Antitrust: Default Setting for Collecting Data?

That Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon behave as monopolies is only the surface of the problem with the internet. How many times have I now stumbled upon Microsoft default settings spying upon me in my livingroom of my home? Congress did not think to regulate these things? We asked, What have we to hide? Now we find free government itself in tatters, and it becomes clear that our liberty is what we had to hide. The value of the data mined and sold turns out to be the majority of the hundreds of billions of dollars swelling these companies, and we should sue them for it, just as we did the makers of Oxy, if only the money could be returned to those from whom it has been taken.

Long ago, while using a computer owned by someone else, Microsoft- without permission- set me up a user ID- complete with my name, only they neglected to tell me the password. They have since apparently filled the “disk” with “updates,” knocking me off Twitter at the time of the election. If all occurred just as I say, there is likely no law forbidding it, and no way of compensating us for the political and economic damage. Their stock goes up, but that of each goes down.

Make money by producing value, not selling the security and liberties of your fellow citizens. Remember the phrase “rigged game” economy? These are the problems we can begin to address if we can get out from under the effects of the last election, which may well have been turned by the use of Cambridge data and Russian targeted interference. The rigged game economy, allowed by campaign finance, made us vulnerable to foreign attack. Our own vices allowed the failed Covid response and many other failures which demonstrate why we must choose one capable to be president. Not just anyone can “drain the swamp,” represent the common man against Washington, and such other grave concerns. The Trump method was and is to allow Russia to do things one could not legally do from US soil, such as have the internet security company used by 400 million accounts (Kaspersky) based in Moscow, interfere in ways that may never be determined. “Undetectable,” we think they told the Don, and then received the weakening of NATO, which Trump does not understand. Basic chess- Trump thought he was giving up a pawn to gain a kingship.

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