Facebook Etc., Data Collection and “Consent”

Consent is necessary but not sufficient to secure rights in the internet age, for the obvious reason that we do not know the extent of that to which we consent. We agree to let our child get on the school bus, but not to be then bussed into a child trafficking ring. Nor may our consent to one be construed as consent to the following implications. The citizens never agreed to sell their voting rights, nor to allow their world to be conducted into tyranny only because we could not imagine the political power of targeted marketing- not to mention things not yet imagined nor forbidden.

The US Congress has the authority and responsibility to make tyhese decisions, but the billions of the 4 or 5 great internet companies are a bit persuasive on the surface. We choose now how the internet will impact our world, forevermore until tyranny destroys this age.

Just a little side note: Subliminal influencing is not yet forbidden by law, though it would be subject to civil suit for demonstrable (!) damages. This is our Congress, people. We elected them. Lets let them hear from us, and get us fogies ready for the internet age!

Any company that does not take advantage of data collection and targeted control now cannot compete. Hence the scrupulous are gone, and these 5 remain. The purpose of regulation is to limit companies to profiting from the real value they make, not from the power gained by their great wealth nor the advantage of their privileged position behind the curtain of the complexity of the internet. Duh!

Google is a SEARCH engine. By taking money for prominence, they become an advertising engine, then a data collection and sale engine. On WordPress: I agreed to allow moderate advertising in exchange for free writing, NOT to have the data of my visitors bought and sold. Hospitality remains a principle for us, even from Homeric Greece. Twitter sold fake followers, and half of Trump’s followers were fake. THEY, i.e., the unscrupulous Republican strategists, ran Trump up the flagpole with Russian internet assistance intended to fight terrorism, not to help Putin expand.

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