Tweet: Nice Hack, Russia

A few months ago, I called the office of Senator Stabenow here in Michigan to ask that Congress do something about Microsoft and the compulsory downloads that were overloading the disk and ruining the computer. The fellow receiving the call may have even made fun of me, blowing a bicycle horn while I tried to tell him what we, the users, are seeing on the internet. Now it turns out that was an indication of the huge hack including the Pentagon. That may be the third or fourth time that has happened to me during Trump-Russia. I believe they again tried to influence the election, but could not counter the swelling wave of revulsion to our little tyrant.

Data collection and the monopoly tactics of the big internet companies have made us the vulnerable dupes of tyranny. Our knowing this has been the only thing that has had any effect throughout, but it does appear that if Putin wishes to further disable free government, he will have to resort to old fashioned methods. Our nation must be on high alert for the next while.

One suggested response is that we push the Russians out of Crimea according to the 1994 treaty they violated. Or sanctions could create enough suction to pull them out.


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