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About this Website

   “Likes” have been disabled by the author, so that only WordPress users are allowed to “like” anything (as explained below). Information was being collected in order to allow anyone to like or comment on any writing, and I do not wish to allow the prostitution of my visitors. It may be that comments are allowed without data collection, The sale and use of such information in the turning of the recent (2016) elections demonstrates that the practice conflicts even with voting rights, and ought never have been allowed from the beginning.

   McDonald Philosophy and Politics is a website for the publication of e-books, essays, articles and thoughts on philosophy and politics. It is hosted by Mark A. McDonald, Ph. D, the author of the book On Shakespeare’s King Lear with the Tempest, and the article On Hamlet and the Reformation. The book The Revelation: A reading of the Vision and Letter of John to the Churches is available on the Revelation page for free.

   You may print single paper copies of anything here for reading and study purposes. Thoughts and comments are most welcome. A blog is also posted at mmcdonald777.wordpress.com. A blank website appeared when constructing this one, so I have used it to write about cats, at mmcdonald77/Cats. Advertisements are involuntary, not selected for content, and will be deleted when we can “upgrade.” If these cross the line into involuntary shopping, please report this to the author.

   A Note: Comments, followers  and “likes” are being inhibited by the powers, apparently because we do not do Facebook, give our information to Google, nor pay extortion to WordPress. In order to “like” anything, one must sign up for WordPress, which I cannot yet advise one to do. Is information being collected and brokered in order for us to communicate? This control of speech and access is contrary to the First and Fifth Amendments of the United States Constitution, and the courts will uphold that understanding of the free speech and liberty clauses. A private business cannot, for example, prevent one from constitutionally protected free speech, and if they do, they can be sued, in the courts of the government whose purpose is “to secure these rights.” Does WordPress too inhibit access to the internet, while keeping our writing to circulate only among WordPress accounts, making their own little internet at everyone else’s expense, their own little Facebook company, but with writing instead of social media for content?  Are they not liable, for example, if knowing about road salt or rainwater might have kept some lead out of the people in Flint? When we complained about access, we were offered help gaining access to the internet for a sliding scale of up to 1000$, complete with foreign voices and the sounds of a busy office in the background. We pay 60$ per month to Charter for physical access to the internet, which the search engines and website building companies do not own. One might pave driveways for a living and then block access to the road without payola. An analogy might be if one were to hire a driveway paving company, even for a traded favor, and then come home to find a concrete toll booth blocking ones access to the street complete with a guard demanding extortion fees. The company does not own the internet, just as a driveway paver does not own either the highway or the opening or even the driveway. A search engine, we say, must be just that, and not a fee for access system. We, the people need to put a stop to this, beginning with a petition to WordPress and to Congress.

   The fact of their control of internet access can be established by a mathematical comparison of search engine and word of mouth traffic. We get token or zero traffic on some 7 sections and hundreds of pages with so many words on them that if one tenth of searches listed these examples tenth, we would have more readers and comments, sold a few books by now, and started some other books and projects that require investment. Did our Kickstarter campaigns fail because of lack of basic search engine traffic, or because we are not really “on” the internet at all, but only on WordPress? If WordPress takes confidence in our not being able to sue them because it is a “free” website, we will remind them that it is illegal to enslave people, even on the internet, even if they have not paid you and you provide them a mutually beneficial service. In exchange for our content, on which they may advertise, they have provided a website, and the assumption is that the website is on the internet, rather than in its own little bubble. Perhaps the driveway paver would shift the opening of ones driveway to go into an underground cave, or a whole different highway system.

   And will they say their service agreement that we signed or agreed to gives them the power to legally control our access to the internet and to limit likes and comments to those who give them information? They have given themselves these powers, and even gone with their money into congress to make these things law and legal. while congress sleeps, and profits. Can they give themselves the power to enslave us, in exchange for essential communications, as the phone lines once were? Can they give themselves a racket, set up extortion systems and call this legal because they have paid off Congress? Perhaps we will see.

20 thoughts on “About the Mcdonald Philosophy and Politics Website

  1. Hi,

    With apologies for its ek-topos-ness on this blog, this is actually fan mail for on your wonderful King Lear book–

    (You are the author of King Lear with the Tempest, no?)

    I just finished reading that terrific book, and I wanted to say that it has been quite interesting to me– a person who is also in the midst of writing an academic book about that super-difficult play.

    You doubtless know yourself that there is not an overwhelming number of thoughtful writings about King Lear.

    So it is especially welcome to me when I encounter a work as careful and penetrating as your own.

    If you are interested, I’d like to say more about the matter privately, but I couldn’t find your email address elsewhere. I think my email address will show up somehow, b/c I am about to fill it in order to make this comment…


    • Hello Mr. McShane! Thank you for your comments on the Lear book. These things matter a lot to academic writers, who putz along in our obscure little shops. My e-mail address is m.mcdonald7@hushmail.com. I would enjoy hearing about your studies, and being helpful in any way. We recommend the Harry Jaffa and the L. Berns as well. Robert Heilman and J.F. Danby are also quite worthwhile reading. I like my book too, but have a whole page of criticisms and things I neglected, which you are welcome to notice. One came today, on inheritance: the question involves how we envision the future beyond our self interest in one sense. Sorry about the slow response. I’m still getting used to the system. Thanks for visiting the website!

      Mark A. McDonald

  2. Regards Likes, etc, you need to enable them in your admin settings – my site is free like yours and have none of the restrictions you mention.
    Please also set up your gravatar and include your blog link – it will help you gain readers of your blog 😀

  3. Personally I have learned to like the filter that is WordPress. People who don’t like to read or write are pretty much not here. I recently “joined” facebook … it is very different from WP. Here I can reveal what is within me without having to defend my point of view, nor is it insulting to anyone. In the touchy, attention deficit social world of FB everything is immediate and passe’ after a few hours. But I get to see family photos and doings and ongoing interests of acquaintances, friends, and family from whom I had become somewhat estranged by not dabbling about on FB, and “publishing” poetry, here, in which they have no interest. FB is a pretty good political forum … due to its immediacy. Anyway, I am there, now, too.

    PS It is much easier to write, here. And the free version that I use is most helpful, holding drafts for years, posts, photos, streaming music. I really do appreciate it, and though I don’t know what is advertised on my blog, it is a very small trade off. FB advertises too.

    Now I’m going to peruse a while ….

    • I have a book and essay I tried to sell through an e-junkie account, but this depends on people outside wordpress finding it on search engines. My free writing is a sort of advertising, and I am starving because of the dishonesty of wordpress. But, it is a very nice driveway, very nice for writing and like you say drafts and such. When non wordpress users try to comment, like Mr. McShane, an important published writer, WordPress shakes em down for info they can sell. This is offensive, and one does not want to offend serious people, they will not come back. What if a guy is in the FBI or an undercover cop, and they sell info about him? They, (Mellon-wedge) just did not think this out beyond their own profit, and they refuse to consider it. Facebook too is nice, but they are in fact collecting facial recog data on everyone, including children, which will be marketed for human traffickers to go shopping, whether Facebook knows it or not, but Facebook will gladly take the money. They also stole my invention of the Love Button, (posted, dated and copied onto hard copy), and are probably now stealing the peace Button idea and hopefully also the Peace-Love Button, which combines the two symbols. I publish inventions, as on my Inventions page (menu at the top) that are for the good of humanity, even though they will be stolen and I have no lawyers, because things will be better with them than without them The Love Button is just now going in the UK, and it is much nicer than the “Like” Button anyway!
      They are not allowed, by me, to trap people into involuntary shopping, as u-tube does with compulsory adds, and I do not appreciate them using smut to compel sex addicts to be more slavish. That is why they do not show us what they are advertising- I would have good books, for example. These things would not be happening if Congress imposed proper regulations so they could only make money off the value of tyhier product, and not also by prostituting the customers they are supposed to be serving, and we are going to fix these U. S. political problems NOW. Pop up adds steal time off the GNP, ruining us for their relatively small profit. I find myself saying “Do you have enough money yet!! And the anguish it took to figure these thingas out for myself…and it is my fault now for knowing them and saying them- this ain’t gonna fly over a free people, and when we find out en masse, it will come back to bite old Matt Melon-wedge in the…bottom line! Thanx-MM

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