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One of the women being subpoenaed actually admitted that Russia turned the election for Trump.

  1. When rights are violated by this tech, the companies will be sued for damages- just like the cigarette and OXY companies. Those harmed will not be compensated, but the companies will at least be fleeced. Litigation replaces legislation.

  2. “Data” is being collected by camera and microphone through your computer, and is available for sale to any tyrant. Congress won’t forbid it.

  3. Congress took money to NOT regulate. Congratulations. By the way LAWS are regulations.

  4. Ja, facial recognition: Cops on the radio are actin’ like the whole question is whether, after a crime, they can run video against a data base: FACEBOOK LOGS FACES and these can be sold or used for scams on the elderly, child porn, assassinations or turning elections.

  5. The true way to deal with an election thrown by foreign interference to have the Supreme Court VOID the election, and draw general remedies. Whole states must bring these cases: #16-907; 16-1464 and 17-857, where all the work, almost, is done for YOU.

  6. Nice of Donney to, wink wink, tell Putin not to meddle in US elections in Trump’s interest. My suggestion is that the US people- the 65 % who will not allow such lies- to STAND UP!! IMPEACH!!

  7. Trump will not proceed against intimidation and illegal actions done in his interest. The states must proceed. The federal law has been seized. Witness the Barr “report.”

  8. NPR commentator contrasts Trump with Roosevelt: “Speaks loudly but carries a LITTLE stick!” Intimidation is right up his alley, but do not be surprised if crimes are committed for the Don for which he cannot be held accountable.

  9. Auto-zoom to 150, and the last tweet moved right off the page- I barely caught the button.

  10. Murders can be done in his interest, and rewarded surreptitiously

  11. What if a US political figure has a foreign mob or government commit crimes for him from outside the country? He could pretty much become “president before WE noticed. Trump is being served by Russia as Cohen said Trump is served, and may not even have to ask.

  12. I wondered if one could not see in certain resolutions the reflection of the photographer on the window!

  13. And did I mention, HEY VLAD!: Get out of the Ukraine!

  14. Hitler was of course not your blond-boy “Arian,” but what 1/4 Jewish himself? Schickelgruber is his mothers father’s name? But notice how there is no tellin’ what Putin is if he is not a Communist. Buddies with Assad, though!

  15. Hitler was not exactly a Machiavellian, but one can see how fascism arose out of Italy. Race rather than class, that is how Putin seems as well, but like Hitler too, willing to use race based tyranny for POWER.

  16. So, IS Putin a Communist? Stalinist? My guess is Machiavellian. He would use anything- especially the Orthodox church and “Conservatism,” but is nearer to fascism than Communism. Never a word of Marx, but willing to use all the means- murder and torture are nothing. “Businessman!

  17. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Guinnevere via

  18. Part of the reason the Trump scam worked, with fake news and Russian internet, is that the “R”‘s had a weak field for the executive, and were set to lose. he President is the only office elected by all the US people.

  19. A revived Republican party- after defeating the Trumpsters who do not care about Russian influence, obstruction, bribery, emoluments, the oath of office or the check to Stormy- might make politics interesting, in Weld v. Biden.-

  20. To recover, the “Republican centrists, the true republican republicans, need to organize around Bill Weld and prepare for a run at the primaries. They can throw their votes to Al Gore if they lose. Mike Rogers MI, Mitt Romney, and MAYBE Rubio and Kucinich were never snowed.

  21. Indifference to foreign interference in elections so long as it seems to serve ones own party is another corruption of the fatal sort, fatal to free government.

  22. *Like paying Congress not to legislate, with Corporate campaign contributions indistinguishable from bribery- an oligarchic perversion of the law. **…not pay to shape the opinion of the voters by data collection and targeted political interference.

  23. Gerrymandering: The oligarchic idea that one uses political power to secure partisan political power and benefit private companies is a perversion.* The parties are balanced, and the PLATFORMS are to adjust, not politicians choose voters. Politicians must persuade the voters.**

  24. How is this even possible in the 21st century? It makes no sense whatsoever.

  25. Reality Winner released evidence that the Russian GRU used a phishing scheme to try & infiltrate our election system. Every major news agency on the planet spewed about ad nauseum while completely ignoring & demonizing Retweeted Fiona French

  26. Just don’t smoke weed, Kiddies!

  27. Yes a miracle, 4 goldendoodles and no barking lol. Can’t wait to hear the end result. Great chatting with you today !

  28. The gullibility of the “Christians” would seem to require an accounting. Jesus was a real estate scam artist, right?

  29. Just finished a Causes Or Cures podcast skype interview w/ on all things Benzo withdrawal. What a story she has! Need to edit out some of the white noise & will post soon. Remarkably, none of our dogs barked! 😉

  30. One of the Five + articles of IMPEACHment

  31. It is a fundamental violation of rights we have sworn to uphold for all mankind to imprison and separate these people. I wouldn’t do that to a Tomato worm: not that I know what to do with them.

  32. Look at it. Share it. This is the result of OUR policy.

  33. Trump will indeed not say nothing, he’ll say its “terrific,” his followers will be wowed, and the Democrats dumbfounded. We will proceed. First they’ll say no collusion, then that collusion is fine, then that we ought be mastered by Russia. At what point do we stand?
  34. Ja, Don, “it never ends.” Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And did you then reward Russia with the weakening of NATO and sanctions? Will you answer “we have no collusion, no obstruction,” from the Barr report?

  35. Human Rights Watch calls for Australia to pass and implement the Global Magnitsky Act to fight human rights abusers around the world Jun 25

  36. What lessons can a young person learn from reading book? 1. Loyalty 2. Perseverance 3. Resilience 4. Standing up to the bullies. 5. Standing by your conviction 6. Honesty 7. Leadership 8. Empathy 9. Sound preparation 10. Surviving in hostile areas.

  37. Just finished your book. Unreal. I thought I had a good idea of what was going on in Russia, but you provide so much deeper context. Thank you for writing it, and everything you are doing to help stop corrupt officials around the world!

  38. I don’t wait in lines except for Thank you for signing my book.

  39. Updated again, Arthur Buffs? Anyone? We found Arthur, no kidding! Arthur, Guinevere and the Ancient British: For Ticia Verveer

  40. Again: Trump must be asked in his trial by the Senate: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means “undetectable? And did you then reward Russia, as with the weakening of NATO and sanctions?
  41. I received a Robocall from the “windows community” saying my IP address was being used on a child porn website, and I was to call such and such number immediately. Then it says, “failure to do so…” and cuts off.

  42. You all are sure missing out on some free Welsh history, just for trying to get an e-mail and photo!

  43. Ja, Bede, I.7: an executioner saw, and refused to slay St. Alban “And although he had not received the purification of Baptism, there was no doubt he was cleansed by6 the shedding of his own blood, and rendered fit to enter the Kingdom of heaven.” Now for “desire.”
  44. Nor do we think we know for certain how to deal with Iran, their threat on Israel and de-proliferation. But we suspect that such a war at such a time is NOT NEXT!

  45. …Have them look up the KASPERSKY wiki, on Google so their data will be collected and sold!

  46. Look, the role of Congress is to prevent a fake potus from starting a war in Putin’s interest, as it is clear that the administration has planned to take us to war without Congress. IMPEACH!! Can your colleagues across the isle not even read the Mueller report?

  47. The Bob Seger System – 2 + 2 = ? via

  48. Yeah for Bob! Let us do the first Album, the SEGER System. The older I get, the more I love this whole album.

  49. Ja, what is called “capitalism,” the free market, not oligarchy- also enlists the government to secure the rights of property. And to prevent the rich from seizing the law itself. If a man feeds you Marxism, take his wallet, and ask again.

  50. These companies must now choose whether they want to make make money by producing value or rather by whoring the privacy, security and hence the liberty of America and the free world. Now that Congress is awakening, the companies may soon see their self interest in honest money.

  51. Has it occurred, for example to WordPress, how much growth and business is suppressed by the collection of Data? I myself will not give a shred of data to like or comment upon anything, and most worthwhile commentators are like that.

  52. As the Fourth approaches, let every teacher of politics prepare to read the entire Declaration of Independence in public, as was once done everywhere every year. Perhaps we will remember who we are. Even the politically incorrect “merciless Indian savages” line.

  53. So, Ja, “populism” is not conservatism. Americans, you are being snowed by a con man and tyranny.

  54. How many of my old conservative friends have no objection to Machiavelli? Think Putin an orthodox Christian? A “strong ruler? Ask Magnitsky what sort of a business man is Putin. Ask Bill Browder The men of today fall into the gaping mouth of the Abyss. Delighting Nietzsche.

  55. A bad time to start a big war for deproliferation: Putin is a Machiavellian. We are under attack, and being out-strategized. Oh, we forgot already!

  56. The common left caricature of conservatism as oligarchy is as much a facade. Marx taught us to call our form of government “Capitalism, because he was a hater of liberty. Jefferson knew the Americans would soon forget liberty in money making,

  57. Will was on 1A today and Bill Weld in the Republican primary would give America two parties of liberty for the next election, not tyranny.

  58. Our “Republicans” are not upholding the Founders, but acquiesce in TYRANNY. They keep that Left caricature of Hillary in mind and in public view preventing reflection. The people cannot handle more than a dichotomy.

  59. The Conservative Sensibility Chaldean Vision

  60. FIRE ICE!

  61. In Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night,” and Ovid, the blood of Pyramus turns the Mulberries from white to purple, and this happens- surprise- on Midsummer Night (June 21-22). It takes the earth a while to heat up for summer, but the sun is now most direct.

  62. In base 6 rather than 10, it eliminates a lot of irrational numbers in fractions: Chaldean Babylonians Developed Trigonometry ‘Superior’ to Modern Day Version 3,700 Years Ago!

  63. FIRE ICE! Explain the reason the deportation of Chaldeans for petty crimes is a high priority- at your Senate hearing. Accessories to torture and murder, and they know it, and they know it is illegal. Federali scmederali, ice boy, crime is crime. Our state has laws.

  64. and the deportation is contrary to law. The law is that people cannot be deported to a place of likely persecution, and as is well known, ISIS yet makes Iraq a bad neighborhood for non- Muslims. Ask the Yaziti.

  65. Were trying to get the government of Michigan to threaten to prosecute ICE and agents as accessories to the predicable harms that will occur if Chaldeans are deported- as some have already been. Quite intentionally- as they know what is likely to occur, and the deportation is…

  66. This is MORE pertinent today than it was 2 1/3 years ago. It is NOW audible. What Then? Supreme Court Monday: States Ask That the Russian Election of 2016 be Declared Null and Void via

  67. The election was turned for Trump by data collection and targeted internet interference, both mechanical and “marketing interference. To exaggerate: Opinion can be suppressed channeled and controlled by pushing a button from Moscow, if we do nothing.

  68. Again, KASPERSKY was handling 400 million computer security accounts FROM MOSCOW at the time of the 2016 election. It is embarrassing to have to spell this out along with its significance to the Americans. It is embarrassing to read the Mueller report.
  69. Putin wanted and wants Trump because he thinks he can outmaneuver Trump, and can easily know what he will do, as in the face of flattery. War in Iran benefit only Putin, who, as usual, plays both sides.

  70. So we took to asking these “Republicans, “Do you care if it is true if…” And we think they are not thinking. Do you care your guy did obstruction? Was elected by foreign fraud throug the primaries, run up the flagpole, and you saluted? Trump would have loost by process

  71. Indeed, Affirmative action is not equality, and indeed the unborn- even the males- have rights the left is not considering. But these are poor reasons to allow Russian election fraud to use us for Putin’s advantage. The fate of Liberty and the West- is more important.
  72. Once again, I am impressed with how all Putin had to do is convince the “Republicans,” even the thinkers- that they could run the table with their (stupid) platform, and they will not question obstruction, election fraud, nor vulnerability to a plan even to destroy America.

  73. As with Haiti, we neglect to go the source of the problem with refugees. We have an army of people who understand the problem with tyranny, and could help them return to set their nation free. Unfortunately, ours is now a tyranny. IMPEACH.

  74. One cannot detain people without caring for them, and genuine criminals are difficult enough. Let these people go to set up in camps and care for free people there, until we can go straighten out Honduras.

  75. THE HOUSE MUST DO ITS JOB. AND SO MUST THE SENATE. Horrible war and countlessd deaths to the advantage of PUTIN alone may be at stake.

  76. The Trump administration must be schooled on the difference between Al Quaeda and Iran? Sunni and Shiite? According to a former CIA employee on CBS news, that is so. They MUST simply be trying to pull some legalism to follow Bolton. Putin is the only one who benefits from war.

  77. Ya, some natives were not civilized any more than the Spanish and English- surprise! Jefferson is one of the first to recognize in speech that the killing of civilians in war is wrong.
  78.  Jun 21

  79. If WE all stand up at once, we can fix this and save the nation, liberty and the world. They may get some of us- who knows- but if we do not all stand up at once, they WILL get ALL of us. Besides, Courage, like the other virtues, is fun. Got something better to do?

  80. A Constitutional crisis occurs when the 3 branches cease to function as one government and rather become two or three. This ends when WE stop denying the Truth about Trump Russia. The people must awaken the Republicans, and all patriots from the old executive agencies do what can

  81. On the war powers Congress has in practice abdicated:

  82. One could always act justly, then truth would not be so expensive.

  83. We suspect Putin of the Bali and Christchurch bombings. These large attacks, like the Las Vegas shooting, stand out in a number of ways as anomalies that would make sense if it were so. Hey Vlad: Wait till we figure it out, as we have the 2016 election scam.


  85. Hey, Papa Franciso: You remember the statement in the message of Fatima: IF NOT, “…nations will be annihilated? Do the humbled Bishops not think it time to perform the request? It won’t hurt as badly as nuclear burns, Plus, we will get to “Just say no” to Putin!

  86. War power is given by the Constitution to Congress. We have allowed the executive to expand because we had those who were trustworthy, and because of the nuclear age.

  87. Our psychodope is a scam just like Oxy, and the respect due to medicine- medical authority- is destroyed. The doctors are either stupid or complicit, and the people suffer while shrinks get rich. Most do not even study the soul. The emperor wears no clothes. Depressing!

  88. Midsummer Night was just yesterday, the day the Mulberries turn from white to purple (usually). Mine are maybe a day late this year: On Shakespere’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream [Draft] via

  89. When the voters wake up, the Republican party will be destroyed. Amid death threat, we tried to set a centrist party and run against our “republican” representative because he supported torture and is indifferent to tyranny if he thinks it pays, i.e., he is NOT a “Republican.”

  90. Perhaps next we will learn to care about the torture occurring in the prisons of Putin and Assad, and to be on guard when Russia wants to enflame our opposition to barbarism in China. But in the mean time…

  91. The House MUST do its job. A hearing will persuade the nation and the Senate. This has been obvious for over two years. The Americans were prepped with Oxy.

  92. Stand up, because “they” will likely threaten us when we go to fix it. My guess is that IF we stand up “they will sit down, find something better to do, etc. If not they must regret it. That is what Stand up means.

  93. Oh, the Chaldeans “lost on appeal,” did they? In their attempt to avoid deportation to torture and murder in Iraq. ICE had better fear recourse for accessory to torture and murder. Honor your badge What do you think this is? ICE and agents just might “lose on appeal.”

  94. Trump gets credit for his conscience kickin’ in, but ya. Putin’s strategy…its only a matter of time. IMPEACH!! GO to the SUPREME COURT simultaneously to void the 2016 election. Biden or Pelosi ARE NOW the legitimate US president, the last by legitimate election (If not Barack)

  95. IMPEACH!!

  96. Mother’s Little Helper via

  97. Time is the enemy. The longer kids suffer in these conditions, the more likely it is they will die. If they survive, they will never get this time back. Their parents won’t either. The trauma is permanent. I made this same comment a year ago. Nothing changed but more deaths.

  98. I’ll hit on Jealous Melania in the elevator, since its just how things work, ya know- NOT!

  99. Free Reality Winner- especially now that the Mueller report makes Russian interference a virtual certainty. Maybe the Don could take her place. Or get him a sealed room in Trump Hotel there at 666 with only Aunt Crabby available on his Tweeter.

  100. 🚨The pending forensic analysis of the NC election equipment that malfunctioned in 2016 might never have occurred “were it not for…, who leaked…intelligence about the VR Systems hack when most key state officials knew nothing about it…1/ Rep. Ted Deutch

  101. IMPEACH for Obstruction. Go to the Supreme Court simultaneously, whole states. The alternative is war, civil war, and Vladimir Putin. It’s not even Trump’s fault. Putin is using him to destroy the US executive as prep to expand in Europe. Poor Don He’s just a con.

  102. Hmmm:

  103. Patti Boyd must BE wisdom, which friends can love and have more of: Something – George Harrison & Eric Clapton via

  104. RATIONAL immigration policy IS an unfortunate necessity. We might turn to 1) sending the Hondurans back to restore the rule of law in Honduras, after 2) setting up border cities where free people might care for themselves with help, and have time. Ever hear of Belize? UK, Crown.

  105. ICE must be charged under state laws for what they do- for example negligent homicide, accessory to torture and murder, etc. You’all still want to serve? Borders won’t work at all if Trumpster ICE SS use the issue to impose fascism.

  106. Concentration camps first appeared in the US South, simply because the South was losing and could not feed their soldiers, let alone prisoners. Hitler picked up the idea from Stalin.

  107. Because (Remastered 2009) via

  108. Across The Universe (Remastered 2009) via

  109. I do like when Congress (House) insists, subpeonas and forces him to obstruct. In trial in the Senate, he must be asked: “Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you then reward Russia?” But right, we are WAY too slow.

  110. “National security and defense advisers” were in favor of the strike, as has been clear from the backing out of the carefully negotiated, multi nation nuclear agreement with Iran “Senior Pentagon officials” were not in favor. Soon Trump will have selected the entire executive.

  111. Adam Schiff on NPR was astonishing, professional, and capable of leading a great nation. We are very proud of him.

  112. Credit: we do commend our fake potus on the restraint that likely prevented him from the unjust killing of about 150 people, not to mention destroying his nation in an unjust war to Putin’s delight.

  113. What if ICE is collecting people for deportation without considering ahead of time how many deaths will result? Oh, they already did that, to the Chaldeans being deported to Iraq.

  114. Proportional: Next time Iran sends a drone to the “international airspace just off our coast, we will shoot it down!

  115. Profit from what is there, usefulness from what is not there!

  116. I amused, when I smash the chair, that the matter is more permanent than the form- in this world! But what it is the form, and all chairs have it! Table and wheel, too. Lao Tzu: sixteen spokes, but it is the whole that makes it useful!

  117.  Jun 21

  118. Remember that Mueller report? The president is guilty of petty crimes that allowed Russia to throw our election for their advantage, and the president must be impeached for these crimes, or Russia will use his incompetence and the same petty criminality to destroy us. Any Q’s?

  119. Opinion isd still being shaped and channeled through the internet. Something is odd about “R” party unity in the face of the Mueller report. Oxy. One is tempted to read the news to them VERY slowly. TRUMP-RUSSIA-ELECTION-FRAUD-REASON?

  120. Come lynch me, sissy:

  121. Not to mention Google, with their f’n adds in place of a “search” engine. Free the internet and check the mathematical necessity that it lead to oligarchy and tyranny by shaping opinion.

  122. Seriously, I want Congress to inquire and know whether posts that say IMPEACH are being suppressed, whether Twitter has taken money or has Trumpster employees that do this. If it is not illegal, we can pretty much guess. Congress is Oxy-soaked and brain-dead in THE crisis of Civ.

  123. Cases where establishment and free exercise both occur are the most interesting: Supreme Court rules that Maryland ‘Peace Cross’ honoring military dead may remain on public land

  124. Reminds of Nick Drake at 24 or so. Its hard to imagine Neil in a pop band, even of the hippie sort, though CSNY…he had to wander because they stopped primarily doin’ music, I think. But here I think I know Neil better:

  125. Oh, my: A Maid. 01.- Out on the Weekend 00:00 02.- Old Man 03:53 03.- Journey Through the Past 07:58 04.- Heart of Gold 11:13 05.- Don’t Let It Bring You Down 17:05 Interlude 20:04 06.- A Man Needs a Maid 22:22 07.- Love in Mind 26:26 08.- Dance Dance Dance 29:13

  126. Neil Young BBC In Concert 1971 via

  127. Its about the Roman empire, the West, the decline, the last hope, and its failure: to correct the root error is the grail. I’m do’in Durant’s History from Constantine to the end of the British for background. Its m my wordpress attached here to the twitter- all free, print copies

  128. Two riders were approaching/ And the wind… Neil Young – All Along the Watchtower via

  129. Trump’s wonderous tax cut relieved the wealthy of having to pay hundreds of millions each year. A war with Iroq will cost 100’s of millions each day! Since the wealthy won’t have to pony up, guess who will have to foot that bill?

  130. The Bob Seger System – 2 + 2 = ? via

  131. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – Fortunate son (Live 1983) via

  132. Cat Stevens – Oh Very Young via

  133. Pheonix detainees made to stand for days in overcrowded cages? And this guy wants to round up a million illegal brown people? And we are just going to sit here? IMPEACH!! No doubt he will deport all the Russian spies, even the legal ones.

  134. Cat Stevens- Where do the children play via

  135. The articles are : I election fraud II) bribery: rewarding Russia III) emoluments IV) obstruction V) Oath of office, as by intimidating the press from the White House. VI) Oh, yeah, the check to Stormy-“proven.” Our civilization is in such decline we are ripe to be conquered.

  136. Whatever it is that is up, it is clear that SOMETHING is up. Nature did not make the genius of Shakespeare. There is a higher nature. But “science” cannot even “explain” the form of a chair, let alone the math it uses to assume all is matter.

  137. Honesty about such things is extremely important, and as at the Gulf of Tonkin, it is not clear we have honesty. IF we are being misled into a war in no one’s interest but Putin, The solution WAS IMPEACHment, two years ago.

  138. Marandi calls for the US to return to the terms of the treaty negotiated for 12 years by many nations. On his twitter site are amusing one sided views for example blaming the US for the 1988 shooting down of a passenger plane killing 290 people. But who knows?

  139. Mohammad Marandi of the University of Tehran just spoke the Iranian side of the question on NPR. Our amateur view remains that SOMEONE wants the US in a war so that they might advance into the Ukraine. and that with Bolotin, Pompeo and Trump, we will fall into the trap.

  140.  Mar 22

  141. Why can’t House Democrats see that impeaching Trump, whether or not it leads to his conviction and removal in the Senate, gives tens of millions of Americans hope that truth, decency, integrity, rule of law, and democracy still mean something? RT if this is where you’re at, too.

  142. Leonard Cohen – Dance Me to the End of Love via

  143. Cat Stevens How Can I Tell You via

  144. Hope Hicks: “One cannot look” is Trump defensive method, then, “cannot proceed,” and we fall for it- ya, so far this flies. Next comes: “reality must be changed” To hide the truth of crime.

  145. The prayer of the Angel of Peace, taught to the children at Fatima: My God: I believe in you. I adore you. I hope and I love you. And I pray for all those who do not believe you, adore you, hope and love you. After all, Einstein: Why is there something rather than nothing, eh?

  146. There it is, 1 John 4: 7…”for God is Love.” The scholars are great, saying John was not written by John. They’ll say anything. The Letters too were indeed written by the Apostle John, and the Second letter may be from Ephesus to Mary in Jerusalem.

  147. Hope this stuff makes some sense: Wholeness is good. Jung missed the first principle, maybe. The opposites to be conjoined are not good and evil, but male and female, in the imago Dei (Genesis 1:26). Ja, I’d better make coffee, cut the grass and try later. Hope it helps you-mm

  148. I slept and now I’m up, starting morning chores at the end of the day, reading Gildas the Wise. New thoughts are too hard to explain, but Jung misunderstood the heiros Gamos, and did bot find Aristotle and Plato: The distinction between the origin of King and tyrant. Leo Strauss.

  149. Do you do Jung? He got stuck in the 17th century, as he says late in the autobiography, and Emma Jung his wife, on the Grail, her book is amazing, as Jung’s thoughts come to life there in the vessel. He seems to have got stuck in Alchemy, missed Mary Magdalene- Church as Bride.

  150. At the same time, as in affirmative action, we recognize racial injustice in a contingent way, as in having black police in a black neighborhood.

  151. Reparations may be unconstitutional if our constitution does not recognize differences of race. Those who never did slavery will be taxed, and those who never suffered slavery will be benefited on the basis of race? At the same time, as in affirmative action, we recognize…

  152. Amusing that Putin has the deproliferation of N. Korea in his power, but will not accomplish this for the world. We know his gig. We will add that to our demand that he GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE as punishment for election interference. What’s it worth, Vladdie, trillions?

  153. 2/3 These together, in combination with the unprecedented nature of data collection and targeted marketing- whoring the citizens for oligarchic p-purposes because Congress was on the take- add these up, and one gets a probability likenable to certainty.

  154. 3/3 We saw it then and said it loud, and we were right, then were confirmed by threats and attacks. Look back on my Twitter and wordpress.

  155. In hindsight, what happened regarding the polls in the 2016 election, which was unprecedented, was one of the main indicators of election fraud by foreign interference rthrough the internet. Another was the peculiar disparity between swing states and popular vote. These …

  156. Ja, whatabout the Gray whales who own shorefront property? Man, are we gonna get it!

  157. We may have found Arthur- again! But as the monk who lept into the Grave uncovered by Henry II according to Gerald of Wales….May as well try and catch the wind.

  158. Edited and updated again, with a bit more to go in the Biblio and Appendices: Arthur, Guinevere and the Ancient British: For Ticia Verveer via

  159. …Nor the Constitution, just like their Fuehrer.

  160. Cut fraud, not food stamps and medical care. All the solutions sit in the center ignored. If one great president, say. Obama, would speak encouraging people to do this voluntarily and patriotically, we could afford to feed and heal.

  161. We are in danger of civil war, but must draw the line while we still have the badge, law, courts, etc- soon it will be too late. STAND UP, and let the chips fall. I bet they sit down, if we do according to law.

  162. But to say the least, Congress has an obligation to secure the fundamental rights on the internet with reasonable laws. Otherwise, Google and Twitter and Facebook could appoint themselves our new government. One press, say, fox news, cannot shut down the others, etc.

  163. So, of course, the internal attack on brown people is to coincide with the looming war on Iran, because we would be attacked from within. Duh. Or, we could IMPEACH!!

  164. What percent are Trump supporters, who “seem to hang on his every word,” and watch only fox news, with no understanding when they turn to any other source? That is, how far are we into tyranny if we do not them hurt people “next week?”

  165. Pink Floyd – ” On The Turning Away ” 1988 via

  166. Stay Away from Lonely Places via

  167. A nation is responsible for its own tyranny, and will suffer- Ask Saddam, and ask the Palestinians. That too even if they never do figure out why. Like Sgt. Schillenger: “Mein Gott, was habe ich getun…” Gee, I dunno, dude…

  168. The Trumpsters will sacrifice their children, wrapped up in brownshirts- in a war they do not care whether is fake or not. That is what we have come to. Trouble too is these are our kids too, and we will be struck domestically: What one intends to others will be done to them.

  169. Chuck Schumer is one Senator, like Mark Warren, who is still an American. I disagree on impeachment: To leave such a man in charge of the US executive, with powers of war etc, is fatally stupid. If ICE arrests “millions,” it may spark the looming civil war. IMPEACH!! GO TO COURT

  170. A young girl sent me a rainbow the other day on Twitter, and now she has blocked me, and the rainbow is gone. It made me feel better after being insulted by Jungian “Big Wig” whom I hope does not get paid to “listen.” Our psych, like our internet, does more harm than good.

  171. One must spell these things out for half our stupid, oxy-soaked nation, things one ought not have to spell out. When a tyrant pretends to serve your interests, you have a problem.

  172. “Republicans” are so smart: They think the Russian interference is in their partisan self interest, so they will not oppose it. The Republican party is permanently ruined by self-interest. As a centrist, I will never vote for any party-line “R” again in my lifetime.

  173. In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, an international team of bioarchaeologists report new findings built on 25 years of study of human remains unearthed at Çatalhöyük.

  174. Oh, now I get it: Don just wants to ship out Melania! He’s prob’ly wantin ta go back to STORMY!

  175. Perhaps dogs have enough sense to save America- we do not.

  176. Would that the Post were more accessible.

  177. When Trump planned to attack Chicago using state troops, they backed down when people caught on, then said it was fake news. He may be lying to test the response. 50 state secession is always an option if Congress won’t IMPEACH. And no one understands that the Court can Void.

  178. ARE WE AWAKE YET! There are things worse than CIVIL WAR.


  180. Do others see this as a parallel development with NAZI Germany?

  181. Look at the bright side: the Jews that were deported at the start of the Nazi tyranny turned out to have been quite lucky. IMPEACH! STAND UP!

  182. Ok, a late one for father’s Day. “Cats in the cradle” and that other one is too corny. Cat Stevens- Father and Son via

  183. Cat Stevens- Where do the children play via

  184. It is in fact the correct way to proceed in this circumstance. States must bring the case to gain original jurisdiction. We brought 3 cases and were obstructed, which obstruction was fine with everyone. SC# 16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857: Look them up!

  185. Because you did not listen, did not understand and did not ask about the Supreme Court case to void the 20216 election, fascism may hit the streets next week. Don’t bother asking, you must be very busy.

  186. Cat Stevens – Wild World via

  187. Reporting things on Twitter does help, and makes it more difficult for tyranny to enact its schemes of perfidy. But Congress is absurd for stupidity: our representatives.

  188. Opening the Mueller report made it impossible to work. Congress will not check, make laws, or even return calls, as if I were from the moon- again- in reporting the phenom. Then when it becomes common knowledge, no thanks, but I am “from the moon” on some other topic.

  189. The scroll becomes tied to the cursor, so that when one moves the latter…And the auto-zoom is similar. The machine is made so that it cannot be disabled or desensitized, and it happens repeatedly on certain topics.

  190. Let’s call for all honest agents to resign from ICE rather than become the instruments of tyranny. Immigration executive does not function at all if Trumpsters want fascism now.

  191. Reset the hover click for the third time due apparently to the immigration topic. If such interference comes from the White House, it is by itself impeachable as an attempt to control the press in violation of the oath of office. IMPEACH!

  192. I want our state to charge ICE and the agents with being accessories to torture and murder under Michigan law, because they know damned well what will happen.

  193. I am learning for the first time that there already were deportations. These are illegal because it is to a place where torture or murder is likely.

  194. FIRE ICE! Your honest trusty border agents plan to start mass deportations of “millions,” “Next week.” America may fall into Civil war because we did not IMPEACH when we knew.

  195. The machine is doing the auto zoom and Hover scroll again. It becomes oversensitive on certain topics. CONGRESS WILL FORBID TRUMP-RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE.

  196. Protesters looking to shut down Detroit ICE office

  197. What, Michigan is powerless to stop fascism emerging?

  198. Deportations already illegally endanger Iraqi Chaldeans: “Those who have already been deported from the U.S. to Iraq are in hiding, unable to leave the house without great risk of arrest, torture and/or death,” BAMN said in a statement. “This danger is only increasing.”

  199. As the Fourth approaches: The Second Sentence of the Declaration via

  200. Congress must do their job. Impeach, to say the least. THAT has been true and obvious for 2 and 1/2 years. That we will not do it is literally fatal to our nation.

  201. Dear Prudence (Remastered 2009) via

  202. That is why the Friar ought not have left Juliet alone in the tomb.

  203. THAT is love.

  204. #9 Dream – John Lennon with The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band via

  205. Kaspersky was handling computer security accounts- 400 million- and proudly advertising the fact at the time of the 2016 election FROM MOSCOW. In case YOU have not heard.

  206. Anyone noticed how difficult it is to scroll the pages on most the available Internet copies of the Mueller Report? cuts readers by 18%. THAT is how the election was turned. And such is not in the report.

  207. IF he were Pompeo would not know it- or it would be treason. IF Putin is trying to get us into a war with Iran so that he may take territory in Europe, Mike Pompeo would not know it. Time for Congress to ACT!. A million lives may well be at stake.

  208. Pompeo, I hear rhetoric. Right, Iran is going to sneak up and tap US, just enough to justify an attack. How about Congress take up their war powers, and prevent this one. It looks fake to me. Your kids are at stake. Do not let Purtin do it, because IF he were Pompeo would not k..

  209. All evening, I am singing #9 Dream and thinking of Yoko. What this has to do with Father’s Day and holliday emptiness, I do not know. But I am thinking too of the prayer taught by the Angel of Peace to the children at Fatima: I believe You, I adore You, I hope and I love You…

  210. We have found the original villains and they are us.

  211. 500,000, eh? Bet he can’t keep from being banned for saying wickedness, sooner rather than later! Twitter is QUITE responsive. Yeah Jack! Pretty good, for a right leaning non-political Melon-wedge.

  212. Surely unprecedented. Shocking and absurd. This kind of thing just isn’t supposed to happen. What will it take to boot Trump out of the office of the Presidency?

  213. If you have a good kid. martial arts ends bullying. But if not…and out of 10 kids, you’ll get one corker, one excellent, 3 might care for you and a couple carve up your corpse, i.e, legacy. That’s why they used to have 10- ya lose a few. It’s not all “nurture,” either.

  214.  Jun 16

    Trump is motivated by money, period. Disgrace is an inadequate word to describe it.

  215. 8-year-old Franklin of Guatemala reunited w/ his parents after being separated at the U.S. border His father is crying uncontrollably asking for forgiveness “I missed you” “I’m sorry forgive me. Forgive me…” Is it Happy father’s day for their fathers too? Retweet 💔

  216. Who would’ve thought? Hope we don’t start bombing them next.

  217. Three Plays On Love and Rule: I) Romeo and Juliet [Draft] via

  218. WHY would they not let people arrange their own profiles? $$ Where is Congress? $$. Where is America? Being submerged in tyranny by our vulnerability, which is oligarchy.

  219. Google apparently takes money to post stuff useful to trolls, Or maybe because the trolls are collecting our vulnerabilities to use to foster tyranny in every way, these are just what shows up on Google I am always amazed when I look downpage at mmcdonald77 Twitter.

  220. though maybe the whole site is fake. He apparently did third because tried to censor his account. I would like to have it removed. Now try to contact Google. Twitter is quite responsive every time we report bad stuff, but Google- forget it.

  221. Google collect the pictures that are posted on Twitter. In mine, the last of all is a white supremacist picture. I may have posted it on a Twitter unknowingly- Mike Rogers NSA has an apparent spoof account making fun of Big internet by posting Nazi material sarcastically-

  222. …shortsighted, Oxy-soaked, psychodoped, Epicures selling their own children for an f’n fix, blow-dried, used car salesman…mirror-mouthed, star wannabes and gangster honoring, Kerioke-for-their -iberal-arts morons willing to lead the world to ruin while calling it liberty, …

  223. A people is in part responsible for its tyrants, as the Palestinians will suffer for Hamas. WE have IMPEACHment for a civilized method of fixing a tyranny, but this assumes that we are not a bunch of stupid, slavish, degenerate, partisan, self-interested, cowardly….

  224. Think Vlad has ANY ethical objections? Think again.

  225. Saddam refused inspections, violating the treaty, then had no WMD, thinking we would not attack. But worse, he got Bush I to agree to allow helicopters, then used these to machine the Marsh Arabs. And hooked batteries to testicles for torture, while watching US gangster movies.

  226. And, to repeat, I am not even one who saiys the Iraq war should not have been fought. Saddam violated the terms of the treaty that ended the Gulf war. To get a unanimous security Council vote, they may have fudged the WMD story. But my foreign policy was f Saddam.

  227. Ja, all Vlad would need to do is tell Iran he will back them and tell Trump to start the war to stay in office, and he won’t back them- much. Trump and Pompeo will fall for it. IMPEACH. A million + lives could be at stake, including your own. The Americans are BEYOND STUPID.

  228. Look, Americans: Putin will play both sides of an Iran-US war, just as he played both sides of the Syria-ISIS conflict. Dude laughs while he gets his opponents to attack one another, and no one can imagine anyone would do anything other than what appears to the US Demos.

  229. Combine this with thwe green rooftop garden idea for L.A& Venezuela: Rainwater Collector #1: A Picture via

  230. We’ll take the risk of the certainty that Trump is collecting this info: Sign your name to demand Congress stand up for the rule of law by opening an impeachment inquiry now.

  231. Replying to 

    The combined threat of Trump’s continued Russian interference through 2020 and his continued obstruction present a real threat to free and fair elections in America. Sign our petition and demand an impeachment inquiry: ^CR

  232. …account. A lawyer said I’d have a case, but they just paid to get a law through Congress saying they own everything on Facebook. I had published the idea, and its dated.

  233. But Zuck stole 2 guys invention for an app, on CBS. Idiot: No man above the law- unless you buy Congress!

  234. I mean, Zuck only HAS 500 Billion. I made 300$ last year. Gee, where did that middle class go, Zuck?

  235. Zuckerberg steals invention ideas? Whodathunkit? I went to a lawyer over the change of the like button to the love button: My idea ewas to add one with the heart logo next to the like, so people would not press it lightly. Stolen 4 days after it was posted on another’s Facebook..

  236. I have a lot of porno inventions, from repression, but won’t publish them: Rulers for carpenters where 4 1/2 “=10! I could make a killing, by corrupting mankind. Make money by creating value. Proscribe Viagra. slaves.

  237. Ya, we invented chocolate Easter bunnies for the rich- models dipped in chocolate delivered for people who do not have charity and too much money, so they are underwhelmed.

  238. He’s STILL talkin’ dolls, and has not noticed he is embarrassing himself yet- he’s SO scientific! Look, if you need to wait and learn the hard way when some geek on Viagra hits on your wife or kid, because you were still rejecting the medieval church…oh, were ding that!

  239. We were going to get my friend a blind date, and set up a sex toy at a restaurant, order her a meal, glass of wine, etc. But seriously? The body is truly a joke when slavish people take the body seriously. Animals.

  240. Chakir Vedantum is seriously talking interactive sex dolls on his “Hidden Brain show on NPR. “We don’t just want” the dolls he says, as if everyone wants this. The end is truly near, as this will only get worse.

  241. I told my charming Uncle that in 2016. He helped other Trumpsters have me seized and tried to drug and have me permanently committed- no shit. And NO ONE TO THIS DAY will do A THING about it. Must just be “me.”

  242. Ja, don’t tell the Trumpsters it may only be a few of our young people, but a lot of those other people, those brown people. What we do to others is what is done to us. You will send your sons out in brownshirts and bring them back in boxes to Putin’s delight, because of Trump.

  243. Ask the Trumpster, what if the lives of your soldier children depend upon you believing the Don is telling the truth? Even they do not believe. They believe in lying to sell real estate- Chrissakes!

  244. What if a million young people of the next generation depend upon IMPEACHment, and WE WON”T do it because of petty partisan self interests of both kinds? Or fear of violence from the Trumpsters and Putin?

  245. Ja, Trump says he’d call the FBI, since now he has enough control over it to get them to nobly allow obstruction and obstruct and defy Congress in contempt for him. IMPEACH!!

  246. Let Trump wreck the executive branch with each firing, and Putin may be able to take us. He can surely outsmart us!

  247. I think Bolton decided long ago to do some deproliferation, but Putin is laughing and preparing to take the Cyrillic Ukraine.

  248. Now Schiff is agreeing it was Iran. We had both parties fooled in the Gulf of Tonkin anyway, but as one sees, we ought have drawn the line on Russia SOMEWHERE!

  249. And I’m not even a guy who mistrust because of thew Iraq war. Saddam violated the terms of the treaty that ended the gulf war. The questionable intell- that destroyed Colin Powell, by the way- was just to get a unanimous Security Council. So my foreign policy was “f Saddam.”

  250. Ja, “There is no doubt here as to what Iran is up to-” Well, given that they have denied it, there is reason to fake it, and the we knowing that if is false that there is not doubt…One CAN know when a thing is false, trouble is knowing what is true.

  251. Hey, so Putin is using Kimmie not only to get around M.A.D., but also to test all our responses, get our cards out on the table, so to speak, for free. Let him deny it, and watch his face: Pure poker.

  252. Boy, Pompeo is pretty certain after 24 hours he came to his decision: Ya pretty certain they decided to this months ago, and it will just happen to allow Putin to advance in Europe.

  253. Robin Wright of the Woodrow Wilson Center: Will it not be amazing- if there IS a “in hindsight,” if she is more trustworthy on Iran at present than Pompeo- who is on “Face the Nation today? Gulf of Tonkin- Oh, excuse “Persian Gulf.” A million kids: DO YOU CARE YET!!

  254. Remember that “Gulf of Tonkin” fake news that got us into the Vietnam war? And we did not even stop that Domino from falling. How many kids, and the division of our nation? Putin likely has us set up to do it again, and we won’t stop it by IMPEACHing this FAKE POTUS? Democrats?

  255. am – John Lennon with The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band via

  256. My artwork ‘Add Color (Refugee Boat)’ will be in the Seaport, once a center for immigrants, merchants, artisans and workers. Please come add your hopes & beliefs to the boat so that it is created as a reflection of all New York.

  257. These fish live in a pool with the vase upsidedown, so they can go up above and see, like the guys in Plato’s Phaedo. They enter from below, and the water does not fall out. My mean sister found it on the internet, but my decent sister sent the photos.

  258. THIS is why the attempt to understand Trump with our DSM categories of “psychopath,” sociopath” and “Narcissist” or even “authoritarian” is a start, but FATALLY flawed. Socrates understands pre-christian tyranny, and makes poossible the understanding of post-christian tyranny.

  259. Book VIII of Plato’s Republic, the Allan Bloom translation is the best. The treatment of tyranny BLOWS AWAY our “psychology.” But “we” cannot even read, let alone understand Books I-VII, turning away because we think the only two alternatives are Democracy and Totalitarianism.

  260. Extremely warm 2015-’16 winter cyclone weakened Arctic sea ice pack

  261. Ja, Trust the “professionals.” [sarcasm}

  262. Bruce Maxwell, a military brat, is the first MLB player to in a sport that’s only 7% black. This is what patriotism looks like.

  263.  May 14

  264. I just backed NEEDLES IN THE HAY:Road to Recovery Heroin & Opioid Crisis on

  265. Cat Stevens “How Can I Tell You?” 🙂 via

  266. Cat Stevens – Into White via

  267. The Wind – Cat Stevens via

  268. cat stevens miles from nowhere via

  269. Conversation # IV is Mr. Nishiyama. He is the best famous person with whom I have spoke. I just wanted to see what he would say, and will never forget just seeing him stand there, let alone what he said.

  270. King of Trees by Cat Stevens via

  271. Cat Stevens – sun/C79 via

  272. The Americans were prepped with Oxy. What % of Congress is on Oxy? Russians are not on Oxy, nor the internet!

  273. Does your hover-click work well enough? And are they paying you when your whored? Guess we are just sluts, then.
  274. Anyone think we owe this future a bit more integrity than they are getting? Hey “Republicans” indifferent to TYRANNY: Do you have enough money yet? Enough prestige? And Power?

  275. The facts are clear. Mitch McConnell is blocking bipartisan bills to secure our elections with President ’s support. The American people deserve an explanation: Why?

  276. 4: 40% of the Americans do not care, and 55% art failing to wake them up! -Soul Shout!

  277. The first point of avoiding conflict: practice martial arts!

  278. Mike Rogers is capable of the Presidency. Watching Center for a New American Security Discussion on Intelligence Oversight

  279. Joe’s Secretary of the economy- this woman knows $$, better than those on the take.

  280. Fantastic conversation with , , and at on intelligence oversight and the importance of bipartisanship.

  281. Reading about Vortigern in Holinshed- he first used and then murdered the monk Constantius (Geoff. Constans), blamed it on the Scots and Picts, then invited the Saxons into Britain. The people were Snowed then. By the time they “got” it, Christian Roman Britain was destroyed. (V)

  282. When the oligarchs discovered how to pay Congress “campaign finance” money to seize the rules of the game, the middle class began to disappear. Trump was in part created in the Koch economics lab!

  283. They seized 200 Chaldeans from the Detroit are to deport to Iraq despite the obvious danger of torture and murder. Any such, and we want the MI Atty. Gen. to charge ICE and agents as accessories. FIRE ICE!

  284. Giuliani had already said, there was no interference from Russia, and there was it is just fine, and if it is not just fine, it is too bad. “Norway,” right, can you get any closer to the fascist and Communist sphere? Finland? Maybe the Crimea? Ya, I’d take info from the Crimea.

  285. Yeah, NPR had a report on Khartoum just today!

  286. This is amusing, because when I suspected foreign interference using KASPERSKY (who was handling 400 million computer security accounts from MOSCOW), the FBI hung up on me, Ja, and it is documented, and I wrote about it on WordPress. And one should here what was next done to me!

  287. A suggestion: Find a way to turn bit couin into marked bills, like those in a bank robbery where the ink explodes. Even if such were fake, it would pu an end to this seizing of the computers of cities. But otherwise, don’t EVER pay them!

  288. Knowing that the internet is virtual, one can simply back out and shut the thing off. That is what I did when an attempt twas made on me, and there was nothing on my machine on which I was dependent.

  289. Baltimore: Look, Foo, pay your parking tickets and close your deals and keep the records on paper to be fixed later. The internet is virtual, not real. It can be replaced by integrity, if we had any, and intelligence, had we not been prepped by Oxy.

  290. But if that is said by the Americans, on must wait till the stock market can no longer be buoyed artificially. And if a woman says there is no justice, Run!

  291. If a man says that there is no justice, do him a favor: take his wallet, and ask him again (provided you have strength and provision superior to him)!

  292. Al Jazeera has better news coverage than BBC and the ZERO in the US. Hope you all are proud of How America is great again!

  293. 🇸🇩 Sudan Protests Explained | Al Jazeera English via

    Translate Tweet

  294. Sudan’s Secret Hit Squads Used to Attack Protests – BBC Africa Eye docum… via

  295. UN experts fear Sudan is sliding into a ‘human rights abyss’ via

  296. Iran has no strategic incentive to attack oil tankers and start a war with the US, but certain other countries do.

  297. And the rich! We get to discover ethical, as well as material, compassion!

  298. The Ruskis WILL pretend to be Iran (If they have to) in order to get us further into war in the Middle East. Our Executive branch is probably just now become too stupid to deal with such- per plan.

  299. My hover click and autozoom are going wild, hover-scroll, etc. Thanks CONGRESS, thanx Mitch McConnell, just don’t do anything about it, except blame it on me! These need to be sued to the moon! Thanx Vlad, thanks FBI- Just don’t say KASPERSKY, Ja, its just “ME.”

  300. not to mention frost in the morning sun on the shed window! And WHY and HOW does it look like leafs? It has to do with life and the water crystal, but it is a mystery!

  301. I left out blue! Red, orange, yellow, BLUE Indigo Violet, ROY G. BIV All the colors are somehow in light that is clear as a crystal, as shown by a prism. Our favorite is the dewdrops on the spiderwebs in a September field, a zillion prisms, and a zillion Rainbows, not to mention

  302. Green, Indigo, Violet. And Gold is at the end of the rainbow!

  303. Cats do not have the law of Moses. One wonders how the Monks and Nuns of Cyprus deal with the thorny question of Mouse hunting. I stay out of it, unless I see it, then I save the mouse- If I have not trapped him already and set him by the compost pile!

  304. The Holy Monastery of St. Nocholas of the Cats, in Cyprus. One just KNOWS they have a translation of Christopher Smart, “My Cat Geoffrey,” and read it to the residents every…Caturday!

  305. My Twiiter account is being suppressed. Does Mitch McConnell care, if it does not serve “Republican” self interest? Does Jack Twitter care if Congress will do nothing? Maybe Jack Twitter HAS enough money already, and is a BORED spoiled rich boy, and wants to STAND UP FOR LIBERTY

  306. If the executive is left in charge of security from foreign interference, and is a TYRANT, he will not act for the nation against treasonous foreign alliances. Like a gangster, he may think no one can touch him, till he meets the BIG CHEESE!

  307. McConnell will allow no bills to secure the elections from data collection and targeted interference. Does ANYONE see yet why the true way to deal with an election thrown by foreign interference is a Supreme Court case brought by EVEN ONE STATE!!

  308. If Russia pretends to be Iran and attacks us, we will fall for it? We trust Trump to “Get it?”

  309. If Russia did it thinking the Americans paid any attention to the day the Supreme Court case to void the election was denied a hearing?

  310. Trump has never read the Constitution, and that is why he can say things so stupid as that he will accept Russian election interference. Would he accept the Las Vegas shooting, if Russia did it thinking Americans paid any attention to the day the Supreme Court case to void

  311. One cannot trust the “Republican” party, indifferent to tyranny, to fix the internet contrary to their electoral self interest. These oxified folks are ethically bankrupt, and soon YOU will be! If you are still here. Democracies get to learn these things the hard way.

  312. Nicole Pavlov of the New York Times reports the obvious: Mitch McConnell will allow no bills to protect election security from targeted foreign attacks using the internet. The “Republican” party is ethically bankrupt. Patriotic non-criminal republicans must form a centrist party

  313. Nancy Pelosi, third in the line of presidential selection, is not the highest ranking legitimately elected person in the nation. She will make a fine president till Biden is elected. He may need 65% of the vote to overcome Russian election interference.

  314. …The monastery is today known as “St. Nicholas of the Cats” (Greek Άγιος Νικόλαος των Γατών) and is located near Limassol.[24]”

  315. St. Helen and the cats: “According to tradition, Helena is responsible for the large population of cats in Cyprus. Local tradition holds that she imported hundreds of cats from Egypt or Palestine in the fourth century to rid a monastery of snakes.

  316. Woe, Cezanne!

  317. One must wonder why they did not first set an armored shelter using the landing craft, then trench an armored pathway to the cliffs.

  318. For the past 10 years, a cadre of field researchers in France has been digging up, documenting and cataloging the physical remains of the Normandy invasion.

  319. “For the first time we are able to see how people lived in the shadow of the Acropolis,” Dimitrios Pandermalis. The excavation site, of villas and streets beneath the Acropolis Museum, is to open this month.

  320. Ancient Egyptian necklace with pectoral belonging to Princess Sithathoryunet, which was found in her tomb beside the pyramid of Senwosret II at al-Lahun in the Faiyum. The cloisonné pectoral is inlaid with 372 carefully cut pieces of semiprecious stones. 1887–1878 B.C.

  321. Anne Frank’s birthday is today. Here she is, with this heartbreaking inscription: “This is me, the way I wish I always looked. That way I’d have a chance of getting to Hollywood.”

  322. Roman fort could be hidden under Largs town centre says archaeologist

  323. King of Trees by Cat Stevens via

  324. Time to ask Congress to forbid the exchange of information for the opportunity to Like or comment on the internet. The practice is inconsistent with the First Amendment in numerous ways, but as it is not a government action, must be proscribed by legislation. NPR not get this!

  325. Cat Stevens – sun/C79 via

  326. Leonard Cohen – Bird on the Wire 1979 via

  327. Joni Mitchell Both sides now on Mama Cass Show 1969 via

  328. JUDY COLLINS & LEONARD COHEN – “Hey, Thats No Way To Say Goobye” 1976 via


  330. Maybe the best version of the #1 lyric tune of all time, out to all the lovers on Twitter: JUDY COLLINS ~ SUZANNE ~ via

  331. then ascends- and this is baptism or re-birth, perhaps, but a conception of the divine, then the lover descends to touch her perfect body- which is of course the mystical or resurrect-able soul, touched by the mind. Or something like that.

  332. Like a “star,” quite nice, as they sink below the horizon, replacing “stone,” as these sink in water. Hmmm. Collins, or Collins-Cohen, changes the order, to …”she’s touched-“he’s touched,” “you’ve touched,” perfecting the meaning, as first the lover conceives at first sight,

  333. Joan Baez – Suzanne via

  334. Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust (With Lyrics) via

  335. Monty Python and the holy grail (1974) Sir Galahad ends up in a castle full of d – via

  336. Plato and Socrates, of course, sought to purify the custom of Greek homosexuality, as a thing irrelevant, fruitless and unnatural, by extracting the soul of friendship from imprisonment in the body. Modern homosexuality is all about the sexual, and ignores the Latin “man.”

  337. eros on the team of course pack cheese, hence the fans wear cheese-head hats. But some of their fans boat over from Mackinaw, where they pack fudge. If they miss the tuna boat, they have to go all the way around the mitten and up through Wiscon-sin.

  338. Jokes about oral and anal sex are indeed in bad taste.

  339. June 14th is John McCain Day. Somebody write it up. Should have bipartisan support.

  340. Decoded some words of wisdom today: “Never worry about trying something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark. Professionals built the Titanic!”

  341. Replying to 

    “Collusion:” You do of course have the Straight Arrow” report from the New York magazine of Sater being told by the Russians that they could get Donald elected. I’d retweet it yet again, but my account is suppressed on Twitter anyway, and Congress has done little to fix that.

  342. Replying to 

    “Kremlin participating in a cover up by the president of the United States-” nice, Adam, Thanx!

  343. Replying to 

    Don’t say “KASPERSKY.” It is just too much for the oxy-soaked American electorate!

  344. Most Americans have not read Mueller’s report. Some may be astonished to learn that a finding of “no collusion,” much less a finding of “no obstruction,” is nowhere to be seen on any page of his report. Here’s what we do know, and what we are working to find out:

  345. The absolute right of a woman to choose regarding her “own body” is exactly the same at 9 months as a 9 minutes: the issue is a bit more compklicated than presented on either left or right.

  346. And the partial right of fathers who might want the child, and the proto-rights of fetuses of both genders, which exceed animal rights, but ARE less than the civil rights of citizens. How can a fetus have a right to free speech when it cannot yet speak?

  347. The Articles of Impeachment- which the House needs help drawing up- are: I) Election fraud II) Bribery III “Obstruction and lies” (-Mueller) IV) Emoluments V) Oath of office- intimidating the press from the White House. Oh, yes, and that little check to Stormy!

  348. With all the garbage he’s spread to date and the last few straws of treason he issued today in his interview on ABC, looks as though Trump is going “all-in” and making a case for dictatorship.

  349. In a trial in the Senate, Trump must be asked: “Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you then reward Russia with the weakening of NATO and Sanctions?

  350. Also shocking that the only aspect of the question the Americans are able to apprehend is the e-mails, pissing Russian whores and payments to stormy. Shhh! Don’t say “KASPERSKY!”

  351. Perhaps she is also weary of those talking about the right of female fetuses to choose, and the possibility that abortion become safe, legal and RARE, rather than COMMON.

  352. Anyone ask him about data collection and targeted interference using computer security companies such as KASPERSKY, proudly handing 400 M accounts- FROM MOSCOW!!

  353. This is VERY serious.

  354. In the Mueller public speech, at 3:00-3:13, he explicitly states that “obstruction and lies” were “at the core” of the inability of the investigation to reach a conclusion about Russian interference [involving the Trump campaign]. Obstruction is not even a question, but assumed.

  355. Senators have locked in the votes needed for an initial move to block Idiot Trump’s Saudi arms sales, paving the way for a high-stakes veto showdown. I dare you to veto this bill you idiot. Your approval rating will fall faster than….

  356. The elephant in the room, kind of. From JAMA, “Storing a loaded gun with ammunition at home or publicly carrying a gun when not on duty was associated with a 4-fold increase in the odds of suicide death.”

  357. With enhancing white political power revealed as the motive behind the Census citizenship question, the Roberts Court will now have to decide whether America is a nation for all its citizens or a white man’s republic.

  358. Perhaps because “they” have all the guns, and we are failing to keep hold of the executive agencies.

  359. 1/ Perhaps the most egregious, confounding, and totally unnecessary part of the new Saudi arms sale is the provision that transfers smart bomb production to Saudi Arabia.

  360. Narrator voice: In fact, Michael Flynn did take money from Russia…

  361. Stop using redistricting and census. etc. to warp the elections. The “Republicans” should be ruined as a part for gerrymandering alone, but 40% of the Americans do not care about genuine elections.

  362. Is the purpose of the census to count the citizens, or the people? And does the question warp and not serve that purpose, by making targets of ICE afraid to answer? We do not care, Don, how it “sounds” when one repeats to oneself one side.

  363. In my dissertation, I suggested a comedy skit with King Lear in Freudian analysis, but it was too disgusting to be funny. Good thing he didn’t have any money!

  364. A comedy skit for SNL, on our psychiatry: It beginnig “Chch “One Adam twelve, subject is delusional on the corner of Main and Oak. ‘Believes he is about to be seized by the government. Better go pick him up.”

  365. Pysgota Siarcod yng Nghymru/Fishing for Sharks in Wales: Pond Life

  366. Americans are?are in denial about the lawlessness of the internet and the harm being done, as by data collection and targeted “marketing.” It ended free elections, and we did not notice, but are beginning to realize.

  367. Thick as a Brick (Pt. 1) (1997 Remaster) via

  368. [60fps] Pink Floyd – Us And Them/Any Colour You Like/Brain Damage/Eclips… via

More June Tweets Preserved

See? Glenda is helping Dorothy. The Constitution is the Ruby Slippers.

  1. Americans are?are in denial about the lawlessness of the internet and the harm being done, as by data collection and targeted “marketing.” It ended free elections, and we did not notice, but are beginning to realize.
  2. +De Bois, “the souls of American folk.” Soul. Fred Douglass knows Liberty in a special way from his experience.

  3. Anima Mundi? Psyche in all things? Maybe. Wedo not wish to say it is not alive! Ah, but the uniqueness and significance of plants are different from rocks, animals can move,and humans change their ways, (as Strauss reads)- is way cooler, and more accessible than inner=outer.

  4. “Our job in America is the pursuit of Happiness…**” Jefferson read Aristotle. (He did not get THAT from Locke!) Happiness is the goal, the health of the soul, and the first principle of his Ethics, and of psychology.

  5. Homo aestheticus? Ah, but Adam was placed in the garden of the Lord “To till and keep it!” Got to get back to the Garden, for we are stardust, all made of stars, (my Moby), and golden.

  6. James Hillman on Changing the Object of our Desire via

  7. Comfortably Gregorian — Pink Floyd Cover by Gregorian & Cloudscape Video via

  8. Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust (With Lyrics) via

  9. “Hercules killed all the animals” refers to his reported madness, and adds Ajax, who in the Sophocles play thought he was attacking the Generals for not giving him the armor of Achilleus.

  10. What is a psychological intelligence, and how dio we cultivate this? They are still trying to discover this at Pacifica. Wait till they make the Socratic turn, and discover and add political philosophy to Jungian psychology!

  11. James Hillman, Ph.D. discusses Pacifica Graduate Institute via

    Translate Tweet

  12. Oh, my!: Wow! This is great new stuff! Gregorian – Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd – 4 -16 Live in Prague.flv via

  13. Not only contents ought be policed on the internet, but especially methods and practices- both of which are going to be extremely difficult. Targeted collection of vulnerabilities, the use of unsuspecting accounts, targeted mechanical interference, channeling of speech, etc.

  14. Nice hair, though. Dude sneaks incognito into Soho NYC for the cut, then dines at CBGB’s- ask Rodman.

  15. Lest we forget what Communist tyranny can mean and the impact of Marx upon the world. One wishes that with sacrifices we could free these people.

  16. by

  17. Yeah! A psych program that actually studies the soul!Pacifica Graduate Institute | Degrees in Psychology and the Humanities An innovative, employee-owned graduate school offering masters and doctoral programs in psychology and the humanities. …40 years..

  18. Dr. Carl Jung passed away 58 years ago on this day, 1961. It has been said that we will need hundreds of years to truly digest and integrate his work. It is clear that we have a long way to go! RIP, dear wounded healer.

  19. So I explained the Joke: My parodies cause exclusion, and to be an outcast from all humanity. Parody-cause-ectual. Comedy and tragedy. Remember the story of the kid in Holland who tried to stop a leak? Shoulda pushed it with ‘is Tweeter!

  20. says Socrates.

  21. My friend said- “That’s how we know God is a man- cause He made women so beautiful.” Ah, but Genesis 1:26: The fairest sight, for him who can see, the mystery of the bridal chamber. And what is the Bride (Rev. 19:7, c. 22; Prov. 3) Philip knows this. Wisdom belongs to “The God,”

  22. Ja, I had a crush on this one on Twitter- turned out they do not need us. I even though she could bring her friend! Heck, they won’t even let us watch! Worse still, they won’t even listen to our jokes! But that’s pretty-pretty, while men are just ugly-ugly. Women know this.

  23. Trump is not the worst kind of tyrant, but rather a classic gangster wanna-be, and the difference is important for practical politics. Hence, we charged him with election fraud, bribery, obstruction, emoluments, oath of office and Payin’ Stormy- but not treason. IMPEACH! VOID.

  24. Dr. Winarick wrote in Psych today on the auth. personality disorder, and I was talking to him about Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” where waters achieves one of the only psychological studies of the origins of totalitarianism. Dude blocked me! Too many questions, I guess- “disordered.”

  25. If anyone wants to study the distinction of fascism from, say, “authoritarianism,” classical tyranny from Nazism and Communist totalitarianism, our DSM is oblivious.

  26. Apostle to the Apostles, and of course, they did not believe

  27. My old teacher would tell the Buddhist saying, Who finds God sooner, the believer or the Atheist? Of course it is the latter, or they would not ask- because he thinks about it more. Blessed are the poor in spirit. Jesus indeed loved Magdalene, the first to see the risen Christ,

  28. And yet it is to serve- the answer to every faction. Go figure.

  29. Justice is indeed minding one’s own business. Republic, Book I. Very serious.

  1. Life Of Brian- 1979 Debate (2/4) via

  2. Wonder what they’d say about a paradykasexual!

Ya, they were playin against the Browns.

  1. Plato and Socrates, of course, sought to purify the custom of Greek homosexuality, as a thing irrelevant, fruitless and unnatural, by extracting the soul of friendship from imprisonment in the body. Modern homosexuality is all about the sexual, and ignores the Latin “man.”

  2. In Cleveland (That’s by TOLEDO!)

  3. Monty Python and the holy grail (1974) Sir Galahad ends up in a castle full of d – via

  4. Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Criterion Collection DVD extras – Deleted… via

  5. I think I’m pushin it on the Tweeter.

  6. Coming next: The Green Boy fudge packers, makin’ Browneyes.

  7. I’m still waiting for Sat. Nt. Live to do a skit of rectification in the rectory- Butt some things are just not fanny. The reaction might be Live AIDS. Rectitude must be retained. Wouldn’t want the right to get enimated, or the government to ignore the #2 A and fund a colinoscopy

  8. Top 10 Saturday Night Live Sketches via

  9. Corksoakers – SNL via Bad manners to explain a joke.

  10. Corksoakers – SNL via

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  11. That, again, is what is at stake if 20 “Republicans” in the Senate allow Russia to turn our election and we do not fix it.

  12. A word from the loyal opposition: Charles Ashman – An American’s Answer (To Gordon Sinclair) via

  13. No other nation ever returned a conquered enemy to its own people, or had a man decline being King to free all people, as did Washington. No one. We corrected the error of Caesar, and Jefferson corrected Constantine by setting the freedom of Religion in the Declaration,+ the 1A!

  14. And THAT is what is at stake when we allow the suppression of speech on Google, Twitter, wordpress, Amazon and the Internet.

  15. THAT is what is at stake if 20 “Republicans” in the Senate allow Russia to turn our election and we do not fix it. THAT is what was at stake when the FBI allowed the3 obstruction of the Supreme Court case brought by citizens to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference.

  16. Gordon Sinclair – The Americans (A Canadian’s Opinion) via

  17. Gordon Sinclair – The Americans (A Canadian’s Opinion) via

  18. We used to stick up for a civilized world, and took our “values” to the battlefield, under US and International law, setting the example regarding transparency.

  19. Ash Carter answers the just critics of the US by noting that we do more good than harm, (so far). Without the US, Stalin would have rolled over Europe, but we have prevented war there -for a generation. And 2) No one else could put together the coalition to defeat ISIS.

  20. Hey Vlad: GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE! For you own good, and incidentally that of the world.

  21. We need someone in office who shares our values, i.e., those of the enlightenment- not tyranny, as in Russia, China N.Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, etc. Oh yes, and, the Newyork mob, if they held power like Putin, and the US if Trump has seized the FBI. Hi Donney!

  22. But Integrity first, else the ends or goals, else the means of technology are more harm than good, as in the martial arts. “Heart controls-a Chi”- Nishiyama (incidentally not a “Christian,” but a better man than you.

  23. Cricket is pretty good, and Joshua, who can (prob’ly spell) adds cyber superiority and Every space based technology. I’d add INTEGRITY, as our failure here could make us the Babylon of Rev. 18. Ash adds using technology to remedy the discontents of technology.

  24. Ash Carter was on 1A with Joshua today, and I had just woke up. I though, “Geeze, our executive branch is ok, this guy is the secretary of Defense!

  25. Revelation 2:5…repent…if not, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you repent. What good is Church that cannot repent? N Now, IF Russia turned our election in order install a tyrant and destroy our executive branch, THEN, what?

  26. The way of the cross is the way of self criticism, self sacrifice (not a stick to beat our neighbor. Matthew 24:48-49: “But if that wicked servant says to himself, my master is delayed, and begins to beat his fellow servants, and eats and drinks with the drunken…you read rest.

  27. Inside the Five-Sided Box: Lessons from a Lifetime of Leadership in the Pentagon by Ash Carter

  28. Pink Floyd – Division Bell (1994 studio album) via

  29. Crosby Stills Nash – 4+20 Suite Judy Blue Eyes via

  30. Crosby & Nash – The Accoustic Concert – Guinnevere via

  31. Guinnevere Illustrated via

  32. We suspect that Russia is behind radical Islam, since they use it so well- as if they turned the tables on the attempt of America to use the once CIA funded Al Quaeda in Afghanistan. In hindsight, Russia is suspect regarding 9/11, and wants US at war in the Middle East.

  33. Iran, or Persian Islam Shiite) as distinct from Arab Islam (Sunni), has a secular and free thinking population, as before the Shah was ousted. Mohammed teaches that there is no religion by compulsion, and is not in conflict with other believers in the God of Abraham and Last Day.

  34. …Nor dislike Atheists per se. But the alliance of ISIS and Russia in hating the US as a “Great Satan” while not seeing atheistic Russia- which killed 30-70 million of its own people in the Soviet era Putin seeks to restore- strains credulity.

  35. This study is way slow. The shroud is a 3-d photo negative, and if it is a forgery NO ONE YET CAN TELL HOW IT WAS MADE. Da Vince could not have made it.

  36. “The Shroud attracts (us) toward the martyred face and body of Jesus,” he said … at a Turin plaza. “At the same time, it pushes (us) toward the face of every suffering and unjustly persecuted person. It pushes us in the same direction as the gift of Jesus’ love.”

  37. The Catholic Church has not taken an official position on the relic’s authenticity. The shroud is presently housed at Turin’s St. John the Baptist Cathedral. During his June 21, 2015 visit to the cathedral, Pope Francis prayed before it.

  38. New research: Shroud of Turin bears blood of a torture victim via

  39. Yemen is the leading human rights catastrophe in the world right now, but Sudan is catching up. Not that we “like” Iran.

  40. Like atheists now, do they. $$

  41. Two former Republican senators found dead in Oklahoma, Arkansas 👉Jonathan Nichols, Linda Collins-Smith

  42. Half of Anti-Net Neutrality comments from “shadowy” Koch brothers Group –

  43. NPD investigates death of 53YO Jonathan Nichols. Investigators are currently working with the Oklahoma ME’s Office to determine the exact cause and manner of death. The case remains under investigation by the NPD Criminal Investigations Division. MORE:

  44. …has been dated to c. 1100, although a date of c.1200 is also possible.[1] Since the genealogies begin with the paternal and maternal pedigrees of Owain ap Hywel Dda (d. 988), the material was probably compiled during his reign.[1] -Wikipedia

  45. Harleian genealogies The Harleian genealogies are a collection of Old Welsh genealogies preserved in British Library, Harleian MS 3859. Part of the Harleian Library, the manuscript, which also contains the Annales Cambriae (Recension A) and a version of the Historia Brittonum,


  47. BBC reports that two Russian newspapers had the same headline today reporting in unison. Maybe Russia is getting sick of tyranny.

  48. Who is Russian journalist Ivan Golunov and why was he arrested? – video profile

  49. “Yet have I left one who has not bowed the knee to Baal.” -You Know Who

  50. Replying to 

    My apology letter: “I’m sorry – that my school allowed, into my classroom, a speaker who presented no educational value. I’m NOT, however, sorry for attempting to provide balance to her overtly political comments. “I expect an apology for being embarrassed by my teacher.”

  51. 2 ex-state senators found shot to death within 2 days via

  52. Former Oklahoma state senator found dead in Norman home

  53. Former Oklahoma state senator found dead in Norman home

  54. Twitter of () – analitics of twitter by Tweets repeat

  55. Logo Choose country FAQ Search twitter seeshell twitter Location Since –

  56. A news blackout may be occurring on this story in the US:- which is fine if it is for executive and true reasons.

  57. [Part sarcasm:] One need spell that out for the thick Americans

  58. We get our “first principles” from common sense, fashionable opinion, tradition or philosophic ethics. Our psych does not know what a first principle is, does not care about this ignorance, and usually does not know what “psych-iatry” even means, nor cares to ask.

  59. Hence, to ask them to distinguish between classical tyranny and totalitarianism, fascism and communism, is off the charts. Ditto for diabolism or Satanism.

  60. At least they have some remaining decency and common sense, though. We must do our best- But WHY must we do our best? Our psych has no category in the DSM for tyranny , nor gangster wanna-be.

  61. We are pleased that our psych at least retains common sense and decency, but the assumptions this account rests upon are astronimical. WHY is murder wrong? Oh, must we separate facts and values so? “Evidence based/'”” Our psych is pseudo-science.

  62. Trumpsters do not read or believe in the Constitution, except in service to their own interests. The confinement of Congress to “legislative” functions is a fiction and a joke- But the Americans are so stupid a majority falls for it.

  63. First Amendment only covers Trumpsters? Sue- but now they have the courts!

  64. Updated draft: Arthur, Guinevere and the Ancient British: For Ticia Verveer (Hi Ticia!-mm) via

  65. As Terra notes, states may decide to divide their electoral votes, as Maine and Nebraska have done. Our problem in the last election was that the electoral college was told they were a rubber stamp, and foreign interference turned the voters themselves in the swing states

  66. On 1A, they are trying to discuss the incredibly complex question of the Electoral college system. It is too hard to even discuss- an example of why pure democracy never was our our popular based form of government. We participate in the union by states.

  67.  Jun 8

  68. Check out this book – ‘The Miners’ Strike Mystery: A Ken Frane Investigation’ by David Williams

  69. What kind of Welsh are you?

  70. I’m pretty sure the computer rendition reveals the face of the photgrapher taking the picture in the window- yes! I had this happen with writing revealed on the back of an old family photo, the computer screen allows an unusual enhancement, making visible surprising new things!

  71. #3 is that first photo ever taken. As it is done through a window, the computer shows the photographer reflected, I’m pretty sure. How cool!

  72. How about Congressional control of bio-electronic healthcare, and genuine consequences the abuse of data, like, they pay for damages? Hasn’t dawned on ’em!

  73. For Greg: A Revelation! Had we got the monks to sing “We don’t need no thought control,” even by 1200 AD, they wouldn’t be numb while waiting for the Worm.

  74. Something about the Bank of Wales and affording to make a deposit, but this kid is Archie Bunker reincarnated:

  75. Ten Years Gone – Led Zeppelin – Remastered via

  76. Led Zeppelin- Dazed and Confused via

  77. Led Zeppelin-Since I’ve Been Loving You w/ lyrics via

  78. Led Zeppelin – The Battle Of Evermore via

  79. Ja, if it is a witchunt, she revealed nothing- if its NOT, we’ll have to IMPEACH to get her out.

  80. The Niépce Heliograph HARRY RANSOM CENTER LOBBY GALLERY HOURS (ALSO MONDAY 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.) The invention of photography was announced simultaneously in France and England in 1839, dazzling the public and sending waves of excitement around the world.

  81. Image result for First Photographic image ever produced

  82. Which of these photos was the first photographic image ever produced?

  83. Updated: On the REAL real King Arthur, Guinevere and the Ancient British: For Ticia Verveer via

  84. There she is!

  85. People looked more like metal in those days. Perhaps Helen was not in Rome at the time.

  86. Constantine and his father Constantius, the first Roman Christian emperors, posing for photos without St. Helen:

  87. The failure of integrity in things that appear small has made us vulnerable in ways that are decisive when used by a tyrant who does chess and Judo. To close this vulnerability, we must only recover our integrity, but we are running out of time. IMPEACH IMMEDIATELY + GO TO COURT

  88. The Fourth Amendment does not say “Congress shall pass no law…” as does the First, but rather “NO person shall,” and the reason is “security.” It could be construed as requiring Congress to pass laws NOT to allow the sale of our privacy in the internet age. ,

  89. The election was turned by data collection and targeted interference, even using Kaspersky computer “security.” The FBI allowed it because they thought they were fighting terrorism.” The Russians may have done 9/11. Fix it, or the US and free government will be no more. Simple.

  90. Whole states must bring suit to void the election. The cases are #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857, but these were obstructed and may have lacked cause for original jurisdiction. We have a Bill of Rights. 4A forbids spying even if it is thought profitable;e.and Congress bribed Fix it!

  91. On facial recognition: Look, when government violates the rights of citizens, they are simply NEVER held accountable, even when there monetizable damages. What is that? Our voter rights are trashed in the 2016 election by data collection. (SC # 17-857) Get the Orange Clown out!!

  92. To the “Republicans:” Just say no to tyranny. To the mobsters: Are you not free men? Can you not just retire? To the rich: having more money that you could ever spend, why not spend TIME doing something worthwhile? To Putin: GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE! Or become an honest King

  93. Those fleeing Guatemala have been naturally selected as those who want a different future from the gangs and violence and tyranny. Set these up in border settlements and help defend them- they are the good ones.

  94. Fleetwood Mac Songbird via

  95. And listen carefully to the sound of the loneliness …Like a heartbeat, drives you back In the stillness of remembering What you had and what you lost… When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know… Now here I go again, I see the crystal vision…

  96. Fleetwood Mac – Dreams [with lyrics] via

  97. Our own corruption and the failure of our education has made us vulnerable to self interested corporate profiteering and imperiled liberty. End data collection, criminalize the abuse of technology and secure free elections, or we will soon though too late learn what was at stake.

  98. Whether party unity is served or the next election posturing, whether one can lock up a criminal just because he said to lock up an innocent or to allow election fraud because one falsely accused another of the same- can the Americans even see a fundamental issue and distinguish?

  99. This should have been done two years ago and the election voided in the Court so that we might get back to real politics, and foreign tyrants think twice before using the next new tech to gain their large or small imagined advantages.

  100. If we allow a corrupt mobster wanna-be guide the free world’s military, we will soon no longer be free. If we allow the same to seize our FBI, we will soon no longer be able to oppose a looming tyranny. Americans of both parties who understand our Declaration must now IMPEACH.

  101. One cannot but be astonished how the Americans allow secondary issues to dominate the discussion- party advantage, borders and tariffs- when the obstruction of the issue is clear to all. If we let Trump and Russia jerk us around, a million souls could cease in an unjust war.

  102. “Stand by the stairway You’ll see something certain to tell you Confusion has its cost.” And so went the Round Table And what might have been. I can still see the stairway And the Oaken chamber Amid the church bells Ringing my lonely summer way to study downtown.

  103. And of course for the love of Judy Collins:

  104. CSN – Crosby, Stills, Nash – Suite: Judy Blue Eyes via

  105. Crosby, Stills Nash – Helplessly Hoping via

  106. Guinnevere – David Crosby – 4/14/2018 via

  107. …And that is why, for me Cohen sang Suzanne.

  108. Oh my. Did you see it? See, the hippies did not believe in dance-me-to-the-end-of love, And had to learn the hard way. The Arthurian Britons- the Christian Roman Britons-did And still had to learn the hard way anyway. Some things are eternal, in the permanant nature of man.

  109. I looked for this for two days, and the computer found it today. Maybe technology is redeemable (were it not for man).

  110. Guinnevere Illustrated via

  111. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Guinnevere via

  112. …word, no? (sorry for transliteration of the heta)

  113. On the Lord’s prayer- I’d stick to the Greek, and look for the Aramaic. Jesus taught this (in Matt. 7) for a reason. But like it says forgive us our debts, but it means trespasses. Kai me eisevegkes hemas eis peirasmov… eisevegkas is lead us into, let us fall is a different …

  114. And when we tweet it, our account is being channeled and submerged under accounts that have opaid for publicity and fake followers. Congress cannot hear and will not fix it, as they think they will not attain re-election.

  115. There is hope- we begin to respond, but maybe too late. Our destruction may have been sealed when it became clear that the election was thrown and we would not fix it

  116. Mobsters take the tax money, and when we explain it, they are on oxy and cannot comprehend. Our failure of integrity has made us vulnable in foreign policy. There is hope- we begin to respond, but maybe too late. Our destruction may have been sealed when it became clear that…

  117. The scandals regarding Big Pharma are symptoms of a much more general disease. The same is occurring of course regarding psychiatry and drugs as occurred regarding the medical doctors and Big Pharma. Hence the Americans cannot do health care:

  118. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Cathedral via


  120. Guinnevere – Crosby, Stills & Nash via

  121. Replying to 


  122. Seeing Nausikka

  123. There she is in the second earliest known photgraphic image, (the first being the Turin shroud)

  124. CSN – Guinnevere via

  125. I want to know why the FBI hung up on me when I called and told them about KASPERSKY, and why to this day no one has received my police reported account of what was done to me on the computer in January of 2017, apparently from St. Petersberg. 6 figures, + can’t think and listen.

  126. I want to know WHY the word KASPERSKY does not appear in the Mueller report, though they were proudly advertising that they handled 400 million computer security accounts at the time of the election- from MOSCOW.

  127. And Hey Vlad: GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE! And Hey Don: You know what.

  128. Look downpage at the 10 tweet string.

  129. Why did I know in November of 2016 that the election was thrown and Kaspersky was involved? Why did I know then that if data collection continues and targeted interference is allowed, we will never have another free election? These people all make 6 figures to serve. Come On.

  130. Straight Arrow and the New York Magazine, too, know more about “collusion” than Congress will know after reading the report. At 3:00-3:13 of the Mueller speech video, he says obstruction and lies were at the core of the inability to reach a conclusion about Russian involvement.

  131. So, Ja, I want to know why I knew more about Russian interference in the 2016 election than Congress will know AFTER reading the Mueller report. I wonder if Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi want to know this too. My Senators and representative do not.

  132.   Retweeted

    Bonjour Good morning Paris

  133. Nigel Newt!

  134. 10) For two days, I did not know the charge, and to this day, I have not been allowed to oppose the charges nor speak to a judge. A lawyer gained an “independent evaluation,” and I was released. Had I not known to refuse the Haldol, I would still be there.

  135. 9) 3 Trump supporters were involved in the perjury that nearly had me drugged with Haldol and permanently committed, for saying things now agreed by most to be true. I was drugged illegally (with Atavan at U of M), seized without being read the reason without speaking to a judge

  136. 8) What was done to me while working on the first Supreme Court case-#16-907- may also be impeachable. This would require State and Federal investigation, and NO ONE will INVESTIGATE!! The case was to void the election due to Russian interference, and

  137. 7) The articles of impeachment are : I) Election fraud II) Bribery III) Obstruction IV) Emoluments V) Violating the oath of office, as by intimidating the press, and Oh, yes, that little check to Stormy!

  138. 6) such as allowing Putin to roll over Europe, just for an example. Giving nuclear tech to Saudi Arabia is another example. That is bribery, and quite impeachable, and a cause for obstruction.

  139. 5) Russia for this with the weakening of NATO, sanctions, and other policy considerations? The danger is that Trump could give Putin favors that Trump does not foresee the significance- such as tying down US troops in a war in Iran-, and the result could be disastrous-

  140. 4) passports and forums, which are important background, but out leaves out the crucial details. The Senate, in the trial of the impeachment, must ask Trump directly: “Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means ‘undetectable?'” And did you reward

  141. 3) of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this.”Could Sater be just a blowhard who exaggerated his influence with the Russian president? Perhaps. I want to know why that is not in the Mueller report. It has stuff about e-mails and meetings,

  142. 2) Kremlin.”The email went on,“I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected. We both know no one else knows how to pull this off without stupidity or greed getting in the way. I know how to play it and we will get this done. Buddy our boy can become President

  143. 1) “In November 2015 — five months after Trump had entered the race for the Republican presidential nomination — Sater wrote to Cohen that he had “arranged” for Trump’s daughter Ivanka, during a 2006 visit to Moscow, “to sit in Putins private chair at his desk and office in the

  144. Why is this not in the Mueller report? Russia told Sater they could get Trump elected: They could and did, by control of the internet: Remember? Reblog From Straight Arrow: No “Collusion?” Sater, Cohen and Trump Tower Moscow via

  145. To this day, no one will question these relatives, receive charges of perjury or do a single thing. Not a single person will stand up. That is how they turned the election, and how they tried to prevent it from being revealed. And they will do it again. And YOU will let them.

  146. Having nothing else, they had Trumpster relatives accuse me of insanity for discerning the truth and acting on it. They made death threats, then accused me of insanity for rational precautions. I did 20 days, and an attempt was made to have me permanently committed: NO recourse.

  147. I had Kaspersky and received threats using data collected to freak me out. They collect vulnerabilities, and attack opponents there, using the vulnerabilities. Do we think Netflix has info but Russia cannot get it? Can the mob get your itinerary? Ask and guess. This MUST STOP.

  148. The difference is that it leaves the appearance that we can fix foreign election interference while still allowing data collection. Our government is spying on us through these machines by camera, microphone and any other means possible. If brainwaves, subliminal and unknown.

  149. The Mueller report leaves the impression that the main Russian interference in US politics is hacking and fake opinion expression. The election was turned by data collection and targeted internet interference through means such as Kaspersky, computer security from MOSCOW.

  150. The official PDF of the Mueller report has been updated in a subtle but important way via

  151. Leonard Cohen – Dance Me to the End of Love via

  152. Ring the bells – these letters have been quite an anxious read for this novelist – all chimes true with

  153. So gracious of Marianne that these moving and valuable letters remained largely unseen until now.

  154. Everywhere still getting it wrong. 🐑🐑🙄His actual words so much better.

  155. Cohen fans converge on Bell Centre for star-studded tribute concert

  156. I published a citizen’s arrest of Donald Trump for election fraud prior to the inauguration. I’m not sure that it is legal, but I’ll bet a standing citizen can “indict” a sitting fake potus!

  157. Again, a “sitting President” can be given a traffic ticket, and may surely be indicted under state law. If he commits blatant private homocide, does the FBI think it is obligated to just watch? Help if asked?

  158. Bribe doctors to prescribe, eh? God forbid any madman would fail to trust medicine, hospitals and doctors! Insys, the Opioid Drug Maker, to Pay $225 Million to Settle Fraud Charges

  159. Perhaps we could make Guatemala a colony of Belize, until they are able to straighten things out!

  160. Guatemala Wiki Selection: Our Fault in a Deeper Way: We Owe Them Double

  161. HA!: Wiki: “Belize is a Commonwealth realm, with Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch and head of state.” So the Don missed a big opportunity, if he cared about the problem and were not simply a tyrant.

  162. A noble executive might be capable of addressing this problem. Transition cities on the border between Mexico and Guatemala is another thought. We owe them, because US drug demand fueled the gangs that have caused the breakdown of civilization. What is Belize up to?

  163. Until she arrived at sanctuary, Shirley, a former circus elephant, had not seen another elephant for over 20 years. But she soon learned that her friend Jenny, from a circus she was in 25 years ago, was also a resident at the sanctuary. A story some of you know..

  164. BREAKING: Live footage of an actual Court Jester brought in to entertain the Queen – at Buckingham Palace.

  165. If were not there on time, let them start without us…and they will. We’ll be busy upholding the law and working at legal processes of a free people. But I’d advise them to hurt no one.

  166. Isn’t that what they do. Deny what we say and treat us as they see fit which leaves us harmed.

  167. Lets lay out the education that leads to the authority we grant psychiatry over the judgement and health of our souls. Studying neurons and drugs with DSM in hand makes one a good judge of man? Able to heal the afflicted?

  168. END data collection: On 1A, considering miscarriages, women are receiving coupons for baby formula when their child would have been born! Lawsuits will not be sufficient to remedy the harm done in zillions of ways.

  169. This book should be in everyone’s library.” I am enjoying it, gearing up for a study of the Psalms-mm

  170. Review: Patricia “This an excellent book for the laymen as well as the biblical scholar. The book grabs the reader in the first chapters and holds their interest to the last page. The information presented is both Biblical and historical and very well documented. This book…

  171. I’m only on p. 20, but wish to promote a good book: Psalm 49 and the Path to Redemption: Janet K. Smith … In Psalm 49 and the Path to Redemption, Janet Smith revisits her PhD dissertation, Dust or Dew: Immortality in the Ancient Near East and in Psalm 49, …

  172. One reminds us that when Mike Rogers former head of the NSA was asked by Congress what he had been told to do to secure the elections from Russian intervention, he answered, “Nothing.”

  173. At 3:00-3:13: “When a subject of an investigation obstructs that investigation or lies to investigators, it strikes at the core of the government’s effort to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable.” Hence, there was insufficient evidence to bring charges.

  174. At 3:00-3:13 of the video is the sentence that makes IMPEACHMENT necessary and inevitable.

  175. When Googling the Mueller report to get the printed copy, the Barr report comes up first: To control the Press from the executive branch violated the oath of office:

  176. Today, with gratitude to God, we remember that our body contains the elements of the planet: its air is that which gives us breath, and its water revives and restores us.

  177. We think antidepressants are behind the US epidemic of public shootings. HEPA laws prevent EVEN COLLECTING THE STATS!! 100% of shootings where the victim is unknown to the shooter may involve antidepressants (Excepting the Vegas shooting) for all we know.

  178. I’m getting behind Biden if he’s the nominee. He knows he has to deliver on renewable energy/climate crisis, and his experience in government is comforting to many. And if that doesn’t motivate young people to get out & vote & save the babies from prison, then what will?

  179. The reason for “privacy-” a word that does not occur in the Fourth Amendment- is security- a word which does.

  180. My Twitter keeps disappearing. Maybe Trump-Russia finally seized communications!

  181. Please read this article. Heuy Long was a puppy-dog when compared to McConnel.

  182. If I were in Congress, I’d subpoena Google and ask them what is up with “About Blank:” A page under your page?

  183. Maybe Google just slows down the Google of anyone who calls them a monopoly. There are so many other ways of entering the internet!

  184. Proud of Sudan, America? Feeling “great again” yet? Feelin’ “Republican?” All that help in Yemen? Maybe we’ll begin IMPEACHMENT in a month or two? F’n sissies.

  185. But if so, it would mean we are fighting the wrong enemy in the wrong way (they should of course not attack us, and ISIS should renounce this “Jihad” if they READ the Quran). Oh, and that Putin’s project is a lifelong design going back into the 1980’s. Christchurch/Bali? Forensic

  186. Political forensics: Islam ought be religiously opposed not to the Christians, who believe also in the God of Abraham and the last Day, but to atheistic Russia, if it (ISIS) arose on its own.

  187. Remember the 9/11 conspiracy theory started by a 19 year old, who thought S.A. incapable of producing such a thing? Well, we think that Islam is incapable of producing such totalitarianism, as that is a modern phenom, not medieval (though it can be hard to distinguish). Forensics

  188. Here is another, just an hypothesis: In hindsight, 9/11 looks highly suspicious as a possible Russian covert op, and hence all of Al Quaeda may have been the Ruskis turning around the CIA attempt to use Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

  189. One cannot, of course, be accused of insanity for saying things that turn out to be true, nor seized for doing things that are not unjust, or that one has a perfect right to do.

  190. Some tyrant’s slave from Toronto may be targeting Leo Strauss’s students. Tweet me if it is not so.

  191. Only when it became clear that this business model” was causing a national security nightmare did Congress begin to fix it- as with Oxy. Guess who persuaded them THAT is so? Pay me! Or find an earlier published argument stating it!

  192. Similarly, when Twitter sells fake followers, the impression of those who do not is perverted. For these harms they owe us, and of course, like Big Pharma will never pay. The middle class will disappear- because Congress took campaign contributions from billionaires.

  193. WordPress presented our deal like they would give me a website if I would allow moderate advertising. That is a lie, and I disabled likes because they were whoring my visitors, as those of Lot in Sodom- a violation of hospitality if I allow it. So it looks like no one likes me!

  194. Breaking up monopolies is necessary, but will not restore free elections so long as data collection and sale is allowed. Those companies that prostitute our privacy and hence our liberty and elections will continue to be the only ones that survive and eat up all the others.

  195. [3/3] Not that I mind. My music is subversive! But they might have asked. And why/how is this #2 on the Google search? Again, my suggestion is that Google is paid to list things helpful to trolls.

  196. [2/3] 2014 г. Нов си в Twitter? Регистрирай се, за … Mark A. McDonald 21.03. Още.

  197. Without permission, someone has made a twitter site with only my youtube tweets, and it shows up second on Google. Go figure:Туитове със съдържание от Mark A. McDonald ( . Регистриран през октомври

  198. Or maybe it was the “Tweets preserved” overloading the machine.

  199. Gee, ever since I opened the Mueller report, my computer is too slow to use, and Google is like “not responding.” Ja, Congress, internet needs an f’n tune up.

  200. Adding a thought to this today: Thoughts While Reading DeHart on Leo Strauss [Draft] via

  201. Cat Stevens Moonshadow via

Seeing Nausika

Seeing Nausika:

On the Two in Homer Said To Be Like Immortal Goddesses


Of Love: from Ages Timeless, Ever to Earth Unremembered.

Mark A. McDonald

Sight stirred remembrance of a rose,

In secret silence, shroud till death

Admiring ember–

One of many souls,

Would prove, as frost on glass, to live

by thy breath.

What that the kings of nations come,

To spill their treasures at her feet,

And ancient heroes rush as moths to flame

To seal mortality’s defeat–

That back through whence we came would move

Achian princes, great and droves;

What light awakens lover’s loves?

What sets the chimera aglow?

That even counselors of ancient Troyan race,

O’erlooking her besieged fortress,

Said “terrible the likeness of her face

Onto immortal goddesses,”

Still “let us return her from this place,”

Lest by one prince should fall

All Priam’s palaces.

But wondrous is to tread the night

In secret hope of love.

Through ways transformed in Diane’s scattered light,

Mere wooded field to sacred groves,

And there–

Where purple midnight’s dewy air awaits

Dawn nuptials with the sun–

To stand on center of the sphere,

Aprayer that Thine on earth be done.

Now silence’s harmonies to hear

Call back to oaken chambered home

And to the crimson tears

Of love from ages timeless,

Ever to earth unremembered.

Then sunrise starts dawn’s breeze,

Ere long,

Flamed colors of the sky unfold,

Waking all the field’s birds to song,

And gilding the evergreens in gold.

And as a log, faint embers bearing,

Ash entombed to hold the seed of flame,

Odysseus himself in leaves was buried,

Cast ashore the isle of Phiakians,

Then awakened to behold the Scherian princess, Nausika,

Who, in form and beauty, among maidens stood

“Like to immortal goddesses,”

Or Palm stump’s sprig once seen

Among the holy Delians,

Sight stirred to his remembrance.

Still, otherwise unmoved, the wise Athena’s friend

Hid embers kindled into silence,

Though Scheria’s sceptered king

Would make him heir to poet’s islands.

So, life newfound of hopes despaired,

Wishing her the blessings known to men,

Embarked he,

Toward his olive posted bed,

In promise never to forget her name.

Guatemala Wiki Selection: Our Fault in a Deeper Way: We Owe Them Double

   From the mid to late 19th century, Guatemala experienced chronic instability and civil strife. Beginning in the early 20th century, it was ruled by a series of dictators backed by the United Fruit Company and the United States government. In 1944, authoritarian leader Jorge Ubico was overthrown by a pro-democratic military coup, initiating a decade-long revolution that led to sweeping social and economic reforms. A U.S.-backed military coup in 1954 ended the revolution and installed a dictatorship.[7]

   From 1960 to 1996, Guatemala endured a bloody civil war fought between the US-backed government and leftist rebels, including genocidal massacres of the Maya population perpetrated by the military.[8][9][10] Since a United Nations-negotiated peace accord, Guatemala has witnessed both economic growth and successful democratic elections, though it continues to struggle with high rates of poverty, crime, drug trade, and instability. As of 2014, Guatemala ranks 31st of 33 Latin American and Caribbean countries in terms of the Human Development Index.[11]

   Hence, Guatemala is another example of the torment to which the US has subjected certain central American nations in the just struggle against global communism. Our support of tyranny because the other alternative was totalitarian is, ja, not a solution, but a use of other nations as an instrument for our own purposes. Now the drug trade has made matters even worse. WE OWE THEM BIG TIME.

   No Communism, tyranny and Drug lords in Central America. We need first to find noble Guatemalans who want to make free government work, second work to save and help victims, and third get ready to take some risks.



Late May-June 4 (2019) Tweets Preserved

  1. See? Glenda is helping Dorothy. The Constitution is the Ruby Slippers.

  2. Or maybe it was the “Tweets preserved” overloading the machine.

  3. Gee, ever since I opened the Mueller report, my computer is too slow to use, and Google is like “not responding.” Ja, Congress, internet needs an f’n tune up.

  4. Adding a thought to this today: Thoughts While Reading DeHart on Leo Strauss [Draft] via

  5. Cat Stevens Moonshadow via

  6. CAT STEVENS – Wild World 1971 via

  7. Cat Stevens- Where do the children play via

  8. CAT STEVENS – Hard Headed Woman (1970) via

  9. More deeply satisfying news: The refocus of government to oppose white supremacist terrorism as we opposed ISIS. HOPE! Cheney sold our privacy and we STILL cannot stop these shootings?

  10. And there is Don, repeating the conclusions he finds it advantageous to himself for us to draw. This passes for reason with our current “Republican” party- Amash excepted.

  11. What the whole business and “success” mentality promoted in America fails to recognize is that business occurs in a political context. Wealth cannot be protected in a tyranny. Without liberty, one is ultimately either a devil or a slave in the public realm.

  12. Congress was paid “campaign funds” to abdicate regulation, so that the businesses with the least integrity survived. Whoring our privacy came to be required in order for an internet business to succeed.

  13. Make money by producing real value, which requires integrity. If a failure of integrity destroys the value of the product for the customer, the business deserves to fail. That is what happened with Big Internet.

  14. That telemarketers were perfectly welcome to compile lists of vulnerable seniors because Congress was paid to allow it…Is it any wonder the Russians are having us for lunch as Trump destroys our executive branch while both parties think its all about their own interest?

  15. The whole idea of allowing data collection on minors and seniors because the companies paid off congress, as with telemarketing 50 years ago- demonstrates how stupid we have been regarding data and marketing. Facial recognition on our kids for pedophiles to collect? Cartoon adds?

  16. I will believe that we are responding to the crisis of public shootings when, in addition to the promiscuity regarding guns, we are ready to face the possibility that antidepressants are the unique element. Our psychiatry is a pseudoscience.

  17. Aristotle: He who can neither see for himself nor listen to one who can see is utterly useless- again sorry, but it is true. Education in the last generation failed by rejecting the liberal arts, and WE simply must find persons capable of the august body, the US Senate.

  18. Today, I called my Senator and tried to explain a very disturbing phenomenon on WordPress- numbers that do not match in instances from Romania and the Ukraine. I was told they have alot of other calls today…I hung up. My Senators are both dumb as rocks in certain ways- sorry.

  19. To leave privacy to the choice of each, though, is still not sufficient, because people do not get how data collection and targeted interference with groups and individuals ENDS free elections. Nor are people obligated to get it. That is the job of CONGRESS

  20. It is deeply satisfying to see public opinion begin to turn regarding privacy, as Apple discovers a point on which to compete with the other giants, and government plans to regulate Facebook and Amazon. To leave privacy to the choice of each, though, is still not sufficient.


  22. … Writing Is / Has Been On The Wall …

  23. Maybe too for, you know, prosperity, Russia will now open the internet. First, Putin must retire and a free government be installed. But watch the genuine prosperity flow then! We do wish them the best, and the blessings of liberty. Hi, Vlad!

  24. Here’s MY fake news: Breaking: Trump has been arrested, Pence voided by the Supreme Court, and Nancy Pelosi-3rd in line-is now president, avoiding the unjust Iran and Venezuela war. Putin has decided it is in his interest to GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE, just go home and work on Russia

  25. But it has brought us to this tyranny, as predicted in my very first, 2014 article on wordpress that the Ann Arbor news did not want to publish.

  26. Well, are we ready to restore the Fourth Amendment protection from our computers spying on us for “marketing purposes?” Camera and mike is really, unamerican, would you not say, GOP? Dick Cheney? And while perhaps effective against ISIS, marvel: has not stopped public shootings.

  27. Reset zoom for the 7th time tonight.

  28. The Senate, in the trial must ask Trump: “Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia with policy considerations such as the weakening of NATO and sanctions? Hey Vlad: quit torturing guys like Magnitsky.

  29. Ja, Hey Twitter, remember when Vlad sent me that message through the Japanese account right after the Parkland shooting? Thanks for kicking them off on my complaint, but a restored FBI MUST investigate. Hey Vlad: GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE!

  30. Data collection and targeted interference including some very scary threats and ground actions turned the election.

  31. So much of the Report is redacted that it will make for quick reading. Knowing about Kaspersky, one really does not have patience for pissing whore stories and Hillaries e-mails. Data collection and targeted interference including some very scary threats and ground actions…

  32. Time to investigate the fellows who sent the photo to me, too- if we ever get back our FBI.

  33. One amusing point is how flat and stupid the fake IRA accounts are. America is embarrassed that we fell for this garbage, and that it continues.

  34. Ancient Russian method is to those speaking truth of insanity, as reality must be turned around for them to be innocent. Trump will now use his usurped FBI to do this, unless we impeach and remove. The politicians STILL think it about many lesser issues.

  35. I did 20 days in Monroe under the perjurous complaint of Trumpster relatives that I was “a danger to myself and others,” and now it is time for redress. I could have been killed in about 3 ways, and the attempt was made to have me permanently committed. For nothing but speaking.

  36. Remember that just a short time ago, the government and press denied that the election was influenced at all, then it was just to “sew confusion,” supporting neither side, then finally it is acknowledged that they supported Trump but it was not decisive, now obviously decisive.

  37. The good news is that the rise of fascism in the US is largely created by Russia, and so is fixable. Some bad news is the Meyers Caldwell article in Imprimis praising the strong rule of the tyrant Putin. Hillsdale College will be defamed if they do not repent.

  38. If the “Republicans” do not catch on and quickly IMPEACH, the party will be justly destroyed. Obvious is obvios, come on. Congress is on Oxy.

  39. I refused to have anything to do with Facebook long ago, and was told that I likely would not be able to publish my book (Now on wordpress) if I tried to sell e-books to pay for it without using Facebook. Thanks.

  40. “Multiple individuals affiliated with the Trump Campaign also promoted IRA tweets (discussed below).” [redacted].

  41. So, again, influencing the voters themselves, rather than directly hacking the machines, was more the means of the election fraud. I tried to contact the U of M computer specialist, and was repeatedly obstructed. Read “FBI hangs up on Me/ Sir Richard Barrons on my wordpress.

  42. p. 27:67 Other individualized accounts included (an account with 3,800 followers that posted pro-Sanders and anti-Clinton material).

  43. Remember when the Trump-Russian twitter accounts had pictures of people holding wine glasses, and another sort had safety pins? This was to signal other trump Russian trolls.

  44. Now I will reset the zoom, for about the fifth time today.

  45. So, Ja, Jack might want to voluntarily renounce the sale of fake followers. American businesspersons need to remember the integrity of making money by producing value- not by controlling the rules of the game through campaign finance.

  46. But hey, Jack, I’m pretty sure you want to aggressively fix this rather than suppress it, and perhaps support impeachment, before it ruins your business. Oh, and maybe its time to figure out why my auto zoom goes wild on Big Pharma tweets, eh? Get them to stop moving my stuff?

  47. One half of Trump’s Twitter followers were fake, as of a few months ago. They ran him up the flagpole, and the stupid “Republicans” saluted. The crowd effect was used, where people flock to the popular. In High school, for a joke, we’d stand in the hall and look up. Soon many!

  48. …occasionally raising the possibility that Twitter employees may be compromised. The mere sale of fake followers, though, might account for the perversion of the voters themselves through such media. Speaking, others assume that one’s motive is self flattery, more followers, et

  49. Mueller, p. 26: ” A number of IRA employees assigned to the translator department served as Twitter specialist [redaction, whole paragraph]. We have suggested repeatedly that certain accounts on Twitter are channeled or suppressed,

  50. Auto Zoom is moving my tweets off the right side of the page again on certain sensitive topics. Congress will not investigate- yet. Wise up, America!

  51.  May 29

  52. Antidepressants are likely at the root of the US epidemic of shootings. HEPA laws prevent the issue from being studied. Congress has THIS authority as well. Subpoena the drugs these shooters are on, and you will find antidepressants involved in almomst 100% of a certain kind.

  53.  Jun 2

  54.  May 31

    If Barr thinks Mueller could have accused Trump of a crime, then SDNY prosecutors should stop being coy about “Individual 1” and announce whether Trump should be charged with campaign finance fraud. Michael Cohen + David Pecker + recording + reimbursement checks = indictment.

  55. Adverse ethical reactions to antidepressants may be behind our US shooting epidemic. HEPA laws prevent disclosure, and hence study of this issue.

  56. Was DeWayne Craddock on antidepressants? He act, in the brief clips on the news, JUST LIKE A PERSON RECENTLY PRESCRIBED ANTIDEPRESSANTS.

  57. Jim Croce : Photographs And Memories via

  58. Jim Croce – Operator -HD via

    Translate Tweet

  59. WHY will CONGRESS not pass laws to protect song writers and inventors and authors? Jim Croce Behind The Music. via

  60. King of Trees by Cat Stevens via

  61. The Wind – Cat Stevens via

  62. But I’m glad to have traded it for this, not by choosing, but fate: cat stevens – Into White – Tea For The Tillerman via

  63. Wanting to tweet the most divivne Cat, I’m caught up in old lost love: Wild World – Cat Stevens via

  64. Happy Sunday! Genesis 1: (Not the band, the BOOK, eh?) Cat Stevens – Morning has broken via

  65. In each case, the interest and rights of the woman AND MAN, and the interest of the proto- woman and man, must be balanced. One half of all “fetuses” are female, and do THESE not have a “right to do whatever they like with their own bodies?” Trouble is, we have wait to ask them.

  66. CLC Centrism:Abortion is now safe, legal and common. We want it safe legal and very rare. Judges following strict guidelines to avoid partisan decisions is the only answer. In each case, the interest and rights

  67. It is bad for the state or nation to have a bunch of sick, illiterate and starving people. Yet to provide medical care when possible is a matter of natural justice- and makes it a matter of life and death that one not earn and learn to cheat and lie, or one will lose benefits.

  68. Th welfare paradox makes welfare permanent, and teaches people to cheat and lie, so that government cannot provide without corrupting the people- yet we must provide minimal conditions when possible- social security and education for example- for the common, not individual good.

  69. CLC Centrism: The welfare paradox is the problem we want addressed, especially regarding medical care. People lose benefits if they earn a certain amount, so that they are forbidden to be industrious and climb out of poverty.

  70. Cat Stevens – Tea For The Tillerman Full (Video +Audio tracks) via

  71. Donald Trump is a tyrant. When will the “Republicans” reject TYRANNY and remember to conserve American LIBERTY! Prologue to Woodward’s book- real power is fear, is it? Oh forgot the Lord, did you? Don’t be afeared, there Donney! Hey Vlad: GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE!!

  72. At 3:00-3:13: “When a subject of an investigation obstructs that investigation or lies to investigators, it strikes at the core of the government’s effort to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable.” Hence, there was insufficient evidence to bring charges.

  73. THE most important sentence: obstruction and lies” at the core of the inability to investigate Russian interference. Watch Robert Mueller’s full press conference on Russia investigation

  74. I want to replay the section of Mueller’s appearance where he says that the core of the reason that he was unable to reach a determination regarding Russian “Collusion was that he was met with “Obstruction and lies.”

  75. One reminds us that when Mike Roger former head of the NSA was asked by Congress what he had been told to do to secure the elections from Russian intervention, he answered, “Nothing.”

  76. Expressions on the face of the saviour Made me say, I can’t stay.

  77. Cathedral- Crosby, Stills & Nash via

  78. Crosby Stills Nash & Young – VH1 Legends Documentary via

  79. Neil Young DOWN BY THE RIVER live via

  80. Bob Seger Famous Final scene (lyrics) via

  81. Ok we gotta do… The Bob Seger System- Train man (1969) via

  82. Maybe the most underrated album of any such big star guy: The Bob Seger System – White Wall via

  83. So every night after sunshine You’ll find her there alone in her shrine Two forms appearing ghostly in rain One red marble the other blue pain

  84. Tiny blades of grass are peeking through Drawing life from sunshine and dew Remembering his eyes when she lied Knowing she lives feeling she’s died

  85. This gravestone is peaceful and quiet She pulls up a chair and sits right by it The air around is gentle and warm The rose colored wreath is tattered and torn

  86. The Bob Seger System Gone 1969 via

  87. Impeachment may prevent pardons. It depends upon how one reads that sentence “except in cases of impeachment.” The writers surely know the difference between impeachment and removal, and said it anyway. Impeachment-and the House doing its job- is very important, because of truth

  88. Is it only centrists who think that if the thick Americans ever catch on, removal is certain?

  89. All news has yet to notice that Mueller said that “obstruction and lies prevented his investigation from finding the truth about Russian interference. BBC also reported that “both parties” think the Senate will never remove Trump.

  90. The BBC is slightly pro-Trump. Their reporting of US politics today included Trumps ad hominem about Mueller, and mentioned Giuliali- (who thinks its fine if Russia turned the election). They left out Mueller on obstruction.

  91. My computer is taking about 20 minutes of my time each day to establish my identity, apparently, for marketing purposes, hopefully, and not paying me. Each time I turn it on, it pisses me off, too, about 10-20 times a day. Pay up, Big internet!

  92. It’s like a weight, that brings me down If I don’t move, I’m on the ground It’s in my mind, Its in my soul It’s telling me the things I can’t be told It’s a watch for the love Living in the day of the eagle, eagle not the, dove

  93.  May 30

    The evidence does need to go public and it will everyone needs to be patient

  94. “I saw a light, just up ahead But I couldn’t seem to rise up from my bed I’m not alone, than I am”

  95. I watch for the love. Livin’ in the Day of the Eagle, not the dove. Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs – 01 – Day Of The Eagle via

  96. Robin Trower – Day Of The Eagle – 3/15/1975 – Winterland (Official) via

  97. (SC #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857: Whole states must bring the case for original jurisdiction

  98. As with the Supreme Court case to coincide with impeachment, the question is logically prior to his becoming the assumed president. It is a bad president, but so is election fraud, Russian conquest and nuclear annihilation. (SC #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857: Whole states must bring

  99. A sitting “president” can surely be charged with even a traffic ticket, not to mention obstructing the investigation into whether he became the sitting “president” by usurpation.

  100.  May 30

    Resisters, let’s help