Reply to “Dover Beach” on WordPress: Why Do We “hate” Putin?

We learned that Putin was lying and preparing everything he did toward the US to serve his plan for expansion, as is explicit in Dugin. Getting Trump elected in exchange for weakening the Magnitsky sanctions and NATO, and that election fraud for which Trump was impeached, and the attempted insurrection, the disregard for elections and opinion as malleable to Putin’s interests- he is a tyrant. The question for you is: Is tyranny good? Is it necessary?
The Magnitsky sanctions were upheld in the US Senate 98-2. I do not know what clearer point could crack through the assumption that a Hitler would not use fake news while accusing others of fake news. Some will fall for it.

Gulagging 1.6 million Ukrainians- supposedly fellow “Russians,” is a good start. One cannot expect brown and yellow people to fare better under Russofascism-and these are fellow Christians. We have tried to tell the communists, too, that he is no longer communist. I’m just glad YOU are not subject to fake news! WE, who do not listen to Fox news and the official Russian media, but 27 free sources that cohere, are the ones in danger of being deceived! But “hate” is of course not the right word, nor is fear.

I received a friendly threat from ole Vlad- apparently through a mediary. its published on WordPress. I consider such things confirmation. He is a gangster with strap on nukes- but we suspect his followers truly honor gangsters, if they expand Russia, regardless.

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