Trump is the Only One Who Does Not Believe Russia hacked to Turn the Election?

   Add this to the list of reasons that we think it obvious that Trump can and should be indicted for election fraud, and quite possibly treason. He is not even a very good liar, but this seems to be the Russian plan- to get us to elect a guy who is not very bright concerning the human things. The list includes things like that he did not buy T.V. advertising in the swing states, as though he were really not rich at all, and had been promised the election. He was told no one could trace the Russian involvement, and that is why he thought to repeat that in response to the accusation. Mara Liason notes that he seems like one distracted by a certain concern. His connections with Russia go back years, and his admiration for Putin seems to be the only issue on which he has not taken both sides. As I told Mr. Rubio today, one must stand back amid these mounting particulars, and like Copernicus, say what accounts for these things that do appear. I read Jacob Klein. I do not believe Mr. Rubio has read- though at least he has read the constitution. Are we stupid enough to elect in the primaries one who has never read the constitution and does not know the law? Perhaps, but not on our own.

   He is in fact hugely in debt and operates on other people’s money, one reason he will not release his tax forms. OPM is how ever real estate self help seminar advises one to proceed with their American dream. A Daily Kos article says he dishonored David Koch at the golf course, and compared Trump’s fake wealth to a real Bazillionaire. He said if he did not win there would be fraud, at a time when he was behind in the polls. The pollsters have miraculously been wrong in every election worldwide where fascism is rising. Rather than assume that the sun goes ’round the earth, then try to explain what appears, think of a different hypothesis: The earth goes ’round the sun. Copernicus was then the only person in the world who knew. Without astronomy, no one could even follow the argument, and these people have no political philosophy. I am a PhD. There are indeed conspiracies, if these are indeed hard to prove, but Trump invited the Russians to hack. If he invited them to throw the election, that is called treason. His only response is that we are not to consider, just as with the Electoral College. “Merely partisan,”  we are assured, yet we are not to consider that more than half the FBI are Trumpsters. And I am not a Democrat, but a centrist from the CLC. Mr. Rubio is welcome to respond with rational arguments, but what he says is not much different from the Trump party line: It can’t be considered, one could not know, lets just get on with it, I win. And what I say could be true even if I were a Democrat. The continuous defiance of the polls is itself an indication, here in the primaries, in the Philippines and in the Brexit vote. The fascists won in France, again defying the polls. The electoral vote is disproportionate with the popular vote, not just different, but impossible, especially without T.V. adds. Facebook said they could easily throw elections in certain counties using the spy-marketing system, not to mention targeted interference, now routine for the FBI.. Director Comey preceded the surge of Trump in the polls with a strange re-raising of the DNC e-mails. The press has concluded that the polls are just untrustworthy. Fake news was spread at an unprecedented level, and together with documented intimidation, that is election fraud and enough evidence itself to indict. I have yet to hear of any exit polls. Recount attempts were blocked, and the electors prevented from doing their constitutional job, which is to consider. We conclude, rather, that they ran it up the flagpole and got the Republicans to salute, the herd flocking to flatter the new success like a Kickstarter project (That is how one is supposed to get these things started). Ya, lets get some fake followers for our website. The internet must work on integrity or not at all, or, believe it or not, in the long run we are better off without it. The press has reasoned back from the outcome of the elections, assuming it is trustworthy, when it is not.

   Tell the truth and step out on to the surface of the earth. My government has no reason to be spying on me, and so I want an account to congress of everything they have done, so I can separate their interference from that of other agents. One problem with spying is that one cannot then reason out any practical question at all without a great deal of cogitating, to which they have no right to obligate us. Tell the truth, and there is a solid surface to the earth. Spy on us, and we will have no ground on which to stand and fight an army of a million hackers. Viruses are changing the settings of your computer, accessible through the programs and the file explorer. But this can be corrected so as not to appear. Take this whoring spyware, the phones, t.v.’s and computers, right back to the store and demand security, under the old constitution where the federal government does not have powers they were not delegated.

   They have used our vice of spying on our own people, and are using the fact that we do not want to admit the extent of this. Congress has refused to even try to oversee the FBI, and this is the result. It may be that the only way of escape is to fess up and start over, with honest hardware and a new internet. But the fundamental things do not appear to politicians.

Indict Trump, or Make Russia Great Again

   Mr. Tillerson, the Trumpster of choice for Secretary of State, is said to have been awarded a very high medal by Mr. Putin, in the name of the Russian regime. As Barack said, Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave. The rewards have gone out for the election fraud committed for Donald Trump. and our administration and Department of Justice are hogtied. Most now agree that this is occurring, yet will not move to stop it. Literally millions of lives are at stake. We may be watching the Russians take over our government in the name of “smooth transition.” I continue quite sure that soon I will hear that Trump has been arrested. We must indict Trump or suffer tyranny. But  what tyranny does is to seize the law, and this has already occurred, at least in part. What keeps occurring, as with the electors, is that the same methods of the control of popular opinion and a bit or intimidation to plug the dyke are used to avoid any consequences for the fraudulent election methods having been used, as though Putin had secured his conquest months or even yeas ago. My website continues blocked from outside traffic though search terms, and no one will even check, let alone do anything about it. Maybe eight fellow wordpresses, who do not study these mattes, are allowed to read and to consider, together with a few to whom I manually give my address, and who get past the slanderous presentation orchestrated demonstrably through Yahoo, Bing and probably Google. Do you not see that if these small things continue, it will be Russia rather than America, tyranny rather than liberty, that grows large again? No one in any position to do anything about these matters seems able to make the connection, but if the violation of the Bill of Rights continues, our nation will, or has already, become a tyranny. 95% of the citizens do not know what this means. And of the remainder, 3 1/2% still do not care or welcome the change, having learned from their worship of mammon how profitable tyranny can be.

Eastpointe Police Beat a Drunk Driver

   Bye, bye officers. We the people will have your badge now. Stop resisting!

   These cops are so bad that this man is in a state of nature, where self defense is justified, except that they are wearing the badge. Take off your badge now and step in the ring with him, and if he loses, you can have me, and if I lose, I’ll give you my teacher, who teaches police how to use their hands as well as their minds and hearts. Stop resisting.

Merry Christmas. We ask for your penance and reparation.

Man files lawsuit for alleged Eastpointe police beating caught on video

That beating, caused the man to lose vision in one eye – and it was caught on video.

– A lawsuit was filed against Eastpointe police, alleging a brutal beating against a black man while he was restrained in a chair.

That beating caused the man to lose vision in one eye – and it was caught on video.

“If you keep acting like a child, you’re going to get strapped in that chair and you’re going to stay there,” an officer can be heard saying on the video. The date is August 10, 2015. Frankie Taylor has been picked up for drunk driving in Eastpointe – and that officer wasn’t kidding.

On the video, you can see officers pick Taylor up and take him to the chair and try to restrain him, threatening to tase him. That’s when another officer comes in, puts on gloves and strikes Taylor – repeatedly – knocking him unconscious.

“Stop resisting, stop resisting, stop resisting,” said an officer inbetween every strike. Multiple officers are huddled around Taylor and that officer, with their backs to the camera.

“The guy hit me so many times, it made me cry once I seen the tape [sic],” Taylor says. “I was knocked out.”

Another concern for Taylor was how he was treated or, in this case, not treated after being struck in the head. Taylor says he wasn’t taken to a doctor. Instead, he was transferred to the Macomb County Jail the next day. He eventually ended up at Detroit Receiving Hospital for surgery on his eye – an eye that had already had a lens replaced once.

“He has permanent loss of eyesight in one eye. His vision is severely compromised,” says attorney James Rasor. “He has these horrible nightmares.”

“I don’t feel like that I was a threat to the officers to the point that they had to hit me until I was unconscious,” Taylor says.

Attorney James Rasor alleges not only did Eastpointe police use excessive force on Taylor, they discriminated against him because he’s black, refusing to let him make a phone call – even though he says white inmates were allowed to do so.

“You want to protect people from this type of brutality by police forces,” says Rasor. “White folks were allowed to use the phone by police officers; even one who had urinated in his pants was allowed to use the phone. Frankie Taylor wasn’t, and the only difference is that Frankie Taylor happens to be African-American.”

“I wouldn’t expect this from officers,” says Taylor.

Rasor has filed suit in federal court. Eastpointe police say they can’t comment on pending litigation.

Right, Now, If It Did Occur It Is Obama’s Fault

   Thinking both sides of every issue, now the Trumpster says that if the Russians did turn the election with spy-marketing, targeted interference, help from Bright Bart and a bit of hacking, it is Obama’s fault. Indeed, he should have been on top of it all. Until just yesterday, he was saying that the CIA report was “ridiculous,” etc. As when campaigning, Trump just takes any evil in the world and blames it on Barack to his own advantage, since the trumpsters cannot think, for example, if something worse was the alternative, since one cannot always literally choose peace, if others choose war with you. Indeed the internet has gotten away from us, just now. Indeed, people like myself screamed bloody murder months ago, like in August, in direct communications, and indeed, no one listened, just like no one is listening now, though we did get a word or two in edgewise. Barack is dependent on the agencies for his information on petty matters, and as I have said, I believe myself to have been black listed, and to have certain individual persons who think this is ok. Our communications have been suppressed, and our lives likely threatened, especially for saying that Russia and the U. S. mob seem to have worked together on the oxy-heroin scam. Come kill me, maybe then someone will listen, and it will almost be worth it. I reported the mathematics, that if we do not impose something like the Bill of Rights onto all internet business going in and out of the United States, universal tyranny is the mathematically necessary result, because the most unscrupulous will prosper. Indeed, we warned about the deregulation spirit in the Republican congress, but hey, they are the ones who know how to make money, right? We warned about Kaspersky, spy-marketing and targeted interference in general and in particular, and no one has ever come to talk to me about it, or even returned a phone call. My phone goes through the Philippines. My T.V. and computer (Magnovox and Toshiba) are still spying on me by camera and recorder (look up their “privacy policy” and default settings). We suspect the FBI does not care because they are using the spy-marketing to spy on everyone-except themselves, which is sub-contracted out. I too am shocked at how quickly this occurred, as the mathematics do not indicate that, how fast tyranny will result. I might have guessed we had ten years. But if we ignore the Fourth Amendment and the Bill of Rights, not increased security from terrorists, but universal tyranny of Biblical proportions is the necessary result. And if we do not turn out Donald Trump in the Electoral College, the destruction of our nation is the necessary result.

   No, Obama did not appreciate the importance of the Fourth Amendment, and could not politically oppose the intrusions, since everyone is so terrified that they forgot their Bill of Rights. But Trump does not even believe in the Bill of Rights, and this is what it means when we say he is a tyrant.

   Electors Consider, and STAND UP!

Why the Press Is Seriously Called the Fourth Branch of Government

   We sometimes jokingly call the press the “fourth branch of government,” in addition to the first three, the legislative, the executive and the judicial, in that order. But this saying is quite serious in one sense: the press has the ears, and has often proven to be the eyes of the people.

   The purpose of the U.S. constitution is to prevent tyranny while still having a large nation. To this end, power is divided in America between the three branches, where interests are set to check and balance one another, preventing excesses that tend toward tyranny. The three branches, though, are only one of four ways in which power is divided and balanced in the American regime. The states participate in the national or “federal” government while retaining some sovereignty; in truth, the states retain all powers not explicitly delegated to the national government in the articles of the Constitution. The meaning of this, if dormant, is evident in the historical curiosity that Madison at first wondered if an explicit Bill of Rights was even necessary, since the national government had been given no power to violate any of the amendments spelling out, for example, the freedom of the press, etc. and Habeus corpus had been spelled out in parts of the un-amended text which are in fact like a proto- Bill of Rights in Article I. Jefferson set Madison straight, though, in a letter from France, and Madison set about crafting the amendments. The Bill of Rights spells out the principles of the second sentence of the Declaration within the Constitution, which otherwise lacks a reference to equality and rights in the statement of purposes in its preamble (“We the people, in order…,” written by Mr. Morris of New York). An example is that the two religion clauses of the First Amendment spell out the pursuit of happiness, which is a natural, before it is a civil, right.

   The two party system, which developed extra-constitutionally, is another way in which power is divided, and here especially we see how interests are set to counter interests. Office holders are disinclined to investigate and criticize themselves, but there is always the opposition party there to gain advantage from exposing crime and corruption, especially in the opposing party. This is especially convenient in the executive branch, where the chain of command prevents the agencies from any self critical reflection, summoning reason and penance only when put to the stretcher. Pride, for example, prevents the FBI from raising any questions about itself, until the opposition party goes to the press, who informs the people. The whole Watergate scandal may have remained a mystery, had the New York Times, with its “liberal media” point of view, not gone to the people with the story that the Democrats were being hacked, shrinks offices bugged, etc. But we are getting around to that fourth branch.

 We have then 1) The three branches of government, 2) The Division between the national and state governments, 3) The two party system, and 4) The division between the government and the people. The people, through their votes, are to be the ultimate check on government, when things are going well. Guys like me, who are nothing more than a single citizen, but indentured to absolutely no one, can shout like the street prophet named “Jesus” in the history of Josephus at the fall of the temple, just before 70 A.D. Until the advent of the internet, the free press was the eyes and ears of the people, without which they could not possibly function as a check upon their government.

   In America, the difference between the Constitution and statutory law is a fifth way in which the powers of government are divided and set to check and balance one another (if we have not strained complexity yet). America introduced these checks on law into world history, with the first written constitutions. These five ways overlap and intersect, giving us the marvelously complex “layered cake,” as Cummings and Wise, I think, call it. The word Constitution, of course, has a broader meaning, as discussed best by George Anastaplo in his commentary on the Constitution.


Black and Blue: Lives Matter

A recent statistic making the press is that black men are 18 1/2 times more likely to shoot a cop than a cop is to shoot a black man.

   My first response, which is not the first question one should ask, was that the 18 are not given a badge and being paid with tax money, sworn to uphold the Constitution and the law in their office. Nor have we elected their bosses. But the point is simply this: The nineteenth black guy is not a “black guy” under the U. S. constitution, but a citizen, and this is what people mean when they complain about “racial profiling.” He is the black cop on his way home from work, the black minister giving his life to help the city, the doctor who may well save one’s life, if not become director of housing one day.

   No, the first question I should have asked is this: How many more times is a “white” guy likely to shoot a cop than to be shot by a cop. What? No Stats?

   What affirmative action was trying to address was the systematic destruction of a people by the years of slavery- the breaking of the black families and the discouragement of education- followed by the effect of years of segregation and plain meanness that humans practice toward one another given the power to do so. That is not a racial thing, but a human thing. If affirmative action is not quite equality, and not quite constitutional, the question is what can we do to heal the wound of the lash that once drew and may again draw blood by the sword drop for drop. Indeed, the white guy too is not a “white guy,” but just an applicant. Indeed, to list people by race for the purposes of affirmative action was a horendous error, as will be demonstrated when the racists take office, if it has not already been demonstrated by what they have been allowed to do.

   That ninteenth guy is he on whom the solution to our greatest domestic national problem depends. There are things the black minister can do that no one else can do, and black politician who recognizes that is our patriotic duty to avoid corruption. Government in geneal can provide equipment and secure the oppotunity to do, but cannot do it.

   How many times more likely is a black man to be shot unjustly than a white man? How many more times likely is a cop to not be prosecuted when mudering a black man, or even genuinely accidentally shooting him? Did I overtax or burn out your stats function? How many times more likely are the mad to be shot than to shoot? How many times is a man moe likely to be punished for than listened to for telling the truth?

   There are things too about this statistic that are difficult to say. How many more time is a black likely to encounter criminal police than is a white guy?

  There are things accessible to common sense, not to mention intelligence, that defy statistical analysis, if only fo practical reasons- one cannot get good stats if they deny that murders are murders, and deny that injustice is injustice in any paticula matter.


And Blue

God only knows its not what

We would choose

To do.

                                                   -Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon

Police Lie to a Grieving Mother About the Death of Her Baby

   In a story by Prinna Boudreau called Treading Water, on the Moth Story Hour, the police told a woman who’s child had just died that the child had a bruise on the neck. They said the doctor’s had found this, but it was a lie. Their purpose was to test the people, in case they murdered or accidentally killed their child.

   Ok, Americans, this is your Bill of Rights test: What is wrong with the police doing this, even if helps catch child murderers in some cases? Innocent till proven guilty is, after all, not in the Bill of Rights at all. So what is wrong with police lying to us and creating false circumstances in order to test us for crime? Consider this principle regarding the dimension of the internet. The Uberdriver shooter said that the FBI was sending him suggestive things through the internet. Due to the heniousness of the crime, no one wanted to check publicly to see if that is truer. They are liable for all damages caused by presenting false realities to US citizens, because we have a Bill of Rights, and it is fundamental law.

   What is violated here is the provision of the Fifth Amendment that our liberty is not to be violated without due process. The mother should sue. The police caused suspicion between these people, could have damaged a marriage or even caused a suicide. Had such occurred, and the police were tried like a mother who accidentally shook a baby to death, with out intending to kill it, but doing a misdeed that was instrumental in causing a death, the police would not even have been charged with manslaughter- as would be just- let alone murder, as they charge those who did not intend to kill but have by a misdeed caused a death on some popular issue. In our opinion, for the good of the people, this mother should sue. Someone must tell the police, very loudly, that they do not own our liberty to a degree sufficient to create false circumstances for us without probable cause.

   I am reminded of the 17 year old shot to death when an Eaton County cop pulled him over for flashing bights lights back at the cop, whose lights were intentionally set too high.

   More “police training” is not going teach the police that they do not have the power to make false circumstances, lie about medicine, then see how we react. The police are operating in ignorance of the Bill of Rights, the fundamental law, and this is resulting in deaths, and many other problems. Regardless of how much crime could be prevented if police were given the powers of gods, they cannot have this power in America, and we need to tell them no. Loudly.

Welcome to a Trump Tyranny Without a Fourth Amendment

   Now that the Americans have prostituted their privacy for marketing purposes, we may see why it is that this is not the smartest thing we have ever done. That is, if this has not yet become apparent. The reason for the Bill of Rights is that the executive can be seized by tyranny. Impeachment requires treason, bribery or High crimes and misdemeanors- and no one is sure weather this means crimes great and small or only high misdemeanors. The reason we wee supposed to have oversight through Congress is that tyranny can seize the executive. So, combine these two ideas now, tyranny and the absolute destruction of privacy. That is why, for example, it was not a good idea even to categorize everyone according to race for affirmative action purposes. Some tyrant might come late and use these powers to enslave us. Welcome to a Trump tyranny without a Fourth Amendment. Does everyone not feel so much safe now?

You phone is watching you. You compute is watching you. Ask Google, o, inquire into the products you are using. This is because the companies paid your Congressman, and the FBI thought it would be useful. Now I’ll just punch in my bank account number…oh yes, and those fist five didgets of the old SS#…yes, straight through the Philippians. We still trust them, don’t we…

Alfred Olango: “Stop Shooting My People”

   CBS reports that protests of the shooting of Alfred Olango are becoming more violent. He came to the U. S. for safety from war in Uganda. He had a mental breakdown, it is said, over the recent death of his best friend. Don’t call the police, the professionals, in circumstances like this. He was walking in traffic, and indeed, someone needed to go get him and watch over his safety. He was going down the street when police encountered him, and, apparently in a dream world as if playing, like Ophelia, he pointed his e cigarette contraption at the police. His sister says, “He needed someone who was going to calm him down and then take care of the situation.” It took police in El Cajun near San Diego, more than an hour to respond, and they shot him dead in less than a minute. While they do have a power to answer such a circumstance and such a call, the Fifth Amendment still applies in this case, as the man is not obligated to understand if he does not understand, but police are obligated to deal with the circumstances accurately. Indeed, this can be very dangerous. But the police  do not have the authority, even here, to enter the circumstance and issue orders, then shoot one they knew might not understand. Summary execution has not yet been decreed for failure to understand orders, though if we want a premonition, we can look to the Philippians, and the party of Donald Trump. Mr. Olango is not being paid, while they are being paid. Indeed, if he is in traffic, he is in danger. Police, incidentally, are to defend tourists just as they defend native citizens, to kill them is murder, etc., because humans, not just American citizens, have rights. No crime has been committed, and the police apparently respond to everything as though it were crime, or else they just do not know how to respond. Perhaps our nation needs a refresher lesson from the philosophers as to what a crime is, after now nearly a century of prohibition. CBS writes:

Critics have questioned why personnel with special training to deal with the mentally ill were not dispatched after police received a report that Olango was behaving erratically, KFMB notes.

Police later said a Psychiatric Emergency Response Team clinician was on another call at the time.

   The Black Lives Matter movement is important, because the Blacks are both subject more to law enforcement and are the only ones protesting. But again, if you want to see them shoot some white guys, just scroll the shootings of the homeless driven insensible by cold, then failing, in delusion, to quickly drop a knife. The white kid, 17, shot in Eaton County, Michigan, before charges were even brought in these cases for a sham trial, is a good and white enough example. The officer in Oklahoma will be acquitted of manslaughter, perhaps because it is a bit more like second degree murder, with the intention to kill and all, even though it is an office we have set in that circumstance, serving the public. If Tim Walberg addressed this, the Eaton County shooting, in his district, in his recent meeting with the State Police chief, I might still vote for him despite his slavish support of torture and Donald Trump, his ignorance of the issue and importance of the difference between liberty and tyranny. But wait until the Second Amendment folks realize that the police shooting of everyone imagined to be armed in effect makes it vey dangerous to keep and bear arms: the police ae far more likely to shoot you, even though they cannot always believe it, for example when relatives say one is not armed. Perhaps then some powerful lobby will make the police stop shooting His people, our people. We really think it is a more general problem, a matter of our forgetfulness of the Bill of Rights.

Stop and Frisk: The Wrong Answer

   On many questions, the Donald unthinkingly gives answers that demonstrate or are consistent with his being a tyrant. His answer to crime, to impose “law and order,” in response to the erroneous shooting of so many citizens by police, is just what tyrants say. He is not going to call it the “iron fist,” because in addition to being a potential tyrant, he is a salesman.

   The policy of stop and frisk is not unconstitutional because of equality, but because of liberty. The police are not given the authority to interfere with citizens for no reason, nor for any reason, and it would not be ok if unconstitutional rule is applied evenly to “blacks” and “whites.” If whites were being shot equally, it would not then be constitutional to shoot the citizens, because equality, in the Fourteenth Amendment, is not the only thing the constitution has to say. Yea, if all were poor we would have less income inequality, but that is not quite what we meant to say about the disappearance of the middle class. People are often being shot when police had no reason to interfere with them to begin. The Eaton county case and the Tulsa case are extreme and obvious examples, and especially the L. A. shooting of John Berry. In Tulsa, Mr. Scott sat in his car waiting for his child and the school bus harming absolutely no one. No one seems to notice the violation of liberty,  and the cases are not even being argued this way, on the basis of the Fifth Amendment, because we no longer understand liberty. Especially after Boston, it seems, we gave the government the power to conduct blanket searches, and now the Americans do not want to object to these “preemptive” measures. But the errors involved in these shootings are precisely why the police ate not allowed to interfere with the liberty of the citizens for no reason. A deaf or confused person might then be obligated, on pain of immediate execution, to understand shouted orders and respond correctly. Rather than “stop and frisk,” and other unconstitutional violations of liberty that get people killed, why do we not exercise our foresight when the Constitution is being trashed, and consider where these things lead? Tyrannical measures can be made to sound “great,” and can solve many smaller problems in the shot run. Trump would give the police a blank check to bash heads, and the response would be riots, civil unrest, or worse. Trump supporters: dress you kids in bownshirts and prepare for war. But that is the point of the CLC.

We aim for a movement of liberty to equal that of the past half-century for equality.