Mid April Tweets preserved (2019)

  1. See? Glenda is helping Dorothy. The Constitution is the Ruby Slippers.

  2. and may well be too late. The executive branch is in shambles, per plan. As McCain said, we ARE under attack, the only question is to what extent. If I were Putin, I’d apologize and GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE.

  3. The obstruction is BECAUSE Trump knows. Sater was told that the Russians could get Trump “elected,” quite early. THAT is why he obstructs the investigation and does not help to secure future elections. It is the end of all elections if we allow this to go on,

  4. Trump is a petty criminal and must be impeached for petty crimes, given that great matters that are not “prove” able are obviously at stake. Who denies that there are CIA matters that cannot be “proven” in court? Ask him under oath, and impeach him for lying.

  5. Putin and Kimmie will meet this month, now that someone figured out that Putin is using Kim to get around M.A.D.

  6. The “Republicans” demonstrated a willingness to use ANY means from gerrymandering to data collection and fake news- to turn the election, The warps US politics, because to that extent, candidates need not be responsible to the electorate.

  7. Again, what we say Trump did is this: someone told him the election would be turned for him and the means “undetectable,” and he then rewarded Russia regarding NATO, sanctions and more. The Senate must ask him under oath and directly- which Mueller could not do.

  8. What if Putin uses the US Nazis to do terrorist actions when he wants to distract us, using the internet powers given him by those who cannot imagine Putin would do such a thing? See?

  9. Putin is using Trump even without the direct treason of Trump, because Putin knows what he is- a 2 dimensional real estate scam artist who aims at being the big winner. This is and has been far too risky.

  10. But with American liberty, physical destruction and a few unjust wars- with potentially millions dead- on one scale, and NOTHING in the balance, gee, what should we do for the good of the nation?

  11. The coherence of the categories- many points and kinds of Russian involvement, including the 26th floor of 666- amounts to an obvious context. Comprehensive matters are not like facts, cannot be “proven,” one just has to “get” it. But with American liberty, physical destruction

  12. But the articles of impeachment are: 1) election fraud: especially on the internet. Fake news=false advertising, x10 2) bribery- rewarding Russia 3) Obstruction 4) Emoluments 5) Violation of oath of office- intimidating the press from the seat.

  13. Capone could only be charged successfully with tax evasion. Yet Congress could have impeached him. IMPEACH for the 130,000 payment to stormy, which IS “prove-“able. No such man could be elected without Russian internet fraud.

  14. Congress must do its job:

  15. The proper way to deal with an election turned by foreign fraud IS and WAS to appeal to the Supreme Court. Our efforts were obstructed, even by Russian threats, and NO ONE would do a thing about it. Whole states must bring the cases: 16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857.

  16. Why? Because the Russians also threw the Senate elections, and took over the “R” party:

  17. The Trumpsters have certain ways of answering characteristic of guilty men with lawyers: The 10 Trumpster Methods of Counterargument

  18. IF Russia turned the election- and America is not so stupid as to elect Trump without a great deal of help- by data collection and targeted internet interference, it may be that we cannot “prove” it. ARE WE GOING TO LET THE CHARADE CONTINUE TO OUR DESTRUCTION?

  19. Plutarch: “if it were a thing obvious and easy for every man to know himself, the precept had not passed for an oracle.” -Life of Demosthenes

  20. The House should simply assume the worst when inquiry is obstructed, and impeach. The worst is obvious. But Americans do not “get” the significance of an election fraud in the presidency. In a word, we could get nuked- that they get. “Lose your liberty,” they do not get.

  21. The advertising, involuntary clicking and pop ups on every news source are so obtrusive as to make these nearly useless. They think they are making money by doing this- prob’ly hired someone to do it for them.

  22. CNN’s Jake Tapper corners Giuliani as he insists there’s ‘nothing wrong’ with getting help from Russia

  23. Inviting foreign interference in US elections may have ended free government and elections. Would we impeach Capone, if all we could “prove was tax fraud, and we could not get at his tax forms? If liberty and perhaps nuclear destruction were at stake? And nothing in the balance?

  24. Trump & Co. do not care if a thing is immoral, and say not illegal, then if it is illegal, it can’t be proven, then if can’t be proven, one cannot proceed or cannot look, finally there is intimidation, then threats are carried out.

  25. Jake Tapper and Giuliani had an amusing exchange: Receiving information from a foreign government is not illegal.” T: But it is immoral G: Your going to get into morality/” T; “Ya.” This demonstrates collusion, as well as the immorality of the Trump organization.

  26. Ja, “move on” to IMPEACHMENT!

  27. Having spoke for impeachment and more for over two years, I find myself exhausted by the time the nation begins to realize what ought be done, and ought have been done two years ago. IMPEACH! REMOVE!! VOID!!!

  28. The lyrics are Son House, Jack’s favorite blues guy. The solitude of the man is like the solitude of the messiah at the winepess.

  29. Trump himself is the “sewn confusion.” America could not be that stupid without Russian help.

  30. The Mueller report is entirely consistent with Trump having been told the election would be turned for him, and he then rewarding Russia, and obstructing the investigation because he knows this. If this is “collusion,” Trump is not “exonerated.”

  31. There are long term contingencies and reasons unseen for doing one job and doing the right thing.

  32. Check out in John where Mary Magdalene is the first to see the risen Christ. We have her gospel. She told John stuff, one can tell.

  33. Peter, Paul and Mary – Wedding Song “There is Love” (25th Anniversary Co… via

  34. Leonard Cohen – Suzanne via


  36. I Don’t Know How To Love Him – Jesus Christ Superstar (1970 Version) via

  37. Everything’s Alright – Jesus Christ Superstar (1970 Version) via

  38. Yvonne Elliman – I Don’t Know How To Love Him (Jesus Christ Superstar 1973) via

  39. The Air That I Breathe By The Hollies via

  40. 1/2: well i hold the rope and i hold the sail and i kept my papers to keep from land in jail and i fought piranhas and i fought the cold there was noone with me i was all alone well it’s easter morning now and there’s noone around so i unroll the cement and walk into the town

  41. there was noone with me and i was all alone and i fought piranhas and i fought the cold well you know what it’s like i don’t got to tell you who puts up a fight walking out of hell now when you fought piranhas and you fought the cold there’s nobody with you and you’re all alone

  42. The White Stripes – I Fought Piranhas via

  43. #1 Easter song: Jack White – I Fought Piranhas (It MIight Get Loud) via

  44. A bit more well organized than what occurs in Afghanistan. 7 arrests have been made, beginning the thread, which had better not lead to Russia. But Gee, who is attacking the Catholic Church?

  45. Sri Lanka attacks: several arrested after 207 killed at hotels and churches on Easter Sunday – live

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    To all who celebrate today, happy Easter from our family to yours! On this day of rebirth and renewal, let’s recommit to love and serve our brothers and sisters, especially those in need, in every way we can. Have a great day, everybody.

  47. Yeah!

  48. …because the free exercise of religion, when no other rights are harmed, is to be assumed. It need not be sacramental or even traditional religious exercise- it could be hittin’ yer bowl and readin’ the scriptures, if one thinks it helpful.

  49. Stepping back, one thing quite clear is that there are so many Russian connections that a conspiracy regarding the election is quite obvious, and the Republicans do not know that it means nothing to say the least, but also do not care, to say the least.

  50. ‘…Alexander Nix, the company’s CEO, has acknowledged reaching out to Assange in the summer of 2016 to offer his help in organizing any Hillary Clinton-related emails WikiLeaks planned to release.

  51. Aleksandr Kogan, a Russian-American who worked at the University of Cambridge, helped the firm harvest the raw data of up to 87 million Facebook profiles beginning in 2014, which the company then used to micro-target political ads. There’s a WikiLeaks connection, too: …

  52. “But there’s still no conclusive explanation for the pinging, or why the Trump domain that Alfa was contacting abruptly disappeared two days after the New York Times notified Alfa’s representatives in Washington of the server activity.”

  53. Once, we ran out of candles, went and got some from the side prayin’ room for a buck, broke a wine bottle out a side, and made a lantern.

  54. In the ancient days, two times we went up on Turkey Knob Hill before midnight, and read the whole Gospel of John, finishing by Easter morning. Its a good way to get the Gospel of John, too.

  55. Lucia” “Then Jacinta made our offering aloud: “My God, it is as an act of reparation, and for the conversion of sinners, that we offer You all these sufferings and sacrifices.” The formula of the offering was not always exact, but the meaning was always the same.” p. 81.

  56. The Shroud of Turin might be the world’s first photographic image.

  57. St. Mary Magdalene, representing the Church as bride, we say, is the first to see the risen Christ, and mistakes him for the gardener. Then she says “Rabboni!” or Rabbi, teacher.

  58. Jesus hippies would of course be covered in this by the First, as well as the 4th, 5th, 14th, and 9th amendments, if they would get off the couch and argue it! Indians were not allowed Peyote, which is similar, but Rasta’s in Fla. were, till bails were floating in on the shore!

  59. Galatians, that is, 4:10 with 4:9.

  60. The sacraments and the tree of life are great mysteries which one might study while smoking the herb, but are WAY more holy. The sacraments assist the recollection of the spiritual truths and passage regarding the soul. Jesus: baptism and transfiguration: Sacrament water/chrism.

  61. I think someone called the FBI about Kaspersky like in 2016, but they had him on a list of people not to talk to, and they hung up on him, so he stopped “helping.” The FBI was using Russian intell computer assistance on Islamic terrorism, and got burned.

  62. …Other avenues, like whether compromising tapes exist of the president and what a Russian oligarch did with the internal Trump campaign polling data he was given, were left open-ended.

  63. Politico: “They include mysterious interactions between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank computer servers; the inner workings of the data mining firm Cambridge Analytica; and influence-peddling by Middle Eastern countries targeting Trump’s fledgling administration….

  64. We counter evil with making 4/20 weed day. NPR dutifully reports, twice each day the certain journalistic-al truth that the time is “4:20.”

  65. Hitler’s Birthday is of course the 20th, and Colombine day, coincidentally. Shakespeare Day- both his birth and deathday, are celebrated April 26th. Days are very Important to attackers and evil-doers as part of psych warfare and is related to what Paulo saith in the Romans.

  66. Maybe we can hire a few St. Petersberg whores to piss on Kaspersky, and the Americans might pay attention! Virtually speaking, of course.

  67. Oh, and add that Kaspersky was handling 400 million computer security accounts …from Moscow! THAT was redacted from the whole FBI study!

  68. Wine and weed are two of the very few earthly goods that have few or no bad effects. Coffee is another, and beer! Beyond food, clothing and shelter, what do you need? All the goods- like music, friendship, books, etc, are immaterial and mostly free!

  69. Weed is strange too in light of Genesis as a plant having very distinct male and female individuals. “Every seed bearing herb”… and of course the tree of life remind us of the herb, and the Rastafarians make it sacramental, but that is prob’ly not quite right. Still, something.

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    House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler issued a subpoena to Attorney General William Barr on Friday demanding he produce the full, un-redacted Mueller report and all of the special counsel office’s evidence by May 1.

  71. Plymouth girl Emily Lower, 13, uses birthday money to buy Easter eggs for homeless people “I bought 20 eggs with the money I got for my 13th birthday earlier this month and set off on Easter Friday evening to give to people in need.”

  72. The US prob’l tried to use Osama in Afghanistan, and got this as Soviet retribution. On the day of 9/11, we worried it was prep for a Russian attack, and it may have been, but on the 20 year plan.

  73. Political forensics suggests this in 2 places: 1) Islam can be fanatical, but is not totalitarian, while ISIS is. 2) The hatred of the West ideology does not make sense in light of the liberty granted Islam by the West and Russian atheism. 3) Wahabi-ology does not acc’t for ISIS

  74. Since US Intell is surely all over it, with presidential directive [sarcasm], we are considering the possibility of Russian involvement in ISIS theory, 9/11 and US Nazi attacks, now being planned.

  75. Impeachment is the job of the House, and very important whether the Senate does its job or not. For example, the power of pardon is “except in cases of impeachment.”

  76. Warren was not my first choice to be the democratic nominee, but if she’s serious about impeaching Trump, she has my support. I don’t want him removed from office because Pence is dangerous, but GOP senators who vote against removal won’t get re-elected.

  77. The Barr report is obstruction, directly contradicting Mueller on wheter Trump was “cleared” of obstruction.

  78. the Angel knelt down beside us and made us repeat three times: “Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore You profoundly, and I offer You the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for

  79. … the outrages, sacrileges and indifference with which He Himself is offended. And, through the infinite merits of His most Sacred Heart, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of You the conversion of poor sinners.” Fatima, Lucia, p. 79

  80. Undercover Police Posing As Drug Buyers Arrested By Undercover Police Posing As Drug Dealer | “Huge Mistake Led To Only Police Arresting Each Other After Punch Up” 🙄😂

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    He’s a has-bin

  82. Another actor ruined by drugs and alcohol.

  83. Darth Vader hat sich auch verändert…..🤣🤣🤣🤪

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  84. Anna Sussman producer and Glynn Washington deserver the equivalent of the Grammy, Pulitzer or some award for this known classic- not to mention Mohammed, the Mosul DJ.

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    Snap needs you, you need Snap

  86. Finally took the time to listen to , and I’ll never go back. A must listen from producer : “Good Morning, Mosul.”

  87. Survey and attack surveillance. Oh, and sue them, too. Lets see much how they like privacy! Assange wanted to keep his workers secret for their security?

  88. One US academic told : “Our goal is to make the most realistic unconstrained video surveillance facial recognition dataset in the world.” To that end, they photographed 1,700 US students using a long-range high-resolution surveillance camera, without their knowledge

  89.  Apr 20

  90. Last week, a great story by about surveillance in Xianjiang quoted an EFF activist saying “It’s something that seems shocking coming from the U.S”, but this shows academics from Princeton, UIUC have informed work on facial recognition by Cloudwalk, Yitu et al

  91. How did the Russians turn that election, anyway? Is Mueller surprised the Don did not know?

  92. The reason for privacy is security. We choose for our children 80 years of face recog by tyrants and predators? .

  93. This is a most amazing story, with many unique instructive points. Mosul, by ancient Nineveh, was taken by fear: 60,000 Iraqi soldiers fled due to a fake terror tactic: psych warfare. See anything similar in our world?

  94. Think Twitter DJ’s from the mitten in the US have courage? Try Seymour: Good Morning Mosul / Snap Judgment, "Hey DJ!" by Snap Judgment via

  95. The government is blind to the rationale and logic behind the case for drug reform. Police forces across the UK are clear that the war on cannabis simply isn’t working. Instead of handing millions of pounds a year to organised crime, let’s legalise it.

  96. The computer spy system was very effective against Islamic, but not very effective against domestic non-Islamic attacks.

  97. So, IF our government made a secret deal with Russia for computer help fighting “terrorism,” And then turned everyone’s computer into spying equipment, AND Russia used this to turn the election, THEY MAY want to demonstrate how much we needed their help, in retaliation.

  98.  Apr 20

  99. The important question is what is occurring regarding Russian interference. Trump leaves us vulnerable, in the nuclear age. Against IMPEACHMENT there is NOTHING in the scale on the other side: literally nothing to be lost by either party.

  100. Slick guys- they choose Marx over Lao Tzu.

  101. Kennedy at one of his campaign headquarters in 1946. See more photos here:

  102. Shh! Jesus is speaking to the souls in Hades, where we say he went for the three days between Friday and Sunday. He first appears to Mary Magdalene, and she thinks he is the gardener!

  103. Um, may we call this “coordination?”

  104. 19/ Trump’s foreign policy in October 2016 was a *trillions*-of-dollars giveaway to Putin that’d *bless* its unilateral European military aggression, too. So if the Kremlin held *blackmail* on Trump in October 2016—and could end his candidacy—he was a fully compromised candidate.

  105. The Great Cat In The Sky

  106. Scottish Wildcat | Highland Wildlife Park

  107. Elizabeth Warren now favors impeachment. Never in history has a “president” been more impeachable. The election must be voided in the pre-Trump Supreme Court, as should have occurred 2+ years ago. This is ridiculous, Americans, and we should all be ashamed of our slavishness.

  108. … and that the campaign chairman was actively promoting Russian interests in Ukraine.” Is that “collusion”? Or only “coordination”? Surely not “Conspiracy,” for such things have been “cleared,” “exonerated,” “Game over”? Just because Trump says something does not mean it’s true

  109. “I am also appalled… fellow citizens working in a campaign for president welcomed help from Russia — including information that had been illegally obtained; that none of them acted to inform American law enforcement…

  110. That’s Bill Weld, Mike Rogers and Mitt Romney who are willing to say “The Emperor is naked.”

  111. By the time we realize the danger which knowing might have avoided, Russia could have gained favors from Trump that would secure the destruction of the United States- and Trump might never know.

  112. “Republicans” are FINALLY beginning to get it, and some will turn against Trump because of Russia. Expect a Russian response, possibly violent. But yes, some things are more important than a partisan platform.

  113. The Mitt Romney story is being hit by internet interference. This is hard to distinguish from the obtrusive advertising on most news sites- ABC’s turned the sound on an advertisement involuntarily, waking sleepers. Thanks.

  114. Utah Sen. Mitt Romney ‘sickened’ by ‘dishonesty’ of Donald Trump after reading Mueller report – ABC News – via News

  115. In January 2016, while commenting on a letter to President Obama, Russian looking prostitutes came on my hijacked screen, then a scary face and the words Assassin” and Assassinate.” A police report was filed and ignored, but at least they did not shoot me. Coordination, collusion

  116. …it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this.”- Sater to Cohen, e-mail. November 2015, 5 months after Trump entered the election, New York Weekend edition, Aug-Sept 2017. Guess the Barr report overlooked that too.

  117. “I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected. We both know no one else knows how to pull this off without stupidity or greed getting in the way. I know how to play it and we will get this done. Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer

  118. Nov. 2015 e-mail, Sater to Cohen, suggesting “collusion.” No one asked Cohen? Remember? Reblog From Straight Arrow: No “Collusion?” Sater, Cohen and Trump Tower Moscow via

  119. Do you get that data collection and targeted interference are the means of turning the election, and that Trump was told this would be done?

  120. Impeachment HAS been proposed, THREE TIMES in the House, but received almost ZERO press. Rep. Green (Tx) was on it the most recent.

  121. Warren is the first candidate to recognize how absurd it is that the House has not yet begun impeachment.

  122. All shirts modelled by the rippling torso of and produced by

  123.  Jan 17

  124. Nazis, of course, used to hate “commies,” and hence Putin. But it is not clear that Putin is a communist, rather than a “white” fascist, but he is willing to use either.

  125. In hindsight, 9/11 looks highly suspicious in terms of Russia-Saudi connection. Why does ISIS hate the West more than Atheistic Russia? Is this political forensics? And our Nazi’s suddenly love Putin, and hence may be used by him in attacks designed to deflect impeachment.

  126. Elizabeth Warren has stood up as the first candidate to advocate impeachment. It is because we do not get what has occurred that Trump has not been impeached yet. This was obvious two years ago, and Russian influence could spell the end of the free world.

  127. Just because Trump says things, it does not mean these are true. Get it?

  128. The Americans are still in denial about internet data collection and targeted interference with groups and individuals. We are poised to have Russia deflect every election from now on, while we focus on the Steele Dossier and hacked e-mails.

  129. Pink Floyd The Wall Cd1 via

  130. It is of course our own vice that leaves our border porous and our foreign policy exposed to Putin. If we stand up, he may well look into his crystal ball and decide it is advantageous to go home, and work on making Russia great, as would a good king.

  131. The House must go where Mueller could not, due to limitations of authority- can’t indict a sitting president, etc. See, so much assumes that the election is legitimate, though it is not- even impeachment. Hence, the Court.

  132. Stand up! means: Fix it inwardly. America must fix this by a political process akin to self-knowing and self governing. Luckily, we still have constitutional institutions, in the branches, that allow us to do this.

  133. Perhaps that is among the 12 or 14 areas of inquiry redacted for security. We do not want the Russians to know that because of prohibition, our nation has had to do without the computer whizzes that also know that smoking pot is not a crime!

  134. Gee whiz, THAT is amusing: No mention of any investigation of the internet data collection and targeted Russian interference, such as I saw myself and tried to report on numerous occasions. Kaspersky was handling computer security for 400 million accounts, with ads on NPR!

  135. NOTHING in the Mueller report has yet mentioned the internet at all, and this- the means by which the election was turned- may not have been investigated at all

  136. Any effort to get Russia the data of American voters, as may have been done by the folks at Cambidge Analytica- is probably spying for Russia. NOTHING yet heard in the Mueller report has yet mentioned the internet at all.

  137. We never said Trump was the mastermind of the Russian conspiracy, or even the originator- THAT indeed would come closer to treason, of which we still say he Trump is probably not capable. He is out for himself- an old fashioned, not a fascist or communist tyrant.

  138. The House should subpoena Trump.

  139. And when he lies, he must be asked cross examining Questions. We have the Russians telling Sater, and Sater telling Cohen, about 2007, that they could get Donald elected.

  140. Everything Trump has done regarding obstruction is entirely consistent with such a scenario, and the Mueller investigation has not cleared him of this. And the “republicans” must be asked: Do you care if it IS true?

  141. The House should subpoena Trump, to ask him the questions Mueller needed to ask his the boss of his boss: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means “undetectable?” And did you reward Russia for that with the weakening of NATO and sanctions?

  142. What, no tax forms? The Russians committed election for Trump even without his releasing his tax forms? David Corn: “Today would be a good day for Trump to release his tax forms.”

  143. It is amusing to see America turn over and over the Mueller report- with many very insightful comments- in this, the last free discussion in the world, if we get it wrong.

  144. But they do not realize that it leads to tyranny, and their 500 Billion depends upon liberty and a government to secure the value of the dollars in which their 500B it is printed. The business model is not sustainable- nor at this rate is human civilization.

  145. The agreement was that they could advertise if they kept moderate, not that they could collect information from my visitors compromising voting rights. Nor do they need this addition to be profitable. Zucks 500 billion is the value of our lost liberty and privacy.

  146. That’s the very stuff, we think. Like it decided to have sparks of itself around, rather than be alone forever. I mean, why do that? Twitter metaphysics. Whathehell, mightaswell, no one gets what we say anyway!

  147. All men can see that there is intelligibility, and that it cannot be thought as not being always. This is obvious. What men doubt is that He is personal, because He is, and yet is beyond the difference between personal and impersonal. But ya know that thing you call “I,” ego?

  148. So, Ja, How can there plurality among the “forms? If multiplicity is of becoming only? The circle itself and triangle itself, even? Intelligibility too is meta-aspect of the Good one, the Most High.

  149. But see, those who will not help WordPress collect data on non-Wordpress visitors simply do not have any “likes”, or comments from outside. And WordPress has me colleagued with an interesting bunch, but few on the site yet read. One guy reads Lao Tzu, and quite well!

  150. How did the Ruskis turn that election, anyway? We just don’t get it, and if we don’t wise up. man, are we gonna get it.

  151. Editing my mid April tweets preserved, the difference is about 200 extra click and returns, doubling the time, as punishment for not accepting infinite cookies from WordPress. They wanted to collect the info of visitors who “liked,” so I disabled it. Ill hospitality.

  152. This time, maybe the growing conviction of the nation that Russia did this to us and used the petty criminality of the Don will be sufficient to restrain him. But I doubt it.

  153. The last time Trump exonerated himself, he spouted a wave of the tyrannic use of his executive powers to attack those involved in the nothingburger “witchunt.” He did this maybe till those who read the constitution informed him that he does not have such powers.

  154. WordPress STILL won’t get this consent thing off my editing page. They have not had enough Russian data collection yet, nor think that free press will soon be in a bad way if targeted internet interference determines elections. F’n Melonwedge! Prob’ly Bozo’s buddy.

  155. The beneficence we might have enjoyed practicing with all our wealth and power…

  156. The beneficence we might have enjoyed practicing with all our wealth and power…

  157. In the Apostolic Epistolum, quite possibly authentic and VERY early, the Apostles petition the Lord for the damned, even that they might simply cease to exist. But the soul being immortal, it looks like we are stuck with every moment of our lives, whether we turn to the light…

  158. The saints pray for those who cannot pray, and sacrifice for sinners.

  159. The prayer of the Angel of Peace of Portugal in Lucy’s visitation: “My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You! I ask pardon of You for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love You.” He showed the kids to pray this prostrate.

  160. Jefferson hoped the bell of liberty and the rights of man would ring throughout the world, freeing us from tyranny, as many nations as possible. Co0nsider our poor Puerto Rico and even poorer Philippines.

  161. Incidentally we pledge allegiance …and to the REPUBLIC for which the flag stands, not the tyranny. not the Russian selected faction of Americas that has forgotten the meaning of the word “Republican.”

  162. My first major advance in a while on Shakes MSND, a single paragraph on Lysander and Demetrius- The end of Athens referenced, imperialism without Liberty and Justice FOR ALL.

  163. For example, what if the Russians trick Trump on the basis of Trump’s apparent self interest, into a circumstance where Russian “advisers” are in Venezuela? And that is just one example! We cannot count them, and Putin does not need to. IMPEACH!!
  164. Liberty and civilization must now be rescued many times by many people whose only reward is seeing bad things not happen. And when humanity runs low on these, or when we lose, the end is then.

  165. Ooh, Rep Nadler of NY is nailin’ it just now!

  166. Nothing at all today about the internet, data collection and Kaspersky- handling computer security for 400 million accounts from Moscow.

  167. Trump attacked the investigation because he was told that the election would be turned for him, so he would know whom to reward. That he was told that the means would be undetectable” is a big clue as to how it was done- data collection and targeted interference through Kaspersky

  168. Indeed, the common sense apprehension that America could not be so stupid as to fail to cull out a candidate who has literally never read the constitution proves correct. Without Russian help, trump may have gained 9-16% maximum as a T.V. real estate scam artist and fake rich guy

  169. The Barr report clearing Trump of obstruction is itself obstruction. We have a lower Bar for impeachment even in the Senate. We have a 130,000$ check to Stormy!

  170. They ran him up the flagpole, especially in the primaries, and the Americans, the “Republicans” saluted. Then, our respect for elections allowed it. Now it it time, and past time, to correct it.

  171. Remember when it was not even agreed that Russia tried to interfere in the election, then not yet that even tried to elect Trump, despite the celebrations in Russia? Now all agree, and soon will see it was decisive.

  172. America must decide whether to stand up or to allow tyranny- but that was true two years ago, and we are not standing up.

  173. One sees that as Trump slowly takes over the executive branch office by office, it becomes more difficult for his subordinates, i.e. the FBI, who are into chain of command- to keep him under the rule of law.
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    You are in preach mode today dude!

  175. We have Russia telling Sater about 2007 that they could get the Don elected. Good thing he has “no business” with Russia, or we might wonder, and even start to catch on!

  176. In the past, when Putin feels it slipping, there has been an inexplicable shooting, for example Las Vegas the day the Court rejected hearing 17-857, etc.

  177. While Trump is worries about his “presidency” and how things effect him personally, WE must worry about an election being turned by such a power in the nuclear age, Trump has not attained that level of cognitive function, which is part of why Putin can use him.

  178. IF we allow what Russia did and do not fix it, foreign influence of every kind, including intimidation and assassination, will become the mode of election, and whoever does not do it will not be on a level playing field.

  179. Stalin is of course the best candidate for the greatest mass murderer in history. Hitler did not power long enough, but killed about as fast.
  180. Indeed, we never thought Trump was the mastermind of the election fraud, only the pawn willing to receive Putin’s benefits, mobster style.

  181. And still he cannot avoid, say, asking Cristy to do this or that, suppressing Mueller. For this, he has opinion control to clean up what from ignorance he cannot avoid.

  182. Any mention of KASPERSKY yet? Any of to whom the obstruction of the Supreme Court cases 16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857 might be traced? Any mention of why no such information was received?
  183. Trump of course has a team of lawyers advising him on what he cannot get away with, and that is why foreign election fraud is needed to begin- Cambridge Analytica cannot conveniently do it for themselves from US soil.

  184. More than half of Putin’s Russians SAY Stalin was an OK guy.
  185. The Trumpsters have the stupidest response to criticizing a fake potus, liker the honor and dignity of the office prevented our keeping it free of such corruption. The argument works fine against criticizing any tyrant.

  186. He never read the Constitution, is a fake Potus, and may be destroying our executive branch to Putin’s delight. HE is a “showboat” and and a real estate scam artist, what America gets for hearing those preachers of success” in place of genuine preachers.

  187. This is extremely dangerous because Putin will ask and receive consessions of which Trump cannot understand the comprehensive context and significance. Congress has plenty of “High crimes and misdemenors” for which to end this danger and the Trump charade.
  188. If Trump rewarded Russia for election fraud with considerations regarding NATO and sanctions, it is extremely dangerous, election fraud and bribery, receiving and paying a bribe, and as impeachable as if the cash value were exchanged..

  189. “On Nov. 30, Flynn signs a plea agreement with Mueller in which he acknowledges lying to the FBI about his sanctions conversation. On Dec. 1, Flynn appears in court and his deal becomes public.”

  190. “When… we were alone, the president began by saying, ‘I want to talk about Mike Flynn,’ ” Comey testified in June. “He then said, ‘I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.’ “

  191. On Jan. 27, President Trump arranges a dinner with then-FBI Director James Comey, where, according to Comey’s testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the president says: “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.” It was uncomfortable, Comey said.

  192. Yates: “We believed that Gen. Flynn was compromised with respect to the Russians,” she said. “To state the obvious, you don’t want your national security adviser compromised by the Russians.”
  193. “In this interview .., Flynn makes false statements about whether he asked Kislyak to refrain from “escalating the situation.” He also says that he doesn’t remember the follow-up conversation in which Kislyak confirms Russia’s decision regarding a sanctions escalation.”

  194. “After a Washington Post report alludes to Flynn’s conversation, the administration-in-waiting begins denying they discussed sanctions.”

  195. “”Flynn called the Russian ambassador and requested that Russia not escalate the situation and only respond to the U.S. sanctions in a reciprocal manner,” say the court doc’s. The Trump camp wants to offer Moscow the prospect for a better relationship once Trump is inaugurated.”

  196. The 10 Events You Need To Know To Understand The Michael Flynn Story

  197. Crime is off the table. Ja, the 130,000$ payment to Stormy was probably legal! Ditto for the 95 million Trump was paid by the Russian for the Florida mansion.
  198. Bring the CIA right into the Court, if they have figured it out yet.

  199. With grave danger in the nuclear age in one scale, and absolutely nothing at stake in the other, will we allow the Trump charade to continue? The proper way to deal with election fraud under our constitution is in fact to ask the pre-Trump court to void the election.

  200. If so, he might be cleared of all these words, and might not be prosecute-able, like Capone. The question is will we continue in this unprecedentedly vulnerable condition, where our “cheif” is being manipulated, or will we IMPEACH!!

  201. He said he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation. He called on Russia to release e-mails of Hillary. We say he did it because Russia turned the election for him by data collection and targeted internet interference and intimidation, and Trump rewarded them.

  202. The articles of impeachment are : I) Election fraud 2) Bribery 3) obstruction 4) emoluments 5) Oath of office.

  203. But the “president” has the power to pardon “except in cases of impeachment.”

  204. Impeachment does not even address the election fraud, and cannot undo much of the damage done, now that everyone agrees Russia worked very hard to turn the election for Trump, whom America would not be corrupt enough to elect on our own.

  205. What in particular are the contacts of Flynn and Manafort, NSA director and campaign director, with Russia? For what were they given consideration in their pleas? Where are the tax forms, and what are we to make of the mansion deal for 95 million $ Russian?

  206. When I called the federal elections office and asked what constitutes “election fraud,” I was told it HAD to involve money (which cannot be correct). But the 130,000$ payment to stormy suffices. That we do not impeach given what we already know is absurd.

  207. Is there anything significant that does NOT involve the redaction categories? Look. IF Trump was told the election would be turned for him, AND he rewards Russia, ARE we going to allow his election? ARE we going to tolerate a Gangster in the White House? Nice tie!

  208. Is election fraud by receiving the assistance of a foreign government even illegal? Is it a “crime?” Even if they tell you, and you reward them? Let’s ONLY discuss the “crimes” Trump did not technically commit, everything else involves sources, methods, reputations investigations

  209. Once the “R”s figure out they may not be big “winners” with the 29% of America that has taken the stupid pill.

  210. Bill Weld Vs. Joe Biden would make a much more honorable election for 2020.

  211. “Sater wrote to Cohen that he had “arranged” for Trump’s daughter Ivanka, during a 2006 visit to Moscow, “to sit in Putins private chair at his desk and office in the Kremlin.”The email went on, “I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected.”

  212. Remember? Reblog From Straight Arrow: No “Collusion?” Sater, Cohen and Trump Tower Moscow via

  213. Marvel that he represents OHIO! Isn’t that where Two Sticney is from?

  214. Now watch the “R” use gangster tactics to threaten and impede Bill Weld. Do you trust a Barr-led justice department to pursue intimidation in the Trump organization? Or was Roger Stone the last indictment?

  215.  23 hours ago

  216. Integrity. Just say “No” to tyranny!

  217. Gym-bag Jordan is a slave boy, and did not care if Cohen could reveal a whole criminal enterprise, let alone a 130,000$ payment. I think he kisses tyrants. On the lips. Scara-smoochi!

  218. Because they had, and decided to only discuss crimes he may not have committed. The Barr report IS obstruction, happening in front of us and outside the report.

  219. The Barr report is obstruction. Subpoena Mueller to explain the redaction in his report. Ask: IF Trump was told the election would be turned for him AND he then rewarded Russia, WOULD such a thing be redacted?

  220. Don’t look now, but Russia has “advisers” on the ground in Venezuela, contrary to the Monroe doctrine. Do we trust Trump not to double deal? Not to be dealt with by Putin? Not to arrange a war to avoid impeachment? Or does Trump do what appears his personal advantage?
  221. …including data collection and targeted interference with the voters themselves. Trump was told the election would be turned for him and the means “undetectable.” He has rewarded Russia in various ways including weakening NATO and sanctions.

  222. Look, America: Trump’s NSA director Flynn and his campaign director were indicted and took pleas regarding Russia. Cohen explained how these guys operate, and to say the least, Trump is not absolved of having invited and rewarded foreign election fraud…
  223. Governor Weld was on On Point today. Together with Mike Rogers of Michigan, that gives me two right leaning guys, so I may still call myself a centrist.

  224. And swallowed the stupid pill. The Trump organization is said to have have taken over the RNC. What a bunch of slaves!

  225. Bill Weld with a significant challenge to Trump for the “Republican” primaries. The GOP should long ago have let go their tyrant-loving wing. But that gives me 2 or even 2 1/2 “Republicans” who I consider as not having bowed their knee to Baal.

  226. Replying to 

    Saw many people damaged by ECT as a mental health social worker over the past 40 years. They had memory loss and loss of sense of self, it devastates lives.

  227. Ja, Vlad likes guns so much, he wants the Skis to have the right to bear arms, ya know, in case their government ever becomes a tyranny!

  228. Nor does the Butina line import the NRA!

  229. Wait till the Ruskies find out we legalized weed!

  230. Russia is considering its own para-internet. Notice Putin does not have the Russians themselves on oxy with their data collected and accessible to foreign governments? We might slip in some Jefferson, and Lao Tzu into China. Ja, subversive!

  231. It is so much easier in the short term to let Putin have Trump seated in the presidency and just hope nothing bad happens. We might even have to stand up! Growl back when he growls! And more.

  232. Only few will see how unpleasant a world we purchase for our progeny generations in order to not renounce our petty corruptions now.

  233. My old teacher used to explain that democracies do not want to fix such vices as data collection or campaign finance by foreign dark money. or education, etc. To fix them would mean acknowledging realities of a dimension that is denied in order to pursue our pleasures. Only few.
  234. To appeal the election fraud to the Supreeme Court coincident with impeachment is the true procedure. Whole states must bring the case brought by obstructed citizens in #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857, because that is the way to deal with an election turned by foreign fraud. Do it.

  235. 19 “R” senators care more for the fate of their nation than the blinders of their party, and the Trump charade is over. They do not need Trump anyway, and might have Pence for two years.

  236. Petty vices and petty tyrants are used by the wicked to ends we cannot imagine, but to which we need not leave ourselves exposed.
  237. Because we would not take the the whole question of the fraudulent election to the pre-Trump Supreme Court, we now get to take this question to a judicial branch shaped by that fraud. Act according to truth, and fix this. We won’t.

  238. Surely now that we are hip to the Barr report being a tactic of obstruction, Mueller will be subpoenaed along with his report, so that we do not simply get the Barr report of how Trump is indeed not guilty of being the mastermind of the conspiracy to weaken America.

  239. Thsat looks productive (Not). There are many stories of Israel preventing Palestinian industry. Palestinians must renounce the 1948 war.

  240. The Suadi-Russia connection is disturbing, all the way, in hindsight now, back to 9/11. Russia wants America at war in the Middle East.

  241. First, we might try to learn what “help” means. Our psychiatry is doing far more harm than good, at great expense.

  242. “Between 250 and 225 BC, the Parisii, a sub-tribe of the Celtic Senones, settled at Nanterre on the banks of the Seine, built bridges and a fort, minted coins, and began to trade with other river settlements in Europe.[2]”- Wikipedia

  243. Wiki: The oldest traces of human occupation in Paris, discovered in 2008 near the Rue Henri-Farman in the 15th arrondissement, are human bones and evidence of an encampment of hunter-gatherers dating from about 8000 BC, during the Mesolithic period.[1]

  244. Notre-Dame Photos: A Fire and Its Aftermath

  245. “This fascinating attraction includes a splendidly recreated settlement of the Parisii, the Celtic tribe that first settled on the site of Paris 2000 years ago and from whom the city takes its name. + numerous Gallo-Roman artifacts,”

  246. “The Crypte Archéologique de Notre-Dame is an atmospheric time capsule which explores the lives and artifacts of the tribes and civilizations that dwelt in Paris long ago. Here are located the telling remains of a house from Lutèce, the precursor to Paris.”

  247. Paris Pass: “Beneath the streets of central Paris, the Crypte Archéologique is a huge and haunting space extending 80m under the shadow of Notre Dame Cathedral and an intriguing attraction for any visit to Paris.”

  248. Fantastic. Also why you should want to end illegal wildlife trade? It’s a big cause for emerging infectious diseases. Usually diseases much worse than measles too.

  249. “The Russians are screwing with the GPS system to send bogus navigation data to thousands of ships.”

  250. Proud Tax payer- a caller on Johnson’s 1A (NPR) says “We should reclaim tax day as a patriotic day, because it goes for things like schools, etc” THAT is why the Turdotax lobby must be dismissed, and Europe imitated on tax collection. Not to be used for ulterior motives.

  251. We screamed bloody murder about data collection and the internet. Now it is at least recognized that the obvious is the case, but still no one knows how to fix it. It is like we never had a James Otis or a Fourth Amendment. Every election will be turned by the most dishonest.

  252. These people are incapable of governing a free people. The cause of humanity is the tragedy.

  253. The marvel is that we were here at all, and for some 242 years free. But now we are too stupid, simply not understanding our own meaning. We have two parties who think the big issues of humanity are their platforms, the right and left take on relatively minor issues.

  254. When the departments serve a private interest rather than their political function, we will be weakened and vulnerable beyond calculating. Reading history, great empire-lets were often destroyed in a day. This may have been intended, and we were oblivious, as if it could not be.

  255. Do NOT speak of the Mueller Report as having been delivered until Congress has the unredacted version with all the supporting information.

  256. Our government has tipped across a threshold, and the executive will now be used to end free elections and criminalize genuine investigations while using federal executive powers to intimidate with investigations. It is because we did nothing at the crucial time.

  257. Putin was able to turn the election, throughout the primaries, for Trump not because Trump is a traitor, but because he is a petty criminal, and we must impeach him for his petty crimes in order to undermine Putin’s plan for America.

  258. Dem’s keep falling for mere rhetoric. Because Trump received the foreign election help in a way that is unindictable, we will impeach him for nothing- a fine gangster, and that is fine with us. We are failing.

  259. Subpoena Manafort and the whole crew with the report, and the tax forms, and impeach for the 130,000$ Stormy payments, which CAN be proven in criminal court. But impeachment is much more broad than criminal court.

  260. That Congress does not have impeachment in progress is astonishing, after Cohen and all the indictments-Page, Manafort, Flynn, Stone and on- every person in the Trump campaign. The House must do its job.

  261.  Apr 15

  262. Where is Monty Python! …but here, we don’t even need them- truth stranger than comedy.

  263. I thought the House called for the tax forms…And was there not some Mueller guy doing some investigation?

  264. …so I would say I had a negative economy. Now I live in serfdom and barter, except for tobacco- its pretty funny. Because philosophy does not require anything anyway. I used to work mostly to be able to afford to drive to work! + time will kill ya almost as quick as US medicine

  265. NPR: Some European nations file taxes in about 5 minutes, as the government already has all information. Here, they overcharge you, then make you do backflips for deduction, and encouraging mass dishonesty. I was always pre-bankrupted by school loans,

  266. It is hard to state what rights here are violated. Take a duty and make it intentionally difficult so that a service is necessary, by paying Congress, and the voters allow it, Surely liberty and due process, but something else is going on. Oligarchy.

  267. Do not marvel that Russia could take advantage of our slavishness and stupidity and get us to elect a tyranny. Oh but TWITTER works the same way, so no one will hear me!! Whatacountry. Gottaloveit. It cost me my life, literally. Thanks fellow citizens, Congress. + turbo tax.

  268. The practice is unconstitutional, and the government could be sued for damages- if they had not already blocked such a remedy. America, you do these things, and sorry, you are too stupid to be free.

  269. We would PREACH tax honesty, and lose work as labor for craftsmen because NO ONE else believes in tax honesty- and in fact I was called insane for this teaching alone. We believed in reporting ALL our income. EVERYONE else worked in part “under the table.”

  270. Every year, I would try to fill out my taxes, doing my own because of poverty and because I had the simplest possible economy. It was impossible INTENTIONALLY. The frustration and psychological impact ended my participation in the US economy. Others simply paid.

  271. This one example demonstrates the end of America and the experiment of liberty for other nations. We are destroyed because the Gun, drug and internet lobbies worked the same way, and the people allowed Congress to allow it.

  272. Tax lobbies ended my citizenship and participation in the US economy. TurboTax Maker Linked To Fight Against ‘Return-Free’ Tax System

  273. Jack is a genuine preacher, more worthy of tithes than most- he seriously lives frugally- despite not understanding Islam. Notice both the Jews and Muslims are upholding chastity, because these ARE religions of law! Christianity has become-70% a cloak for sin.

  274. My nervous system is not suited to psychiatric drugs ..

  275. Amazing. If you look for a conspiracy, they’ll want to get you on anti-psychotics! Shrinks need to be put on anti scamming drugs, drugs that make one care more about the soul than money and sucking up to Big Pharma- hey, grow-your-own weed!

  276. I’m not being allowed to respond to some tweets now.

  277.  Apr 14

  278. A mere accusation can serve to suspend all political rights, as in the Bill of Rights. Everyone defers to the authority of what is in fact a naked emperor, a pseudoscience that has no basis for authoritative judgments regarding souls.

  279. Reading chapter 5 of Whitaker & Cosgroves book: The way the evidence was discussed within FDA (sceptical) vs. journal publications (drugs work well). A must read, because you would not believe it otherwise.

  280. This appeared fourth in my google list under mmcdonald77 Twitter. Hopefully it is friends in the Ukraine, and not a mark for Russian trolls or a Romanian imitation.

  281. Nice that my Twitter site is being translated, eh? Туитове Туитове и отговори Мултимедийно съдържание Мултимедийно съдържание, текущата страница. Mark A. McDonald 4 чПреди 4 часа Още Youtube picks this next for me: Deep Blue Something – Breakfast At Tiffany’s

  282. But that there is an angel of Portugal reminds of the angels of the seven churches in the Revelation, seven churches of Asia at the time John saw the vision. These have something to do with the collection of people, and appear elsewhere as stars.

  283. Ya gotta wonder whether America gets an angel guardian like the Angel of Portugal. We prob’ly don’t have enough kids praying. We get Bob Dylan!

  284. The House should impeach so that a serious inquiry can be assured. Each part must do its job according to the truth, not some partial calculation of short term advantage. There has never been more evidence or reason to impeach a fake president as now. The Senate may be amazed.

  285. But usually they just growl at ya, or like Putin when we tell him to get out of the Ukraine, “go home, and become a good king,” hurl diabolic laughter. All that power, and they are not bored yet.

  286. Dutarte, rather than attack priests, might go to Pope Francis, to forgive and especially to be forgiven. What we do to others is done to us, and if the soul is immortal, well, we are kind of stuck with ourselves in light of truth, no?

  287. The well is beautiful, where the Portugal angel appeared. One favorite scene is the kids skipping quick through the hail Mary’s on the rosary to get to playing. See, kids too are holy!

  288. So, lets have a well written play of the adventures of these saints, with beatings from Lucy’s mother and Jacinta dancing in prison. The sacrifices of Jacinta get a bit out of hand, and one wishes to cease sin just to get her to stop hurting herself.

  289. Sister Lucy: The Angels of Peace and of Portugal

  290. “Ooh, and I said, “What about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” She said, “I think I remember the film And as I recall, I think we both kinda liked it” And I said, “Well, that’s the one thing we’ve got”

  291. Youtube picks this next for me: Deep Blue Something – Breakfast At Tiffany’s via

  292. Ascending aspiration in Rock, the wave of natural eros ascending. How long since our poets were able…

  293. Heard this Song this AM on River: ‘Cept Cleo was a bit of a …Aspasia, Juliet: Tal Bachman – She’s So High via

  294. For Palm Day, I hope to get to Sister Lucy’s description of the Angel of Peace and the Angel of Portugal, and to memorize the prayer taught them. It is of course the day Jesus entered Jerusalem, and the people took up palm branches- the symbol of Victory: Jn 12:,Mt 21, Lk19,Mk11

  295. Notice Putin is not allowing either open internet, so WE can collect THEIR data, nor psychodope. Russians turn to the old fashioned remedies like Vodka- and weed is still a schedule 1 drug- Here kiddies, have some Thorozine- just don’t smoke weed! Its ILLEGAL!

  296. Similarly, homosexuality was once a mental illness. The only change was opinion, not science. Our principles assumed even by the DSM come from fashionable opinion, tradition, common sense or philosophic ethics. And profit.

  297. Yes, for me it was benzos, then ADs .. was offered ECT but turned it down … my life might have been destroyed even more if I had had ECT. All I needed was to talk to someone.

  298. We do not even have a study on the link between public shootings of persons unknown to the shooter- such as the Uber driver- and antidepressants- he was on them. Read the side effects, consider mankind, and see the result out your window.

  299. We say it is like dolphins fishing: one group scares the fish into the other group. Adderall- meth may have been a similar effort. We have to look at these things comprehensively, and when obvious questions arise, pursue them.

  300. Oxy-heroin may be a Russian-US mob scam. If so, no one will check. Putin likes a win-win game. It would require influence in US medicine and Big Pharma. The US mob was duped, but took the money. Now they’re into rehab!

  301. Oxy deaths seem to have been higher in the swing states. Go figure.

  302. NPR: 29% strongly support Trump, while 40% strongly oppose. There are 30% without a thought, and these must be persuaded. The Nazis took Germany with about “40%.” Because the 60% let them.

  303. Again “just needed someone to talk to”. Maybe we should just ban psychotropics. How about listening to your patients?

  304. Amusing. And the one “free” man owns the “3%”!

  305. Just seen another tweet telling folks to take their meds. It is just like insulin for diabetes. It is like being brainwashed.

  306. The saying is that when the angels play for God, they play Beethoven, but when they play for themselves, Mozart.

  307. The Moody Blues – Melancholy Man 1970 (High Quality) via

  308. Jethro Tull – My God (Nothing Is Easy; Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970 ) via

  309. Healing at the Speed of Sound: How What We Hear Transforms Our Brains and Our… via

  310. “Mother Goose” by Jethro Tull. via

  311. Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day-Jethro Tull via

  312. Jethro Tull – Cross-Eyed Mary via

  313. Translate Tweet

  314. 3) There are two principles or loci. A discord is the other!

  315. It is a very difficult study. It begins from common sense and leads to Plato’s Republic. But as you see, it will be ill used, so is not discussed. 1) the parts of the soul are like the parts of music (Book III). 2) WHY do angels like Mozart? I have only 3 yrs. French horn!

  316. Exploring The US/Mexico Border | Google Earth Pro via

  317. The Mueller report has been buried. That IS obstruction. Your FBI has been seized by a tyranny. Hope all the dedicated agents planned on a career in service to mobsters! Now the FBI can be used IN obstruction. What are you going to do about it?

  318. Trump continues to contend that the problem was not his Russian connections, but that the CIA would look at his Russian connections. Trumpsters think it is fine if Russia turned the election for him, and if the internet ends free elections.

  319. If there is a nuclear attack from an enemy large or small, count on the Republicans to wait until the FBI can prove it in court before we respond. No, since they cannot, we will say it is “exonerated.”

  320. Congress should impeach Trump for the 130,000$ documented payment to the prostitute, if they can only act where these mobsters have been unable to avoid leaving “proof.”

  321. We now know Russians tried in 2016 to hack election systems in all 50 states. Whistleblower Reality Winner tried to warn America that officials were ignoring the threat — and got sent to prison for 5-plus years

  322. Subpoena Mueller with his report, and ask him to separate the obstructed incriminating evidence from the redaction, item by item. An honest Senate would remove Trump for the obstruction of the Mueller report. And we have yet to hear from the CIA.

  323. What if Trump considers his coordination with the Russians on the election to be for the national good, because he thinks himself so good, or simply does not see anything above his being “winner.”

  324. In what circumstances is it proper to “leak”? This WOULD not occur if Congress would receive reports and conduct proper oversight. But If, say, Cheney decided it was good for the nation to put EVERYONE on TV while the Russians helped us with computer tech against “terrorism?4th A

  325. A Day In The Life (Remastered 2009) via

  326. Anything that can be done and is found advantageous WILL be done, unless we stop it:

  327. Across The Universe (Remastered 2009) via

  328. The inculcation of the proper attitude toward the liberal arts!

  329. Ah, the marvels of modern science! Thanx, Da Vince and Galileo!

  330.  Apr 13

  331. The replacement of the Mueller report with the Barr report IS obstruction.

  332.  Apr 13

  333. We still favor settlement cities on the border that are at least self governing, aiming at self sufficiency and to return to civilize their homeland. As usual, a unique and centrist solution. And a source of guest workers.

  334. Ja, lets take Trump up on it, in exchange for the recognition of the rights of asylum seekers to Life, liberty and the pursuit, regardless of where these end up. Oh, and freeing the Chaldeans seized by ICE. Let the House deal with immigration policy!

  335. Another easy indicator is that if they had scientific knowledge based on neurology, they would not need to try 30 different concoctions till they got one that made a guy look right.

  336. The soul is extremely delicate. We do not know, for example, what it means to the life or a person to inhibit or encourage neuron reception. There is not even a single study of the ethical effects of these drugs- because we do not believe in ethics, but science-til our kid’s dead

  337. A good saying is: “I can explain it to you, but I cannot understand it for you.” Our age has failed to cultivate liberal study, and the result is we will lose our liberty.

  338. We have failed to explain that rainwater can be collected directly from the sky, without it going through the ground and pipes when these are poisoned. It no longer surprises us that we fail to communicate things political.

  339. Had these never been confirmed by the press, I would have been just as correct. But I was attacked by Trumpster relatives, and literally seized, held for 20 days, and an attempt was made to drug me. No one will do a thing about this. But that is tyranny.

  340. Tyranny appears terrific at first, but is in truth the worst misfortune for any nation where it takes hold. The many will NEVER know that. Allegory of the cave.

  341. Study cultivates an eye that can see, and an account can be given. The account usually cannot be received because the categories required are not there. Teach the Americans that data collection leaves elections vulnerable: the simplest things.

  342. So when society in general is deeply deceived, by malaise or by intention, how do we tell the difference? These things are seen or known by having categories others do not have, such as the philosophic limitations of our psychiatry, considered for 30 years. There is also “gnosis.

  343. I have been correct about 6 huge matters, including: 1) Russian election interference, 2) The internet data potentially collection ending liberty. 3) Psychiatric drugs and Oxy. Each was screamed loudly, accused of being a “conspiracy theory,” and later confirmed by press.

  344. Truth is difficult, and opinion malleable, and this is banked on by bad and evil actors. How do we tell the difference between the “Flat Earth Society,” an one hand, and the Allegory of the Cave, on the other? There are genuine conspiracies.

  345.  Apr 12

    Rep is getting death threats. It is wrong and dangerous for the President of the United States to try to incite violence against her. must take down his pinned tweet.

  346. Subpoena Mueller with his report and Trump tax forms for impeachment. The Barr rteport IS obstruction. America must expel this fake president or be destroyed.

  347. We are in line outside FMC Carswell waiting to go in and visit with

  348. We literally do not have the science of the psyche required to drug people, though it is very profitable for some. Here, the “side effects” cannot even be foreseen. Our medicine is doing more harm than good. We do not know the soul, or even try.

  349. On the Media is excellent again this weekend, with Bob Garfield: an especially excellent discussion of the Assange question. It concludes with Wikileaks own need for privacy to protect its workers, endangered by the publicity of literally everything.

  350. We have things like Democrats complaining that immigrants are not getting “mental health treatment- which means psychiatric drugs at taxpayer expense and Big Pharma profits again. One cannot unravell the errors here. But neither can these assumptions deal with the crisis.

  351. The best solution is to settle many AT the border. to be self governing and self sufficient as much and as quickly as possible.

  352. One is tempted to take Trump up on his threat regarding the sanctuary cities, where ICE SS tactics are forbidden yet. 2000 per state per month is manageable if we all take some of the burden, and we have a worker shortage. But the number will increase.

  353. By failing to leave, I was seized for 20 days, and could have been killed in at least 3 different ways. Trumpster relatives accused me of insanity, you know, for saying things. That is what I was trying to avoid. No one stood up. To this day.

  354. tried to look into moving to Canada when Trump was inaugurated, but did not have the money even to visit. My nation abandoned me years ago, and had I left, I may have had a career.

  355. 100,000 immigrants per month is a crisis we cannot deal with in the best of times, let alone when our executive is a tyranny. Why anyone would want to migrate here now…its like Jews trying to get into Germany. The lucky ones were deported.

  356. But a tyranny would only make a disaster of every attempt, just as it has used deportations to form an SS against only non-whites and non Russians. They are seizing more Chaldean Christians in the Detroit area now.

  357. But that is what occurs when a nation lets Russia select a tyrant for us, and we allow the obstruction of every effort to fix it. You will have no more free elections. Expect Trump till 2024, the Kushner, Mr. 666.

  358. Trump is not able to deal with the immigration crisis because his only instrument is tyranny. A noble administration might deal with this in a number of ways, as making new border cities on federal and Mexican land, and correcting the problem we caused in El Salvador + Guatemala.

  359. The articles of impeachment, though, are: 1) Election fraud 2) Bribery 3) Obstruction 4) emoluments 5) Oath of office If that is not enough, neither will naked tyranny be enough. Impeach before the law is further seized, because elections are next, beginning with the Red states.

  360. We are prepared to allow any Russian interference so long as we cannot prove that Trump solicited it, as we can prove that Trump solicited the 130,000$ payment to Stormy. Impeach, and let the “R” Senators explain why such things are just fine in a President.

  361. We will not look, so we will never know. Christchurch too. Is that the first Nazi attack on Islamic worship, now that the fascists are courting the Jews to use against first the browns and then perhaps the blacks?

  362. Russia unsolicited will do limitless evil to keep Trump in power, just as if some big plan depended upon keeping Trump in power. Even the “Republicans” do not need Trump, and even Trump does not need the presidency. The Las Vegas and Parkland shootings may be examples-
  363. We have yet to hear from the CIA other than to hear them accused for “spying” on a gangster with Sater in an office on the 26th floor of Trump Tower. At 666. Running for president while being offered Russian election fraud help.

  364. The Trump-Russia tyranny is becoming more entrenched as time goes on, and everyone is afraid to say, draw the line at the intimidation of investigation, or at the seizure of the chain of command in the FBI and suppression of Mueller, or the threatening of Cohen, or of Congress.

  365. A free election in 2020 is not going to happen, because we will fall for thing like Biden the predator deserves 3 days of news while Trump’s documented payment to Storm is ignored.

  366. Nice. At what point do we STAND UP against the looming fascism? Guarantee: They will first attack immigrants under cover of federal law.

  367. Deputy sheriff’s son charged in connection with string of fires at historically black churches in Louisiana

  368. Good Samaritan shot and killed after buying meals for customers at Florida Waffle House

  369. Those attacking DM’s are not even investigated, so that internet intimidation is simply allowed, and has been for over two years.

  370. Leaking is sometimes justified and sometimes not. For years, Congress refused to oversee whenever they hit the wall of “sources and methods- Like if the FBI set women on MLK, we would not know, because NO ONE ASKED THEM under oath.

  371. Indeed, if we do not let Putin turn our nation fascist, he may arrange more shootings, using the Nazis. But if we do allow it, Putin will arrange more shootings using the Nazis.

  372. Subpeona Mueller with his report, and the tax forms simultaneously. When these are redacted again, impeach again. IMPEACHMENT has been proposed three times at least in the House with almost ZERO press. It can be done repeatedly, maybe till ICE stops arranging murder of Chaldeans.

  373. Trump should be impeached for the obstruction of the Mueller investigation alone.

  374. The US turned away Jews fleeing Hitler. Deportation as a policy preceded extermination. Now Trumpsters would use the Jews against all Islam. Just say “No” to fascism in every form.

  375. ICE is knowingly assisting torture and murder. First these, then YOU! IMPEACH! REMOVE!!

  376. Trump likes anything illegal that serves his short term interests. He is a tyrant, and its on us if we won’t fix it. IMPEACH! REMOVE!! VOID the fraudulent election.

  377. This is illegal. was told that it was illegal and he wanted to do it anyway. Impeach, convict, remove. We’re fed up! White House Considered Releasing Migrants in ‘Sanctuary Cities’

  378. Trouble is, our domestic guns are not defending liberty but poised to impose tyranny! Impeach?

  379. ICE is an accessory to torture and murder if this occurs to any of the 1,400 Chaldeans seized in the Detroit area and elsewhere. That is not legal in Michigan.

  380. The ICE seizure of the Chaldeans may also demonstrate that the new federal nod to fascism is willing to attack Christians, so long as these are brown. ZERO ICE enforcement of immigration against “whites,” especially Russians.

  381. The Greeks have a psychology and a politics that fit together in the same cosmos. The parts of the soul are like the parts of the regime, because of the characters that dominate. There is a hierarchy of ends, and it is possible to talk about the well ordered soul. Republic VIII.

  382. THAT is how Russia got Trump “elected.”

  383. Count on anything possible and useful to any purpose whatsoever being done until the US Congress stops them despite their having 500 Billion dollars. YOU WILL HAVE NO MORE FREE ELECTIONS because the voters themselves are targeted in groups and as individuals.

  384. In one attack, I had the attackers using data collected to freak me out about how much they knew, say, about medical things, from CVS! Gastronomical! Hit men know YOUR location.

  385. There is nothing preventing Amazon from collecting the list of those who opt out, for future targeting! Look up your tech and learn that you are on camera and microphone and more. Consent is not sufficient- data may be used by murderers, for example.

  386. LEGISLATION is how to stop data collection. Your tech is spying on you. Security. Amazon employees are listening to what you say to Alexa — here’s how to stop them

  387. What was #1!:

  388.  Apr 12

    If you have been harmed by antidepressants, perhaps you should not seek the help of psychiatry . they are unlikely to believe you.

  389. The soul is like a diamond, with many facets in relation especially to other souls. So, we might be both happy and sad at two different circumstances at once, and many. “Personality” theory. Shake up the DSM.

  390. Tyrants like “unity,” and you will indeed have more unity and less faction in the short term if you simply submit to the Russian election fraud and Trump brand tyranny. Soon, we will have unity” like they do in Russia. They torture the just, and no one complains!

  391. The Democrats are too intimidated to defend liberty- whose cause we fear is lost, in a generation that has failed to love and understand liberty. STAND UP!

  392. Have we had a shred of legislation to prevent tech spying on voters and the collection of their “data,” compromising voter rights? We are too slavish a people now to have free elections in the internet age. Count on more tyranny, and fascism, if this continues.

  393. WordPress has this in front of my editing work, trying to get me to agree: “Our websites and dashboards use cookies. By continuing, you agree to their use. Learn more, including how to control cookies.” After Facebook was sued in Europe for selling “data.”

  394. A new kind of city and province is needed at the border. Settle these people on some land, set up self government, and establish transition and relations, work visas, etc. At least the kids will not be in cages! Federal land is leased to oil companies, and this will save a lot.

  395. Irrigate a province on the edge of one of the fertile areas, building a self governing city instead of a wall, a joint US-Mexico project. Guest worker programs could be run from there, looking to return and re-civilize the nations fled.

  396. What, no tax forms?

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