Late May-June 4 (2019) Tweets Preserved

  1. See? Glenda is helping Dorothy. The Constitution is the Ruby Slippers.

  2. Or maybe it was the “Tweets preserved” overloading the machine.

  3. Gee, ever since I opened the Mueller report, my computer is too slow to use, and Google is like “not responding.” Ja, Congress, internet needs an f’n tune up.

  4. Adding a thought to this today: Thoughts While Reading DeHart on Leo Strauss [Draft] via

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  6. CAT STEVENS – Wild World 1971 via

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  9. More deeply satisfying news: The refocus of government to oppose white supremacist terrorism as we opposed ISIS. HOPE! Cheney sold our privacy and we STILL cannot stop these shootings?

  10. And there is Don, repeating the conclusions he finds it advantageous to himself for us to draw. This passes for reason with our current “Republican” party- Amash excepted.

  11. What the whole business and “success” mentality promoted in America fails to recognize is that business occurs in a political context. Wealth cannot be protected in a tyranny. Without liberty, one is ultimately either a devil or a slave in the public realm.

  12. Congress was paid “campaign funds” to abdicate regulation, so that the businesses with the least integrity survived. Whoring our privacy came to be required in order for an internet business to succeed.

  13. Make money by producing real value, which requires integrity. If a failure of integrity destroys the value of the product for the customer, the business deserves to fail. That is what happened with Big Internet.

  14. That telemarketers were perfectly welcome to compile lists of vulnerable seniors because Congress was paid to allow it…Is it any wonder the Russians are having us for lunch as Trump destroys our executive branch while both parties think its all about their own interest?

  15. The whole idea of allowing data collection on minors and seniors because the companies paid off congress, as with telemarketing 50 years ago- demonstrates how stupid we have been regarding data and marketing. Facial recognition on our kids for pedophiles to collect? Cartoon adds?

  16. I will believe that we are responding to the crisis of public shootings when, in addition to the promiscuity regarding guns, we are ready to face the possibility that antidepressants are the unique element. Our psychiatry is a pseudoscience.

  17. Aristotle: He who can neither see for himself nor listen to one who can see is utterly useless- again sorry, but it is true. Education in the last generation failed by rejecting the liberal arts, and WE simply must find persons capable of the august body, the US Senate.

  18. Today, I called my Senator and tried to explain a very disturbing phenomenon on WordPress- numbers that do not match in instances from Romania and the Ukraine. I was told they have alot of other calls today…I hung up. My Senators are both dumb as rocks in certain ways- sorry.

  19. To leave privacy to the choice of each, though, is still not sufficient, because people do not get how data collection and targeted interference with groups and individuals ENDS free elections. Nor are people obligated to get it. That is the job of CONGRESS

  20. It is deeply satisfying to see public opinion begin to turn regarding privacy, as Apple discovers a point on which to compete with the other giants, and government plans to regulate Facebook and Amazon. To leave privacy to the choice of each, though, is still not sufficient.


  22. … Writing Is / Has Been On The Wall …

  23. Maybe too for, you know, prosperity, Russia will now open the internet. First, Putin must retire and a free government be installed. But watch the genuine prosperity flow then! We do wish them the best, and the blessings of liberty. Hi, Vlad!

  24. Here’s MY fake news: Breaking: Trump has been arrested, Pence voided by the Supreme Court, and Nancy Pelosi-3rd in line-is now president, avoiding the unjust Iran and Venezuela war. Putin has decided it is in his interest to GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE, just go home and work on Russia

  25. But it has brought us to this tyranny, as predicted in my very first, 2014 article on wordpress that the Ann Arbor news did not want to publish.

  26. Well, are we ready to restore the Fourth Amendment protection from our computers spying on us for “marketing purposes?” Camera and mike is really, unamerican, would you not say, GOP? Dick Cheney? And while perhaps effective against ISIS, marvel: has not stopped public shootings.

  27. Reset zoom for the 7th time tonight.

  28. The Senate, in the trial must ask Trump: “Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia with policy considerations such as the weakening of NATO and sanctions? Hey Vlad: quit torturing guys like Magnitsky.

  29. Ja, Hey Twitter, remember when Vlad sent me that message through the Japanese account right after the Parkland shooting? Thanks for kicking them off on my complaint, but a restored FBI MUST investigate. Hey Vlad: GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE!

  30. Data collection and targeted interference including some very scary threats and ground actions turned the election.

  31. So much of the Report is redacted that it will make for quick reading. Knowing about Kaspersky, one really does not have patience for pissing whore stories and Hillaries e-mails. Data collection and targeted interference including some very scary threats and ground actions…

  32. Time to investigate the fellows who sent the photo to me, too- if we ever get back our FBI.

  33. One amusing point is how flat and stupid the fake IRA accounts are. America is embarrassed that we fell for this garbage, and that it continues.

  34. Ancient Russian method is to those speaking truth of insanity, as reality must be turned around for them to be innocent. Trump will now use his usurped FBI to do this, unless we impeach and remove. The politicians STILL think it about many lesser issues.

  35. I did 20 days in Monroe under the perjurous complaint of Trumpster relatives that I was “a danger to myself and others,” and now it is time for redress. I could have been killed in about 3 ways, and the attempt was made to have me permanently committed. For nothing but speaking.

  36. Remember that just a short time ago, the government and press denied that the election was influenced at all, then it was just to “sew confusion,” supporting neither side, then finally it is acknowledged that they supported Trump but it was not decisive, now obviously decisive.

  37. The good news is that the rise of fascism in the US is largely created by Russia, and so is fixable. Some bad news is the Meyers Caldwell article in Imprimis praising the strong rule of the tyrant Putin. Hillsdale College will be defamed if they do not repent.

  38. If the “Republicans” do not catch on and quickly IMPEACH, the party will be justly destroyed. Obvious is obvios, come on. Congress is on Oxy.

  39. I refused to have anything to do with Facebook long ago, and was told that I likely would not be able to publish my book (Now on wordpress) if I tried to sell e-books to pay for it without using Facebook. Thanks.

  40. “Multiple individuals affiliated with the Trump Campaign also promoted IRA tweets (discussed below).” [redacted].

  41. So, again, influencing the voters themselves, rather than directly hacking the machines, was more the means of the election fraud. I tried to contact the U of M computer specialist, and was repeatedly obstructed. Read “FBI hangs up on Me/ Sir Richard Barrons on my wordpress.

  42. p. 27:67 Other individualized accounts included (an account with 3,800 followers that posted pro-Sanders and anti-Clinton material).

  43. Remember when the Trump-Russian twitter accounts had pictures of people holding wine glasses, and another sort had safety pins? This was to signal other trump Russian trolls.

  44. Now I will reset the zoom, for about the fifth time today.

  45. So, Ja, Jack might want to voluntarily renounce the sale of fake followers. American businesspersons need to remember the integrity of making money by producing value- not by controlling the rules of the game through campaign finance.

  46. But hey, Jack, I’m pretty sure you want to aggressively fix this rather than suppress it, and perhaps support impeachment, before it ruins your business. Oh, and maybe its time to figure out why my auto zoom goes wild on Big Pharma tweets, eh? Get them to stop moving my stuff?

  47. One half of Trump’s Twitter followers were fake, as of a few months ago. They ran him up the flagpole, and the stupid “Republicans” saluted. The crowd effect was used, where people flock to the popular. In High school, for a joke, we’d stand in the hall and look up. Soon many!

  48. …occasionally raising the possibility that Twitter employees may be compromised. The mere sale of fake followers, though, might account for the perversion of the voters themselves through such media. Speaking, others assume that one’s motive is self flattery, more followers, et

  49. Mueller, p. 26: ” A number of IRA employees assigned to the translator department served as Twitter specialist [redaction, whole paragraph]. We have suggested repeatedly that certain accounts on Twitter are channeled or suppressed,

  50. Auto Zoom is moving my tweets off the right side of the page again on certain sensitive topics. Congress will not investigate- yet. Wise up, America!

  51.  May 29

  52. Antidepressants are likely at the root of the US epidemic of shootings. HEPA laws prevent the issue from being studied. Congress has THIS authority as well. Subpoena the drugs these shooters are on, and you will find antidepressants involved in almomst 100% of a certain kind.

  53.  Jun 2

  54.  May 31

    If Barr thinks Mueller could have accused Trump of a crime, then SDNY prosecutors should stop being coy about “Individual 1” and announce whether Trump should be charged with campaign finance fraud. Michael Cohen + David Pecker + recording + reimbursement checks = indictment.

  55. Adverse ethical reactions to antidepressants may be behind our US shooting epidemic. HEPA laws prevent disclosure, and hence study of this issue.

  56. Was DeWayne Craddock on antidepressants? He act, in the brief clips on the news, JUST LIKE A PERSON RECENTLY PRESCRIBED ANTIDEPRESSANTS.

  57. Jim Croce : Photographs And Memories via

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  59. WHY will CONGRESS not pass laws to protect song writers and inventors and authors? Jim Croce Behind The Music. via

  60. King of Trees by Cat Stevens via

  61. The Wind – Cat Stevens via

  62. But I’m glad to have traded it for this, not by choosing, but fate: cat stevens – Into White – Tea For The Tillerman via

  63. Wanting to tweet the most divivne Cat, I’m caught up in old lost love: Wild World – Cat Stevens via

  64. Happy Sunday! Genesis 1: (Not the band, the BOOK, eh?) Cat Stevens – Morning has broken via

  65. In each case, the interest and rights of the woman AND MAN, and the interest of the proto- woman and man, must be balanced. One half of all “fetuses” are female, and do THESE not have a “right to do whatever they like with their own bodies?” Trouble is, we have wait to ask them.

  66. CLC Centrism:Abortion is now safe, legal and common. We want it safe legal and very rare. Judges following strict guidelines to avoid partisan decisions is the only answer. In each case, the interest and rights

  67. It is bad for the state or nation to have a bunch of sick, illiterate and starving people. Yet to provide medical care when possible is a matter of natural justice- and makes it a matter of life and death that one not earn and learn to cheat and lie, or one will lose benefits.

  68. Th welfare paradox makes welfare permanent, and teaches people to cheat and lie, so that government cannot provide without corrupting the people- yet we must provide minimal conditions when possible- social security and education for example- for the common, not individual good.

  69. CLC Centrism: The welfare paradox is the problem we want addressed, especially regarding medical care. People lose benefits if they earn a certain amount, so that they are forbidden to be industrious and climb out of poverty.

  70. Cat Stevens – Tea For The Tillerman Full (Video +Audio tracks) via

  71. Donald Trump is a tyrant. When will the “Republicans” reject TYRANNY and remember to conserve American LIBERTY! Prologue to Woodward’s book- real power is fear, is it? Oh forgot the Lord, did you? Don’t be afeared, there Donney! Hey Vlad: GET OUT OF THE UKRAINE!!

  72. At 3:00-3:13: “When a subject of an investigation obstructs that investigation or lies to investigators, it strikes at the core of the government’s effort to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable.” Hence, there was insufficient evidence to bring charges.

  73. THE most important sentence: obstruction and lies” at the core of the inability to investigate Russian interference. Watch Robert Mueller’s full press conference on Russia investigation

  74. I want to replay the section of Mueller’s appearance where he says that the core of the reason that he was unable to reach a determination regarding Russian “Collusion was that he was met with “Obstruction and lies.”

  75. One reminds us that when Mike Roger former head of the NSA was asked by Congress what he had been told to do to secure the elections from Russian intervention, he answered, “Nothing.”

  76. Expressions on the face of the saviour Made me say, I can’t stay.

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  81. Ok we gotta do… The Bob Seger System- Train man (1969) via

  82. Maybe the most underrated album of any such big star guy: The Bob Seger System – White Wall via

  83. So every night after sunshine You’ll find her there alone in her shrine Two forms appearing ghostly in rain One red marble the other blue pain

  84. Tiny blades of grass are peeking through Drawing life from sunshine and dew Remembering his eyes when she lied Knowing she lives feeling she’s died

  85. This gravestone is peaceful and quiet She pulls up a chair and sits right by it The air around is gentle and warm The rose colored wreath is tattered and torn

  86. The Bob Seger System Gone 1969 via

  87. Impeachment may prevent pardons. It depends upon how one reads that sentence “except in cases of impeachment.” The writers surely know the difference between impeachment and removal, and said it anyway. Impeachment-and the House doing its job- is very important, because of truth

  88. Is it only centrists who think that if the thick Americans ever catch on, removal is certain?

  89. All news has yet to notice that Mueller said that “obstruction and lies prevented his investigation from finding the truth about Russian interference. BBC also reported that “both parties” think the Senate will never remove Trump.

  90. The BBC is slightly pro-Trump. Their reporting of US politics today included Trumps ad hominem about Mueller, and mentioned Giuliali- (who thinks its fine if Russia turned the election). They left out Mueller on obstruction.

  91. My computer is taking about 20 minutes of my time each day to establish my identity, apparently, for marketing purposes, hopefully, and not paying me. Each time I turn it on, it pisses me off, too, about 10-20 times a day. Pay up, Big internet!

  92. It’s like a weight, that brings me down If I don’t move, I’m on the ground It’s in my mind, Its in my soul It’s telling me the things I can’t be told It’s a watch for the love Living in the day of the eagle, eagle not the, dove

  93.  May 30

    The evidence does need to go public and it will everyone needs to be patient

  94. “I saw a light, just up ahead But I couldn’t seem to rise up from my bed I’m not alone, than I am”

  95. I watch for the love. Livin’ in the Day of the Eagle, not the dove. Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs – 01 – Day Of The Eagle via

  96. Robin Trower – Day Of The Eagle – 3/15/1975 – Winterland (Official) via

  97. (SC #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857: Whole states must bring the case for original jurisdiction

  98. As with the Supreme Court case to coincide with impeachment, the question is logically prior to his becoming the assumed president. It is a bad president, but so is election fraud, Russian conquest and nuclear annihilation. (SC #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857: Whole states must bring

  99. A sitting “president” can surely be charged with even a traffic ticket, not to mention obstructing the investigation into whether he became the sitting “president” by usurpation.

  100.  May 30

    Resisters, let’s help

  101. Mueller said that despite numerous efforts, “obstruction and lies” were at the core of the failure to achieve a “full and accurate” investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

  102. Putin can out-maneuver the US with Trump as President, and he knows it.

  103. But of paramount importance for national and world security is that Trump does not understand the significance of his rewards in policy to Putin and Russia. Trump has placed the Ukraine and possibly Europe in immediate danger. Ukrainians may have died as a direct result.

  104. This is a matter of grave concern because of the importance for national security of the investigation into Russian election interference.

  105. Mueller said that despite numerous efforts, “obstruction and lies” were at the core of the failure to achieve a “full and accurate” investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

  106. In trial in the Senate, Trump must be asked under oath: Did someone tell you that the election would be turned for you? And the means “undetectable?” And did you then reward Russia with the weakening of NATO and sanctions?

  107. I just said yesterday that one may know that Russia would tell the Don that the election would be turned for him by them, because they would not want him to flatter himself as he just did today.

  108. In trial in the Senate, Trump must be asked under oath: Did someone tell you that the election would be turned for you? And the means “undetectable?” And did you then reward Russia with the weakening of NATO and sanctions?

  109. A “sitting President can surely be charged with a State crime. And the FBI doctrine is a matter of concern, not to mention Mueller’s little gaff saying the Constitution does not allow a President to be charged.

  110. Would you sit with the dying? Could you stop a child from crying? Would you join with a depressive in sighing? What’s to stop us all from trying?

  111. Everybody is another… …A man playing guitar And singing for us all Will you help him change the world…. ..Slow motion riders fly the colors of the day A bronze man still can tell stories his own way Listen children all is not lost, all is not lost, oh no, no -Chi, Saturday

  112. Chicago – Live ’93 Greek Theatre Concert via

  113. Chicago – Full Concert – 07/21/70 – Tanglewood (OFFICIAL) via

  114. Chicago – Colour My World / Make Me Smile – 7/21/1970 – Tanglewood (Offi… via

  115. Chicago – Beginnings – 7/21/1970 – Tanglewood (Official) via

  116. Al Farabi: Happiness is possible when the mind first perceives the first intelligibles. Because the soul is the imago Dei, love allows the common man an image of philosophy, and by participation, a sip of happiness. The two lovers together might enter the harmony of Eden.

  117. CHICAGO – “Happy Man” (1979) via

  118. I know antidepressant withdrawal symptoms are real. Why didn’t doctors? Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

  119. The Trumpsters have 10 or 11 methods of answering arguments- none of which are logically relevant. The most common is ad hominem- about the motives or character of the one making the statement, which is of course irrelevant to the truth of what is said.

  120. Ja, the party might not then be justly destroyed! Mike Rogers MI, William Weld and Mitt Romney were never snowed and never brown-nosed!

  121. Nor does our collected data have a place in Russia, nor Russian targeted interference in our elections, nor a Russian selected stooge in our White House!

  122. Thanx, Bill-mm

  123.  May 30

    Tabitha will be on soon .. next few minutes.

  124. The worst tornado ever killed 689 people in 1925 in 3 states, was a mile wide, moved at 60 mph, and covered 220 miles in Missouri, Mississippi and Indiana. -World Book Encyclopedia It must have taken a break over Kentucky and Illinois.

  125. Let ONE state bring suit to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference, and we could out of this mess in a week. Original Jurisdiction. The states, especially swing states, were obviously interfered with.

  126. Tyranny will use the law as the Nazis did in Germany:

  127. Tyranny will use the power of what was once the law. 50 State secession!

  128. Impeachment article: emoluments:

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  129. Mueller said obstruction and lies prevented inquiry into the question of Russian interference, and used the word “co-conspirators.” That Trump would obstruct an inquiry on which national security depends is motivation for impeachment, to say the least.

  130. Awesome! Amash continues to pound Trump and Barr.

  131. John McCain, from beyond the grave, requests that we fix campaign finance Before this tyranny becomes permanent. Data collection allows money and foreign tyranny to control the voters. Congress, for a fee, abdicated the responsibility to legislate.

  132. Yes Trump is lying. And unlike Clinton he’s not just lying about sex. This is also far worse than Nixon. It’s time to IMPEACH. Jerry Nadler: Robert Mueller clearly demonstrated that President Trump is lying – CNN Video

  133. Hayden for President!

  134. Putin can strategize circles around this clown, and that is why Putin promoted him. The oligarchic Americans failed to notice.

  135. While the badge and law is still old world, the ARMED Trumpsters will not attack the badge, or they will lose: civil order can be secured, and the usurper removed. But give him a couple years, and all bets are off. But we may have war or nuclear annihilation before then.

  136. The danger is war on one hand and civil war on the other. Nuclear annihilation is also to be considered. We have one Putin raised to the throne in a tyranny over a once free nation, with fascism rising. As Trump destroys the executive, the seizure of the law itself is occurring.

  137. The idea that impeachment might be good for Trump if it fails because it was good for Clinton is absurd. The impeachment of Clinton was absurd, while that of Trump has been obvious and necessary for over two years.

  138. Whistle-blower’s mom says her daughter is being silenced

  139. Trump-Russia ran the Don up the flagpole in the primaries. Russia intends to harm or destroy the United states, or at least weaken NATO and sanctions. Americans kept saying, “Well, he won the election,” all through the primaries, the election and the Electoral College.

  140. Ja, the Bill or Rights and the Declaration have a bit more to say on weed than Anslinger and Ashcroft.

  141. The state laws against growing and smoking ones own weed are also unconstitutional, but for a different reason. It goes to the root of what a “crime.” Basically, in US law, it must involve violating the rights of others. But the First, Fourth, Fifth, 9th and 14th Amendments.

  142. The federal law against Marijuana is unconstitutional. The states never gave the national government that power, in Article I. They just took it.

  143. …But you are not “president” until we can prove a Russian covert op in a US court. IMPEACH!! There has never been more evidence of a crime committed by conspiracy in all of world history.

  144. The articles of impeachment are: I) Election fraud II) Bribery III) Obstruction IV) Emoluments V) Violation of the oath of office VI) Oh yea, the little check to Stormy! Tell the “Republicans:” Just say no to tyranny!

  145. Americans have the memory of a goldfish. They cannot think comprehensively: Flynn, Page, Manafort, Popadopolis, Stone, Cohen. I want to know the highest ranking member of the Trump campaign with no illegal and highly questionable ties to Russia.

  146. Mueller said “obstruction and lies” prevented the investigation of Russian election interference.

  147.  May 30As of today, over 1,000 ex-federal prosecutors have signed a statement saying the Mueller Report contains clear evidence that Pres. Trump committed felony obstruction of justice

  148. Gangsters commit crimes by passively receiving benefits, then actively rewarding the benefactor, and challenging us to prove these are related. IMPEACH and let the Senate ASK HIM UNDER OATH!!

  149. 1/ Last night I finished the chapter on the Mueller Report, and there’s a paragraph in which I list all the key figures in the story of Trump being bribed, aiding and abetting crimes, and selling U.S. foreign policy who aren’t mentioned once by Mueller and the list is dozens long

  150. Good, Amee is doing politics again:

  151. Remember we about to let Trump start a war with Iran. Oh, and that Trump has nuclear weapons, and WE are responsible for impeaching a tyrant.

  152. When Henry Ford thought he could be president because he had a factory invention, someone called him an idiot, and he sued for slander. In the trial, he was asked basic questions about the American revolution any 8th grader ought know, and could not answer. He never cared.

  153. Facebook video of Pelosi is slander, a crime, but not media’s fault. How could their algorithm distinguish slander from the fine Trump joke composites? Charges of slander would allow a judge to remove the video.

  154. Serpico by Peter Maas: Viking, New York 9780670634989 Hardcover … › AbeBooks › Peter Maas : Serpico: New York: Viking, 1973. States, “First published in 1973 by the Viking Press.” Hardcover. Book condition: Near Fine. Dust jacket

  155. The playbook is called self interest. The drug dealers found out how to seize the law. Law was the big obstruction making more money and gaining more power than anyone needs or could ever use well. We, the self governing people, just let this happen. Cops on the take: Serpico

  156. We do not have knowledge of the human soul in anything like the way needed to tell these drug dealers to find an honest job and stop ruining the lives of our people. One is reminded of the medieval supposition that they had knowledge regarding the soul.

  157. The similarity between Oxy and antidepressants is that pain and psychology are subjective, not “scientific.” Psychology is vulnerable to abuse because the first principles are “ecclectic,” i.e., in the most important ways the shrinks literally do not know what they are doing.

  158. Where is Congress? Oh, taking campaign contributions to abdicate the responsibility to legislate.

  159. “They’re using the same playbook that worked in the United States,” said Andrew Kolodny, executive director of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing, “despite knowing that it led to a public health catastrophe.”

  160. Once America sought to export Liberty… AP: Purdue foreign arm caught up in opioid probe in Europe

  161. We’re trying to get Doppler in case there is a tornado, and the popups make this wonderful machine almost useless.

  162. We want to prohibit pop ups from covering the reading area of screens. Congress just does not get why they don’t allow billboards IN the f’n road? Boycott every business that does this. Next is whoring us with your sex toys. One would think a coalition of wives and feminists…

  163. Mueller is resigning because he cannot obey a tyrant atop the chain of command. IMPEACH!! Duh!

  164. Clinton was sued, and THAT decision was an error made by a federal judge on a petty issue.

  165. The Constitution does not say that, and law enforcement was a State issue until the FBI came to be over interstate gangsterism in the 20th century. The president is Chief executive, the FBI an executive agency, but their oath is to the Constitution- not the man.

  166. We used to be told that the FBI was sworn to uphold the Constitution, and that even the president was also under the rule of law. Now, the tyrants are telling everyone we cannot “indict” a “Sitting president.” Clinton was sued, and THAT decision was an error made by a fed judge.

  167. And 3) He was prevented from investigating the Russian election interference by “obstruction and lies.”

  168. Special Counsel ‘s statement today confirms both the evidence of obstruction by the President and the critical role of Congress under the Constitution going forward.

    The election was turned by data collection and targeted interference with the voters themselves. Trump was told by the Russians that the means would be “undetectable.” We must ask him in the trial in the Senate.

  169. Just don’t smoke weed, kiddies! Its non-toxic, less addictive than coffee, and illegal for shrinks to prescribe. Gee, one wonders if that is because people can grow their own, and be done with Big Pharma!

  170. Mikey is one of what, about 3 “Republicans” that were never snowed by the Don. He is one of very few capable of the US presidency, we think. But we don’t have CNN.

  171. Pray for da Papa!

  172. At 08.45 am leader Adrian James called for an ‘honest debate’ about drug treatments in . How can it be ‘honest’ if they refuse to discuss COI issues & wrongdoing which still influences current research & practice?

  173.  May 30

    I applaud their move. Let’s not forget that a huge chunk of credit goes to everyday folks who had negative experiences while on & continually shared their stories & fought to be heard, despite feeling isolated, ignored & even ridiculed. Your story is powerful!

  174. It goes without saying that the “R”s are dumbfounded from square one. Trump figured out that all he has to do is repeat what he finds it convenient for us to believe. Are we so stupid that we deserve this tyranny? Let us free ourselves, and get back to politics. IMPEACH!!

  175. What do we expect liars to say? Trouble is, the Dems are dumbfounded every time Trump gives America the conclusion he finds convenient.

  176. Twitter isn’t useless after all. 😉 All the grassroots patient advocacy & the prescribed harm community continually speaking up even though the masses were telling them to shut up. I don’t know how this will materialize, but I consider it a small victory.

  177. Ja, Capone has been “exonerated” of gangsterism: it didn’t happen. It was a “witch hunt.” Bring water. Protect the Scarecrow. Subpoena the tax forms, as in the case of Capone.

  178. All day long, they practice acquisition, seek reputation as if for reproduction, will hurt one another, are kept good by pressure, use one another, and assume all others are only like this. think all others are like this. Is the animal in man difficult to understand?

  179. They are given music, but use this to extol these very things. Nature deludes some with love, and each to some extent, so that they form coalitions. But then they turn on one another, and the trick of nature is revealed.

  180. The miracle is if they ever are concerned with other than acquisition and reputation for reproduction, if they ever at all look up.

  181. Without cultivation, they are cruel and worthless, miserable and worthy of compassion, all at once. Yet who will seek education? And some use even this, and become monstrous.

  182. It IS difficult to distinguish between the Oxy induced stupidity of mankind and the regular stupidity of mankind. One must tell even the physicians that the purpose of medicine is to heal.

  183. “Purdue and the Sacklers this year agreed to pay another $270 million to Oklahoma to settle a lawsuit alleging misleading marketing helped unleash the U.S. addiction epidemic.”

  184. “In the U.S., Purdue and three executives were fined more than $600 million after pleading guilty in 2007 to misbranding OxyContin by downplaying its addictiveness.”

  185. “The spectacular success of OxyContin added Purdue’s owner, the Sackler family, to the Forbes list of richest American families.”

  186. Will Congress and Twitter EVER check to see if certain accounts are channeled or suppressed? If there are infiltrators working for them? Businesses will soon rediscover the long term profit to be made by producing value rather than seizing the rules of the game on a tilted field.

  187. Remember when all the Russian trolls on the internet had glasses of wine and trump-Russian trolls safety pins in their profile photos to signal one another, in 2016? One wonders what Twitter thinks of that now.

  188. We had a prob’ly fake guy show up at a town hall meeting, so that Walberg could fall for how necessary the oxy-heroin scam really is. I’d swear I’v seen that guy before- at the cop shop. Strange.

  189. All feared Big Pharma, and would not oppose them until the oxy-heroin scam became so obvious they could not not. Psychodope is still as Oxy was, unopposable. Adderall and Meth are very similar chemically. The mob- Russian and US in cahoots- did this.

  190. Bernie Sanders was the ONLY candidate in the 2016 election to speak against Big Pharma as a platform issue. Then we changed opinion, and even Trump has to say it is an epidemic. But Trump and all Republicans supported NO REGULATIONS, paid to abdicate the role of legislation.

  191. “Italy, unlike the U.S., has strict laws limiting drug companies’ influence on medical training and practice.” U of M here was the first to kick Big Pharma out of the med SCHOOL (!). Almost all doctors take kickbacks, as does Congress.

  192. And Marbury of course set the principle of judicial review, because it is the job of the court to say what the l;aw is, or to interpret the Constitution. Each branch is also simultaneously the independent interpreter of the Constitution, so that we have no 4th branch (the people)

  193. Yarborough that elections must be secured, Bush-Gore that the Court decides when someone must. #16-907 is based upon Article IV, which requires that the national government protect the states from foreign invasion. 176-857 adds the 9th Amendment, voter rights, violated by fraud.

  194. Marbury establishes that an unconstitutional law is null and void. If there was any question, Truman’s Youngstown case establishes that executive too can be voided if unconstitutional. Donohue establishes that elections can be voided in such extremities (#16-1464).

  195. But the true way under our Constitution to remedy an election thrown by a foreign power in order to destroy our executive and get us into war to the delight of Putin is to proceed by the Court, which cannot go get cases- they must be brought- which is why we brought 16-907.

  196. The Trump Court appointments could be voided, and the whole case would recuse those whose appointment depends upon the question. Key to the Court case is that Impeachment would prevent its obstruction, as occurred in 16-907 and 16-1464, if not also 17-857.

  197. Pence would restore the integrity of the FBI, because, as it seems, he is not rewarding Russia for election fraud, but is an American, if a bit far right, and set in office by the same fraud.

  198. The advantage of proceeding simultaneously with impeachment and the Supreme Court case to void the election of 2016 is that the damage done to the executive branch could be remedies by the court.

  199. Has Mueller resigned because of the Barr report, and being told not to testify ion Congress. He follows chain of command, and is VERY professional (in contrast to me). Trump has now seized the FBI, and it will untrustworthy till we IMPEACH!!

  200. …that is obviously not true. At the end of Salwyn Raab’s Book “Five Families,” he argues against this ignorance. “Soprano’s” anyone? Over “Serpico?”

  201. See, in the US, as in foreign tyrannies, there was this adoration of the mob way of life, in movies and on T.V., for quite some time. Then, too late, we see that it costs us a generation. The mobsters tell themselves someone else will fill the demand, but especially with heroin,

  202. And did they say today on CBS radio that growing ones own weed , some say, will fuel organized crime? Don’t get me started. But to conclude: ONE HALF of the money organized crime made from drugs came from weed we can grow ourselves. “Medicinal” led to chemicals used in growing.

  203. That’s ok, our prains are nicely dulled by oxy- depressing- so we won’t catch on. A NJ sociologist found that Oxy deaths are higher in the swing states. Go figure. (Trump-Russia targeted the swing states)

  204. “What Italian police overheard on their wiretaps offers a look at how pharmaceutical executives still pushed opioids abroad even after the cause and consequence of the American epidemic had become apparent.” See any similarities to antidepressants in the UK?

  205. Another strategy was to have Congress reduce oxy supplied to the pharmacies without regard for the cases, so that genuine chronic pain sufferers cried out, like to punish the attempt to control the mob.

  206. “The message trumpeted, the AP found, was that there is an epidemic of chronic pain, addiction fears are exaggerated and not prescribing opioids can amount to neglecting the suffering of patients.”

  207. Ever seen Clint in Grand Torino? Filmed in Detroit. Life is short, and one must be doing something, or he gets underwhelmed. Clint leaves like a magnet, and draws out the poison, leaving the world restored. Or, they could just go home and be content with a life of luxury.

  208. Let’s see, that’s Flynn, Page, Manafort, Popadopolis, Stone, Cohen (whose testimony is capable, at considerable risk, of teaching America how these things have been working). Any one else fib about Russian contacts with the Trump campaign and not say why?

  209. The obstruction and lies of Donald Trump were at the core of the inability of the Special Counsel to determine whether there was a broader conspiracy, but evidence will be kept in looking for “co-conspirators.” Get that?

  210. Ja, I told ’em already: They owe me a couple nieces, an ain’t paid up.

  211. That’s ok, Mundi prob’ly owns the insurance companies for rehab on taxpayer money that-surprise- doesn’t quite work. Hey kids: just don’t smoke weed!

  212. AP: Purdue foreign arm caught up in opioid probe in Europe

  213. We told our Rep Walberg “R” of the “Oxy-heroin scam,” that it was like Dolphins fishing- what two years ago, and he ignored us, nearasIcanfigger! Italy

  214. Mr Thibault: A very early crusader: Andrew Thibault: A Criminal Coverup On Antidepressants? via

  215. Let. This. Sink. In. If Trump was not president, he’d already be indicted in 2 different venues for multiple felonies. Trump must be removed by Constitutional impeachment.

  216. My guess it that instead of lie in the Senate and be contradicted and embarrassed, he would call it a day and bow out with his “winnings.” He could still go back to reality T.V. with Reality Winner as co-host, and start paying back Deutschebank the 350 million!

  217. That’s ask, and in quotations: “Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you?” Russ did not want to take the chance the Don would credit his own terrific-ness. Youknowit!

  218. I know, lets dress up like Iran when we push Vlad out of the Ukraine as punishment for f’in with our elections! He’ll never catch, and then he’ll take care of de-proliferation for US! Watchit, Bolton, you have competition for your job!

  219. What if we just suddenly pushed the Ruskies out of the Ukraine, to give them something to occupy themselves with for a change? What’s he gonna do about it? Go fight Iran himself for the sake of nuclear de-proliferation?

  220. We still think maybe they gave the Don a fake football, and are making him play along as fake Potus, while the Court actually installed Biden, since there was no legitimate election and Barack is term limited. But we fear that is not the case.

  221. So hey, bob, I’m looking for that line in the Constitution” that says “the FBI cannot indict a sitting president.” I think we have the Barr Constitution, or the version Trump, ur, read. Maybe the Russians redacted my online version. But we appreciate the intent: Who’s job is it

  222. A bit worse than lying to one’s wife about an affair, even when cornered in court. [I say: “I’d lie too, rather than go home and face Hillary!

  223. Hence, we do not accuse the Don of treason for any foreign entity other than himself. But we do accuse him of election fraud, bribery, obstruction, emoluments and violation of his oath of office, five articles. Oh yea, and that little check he wrote to Stormy.

  224. We’ll see how many senators think that is just fine. Of course the Don did not understand the political significance of the favors he was granting Putin, just like he does not understand the significance of Putin tying our hands in a war in Iran while he…rolls over Europe.

  225. So: The Senate must as the Don, under oath, in his trial for impeachment: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means “undetectable? And did you then reward Russia by weakening NATO and sanctions?

  226. Even More May (2019) Tweets Preserved

  227. Laffy May 22 “I don’t do cover-ups.” NPR’s Wait Wait:: “It’s really more of a comb-over”

  228. Data collection and targeted interference with the swing states is not “undetectable.” Putin’s computer whizzes made a techie error. It is philosophically detectable, to those capable of studying politics in a comprehensive manner.

  229. Ja, remember when the Russians told Felix Sater- the fellow with an office down the hall on the 26th floor of Trump Tower- that they could get Donald elected? Perhaps you should ask Putin how it started, since he promised you the means would be “undetectable.”

  230. Reality Winner is still in prison.

  231. How did that Russian collusion invesigation begin, anyway? Remember? Reblog From Straight Arrow: No “Collusion?” Sater, Cohen and Trump Tower Moscow via

  232. Trump will attack legal process and the FBI if we oppose his seizure of the law. We must be prepared to STAND UP, and they may just sit down. That’s how mobsters and tyrants often act- in their own self interest.

  233. Tipping point? When we do begin to correct this mess, we must be on high alert in domestic and foreign matters, because they may not give up quietly. The Las Vegas, Christchurch and Bali attacks are HIGHLY suspicious for a number of reasons.

  234. Whole states now must bring the case, but Michigan’s politicians still don’t get it. They receive an explanation like they are talking to one from Mars.

  235. The cases are already written up, as #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857, brought by citizens in 2017, but massively obstructed. The obstruction was simply allowed, and when we reported it, it was permitted that we be attacked. This is tyranny.

  236. The true way to deal with an election turned by foreign interference in both the presidency and the Senate with the intention to destroy the executive branch is to bring a Supreme Court case to void and correct the 2016 election.

  237. Putin wants America at war in the Middle East, and he WILL HAVE IT if we do not IMPEACH!!

  238. Rep. received a standing ovation and repeated applause from his constituents at his first public event since becoming the first ‘er to call for Trump’s impeachment. Send a list of ‘s impeachable offenses to Congress here:

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