Prepare Articles of Immediate Impeachment

If Trump should lose the election and become awnry, before he costs any more lives, Congress should prepare articles of impeachment. For the same reason that the war powers are difficult too leave to Congress in the past 63 years, the short time between November and January would be as long as an eight year term if a bungling Don gets us into a war that is, for example, to the advantage of Russian expansion rather than the common good of the United States of America.

The articles of impeachment are:

I. Election Fraud

2) Bribery

3) Obstruction

4) Emoluments, and

5) Oath of office

The obstruction in the Mueller investigation is extremely serious because it involves something like a passive treason, if unintentional due to ignorance of foreign policy, with the same effect on the nation. It is of course not Trump himself but his political effect that matters.

And this time Congress might recall that it is the House that is to decide what rises to “such a level,” while the Senate is to try the question or determine what corresponds in impeachments to guilt or lack of guilt.

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