Toward a “Scientific” Psychology

Greek political science is properly universal, a study of man for all men. The kinds of regimes, for example, and the teaching regarding the mean, are points of the science of man true independent of any particular law, time or place. The study of the soul that appears as universal in our age is the medical science, based upon the things of the body common to all men, while we do not seek a correspondingly universal or scientific study of the soul. It should not be surprising, then, that the first science of the soul to appear should be the medical model, with the first principles assumed on the basis of common sense, though this is of course not scientific. Freud, for example, thinks to measure the “normal” and the neurotic, but if one asks what the neurotic” is, one is outside the bounds of science. This circumstance has allowed modern secular man to give too much authority, over the spiritual things, to a medical neurology which cannot, as science, claim for itself such authority In practice, the result is the crisis of contemporary psychiatry and drugs, where the prudential choice of whether a certain addictive substance is next for a particular person, this choice is simply obliterated by profit motives and the pretentions of a pseudoscience. The crisis- similar to the oxy-heroin scam- may have sapped one third of the strength of the free world.

The only sane response may be to reset the foundation of modern psychology and psychiatry upon a philosophic base that authentically confronts our ignorance of the nature of man and genuinely seeks the knowledge of the human soul. The very things assumed for example in the categories of modern diagnostics, become questionable in light of the Socratic categories, and in practice psychiatry becomes much more moderate, emphasizing the rights of persons more than the authority of our treatments, and surely more than its own profits.

Just sayin.’

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