Psychology: Principles

   The image of God in man is not created but “begotten.” It sleeps withing the soul of man. But it causes earthlings to have faith in God, and keeps them upright in justice, which is that on which the health of their souls depends (don’t tell psychology!).

   We ought attempt a positive teaching in psychology, rather than simply indicate that humans seem incapable of a scientific knowledge of the soul that would allow for a genuine art of healing and education. The truth is that the intellect, called nous or mind is what each most is, and our “consciousness, the ego or I and its persona might be said to be the part of this that is awake. The soul and mind contain knowledge, and this fact determines so much of human life or of the life of the soul. The products of madness, inexplicable otherwise for content, have reference to this. Dreams are of this source, and indeed appear one way rather than another for a reason. Ethical virtue- the character of the heart and body- is based by analogy on this, the cause of the noble- which again is otherwise inexplicable. The reason for the projection of the shadow is the innate impulse of the soul towarsd self knowledge. The confrontation with the shadow is the gateway rto the work Jung calls the integration of the anima or animus, and refers to the things of love and the soul. Anima is the gateway tio the collective unconscious, as says Jung, and he means that the dealing with the heart are the gateway to knowledge, or the life of the soul that is contemplation- where soul and mind are faculties conjoined in viewing truth up and down the ladder. The whole of the conflict of opposites, though is good. We say that Socrates is right in the Republic, that Justice is the heal;th of the soul, and is the appearance of the good so long as man is divided.


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