The Revelation

Coverfinalversion  A reading and commentary on the Book of Revelation.

The Revelation is an attempted philosophic study of the last book of the Bible, intending to help those who seriously want to read the book. After collecting the pertinent points from elsewhere in the scripture, some of the best thought of readers throughout history,  we proceed line by line through the text. Chapter One, available for free, is a study of the life of St. John and a demonstration of why he does seem to be the author of the last book of the Bible. The book is 242 pages. It is now accessible though the Menu above, as of March  2018. It was available through the button below until about March of 2016, when for lack of five dollars per month, or the sale of two e-books, the e-junkie account was cancelled. WordPress blocked search engine access to my website, and destroyed my attempt at self publishing. They asked for an extortion fee when we complained that no search terms, other than the exact address mmcdonald77, would connect potential readers to my website, and that is how I expected to sell the book. I did not mind limiting access, and need the money in order to publish a paper copy. A copyright version is in the Library of Congress, at least as an e-book. WordPress keeps writers in their own little internet, blocks access to search engines without extortion fees, and there are only one or two people on the WordPress web who might read a book like this, though there are hundreds of thousands otherwise. Novelists and profiteers do not read serious books at all.

P. S. I am glad this was written before the election disaster, and very little has changed, as we do not seek to profit by apocalyptic fear, but to read the book, which is very difficult!


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