Even More May (2019) Tweets Preserved

  1. See? Glenda is helping Dorothy. The Constitution is the Ruby Slippers.

  2. Rep. received a standing ovation and repeated applause from his constituents at his first public event since becoming the first ‘er to call for Trump’s impeachment. Send a list of ‘s impeachable offenses to Congress here:

  3. How cool! I said that the week the Barr reportcame out, while the press was going along with the Barr report, and didn’t even get a “like” on Twitter!

  4. Have we not yet “had it” with Trump & Co making offers one “cannot refuse?” How about the next time he uses the White House to intimidate, we arrest him for the violation of his oath of office? Oh yeah, a tyrant cannot be indicted.

  5. Watch GOP Rep Justin Amash get a 30 second long standing ovation at the beginning of his town hall event. Amash is the first GOP Rep to say Trump should be impeached. Looks like his district agrees with him—and the rest of Sane America.

  6. Accused of political “grandstanding? God forbid anyone would act like they were in a reality t.v. show just for self promotion! IMPEACH!!

  7. Does government have the right and power to seize and drug individuals for mere speech on the accusation, say, of relatives? Or do individuals have the right to speak freely, and if an accusation is made, to present their counterarguments BEFORE they are seized and drugged?

  8. We request that the NAMH present, briefly, its understanding of the US Bill of Rights and how this pertains to “mental health.” Consider the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence.

  9. Simon & Garfunkel – April Come She Will (from The Concert in Central Park) via

  10. Simon & Garfunkel – Old Friends via

  11. The same thing that happened with Oxy happened with psychiatric drugs, only more, because we lack a scientific psychology. Ours is pseudoscience. Accusations, as with witchcraft only 400 years ago, are sufficient for a “diagnosis- and I can “Prove” that.

  12. Last year we’d ask if you felt “Schizophrenic”, but hey its no longer in the DSM: All cured! See, the drugs do work- its all your brain, nothing to feel stigmatic about. Just don’t ask us what it MEANS- its part of our mystery, and a sign you are really in need of “help””

  13. BBC: Oxford study: Millions more Brits could benefit from antidepressants. Witness the rash of knife attacks since the study came out. (We do believe the epidemic of public shootings is linked to antidepressants. HEPA laws prevent a statistical study- just in time!

  14. But here, kiddies and old ladies: Have some nice, doctor approved toxic and addictive antidepressants! They killed Nick Drake, but probably won’t kill you. Feeling a little Bi=polar today? A little spiritual, or ur, “psychotic? !”

  15. The legal contortion of Reich v. Ashcroft or the Leary case is the closest they could get, and did it anyway. Right, growing ones own weed and smoking it is interstate commerce- sort of like farting in one’s own back yard. Ya might need a tax stamp! Do this: no more Constitution.

  16. PLUS, The FEDERAL prohibition of weed is unconstitutional because WE the States NEVER delegated the national government the power to prohibit, nor is it implied by any powers we did delegate in Article 1. National sovereignty is only partial.

  17. Maybe the Purdue lobby can get Congress to prohibit making one’s own aspirin from willow bark, if the hurry up while CONGRESS IS STILL ON OXY!

  18. Long term memory loss: We forgot our LIBERTY! Plus, disrespect for law and the gateway to the drugdealer’s porch are side effects of the passion to prohibit non-toxic and non addictive “medicines.”

  19. Growing ones own weed and smoking it is protected under the fist, fourth, fifth, ninth and now tenth Amendment. Reich v. Ashcroft is a disaster. One half of illegal drug money came from f’n POT! Ditchweeds! Wanna cut the “War on drugs” in half overnight? Duh!

  20. Note: as famous in Florida, insurance scams are run on subjects for “rehab. Just don’t smoke weed kiddies! We will PUT YOU IN JAIL in most states in the union. Growing your own weed and smoking it is not remotely a crime, and WE HAVE A CONSTITUTION had to AMEND 2 prohibit ALCOHOL

  21. The mob is what a step and half ahead, because their, what…Not doing HEROIN!! We contacted a no up fron famous lawyer boy just before the public caught on to the scam, and he would not take the case. I called him a female genitalia.

  22. Ok, Now I’m pissed. Purdue Pharma will pay millions after making billions off Oxy, to fund…guess what? Purdue Pharma brand “drug treatment,” administered by…the State! Pay the f’n victims and the families, and clean up the “drug treatment scam!!

  23. First Opioid Trial Takes Aim at Johnson & Johnson

  24. ‘This Case Will Set A Precedent’: First Major Opioid Trial To Begin In Oklahoma

  25. We need some magicians down on the border can make water disappear! Then we’ll go to Guatemala, make the f’n gangs disappear! By legalizing their B.S., and cutting demand from the US! [Impeach, and cut the White House Aderall bill!]


  27. I’m pretty sure we have a natural right to give water to those dying of thirst as at the border, certainly when these are not under arms against our nation. Keep it up, funny boy. Fire ICE!

  28. Let any who profess “psychology” for a fee answer this: The mind, in dreams, produces for us experiences. Why? Go learn this from your neurology or your “humanistic” psychology, and then collect your fees.

  29. The one thing in which the “hippies” did not believe Is Dance-me-to-the-end-of love. But hey, ya gotta have a crush on the two backup vocals, No?! Utter Hotties! Good day, All!

  30. Leonard Cohen – Dance Me to the End of Love via

  31. JUDY COLLINS & LEONARD COHEN – “Hey, Thats No Way To Say Goobye” 1976 via

  32. Leonard Cohen Live: Suzanne (Rare Footage) via

  33. “I guess that I miss you I guess I forgive you I’m glad that you stood in my way…”

  34. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Live) via

  35. JUDY COLLINS & LEONARD COHEN – “Suzanne” 1976 via

  36. Fire And Rain – James Taylor with lyrics via

  37. Jim Croce : Photographs And Memories via

  38. Jim Croce – Time in a bottle – 1973 via

  39. Wild World – Cat Stevens via

  40. Operator – Jim Croce via

  41. Jim Acosta’s book seems to be filled with even more explosive quotes and claims than previous books Olga Lautman

  42. Trump strategy is to accuse his opponent of what he himself is guilty, in order to tie their hands. That is worked thus far, though, is OUR fault.

  43. Islam too believes in the God of Abraham and the last day. That Islam was turned against America is MOST suspicious.

  44. You have before you the sacrifice of a generation, on one hand, and fessing up, telling the truth on the other. Trump can be forgiven thus far: that he did not fathom the consequences.

  45. Rather, false advertising is illegal in business, and one hundred times worse in politics. But for Trump & co, it is just doing business.

  46. Giulliani has already said, if they did, it is just fine, right? Political advertising is no different from from fake news, domestic soapboxing no different from foreign, and foreign internet interference no different from domestic, which is STILL legal!

  47. Al Capone was thoroughly exonerated of being a gangster by the Barr – Mueller report. So was Putin. In fact there are no gangsters at all, it was a myth!

  48. It also assures that the least scrupulous companies will become monopolies, so long as they ARE scrupulous regarding appearance.

  49. To allow infinite data collection and sale by private companies while it is forbidden to government by our Constitution assures that transnational companies and then tyranny will replace our government. A little math, here, this is not rocket science. It is political science.

  50. And did you then reward Russia with the weakening of NATO and sanctions? Trump proceeds by blocking procedure, and that alone is most disturbing. All appearances are just as if it were true. It is rather obvious Russian strategy, and obvious possibility, given the internet.

  51. And IF it were so- that Russia in a covert operation turned the election to harm America- would we know it? How if we allow obstruction and do not inquire? Trump must be asked under oath in the Senate: Did someone tell you that the election would be turned for you?

  52. Impeachment alone is not sufficient, given that Senate elections were also turned and the damage done to the executive must be undone. Biden may be the last legitimately elected president, if Obama is term limited. He may now be the legitimate president.

  53. The case is based on the Article IV guarantee of protection from foreign interference, the 9th A. securing voting rights, Marbury and a few precedents (Donohue, Yarborough) The CIA can be walked right into the Court, along with the Cyber command.

  54. The Trump Justices will be excluded, as their partisan appointment depends upon bot the Senate and Presidential election turned by foreign fraud. Russian internet interference with groups and individuals in the swing states was sufficient, and might be demonstrable to the court.

  55. The true way to address an election turned by foreign interference is to void the 2016 election in the Supreme Court. The Senate was also turned, making impeachment improbable. 3 Cases-#16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857- MUST be brought by even 1 state for original Jurisdiction.

  56. If we don’t hold a criminal President accountable for his crimes now, do you really believe a criminal President will allow free and fair elections in 2020?

  57. Do the Republicans even know that republican means NO to tyranny? Do they know the difference any longer between tyranny and liberty?

  58. If a million soldiers die in an unjust war so Putin may advance in the Ukraine, DO the “Republicans care? If trump turns our government to a tyranny, do They care? Before addressing these questions, we first must be speaking to someone who cares.

  59. If Russia turned the election, do the “R”‘s think they are winners? Tyranny ends republican government. Do we Get it? Do we care?

  60. If Russia hoisted Trump up the flagpole in order to destroy the executive branch, get us into war or destroy America in division, DO THEY CARE? If data collection and targeted foreign internet interference ends America, DOES CONGRESS CARE? If elections are over, Do the “R”s care?

  61. Veteran Hong Kong democracy campaigner and Baptist cleric keeps up quest for ‘historical truth’ of Tiananmen by

  62. This podcast by ⁦⁩ is a must listen for all journalists interested in national security and intelligence issues. Debate goes through really important ethical issues which journalists face. ⁦

  63. “Asleep By Indigo:” Performance poetry B in the City: Webisode 6: Detroit Poet Zach Ashley talks performance po… via

  64. The most important things about the soul cannot be known by our method- least of all by neurology. Our scientific psych, like statistics, has a small place, and is helpful in subordination, but in the name of science we reject 2500 years of the study of the soul- a disaster.

  65. Our psych is like a religion but is so annoying because it does not recognize that it is based upon assumptions. The shrink makes himself the standard regarding the hierarchy and first principles, then denies doing this, pretending to be “scientific,”

  66. Ethics is about priorities, and these flow from and establish a hierarchy of “parts” of the soul. There is an objective hierarchy, but our knowledge of it is partial. It cannot be learned by studying neurons, but the soul cannot be “treated” without knowing it. Our psych, useless

  67. We have a common sense understanding of madness when we see it, but what if justice is rare? What if saying things others do not understand appears as madness? Injustice is truly the illness of the soul- (stealing and such, setting goods above the rights of persons).

  68. Hence the categories of the DSM are all assumed. For example, homosexuality was once a “mental illness,” but now “homophobia” is becoming a mental illness. The point is that the principle is assumed, and is not established but presupposed by science.

  69. Our psychiatry has taken the place of religion, and does not establish its first principles by science. We get these- the assumptions- from common sense, fashionable opinion, tradition or philosophic ethics, and not from science. If you do not know what a first principle is, look

  70. WE must separate the aristocratic from the oligarchic elements of the “Republican” party, and restore what Ben Carson calls the right wing of the Eagle. Oligarchs seek money above the common good. Aristocrats- in the sense of the rule of the best or virtue do not care about money

  71. The sale of fake followers on Twitter MUST end. The crowd effect makes fools of us, and assures that money will control opinion. Twitter must learn to make money by producing value, and the role of Congress is to regulate so that honest businesses succeed. Conservatives get this.

  72. Algorithms MUST be licensed: Submitted to an honest FCC. My computer, for example, has learned that I block the extremely slutty chicks, and now seeks to seduce me with clothed slutty chicks. To allow this is absurd.

  73. Congress, of course, must forbid the abuse of data collected, or we will never have another free election. This should by a nice bi-partisan issue, excluding those who seek advantage by the abuse of “data.”

  74. Fleetwood Mac Songbird via

  75. Fleetwood Mac – Dreams [with lyrics] via

  76. That’s ok, Men don’t want to be mommies, and didn’t need the money anyway- except to impress women! Popeye A Poil For Olive Oyl (1961) via Donovan: “I could make alike a turtle and dive for Your pearls in the sea.” Eyes like diamonds.

  77. Sarcasm about the 21st century revision of the eternal feminine. Parts are serious, and good poetry. I still wanna goyl liksk Olivsk Oyle- seriously, but you’ld have to be a Popeye, and in real life she’d wind up with Bluto anyway- Then divorce ‘im and take his kids AND his $$!

  78. There is a philosophical reason for this: the attempt to imitate the physical sciences is an error. And man may not be authoritative when it comes to psych-ology, that is, we usually do not know what we are doing and do not posses an art, as with the care and cure of the body.

  79. If our psychiatry and psychology cared about the health of the soul, why would their program of study for their degrees ignore the 2500 year tradition of the study of the soul? Man has study man for quite some time, but our “medical” psych was, um, born yesterday.

  80. 20%+ of psychiatrists are making 6 figures, and taking kickbacks from the prescription drug industry. Actually, we all know it is closer to 80+%

  81. To the NAMI: What if the same thing that happened with Oxy is happening with the psychodope? Jussayin. Our psychiatry needs “help” we do philosophy of psychiatry, and care for souls for free: . What is an -iatros? What is -iatreia? And what the psyche?

  82. How often are the “diagnosis” based upon the report of relatives? How often on the report of people with a grudge or an interest? How often are these reports made by those “ethically” ill? Ever heard of “ethical illness?” Justice is or is necessary to the health of the soul.

  83. If neurology were the basis, they would not have to try 30 different chemicals before they got one that makes a subject look right to them, would they?

  84. I mean, do they do brain scans on all diagnosed, and have a sure neurology, as for example with a broken bone and an x-ray? Of course not, but how then? What diagnosis? And how are the categories determined? By what science? The categories change- without new science.

  85. From the “National Association for Mental Illness,” On CBS Radio, it was reported that “Mental Illness is a medical diagnosis.” On what science is such an assertion based? And it was reported that 20% of people are “effected by” mental illness. What science determines this?

  86. We are currently in danger of being taken into war to avoid impeachment. That is only one reason that the Constitution gives the power to declare war to CONGRESS.

  87. On the graves of our war dead, it is important that our soldiers not commit murder, and that our cause be just when we enter into war. IMPEACH!!

  88.  May 26

    Of all the things I’ve lost I miss my optimism the most. I’ll never give up fighting but I’m a realist now. We’re headed for some dark days.

  89. This Is What It’s Like to Be a Mom at 10 and Married at 11 in Florida

  90. Antidepressants to treat grief? Psychiatry panelists with ties to drug industry say yes – The Washington Post May 25

  91. Land of the free, because of the brave. This I’m thinking of my West Point classmates who are no longer with us.Thinking of all service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice and those who lost battles due to the invisible scars of war. We won’t forget you.💗

  92. I wansk a goyl like Olivsk Oyle, I wanna girl with big shoes, way too skinny, and Long legs -Popeye

  93. Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake via

  94. #1 lyric all time: Leonard Cohen – Suzanne (Audio) via

  95. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Audio) via

  96. I used to live with this girl…Twice! Sad.Famous Blue Raincoat, too. Suede – Mistress via

  97. “Cleave the wood, and I am there” ‘Suede – Life Is Golden (Official Video) via

  98. Suede – Flytipping (Audio) via

  99. Ya, they seized a few hundred Chaldeans in the Detroit area and have held them for what 2 years, and may deporting them now. The ACLU tried to help, but no one will stand up and tell ICE we will charge them as accessories. Nathan Kalasho Twitter knows about it, + rep. Andy Levin

  100. I P.O.ed a certain segment of the FBI by asking Congress to look into their use of “confidential informants,” setting women to spy on politics students and such. No one cared. Now there is no oversight when we need it.

  101. I would see Kaspersky act like a normal security company, but then any Russian looking intimidation would walk right past them. I concluded it was either Russia or the FBI trying to look like Russia, and the FBI knows which it is. But now, our FBI is seized- no longer trustworthy

  102. But Kaspersky is treated like a big secret. They used to advertise, even on NPR- remember? Till I called NPR, and they were quitly removed. Or maybe just switched names.

  103. I myself scream bloody murder about Kaspersky handling 400 million computer security accounts from MOSCOW, because if the US people realized that, they would Void the 2016 election. But I’v never seen a “classified document- nor wish to. Trump Russia is right in front of my face,

  104. The plot to exterminate the Jews was of course an official secret of the Nazi regime, and when it first leaked out from a couple escapees, it sounded so incredible- like war propaganda- that no one believed for almost two years.

  105. We will prosecute ICE agents under State law- one cannot come into our state and participate in murder and torture and hide behind behind the federal Tyranny. IMPEACH!! [WHEN will the GOP that is not tyrannic catch on? For the others, we just might have to fight them as the South

  106. A corrupt “treaty” was made with the Iraqi government, and hundreds of guys like your local tobacco store worker were seized to be deported for things like traffic tickets and smoking weed.

  107. ICE seized many Iraqi Chaldeans and is trying to deport them contrary to law which forbids deportations where persecution is likely. Non- Muslims are especially persecuted now in Iraq, where ISIS is still strong despite US PR.

  108. Is Trump cultivating a US SS by calling guys like Mi Lai Calley “heroes” who just made tough decisions? Nothing will lose us a war like unjust soldiers- witness Viet Nam. I want Michigan to charge ICE agents with accessory to murder and anything else that happens to Chaldeans.

  109. Analysis | Why America’s Supreme Court drama looks so strange to the rest of the world

  110. Happy Sunday to All (Even Trumpsters). Cat Stevens – Morning has broken via

  111. And surely he will declassify the 12 redacted sections and all Russian contacts. At some point…IMPEACH!!

  112. Howyathink ‘e got the 3.3?

  113. Nine people showed up for a KKK rally in Dayton, Ohio. They were drowned out by 600 protestors

  114. “Business” guy in the mob sense. Ja, nothin’ personal, Don, its just business. The business of LIBERTY! IMPEACH!!.

  115. This is why I campaign .. the destruction of human lives because of prescription drugs. They have destroyed me too. Be very careful.

  116. “What is it I have done wrong? What injustice have I done to you.” That’s just it, they say, you think you have done no wrong” “It is “your manner of speech.” Indeed, I speak slowly to them as if they were stupid- And I am wrong, because sometimes they pick THAT up, and use 2hurt

  117. “Your tech is spying on you FOR TYRANTS” I said They answered “What have I to hide” Loudly, they said, into the camera and microphone in front and behind and above, below and to each side of them. “Look, if it is true, I am not mad for saying it.” They blink. And hurt and shun…

  118. The tech is spying on us” I said, and was told I was mad. “He thinks the T.V. is watching him.” Then “it is only the smart tech. They got the people to “consent.” Quick. “You will never have another free election,” I said, and a few cared- but no where near a majority.

  119. BBC Radio 4 – The Reith Lectures, 2019: Jonathan Sumption, 3/5 … Jonathan Sumption argues that judges – especially those of the European Court of Human Rights – have usurped power by expanding the interpretation of human rights law. May 25

  120. BBC Radio 4 – The Reith Lectures, 2019: Jonathan Sumption, 2/5. In … 2/5. In Praise of Politics. The Reith Lectures 2019: Jonathan Sumption. Jonathan Sumption explains how democracy has the unique power to accommodate …

  121. BBC Radio 4 – The Reith Lectures, 2019: Jonathan Sumption, 1/5 … Jonathan Sumption argues that the law is taking over the space once occupied by politics.

  122. The election was turned by data collection and targeted internet interference aiming at groups and individuals. Putin wanted Trump in order to use and then destroy America. This is a genuine conspiracy

  123. Notice too that Russia is not doing Oxy and antidepressants- they have Vodka!- nor are they allowing the internet. Ditto for China. With a cleaned up internet, liberty would rule the world. Congress took money not to regulate, and did not see the significance of small dishonesty.

  124. He may have prepped us with oxy and antidepressants, while the profits flushed the cheeks of the US and Russian mob. The Americans cannot imagine such a thing. Especially doped on oxy.

  125. Trump must be removed before he starts a war to Putin’s delight. The fraudulent election must be addressed in the Supreme Court pre-Trump- it has been the only way out for over two years. Look up cases #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857. Whole states must bring the case

  126. We take a hypothesis and ferret by coherence, evidence, and human nature. What are the interests involved? But one must study human nature history and all human things. Faced with appearances and a problem, the mind generates hypotheses and solutions. What tool do I need?

  127. Oxy is a genuine conspiracy. Oxy-heroin WAS orchestrated, as was Aderall-Meth and likely crack cocaine. In hindsight, I am HIGHLY suspicious of Russia and 9/11. We call on old fashioned detective work. Covert ops are, yea, hard to prove.

  128. The clergy sex abuse scandal was likely not orchestrated and intentional, but slipped into because appetite is like a possession or compulsion, then one must hide. Trump-Russia, on the other hand is a genuine conspiracy.

  129. There IS a mob, and it works by conspiracy. The Russian government has operated by tyranny and propaganda for a century. Putin has convinced some in America that this is the only was to do “politics,” because the people are Sooo stupid.

  130. Whether Nero fiddled or not, it does seem that he intentionally burned Rome and blamed it on the Christians. The clergy sex abuse scandal is another fine example. Pizzagate, though? Fake news uses genuine conspiracy in a genuine conspiracy, perhaps.

  131. On the Media has replayed Anna Merlan on conspiracy theories, very interesting. Her book is “Republic of lies.” The word “Globalism”- remember- has an interesting source. There are, though, genuine conspiracies and real evil. How does one know?

  132. Auto Zoom to 75% and the tweet moved to the left on that one. Secure communications. (It must just be ME). Again, autozoom to 90 and off to the left. We get the message. Do you?

  133. Ok, Congress, it is time to shut Trump down domestically- the president and all agencies can only do what they have laws passed by congress to do, and funding approved by THE HOUSE. He will do illegally, but let him. We MUST stop this NOW.

  134. NPR’s Wait Wait…: Trump said he does not do cover ups, and he’s right! Its’s really more of a comb-over.” Or spin, sales pitch, fake plans and outright lies to get what he wants. And certainly such a character would NEVER accept Russian election fraud help. The GOP would…

  135. And reminded him that I was correct regarding Oxy and Facebook. I did not add the 6+ other huge things now confirmed. I was wrong, though, about the photo the Trumpsters sent to intimidate me. It was just an actor who looked a great deal like me, not really me. Sometimes mistaken

  136. I called the office in Washington of my “R” representative Tim Walberg, and am well aware that anything I said might be used only against me. But there is a chance, and we will see. I told him for the TENTH time about KASPERSKY, data collection and targeted interference.

  137. This IS tyranny. We MUST impeach, and simply hope the 20 R senators catch on. Civil war is not even the worst that may occur if we do not STAND UP!!

  138. Trump is such a self described stable genius that he did not need to read read the Constitution for his job description. It is not in there anyway, as it describes the executor of laws of a free people, not a tyrant.

  139. The Republicans too are about to cross the line to become knowingly complicit in the Trump criminal organization. Amash jumped ship, but do the others even care? Do they even have those categories and distinctions?

  140. It is a good thing that Trump does not know what “treason” means, or we would have to accuse him of it for obstructing the investigation into the interference of a foreign power in our elections. At some point, it does become treasonous, but in the interests of Himself Alone.

  141. The anomaly of the “most transparent president in history” declassifying everything to attack opponents but obstructing the investigation into Russian interference does not escape the democrats. But does it escape America? The Congress as a whole? The “Republicans?” At what point

  142. …and part of the whole problem is we never could. Congress would not oversee the FBI in small things- see my wordpress- and this has allowed our vulnerability to Russia on the big things. We will lose our liberty, because we are not going to stand up. Oh and many soldiers.

  143. Amusing story about officer Watts of the Chicago PD planting drugs on peiople, destroying over 60 lives, and getting 22 months, while the career of the whistleblower is destroyed. Why is the FBI allowing this? But we no longer can trust the Barr FBI, not to investigate itself,

  144. Trump was told the election would be turned for him. NO ONE WILL ASK HIM UNDER OATH.

  145. Stand up, or prepare for tyranny and war. And worse. Once it crosses the threshold, we will live in a different world, and the old one will be gone.

  146. Trump is presently seizing the law. We have yet to stand up, and likely will no longer be able. Because the truth is what it is, only such things as a conspiratorial “coup” can alter reality so threat tyranny is just fine. Again, Trump IS now completing the seizure of the law.

  147. Trumpsters are so slick he substituted the Barr report for the Mueller report and they do not notice- or care. Send a generation out in brownshirts to be returned in boxes then, and go eat Oxy. Then you all still won’t care.

  148. And there is ZERO reason to believe what this man says.

  149. There has never been more evidence of US involvement in a Russian covert operation in all of history. So if you all want to just swallow the conclusions Trump finds it convenient for you to swallow… a generation of our children and grandchildren is at at stake.

  150. There, I remember seeing the first of the indictments, Flynn, followed by Page, Manafort, Cohen, Popadopolis and Stone- now such a distant memory, compared to your summaries of what we are to conclude from the Barr report

  151. Kaspersky had 400 computer security accounts FROM MOSCOW. The US voters STILL do not know this because how easily we were snowed then is a matter of- you know- the failure of sources and methods.

  152. So I guess it all begins with Putin, who threw the election for you, while you avoided active crime, as real mob bosses do. With Putin and the failure of the conversion of Russia, Putin and his confidence in Russian computer tech, given US data collection.

  153. Yes, right at the crucial time when when #16-907 was misfiled and 16-1464 was being written, I guess your people gave me other things to worry about than Putin throwing an election to dismantle our executive branch and lead us into war.

  154. We wanted to bring a Supreme Court case to prevent your inauguration, in January of 2016, so you would not start an unjust war to Putin’s delight. # 16-907, #16-1464 and 17-857, but these were obstructed. I was put in a psychoward. Working on the case is part the perjury.

  155. . It really happened, and there really is still no recourse, 2 years later. Must just be “ME.”

  156. It is literally part of the evidence that I am a “danger to myself or others,” showing how insane I am. They tried to drug me and to have me permanently committed, using 3 Trumpsters in my family. People who get death threats sure act funny!

  157. So why not ask Putin how this all got started, and why it is that in America, you still cannot fool all the people all the time as he does in Russia? Ask for tips on that Russian method of declaring the unfooled insane and getting it to stick for more than 20 days.

  158. So perhaps it all started, Don, because you cannot fool all the people all the time. Louise Mensch and Sarah Kendzior were never fooled. Hillary had it by the third debate, once she overcame objecting to your questioning of our elections, with your fake arguments of voter fraud.

  159. Remember when the Russians told Felix Sater- the fellow with an office down the hall on the 26th floor of Trump Tower- that they could get Donald elected? Perhaps you should ask Putin how it started, since he promised you the means would be “undetectable,”

  160. As he prepares to exercise tyrannic powers and test his seizure of the law itself, Trump sets about an inquiry into how the assertion of Trump-Russia and consequent investigation began.

  161. Remember? Reblog From Straight Arrow: No “Collusion?” Sater, Cohen and Trump Tower Moscow via

  162. The “Republicans” might stop drawing the conclusions of the partial investigation of Mueller from the Barr report and Trump party line. He trumpets the conclusion he wants us to draw. The party and followers repeat it. DO THEY CARE if it is true or false?

  163. The mob did this for revenge when government tried to seize drug profits. No one stood up. Tyranny begins at home, in your own neighborhood, and has consequences all the way to your children dying in an unjust, unnecessary war.

  164. It was so bad in Michigan that every broken car was seized. Towing companies owned by relatives of police raised fees to keep the cars. I was threatened by the police with filing a false report if I reported a friends car stolen. The cops are mobbed up. Justice matters.

  165. 1A is considering property seizures, which Michigan began to address by limiting “civil asset forfeiture.” They seriously as a counterargument, raise the question of whether, if government stops seizing vulnerable property, raising taxes.

  166. Soon there will be classic Trumpster advertising, and our patriotism will be enjoined to support an unjust war- again. A nation is responsible for allowing tyranny to seize its executive branch. Congress is responsible for allowing the corruption of the internet.

  167. 5000 troops to Iran. A nation is responsible for allowing tyranny to seize its executive. IMPEACH!

  168. If I could pay a band, we’d do it ourselves. I threatened to do it on French horn- I have 3 years- like Townshend’s Daltry doin’ Tommy. That might stop a competing herd of elephants, but fail to stop fascism.

  169. Neil Young and Bob Dylan – Helpless + Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door 1975 via

  170. Neil Young could do it. Being Canuckian, he is an American. Gilmore could do it. They’re lucky Hendrix is dead, or fascism would be all done rising in America once we hear this.

  171. The Brits don’t get the outrage. Plant could do Strange Fruit, but would need Page- who doesn’t have the heart. I want a SF that rises to the crescendo of a rock anthem following Holliday’s intonations on guitar, and electrified classical harp. Seger or Jack White could do it-But

  172. Robert Plant – Southern Man (Neil Young cover) Excellent Live Performance via

  173. CSNY – Southern Man – 1970 @ Fillmore East via

  174. Neil Young – Alabama ( Lyrics ) via

  175. “I don’t do cover-ups.”

  176. Another auto-zoom set off by hoverclick on the topic of Big Pharma- this time moving my tweet right off the page- again. Twitter and Microsoft and the FCC need to check to see who is paying to do this. It is obvious.

  177. News: The children of parents on Oxy are TWICE as likely to commit suicide, according to a recent study (likely NOT a study funded by Big Pharma!). The reasons for this must be ferreted out, but in addition to being in pain, oxy makes people agitated, argumentative, coarse, etc.

  178. Twitter needs Italics.

  179. If the American people understood these things, Trump would not have been fraudulently elected to begin. Now the task is to make US understand, so we can fix it, and get back to politics- healing Central America, prison reform, etc.

  180. Integrity in each thing prevents these vulnerabilities. Russ is not going to tell the US mob WHY the want to do the oxy -heroin scam, etc, but only show the profit in the short term.

  181. We suspect Russia in the Oxy end of the scam, in part because it would be classic strategy to prep us before such an attack. And in part because they had a lot of money coming in with no account. And in part because corruption in Big Pharma has been rampant- easy prey Russian mob

  182. Another reason opinion is so slow is the Oxy-heroin scam. America has been drugged- also with antidepressants- which suppress thought. What % of CONGRESS is on oxy? Antidepressants? Other thought inhibiting drugs.

  183. Because no one gets that the Russians turned the election by data collection and targeted internet interference, opinion is slow to turn. KASPERSKY- controlling computer security from MOSCOW during the 2016 election is treated like some big national secret: FESS UP!

  184. Opinion is so slow to catch up in America- a problem with democracy. Pelosi and the House must wait until enough of the people in the center realize they do not want to lose their children in a fake war, and IMPEACH!!

  185. Road Salt is STILL being dumped into the Flint river, and no one asks WHY is the river water so corrosive. Water is STILL being hand delivered when the sky delivers rain clear to each home on earth. We won’t even do rain barrels for wash water! Come on, humanity- this’s LOW TECH

  186. Psychology via : Our psych must make the turn from its pre-Socratic to a Socratic basis. Duh! Psychology depends upon a study that can comprehend, say, justice and the health of the soul. Alyne Duthie

  187. We are catching on. Psychiatry is in crisis due to the lack of a foundation. The medical model and the chemical model is crucially llimited.

  188. Our psych literally cannot tell the difference between “the lunatic, the lover and the poet,” and do not care- for a fee.

  189. There is ZERO legal recourse, as if there were no Bill of rights, if one does not have a lawyer, and has, say, siblings with a bit of a “mood order.” Perjury does not exist, and one may not get a word in edgewise. The perjury is that accusations are made under penalty of perjury.

  190. Everyone is told that SSRI pills take 4 weeks have an effect? The reason for this lie is : A. Drug companies don’t want people to immediately reject them as awful. B. Drug companies have no idea what they are doing.

  191. Our psych needs “help.”

  192. Compare this to the last study:

  193. Bet this guy even knows what an “iatros:” is, and what “iatria.” Our psychiatry strangely does not believe in the “psyche” as causally significant, and does not look to the health of the soul or psyche as its principle.

  194. Wow: Tia Powell on Fresh Air: Einstein Center for Bioethics. Terry Gross in ON. ‘Dementia Reimagined’ Asks: Can There Be Happiness For Those With Memory Loss? | WAMU

  195. Cool.

  196. Sometimes a cigar…is just a cigar!

  197. British psychiatrists Dr Wendy Burn and Dr Kate Lovett. We’re your dancers Dancers for money We’ll push what you want us to push We’re your pharma dancers Dancers for money And any old psych drug will do

  198. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Cathedral via

  199. Exploring anti-psych on twitter, the hover function becomes so sensitive it scrolls my page and I lose my place. Gee must just be ME! Better go get some psycho-dope!

  200. The comprehensive dismantling of western psychiatry in less 2 hours. (Trigger warning may make you feel embarrassed that you live in such a society)

  201. Looks lovely! Perhaps Dr Huda could ask if might get a few 1000s produced as freebies at ?!

  202. New piece on as a major funder of ‘Medical Humanities’ ()

  203.  May 14

  204. Or this: “Got to make you understand.” “Have no lovers in the city.” CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG – Country Girl via

  205. ..Here: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – 4 + 20 via . Get it? Consummation, for humans, joins the souls, and the lovers cannot know this. The hippies learned this the hard way.

  206. We need a serious study of love. Our “psych-ology” is mostly utterly useless. WHY is there a law against adultery, and why was it assumed until yesterday that one ought wait till marriage? We turn to lyric poetry. Here: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – 4 + 20…

  207. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – 4 + 20 via

  208. So Trump must be subpoena’s, Impeached, and asked the hard questions under oath in the Senate- before he starts a war all by himself that leads to a million + deaths to the delight of Putin. Get it yet?

  209. The Russians did it data collection and targeted internet interference-through such means as the Republicans could not conveniently use on US soil. Kaspersky was handling 400 million computer security accounts- FROM MOSCOW!! Once they got Trump to win the primaries: easy.

  210. We have the Russians telling Sater they can get the Don elected: Remember? Reblog From Straight Arrow: No “Collusion?” Sater, Cohen and Trump Tower Moscow via

  211. Trump must be asked under oath: “Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you then reward Russia with the weakening of NATO and the sanctions,?” or urgh, “orphans.” Sater was told the Russians could get Donald elected.

  212. The “R”s are giving us what Trump wants us to conclude from the Barr report and calling it the Mueller report- which was so limited anyway that it cannot get at the question of WHAT he is obstructing. Subpoena Trump.

  213. No one reads the Revelation, but in the letters to the 7 churches, it is quite clear, to say the least, that these are not above criticism, and Rome is not mentioned or addressed- about 94 AD. We suggest that despite the Keys given Peter, He will remove your lampstand. REPENT!

  214. But If the prophesy of Malachy means Francis is the last Pope- and that is not a sure reading, as there is a space between- this is why.

  215. Rousseau, in his Confessions, describes why he left the priesthood. The German thinkers pick up where Rousseau left off, and totalitarianism comes from German philosophy- Marx and Nietzsche in particular, from the rejection of natural right- the recognition of the just by nature.

  216. And one must be glad they set the scripture for us, both old and new. But the Christ is not a legislator, but the savior. The attempt to make a law out of the Christ is THE disaster. The teaching is not a law, but is true. Each sect assumes it IS law. For law, we are on our own!

  217. Socrates knows men do not possess divine wisdom. Jesus, Socrates, Jefferson and Shakespeare fit together quite nicely

  218. Hence, the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart, as requested in the Fatima vision, is not the request for subordination of the Eastern Church to Rome. But if one considers the splintering of Protestant churches on doctrinal issues…Each is their own Pope?

  219. The priesthood can be saved by renouncing the claim of convention to set doctrine and obligation, recognizing that the divisions are political, and imitating the Eastern Church, where some are celibate and some married.

  220. …ended by Protestantism and political liberty, not by any Pope or by the Church. The Roman Church, too, has yet to REPENT the burning of heretics, and the Catechism makes excuses…”held to be spiritual forgers, for which the penalty was severe…etc.

  221. The hatred of Christianity is already leading to persecution in the Philippines, where the tyrant Dutarte may attack priests saying he was a victim. The Antichristian ire of modernity, though, begins with burning people alive on the authority of grace- ended by Protestantism…

  222. No quotations or references to scripture? But correct that all priests are taking the rap- Obedience to a human authority and the system of cover-up is the scandal, shared by other institutions, but without the assumption of the sacred. Psychology is likely worse for % predators.

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