Bill Browder on NPR: EU Passes Magnitsky Act

Sergei Magnitsky was the lawyer of Bill Browder, once the largest foreign investor in Russia. Browder was scammed for 30 million tax dollars, and Magnitsky was imprisoned and tortured by Putin’s Russia for uncovering the deed. That is. Browder is THE guy who learned the hard way that Putin is not your grandfather’s old businessman. In honor of Magnitsky, Browder has gotten sanctions passed against Russian gangsters that may have turned the corner on the recent rise of tyranny through Russian election fraud. The US success at a basically free election (we still do not believe the Don achieved 48%, and 41 % still won’t say Biden won) despite Russian influence upon the opinion of the voters themselves through the internet. We still do not believe the Don gained 48%, and 41% still will not say that Joe Biden won. What appears is the influence of such things as “Q”, and Don himself deliberately directing false opinion with his patented “terrific” false advertising. But it is a bit revealing that Don and Giuliani explicitly address pre-pardons for dealing regarding Russia.

*The EU has difficulties with foreign policy, because, as with the articles uniting the 13 US colonies, 27 states must agree unanimously. 9/13 ths makes the EU a nation.

Hey Vlad: Get out of the Ukraine!

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