May Tweets Preserved

  1. A tad bit neater than MY shed!

  2. One must be just blown away by the Trumpsters who could not care less if fascism were to take their notion, Russians turned the election, or we start an unjust war. I’v given up reasoning with their party line catchphrases, and now ask first: DO you care if…

  3. David Bowie – Panic In Detroit via

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  4. For every one that will seek to learn from a true teacher, is it 100 or more like 1000 that will hate from envy? So human excellence is neglected and destroyed, and mankind goes uncultivated. How do we become “great?” By loving the truly great. How better? By cherishing the good.

  5. To indict a “president” causes confusion in the executive? God forbid! [sarcasm] To have a criminal seated as assumed “president” is destroying the executive branch. The damage already done may never be remedied. Oh, and we are about to stumble drunk into an avoidable war.

  6. I was almost banished from humanity for working on rainwater ideas, suggesting that ROAD SALT is poisoning the Flint river, etc. Simple and obvious things take YEARS to sink in to common opinion, and in the mean time, they literally want to kill you for thinking! No hope for man.

  7. Hearing of problems with sewers ans septic systems poisoning the water, I want to work on an advance, combining the ideas of distillation, drying, compost, incineration and gas collecting. Where is Gary Kamen, the Segway guy?

  8. And not that tyranny is not, in some ways, useful in foreign policy.

  9. Have we noticed yet that Putin likes to have this administration focus the press on the terrible treat from China? Not thay they, too, are not spying on us, but at least they stay in China, and have been content not to expand or attack our elections.

  10. Hey, America: Putin wants your nation at war, and he will have it. Because we now know that he turned the election, and STILL will not fix it, we are ruined. Many people, including our own, will die.

  11. How about a law that inventors, authors and musicians MUST be paid at least 20% of revenues? The Big internet companies have Billions, and the whole middle class is ruined because they paid off Congress. And WE let them take it!

  12. Would it not be cool if Russia were free, and could impeach Putin! Hey Vlad! Get out of the Ukraine!!

  13. We do not trust this administration to NOT be doing just what Russia is accusing it of, a Right wing coup. But that s why it is important that we IMPEACH!!

  14. Venezuela should be allowed to sort out their own problems, following self determination. But it would seem, according to the Monroe doctrine, that we are at war with Russia if Russia enters South America. The US might help them have real elections, and get the Cubans out too.

  15. Ja, The Russians sent as military advisers to Maduro may want to defect. How would YOU like to be sent and caught up in a fake war, or else be serving a tyrant in a futile purpose!

  16. We are so glad this Cat un-renounced MUSIC! Music (Cat Stevens) +Lyrics via

  17. Cat Stevens – Wild World via

  18. Cat Stevens – Morning has broken(Traducida) via

  19. Cat Stevens – Oh very Young (Subtitulado) via

  20. Cat Stevens – How Can I Tell You (Subtitulada al Español) via

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  21. The other in the one has been the theme of the day. Jews are not immune from fascism, because it characterizes HUMAN vice. Identity politics means what, “white” guys should be white supremacists? Even the “R”‘s have a few good points. Centrism. Care for the Russian people.

  22. America – Sandman via


  24. Russia might be held responsible for every thing that North Korea does. Are the “Republicans” going to be happy with another Russian election? What happens to the first wave of a tyrant’s supporters?

  25. And again, we brought three massively obstructed Supreme Court cases with ZERO press, because apparently NO ONE understands it. #16-1464, 16-907, 17-857. Now whole states must bring the case, and gain original jurisdiction.

  26. Again, the way to deal with an election turned by foreign fraud is to appeal to the pre-Trump Supreme Court. They can also manage the transition. Impeachment alone is not sufficient.

  27. The Senate in trial has a different standard. It is sense and the good of the nation.

  28. It is emphatically NOT Mueller’s conclusion that Trump did not conspire with the Russians to turn the 2016 election, but that he cannot indict him for it because he cannot “prove” it. Nor is it surprising that covert operations cannot be proven.

  29. Democracies are too stupid to live. Russia may advance now until we stand up and stop them, not only for the cameras, but really.

  30. Also, some White “Venezuelans” coming toward the border would make us wish we gave Trump his stupid wall. But THAT is the kind of stuff that happens with dishonesty we do not trust in the White House!!

  31. The Venezuela war has all the makings of a fake war tor to keep Trump in office, or a fake fake war, so Russia can take us over the rest of the way. My pose is hawkish and Monroe doctrine, but that is why I’m worried! IMPEACH!!

  32. NPR Russia has “moved men and military equipment” into Venezuela? That, America, is why one does not LEARN THAT RUSSIA TURNED THE ELECTION AND LEAVE THEIR GUY IN CHARGE!! IMPEACH!!

  33. Sarcasm: “Don’t look, enough already its over.” THAT IS OBSTRUCTION!!- And I am NOT kidding.

  34. Ja, “fresh hypothesis:” I’v been screamin’ bloody murder for OVER TWO YEARS!! with some effect, though.

  35. Shooting after shooting, week after week, and no one can stand a fresh hypothesis. They will sooner have me drugged for suggesting it, when they are done kicking me off the internet for warning them, as if I were trying to bring about the things of which I warn. THAT’s been done.

  36. But the true # 1 will be when the owner of Google complains to Congress about this Russian tyranny. “Gee I wonder how they turned that election back in 2020?”

  37. #2 might go to Amazon’s Bozo (or is it Bozo’s Amazon) for Gee, I wonder why my dirty pictures are not private! Amazon got my credit card number, despite it never having been used on Amazon.

  38. We STILL do not have a Welsh translator- is it the most widely spoken untranslated language? Make some $$ on it, Red!

  39. Ja, the Fentanyl lap dancer is also a “professional.”

  40. Do not expect our Psychiatrists to be more ethical than our Oxy doctors. The “study” of the ethical effects of psychiatric drugs cannot even be imagined by our supposed “science.” Our psychiatry is in crisis, and needs “help.” It is not worthy of the authority commonly granted.

  41. We suspect that Antidepressants are involved in 100% of the shootings of persons unknown to the shooter.

  42. Now, is ANYONE ready to listen about Antidepressants as a contributor to the epidemic of shootings in the US? The US uniquely has forbidden KNOWING the statistics behind what psychiatry has done to increase shootings. That is the effect of Big Pharma money in Congress.

  43. An example of what can occur with Big Pharma: Insys Therapeutics founder, former executives found guilty in criminal fentanyl bribery case

  44. Time – Pink Floyd (Subtítulos Español – Inglés) via

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  45. End April Tweets-5/02/19

  46. Pink Floyd – High Hopes [Subtítulos en español] via

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  47. That “too many people have died in the name of Christ” is of course irrelevant to whether or not we ought “heed the call.” We cannot make “religion” false by using it for a flagpole. Good thing, too!

  48. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Cathedral via

  49. And how about legislation to criminalize the abuse of data, if we just cannot imagine securing the 4th Amendment? P.S.: Dark money is bribery, as distinct from free speech.

  50. 3 Supreme Court cases were brought to void the 2016 election, with Zero press and much obstruction. #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857. Whole states, like MICHIGAN must bring the suit to get past the Trump-Russia obstruction. P.S., no, I am not from Mars.

  51. Congress: To fix the Russian internet election fraud of 2016, Just wait till the NEXT election!

  52. Bill Gates: to turn the computer off, just press “start.”

  53. Bridge Over Troubled Water ~~~~~ Simon and Garfunkel via

  54. Friday Night Metaphysics marvel: On form and matter: The chair is made of wood. Smash the chair: the wood remains The form is no longer there. In this world, the matter is more permanent than the form. Send that to Plato!

  55. Crosby, Stills & Nash (Live) – Wooden Ships via

  56. CSNY – Southern Man – 1970 @ Fillmore East via

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