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See? Glenda is helping Dorothy. The Constitution is the Ruby Slippers.

  1. The first miracle is done at Cana in disobedience to Jesus and in indirect obedience to Mary. As a jewish mother, she just says, “Do whatever he tells you,” to the guys who bring the jars of water- the principle Jewish mother joke!

  2. Jesus was thought strange for teaching woman, as Mary and Martha, or even speaking to the woman at the well. But none of the Apostles or early evangelists were women- including the mother Mary. Magdalene, though, may have written, and was the first to see the risen Christ.

  3. The reason all men are endowed with inalienable rights regarding human government is the image of God in man (Genesis 9:6; 1:26). In the universal of sense of “men,” women ARE “men,” i.e. humans. The tension between Magdalene and Peter is the earliest male/female stuff.

  4. James is the brother in law, as Joseph was much older, guardian of Mary, chosen by lot as “husband”, and hence gone by the time Jesus begins his ministry. Mary seems to have been about 16. James was thrown from the pinnacle of the Temple about 66 AD.

  5. “Do not swear at all…” “Do this in remembrance of me.”

  6. The original Church was not infallible: Witness the way the vision speaks to the seven churches of Asia. Or the way the Apostles let Paul be a preacher of The Way, or let James the brother of Jesus lead the Jerusalem Church. Still John is celibate and “the elder.”

  7. “Replacing the diseased model of the Church with something healthy… will always involve deliberate performance of the works of mercy: feeding the hungry, caring for the poor, visiting the sick, striving for justice. These can be today’s chosen forms of the faith.

  8. “One imagines the inmates of internal exile as figures in the back of a church, where, in fact, some dissenting priests and many free-spirited nuns can be found as well. Think of us as the Church’s conscientious objectors. We are not deserters.”

  9. …“I bind you by the power of the confessional,” Law said, his hands pressing on the man’s head, “not to speak to anyone else about this.” Now THAT is hocus pocus!

  10. “A power structure that is accountable only to itself will always end up abusing the powerless. According to one victim, Cardinal Law, of Boston, before being forced to resign because of his support for predator priests, attempted to silence the man by invoking the sacred seal:

  11. Skeptical U.S. Allies Resist Trump’s New Claims of Threats From Iran

  12. In the past 2 weeks, dozens of opposition fighters were killed trying to halt regime and Russian offensives in northern Hama, & Lattakia. The life story of a Omran al-Fares, killed this week in Hama, illustrates several points about the type of Syrians now fighting the regime

  13. Sticking It To Yourself: Preemptive Pardons for Battlefield Crimes Undercut Military Justice and Military Effectiveness – Just Security

  14. Here it is!

  15. Rachel Vanlandingham of Southwestern law school (LA) gave the most succinct, pithy statement of what is wrong with the Trump pardon of convicted war criminals, today on NPR. Folks, we have a tyrant in the White House by foreign election fraud.

  16. So excited to be cohosting a new podcast, How the F*ck Is This Possible? w/ . Episode 1: Involuntary Status is out soon. Check out the preview 👀

  17. A prophecy of Church history in 10 sections: BOB DYLAN – SAD EYED LADY OF THE LOWLANDS – (Rehearsal) 02-16-1966 ESPA… via

  18. Celebration At Big Sur Prt. 5 – CSNY Sea Of Madness, 4+20 via

  19. “Republicans” indifferent to tyranny are the “light weights.” Armed or not.

  20. “Republican” challengers of Amash in Kent County criticize him for like betraying the party, which would stand behind Trump if Trump were guilty or not. Perhaps if he cannot guide the party, Amash would like to become a centrist- and take the election with democrat’s support. CLC

  21. Subpeona Trump. Then have the Senate Subpoens Trump. Then IMPEACH!!

  22. Crosby Stills Nash and Young – Our House via

  23. John Paul II was the first to move the Church to penance, for acquiescence in the Nazi atrocities. What good is a Church that cannot REPENT! Or, to whom did we think the message of Fatima spoke? Just those other guys?

  24. “Penance. Penance. Penance! – Fatima. “Before, during, and after his trip to Ireland, Francis had expressed, as he put it, “shame and sorrow.” But he showed no sign of understanding the need for the Church to significantly reform itself or to undertake acts of true penance.

  25. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Wooden Ships via

  26. Indeed, and to distinguish between drug cartels and Big Pharma- who pay off Congress in the US to make drug dealing legal, then effect diagnoses to make it profitable. What happened with Oxy also happened with psychodope, only 10x worse. Science of the soul?

  27. Replying to 

    Another blanket statement by Trump.

  28. Sadly when patients sustain a brain injury from psychiatric drugs they are unlikely to find appropriate medical care .. they may well be told they are “mentally ill”.

  29. Screening shrinks for philosophical torpidity and calloused disregard for the health of the soul is a better idea.

  30. We’re with in supporting ’s comments. 👇

  31. Suede Live At Glastonbury 演唱会 DVDRip via

  32. Adoption, child care, the rediscovery of chastity and marriage, access to birth control, and anything else must be thrown at this problem, which indeed has TWO sides: That is why it is our single most divisive issue, and CENTRISTS are so helpful!

  33. Kids and lovers are not supposed to be able to consider the consequences of doing whatever they want with their own bodies- but that is what adults are for, and why we even have the experience and “wisdom” of old people.

  34. America must cease aborting one million + fetuses per year, and deal with the other end of the dilemma- back alley abortions- by something like judicial procedure- perhaps an abortion court to address each particular. “Safe, legal and rare” is Obama’s position.

  35. Ja, female fetuses have the right to choose regarding their own bodies. We just have to wait about 12 years to ask them!

  36. It only took ME 58+ years to realize that passenger seats MUST point backward. Now it will take humanity, what, 5 years to realize it? and 7 or 8 for the bus and airline companies? Democracy is wonderful!

  37. Now here’s one: Why do school bus seats point forward? Duh! To point the seats backward gives the protection of the seat in a forward accident. Henceforth, all passenger seats will point toward the rear! One must love LOW tech!

  38. When Fredrick Douglass cites “Call no man master,” it has a different sort of ring. Want to refresh your understanding of the worth of political Liberty, read Fred Douglass.

  39. Congress MUST criminalize the abuse of algorithms and data. All algorithms must be passed through an honest FCC, and to start we may only give them about 6.

  40. Mueller limited himself from investigating the president, and it WAS a CIA rather than FBI/domestic job. Or both. Good thing Flynn was in charge of the NSC!

  41. But as for the Mueller report, I am still reading the redaction. I do not want to restudy e-mails and pissing whores. The US intell needs to come clean about the true basis of election fraud in data collection and targeted interference, Congress to criminalize the abuse of …

  42. The priesthood post-reform has an important function. But it must also recognize the truth of the limitations of clericalism, oaths (Matt 5-7) and authority. Who gave first communion to Saints Francisco and Jacinta in 1916-17?

  43. How the Danske Bank money-laundering scheme involving $230 billion unraveled

  44. 60 Minutes: Danskbank largest laundering in history, 232 Billion: Why was it left to a single whistleblower? [zoom automatically to 67%] So, where did the Russians GET a quarter trillion? Check Big Pharma, the Oxy-heroin scam. Putin likes the win-win set up.

  45. How the Danske Bank money-laundering scheme involving $230 billion unraveled

  46. The Case Against Abolishing the Priesthood

  47. “If the structure of clericalism is not dismantled, the Roman Catholic Church will not survive, and will not deserve to,” argues James Carroll.

  48. Ladysitting: My Year with Nana at the End of Her Century by Lorene Cary via

  49. In fact, Mueller’s report identifies multiple examples of conduct satisfying all the elements of obstruction of justice, and undoubtedly any person who is not the president of the United States would be indicted based on such evidence.

  50.  May 18

    Impeachment, which is a special form of indictment, does not even require probable cause that a crime (e.g., obstruction of justice) has been committed; it simply requires a finding that an official has engaged in careless, abusive, corrupt, or otherwise dishonorable conduct.

  51. While impeachment should be undertaken only in extraordinary circumstances, the risk we face in an environment of extreme partisanship is not that Congress will employ it as a remedy too often but rather that Congress will employ it so rarely that it cannot deter misconduct.

  52.  May 18

  53. Few members of Congress even read Mueller’s report; their minds were made up based on partisan affiliation—and it showed, with representatives and senators from both parties issuing definitive statements on the 448-page report’s conclusions within just hours of its release.

  54. America’s institutions depend on officials to uphold both the rules and spirit of our constitutional system even when to do so is personally inconvenient or yields a politically unfavorable outcome. Our Constitution is brilliant and awesome; it deserves a government to match it.

  55. “Let me now…warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally.” —George Washington

  56. The Mueller report in no way clears Trump of “collusion.” He received election fraud help in exchange for policy, which is bribery. The articles are election fraud, bribery, obstruction, emoluments and oath of office, and more. IMPEACH!!

  57. Justin Amash is not a “lightweight,” but indeed he is not an overweight gangster wanna-be whom Russia threw the election for in order to gain concessions and destroy the US executive who hides behind the fact that he is not bad enough to commit treason but colludes passively.

  58. I’d bet that to this day, there has been no investigation of what McDew said occurred in Lousianna prisons? Just like no FBI agents were ever held accountable for the letter sent to M.L. King, nor investigated for setting women on him. Think they stopped all by themselves? Proud?

  59. THAT would indeed make for stunning reality T.V., you all wanted it! We’ll start with a segment on homosexual rape tolerated and used in our prison system. Then we’ll do mob payoffs to cops, you know Serpico style.

  60. Ja, lets take away the cops power to edit, and do a nationwide expose on the injustice of the cops and prisons. They have been recruiting from almost anywhere lately.

  61. Ja, Trump saw suspicious activity in Deutchebank, and that is why they took loans from that bank! They do business with Russians, and like Wells Fargo, gave incentives for making money any way possible, and now are destroyed.

  62. That is only one reason that we must impeach a criminal president. He may pardon the whole syndicate. The powers of the presidency are meant for one pre-eminent in virtue. He can literally kill a million of our children and grandchildre with a distracted move at his checkers game

  63. Not to mention allowing Russia to maneuver US into war. Election fraud is sort of serious.

  64. Now he’ll off to pay him. And to hurt him. It may not work with Amash. He is a principled dude.

  65. Consider the authority granted to the knowers of the soul in medieval times. And what THEY did with it! Our psychiatry given the authority of the appeal to professionals” is an emperor with no clothes. They do not even read the wisest writers in the 2500+ year study of the soul.

  66. Our psychiatry needs “help.” Lets take a poll of how many shrinks believe in the “psyche as a cause, or know or cart what the “-iatria” of “psych-iatry” means. Maybe the many will take THAT opinion poll for scientia!

  67. SC# 16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857 are the cases. A good read for anyone concerned with the constitutional response to foreign election fraud in the internet age.

  68. Wait till Amash reads the 12 redacted sections, and considers Data collection and the control of Kaspersky internet security by MOSCOW at the time of the 2016 elections! Maybe Michigan will be the first state to bring suit to VOID the election in the Supreme Court- the true fix.

  69. Rep. Amash is right. What’s the delay ? The time to impeach is NOW.

  70. No word yet from ’s spox about her reaction to Rep. Amash’s statement that Trump committed “impeachable conduct”

  71. I say this as someone at odds with Amash on lots of issues important to me (and I think to him): All honor to Justin Amash, who has done so much today to set an example of constitutional responsibility and mature, civic discourse.

  72. They may have subjected US foreign policy to Putin’s maneuvering, DO YOU CARE? IF IT IS TRUE?!? Can’t PROVE it- Russian covert action. Can’t prove they did Skripal either, can ya? Do I know for sure there even IS a Crimea? Well, then, we just can’t do a thing! Law is paralyzed!

  73. The “Republicans” have shown an astonishing indifference to tyranny. DO YOU CARE-has become my only argument- IF IT IS TRUE! Trump shakes his weaner like a mob boss, and justice, law and truth go right out the window of self-interest. These slaves need to be deposed.

  74. Mesopotamia (northern Iraq, northern Syria and southeastern Turkey) Their religion, Yazidism, is also called Sharfadin by Yazidis. It is a monotheistic religion and has elements of ancient mesopotamian religions and some similarities with Abrahamic religions…

  75. Yazidis: not Yarzani or Kakai From Wikipedia, 700,000–1,000,000 The Yazidis or the Yazidi people (also Yezidi nation[22][23]) (Kurmanji: Miletê Êzîdî) are a mostly Kurmanji (or Ezdiki) speaking minority ethno-religious group, indigenous to a region of northern

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  76. ISIS cannot possibly come from the Quran. But then, burning heretics could not possibly come from the scripture either. We suspect a Russian or European Satanic source. The anti-Americanism is a clue.

  77. ISIS is in truth an example of the third kind of modern totalitarianism, after race and economic class, the third and worst will persecute on the basis of religion. So, Communism (killed over 100 million in China, Russia and Cambodia alone, Nazism killed some 12 million.

  78. Ja, rather than SAY ISIS is defeated in Iraq, lets go defeat ISIS in Iraq! When compelling people to recite the Quran, what do they do when they arrive at the sentence of Chapter 3 that says there is no religion by compulsion? Just keep on reciting?

  79. 2/2 number of Yarsanis estimated at around 2 or 3 million. Primarily found in western Iran and eastern Iraq, mostly ethnic Goran Kurds,[5][6][7] though there are also smaller groups of Turk, Persian, Lori, Azerbaijani and Arab adherents.[8] Some Yarsanis in Iraq are called Kaka’i

  80. Yarsanism From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Yarsan or Ahle Haqq (Kurdish: یارسان, Yarsan,[1][2] Persian: اهل حق; “People of Truth”), is a syncretic religion founded by Sultan Sahak in the late 14th century in western Iran.[3] The total…

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  81. A Republican who can read! William Weld, Mitt Romney, Mike Rogers (MI) are four who were never snowed by and would not sell out to Trump-Russia.

  82. GOP Rep. Amash becomes first Republican to call for Trump’s impeachment

  83. Anyone deporting Chaldean Iraqis from Michigan will be charged as an accessory to murder. ICE: This means YOU! P.S.: I will publish a citizen’s arrest. You saw where this got me with Trump!

  84. Amazing: Thinki ISIS is defeated even in Iraq? BBC World Service – Heart and Soul – Available now Available episodes of Heart and Soul. … Exodus and extinction. 1/2 The Kaka’i people of Iraqi Kurdistan are battling to keep their faith in the face of ISIS

  85. BBC News – Mental health: The radio station helping its listeners

  86. What if justice is or is essential to the health of the soul? What if the soul is intended by nature to know, and to know (or be known by) the highest things? What does our psychiatry say the health of the soul IS? Using only “evidence based” theory and drugs? Music heals more.

  87. The assumption that knowledge of the soul is gained even primarily by scientific studies and statistics is a disaster. The categories and questions are not set by science.

  88. Rasta! With a Scott in a skirt! (Who’s like us? Darn few, and their all dead! Arggh!) -An old McDonald clan drinking song- with no music, and lots of scotch!

  89. McDew realized that it was not the oppression of Blacks by whites, but the oppression of all powerless. An 11 year old white kid was thrown into the adult prison, and probably killed for fighting off rape. Do the Americans even get what is at stake in the US Declaration?

  90. Did Flynn break his plea deal? “Your client shall cooperate fully, truthfully, completely, and with this Office and other Federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities identified by this Office…” Any chance of jail time for him?

  91. Impeachment is the least we can do. Void the 2016 fraudulent election, and FIX THIS BEFORE the fake potus takes us into a real war. Look up Supreme Court case #’s 16-1464; 16-907 and 17-857. Whole states must bring the case.

  92. They will say, “We have seized the law itself, the executive branch.” That Trump & co, proceed this way indicates their guilt to anyone with common sense. ” ‘Can’t prove it if they own the court, can ya.” This is a usurpation. It is long past time to act.

  93. Yeah!

  94. Ja, 23 new Senators would make a difference. Right now, we need 20 old Senators with an “R” who care if Russia is influencing foreign policy and laughing while our executive branch is dismantled! Oh, and, we are taken to war for bad reasons.

  95. Chuck McDew has passed away since the story was recorded: The Moth | Stories | Why The Others Died Why The Others Died. by Chuck McDew. A civil rights activist is imprisoned by police in Louisiana.

  96. Its funny, the Japanese reject Chinese martial arts, and may even have been involved in the death of Bruce Lee. I studied with the Japanese style, so came late to appreciate Bruce Lee and the Taoist temple at the root of Kung Fu. Both may come from Hercules, through Alexander.

  97. Bruce Lee, I learned, wrote the early episodes and devised the idea for “Kung Foo.” My favorite episode is where Kain is fighting an imaginary monster in a cave, and losing, and in a flashback the blind guy says, “Why have you left the Tao?” Then Kain dissolves the monster.

  98. But, how do we tell?

  99. CNN Correspondent Jim Sciutto Says the U.S. Is at War. We Just Don’t Know It. Via ⁦

  100. Consider this: Mueller has effectively decriminalized seeking & accepting foreign help in a US election, while Barr may end up criminalizing some counterintelligence efforts to investigate such behavior. Imagine the effects on 2020, when we know Russia will interfere again.

  101. ~ JUDY COLLINS ~ In My Life ~ via

  102. In My Life (Remastered 2009) via

  103. The Beatles – It’s Only Love via

  104. George Harrison – What is life (lyrics) via

  105. #9 Dream – John Lennon with The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band via

  106. Mind Games-John Lennon(OFFICIAL VIDEO) via

  107. Dear Prudence (Remastered 2009) via

  108. Across The Universe (Remastered 2009) via

  109. George Harrison – My Sweet Lord via

  110. George Harrison – If Not For You – Lyrics via

  111. George Harrison-Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) via

  112. Dude looks like Mel Gibson: Scott Stapp – Dying to Live via

  113. What Stapp’s been do’in: Who won? Guess again! SCOTT STAPP – Purpose For Pain (Official Video) | Napalm Records via

  114. Shiutto: “Its as if Russia and China resumed the cold war, and we did not notice.” We want to assume everyone is like us, with rational goals and human methods. We were surprised at the poisoning of Skripal after Litvanyenko?

  115. One product of the Mueller Report? Just how many of the President’s “fake news” claims are, in fact, fake. Via ⁦

  116. Tune in for , stick around for some guy named Sciutto

  117. On 1A today: America is just beginning to wake up.

  118. Our shrinks cannot tell the difference between the “lunatic, the lover and the poet,” and do not know that injustice is the root of character disorder! But for a fee and a career, DO THEY CARE?

  119. What can you do if your cat is depressed? Tell it to cheer up or ask it if it has tried meditation?

  120. Channeling of Twitter too would be most useful in turning elections and fostering tyranny. Google goes without saying. Just buying fake followers and paying for prominence is enough to corrupt humanity, if allowed.

  121. Glad someone is awake out there! Channeling of Twitter too would be most useful in turning elections and fostering tyranny. Google goes without saying. Just buying fake followers and paying for prominence is enough to corrupt humanity, if allowed.

  122. So, ya, America: The reason that one fixes it if one learns that a foreign government has thrown your election is that that government may take us into an unnecessary war, and like a million of your kids might die in it. Fix it. IMPEACH!! VOID the 2016 election.

  123. Russia threw the election for Trump by data collection and targeted interference. Kaspersky was handling computer security for 400 million accounts…FROM MOSCOW! There is STILL zero press.

  124. Chinese tech is not to be used? Shhh: don’t say Kaspersky!

  125. Neil Young – On The Way Home & Tell Me Why via

  126. Neil Young – After the Gold Rush via

  127. Replying to   and 4 others

    Well he got somebody to give him a lot of money to get 666 refinanced. I wonder what he had to give in return.

  128. Nice that Vlad on the surface want US to keep the treaty. He is my first suspect.

  129. What if the school shooting epidemic is in part CAUSED by psychiatric drugs? Lets prevent many incidents and save some live just by considering the possibility.

  130. GOP: Ok Russia turned the election, possibly in order to destroy the US executive branch and involve US in war. Lets move on.

  131. The Beatles-She´s leaving home via

  132. Across The Universe (Remastered 2009) via

  133. Russians twell Trump they can get him elected: Remember? Reblog From Straight Arrow: No “Collusion?” Sater, Cohen and Trump Tower Moscow via

  134. Replying to 

    I hear Mexico will pay for it!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  135. So Putin adds Venezuela to the Ukraine issue, then asks for a reduction of sanctions if he will get out. We say: in exchange for our not retaliating for election fraud, GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE!

  136. “Go take a sister, then, by the hand Lead her away from this foreign land Far away, where we might laugh again We are leaving, you don’t need us “

  137. Is this guy really 9 for 9 ? But he does not get the election fraud by foreign data collection that seems to have made the difference- except in his general character analysis.

  138. Silver people on the shoreline let us be Talk’n ’bout very free, and easy Horror grips us as we watch you die All we can do is echo your anguished cries Stare as all human feelings die We are leaving, you don’t need us

  139. Nature’s law seems to be that the first principle of such violence must be female. I had an old love bitch about my flower-pickin’ for ‘er once! It was prob’ly funny the first time.

  140. Ours would be preceded by oligarchic corruption- ‘ceptn’ we just might stand up and stop it. Like: havin’ seen that already, all, let’s just don’t and say we didn’t.

  141. I was able to honor by plucking one of each kind of flower, into a huge wad, with some like Queen Anne’s Lace skeletons, from last year, grass and cattails, fruit trees, mustard and anything purple and even a rhubarb flower

  142. Crosby Stills and Nash – Suite: Judy Blue Eyes – Live 2012 via

  143. Crosby, Stills & Nash (Live) – Wooden Ships via

  144. NPR: “For all those with difficult relations with their mother, buy YOURSELF some flowers, and know that you deserve them!”

  145. Look, once Google takes money to sell access in listings, they do not even have to actively or positively suppress speech, it is channeled and controlled by money. Next comes power, which is even worse. Congress will not do a thing to oppose this.

  146. There goes the auto-zoom!

  147. I just got a couple Dark side Trumpsters Trolls from signing the impeachment petition. Glad I included my Zip code! What! The Democrats in Congress have not yet proposed the criminalization of the abuse of data collection with targeted marketing? Who’s payin’ Congress? – CLC

  148. Ja, intelligence! Guess Trump figures we cost them about 10 Billion when KASPERSKY had to switch names, or buy out a US company such as NORTON. (“Shhh! dont say KASPERSKY”- FBI)

  149. Guess RUSSIA don’t export much.

  150. What, no new tariffs on RUSSIA?

  151. As someone fascinated by science and computation the only thing that is more fascinating for me is the limits of science, and the “big questions” that arise there, that have occupied sages, saints, philosophers and madmen in equal part, since thought itself began.

  152. The ethical and spiritual nature of man is FAR more important- the “most important” things of man. Thank you.

  153. an entire generation raised by our psychiatry and UPON its false bio-chemical assumption of the cause and treatment of maladies of the soul. Bio-psych IS indeed Important part, but only a small part of genuine psychology. The ethical and spiritual nature of man is FAR more…

  154. Ja, guns are all over in black communities, and long have been, but there are no black school shootings or shooters. That is an important clue as WHAT IS WRONG WITH US regarding our epidemic of this sort of shooting. It is not guns, but psychodope, an entire generation raised…

  155. …where the opinion on Oxy was, say at the time of the 2016 election- wherin Bernie Sanders was the ONLY candidate to mention it, let alone make the oxy epidemic a platform issue.

  156. And it may be so that students were always as murderous and the difference now is only the availability of guns, or that our zombie generation has sociological rather than chemical causes. But we doubt it, and think the angle crucial to inquiry.

  157. Psychiatric drugs are not yet, but will soon be, an issue in public opinion similar to Oxy, with similar lawsuits, similar to the suits against the tobacco industry, due to the intentional suppression of inquiry.

  158. The “side effects can only in part be known, and these are bad enough, listed right on the side of the bottle in the US due to another, beneficial law. But we say that the psychodope epidemic is just like the OXY epidemic, only much worse, and that public opinion is now where …

  159. This, at any rate, may be a contribution of my nearly unique perspective, which disregards the authority now normally granted the psychiatric profession. Ours is an “Emperor wears no clothes” position. Our psych does not know what it is doing when it drugs people.

  160. THAT must be separated from the truths that we have a society that is in decline and a broken ethical tradition, undermined by the world view of science- and old and common point of philosophy. But we especially have -with exaggeration to make the point- a generation of zombies.

  161. I repeatedly make the point that we literally do not know what we are doing when we prescribe psychiatric drugs, the question is suppressed, and we have neither the ability nor inclination to “study” the ethical effects of these drugs.

  162. The entire generation has been subjected to psychiatric drugs beginning with an astonishing number of kids drugged with Ritilin, antidepressants and many other things, according to a mistaken assumption that such things are good for us.

  163. But again: The subjection of an entire generation to psychiatric drugs IS what we are doing different, in addition to our promiscuity regarding guns. Different, that is, from every other time and every other nation.

  164. In the US the information has been suppressed, we think by the psychiatric industry and Big Pharma, (for two different yet similar reasons)- a profit motive and the honest motive of a wish- well or ill conceived- to avoid discrediting a, important authoritative political function

  165. domestic shootings, mob and gang shootings and robbery shootings- may involve antidepressants in 100% of the cases, as is the hypothesis, and from this point we can raise the question of the involvement of psychiatric drugs in general in school shootings in general.

  166. I, then, of course think of and want raise for inquiry the suggestion that it may have plenty to do with psychiatric drugs. Shootings where the shooter does not know the victims personally at all- a sort slightly different from both workplace shootings, domestic shootings, …

  167. The phenomenon is in part a “copy cat” effect, where the occurrence has publicized the suggestion, but there is more to the question, which is obviously, as was well said by the High school reporter: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH US!”

  168. This led to the very interesting thought that. as with serial killers, is it so that school shooters and victims are almost exclusively “white?” If so, again as with serial killers, this is a bit of a mystery and an important clue as to the cause.

  169. The reporter doing the story wanted to get in and out of the way the point that black communities have lived with violence daily, and it is more of a national concern now that it is occurring everywhere, or, as was implied in white communities.

  170. NPR just aired a very interesting segment on school shootings (it does not yet come up on Google). A number of interesting points were made and arise. A high school girl who is a reporter wants us to “Not get used to this,” and to remember that these are “kids just like us.”

  171. The current “Constitutional conflict” is indeed the least we could do, and two years too late. The result will likely be foreign war at Russia’s pleasures, with the unjust and unnecessary deaths of a million or more- but that is why politics matters.

  172. We, the US and the free West, have indeed been in a “Constitutional crisis” since the Russians threw the 2016 elections from the primaries on through November, by data collection and targeted interference, and we have been too stupid and slavish to deal with it at every turn

  173. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – 04 – Helpless (by EarpJohn) via

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  175. Guinnevere – Crosby, Stills & Nash via

  176. These companies will learn that their possession of their billions depends upon laws, politics, and avoiding tyranny. Let’s help them to avoid learning this hard way.

  177. FIX IT!! Chris Hughes is of course correct about FACEBOOK. Where is Google’s Hughes?

  178. Unscrupulous internet companies have been selected FOR, because Congress took money to NOT regulate, or NOT do their job. The honest or honorable companies have failed. The election was turned by data collection and targeted foreign interference, delivering the world to tyranny.

  179. Oh, and my phonecalls go through Manila, where a Russian planted tyrant rules ’cause they threw the election. My Rep- Walberg- STILL does not get it! Must just be ME.

  180. My phone is literally useless, and I checked out of the US economy 3 years ago- cannot function because anyone who wants may whore us. Taxpayers are stuck with my school loans- especially when they get close to 40k, which buys a hit man. Thanks, Congress!

  181. After 50 years, the attorney general of Michigan is finally beginning to limit telemarketing and robo-calls- oh, only from foreign sources, but it is a start. I use my phone as little as possible, while creditors have access to all my info and I get offers for pre-approved credit

  182. Nick Drake – Day is Done via

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  185. Nick Drake – From The Morning via

  186. Nick Drake – Northern sky (1970) via

  187. Their best argument: The voters knew this about Trump and voted for him anyway” !! Like there was no data collection and targeted Russian interference in the election! These people are sooo stupid- sorry.

  188. On Baptism

  189. Billy Joel – Piano Man (Audio) via

    Translate Tweet

  190. Wild World – Cat Stevens via

  191. Would it not be cool if Russia were free, and could impeach Putin! Hey Vlad! Get out of the Ukraine!!

  192. Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live 1969) via

  193. Quite possible that the Ruskies prepped us with Oxy so that we could not react to the election fraud. The whole nation is like numb: first it does not sink in, then we cannot fix it anyway.

  194. Of course that is 11 apostles. James was still alive, no mention of Matthias, and Paul was prob’ly still hunting them.

  195. Replying to 

    We are calling on “white” guys to stand up against White supremacism, and we think they will sit down if we all stand up. But that removes the immediate racial element, for those who see mankind in such terms. But race and gender identity does encourage white supremacism, …

  196. Replying to 

    But race and gender identity does encourage white supremacism, and categorizes everyone for its use should it take power. We ask them, “What is so important about race?” and they have no answer. Because in truth it is just not very important, in that sense.

  197. The Beatles – Girl via

  198. We’re holding up the support from the center.

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  199. Across The Universe (Remastered 2009) via

  200. Trump is “Self impeaching-” way to go Pelosi! The House speaker is of course third in the line of presidential succession- and for a reason.

  201. What directs the questions and categories of “research? Our “science is a part, but only a part, of the logy of the psyche. Its first principles (you do know what those are?) come from 1) common sense, 2) tradition, 3) fashionable opinion or 4) philosophic ethics. Toke your pick!

  202. When Congress called Google and Facebook to appear, Google simply declined. Campaign finance,” alias bribery, is assuring a coming tyranny in which no one will have Billions- but first, the middle class will disappear.

  203. Chris Hughes on “Time to break up Facebook.” But GOOGLE SKATES AGAIN! One can guarantee that Google has done at least as much to collect data, and more to channel speech and turn elections.

  204. I called my “R” representative Tim Walberg and insisted we expect him to listen to the whole show. He’s a blockhead, though-but may be honest.

  205. “I’ve been writing about banking and finance for going on 20 years now. And I have never in my life seen anything like this.” on Deutsche Bank & Donald Trump. Listen:

  206. This show is great, and extremely i8mportant:

  207. The election was turned by data collection and auto-targeted interference.

  208. It cannot be unselected in the settings. Amazing. Here it goes again. This one is on 125, all by itself! Auto-scroll does that for me too. A key word makes it hyper-sensitive, apparently. No one will do a thing to fix it. The election was turned by data collection and…

  209. Alot of autozoom and hover-click action today on Big Pharma and anti-Trump tweets. Does anyone else get this, or even get what I mean? They move the tweet I’m working on right off the side of the page, after making the zoom make it as low as 35% or as high as 300%. Toshiba.

  210. Amazing study, on NPR today, Fresh Air with Dave Davies. Trump is a fraud, a scam artist, not even a rich man. America has allowed this to be set in charge of nuclear weapons, and to take our children into war. We are STILL trying to persuade 20 “R” Senators and 40% of the people

  211. US psychiatrist using (or close to using) ‘conspiracy theory’ as a smeary & gaslighty quasi-diagnosis.

  212. trial hearing today – just 20 minutes. Adjourned for a month but if the claimants appeal the ‘scope’ ruling that could take up to a year. Not a new piece – 250 words added under report on day 3. Sorry.

  213. Replying to 

    Cambridge alone is a big juicy can of worms. The overall conspiracy is complex, deeply rooted, and enormous.

  214. Replying to 

    The most amazing thing about this thread is that everyone has been focusing so intently on obstruction of justice, i.e. vol. 2 of Mueller report. But , among others, have exhaustively detailed the transgressions of…1/2

  215. Replying to 

    Thank you Mr Abramson for your Brilliant research . We patriotic Americans are Forever Grateful !

  216. Our “science” is fake. We literally do not know what we are doing when we drug people. The assumption of brain as cause is sophomoric philosophical error.

  217. Somewhere over the rainbow.

  218. Here’s MY fake news: Breaking: Trump has been arrested, Pence voided by the Supreme Court, and Nancy Pelosi-3rd in line-is now president, avoiding the unjust Iran and Venezuela war. Putin has decided it is in his interest to GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE, just go home and work on Russia

  219. Not quite true. Trump is out for himself, but so stupid a gangster wanna be that Putin can use him easily- that my scenario, anyway. We could get Trump to flip on Putin, and use him as Putin does till we can impeach- maybe.

  220. Order it now on Amazon so they can sell your “data” to the Russians for future persecution, because BOZO bribes Congress and they take his money.

  221. Having never seen a “classified document” preserves our free speech. Ask Reality Winner- if they let one speak to her in prison..

  222. Putin may be held responsible for every single thing N. Korea does. He is using NK to get around M.A.D.

  223. With the Chief Justice presiding, the Senate in trial decides the meaning of words and the standard of proof. “Obvious” has so far not been sufficient for the “Republicans,” in quotes because ours do not care about tyranny.

  224. There has perhaps never been so much evidence of a covert operation, nor of a conspiracy, nor so much at stake.

  225. “Sources and methods” has been the Trump card against all oversight. They have been doing whatever they want.

  226. 2/ Moreover, U.S. counterintelligence has further intel at the PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE standard of proof—at a minimum—that the Emirati emissary working with Psy-Group was in REGULAR CONTACT WITH THE KREMLIN while his Psy-Group partner was in CONTACT WITH NETANYAHU’S OFFICE.

  227. 1/ U.S. counterintelligence has intel at a minimum at the PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE standard of proof that part of the Trump campaign’s contract with Cambridge Analytica was a subcontract for “dark” intelligence gathering with Psy-Group—which Trump let the EMIRATIS pay for.

  228. Long, important, informative thread. The stuff movies are made of. The stuff dictatorships are born of.

  229. Barr can be dis-confirmed, or impeached, by a simple majority in the Senate because his report was obviously obstruction, correct?

  230. Tomorrow, I will be calling one R representative and two D Senators to lobby them to persuade 20 “R” Senators to IMPEACH, as should have done 2 years ago. All your children to war at the behest of Putin is the alternative.

  231. Still no one has checked, let alone considered criminalizing, subliminal targeted interference using data collection. Thanks, Congress, your all over it! [Not]. We are sure to have free and fair elections in 2020, we’ll just wait till then! [Not]

  232. NO ONE GETS THIS? Whole states must bring the case and void the election. Impeachment is necessary, but not sufficient.

  233. Again, the president is in charge of the executive branch. From January 2016, the true way to fix an election thrown by Russian interference in order to destroy our nation WAS to go to the Court and void the election. It STILL is the true and only way- Trump justices recused-

  234. McConnell is joining in obstruction.

  235.  May 8

    After declaring that the US is in a constitutional crisis, Rep. Jerry Nadler adds: “Now is the time of testing whether we can keep our republic, or whether this republic is destined to change into a different, more tyrannical form of government … We must resist this.”

  236. I’m going to bed- “at noon.” And maybe, like the Fool in Lear, and Rip Van Winklwe, I won’t wake up till I am a good Russian.

  237. Sarcasm and pot is better than antidepressant. If I have any readers left at all, they would glad if I had weed![seriously]

  238. No states can can follow the argument that THE way to deal with an election turned by foreign fraud is by appealing to the Court? Oh well. Maybe our female Governor Whitmer will “Fix the damn roads.” If we cannot have liberty, at least we might fix pot holes!

  239. Our ability to correct this mess, too, may have been over when the obstruction of three Supreme Court cases- #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857- was obstructed, and the obstruction was simply allowed.

  240. And cannot stand to read a two sentence tweet. Aristotle: “Utterly useless.”

  241. There is still every reason for the House to do its job, but I do fear that our fate was sealed when Putin turned the Senate as well as Presidential elections, probably using the advice of American political “scientist,” who do not know the difference between tyranny and liberty.

  242. Ja, they got executive privilege, just for the wrong executive! Hail Vlad ![sarcasm- which must be indicated often for these Americans.] Ja, we love all the guys named Vlad! Dracula, Impaler, Czarina, everyone.

  243. At what point will the Republican Senators get it? Can they really not tell the difference between genuine executive privilege and organized crime? Or are THEY submitting to organized crime? Useful to Putin. Enjoy your tyranny.

  244. – I had no idea I was suffering from an adverse drug reaction and all my symptoms were due to that, none of my doctors knew it either .. have to be very careful when taking prescribed drugs can leads to yrs of wrong “diagnoses”+ “treatment”

  245. I had no idea i would be abandoned by the NHS when my health was irreversibly damaged by drug withdrawal, I think it is important that patients should know this.

  246. As in martial arts, he need only deflect our course a bit to run us into the iceberg, while we are rearranging the deck chairs- to mix a few metaphors. He has done that, and we are likely toast because we did not get it in time. The “R”‘s, and all, bring 2-D thinking to a 3-D war

  247. But presently, Putin wants US in a war or two, and it appears he will have it, because we will not IMPEACH!!! All he had to do was to harness our vices, and especially “Republican” partisan hatred.

  248. In a hall of mirrors, there is still the true world reflected, and this CAN be discerned, though it is difficult. My Cardinal spent two years fighting with the bird in the mirror.

  249. But we do not even believe there are genuine conspiracies in politics anymore, so conditioned have we been to reject “conspiracy” theories. Manson was a conspiracy, and evil does not always work so openly.

  250. The Western intellectuals do not believe Marx is wicked, but we say READ MARX. He says he is inverting Christianity, and does not believe that murder, let alone “exploitation,” is wrong, because he does not believe that justice is real.

  251. I am asking that we in hindsight we explore the possibility that Putin did it because we used Al Quaeda as an ally to push back on Russian expansionism in Afghanistan. Marxism aims at universal rule, and we have to draw the line on this project somewhere.

  252. On ISIS, the fundamental questions unanswered: How did a form of twentieth century totalitarianism arise out of Islam (it did not). Why would they hate the free West where Islam is free to teach, but not hate atheistic Russia? And how think of 9/11 on Islamic thought and science?

  253. 1A is working on our stupidity as a nation today. It is perhaps as I could not substitute teach below 6th grade, I just cannot do it. The kids had to be able at least to get themselves to their desk and open their books on their own.

  254. Perhaps we can help Putin find out why one does not implant a US president! More likely, though, as characters in our tragedy, we will learn what he has done in time to be conscious of our own destruction… or not!

  255. Trump has discovered the Bill, and the very idea of rights- in defence of…Alex Jones! A bit along the lines of the Nazis discovering free speech, or injustice when they get ripped off, or the injustice of power politics when they are defeated. Perhaps we can help Putin find…

  256. FROM MOSCOW! They were “helping” the FBI fight “terrorism.” How nice! We should send Vlad a present!

  257. Ja, Cavez was just confused because Cheney was ostensibly his henchman. And did YOU know your computer is spying on YOU by camera, microphone, and other means unknown? Thanx, Dick! Oh, and Kaspersky was handling computer security for 400 million accounts during the election…

  258. And soon, the value of your liberty- but then some tyrant will just take their 500 Billion and laugh!

  259. The internet business model COULD work just fine, if companies were content to profit only from the real value they really produce. Instead they trade in our fundamental rights, and think it a great deal in the short term. Facebook’s 500 Billion is the value of your privacy…

  260. Congress is STILL not even considering legislation to criminalize the irresponsible profiteering in data collection for sale to tyrants. We will never have another free election, so soon they will not need campaign finance!

  261. I stopped buying Citgo gas when Cavez called Bush II the Antichrist. The Antichrist is not a moron. Cabrera for president of Venezuela! He already won the triple crown, which I was pleased to see happen in my lifetime- and did it with the Tigers!

  262. Trouble is, there’s other ships on the seas, and some have canons, some with nuclear canon balls. Prob’ly even the stargazer doesn’t know which way to go!

  263. It might have been better had we not known the ship was sinking.

  264. Now Mitch McConnell is participating in OBSTRUCTION!! But he is the reason Obama could not call it in 2016! Watch all the “R”‘s line up like ducks in a row, and parrot what they could not possibly know. DO THEY CARE if it is true? Are they too stupid to be treasonous too?

  265. The Ante-nicene Fathers by Ernest Cushing Richardson via

  266. Ok, to prove they are really Christian, here’s the anti-abortion hit song. Creed With Arms Wide Open AOL SESSIONS via

  267. They can’t even write inspired hymns in the last 50 years. Almost the holy songs are pop and folk. All the great hymns are quite old..

  268. The thing about Creed as Christian rock is, one would think the “Bacchic” exhilaration of Rock would be especially suited to the wildness of the ascent, but most Christianity is artificial: it does not ascend, leaving the apotheosis to the dark side. Too bad.

  269. And of course the big hit. It is about ascent: Jesus. Creed – Higher + Lyrics via

  270. Ever seen the face of Jesus? Consider the Turin Shroud. Creed – Faceless Man + Lyrics via

  271. This song is profound, especially for the lovers who read Plato and consider “The beautiful.” It also considers the male stimulation by the visible- which is just an unfair trick of nature (whose use must be banned from the internet).

  272. Creed – Beautiful via

  273. Christian rock almost never works, but I’m a believer in this whole album.

  274. Creed Say I Human clay album via

  275. Not sure about women preachers, but the men can’t do it either!

  276. The Barr report IS obstruction.

  277. Criminalize the f’n hover-click. Do I not know when I want to click? Zoom? Scroll? To allow internet businesses to convert consideration into choice is just one example of the corruption allowed by campaign finance and dark money. END THIS ROT OR IT WILL END US!!

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