supreme Court”) or “Most High”. El

  62. ll the more interesting if Al-lah is from the name given to Abraham by Melchizadek, but we still think it is The El-Yah in contraction.

  63. Pink Floyd – Things Left Unsaid via

  64. …most notably with Paul McCartney, The Who, and Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and is the creative director for both Pink Floyd and its member David Gilmour. The name combines 3 things.

  65. Wikipedia: “Hipgnosis consisted primarily of Cambridge natives Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell, and later Peter Christopherson.[2] The group dissolved in 1983, though Thorgerson worked on album designs until his death on 18 April 2013, and Powell works in film and video…”

  66. Wikipedia: “Hipgnosis was an English art design group based in London[1] that specialized in creating cover art for the albums of rock musicians and bands. Notable commissions included work for Pink Floyd, T. Rex,”

  67. “Whitehouse” “charade” meant something a bit different, but now seems prophetic. eh? Pink Floyd – Pigs (Three Different Ones) via

  68. Has anyone seen that Mueller report? Wasn’t that supposed to come out some time about NOW! Heck, has anyone seen Bob Mueller?

  69. As soon as Trump feels able, he will enact a domestic tyranny and likely a foreign war. The alternative was to face the truth as a nation, and we have failed.

  70. One amazing thing about Sister Lucy is That what will occur is based upon what we do: “The war (WWI) will end but if men do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out… An indication that the vision is genuine is “…where the poor sinners go,” because of her compassion

  71. Joan Baez, Diamonds and Rust – Live, 1975 via

  72. The week of the election, the big story, remember, was Hillary’s e-mails- for a second time, with no added information. Everyone trusted the FBI, and Congress had refused my repeated efforts to establish oversight.

  73. REMINDER: There are still 11,500 children in detention centers throughout the United States of America.

  74. If we are still here in 2020 and there still elections.

  75. Hmmm, maybe he’ll tell what they told Sater, ’bout how they could get the Donald elected at a Trump Tower Moscow meeting. Here I’ll retweet it:

  76. Don’t look!

  77. Binky discovers Pink Floyd

  78. Amusing, if it is real. Subs off the East Coast ? Ok, we believe the Barr report! Impeach! Remove !! Void the 2016 Trump-Russian election! Subpoena Mueller. Send Vlad Home!

  79. So, in such circumstances, guys can collect rainwater, filter it and sell it. Distill some for sure purity!

  80. Lots of Rain for rainwater collectors. Tech has us too re4liant on the pipes! Watch for birds and leafs!

  81. The Monroe doctrine is the only legitimate concern. Dont let Trump use Venezuela to distract from IMPEACHMENT!!

  82. Or, Make it all “Stop” by asking WHY!: Last 4 lines: Pink: “Make ’em do what you want them to Make ’em laugh Make ’em cry Make ’em lay down and die”

  83. Pink Floyd – High Hopes (Official Music Video) via

  84. The God of Ishmael is the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, Jacob, Judah and Jesus.

  85.  Apr 2

  86.  Apr 2

  87. I guessed “El-yah, but Al is “The,” and the name is in the contraction of “il-lah, Heb El-lah or Al-Yah, El being the first Name in Genesis, with Is not written till Moses

  88. So, I think I almost got this: Quran 29:46: of the “people of the Book:” Our God Allah and your God is one; And it is to Him we bow (in Islam). The God of Ishmael is the God of Abraham. I guessed “El-yah, but Al is “The,” and the name is in the contraction of “il-lah,

  89. American aid is not a charity. These programs help to safeguard U.S. national security. on how America wins when we tackle the root causes of migration

  90. Thank you for taking a stand at today, . Our foreign assistance addresses the root causes of migration.

  91. Ja, ask Feldman what he thinks of the three cases brought to void the 2016 election, as the proper way to oppose and correct foreign election fraud. The justices whose appointment depends upon the question would be recused. SC # 16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857.

  92. Thought ole Sessions was on it! And who replaced him, Pompeo?

  93. Congress must subpoena Mueller and the whole report, to be received in the Intell Committee, because of obvious concerns about obstruction surrounding the Barr report.

  94. That’ll get the Auto-zoom going! I was surprised I got that one off before it disappeared! 10% deflects everything in Us politics. Then its crowd swarming and then partisan identification, and 60% of the people are silenced by tyranny. Ja, Americans are thick!

  95. Did I leave out emoluments and Oath of office to uphold the Constitution? Don’t look, see nothing! While Barr redacts every crime the Senate might find amusing in an IMPEACHMENT trial. OK.

  96. Now NPR has Feldman the Harvard law professor saying that due process failed, what to prove in court treason and conspiracy, so there was no election fraud, Stormy payment, 8,000 + lies from the oval office, obstruction, election fraud, bribery and Trump released his Tax forms?

  97. Pink Floyd one of the few via

  98. Pasted from “ !! Last section of “Possible Pasts.” Ja, Waters is a tragic as opposed to a comic poet. Tragedy appears at only two or 3 points in human history, + here.

  99. By the cold and religious we were taken in hand Shown how to feel good and told to feel bad Tongue tied and terrified we learned how to pray Now our feelings run deep and cold as the clay And strung out behind us the banners and flags Of our possible pasts lie in tatters and rags

  100. I’d dig up the story of Trump and Mrs. Marine, but I have to study now: Pink Floyd – Your Possible Past via

  101. MSNBC has no access, though, to the story of Trump propositioning the wife of an ex-marine on the elevator, nor would anyone want their mother, daughter, sister or wife on that elevator with Trump. But Keillor and Franken lose their jobs. OK. I switched it to nature on NPR.

  102. Something very strange has happened to the newsThat woman is STILL on CSNBC talking about how “inappropriate” the behavior of Joe Biden. Where is the Mueller report, anyway? Has anyone seen it? Oh, William Barr has seen it? And there were crimes that Trump did not commit?

  103. [sarcasm] All law enforcement must cease, because the FBI is just “biased against criminals, Demonstrably.

  104. Magnitsky is just “biased” against Putin. Ja, we don’t like tyrants messing with America. Call that what you like.

  105. They messed with the voters themselves, more than the machines. By data collection and targeted interference with groups and individuals, far more than providing Hillary’s e-mails when asked to do so. They targeted the electoral swing states, and changed the result. Bet.

  106. Here’s a good one: Ask Trump what his lawyers advised him about the use of the word “collusion,” because he has been advised that he can legally deny collusion, even while he was told the election would be turned for him, the Russians would do it, and the means “undetectable.”

  107. Do Brits know The Wizard of Oz? I should write about it.

  108. “Desolation Row begins with a postcard of the same hanging that inspired “Strange Fruit.” Romeo and Ophelia, but Cindarella? And I never read TS> Eliot and EE Cummings and stuff, Cannery Row and such, Ginsberg, beatnicks…Woody Guthrie and Dylan are our prophets.

  109. Now I’m doing Final Cut, for the first time, and back to Ottelein and Urick.

  110. Then I started cleaning house, and so I put on George Carlin, High On the Plane,” where he starts cleaning the john in the airplane! He says, “f’ you, I’m getting IN the plane. Let the daredevils get ON the plane!”

  111. The Final Cut – Pink Floyd (Full Album) via

  112. High-On-The-Plane-George-Carlin via

  113. Cheech & Chong-Earache My Eye (featuring Alice Bowie) via

  114. Where Do The Children Play – Cat Stevens (Lyrics) via

  115. Bob Dylan – A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (Audio) (Pseudo Video – Mono Vers… via

  116. “Desolation Row” (song by Bob Dylan) via

  117. Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust (With Lyrics) via

  118. Time it was…long ago, it must be… Simon & Garfunkel – Bookends Theme via

  119. Simon & Garfunkel – Old Friends / Bookends (from The Concert in Central … via

  120. Simon & Garfunkel – For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her.wmv via

  121. Simon & Garfunkel – April Come She Will via

  122. We have heard only of crimes for which Trump cannot be indicted, not those for which he might be. David Corn: “Today would be a good day for Trump to release his tax forms.”

  123. When the rather obvious questions about Russian interference in the Trump campaign emerged, we decided as a nation to appeal to old fashioned and patient detective work. This work has now been buried, and the Americans given what they are to conclude.

  124. Are they trying to Garrison Keillor Joe out of the Presidency? Maybe a little Al Franken action, using the “Me too” stuff to take out political opponents? It worked against the NY DA, but they do not get: The office is not the man.

  125. The articles of impeachment are : I) Election fraud 2) Bribery 3) obstruction 4) emoluments 5) Oath of office.

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